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Navy Week

Categories True Story, Group Sex, Interracial, Male / Female

Author: ms_mary

Published: 14 November 2019

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I was in my mid-twenties and involved in a long term affair with my married boss who was more than twice my age. When we'd travel we would get two rooms for appearance sake but in reality share a bed like man and wife. Business took us to New Orleans and as luck would have it his wife wanted to come along as she had never been there. So now he's sharing his suite with his real wife while I'm in a regular guest room. We'd finished up work for the day and went back to our respective rooms, he to his wife and me to a television. Since I had never been there either I decided to visit the world famous French Quarter. The streets were packed with tourists and there were sailors everywhere. Turns out it was Navy Week. The music and mood was festive and every place was crowded. I managed to get into one tourist trap and nudged up to the bar.

Before I could order anything a sailor asked "Can I buy you a drink?" OMG do they look soooooooo sexy in those white uniforms? Now his complexion was black as coal which made his uniform stand out even more, and with that southern drawl I practically melted. Of course he could buy me a drink and with that we exchanged names, his was Isaac. Over the noise he told me he was from Mississippi and he did something mechanical on his ship. He was only nineteen and hadn't been in the Navy for very long. He was there with two of his shipmates, who were also black, and greetings were exchanged. They had all gone through training together and had managed to stay with each other so far. The noise was almost deafening and after a second drink was consumed they asked if I wanted to go "bar crawling" with them. All I said was let’s go, so we proceeded out into the street and joined the masses.

We entered another bar, had more drinks and as they told funny stories about ship board life I found myself getting tipsy, which made me laugh even more. Another bar, another drink, more stories, more laughter. I now found myself hanging onto them as they walked and I stumbled. They too were feeling no pain but seemed to be holding their liquor better than I could. Those "Hurricanes" were really taking effect. I asked where they were staying and they said they would probably go back to their ship though they had a few days liberty. I told them I was staying at the Hilton so they offered to see me back, since I could now hardly walk. By now I was hanging all over them and we all thought it was so funny.

We eventually made it back to the hotel, through the lobby and up to my room. The moment we entered the room I planted a passionate kiss on Isaacs’s mouth, happy that he responded in turn. I told them to spend the night as we continued to kiss and grope at each other’s body. I felt his hard cock as his body pressed against mine. If I had been wearing panties they would have been soaked. His friends had by now just been watching the action as I turned and began kissing and feeling one, then the other. I raised my hands now as they pulled my dress over my head. Naked I went to my knees and groped at their crotch. What was with all those damn buttons I thought to myself. I was thankful for their assistance as their cocks sprung to attention. I sucked one, then the other, then the third, rotating between them, tasting the pre-cum that was oozing from their heads.

Isaac picked me up with his powerful arms and laid me back on the bed. I instinctively spread my legs as he climbed between them. The head of his dick was at my lips and I let out a moan as he penetrated me. His coal skin against my pale complexion was as different as day and night. OMG it was beautiful! He fucked me hard, and deep. Other hands were groping my tits, squeezing and pulling my nipples. I put my arms around his neck, pulling his face to mine and with more passionate kisses I had my first orgasm of the night. I could feel him pounding me harder and faster. He began to grunt and thrust, I could feel the warmth inside my cunt as he filled me with his seed. I reached my second orgasm and he collapsed on top of me.

As he regained his strength he climbed off of me, now being replaced by another, whose thickness and length were unmatched. As he impaled me I screamed in ecstasy. Another load of sperm was now filling me. I stopped counting my orgasms. Now the last one wanted his turn. He rolled me onto my stomach, grabbed my hips and pulled my thighs into the air. He began to take me doggie style. I could swear the tip of his dick was hitting my cervix. I felt more cum flooding my pussy. While still in the doggie position I felt another cock enter me. Obviously they had caught their second wind, I was game too. While being fucked another had come to the head of the bed and kneeled in from of me, positioning his cock in front of my face. I immediately began sucking the juices from his erect dick.

My cunt was filled again with Black baby seed. Another cock entered. Another cock was presented to my hungry mouth. As the night wore on they must have fucked me at least three times a piece, excluding the blow jobs. Finally when everyone was spent we crawled under the covers. Isaac lay behind me, spooning, holding my breast. Another lay in front of me, his hand resting on my hip. The third, well he had grabbed a chair and passed out.

During the night, though not completely awake, I felt my tit being squeezed and my nipple pinched. I could feel Isaacs’s manhood stiff again, rubbing against my ass. My cunt was still wet from all the cum leaking from it. I pushed my ass into his groin. I raised my leg, reached between my legs and guided his hard on into my pussy. We got into a rhythm as we pushed against each other. It was like a dream. He had reached his hand around and had begun rubbing my clit as we fucked. I turned my head over my shoulder, our lips touching and kissing deeply. I achieve orgasm several times before he released another load of his seed deep inside me. As his dick slid from my pussy, I felt another finger move to my clit. I rolled onto my other side and was rewarded with that thick, massive cock that had threated my cervix. He grabbed my tits hard, pulled me close and exploded deep inside me with another load of Black cum.

Morning came early and I had to be ready to work. I climbed over their bodies and entered the shower. The water was hot and refreshing. I felt a breeze as the shower curtain opened and in stepped Isaac, hard and at the ready. I instinctively placed my hands on the shower wall and stepped back, spreading my legs, the shower spraying on my head. He positioned himself behind me and penetrated my lips with his solid member. Grabbing my hips he fucked me until he filled me yet again with his seed. I turned and we kissed deeply and passionately, our bodies entwined. I then said I had to go to work. He stepped from the shower and I finished.

The other two were still asleep and as I put on my makeup, did my hair and got ready for my work day I thanked him for an absolutely magnificent time, I told him to thank his friends too as we exchanged one last kiss before I left. My mind was definitely not on work as I still had all that Black seed dripping from my pussy and the thoughts of a fan-fucking-tastic night.

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Navy Week

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Comments (1)
SilverSwan — 17 November 2019 03:44
Longer is better
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