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A nurse does more than her job.

Categories Fiction, Anal, Blowjob, BDSM

Author: Bear66

Published: 08 October 2019

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Alyssa was running late for her first midnight shift witch actually started at ten pm. She took her shower quickly dried off and put on her uniform. She looked good in it. She was a petite five foot two inch thirty four year old mother of one girl. Married but recently separated from her husband. She kept her body fit and muscular as well as tanned. Her breasts were a firm and nicely rounded c-cups.

She skipped putting on her bra and panties as she rushed out the door. Barely clocking in on time she reported to her assigned area for the night. It was one of her favorite departments as she walked into the room filled with beds currently all holding sixteen to eighteen year old patients. Twelve beds with a curtain separating them into six beds per area. Four held sixteen year old young women and six held young men two sixteen , two seventeen , and two eighteen year olds.

Alyssa walked the room greeting each patient as most had been there at least a year with an unknown sickness. Brad the eighteen year old ring leader greeted her with his usual comment that she looked great in her uniform but would look better out of it at which they all snickered. Alyssa went about her usual duties until midnight when one of the girls complained of a pain in her abdomen.

Alyssa went to check it out and as she was examining Patty the others gathered around her and grabbing her they quickly gagged her and stripped off her uniform cuffing her now naked body spread eagled to one of the empty beds. The patients gathered around her and as their hands roamed over her body Patty explained that none of them had experience with sex they were virgins but would not be by morning light.

Brad pulled off his hospital gown and climbed onto Alyssa spreading her womanhood with his engorged cock. He pumped into her vagina building speed until he suddenly stopped filling her womb with his sperm. The five other males followed after him as Alyssa whimpered trying to get them to stop. Explaining that she was not on birth control. They just laughed and continued fucking her making sure that each one brought her to climax.

Then the four young women took turns fucking her with a double ended strap on dildo. Again each one brought her to orgasm and after each orgasm they sucked up her juices into a container. Penny whispered to her asking what she thought of the idea of having her cum tasted by many young people as possible. Alyssa blushed scarlet as she thought of all those people tasting what was produced from her most intimate body part.

Then Brad whispered to her that she could stop that from happening all she had to do was keep having sex with them and do as they instructed her without resistance. Alyssa quickly agreed and they told her the first mission on which she would be going. From now on she would only dress in short skirts and sleeveless , collarless sheer front button blouses. No more bras or panties would be worn by her at any time.

She would visit the mall tomorrow morning it being the Saturday she had off. She was to walk the mall and at the far end visit the tattoo parlor doing as the owner and tattooist had her doing. Alyssa woke up the next morning showered and dressed in her body exposing outfit and drove to the mall. Entering the malls food court entrance she meandered down the concourse checking out the many small shops along the way.

She finally reached the far end where a small tattoo shop sat with a chair out front. As Alyssa approached a young woman came out of the shop and said ah the client I was told to expect please be seated. Alyssa sat in the chair and the young woman unbuttoned her blouse and removed it exposing her breasts to the growing audience.

Then she strapped Alyssa's arms down to the chairs arms and removing Alyssa's shoes and skirt fastened her feet and legs to the chairs foot rests. Then spread her legs pushing the foot rests apart until they locked as far apart as possible. Alyssa gasped as the tattooist began applying a full color tattoo of winnie the pooh holding a honey pot up to the base of her vagina. Then applying a dark red lipstick kissed Alyssa's left breast leaving an impression of her parted lips around Alyssa's nipple and making it permanent with tattoo ink.

The woman then placed small rings around Alyssa's nipples and clit that would keep them aroused and hard. The young tattooist brushed over Alyssa's clit many times during the procedure bringing her to many public orgasms. Alyssa whimpered in embarrassment with each orgasm and even more when her juices were passed around to the audience. When finished the tattooist released her from the chair and as she stood the audience applauded.

One of the onlookers offered her his coat which him being tall covered her nicely. Alyssa quickly exited the mall with her new tattoos covered and getting into her car realized she had no keys. As she stepped out of her car a public bus pulled up next to her and the doors opened she got on and when the doors closed she saw that she had made a mistake. The bus was filled with sixteen year old males.

A couple of them stood up and dragged her to the center of the bus where a bed had been bolted down. She was quickly stripped and fastened to it. She whimpered and began to sob as she saw thirty young male cocks pointed at her at the ready. Alyssa moaned as the first cock entered her wet and ready cunt and then was muffled as the first cock past through her teeth and down her throat.

The first pair came and were replaced by two fresh young fuckers. This pair wanted to do anal and pussy Alyssa cried out as one shoved into her virgin asshole and the pumped into her finally filling her with their sperm.

She knew she was going to die with only four out of thirty done and she was already tired and hurting. The next pair again chose to fucker pussy but pushed down her throat. She went through the thirty twice as each took a turn at her cunt. She was practically comatose when they finished with her. She lay on the floor of the bus naked with cum dripping from her. Some of them finally took pity on her and picked her up and wrapped her in a blanket and left her seated on the bus.

The bus driver came to the end of his shift and managed to get her to tell him where she lived but she told him not to take her there. She had him take her to an old friend who she thought would help her him being the type to do that and not take advantage of her. He took her to the apartment of her old work colleague an almost sixty year old man with many health problems.

He took her in putting her in his back room initially meant to be the bedroom but for convenience put his queen sized bed in the living room. He enjoyed the sight of her naked body as he laid her on the bed to sprawl across it. Covering her with a sheet he went back to his bed and watched television until Alyssa wandered out still naked and sat down next to him. She sobbed as she told him what had happened to her.

When this spreads no one will want me I already began the divorce process to try to get ahead of this and keep it private. He told her that it might help if she and her sixteen year old daughter moved in with him. She thought about it and accepted so he applied for a low income two bedroom apartment. He quickly got the upgrade and moved to the new apartment. Alyssa took the one bedroom and her daughter Kayla took the second while Ben slept in the living room.

It took less than a week for Kayla to start sleeping with him in the living room watching his fifty inch HD television and usually falling asleep. Alyssa seeing this decided to join them and seducing him they both enjoyed sex with him. He explained that him being a fat , some what ugly almost sixty year old virgin he had sworn if he ever found a woman who would make love to him he would make sure they would reach climaxes having many orgasms.

Alyssa had her first orgasm with him as he ate her daughters pussy until she climaxed. After which he had them change positions. Alyssa stood in front of Kayla and she sucked out Ben’s cum then she straddled his head so he could eat out her pussy as he fucked and filled Kayla’s cunt with his cum. Both women tired and satiated they lay naked next to him and the three fell asleep with large smiles on their faces two of which were no longer virgins.

Ben enjoyed many years of sex with the two women buying an extra large king sized bed so the three could sleep together comfortably. It also helped that he now had a live in nurse who had to quit her nurse position at the hospital when her relationship to Ben became known.

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A nurse does more than her job.

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