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lexis' first time

Categories Fiction, Blowjob, Cum Swallowing, Domination/submission

Author: aubrey jane smith

Published: 09 October 2019

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i'd been going to the nearest state park for a few weeks just to get out of the house and get some sun. i still didn't go out dressed except for having my bits taped flat and in a bra and panties. i was wearing a pink lace matching bra and pantie set with a masculine shirt and jean shorts. The day was warm, sunny with a nice breeze.

i had been reading in my usual spot when i heard the familiar rumble of Johns' Harley-Davidson coming up the road. We'd met about month before. i was reading as usually, just trying to get away from the computer for a while and he'd been on a ride. i was at my car getting a water and i complimented his bike as he rode past. He stopped and we talked about bikes for a few minutes before he rode off. Even though i'd been dressing and learning to be feminine for almost 2 years, i didn't think he noticed anything really untoward since i still presented masculine in public. We'd talked a few times since then but i thought that my secret was still safe.

He pulled up and got off his bike. He was about 5 inches taller than me with a gray streaking his goatee, very muscular and masculine. He pulled a cooler out of the bikes truck and walked up. Not for the first time, i noticed the huge bulge in his tight jeans. i'd fantasized about what it looked like and how it would feel in my mouth and sissy pussy. i knew that i didn't want him to be my first though. He looked too big and i didn't think it would be good to try anything, he was married and a biker after all. I still fantasized about it when i was riding my favorite vibe though.

"I brought some of the homemade beer that i promised you last time." he said as he walked up. He walked around the table and straddled the bench about 3 feet from me. The way he was sitting made the bulge looked bigger. I tried to ignore it as he handed me a beer. The beer was a very dark start, strong and kinda bitter. It was very cold and tasted really good in the hot sun. He'd only brought 2 apiece and i drank both of mine in about 30 minutes. i started noticing how the motion of my clothes felt across my skin, how the tape holding my ovaries in and clit in place felt and how the toe ring on my right pinkie felt. The motion of the clothes, pressure of the tape and ring felt amazing and was making me really horny. my eyes kept drifting to the bulge and i unconsciously licked my lips more than once.

He got up and walked to a nearby tree and turns to face the tree while still giving me a veiw of his cock. He unzipped his pants and fished out the what looked like a tree trunk. His cock was huge. i was mesmerized by it. my clit was straining against the tape trapping it and my pussy was tingling and pulsating. All i could do was stare and wonder what it would be like sucking it.

He finished peeing and walked back over without putting it back in his pants. i watched it swing from side to side, swallowing hard. He stops about 6 inches in front of me with his semi-hard cock right in my face. He says, "Look at me." i raised my head and looked at him. "How many cocks have you sucked?", he asked. i stammer out, "i haven't ever been with a guy."

He asked, "you're still a virgin?" I nod my head yes.

"Well, your gonna suck my dick right now. Wrap you lips around it." he commands. i raised my hand to guide his cock into my mouth. He said, "No, don't use your hands. Only use your mouth and tongue."

i lowered my head and tried using my tongue to move his cock head into my mouth. It took me a couple of minutes to figure out how to get it in my mouth. When i did, it was huge. i started moving my head back and forth, feeling his cock in move in and out of my mouth. i open my mouth to fit it in and close it when i pulled back. it felt so good and i start moving faster and sliding more of it into my mouth. i was getting so horny. i wanted all of it my mouth. i'm forcing as much as i can into my mouth and down my throat. i was gagging and slobbering all over his monster cock.

"Oh, fuck, girl. you're going to be such a good little cocksucker!" he says.

He asks, "you like sucking Daddy's cock, don't you slut?" i just kept sucking.

He pulls his cock out of my mouth, pulls my head up to look at him by my long hair and slaps my face hard. "Answer me when I ask you a question, cocksucking slut! you love sucking Daddy's cock, don't you slit?" Crying i whisper, "Yes."

"Say it!! Say "I love sucking Daddy's cock."

I whisper, "i love sucking Daddy's cock."

He grabs my hair in both hands and shoves his cock into my mouth and down my throat. His balls are resting on my chin as i gag and choke on his cock. Just as i'm about to black out he pulls his cock out and lets me catch my breath. Then he shoves in back in and starts hammering his cock down my throat.

"I wanna see your tits. Take your shirt off.", he orders. i take off my shirt. "Such a pretty pink bra. How big are your tits?"

i tell him that they are an A cup.

"I'm going to teach yo how to be a good girl now. you're first lesson is how to get throat fucked and how to swallow Daddy's cum." He grabs me by the hair and starts throat fucking me again. He fucked my mouth and throat hard, ramming his cock balls deep into my mouth. He throat fucks me for about 15 minutes before shoving deep into my throat and shooting his cum into my stomach in 6 long hard bursts.

i'm completely overwhelmed and can't even really think. The feel of his cock throat fucking me and the salty sweet taste of his cum on my tongue was so amazing. i felt so girly and feminine and knew that i wanted more.

He pulls my head up to look at him and says, "I knew you were a girly little slut the first time I saw you. I made up my mind that I was going to fuck you and make you a slut for cock that first day. Now, you're going to get in your car and follow Daddy back to his house, where you're going to be showered, dressed and styled like the good little cocksucker you are. Then I'm going to fuck you how I want until I'm finished with you. Aren't you, slut?"

I nod my head. He slaps me and commands, "Say, "Yes, Daddy!" you stupid little bitch!"

Crying I say, "Yes, Daddy." He smiles, kisses me and says, "That's my good girl."

I can't help but smile and I follow him back to his place.

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lexis' first time

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Comments (1)
Robny — 10 October 2019 10:44
Part 2!
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