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  1. How i became a sissy fuckslave pt2
  2. How i became a sissy fuckslave pt3
  3. How i became a sissy fuckslave pt1

How i became a sissy fuckslave pt3

Categories Fiction

Author: subbieinmissouri

Published: 09 October 2019

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At this point my entire body was in agony, my feet hurt from the ballet boots, my nipples were stretched at least an inch and felt like they were on fire, my balls had a deep ache in them from the weights and ball stretcher, my sissy cunt felt like a gaping hole and hurt like needles were being poked into it.

i really hoped Sir would give me a little break before He started working my sissy cunt with His fist but alas this was not to be.

He returned just a few minutes later wearing an elbow length black rubber or latex glove on his right hand and had a huge bottle of lube in His left hand.

"Alright cunt" he said.."Time to destroy that sissy cunt of yours,"i felt Him squirt lube into and around my gaping hole, it was cool and soothed the fire burning there.Soon i felt Him push 3 fingers into me easily"Ah good I can get right to it" i heard him say then i felt all 5 of his fingers push into me.This wasn't so bad, He push and twisted them in and out of me then suddenly i felt the widest part of his hand start to push up into me..GAWWWWWWWWWWWWWD it hurrrt, i bit my lip as he pushed, pulled, and twisted it into me, i could feel my hole being torn wider than i thought possible.i tried to push to make it easier for it to go in and suddenly it was in.Sir waited just a second before He pulled it back out, and after squirting a little more lube into me he roughly pushed it back it.

i was crying, omg i was never going to be the same.my hole hurt, my body was trembling and then suddenly a jolt of pleasure shot through my limp lil dick.Sir had hit my prostate and was twisting His hand inside me to hit it more..

"That it slut, starting to like this aren't you" He said.

i just nodded my head yes, knowing that whether i liked it or not Sir was going to do just what he said and punch fist me before all was said and done.As Sir twisted his fist in me he was pushing deeper, i could feel Him inside me and as He worked my prostate more i suddenly came harder than i'd ever cum in my life...

AHHHHHHH i screamed as cum shot from my limp dick, mmmmmmmmmmm

Thats it slut" Sir said "Now it's time to destroy your cunt." So saying He pulled out of me, and squirted more lube into me, i felt His clenched fist rip into my ass, tearing into me, ripping me, i screamed but He just chuckled and started pulling it out and ramming it back in, time after time, my sobs echo'd off the walls as he tore me open for a good 30 minutes.

i was limp in the stock, barely able to support myself on my shaking legs, when suddenly Sir ripped His fist out of me and swatted my ass.

"Good slut, now your pussy's like it should be, a gaping hole, tomorrow we'll work on some huge toys but for now I think you need to go shower, get cleaned up and join me in the living room downstairs.Don't worry about wearing anything, I laid a satin robe out in the bathroom for you to wear so that's all you'll need."

i just nodded, thankful that at least for now i could relax a little and get out of the boots.

Sir undid my nipple clamps, and if i thought having them on that long hurt i was wrong.When the blood rushed back into my nipple the burning embers that i had been feeling suddenly became blowtorches..the pain was tremendous.Sir then undid the ball stretcher, OMG that felt good,and when He finally opened the stock and let me crawl into the bathroom i was overjoyed.

The air was cool in the bathroom and i quickly got out of the boots,corset and hood, laying them on the counter.The collar i laid on the towel rack, knowing i'd have to put that back on after i dried off.

Inside the shower i turned the water on high and left it cold, the water soothing my aching body.Turning around i bent over and spread my ass cheeks, letts the cold water spray into and on my battered ,bruised and sore hole.i saw just a few drops of blood sluice into teh drain as the water soothed me, far less than i thought there'd be after such a harsh pounding but i guess folks were right, time, patience and lottsa lube is always a good thing.

After about 10 minutes i turned the water to warm, lathered up, rinsed and got out of the shower.Toweling off i looked in the mirror, my eyes were red and puffy, turning i looked at my ass, it had a few red marks across it, and when i bent over i could see my boi cunt pop open wide.

Slipping on the soft silky robe and my collar i quickly went down the hall and saw Sir sitting on the couch.He patted the spot next to him and said"C'mere slut, you can sit next to me since you did so well today".

Quickly i sat next to him, curling my legs up under me so the robe covered them.I saw Him grab the remote and turn the tv on.Turning to me he said"watch this, everything we've done since you've been here has been recorded"

As i watched i saw Sir and myself all over again, i saw me being spanked, toyed, and as i watched i saw Sir destroy my ass.As i watched i felt my cock twitch, it was a good video, my body was painfully aware of every second of the recording and i could feel the pain all over again as i watched.When the video was over Sir said"All that is going on x*amster, I've decided to record Me making you into a lil fem fuckslave, your transition will be seen by thousands until i am done turning your mind,body and soul into what we both know you are, a sexslave,I won't keep you totally male, nor will you be female, you'll be in between, my very own TS fuckslut.

i just nodded, what Sir wanted Sir got i thought.Sir handed me a large glass full of a sweet drink and a pill.Drink this and swallow the pill" He said" Tomorrow we begin phase 2 of your training.

i quickly swallowed the pill, and drank the entire drink, i was thirsty and i remember thinking that i hope Sir would feed me tomorrow since i hadn't eaten in 3 days, and thats all i remember as darkness swallowed me.

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How i became a sissy fuckslave pt3

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