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A Dream Fulfilled - Chapter 1

Categories Fiction, Masturbation, Virginity

Author: alaricwolfe

Published: 26 October 2019

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My hand shook. My body quivered as I felt my way up her perfect thigh. I kissed her chest, where one last button on her shirt held her modesty - for now. I kissed further up, gradually making my way to her neck. I paused and nibbled before continuing my trek upwards. I kissed those luscious lips.

I couldn't believe it. I was finally going to score. My first time. I wanted to savor this moment.

I pulled back to look into those gorgeous brown eyes. This moment was perfect save for that annoying barking.

I sat up and looked around, suddenly far more tired. Another dream.

Seamus was barking at the door, needing his morning relief. I stood and stretched before proceeding to allow him out. I glanced down to see I, myself, needed a bit of relief. Not surprising, considering the dream.

Alexis Fitzgroy. A full bodied girl at my school. She and I had grown up together, even sharing a birthday. We had both recently turned eighteen. She wasnt hit by any standards, standing at only five foot two. I'd guess she was around a hundred and forty pounds or so. But she had amazing curves, long brown hair with eyes to match. And of course, freckles. Ah, my one weak point in girls. Freckles were the absolute best.

After allowing Seamus outside, I made my way to the bathroom for a little relief. With the memory from yesterday and my dream in my mind, I came quickly.

To clarify, yesterday I had heard a noise from Alexis' room. When I went to check it out, her was door cracked open, so I peaked in and saw her masturbating on her bed, legs splayed open giving me a full view.

After flushing the evidence of my dream, the door swung open. There she stood. The subject of my desire.

"What's taking so long Jeremy? I need to pee, and you need to go let Seamus in."

I nodded and stepped around her quickly. Good thing I'm skinny, I thought.

While Alexis was a full bodied young woman, I had grown into a tall, lanky guy. She was popular at school, while I just sat in the corner with my small group of friends.

Our parents worked together and had to take off on a business trip for a while. Rather than pay for two houses or move us in our final year of school, they decided to move us in together. I volunteered to take the living room couch, letting Alexis take the only bedroom in our apartment.

After letting the dog back in, I went to the kitchen to start making breakfast. I may be scrawny, but I'm a far better cook than Alexis.

I decided on eggs, toast and bacon. Nothing adventurous, but filling and tasty.

It was Saturday, so we had time for a decent meal.

"Ready for graduation next week?" Alexis asked, as she sat down at the table, waiting for her food.

"Not really. But when am I ever ready for anything?" I replied, pouring myself a glass of orange juice.

Alexis grinned as she drew on the table with her finger, "Well, you certainly werent ready for that show I gave you yesterday."

I just about choked on my juice as I heard her. She knew I was there!

"Well, that just confirmed my suspicions," she smiled, standing again.

I shook my head as I coughed from the juice.

She walked over and trailed a finger along my chest, "Oh, yes. I know full well what you saw, Jerry. I saw that stain on my door. Why didnt you just ask?"

Finally regaining my composure, I looked into those deep, damning eyes. Was that lust I saw?

"Alright. Fine. You caught me. Can you blame me? You're gorgeous, and I cant get a girlfriend."

"Perhaps you just havent been asking the right girls," she said.

"Oh, come on," I said, "the only girl I havent asked is you, and that's 'cause we grew up together. You wouldve tried something sooner, if you were interested."

As I tried to take a step back, Alexis grabbed my shirt and pulled me closer, "that's what you think."

She grabbed my hand, spun around, and began rubbing her ass against my crotch. After a moment of shock, I reached around to grab her breast with a shaky hand.

"Ah ah, no touching," she said, slapping my hand away.

She pulled me towards the table and pushed me onto a chair. She spun back around and continued her teasing.

She bent forward, giving me a great view of her ass, as she jiggled it. She ran her hands up her legs - suddenly my dream came rushing back, and I felt a tension building in my shorts.

She slowly turned back towards me, straddled my leg, and started grinding, running her hands along my chest.

My leg began to feel really warm, then mildly damp. That's when I realized she must be getting wet.

She leaned in and kissed me. As her lips met mine, I felt a moan escape her lips. By this point, I could hear her breathing heavier. Suddenly, she stopped and started shaking, as she wrapped her arms around my neck, her lips still locked against mine.

Alexis pulled away, her face flushed and cheeks red, "Sorry! I didnt mean to get carried away!"

She stood and raced towards her room.

I sat there in complete shock, as I began to smell smoke. Crap! I burned breakfast!

End - chapter 2 coming soon.

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A Dream Fulfilled - Chapter 1

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