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Categories True Story, Bi-sexual, Blowjob, Exhibitionism

Author: CecilBCK

Published: 06 November 2019

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“Twenty-five years ago when my girlfriend and I were both nineteen we had a threesome with a rock musician. After all that time we have caught up again while she is in town on business. And we want to do that again. Are you free tomorrow afternoon?

“Good, we will look forward to having you, I am Paula, a Libra and my friend is Joanne and she is a Leo, she loves flaunting herself, there are never enough mirrors for her. And we are very competitive.”

I arrive at the appointed time wondering what might transpire, and excited at the thought of providing sexual pleasure to two women eight years older than me.

Big smiles from two very attractive suntanned and almost naked women. After brief introductions I note Paula is a size 12-14 brunette wearing heels, very good thighs highlighted by thigh length black stockings and a very short black silk blouse she has not bothered to button up that fails to cover her magnificent arse or trimmed mohawk style pubic area, though it does just cover her nipples.

Joanne is a tall blond and I learn soon an ex-model, wearing high heels and just a very small white jacket. Fabulous long legs, good firm tits and as she struts around the room admiring her almost naked body in the mirrors I take in her large, firm and well formed arse. And a further turn on for me, she has a huge amount of short, thin pubic hair that stretches at least three inches above her cunt.

“Do you like our suntans? We had a long bath together then sprayed each other this morning while comparing notes.” Paula asks as I ogle the huge coverage of pubic hair Joanne has.

“I can see you are impressed with all that hair, I told Joanne she should shave some of that off, but she says that turns most of her men on, and she likes it,” Paula tells me as she tongue kisses me.

“Is what your website bio says true? Are you really eight and a half inches and thick?” she asks as Joanne stands behind me and undoes my shirt, then rubs her hands all over my chest and teases my nipples while I kick my loafers off.

“Are you really eight and a half inches and thick? I love a really well hung man,” Paula asks again as Joanne undoes my belt and whispers, “Let’s find out,” as she teases my nipples, then slides her hand down to my very erect cock.

I am wearing a very brief black g-string, actually a female one, with a slit at the front which I enjoy wearing for moments like this, it does feel good, underneath conventional brief underpants.

Paula tugs my slacks down and off, then my underpants leaving my roaring erection poking upwards from the slit in my g-string.

“Fuck, you are hung, that is magnificent,” Paula moans as she feels the weight of my cock with Joanne watching on.

“I want to suck your big cock. What would you like Joanne to do while I suck you?” Paula asks as she positions me on a bar stool in front a bank of mirrored walls.

“Stand so I can look at her hairy cunt and arse at the same time in the mirrors.”

“Love to do that for you, better still I will strut my stuff for you,” she smiles wickedly as she slowly, struts and poses and turns in front of the mirrors wearing just heels a very small top.

It is obvious she is an ex-model as she has all the moves and is very good at flaunting her almost naked body.

Minutes later I am sitting on a bar stool and enjoying Paula kneeling in front of me with three inches of my rock hard cock in her mouth while I ogle Joanna’s almost naked body. She is standing in high heels with her long legs apart as I admire and am turned on by the amount the amount of pubic hair she has while admiring her arse in the mirrors.

“Like my hairy cunt do you Julian? I like watching my girlfriend sucking your cock, you are magnificent. And I am looking forward to having you later.”

The sexual tension is suddenly broken by a knock at the door.

“Room service, complimentary afternoon tea for you.”

“Bring it in to the bedroom please,” Joanne calls out.

Room service is a small, thin, effeminate looking nineteen-year old boy whose eyes almost pop out of his head as he walks in and Joanna signs the chit.

He has absolutely no interest in looking at Joanne’s almost naked body, instead he is trembling slightly as he stands close to me and watches intently as Paula sucks my cock.

“Have you ever seen a sexy woman sucking a cock as big as that before Josh?” Joanne teases after she reads his name tag as she struts around the room like the model she is trying to gain his attention.

“No on both counts, he is huge,” Josh moans, very flushed, as I enjoy flaunting my erection for a young male with an obvious erection under his uniform as he is ogling my very wet and hard cock as Paula lets it out of her mouth and rubs a fingertip under the bottom of it.

“You like that do you Josh?” Paula asks rhetorically. “This is A-league sex for you.”

“I think I recognise you, is that you in that men’s magazine having your cock sucked by a naked biker while his nude girlfriend watches?” Josh stammers.

“Could be, I have posed for a number of magazines, though I prefer the ones where a woman is sucking me while a man with a huge erection is watching,” I smile back as I stand, legs apart, to flaunt my erection and tease my nipples for him with perverse pleasure, with my cock pointing upwards.

“Can’t take my eyes off your huge cock. Even bigger than it looks in your magazine pictures,” Josh tells me as his confidence increases.

“What would you like me to do with it for your pleasure?” I tease as I enjoy flaunting my roaring erection for him as Paula teases the full length of it with her hand.

“I am going to fuck these two women with it shortly.”

“Would you like to watch Paula sucking his cock for a while?” Joanna teases.

“I would very much, but I only have two minutes.”

“Watch me sucking his big cock for two minutes then. He really is a mouthful, and visualise him fucking me with it shortly,” Paula smiles at him.

Josh is very excited and I am enjoying him being turned on by watching a woman sucking my cock while another woman watches. Never had an effeminate and obviously gay nineteen year old boy ogle my erection before and I am turned on by his excitement.

“Have you ever seen a naked, sexy woman sucking a cock as big as that before Josh?” I tease emulating what Joanne asked him.

“And she is very, very good, my cock is rock hard for her, especially with you and Joanne watching.

“I am here today to fuck both of these women, very exciting for me,” I tease again.

“Do you like watching Josh. I love your turn on while you look at my big cock. It turns me on having a man admire my cock. Lots have, but never as young as you.

“I can last for an hour, pity you can’t stay and watch, really is a pity,” I tease as Josh groans and cums in his pants.

“That was a nice sideshow for us, fuck me now while Joanne watches, I want you inside me right now,” Paula purrs as Josh departs.

“Fuck me on the stool, then I can look down on your cock in me.”

I lost track of the time as Joanne alternated her turn on for both Paula and me by tongue kissing Paula as I fucked her, then tongue kissing me and then strutting around the room flaunting her long legs, arse and hairy cunt.

“Is he a good fuck Paula? My turn soon, are you looking forward to fucking my hairy cunt? It turns you on doesn’t it?” Joanne teases as she tongue kisses Paula.

“Very, very good,” she whispers as I increase the intensity of my strokes as I slide my full length into her.

Her first orgasm is quickly followed by a succession of them as she moans, “Cum for me big boy, cum for me, give it to me, all of it, now, right now.”

A big turn on for me as Joanne stands behind Paula with her arms wrapped her as Paula and I orgasm simultaneously.

In the afterglow I excuse myself to have a shower and freshen up and wonder what I can do to achieve another erection so soon.

“Need some help Julian?” Paula asks as she comes into the bathroom wearing nothing more than high heels followed by Joanne as I am putting on my skimpy black leather crotchless, g-string with a combination cock ring. And it does feel good on my almost flaccid cock.

“Do you like my arse? Most men love my forty-two inch arse, and I love men kissing and licking it while Joanne watches,” she tells me as she flaunts it for me standing in front of the mirror putting on fresh lipstick.

I had intended doing just that to achieve a second erection I muse as I ogle her dimple free arse and magnificent well-formed thighs as she stands, legs akimbo to flaunt it for me.

“I love a good arse and kissing and licking it, it is one of my favourite turn-ons,” I whisper as I do just that while Joanna watches jealously.

“You always were a bitch and tried to have our men all for yourself,” Joanne hisses, “Look at the size of his cock already.”

“My arse is as good as yours, though not as big.

“Better still come to the bed and lick my arse first, while Paula watches,” Joanne smiles as she takes my hand and leads me to the bed: and her arse really is very good I note as she struts to the bed.

Joanne lays face down on the bed propped on her elbows with her legs open, “Now kiss and lick my arse, make my bitchy girlfriend jealous.”

“If you like my hairy cunt lick it for me while Paula watches,” Joanna urges as she sits on the edge of the bed and opens her legs.

“I love being licked. Tell me again how much you like my hairy cunt. Do you like Paula watching? I do, anything to make her jealous.”

Not to be outdone Paula starts tongue kissing her and I can feel Joanne reacting.

“I love watching Julian licking your hairy cunt, and I am jealous.

“A few hours ago I was licking it for you after our bath together. Was I as good as him?”

“You were magic, you know I had three orgasms and I want you to lick me again while Julian is fucking me.”

Paula is watching intently as Joanne is about to have her turn with me fucking her as her phone rings and she turns it to speaker, “Hello honey, glad you called. I am catching up with Joanne today just like I told you.

“At this very moment I am stark naked and watching a very well hung man getting ready to fuck her. And baby he is hung and thick. And I love watching him preparing to fuck her.”

“Tell me about it and say hullo to her for me.”

“You have never seen her naked or watched her having sex like I have, though I have told you many times about some of the things we did years ago, to turn you on. She is very attractive, a very good body, long legs, good tits and a very hairy cunt. You should see the way she struts around naked like a model. And she loves fucking, almost as much as I do.

“We had a long bath together before Julian arrived, then we teased each other while we were stark naked. Wonderful foreplay.

“I told you what our plans were for today and I promised to make it up for you. As soon as I saw his huge cock I had to have him while Joanne watched.

“While I was sucking him the room service boy came in and watched. He was almost beside himself as he watched a woman more than twice his age blowing a huge cock.”

“Tell me what Joanne is doing?”

“She is leaning over a bed with her legs apart, and Julian is rubbing oil up the insides of her thighs, now all over her arse cheeks.

“Listen to what they are saying.”

“Love your hairy cunt on top of those glorious long legs. I never have fucked anyone as hairy as you. Huge turn on for me.”

“Glad it turns you on, it is my modelling trademark, though I do need to have the sides trimmed when I am modelling some clothes. I have a special man who does it free for me, he gets off on it.”

“Now he is fucking her from behind like there is no tomorrow. Very exciting to watch baby.

“Can you hear him slapping into her?”

“Talk to you later honey, I want Joanne to lick me while Julian is fucking her.” Paula says as she turns off the phone and positions herself on the bed so Joanne can lick her.

“Don’t make me wait so long next time, we should do this more often,” Paula moans as I watch Joanne lick and tease her cunt lips with her tongue.

A few minutes later Paula phones her man back, “Would you like me to squirt for you over the phone while I watch Julian fucking Joanna?

“Thought you would, you know I like to squirt for you, watching these two fucking while I am naked is a huge turn on for me. And I want Julian to watch as well.”

I always find it very exciting to watch a woman squirt and watching Paula tease her cunt lips with the tip of one finger while I am fucking her girlfriend is a bonus for me.

“Nearly there Julian, almost there,” Paula is moaning, her face contorted in sexual ecstasy with the phone in one hand as I am on the brink of cumming for the second time that afternoon.

“So good, so fucking good,” Paula is almost screaming as she squirts in torrents as I slam into Joanne and we orgasm together.

“We must do this again,” Paula and Joanne tell me in the afterglow.

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