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Categories Fiction, Black, Consensual Sex, Erotica

Author: smjester86

Published: 14 November 2019

  • Font:

Katie grinned to herself as she walked down the street. She had gone the long way home because she knew her route would pass through the slums, the bad part of town her parents warned her about. The five-foot brunette teen with modest B-cup breasts knew she was attractive—the boys at school certainly wanted her. Katie saved her virginity though until she turned sixteen. That was when she legally could start having babies and her parents couldn’t do a thing about it. Katie even knew the best place to go.

Katie’s best friend’s older sister Brittany had recommended the guy Katie was going to go see. Brittany had gotten knocked up by this guy when she turned sixteen and had a beautiful black baby boy. Brittany had even showed Katie the video they made, watching as Brittany and this older black man—Katie was pretty sure his name was Jamal—writhed together on the pull-out futon moaning in pure bliss. Katie had watched as Jamal’s hard black cock slid in and out of Brittany’s tight cunt. The young brunette had let out a gasp of her own when she watched Jamal flood Brittany’s womb with his baby-batter. Katie couldn’t believe how hot it was. She instantly wanted that to happen to her. Brittany was more than happy to arrange it, helping Katie track her cycle and get in contact with Jamal. Soon, a date was set a week after Katie’s sixteenth birthday. According to Brittany, Katie was at her peak fertility for this cycle. The thought excited the young teen as she turned the corner and saw the small ranch-style house where Jamal lived. She waited at the corner, grinning widely as she pulled out her phone and text Jamal that she was at the corner. Katie then swallowed the ball of nerves developing in her throat and started walking towards the house. She put a slight sway in her step, her round nubile hips hopefully help to entice the older black man. When the door opened, however, Katie stopped on the first step up to the porch and had to collect her breath.

There in the doorway was Jamal, wearing only the loosest fitting boxers he had. They did nothing to hide the ten-inch rock hard erection the twenty-six-year-old black man had tenting the fabric. Katie noticed that the fly of his boxers was straining against the button and in the gaps of the fabric, Katie could see Jamal’s swollen round balls. It took Katie a moment or two before her gaze traveled up Jamal’s toned abdomen and chest before blue eyes met brown. Another wave of desire washed through the teen as she stared into those brown eyes and that disarming smile. She smiled and slowly climbed the short staircase onto the porch, her gaze not leaving Jamal’s brown eyes. “Hello there, Katie, right?” Jamal said with a touch of arrogance, his smile becoming a cocky smirk as he looked the short brunette over openly.

Katie nodded and smiled, instinctively turning slightly to let him get a better look at her round pert ass. “I am, you’re Jamal?”

Jamal chuckled and nodded, moving aside and letting Katie in. As Jamal closed the door, Katie noticed with a grin that the same shabby futon had already been put out and the same ratty black sheets were covering the windows. She noticed that opposite the bed was a video camera pointed right where the action would be. Katie was about to turn to comment on the camera when she gasped and blushed brightly.

Jamal had slipped his boxers off and Katie was getting her first personal view of the male nude form. Any objections she had to the camera went away in that instant as all she could think about now was how making a baby with Jamal was going to feel. “From now on, you call me Daddy. Got that?” he said, his cocky attitude returning. Katie blushed and nodded, trembling slightly in excitement. “What was that?” Jamal asked smirking at her reaction.

Katie blushed a little. She figured he wanted her to say it out loud. With as much voice as she could muster she whispered, “Yes Daddy, I’m yours.”

Jamal did chuckle this time, taking a few steps closer to the young girl. “Yes, you’re my new breeding bitch. A new white womb to plant my black seed in.” He wrapped his arms around her tightly and kissed her passionately.

Katie returned the kiss eagerly, trembling as she felt Jamal’s thick black baby-maker throb against her stomach. Katie could already feel her thighs getting wet from her arousal, soaking through her panties. She broke off the kiss and stared into Jamal’s brown eyes. “Please Daddy, fuck a black baby into my white womb.” Never before had she whispered those words except in her dreams. Now she was whispering them with the intent of following through with it to a man she had only met ten minutes ago. She had no regrets either, only white-hot desire.

Jamal’s smirk grew wider before he bent down and started kissing Katie’s neck. The young teen gasped and squealed as Jamal slid his hands under her pink top and pulled it over her head, tossing it to the floor. His hands expertly found Katie’s bra clasp and undid them, pulling the fabric off. They both gasped as their bare chests clashed together. Jamal’s lips finding Katie’s and kissing her as he guided her to the futon. With a light shove, Jamal pushed Katie onto the bed causing the teen to gasp and let loose a fit of giggles. Jamal grabbed Katie’s hips and pulled her closer, her legs dangling over his shoulders. He wasted no time sliding the brunette’s short shorts and pink panties off her round hips and down her smooth legs. Katie blushed a little as she let her legs fall open, exposing her bare virgin pussy to a man for the first time. Jamal’s eager kiss of her sensitive flesh made the young teen moan. The sensation was overwhelming her, Jamal’s light kisses dancing on the smooth skin of her inner thighs and vulva. “You taste so good,” Jamal purred, making Katie shiver in anticipation.

“Ohh… please Daddy,” the young teen begged, “I need you to pop my cherry andfill me with your baby-batter.”

Jamal stopped kissing and licking Katie’s sex and looked up her naked curvy body. Blue eyes met brown and Katie just hoped she communicated her lust and desire to the older man. With an arrogant smirk, Jamal slowly crawled up Katie’s nubile body. The young teen moaned as he kissed her passionately, his hips between her splayed legs. Katie could feel his baby maker rubbing up against her slit and she moaned eagerly in response. Jamal broke the kiss and propped himself up by one arm, reaching between them with his free hand and guiding the fat round head of his cock up and down Katie’s sensitive slit. “Tell Daddy what you want, sweetheart,” Jamal said with a chuckle, “beg for me to slide my baby maker into you.”

“Fuck me Daddy!” Katie’s moan echoed off the walls it was so loud. “Fuck a black baby into me, Daddy! Fill my white womb with your black seed!”

“Yea, bitch, that’s what I want to hear,” Jamal groaned before sinking his hips forward.

A white-hot rush of sensation overwhelmed Katie’s young senses as Jamal’s ten-inch black penis stretched her vaginal canal for the first time. The young teen didn’t even feel her hymen tear as his cock filled her to the point where the tip was just outside her cervix. Katie’s squealing scream echoed off the walls as she dug her nails into Jamal’s shoulders. Jamal held firm, waiting as Katie’s moans became soft panting as the pain subsided. When the pain stopped, Katie grinned and moaned eagerly, “F-fuck me, Daddy!”

Jamal grinned and slowly pulled his hips back. Katie moaned as felt his cock slowly withdraw before she gasped loudly as he slammed it back into her. Jamal slowly worked into a steady rhythm and Katie felt her mind slowly melt away. Her world was the pleasure his dick was pulsing through her tiny young body and her desire for him to get her pregnant with his child. The sixteen-year-old girl squealed as he grabbed her ass and speed up his thrusts, the tip of his cock smashing against her cervix. “I’m gonna put a black baby in you,” Jamal groaned into Katie’s ear. “I’m gonna fill you with my nigger seed.”

“Do it, Daddy!” Katie cried out, her pussy clenching tightly around Jamal’s thick throbbing shaft, “Fuck a nigger baby into me!”

Jamal’s thrusts became erratic making Katie squeal once more. His thick heavy balls slapped against her ass as Jamal grunted out a few more wild thrusts. A loud gasp followed bay a grunt and a heavy thrust deep into Katie’s wet cunt was all the warning before she felt Jamal’s shoot his sperm deep into her. The hot, gooey feeling filling her womb made the sixteen-year-old squeal and thrash underneath Jamal’s toned frame.

After a minute of two, Katie calmed down enough where she could control herself, panting and moaning softly as Jamal laid on top of her, his penis still buried in her tight cunt. Katie impulsively held Jamal’s head and kissed him hard, curling her toes as Jamal gave subtle little hip movements while they kissed. When they broke the kiss, Katie blushed a little and said, “Thank you so much. That was amazing.”

“You’re amazing,” Jamal said with a grin, “you deserved it.” He gave her a kiss on the forehead as he rolled off of her. Soon, Katie was gathering her clothes and kissed Jamal goodbye. Not another word needed to be said between the two. They both knew the result of what they’d done that afternoon.

Nine months later, Katie gave birth to a healthy black baby girl she named Sophia.

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