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The Fire Truck 2

Categories Fiction, First Time, Teen, Virginity

Author: firstimewonder

Published: 08 October 2019

  • Font:

Ron and Don are fully involved and into their father’s avid hobby of collecting and restoring antique vehicles. They look for cars of any condition, restore those that are worthwhile and salvage those that are too far gone to be saved. Over the course of time, they became well known in the state and often get calls offering leads for interesting vehicles. This story is written from Ronald’s (Ron’s) perspective.

Don and I have always known that Mom and Aunt Rachel used to watch Dad wash and wax his cars, while he was naked, from the upstairs window of her house next door. Of course, in the twenty some years since, the trees have grown taller and the view is blocked, so we feel free to carry on in Dad’s tradition of doing the work where we would thoroughly soak our clothes while washing the cars and parts while naked. Naturally from time to time we would get caught naked by Mom or Dad, but being secret nudists, we weren’t bothered and neither were they. Although we didn’t intentionally flaunt our nudity, especially when clients or visitors were expected, other than that we were pretty relaxed about being naked. A couple of times our identical twin cousins, Cindy and Crissy dropped by unexpectedly causing us to step inside the workshop and don our clothes. Even so, we knew we had been seen by the expressions on their faces when we came into the house, but no one made a big deal of it. One of the reasons we hurried inside when they came around was to hide the inevitable erections that popped up when we knew we were being seen by our drop-dead-gorgeous cousins. By drop-dead-gorgeous, I mean every red-blooded would be stud in the school district would have given their last dollar to get their hands on those perfect titties!

After one of these episodes, Don commented to me, “Ron, I am beginning to think Cindy and Crissy are not that bothered by seeing us naked, do you think they are spying on purpose?” I had wondered the same thing myself, but didn’t know how to find out if it were true or not, and certainly didn’t want to risk a family incident by pushing things too far. However; one memorable spring Saturday morning the question was answered in a most definite way. Mom and Dad had taken off for the weekend along with Uncle Kenny and Aunt Rachel to attend a Tantra Workshop, whatever that was. Crissy and Cindy had a car they shared and all of us being sixteen were considered old enough to stay home by ourselves. The girls at their house some three blocks distant while Don and I stayed home.

“Hey Ron,” Don said, “I got to pressure wash this frame and you know how messy and wet that gets. Do you know if the girls are coming over?”

“They haven’t said anything to me about it,” I replied. “Besides, even if they do, we can hear them drive up in time to get inside. Just as well get with it.” With that, we shucked our clothes and began the task. I handled the frame, turning it so Don could blast the dirt away while he handled the equipment. We had gotten near the end of the task when Don looked at me with a startled expression.

“Ron, we are being watched. Don’t look toward the kitchen, but Cindy and Crissy are peeking around the sides of the window. I caught a glimpse of something moving so looked up for just a second and saw one of them jerk back out of sight, but I am sure they are watching us. What do you think we should do?”

“Well,” I answered while avoiding anything that would let them know we were aware of them, “I think we should just go about what we are doing, but perhaps give them a little more show than we have. Let’s make sure we are turned so they can get a good look.”

“That’s fine for you to say,” Don answered, “But you haven’t got a boner popping up like I do.” As he said that, I glanced and sure enough, he was about half-staff and rising. Then I realized that very soon I would be joining him as I felt my own cock rising to the occasion.

“Well, they are the ones looking, and we are working, so let’s just keep on and see how it turns out. Besides, we are not quite finished and we need to get this done.” I turned the frame and Don finished blasting years of grime away. By now the cold water splashing on us kept our cocks from full engorgement, but still they were standing up fairly well, certainly not hanging loose. After Don turned off the pressure washer, we carried the parts back into the work shop and rolled up the hose. We stood about profile to the kitchen window but not looking directly at it. Still, I was able to catch enough movement to know they were still watching us. Shortly, we were both sporting full-on ball-aching erections. Slowly we turned and went into the shop, gathered up our clothes but before putting them on, Don came up with a suggestion.

“Hey Ron, why don’t we hit the outside pool shower and take a swim, we’ll act like we don’t know they are watching, maybe something will develop.” Don and I dropped the clothes and walked out of the shop area and over to the pool shower for a quick rinse then dove into the pool and started swimming laps. With us both on the swim team, we were good swimmers and it was a natural thing to do. I kept checking the kitchen window to see if the girls were still watching. Sure enough when I glanced toward the window, I could see one of them move out of view. With the vigorous exercise and the cool water, our boners reduced to a respectable size but still not completely soft.

“What next?” I said to Don as we took a breather. “Not sure,” he responded, “I was hoping they would come out after we got in the pool but I don’t see any sign of them except at the kitchen window. You got any suggestions?” About that time, I saw the patio door slide open and the girls stepped outside.

“How’s the water?” Cindy asked. “Great,” I replied, “why don’t you join us?”

“We’d like to but we didn’t bring our swim suits,” replied Crissy.

“Well as you both know very well, we didn’t bring our swim trunks either,” replied Don with a big smile. “You can just use the same suits as we are using,” he taunted. Cindy and Crissy looked at each other for several seconds then shyly nodded. They stepped into the area by the pool equipment shed where they were out of our sight. After several moments we could see them poking their heads around the corner as if trying to decide how to make the trip from their secluded area to the open area of the pool and the fifteen-foot open area between. All at once they drew back for a couple of seconds, then holding hands the ran across the pool deck and dived into the water and swam away from us. Simultaneously Don and I turned and began to swim after them. Both girls were swimming the traditional crawl stroke so all we could see was glimpses of their cute little asses just above the water line.

When they finally stopped, they stood on the floor of the pool with water up to their chins but the water was so clear we could get a fairly good look at their gorgeous titties, which in turn caused our cocks to rise to full attention. Even though we were also standing on the pool floor and the water distorted the view, it wasn’t hard for the girls to see our cocks in some amount of detail and most certainly in their aroused state.

“Uh, what do we do now?” asked Crissy, “we’re all naked and in the pool together, it’s kind of awkward, don’t you think?”

Cindy answered instantly saying, “Hey Crissy, I know the guys saw us watching them so let’s quit pretending that we weren’t curious about what they looked like naked, and judging by the size of their cocks it appears they aren’t too disappointed with what they are seeing now. Let’s just take advantage of the chance to swim while we can. Who knows, it might be really fun, and besides you know how you hate to feel the wet swim suit sticking to you when we get out, so problem solved, at least for now.”

With that pronouncement, we began swimming and playing just as we had so many other times when we were all in the pool together since we learned to swim years ago. I have to admit that although I had checked out the girls when they began growing titties, it sure was a whole lot more fun seeing them in all their naked glory! After a while as we got used to seeing bare titties and the girls became accustomed to seeing our cocks in varying degrees of erection, it began to seem almost normal, that is until we decided it was time to get out and have some lunch.

“We don’t have any towels,” I commented. “I’ll go in and get some.” I climbed the ladder and jogged into the house returning in a couple of moments with towels for all of us. Don climbed out and took his towel and we began drying ourselves. The girls looked at each other with questioning expressions, then as if by some secret twin agreement that both Don and I recognized they climbed out and reached for the towels. With the same secret twin communication, both Don and I stepped back holding the towels just out of reach. Each time they got close, we backed up more until we had our backs against the pool dressing room walls. They grabbed the towels making comments about pervert boys ogling them.

“Hey, who started this?” I asked in my most innocent voice, “You guys have been watching Don and I all morning long, so why isn’t it fair we get to look at your naked asses for a while. And besides that, we know you have seen us a couple of times before.”

“I told you they knew we were watching,” Crissy giggled, “But no, you said they couldn’t see because of the reflection of the light off the windows.” Turning back to Don and I, she continued. “I don’t think it’s our naked asses you are watching; I think it is our naked tits!”

Don shrugged then replied with a big smile, “Yeah, I like looking at your tits, but your asses aren’t too bad either.” By now, both our cocks were at full staff, bobbing with each movement and it was obvious the girls’ attention was clearly focused on them. “It is also obvious that you are checking out our cocks as well, so I guess all of us are curious about the same things!”

“Yeah, I guess so,” replied Cindy. “We’ve never seen cocks up close before and of course we are curious. Some of the volley ball girls claim to have seen and touched one while messing around in the back seat, but we haven’t let any boys get that far. Brett tied to squeeze my titties once but he was so clumsy I just slapped his hand away and told him I wouldn’t go out with him again.” Crissy continued with her own experience. “Greg tried the same thing with me, but he pretended it was an accident. He must think I am really stupid! Anyway, he hasn’t tried it again. So, let’s get dried off and get something to eat, I’m starving.”

We dried but when the girls headed for their clothes I suggested that since we were all curious about each other and we were home alone, why not just stay naked. Saying that, I turned to the house and everyone followed. We made PB and J sandwiches and got drinks from the refrigerator. I had set up the patio tables so the four of us could sit around the table and soon we were enjoying our lunch. The table was one of those glass tops with an umbrella hole in the middle. While the girl’s titties were in clear view above the table top, they were getting a somewhat distorted view of our cocks through the textured glass surface. Still, it was obvious they were checking us out just as we were unabashedly checking out four gorgeous titties.

“What’s the big smile about?” I asked Crissy.

“It’s obvious by the size of your cocks that you are enjoying what you are seeing. They have been standing up tall ever since we got out of the pool, do they stay that way all the time, obviously not or we would have seen them through your clothes before, so I can only surmise that seeing our naked titties is a real turn on for you guys.”

“It sure is,“ I replied, “but we need to get some relief pretty soon or we’ll be in a world of hurt!”

“What kind of relief do you need,” asked Crissy. “Oh, come on,” giggled Cindy, “you really don’t know what they need?”

“Hey, you’re the one planning to be a doctor, I’m just going to be a lawyer, so you are better informed about medical issues than I am. So, what do they need and why aren’t they doing it instead of complaining?”

Cindy turned to me and made the most startling comment I had ever heard from her. “Hey Ron, remember how we used to play doctor out in the grove, I think I can help you with your pain and Crissy can help Don with his pain. You guys willing to play doctor again?”

I had a huge smile on my face as I enthusiastically replied, “That would be great Cindy, the last time we played doctor you said only above the waist and below the knees. I could go along with that, at least for a while, but you don’t have to follow your same rule for me. Instead of going out to the grove, let’s go to my room, it would be a lot more comfortable. Are you sure you know how to treat my ailment? I’m not sure it’s in the medical books you have seen so far.”

“Hey Ron, not in medical books, but in Mom and Dad’s books they think are so well hidden in their closet behind the medicine tray. I found it while I was getting a band aid last year and have been sneaking it out for a read when I can get away with it.”

“And you didn’t share it with me!” demanded Crissy, “I thought twins were supposed to share everything. What’s it about anyway?”

“Well, I’m gong to share it with you right now, at least what I have learned. Anyway, the title is something about Tantric Massage and it tells how to give pleasure to all parts of the body. It also tells about Lingam Massage, that’s the Tantric word for cock and Yoni Massage, which is the word for pussy. It also says to treat the jewels gently as they are very tender. By the way, Jewels are—”

“I know Cindy, jewels are the balls and everyone knows they are tender and sensitive. We’ve seen boys get hit in the balls before and it is plain to see how much it hurts them! So, what do we do?”

Cindy had Don and I lie back on our beds then asked, “Do you have any massage oil, or some other kind of lubricant?” Don and I looked at each other with obviously guilty looks on our faces. “What’s up?” asked Cindy. I didn’t respond, just reached over and pulled open the drawer to my bedside table and took out a bottle of coconut oil and handed it to Cindy. Don smiled with a knowing look on his face which Crissy noticed and said, “What?”

“Don kind of shrugged and said that is what we use when we do it for ourselves. I didn’t know that Ron uses the same thing I do, but then I guess identical twins would go for the same thing.”

“So, are you guys ready?” said Cindy with a saucy little smile. We both nodded enthusiastically as Cindy took a generous glob of oil and nodded to Crissy to do the same thing. “Now just do what I do,” said Cindy as she reached for my now throbbing cock. As she spread the oil over the length, I thought it couldn’t possibly get any better. She pulled my uncircumcised skin back exposing the sensitive glans and gently stroked up and down indicating to Crissy to do the same. Both of us let out long moans as our cocks reacted by getting even harder if that was possible. Right now, I thought I could punch through a one-inch board with no problem. The expression on Don’s face clearly said he was feeling the same thing! Then Cindy took some more oil and spread it on my balls and with one hand she stroked my cock up and down while with the other she began massaging my balls. Crissy followed suit and suddenly I realized that the sight of two jiggling titties just inches from my face and her hands on my cock and balls was more than I could handle. A quick glance at Don confirmed the same thing.

The stirring lasted only a few seconds then the last two hours of pent-up energy gushed forth in huge spurts. I didn’t even have time to warn Cindy and thus my first cum shot hit her in the face and pulling back the rest splashed onto her neck and titties. I had my eyes closed in ecstasy when I heard Crissy yelp in surprise and opening my eyes saw Don’s cum running down her face as well. Don’s eyes were squeezed shut so he didn’t see what had happened until Crissy exclaimed, “OH Gross!” Cindy, however; said, “Not bad!” as she touched my cum with her tongue. “Come on Crissy, taste it, it’s not bad tasting. The Tantra book says lots of women enjoy tasting their man’s love juice. And I’ll tell you one more thing, it also says lots of men like to taste their lover’s come as well. Don’t knock it until you have tried it.”

Crissy stuck out her tongue in time to catch one of the streams sliding slowly down her face and across her upper lip. “Hey, it’s really not so gross after all. But what’s this about a man liking our cum, I didn’t even know girls did anything but get wet when we get aroused.”

By now, Don and I were coming down off our euphoric release of passion and our cocks began to droop a bit. As I came down, I began to feel a bit guilty and embarrassed on a couple different levels. First, here we all were completely naked and we had shared an intimate event that up to now not even Don and I had shared. Of course, we had been jacking off for a couple of years now but we hadn’t done it where the other could see, and certainly not with two beautiful girls. Not only that, but they are our cousins! In spite of our having cum, the girls were left in just as high a state of arousal if not even more than we. I looked at Cindy to see what she might be thinking and then over to Crissy. Each held the same expression of wonderment and continued arousal.

Finally, I managed to speak up. “It looks like we had all the fun and you did all the work,” I whispered. What can we do for you, Doctor?”

“Well, let’s take a quick shower, this stuff is getting kind of cold and it sure is sticky. Maybe something will come to mind,” she said with a serious look on her face. I suggested we use the outdoor shower so we wouldn’t have to clean up one of ours and moments later we were standing under the twin shower heads. Cindy handed me the bar of soap and instructed me to clean up the mess I made on her. I was happy to oblige and saw Crissy and Don following suit. After thoroughly cleaning Cindy up, and paying very special attention to her titties to make sure no wandering cum remained lodged, Cindy took the soap and gave me a quick washing. She too paid special attention to my cock and balls washing the lube off. Then it was time to get toweled off, and again we shared the responsibility of drying each other.

Cindy led us back into the house and returned to my room. She lay back on my bed and told me it was time for me to return the favor. At first, I didn’t understand so she had me get my fingers well lubricated with my saliva then guided my hand to her YONI, as she called it. “Don’t just poke and jab,” she instructed. “We are just as tender as your jewels, so treat them like you are playing with yourself.” I slowly touched her yoni lips, circling carefully until I slipped in just past the outer lips and felt Cindy buck her hips in response. I was amazed at how totally wet and slick she was, it almost felt as if my fingers could simply become engulfed in her squirming bottom. Gently I moved my fingers up and down the slit until at one instant near the top she grabbed my hand and held it tight for a second.

“Oh Ron, right there, OH! It feels so good, so good. Move your finger around slowly.” I did as she instructed, and was rewarded by Cindy’s exclamations of pleasure. Glancing over I could see Don following Cindy’s coaching with Crissy reacting about the same. Suddenly she also told Don to do it right there. I kept rubbing, putting on a little more pressure and moving my finger more rapidly and with more urgency. Cindy stopped me and explained that the Tantra book said the man should be careful not to think that just because the woman was getting more and more aroused, he should do it harder and faster. If slow and steady was getting results then slow and steady was proper and one shouldn’t go harder and faster unless asked to.

I eased up a bit and was again rewarded by Cindy’s increasingly loud moans and sounds of pleasure. All at once I had an idea, so I switched from rubbing with my finger where she asked me to and used my thumb instead. That allowed me to run my finger down her dripping slit until it felt as if it were going into a bottomless pit. Keeping light pressure with my thumb, I explored slightly deeper and felt Cindy rise her hips to meet the thrust of my finger. Suddenly she arched her back, grabbed my wrist with her hand and pulled me in tight, allowing my finger to slide into her yoni as deep as it could.

“OH FUCK!” she exclaimed as her ass jerked up and down while she held my hand in a vice-like grip. “OH, RON I’ve never felt anything so wonderful in my life! “Oh Ron, oh Ron, oh that was so wonderful. Did it happen for you too Crissy?” Although Crissy was breathing rapidly and jerking her ass up and down she shook her head even as her face screwed up into something that looked like a mixture of pain and ultimate pleasure. Then, she too exploded into a shattering orgasm and also exclaimed “OH FUCK!”

The room went very quiet as we saw the girls coming down off their orgasms and relax with beautiful smiles on their faces. Don and I gently crawled onto the bed beside the girls and cuddled them tightly as we all began to come down off the sexually charged high we had just shared with each other. Glancing over, I saw Don caressing Crissy’s titty and seeing no negative reaction, I gently began caressing Cindy’s titty as well. She returned the favor by cradling my cock in her hand and gently stroking it until I snuggled up against her trapping my cock between our tummies. After resting for several minutes, I slowly sat up and stared down at Cindy’s gorgeous naked body, studying each and every little curve. I noticed that she had shaved her pussy hair on the edges so it wouldn’t outside her bikini that I had admired a few times. Glancing over I saw that Crissy had the same treatment. In a few moments we were all sitting on the side of the bed with probably similar thoughts.

“What do we do now?” I asked with some trepidation as I was beginning to feel a bit guilty for what we had done. The girls, however; seemed totally at ease with no hit of remorse or condemnation. Cindy suggested that all this excitement had made her thirsty and she would like to have a coke. We went to the kitchen and Don broke out the drinks. He teasingly placed the cold can against Crissy’s titty and was rewarded with her scream of surprise. A moment later Don let out a similar scream when a cold can came to rest against his balls. Soon a little scramble arose as we all began to use the cold cans in a similar manner.

“We better take this outside,” I commented as I led the way. Sure enough, once outside the coke began to spray out of the cans onto various body parts. I sprayed Cindy’s titties until they shown brown with the cold liquid.

” Ugh, its sticky,” Cindy commented. “I need to get it off me, it feels terrible.” I looked at her for a second and replied, “here let me do it for you.” With that, I began licking the sticky residue off her tummy then began moving upward until I had taken her left nipple in my mouth and began sucking like a real trooper. Moving to the right, I made sure to do equally as good a job there as well. Don and Crissy watched open mouthed for a few seconds when Crissy grabbed Don’s can and poured coke over her titties as well. Don got the message instantly and he too was soon absorbed in doing a thorough job of cleaning her titties.

After he finished, the girls went off to the side for a moment and began whispering to each other. By now, both Don and I had raging hard cocks again and I wanted nothing more than to massage some yoni’s with my lingam, but knew that wasn’t going to happen, I didn’t want my first time to be with my cousin. Still --- it was tempting. The girls returned, each carrying their cans and before either Don or I could react, they poured what was left onto our bouncing hard cocks then stepped back as we howled in surprise.

“Oh, look what we did, I guess we’ll just have to clean it up,” commented Crissy. The girls led us to the shop where we had two divans for guests. I was pushed back onto the one of them and Don the other. Simultaneously, the girls went to work licking the coke off our balls, then with a quick glance up at my face, Crissy took the tip of my cock in her mouth and began to swirl her tongue around the head. She pulled back for a second, then continued down the length of my pounding hard cock carefully licking every inch until she had gotten it clean. I wondered what she would do next but before I could puzzle for more than a second or two, she opened her mouth wide and took as much of my cock into her mouth as she could handle. Once I heard her gag a bit when I hit the back of her throat, but she simply pulled back and continued sucking and swirling her tongue around. Having come only an hour before, I was able to hold off for quite a while.

Then, as so often before when getting myself off, I felt the tingle in the bottom of my feet, and the stirring in my belly. It continued around to my back then downward. I knew I would blow my load in a few seconds and warned Cindy it was about to happen but she never broke stride, just kept on and actually speeded up. I felt the first rocket hard spurt blast down the runway and expected her to react but she simply continued to bob her head while gently rubbing my balls. “OH FUCK!” I exclaimed as spurt after spurt rocketed out. Finally, I was spent and fell back breathing heavily.

Cindy took a long look at Crissy then said, “Well, did you?” Crissy nodded her head shyly and commented, “It wasn’t bad at all, I guess Mom wouldn’t have been doing it if it was.” I looked at Don then at Cindy with a questioning look. Cindy explained what she and Crissy had been talking about before dousing us with coke. She and Crissy had heard a noise one night that sounded like their mom crying. They silently went to mom and dad’s bedroom and could see them wrapped around each other and wiggling. The full moon was streaming through the window so they could see very clearly. At first, they thought they were just playing with each other but then dad had rolled over on his back and mom took his cock in her mouth and began bobbing her head up and down until dad’s hips began to bounce. Mom had held on for a while then pulled back and exclaimed how good it tasted. It wasn’t until they were taking sex education that they realized what had happened so decided to try it out for themselves.

“It wasn’t bad,” commented Crissy, “But it does leave an after-taste, can you get us some more coke?” I jumped up and turning to the refrigerator we kept in the shop for cold drinks, retrieved another can of coke for each of them. I had popped the top, so they each took long pulls on the can then smiled in appreciation. “That’s much better,” she said running her tongue over her lips. Then without warning, Crissy tipped the can and let the cold liquid run down her tummy and right across her pussy hair. “Looks like you have another place to clean up,” she said suggestively to Don. Don had a deer in the headlights expression as he gaped open-mouthed at Crissy. I felt the same surge as I saw Cindy duplicating the action. Then both girls reclined on the divans and opened their legs in invitation.

I was totally unprepared for this, but there was no way I could refuse, after all Cindy had taken my cock in her mouth and even swallowed my cum as did Crissy. So, with some trepidation I began to lick the now sticky brown residue from her tummy while moving closer and closer to the field of hair. As I moved still further down, I could feel my tongue as it came tot the top of her slit then penetrated. I felt her stiffen then relax as I probed deeper and further down until she clamped my head between her legs and squeezed so hard I thought I would suffocate.

“OH Ron, that feels so good!” Thus encouraged, I began to explore in earnest, sliding my tongue up and down, probing deeper and deeper with my tongue. I discovered that circling the hard bump near the top of her slit always got a loud moan and squeezing of my head with her legs. As I tried more and more variations, I was rewarded by more and more sounds of pleasure. At one point I pushed my tongue in as deep as it would go then withdrew and sucked in one of the little lips that I had discovered along the sides of her yoni slit. As I did, she began to shudder and buck her hips then fell back and pushed my head away.

“That’s all I can stand,” she whispered. “You were wonderful, I never felt anything so wonderful in my life. Did you like it too?” she asked Crissy who had collapsed back on the divan with a satisfied little smile playing across her face.

“Uh, huh,” she whispered in reply. “What time is it, we better not let the folks catch us out here naked, I can’t imagine what would happen if they knew what we have been doing.” We jumped up and looked at the clock and saw it was 3:30 PM. “Mom said they would be back about four,” I commented. “We better get cleaned up and dressed. With that, we hit the pool side showers and just as we pulled the last of our clothes on, we heard the car in the driveway. “Just in time,” Crissy whispered.

All four of our parents came into the house when they saw Cindy and Crissy’s car in the driveway. “Well, a family reunion, “commented dad as they came in and put the luggage down.

“Yeah” replied Cindy, “we came over to see what the guys were doing and ended up helping them clean up some car parts.” Dad did a quick glance at me then gave a little knowing type of smile that let me understand he wasn’t buying the story. Aunt Rachel then commented that they sure were careful of their clothes as there wasn’t a spot of dirt anywhere. Mom quickly changed the subject after giving me a little wink.

“Anyone besides me want a drink?” Mom asked as she headed for the fridge. “I’m kind of thirsty after the drive.” We four cousins glanced at each other for a few seconds with knowing hints of smiles but then quickly agreed that a cool drink would be good. “Oh, where did all the coke go?” she asked, I thought we had a lot more.” I shrugged and said that we had drank a few cans after we finished our work but I would pick up some more later. Substituting lemonade for coke, we sat around and chatted while sipping our drinks. Then, Mom said she thought a swim would feel really nice and asked the girls what they thought.

Crissy replied without thinking about what she was revealing saying, “Hey that sounds great, the water is really nice when we were in earlier.” Mom and Dad headed for their bedroom to change. Aunt Rachel and Uncle Kenny picked up one of their bags and headed for the guest room. As was typical for Crissy, she continued to talk without thinking when she said, “OH! We don’t have our swim suits here, we’ll have to go home and get them.” Cindy jabbed her hard in the ribs with a warning look, but it was too late, both Aunt Rachel and Mom came to the same realization at the same time.

Mom then said, “I’ll bet if we check your swim trunks, they will be dry, am I right?” she said with a broad smile as she looked at the four of us who were now looking as guilty as we really were. Aunt Rachel just shrugged and said it wouldn’t be the first time someone skinny dipped in the pool. As the door closed, the four of us became aware that we were equally red faced.

I spoke up and said, “I think we better admit to skinny dipping and make a joke of it before it inspires questions as to what else we did today, so let’s just go with it and see what happens.” When the parents came out Crissy and Cindy said they would be right back because they had to go home to get their swim wear. Don and I remained silent but red-faced. We got into our trunks and waited the few minutes for the girls to return. For some reason, it was almost more erotic seeing them in their tiny little bikinis than it was to see them totally naked. Our cocks instantly began to respond, so as soon as the girls came into the house, we raced to the pool and dived in hoping the cool water would combat our growing cocks. Nothing more was said about our day together, other than a few quick little glances from all four of the parents and the knowing little smiles that followed.

A couple days later, Cindy came by the house saying she wanted to talk to me. We went out to the shop where she told me that we had been spied on by friends of theirs. Explaining what happened, she said that Michelle and Marilyn were driving by our place and saw the car in the driveway. Going to the front door they got no answer so came around to the gate. Looking through the crack, they saw the four of us in the pool and before long realized we were naked. They watched for quite a while and saw you guys teasing Crissy and I with the towel thing. After we went into the house, they left, but she is asking a lot of questions.

“Probably by now everyone in town knows about it,” I retorted.

“No, actually they haven’t told anyone, what they really want is for me to get them a date with you guys, they have been hinting to you and Don but you guys just haven’t picked up on it. I suppose it’s a bit of blackmail, but then on the other hand, they are cute girls and I think you could have a lot of fun with them. Why don’t you just give it a try and see what happens?”

“Doesn’t look like we have much choice,” I grunted. “Still, they are kind of cute and I had noticed them checking me out a couple of times at track meets. Just didn’t seem to be the time to hook up with them when we were getting ready to run the four-hundred-meter race. I’ll give Michelle a call and I think Don would be willing to ask Marilyn out as well. Thanks for the heads up.”

Cindy smiled and gave me a quick little kiss on the cheek. “I think you will be glad you did. I wanted to talk with you about the rest of the things we did last week. It was great fun, I learned a lot and really enjoyed it, but I don’t want to do it again. We are cousins and I just don’t want it to lead to the inevitable if we keep playing around. Sure, I know we can get birth control but we all know this can’t go anywhere in the long term so I think it would be better to let this be a pleasant memory. Crissy feels the same way and we would like for you to talk to Don.” I nodded and let her know that Don and I had already talked and came to the same conclusion, although given the chance to skinny dip again we certainly wouldn’t turn it down! “Yeah! I’ll bet you wouldn’t,” she replied with a smirk as she turned to leave.

The next day Don and I called Michelle and Marilyn and set up a date for pizza and a movie afterwards. Michelle asked, “are we going to get to ride in one of your old cars?” I agreed and told her we would surprise them. We arranged to meet at Michelle’s house as Marilyn was going to be there and it would save making two stops. On Saturday afternoon Don and I washed the fire truck and readied it for the drive that evening. We picked up the girls at the appointed time, Michelle with me and Marilyn with Don. Michelle loved riding in the front seat with me, while Don and Marilyn rode in the back. Marilyn explored the various equipment for a while but then decided that the fire nozzle was her favorite. When Don asked why she liked it, she replied that it was shiny, hard and looked dangerous. We puzzled about that answer but didn’t dwell on it. Marilyn then asked Michelle what was her favorite piece of equipment and she quickly responded the fire hat was her favorite because it covered a very important part of the body.

After sharing a large pizza, we drove to the theater to watch a movie the girls had chosen. We were surprised when they told us they had chosen an “R” rated movie which was fairly explicit in a few places. At one point we could see the heroine’s bare breasts for just a teasing second as her lover pulled the cover down and got into bed with her. I glanced at Michelle, who just looked back at me and smiled. Being our first date, I didn’t try to put any moves on her, but did begin holding her hand about half way through the movie and the response from Michelle was to snuggle a bit closer. After the movie we decided to stop by the local Dairy Queen drive through. It was always a blast to go the drive through in the fire truck and the girls loved the attention. Taking them back to Michelle’s place, they invited us to come by the next afternoon and swim in their pool. We agreed and after a quick little kiss we left.

On the drive home I asked Don what he thought. “Hey, Marilyn is cute and I really think she has something more in mind than just holding hands and a quick little good-night peck. I think tomorrow could be interesting, but not much can happen with her parents around. But still, it will be nice to see them in something less than they were wearing tonight!” We drove the rest of the way home discussing what vehicle to drive the next day. We decided the fire truck was out as it was very obvious, so finally we decided to take our daily driver so it wouldn’t stand out so much.

We arrived at the appointed time to see the girls waiting as we drove into the driveway. They were wearing traditional swimming cover-ups and immediately opened the gate to the back yard and then into the pool area. Michelle indicated the changing room and said they would meet us in the pool. As she said that, she and Marilyn dropped their cover-ups onto a lounge chair and dived into the water. I stood speechless as Don and I stared after them. They were wearing as close to nothing as it could possibly be called a bikini! We hurriedly got out of our clothes and donned what we now realized was modest trunks to the extreme. But it was either that or nothing and nothing didn’t seem appropriate this early in our relationship.

We ran across the apron and dived in and quickly began horsing around, splashing, dunking and generally having a good time. Then Michelle suggested that we play a game she called “horsey.” The girls would ride on our shoulders and they would then try to shove the other girl off. The guys job was to dodge and twist away to keep the opponent from getting a good grip and upsetting the horse and rider. It seemed harmless enough and soon we were engaged in the game with quite a high level of competitiveness. After one especially jarring collision I heard a little scream and then Michelle’s top floated past my face and landed in the water right in front of me. I tried to look up but Michelle was twisting and squirming saying she was going to get even. Moments later another top was floating in the pool. As I turned to head toward the side of the pool, Michelle pulled on my left ear signaling I should turn that way, and came face to face with Don and Marilyn. It wasn’t hard to figure out what both Don and I were looking at, two bare breasted beauties.

“I guess you want to get out,” I hollered up.

“No!” replied both Michelle and Marilyn simultaneously. With that they both rolled themselves off our shoulders backwards and splashed into the water. They swam around a bit until they came face to face with us, hovering so that it appeared as if their titties were floating on the water.

“Gee!” I exclaimed, “What if you folks are watching?” Michelle gave me a big smile and replied, “Not Home! Don’t worry about it. Besides, we already saw you swimming naked last week so turn-about is fair play.” I stared in disbelief for a few seconds before the girls dived under the water and began swimming in circles around us.

“Come on guys don’t pretend you are shocked by seeing girl’s breasts, we saw you swimming naked with Cindy and Crissy and they didn’t have as much on as we do! Besides, we never wear anything when we are swimming back here, Dad says the soap and stuff off swimming suits messes up the balance of the pool.”

“Well, I sure don’t want to mess up your dad’s hard work,” I retorted as I started to pull my trunks down. Don followed suit and moments later they were flying through the air, landing on the pool side with a slapping sound. Seconds later two much smaller bottoms followed. Now there were four naked bodies in the very clean pool. In fact, the water was so clean you could clearly see Don’s and my cock rising up to whatever may lie ahead! We swam vigorously for about half an hour, all the while my cock stayed about half mast as a result of the exercise and the cool water. But I knew as soon as we got out it would be a different story and wasn’t sure just how to deal with it. It was hard to see Michelle’s pussy clearly with it being under the water most of the time, but it appeared to be completely bare. Still I couldn’t be sure.

Finally, Michelle said she was getting tired and wanted to get out for a while. As she and Marilyn swam toward the ladder, I was concerned about the state of my cock and could see Don was having similar thoughts. Finally, as if we both arrived at the same conclusion, we swam to the ladder and simply climbed out of the water and into the sunlight. I could feel my cock rising rapidly until it was clearly ready for action! I kept myself turned slightly away from Michelle, although Marilyn could get a clear look, and Don was experiencing the same situation as the girls had their lounge chairs sitting at an angle to each other.

“Hey guys, don’t be shy, come on over and sit down. Besides, I would be pretty hurt if you didn’t get a boner. That would be a real insult!” Michelle patted the lounger beside her and I had to straddle the extension before I could sit down. As I did, Michelle turned toward me and I could clearly see her pussy was as smooth as her titties, not a hair in sight. I could also see that the lips were slightly parted and glistened, I assumed from pool water. “Nice nozzle you got on your fire hose,” she said with a little giggle. Almost as if by prior agreement, she turned to me just as I was turning toward her and our lips met in a tender kiss, which almost immediately elevated into a full-blown tongue dancing lip lock.

After thoroughly exploring Michelle’s mouth with my tongue and vice versa, Michelle pulled back for a moment and whispered, “Let’s go to my room and let Don and Marilyn have this area.” She pulled me up and led me into the house and right into her bedroom. I had seen Cindy and Crissy’s bedrooms, so wasn’t surprised to see the girly things, movie posters and stuffed animals. Michelle led me to the bed and pulled me down after her. Instantly we were all over each other, hugging and caressing. I was thinking about playing with her titties but wasn’t sure if I should, but when I felt her hand close around my cock, I figured it was time! I began caressing first one tittie, then the other, then began tweaking the nipples. When I lowered my mouth and began sucking, she went ridged and began moaning while increasing her squeezing on my cock. My natural reaction was to begin humping my hips back and forth, and seconds later I shot my cum onto her belly. As she felt the hot slick cum oozing between us, she withdrew her hand and pulled back.

“Wow, you sure unloaded a bunch, you must have been saving it up for a while,” she exclaimed. I rolled back a little feeling my heart racing and my breathing slowly returning to near normal.

About that time Marilyn reminded Michelle that her dad was due home in about half an hour so we better make sure we were ready when he arrived. We had just completed showering and straightening up the pool area then just as we were getting dressed, when Michelle’s dad came out to the pool area. By now we were all dressed in street clothes so felt comfortable that nothing would give away our recent activities. He greeted us warmly and asked if we had a good time. We all assured him the water was fine and the afternoon was very pleasant. After chatting for a few minutes and answering his questions about our antique cars, we said we needed to get home and left the girls, but not before making another date.

Over the next few weeks we dated several times, sometimes together and sometimes just as a couple. Often the girls asked if we could go out in one of the old cars, they especially liked the fire truck. Marilyn liked to ride with Don in in the front seat, while Michelle and I rode in the back. One day she commented that while it gave us a chance to cuddle and caress, the wooden seats sure were hard and uncomfortable, especially on rough roads. Don and I came up with a solution, we took a twin-size mattress and placed it in the bed of the fire truck then covered it with a tarp so it wasn’t obvious that it was actually a mattress. If we took large beach towels, and placed them on the tarp it made quite comfortable riding. And of course, it was even more comfortable if we were lying down! However; anyone driving behind could see two horny kids getting after it, so we came up with a “Safety Gate” to keep kids from falling out of the back. It also kept anyone from looking in!

By now, both Don and I realized we were becoming very attached to Michelle and Marilyn. We were dating only them exclusively. Mom and Dad liked the girls and invited them to use our pool anytime they wanted to. One Sunday afternoon they came over and soon the four of us were having a great time in the pool. Since Mom and Dad were gone, we were all naked and having a great time. That is until Mom walked into the yard asking if we wanted anything to drink. It seems that the movie they intended to see was sold out so they came home unexpectedly. Don and I were okay with Mom seeing us naked as we often swam together in the pool and always without swim wear. However; the girls were shocked into silence but Mom took care of that with her usual nonchalant manner.

“Oh good, I see you girls aren’t contaminating our pool with that nasty residue from laundry soap. Have fun kids, Dad and I are going to watch the movie we rented. See you later, call if you need anything.” With that pronouncement, she strolled back into the house, leaving the cold drinks sitting on a tray by the pool side table. Michelle and Marilyn looked at each other, then at us. Finally, they just accepted that being naked in the pool with us wasn’t a big deal with Mom and Dad so we continued having a good time. When it came time to get out, they did wrap towels around themselves. We got dressed and went into the house. Dad just smiled and waved at the girls, saying nothing about naked swimming. Later he did tell Don and I that the girls looked almost as good as Mom did when they were swimming naked years ago!

By now I knew that I wanted to make ultimate love with Michelle and was getting signals that she would be willing. I began to plan how and where it could happen. Although Mom and Dad were OK with us swimming naked, I somehow didn’t want to do it my first time with them around. One afternoon I moved the mattress from the fire truck into our 1937 service truck. Essentially it was a car, but instead of a back seat and trunk, it had the roof line extended at full height all the way to the back and double doors at the rear with no doors or windows on the side, except for the driver and passenger side windows, and of course, the windshield. With the front bench seat for the driver and passenger, it was almost impossible to see into the back of the service truck from the outside. I had scouted out the farms in the area and found a place where there was a thick grove of trees along the road. At a gap in the tree line, was a driveway into the farm field, but once past the trees, one could park close to the trees and not be seen from the road.

I carefully prepared the service truck, putting in a cooler with supplies and a jug of warm water. Plenty of towels and wash cloths, as well as blankets and pillows. Thus prepared, I asked Michelle if we could have an afternoon together for a picnic and a time to talk. She agreed and asked if I had anything special in mind. I agreed that I did have something special but declined any further explanation. She said she would be ready just before lunch time on Saturday, then asked if she needed to bring anything. I told her I had it covered, but she could bring desert if she wanted to. At the appointed time, I picked her up and immediately headed for the country road I had discovered earlier. Upon arrival, I pulled in behind the hedge row and parked the truck. I got out and spread the blanket on the soft grass under the trees, then got out the cooler, which contained among other things a picnic lunch, along with drinks.

“This is pleasant” commented Michelle, “how did you find this place?” I told her that I just drove around until I came upon it. Michelle grinned, then said, “and just what were you looking for when you found this place? Let me guess, you want to watch the birds.”

“Well, I guess we could look at birds while we eat, but then I have something I want to talk to you about. Are you hungry?”

After spreading a small cloth for the food, we lay back and slowly ate the lunch. Michelle got the little picnic basket she bought along and took out two slices of cherry pie. “How would you like a cherry?” she asked with a mischievous little smile. I grinned back and said that cherries were my favorite. “I’ll bet,” she said with an even bigger smile. “The sun is just right, I’ll bet it would feel even better if you took off your shirt,” she said as she began unbuttoning mine. As she did, I began to unbutton hers as well, and before long we were completely naked, basking in the warm but not hot sunlight. After about fifteen minutes I suggested that we get in the truck to avoid getting sunburned. I helped her into the open doors and after gently closing them I pulled her down onto the mattress beside me.

After cuddling for several minutes, my cock was raging hard, and her pussy was dripping wet and so slick my fingers easily slid right in as she squirmed her bottom around. It didn’t take me long to find her happy spot as we had began calling her clit. She then began to stroke my cock, gently at first but then with more pressure and speed until almost without warning I felt the familiar tingling and before I could warn here, shot my cum in powerful spurts, once again getting all over her tummy and legs.

I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to do that, it just happened so fast I didn’t have time to warn you.”

“That’s OK, I intended for you to come first so you would last longer when we play around some more. Dad told me that inexperienced boys couldn’t control themselves for the first several times they made out with a girl so if I wanted to have some fun myself, I needed to get the first round over quick so the next session would be better.” I was shocked, her dad told her to get the guy off first so she could play longer. I guess she was able to read my expression because she hurried to explain. “Mom died of cancer when I was young, so Dad had to take on both roles. He believed we should be very open and he made sure I knew facts appropriate to where I was in my maturity. About a year ago he said it was only a mater of time until I began dating and to be safe, he thought it would be good for me to go on the pill. He also told me what to expect and he’s been pretty much right so far.

“What do you mean so far?” I asked puzzled by her statement. She went on to explain that her Dad and she were very close, and were not ashamed to see each other naked, and even swam naked as she had mentioned before. “OK, so I guess that means you and you dad have done everything?”

“NO! Never! Dad says that will never happen, he wouldn’t even consider it, but just because we don’t do incest, it doesn’t mean he hasn’t taught me what to expect and what to do to keep myself safe. And he encourages me to ask questions and he will give me straight answers. If he doesn’t know he will find out and get back to me. Of course, I share everything with Marilyn, not that she needed that much instruction, her mom agrees with Dad that teen age girls need to know facts, not here say from ignorant classmates who think they know more than they really do.” Having said all that, Michelle reached for a Kleenex to wipe my cum off, but I got the jug of warm water and a wash cloth for her to use. Moments later she was back on the mattress with me, offering me a warm wash cloth to clean myself up as well.

By now, my cock was rising again to what I had planned all along and I began caressing Michelle’s titties then moved on to begin sucking and twirling my tongue around the nipples. Once again, she began squirming against me then cupping my balls very gently, she felt the silky-smooth bag and the tender jewels inside. I reciprocated by sliding my hand down her tummy and began stroking her pussy, feeling the incredible slickness until just as Cindy had, she grabbed my wrist and held it tight exclaiming “There, right there!” I gently circled her clit but resisted going faster and harder, just kept up the steady pressure and rhythm as Cindy had instructed. After having lost track of time, I felt Michelle tense up then let out a long-extended moan and collapse back onto the bed panting like a puppy who had just fetched a stick. “OH Ron, that was so good, so good, you are so wonderful, just as good as Cindy promised me you would be.”

“OH, so you and Cindy are comparing notes?” I replied with mock seriousness. Michelle just giggled in response then cuddled up close to me and simply said that Cindy said I knew how to treat a girl like a girl, not a piece of meat, and I would also listen. “OK, I am listening, what do you have to tell me?”

“I want you to be the boy who I make love with for the first time,” she said a bit hesitantly.

“And I want you to be the girl I make love with for the first time,” I replied as I hugged her tightly. “I got some condoms and lube so we can do it if you want to, and I really want to do it with you.”

“I would have never guessed,” she whispered as we tightened our embrace and the kissing and cuddling intensified. “I’m ready, but I’m scared too,” she whispered. “Please go slow, your cock is so big I’m sure it will hurt, but I really want to do it.”

I rolled between her legs but then pulled back and began reaching for the condoms I had hidden in the cooler. Michelle reminded me that she was on the pill, so we didn’t need it and tugged me back into position. As I eased forward and felt my cock touch her pussy for the first time, I tried to push it in, but it just slid right up onto her tummy. Michelle reached down and gently moved me to where it needed to be then urged me forward by tugging gently on my cock while still holding it in a vice-like grip. As I inched forward, I felt the tip slip into the slick tunnel of love and very slowly moved further in until I felt something stopping me from going further. At the same time Michelle let out a little gasp and tightened her grip on my cock, squeezing so hard I thought she was going to pop the head off. I stopped and held myself still feeling the barrier to forward motion. I could also see signs of pain on her face.

We lay there for what seemed like an eternity when I felt Michelle move her bottom a little as if trying to get my cock in deeper. I pressed forward again but instantly felt her grip tighten even more on my cock. She didn’t say anything or make a sound, just kept squeezing so hard I could feel my pulse in my cock. Not knowing what to do, I just held steady pressure until suddenly I just slipped in and I felt my pubic bone collide with her hand for just a moment and then she let go and I slid all the way in. At the same time Michelle let out a whimper, obviously in some pain. I asked her if I should take it out but she said to just wait for a little bit.

“I can feel your cum running down my bottom,” Michelle said with a whisper.

“I didn’t cum,” I replied. Michelle looked alarmed and asked me to take it out. Reluctantly I pulled out and sat back. I was astounded to see blood on the sheet and thought perhaps I had really hurt her. “Oh Michelle, I hurt you, I hurt you, you are bleeding,” I said frantically.

“Hey Ron, you busted my hymen, I’m not mortally wounded, although it feels like you just tore me in two. I know that sometimes happens and it will stop soon. Just get me a warm cloth to wipe it up.” I jumped up and got the washcloth and gently wiped up the blood from the sheet as best I could then held it against her to catch the rest, although the bleeding had slowed considerably. After about five minutes I took the cloth away and saw that the bleeding had completely stopped. To say that put a damper on anymore love making for the rest of the day would have been an understatement! I was afraid I would hurt her and Michelle was afraid it would hurt as well, so we just held each other. After about half an hour, Michelle said she really was sore and wanted to go home. I packed everything up and we got dressed.

“Ron, let’s come back here next Saturday, I should be okay by then.” With that she kissed me deeply and told me how much she loved me and how much she appreciated me being gentle and not demanding we go ahead and make love. I told her that I loved her as well and wouldn’t do anything to hurt her, although obviously I already did. She just hugged me tighter and cuddled up close. When we got to her place, I could see that she was already having some pain just sitting on the seat, and was worried about what her dad would say or if he would know what we did. I didn’t say anything to Michelle about it but did worry for the next few days. I did call her to see how she was doing and she told me that the next day was murder, she could hardly sit down without a lot of pain but some extra strength Tylenol helped a lot. By Wednesday she was feeling fairly normal and was excited about Saturday. I told her I would pick her up at nine AM so we could have the whole day together.

True to my word, I pulled into Michelle’s driveway a little before nine and found her waiting, complete with a picnic basket and a huge smile. I quickly drove to our little hideaway and wasted no time getting us both naked. At first, we sat outside in the sun and began cuddling and caressing. Michelle said she wanted to make this a time of making love that could be remembered as one of the great moments of her life. I had to agree, I had heard so many stories of guys describing how they fucked their girlfriend’s brains out, that I didn’t want to have any part of fucking, I wanted to make love and I wanted to be loved. While I wasn’t ready to think of being married, I just wasn’t into the four “Fs” concept as bragged by some of the guys. (Find-em; Feel-em Fuck-em Forget-em).

As our passions built, we naturally moved into the service truck. I had left the windows and rear doors open to keep it fairly cool so we were very comfortable, well comfortable except for the heat of passion and my achingly hard cock! At first, I wanted to leave the back doors open, but Michelle said she would feel better knowing we were completely private, so I closed the doors and turned to her. Seconds later I was between her legs and fumbling to get my cock where I had dreamed of all week long. With Michelle’s help, I was soon positioned and ready to slide home. I pressed forward gently, but still with some urgency. Michelle had her hands on my sides kind of holding me back, but not pushing away. Slowly but steadily I slid in until I felt our pubic bones bump together.

“OH! Its in, its in!” Michelle whispered. “It feels so much better than last time!’ Thus encouraged, I made a couple of strokes and blew my load before we even got into any kind of rhythm. Michelle felt my cum rocketing in and said, “Did you come already?” I just nodded my head and said I was sorry. We embraced for a few moments then rolled onto our sides, still clinging tightly. “How soon can we do it again?” asked Michelle with a wistful look. I was feeling so embarrassed that I didn’t answer but gave her a kiss and told her I was sorry.

After a few minutes we pulled apart and lay quietly whispering comforting words back and forth. We climbed out of the truck and decided to take a little walk. After slipping our flip-flops on we walked hand in hand down the row of trees, keeping out of sight of the road. Michelle said she felt OK, she didn’t hurt at all, but it wasn’t what she had expected. After walking for about fifteen minutes, we went back to the picnic cooler and got a couple of cokes, sipping slowly. Michelle kissed me tenderly then began stroking my nipples, so of course, I returned the favor. Very soon, we were locked in an embrace and I felt my cock beginning to respond. Michelle felt it growing so began stroking and sooner than I had expected I was at full mast and ready to try again.

“I’ve got an idea,” I said. “I’m going to put on a condom to make it a little less sensitive.” Rolling one on, I pulled Michelle into the truck and once again positioned myself for action. This time my aim had improved and I immediately slid all the way home. After hugging Michelle tightly for a few seconds, I began slowly pumping in and out. Having just cum an hour before and having the condom on, plus her extremely slick pussy due to not only her wetness, but my cum residing in her, the friction was greatly reduced and I was feeling confident of lasting for a while. Still, I kept my movements slow and watched her face intently for any sign of discomfort. Seeing nothing but a smile and her eyes sending messages of love and passion, I kept slowly moving in and out, in and out. Presently I saw her face begin to transform and take on a more excited look, then she began to urge me to move faster and faster. I could feel her hands on my hips sending messages setting the pace she liked the most.

Although I could feel my own passion building, I tried to concentrate on her pleasure. Before long I saw her face take on an intense look, almost as if in pain then she let out a long-extended moan and slammed her pussy hard into me. I hung on for the ride, pressing back as if I were trying to crawl inside her pussy right behind my cock. As she began to calm down, I started moving again and felt my own orgasm building. Moments later I was slamming into her as hard as I could pound then felt my cum rocketing into the condom while I jerked and twitched seemingly uncontrollably. I clung to Michelle as if she might try to run away, then sort of collapsed on top of her and rolled to one side, keeping my cock buried in her pussy. I was aware they we were both breathing as if we had just finished a four-hundred-meter race and were trying to catch our breaths. We must have dozed off because the next thing I knew I could feel my shriveled-up cock dangling uselessly with the condom sagging off the end. I pulled it off and tossed it toward the doors to be discarded later.

Michelle was staring at me with a look of wonderment, then whispered, “I can’t wait to do this again, it makes all the pain from last week worth it!”

“Yeah, but you are going to have to wait for a while, I think you pretty well worked me to death, but I sure would like to do it again!” By now we were both getting hungry so we spread the cloth we used for the picnic and slowly ate the delicious lunch Michelle had prepared. As we lay back talking quietly with full tummies and warm sunshine, we fell asleep. I was dreaming that my chest was being burned by a hot fire when I suddenly jarred awake. Although I wasn’t being burned by a fire, I was being burned by the sun. A quick check of Michelle’s’ titties reveled that she too be sporting a sunburn. I nudged her awake and pulled her up and climbed back into the truck out of the direct sun. As we took stock of our burned chest, legs, and everything in between we realized that while we had a bit of sunburn, it wasn’t too bad. I gout out my bottle of lotion and began to rub the lotion onto her front side, paying special attention to her titties. Michelle then returned the favor covering my front side with lotion and likewise paid special attention to my cock and balls.

I suggested that it may be fun to rub it in and taking the bottled spread a liberal amount allover her. Then having her lie back, I used my total body to rub the lotion in. Moments later, I slid my cock into her now slick pussy and began pumping slowly. The lotion had made us so slick that I could slide up and down with ease arousing sensations I had never experienced before. Having come twice already, I was able to continue thrusting in and out for quite a while and could feel Michelle rising to higher and higher levels of excitement. All at once she began drumming her feet into my ass and thrusting her pelvis into me with wild abandon.

“I’m coming, I’m coming, I’m almost there, oh Ronnie, it is so good, keep it up, more, more!” With that kind of reaction, I felt myself rocketing to my own climax and then felt spurt after spurt shooting into Michelle’s waiting vagina. I held my cock in tightly until the passion of orgasm began to fade. I was looking into the most serene face one could have ever imagined, then heard her say, “OH Ron, I love you so much.” At that moment, I knew I was truly in love with someone whom I considered to be the most beautiful girl in the entire world! After snuggling together for a few more minutes, we climbed back out of the truck and gathered up the picnic remnants and packed everything up. At the foot of the gentle hill where we were parked there was a small stream of water, so hand in hand we walked down to the water and sat on the bank with our feet dangling in the cold water. The stream was spring fed, so it was very cold but refreshing.

We sat by the stream for about an hour, talking and reminiscing about our love-making, when we could do it again without being obvious and pledging that no one would ever know what we had been doing, although we both acknowledged that Marilyn and Don would know and that was OK with both of us. After some time had passed, we went back to the truck and made love one more time, then carefully cleaned the area making sure there were no tell-tale signs of our having been there. I drove home slowly, savoring the feeling of Michelle by my side, imagining how it would be to have her beside me for the rest of my life. As I drove into our driveway, Michelle said she would open the gate, but I held her back. I had caught a glimpse of the fire truck behind the gate, which was a surprise as we always parked it inside unless we were actually using it.

“Let’s go through the house and see what is happening out back,” I suggested as I opened the door. We quietly entered the house then moved to the door leading out to the yard surrounding the antique workshop. As we stepped out the door, I could hear the now familiar sounds of rising passion. I glanced at Michelle and saw her broad smile as she tilted her head toward the fire truck. We approached quietly, but the sounds of love-making coming from the back of the fire truck easily masked any sounds we may have made. Not wanting to invade their passionate moment, we quietly moved to the deck chairs and sat down. After several minutes we could hear the sounds peak then subside. Finally, Don and Marilyn emerged from the back of the fire truck with Marilyn saying she needed to shower. When she saw us, she let out a little scream of surprise and embarrassment.

I immediately spoke up and said, “Hey, welcome to the fraternity, glad you could join us!” Don stood silently for a moment with a confused look then smiled as a look of understanding came across his face. They quickly disappeared into the pool shower room. Michelle and I glanced at each other, then stripped down and jumped into the pool. After some time, Don and Marilyn peeked out of the shower room and seeing us in the pool, ran across the deck and jumped in.

After a few minutes of embarrassed glances, we swam for a while then climbed out to dry off in the sun. The girls began whispering between themselves then giggled and punched each other. Don and I just lay back not talking but almost sharing our thoughts without the need for conversation. As the sun neared the horizon, we took a final dip in the pool then put the trucks in their respective places and took the girls home.

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The Fire Truck 2

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