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  1. The Family Part 1
  2. The Family Part 2
  3. The Family Part 3
  4. The Family Part 4
  5. The family part 5
  6. The Family Part 6 Conclusion

The Family Part 6 Conclusion

Categories True Story, Blowjob, Humiliation, Pregnant

Author: Ososober

Published: 06 November 2019

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The family part 6 Conclusion

Bobs on my cock and soon I feel like cumming, I grab her head and hold her hard against with my.cock deep down her mouth, and begin to cum, she starts to choke a little. I then let go after finishing and she swallows everything then she begins coughing after I release her.

She then gives me a big hug and says to me, Nathan, I want to explore my feelings with other guys I don't want to stop seeing you but I want to see and have sex with others. I will understand if you don't want to continue seeing me.

Ok I understand that your don't want to see me any more, that's ok , I then say, Helen beenbag

Me : when is everyone due home,

Helen: an hour or so.they went out shopping while I waited for you.

Me over the next 10 days, you will gradually loose memories of me, the only thing that you will remember, is that I was someone you dated for a while.

Also during that time, your sexual ideas will also gradually revert to what they were before you met me.

And when I release you, you will go have a shower and not come back downstairs for three hours you will keep your self in your room until that time. Beenbag Helen

Helen then goes of into the shower. I then head downstairs to the family room waiting for the rest of the family to return.

Just over an hour later, George, Jodie and joy come inside with a few bags of groceries to put away.

I greet them all and say, Helen is upstairs taking a shower after studying.

George responds, all good, are you here for dinner Nathan?, I reply, "nah I'm working later. Joy can I see you in the spare room for a bit.

I then head upstairs and wait for her in the room.

Joy arrives shortly,.

I say Joy, please sit on bed as I close the door

She goes and sits down, I then say Joy Beanbag. She enters her trance state.

Me, Joy, over the next 10 days, you will gradually loose memories of me and only remember me as a person that Helen dated for awhile. You will however until the baby is born you will continue in your healthy ways and do everything you can to have a healthy baby and birth. If you understand say yes I understand

Joy yes I understand.

Me, when you return to your normal state, you will offer me a blow job, regardless of the outcome, afterwards you will head down stairs and send your mum up to see me please.

Me beanbag joy

Joy hi Nathan, did you.call me up here for a blow job? .

Me, Joy, nah all good, I'm fine thanks.

Joy, All good, cya i guess, as she leaves the room.

A couple of minutes later Jodie comes into the room, she says, hi Nathan, joy said you wanted to see me?

Me, sure have a seat Jodie.

Me Jodie beanbag

Jodie, she enters her trance state.

Me Jodie when I release you, over the next 10 days ,you will slowly forget about me with only knowledge remaining that I once dated Helen for a while.you will continue to healthy and do everything you can to be healthy and bring the baby into the word where you will care for it as best you can. Also, if joy gives you her baby you will do the same for hers.

Your sexual ideas will also gradually over 10 days revert to what they were before you met me..

Also, you will offer me oral or any other form of sex that I want and won't resist. And when done, you will send George up here. Do you understand?

Jodie : yes I understand.

Me beanbag Jodie.

Jodie, hi Nathan, joy sent me up, did you want blow job or want to fuck?

Me Jodie, I'd love a blow job. I want you take my dick so far down your mouth that I cum down your throat.

Jodie, mmm delicious, give me your cock and I'll suck it as far down as I can.

She then kneels down in front of me while I sitting on the bed, and I slip out my dick and she takes it fully down, she sucks and bobs on my cock slurping loudly I shove it as far down her mouth as I can, my balls slapping on her chin, I then grab the back of her head and hold her there.

She continues to suck swallow and slurp, soon I see that she is struggling to breathe,

I release her a little, so she takes a small breath, and I feel my cum brewing, I then slam back in and erupt into her mouth, and down her throat.

After I finish cumming, I continue to hold her head. I feel the need to pee, so as my dick slowly shrinks I start to force my stream into her mouth, as I do I say to Jodie, you better swallow, what's about to come out, don't want you drowning here

I begin to pee, and force my cock as far into her mouth as I can get it, she swallows but some dribbles out and down her top

I then pull out and finish by spraying over her hair and top getting her covered in pee. She thanks me for the blow job, and gets up goes downstairs.

A few minutes later George comes into the room.

I say hi, George beanbag, I then tell him to sit on the bed

Me George, over the next 10 days, your memories of me will gradually fade with only a vague recollection of me being someone Helen dated for a while, also, during that time, you will revert back to all your sexual behaviour and beliefs that you had before we met, so no more having sex with anyone appart from your wife, and you will take care of the baby that and any babies in this house as if they are your own.

When I release you back you will have no recollection of this chat and will head back down stairs and continue on with your normal activities.

Then I say, beanbag George.

He then stand ups, says, hi Nathan, I don't know why I'm here, well, I'm going back to tv room.

And he opens the door and leaves.

I wait a few mins, then, I also head downstairs, and I head home.

I don't head back to see any of them any more, howecer, every month or I go and see them from a distance, and see how they are going, Helen, Joy and Jodie all progresses with their pregnancies and delivered healthy babies, all girls. After the births of the babies I do not go back .

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The Family Part 6 Conclusion

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