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Sucking my boss’s cock

Categories True Story, Authoritarian, Blowjob, Cheating

Author: curvytrucker

Published: 08 October 2019

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‘If you are in my shop by the time I get back, I’ll let you suck my dick,’ The head mechanic, a tall bearded intense blue eyed man in his early 30s, father of four boys and been with the same woman 16 years rough told me.

He has been my personal sexual game of cat and mouse for over a year. His favorite thing is to make me blush and see how far he can push me. We have had a few close calls over the last year.

I’m not saint with him ether. Being a very curvy blonde and wearing tight, low cut shirts and bending over when ever I know he is watching has been very affective. Even flashed him once to show him my nipple piercings.

We both work for a small trucking company and he has big say in most operations. I’m the only female and at 26. I have gotten used to dealing with flirty married men. It’s normally not a big deal but he is my favorite. Ever since we saw each other it has been electric but I never got extra treatment enough for anyone to say he treats me differently. I work hard for everything I got and even ran in some of the worst trucks the fleet has. Yet I put up with cuz I trust him. We trust each other deeply as friends but I respect him as a boss.

Now this teasing happening all the time. He loves to tease me around other people and rumors have been going around for awhile that we are fucking. Yet we are careful never touch. I don’t think our control can stand that.

I roll my eyes at his back, ‘you locked the doors.’ he kept walking away to the other side of the yard to return a part to a different truck. Giving me a few minutes to think.

No one was there. I had seen the gps of all trucks on a tv screen earlier, no one would show up.

Did he actually mean it? This isn’t the first time he has said that. Think it’s actually the fourth but I have always laughed at him. Our reasoning was we wouldn’t know what to do with each other.

Shit I needed fluids for the truck. He had forgotten to give them to me. Easily I could push it off till the next morning but I wanted to still be near him.

I watched his dark form walk back to the shop unlock the door, look in my truck direction and left the door open. Shit I have to get fluids.

Quickly I climbed out and and walked inside.

‘Hey I need to get the fluids,’ I called out to him. That dirty smile played around his mouth, ‘really? What else do you need?’

‘Washer, oil and coolant.’

‘Don’t have oil.’

He moved to the 50 gallon barrels holding the washer fluids and started to pump it.

‘Did you run out?’

‘On this one but the other one is full.’

‘I bet it’s bursting,’ I meant him dead in the eyes.

‘You have no idea.’

A shiver went up my back as he started to pull on the screw top lid.

‘Is it to tight?’

He smiled again that wicked smile making my panties drip, ‘just have to work it with the right tool.’

Blushing horribly I grabbed a bottle of coolant as he filled up one bottle. I handed him an other empty one.

‘You want two?’

‘Yeah might as well and I promise to return the empty bottles.’

He shrugged, ‘I trust you.’

Second bottle almost filled. Pulling the hose out some spilts don the floor.

‘Are you try to splash me?’

He eyed me, ‘if you would have closed the door I would be covering you right now.’

I snorted, ‘I actually tried to close it but I must not have closed.’

He knows I’m lying but that’s not the game.

‘Go close it now.’

My feet wouldn’t move. My heart was beat so damn fast my head was spinning.

‘You close it.’

‘If you want this then you close it.’

‘I double dog dare you to close the door.’ I didn’t think I could have moved right now. My whole body was humming and a very bright blush sat on my checks.

He did a deep man sigh, ‘you have till I close this door to change your mind. Then I’m going to sit down and you are going to be on your knees sucking my cock.’

What? Change my mind? Fuck I really should just leave but I really didn’t want to. I want this man so badly it drives me crazy. I needed him to touch me and to feel him.

The door shut with a loud metal clap that made me jump alittle. I reminded myself to breath. It’s just a game that has never crossed the line before.

He sat down and lit up a smoke. The desk is his space and a big deal was made about it cuz drivers kept going behind his desk. We were all told to never cross the line into his space.

I stood on the edge right in between his knees. We stared at each other.

‘I’m going to finish this cigarette and if nothing happens I’m leaving,’ he set the time limit.

‘You always said if we crossed into your space we would get yelled at.’ Puff of smoke left his lips, he nodded.

My whole body was still humming like I have a vibrator sitting on my clit. Last time we got this close we were interrupted. I stepped forward firmly in between his legs.

‘Is this close enough?’ He didn’t say anything just breathe in an other puff watching me.

I stepped back, ‘you never said I could’

He nodded again, ‘this one time you can.’

I stepped back, feeling the heat from his legs. Feeling bold I raised the stakes. I lend forward putting both hands on ether arm rests. My big DDD breast inches from his face.

‘Is this close enough?’

One last puff of the smoke and he set it down, ‘for now.’

We stayed like this watching each other faces.

‘Are you going to ruin my family or my job?’ The seriousness situation had stopped us before. We were both in have so much to lose, him more than me.

I shook my head, ‘no. Are you going to cost me mine?’ He shook his head no. Holding out my pinky, ‘pinky promise?’ He grabbed it in his large grease covered pinky and I was done. I didn’t want to play anymore.

‘Do you want this?’


His eyes never left my face, ‘how badly?’

‘Very badly. I need it.’

I lend back in and softly pressed my lips to his. Sparks flew down my back. My blood pumping hard. I need him. Yet the kiss stayed soft just like him lips. Our tongues touched but gently. This was surprising. I hadn’t pictured him being gentle almost tender with me.

We pulled back, both kind of shocked, looking in each other’s eyes for a sign to stop but seeing only passion.

‘Fuck,’ he muttered and reached for his pants.

‘Get on your knees and suck it.’

His cock jumped out. About 7 inches long, a perfect thickness and was dripping lots of precum.

Hungry I licked the tip and took him all the way in my mouth. His sharp breathing mixed with a few swear words as I kept sucking.

I putted off smiling, ‘you said just a taste.’

Growling he pushed on my shoulders, ‘fucking finish it.’

I settled down on my knees and started to worship his cock. My tongue piercing adding to his pleasure. His hands were deep in My hair pushing me down deeper and faster.

‘I wish meg (his wife) could see this.’

I pulled off still jacking him off with my hand, ‘how long has it been?’

‘Years,’ he pushed my mouth back on his cock.

‘Fuck I have thought about this so much.’ I nodded, sucking him. He pushed deeper and held me there. Trying to breathe I tried to relax my throat. I love having him this deep. He released me, coughing I pulled off.

‘It’s been off a year for me. I’m out of practice,’ grabbing the base of his cock.

‘Do you remember the time I played with myself in ur shop?’

He nodded watching me intensely.

I moved back over his cock, ‘I was thinking of sucking you off.’

I took him balls deep. Fuck he feels perfect. I was so damn wet that my legs were shaking.

He was playing with my hair, ‘you like my cock?’ I tried pull off but damn it I still want to suck.

‘Answer me.’

Unwilling I pulled off spit dripping from my mouth, ‘yes I love it.’

I grabbed the base of him and squeezed as my other hand quickly rubbed his very sensitive head. He legs start to shake but he never looked away from me. We stared at each other, feeling the lust pound in our blood. I moved back over him, knowing he was getting closer.

He grabbed the back of my head and really started to fuck my mouth hard. All I could do was squeeze tighter at the base of his cock.

‘Fuck you fee so good. You are going...Fuck to make me cum.’

Pounding my mouth harder, ‘you are going be my mistress.’ Damn it I want to be.

I sucked harder keeping my tongue down. I need him to cum. I need to taste him.

‘Fuck keep sucking!’

Both his legs were shaking hard now, ‘you are going to swallow.’ Every single drop.

‘I’m going to cum,’ pounding my mouth roughly I could feel his cock swelling up. Yes baby please fill my mouth.

He groaned louder and fucking me harder then pushed my head all the way down. Hot cum filled my mouth and tasting of slightly bitter salty man. I enjoyed the taste enough to savory him before swallowing.

I kept sucking, prolonging his orgasm as his cock twitched. I sucked him dry and finally released him with a satisfied pop. No s single drop of spit of cum on his pants.

He sat there looking at me, a satisfied smile on his face and I quickly smiled back. No idea what to do now but seeing his cock was still hard. I quickly stood up.

My legs barely supported me and I didn’t want to see how much this affected me. So I just smiled at him as he stood up and zipped up.

‘Hopefully now you will have a good night’

He smiled at me, ‘oh yeah much better. I was kinda expecting someone to peak in the window.’

I giggle, ‘yeah I was too.’

His head was turned picking up his keys but I was focusing on his neck. I moved closer to kiss his neck but he wrapped his arms around me. The deep tender kiss really caught me off guard. We stood like that for a minute just enjoyed each other’s mouth.

I broke away, trying to stay calm. I moved to the three bottles, fumbled them, almost dropped them. Not looking back I called out, ‘good night.’

Breathe and walk. Breathe and walk. I quickly moved back to the safety of my truck set the bottles down and barely climbed in.

I was deeply satisfied with this. It was just as hot as I had always pictured but the tenderness was unexpected.

I watched him drive away thinking, savoring his taste.

What the fuck just happened was more then just lust, I think. I’m still not sure but I can’t stop think about it.

I couldn’t ignore my pussy any longer. I ripped off my pants and my soaking wet thong. I grabbed my vibrator and placed it right on my aching clit.

I have shaved last night. My pussy is a very pretty thing. A single small slit barely cover my small clit and the tight hole. I was so turned on it was a sweet pink begging for his cock deep in me.

Picturing him sliding into me, stretching me out I moaned loudly. Big hands grabbed my pieced nipples, squeezing hard. Making my eyes roll. My tight pussy was already so close.

‘Baby I’m going to cum,’ he groaned pounding my tight wet pussy.

‘Keep going! I’m going to squirt,’ I begged and he growled and pounded me even harder. The tingling was started in my lower back and spread to my pussy. Pussy was tighten up around his cock trying to milk him for his sweet cum. Needing him to fill me up like he did my mouth.

‘Oh baby here it cums!’ I squirted all over my bed and let out a loud scream of pleasure. Pussy squeezing out all it sweet sticky juices all over the bed.

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Sucking my boss’s cock

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