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  1. Dead end job gets interesting, part 1
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  3. Dead end job gets interesting, part 3
  4. Dead end job gets interesting, part 4

Dead end job gets interesting, part 4

Categories Fiction, Bi-sexual, Consensual Sex, Cum Swallowing

Author: Wuffles2

Published: 21 November 2019

  • Font:

That night, Jordan lay in bed, thinking about the insanity of the past day. He had found out so many things about his three hot workmates.

First there was Kayla. The crafty and energetic bisexual green-eyed beauty that masturbated over him and his hot best friend, that he had discovered had daddy issues and really liked being made to work for what she earned.

Then there was Bunny. The shy young brunette, who was in an abusive relationship with some dude named Steve. Fuck, Steve was such a cliched name for an abuser.

Finally, Lorelai. The anxious, slightly clumsy strawberry blonde, with the achingly sculpted body. Who apparently sold that body for riches.

'What is this, a harem anime?' his inside voice muttered.

He waited for sleep to hit him.

An unknown amount of time later, Jordan checked his phone. Ten PM. Hmm, and a new Facebook friend request. 'Probably another porn bot' he thought to himself. Checking the request, Kayla's cheeky grinning face appeared.

Hmm. This was going to be a fun conversation. He accepted the request, and soon after, a message popped up.

"About today…" Kayla wrote.

"Yes?" Jordan replied


"Uh…I don't know what I was thinking, calling you Daddy…" *embarrassed emote x 3*

"Kayla, you aren't the first girl to call me that. I wasn't weirded out or offended, and I don't think you're a freak. I actually think that calling someone who is dominating the fuck out of you an honorific that is associated with authority like 'sir' or 'daddy' is hot as fuck, especially in the heat of the moment."

"...really? You don't think I'm weird? But…"

"Don't make me repeat myself, Kayla."

"Sorry, could you run that by me again?"

*tongue emote*

"No, Kayla, I won't." *unimpressed emote*

His phone fell silent for a few minutes, and Jordan figured she must have fallen asleep. Then, another ping sounded.

"Sooo...we totally fucked in a work meeting room - do you think they'll catch us?" *nervous emote* the 22 year old wrote.

"Does it excite you, knowing that we could have been caught at any moment by a workmate staying late or a cleaner?" *smug face* he responded, smiling to himself as the words appeared.

"Hell yes it does. My heart was pounding the whole time. And when I freaked and ran out naked, I was so turned on by the thought of someone seeing me that I had two more orgasms touching myself before I got dressed…" *shy emoji*

*eggplant emoji x6*

"I could feel and hear your thick cum squelching inside my burning pussy, Daddy, as I rubbed myself over and over again, replaying what had happened in my head...my nipples were standing on end...and your cum tasted delicious as I licked it off my fingers after…"

"Are you touching yourself right now, Kayla?"

"Yes Daddy." *heart emoji*

"Does it match up to how fucking horny you were while Daddy's hands were touching you?"

"Mmm, I'm imagining what your voice would sound like right now if you were here, ordering me to do things...I want you to put me in my place, Daddy."

"What are you wearing right now, Kayla?"

"A black satin nightgown, daddy. It's a bit tight around the chest, since I got it when I was 18, and it only comes down about 4 inches past my ass."

"Take off your nightgown, Kayla."

A pause, then a short time later, a video popped up.

Kayla's hair fell in long ringlets around her, as soft, slow music played.

She swayed her hips gently back and forth in time to the music, each movement eliciting a wobble of her perky breasts. She slowly ran her hands down her sides, over the slight curves of her waist, across her flat, taut stomach. She turned away from the camera, and slowly drew the nightie up, revealing her firm, perky ass and shapely legs. As the thin fabric lifted above her slim hips, he noticed that there were two hand-shaped bruises on her where he spanked her earlier in the day. She turned back to look at the camera, and bit her lip.

"Does this turn you on, Daddy, seeing the marks you left on me? Do you want to know what I'd want you to do to me right now if you were here?" she muttered, a sultry look on her face. She continued drawing the nightgown up, revealing a tantalising side-silhouette of her breasts, but kept turned just away from the camera to avoid revealing them conpletely.

"Well, show's over, Daddy. I want you well awake for tomorrow, and its past my bedtime. Goodnight…" she smirked, blowing a kiss at him as the video ended.

Jordan lay in his bed, the raging hard-on he had acquired almost forgotten as he pondered his next move.

"We are going to have a chat tomorrow, you and I." he replied, before turning his phone to silent. Despite its apparent energeticness, his exhausted cock quickly fell asleep, and so did he.

He awoke the next morning at 0630 to his alarm typically bleary-eyed, with a full-bodied exercise hangover. As he rolled out of bed he swore he could hear his bones internally grinding against other.

Pausing for a moment, he swigged a mouthful of lukewarm water from his bottle and swallowed his first dose of ADD meds for the day.

He stumbled out of bed and half-fell into the shower. As the warm water washed over him, he smiled as the events of the previous day blurred back into reality.

Applying a generous dose of pomegranate shower gel, he finished up and popped out of the shower. Man, nothing like being hit on by beautiful women and adhd-issued amphetamines to out a spring in one's step.

He wandered back to his room and picked up his phone. To her credit, Kayla had just "laugh-reacted" to his last message, but then he noticed that he had a missed call and three text messages from an unknown number. Curiosity got the better of him, and he opened the message thread.

2255: "Thanks for last night, Jordan. You really helped me put things in perspective. I'm going to talk to Steve tonight about it."

His heart raced. Fuck, Bunny decided to talk to him directly? About a conversation about their relationship that she had with a male co-worker? Shit, this wasn't going to end well, if steve was the kind of guy he suspected he was.

He scrolled.

2357: "He didn't take it well. He threw a lamp at me and I ran out of the house. He called me a cheating whore and chased me, but I got away, I think. I'm sorry for messaging you, I just...don't know what to do…"

Fuck. His pulse quickened, and a dark pulse of emotions struck him - anger at steve, concern for Bunny, all mixed with guilt for convincing her this was a thing that had to happen. His hands trembled as he looked at the third message.

0204: "Gots ubercto town.. sat in bar trying not to cry, but holly found me and said I couldxsrsy on her couch no regret I'm single now steve is a bag of penis, tequilas is a drink"

Jordan sighed in relief. Guess getting plastered after breaking up with your abusive boyfriend is not an illogical choice, after all, and finding holly, one of the older ladies who he understood to be quite the lush from a neighbouring team would definitely look after her and make sure she was safe.

He flicked to the missed call. Oh wow, it was just twenty minutes ago at 0635, while he was in the shower.

Taking a deep breath, he pressed "redial". After two rings, the phone picked up.

"H...hello?" Bunny's shy voice, sounding a tad more hoarse than usual.

"Hi Bunny. It's Jordan. I got your messages-..."

A pause, and the sound of nervous breathing and shuffling.

"...sorry about that. I...didn't know who else to talk to...I got your number from one of my work emails…"

"It's fine, bunny. Thank you for messaging me, I appreciate how difficult trusting people can be. I'm sorry I didn't wake up, I had...a lot on my mind last night," he replied.

"What? N...No, that's totally fine, Jordan, I would have felt awful if you had…"

Another nervous pause.

"Is there anything I can do to help support you right now, bunny? You, uh, sound a bit tired, which seems quite reasonable, but if there's anything I can do to help?"

Another pause, and a deep breath.

"Yes, actually. If it isn't too much trouble, could you please come pick me up from holly's? She's in the middle of town, not too far from work, but I'm a little bit scared to go into work by myself today…"

Jordan smiled a savage smile. Fuck, he wanted nothing more than to see steve try to fuck with her again while he was there.

"Yes, bunny, that's fine. Give me two minutes to get ready, and I'll come and pick you up. What's your address?"

"...um, it's an apartment building. Stafford apartments on Lambton quay?"

"Hmm, that's only five or so buildings down from my place, bunny, give me four minutes and I'll come pick you up. Wait inside behind the swipe doors and come out when you see me outside?"

The relief in Bunny's voice was palpable.

"Thanks, Jordan, you're the best. See you soon?"

"...yeah, also I'm taking you out to breakfast, because if I know holly, there's no food in that house, just twenty five hundred cute outfits, right?" he added impishly.

"...I'm telling her you said that." she replied, with the first trace of humor creeping into her tone.

They laughed, and hung up. Jordan quickly texted papa gram that he was going to be in at 9am today because he was waiting for a builder to arrive so that he could let him in. A quick reply, just, "ok" from the old man and he was good for the next two hours.

Jordan flew into his clothes and zoomed downstairs and off to Stafford apartments.

As soon as he turned up, the electronic lock disengaged, and he saw bunny standing inside the hall. His mouth half-opened as he took in her outfit.

Her long brown hair was still half-wet from a shower she had taken, falling just past her shoulders in damp ringlets. Her eyes were accented with a small shade of black eye-shadow, and only slight traces of dark circles from the lack of sleep were visible under her eyes, as the rest had been expertly disguised with concealer and a splash of sparkles applied to her cheekbones. She sported deep red lipstick and a small, secretive smile as she watched his reaction.

Jordan's gaze followed down to her neck, around which was a thin silver necklace with a red jade fashioned in the shape of a tear drop. Leading down further, the most generous amount of cleavage he had ever seen bunny show swept his breath away.

She was wearing a thin pink wool cardigan, (which buttoned up to just below where the incline of her cleavage began - the top two buttons were mysteriously missing) over a simple, form-fitting white blouse which was probably half a size too small for her, seeing how it clung tightly to her shapely waist. He could see the outline of a sheer red bra under the blouse matching her lipstick, perfectly mounting her ample mountains in gravity-defying ways in front of her.

She wore a short red skirt, the opaque fabric ending about halfway down her thighs with translucent red flowy see-through veil-like linen extending the length down a little past her knees. She wore bare-skin stockings, and shiny one-inch black heels.

Jordan slowly looked back up at Bunny, who was now clearly embarrassed and blushing, which only made her cuter.

He opened his mouth. Then closed it. Then opened it again. …"wow, so this is what you look like when holly dresses you…?" he asked disbelievingly.

She looked down, and nodded.

"I didn't have a change of clothes, and...my other clothes are in the wash…" she mumbled apologetically.

A sudden thought hit him, and he started giggling.

"Kayla...is going to freak the fuck out when she sees you, bunny. I hope you are prepared for the full attention of a hyperactive bi girl that doesn't know how to hide her feelings…" he enthused, still laughing at what Kayla's face would be when she walked in.

Bunny blushed even harder.

"I...don't mind. I kind of like it when she hits on me. She's just so...uncomplicated and open about it, you know? And it's flattering and a little bit exciting to be hit on by such a cute girl…" she replied, furiously studying the tiles of the floor of Stafford apartments.

Jordan smiled. Bunny was...into Kayla's attention? Oh my. Today was going to be interesting. He checked his phone. 7:05am. Nice.

He offered his arm, which bunny took gracefully, bobbing her head in gratitude. They wandered down lambton quay in contemplative silence. He could smell the scent of strawberries and lemon wafting politely over to him. He looked over at Bunny. She quickly broke eye contact, and began studiously looking at the shops she was passing, avoiding his gaze as she realised he caught her staring.

Jordan's chest shuddered up and down as he desperately tried not to snicker out loud at her awkwardness. She looked back over at him, and pouted.

His smile grew. He stared contemplatively at her as he considered his words.

"Hey bunny. So, you've been through a lot these last 12 hours or so. You wanna talk about it?" he finally said softly.

Bunny looked around, panicked.

"When we get to a quiet place, you know, over breakfast or whenever you would like…" Jordan quickly reassured her. Then a thought hit him. He remembered a place where privacy would be paramount. Even at this time of the morning.

"Bunny, we're going in here, okay?" he said gently, as he turned left into a doorway. There were stairs leading up, and the sign simply said "utopia".

"Utopia? I've never been here before…" bunny started.

"Yeah, very few people have - it doesn't exactly advertise itself." Jordan replied. "It's a cafe run by some very good friends of mine."

Bunny looked around nervously as they climbed the wooden stairs. "Okay, Jordan, I trust you…" she said, in a tiny voice.

The stairs opened out into a spacious looking cafe. The roof was high, and supported by gorgeous wood beams rising from the floor. As Bunny looked down, she realised she could see her reflection in the sparkling lacquered wood floors.

Portraits of various native New Zealand trees, hung carefully, studded the area. There were six tables with six chairs each, covered in flowing white cloth but otherwise bare.

And then, the scent of roasted coffee beans filled their nostrils, the intoxicating aroma mingling with the scent of pine resin. Jordan breathed deeply. He'd always wondered if this place was open this early, but he had never had reason to find out.

Wandering over to the bar, he noticed bunny staring wide-eyed at the craftsmanship of it. The sides of the bar had been etched carefully, and the straightness and flow of the images were a sure sign of a steady hand and competent artist.

The images were groups of people, men, women, holding hands.

"What is this place, Jordan? It's like somewhere out of Narnia!" Bunny breathed.

Jordan was about to answer, when the door to the kitchen opened and a buff, heavily tattooed man wandered out. He wore a white singlet and well-fitting jeans, and his arms were thickly corded with muscle.

"Welcome to utopia, where the food is good and the coffee is better, how may I…"

He stopped as he noticed Jordan. His polite expression was quickly replaced by an ear splitting grin, as he launched himself over the counter like an Olympic gymnast and slammed Jordan with a rib-crunching bear hug.

"Jordan! The fuck have you been, my guy, it's been fucking ages! The fuck have you been up to?"

"...you might want to stop crushing my ribs before you expect an answer, Caleb…" Jordan complained, carefully extricating himself.

Caleb looked around, and paused, as if noticing Bunny for the first time.

"Ohhh, that explains it." Caleb muttered under his breath, shaking his head.

As quickly as it appeared, the smile was replaced by the mask of polite professionalism, as Caleb hoisted himself easily back over the bar.

"What'll it be, guys? We just opened, so we're just roasting the beans for the day, but breakfast is order-able - just dont order anything with eggs till Megan arrives - she's a lot better with 'em than I'll ever be."

Jordan glanced over at Bunny, whose face was transfixed by the fancy coffee machine. He chuckled.

"Bunny, it's my treat. Coffee, right? I'd also recommend the bacon and sausage here - Caleb is very good at handling...meat."

Caleb grinned, and blew Jordan a kiss.

"...w...well, okay, I'll have a double shot americano and bacon/banana pancakes…" Bunny managed.

"Same for me, thanks Caleb." Jordan added.

Jordan plopped himself down at the corner table. Bunny, still looking around wide-eyed at the beauty of the place, followed and carefully sat down, as jordan's eyes followed her.

Bunny interlocked her fingers together and placed them in front of her at the table. Jordan smiled reassuringly at her.

"So, you don't have to say anything, Bunny. You don't owe me explanation or favours and I'm not going to ask for gory details of the last night, because, well, I don't want you to relive that right now. So, how about," he suggested, "we just sit and have a nice chat about this place and how delicious the food and coffee here is."

He motioned with his eyes at Caleb, who was conspicuously not listening as he polished a mug he had been holding for the fourth time, and smiled, rolling his eyes.

"And how discreet and dedicated to the privacy of their customers the service staff here are?"

Caleb looked down at the mug with an embarrassed look, and carefully placed it back on the shelf. Flashing a cheeky grin, he held up his hands in surrender and wandered back from whence he came where the sound of frying and a woman's voice could be heard.

"Jordan, I…"

"Bunny, I…"

They blinked at each other and smiled. Jordan motioned for her to continue.

"I want to talk about why I did what I did last night." she said falteringly.

Jordan nodded, and leaned in a little.

"I...when I confronted Steve, it's not like...it isn't like it wasn't already something I'd thought of doing before. I just didn't have the words to explain his behavior to myself and just exactly why it was unacceptable. But when we...talked last night at the gym, it opened my mind to...a lot of things. I've always thought of myself growing up as a person worthy of respect, and the respect you showed me with the way you handled that insane story I put onto you really showed me what respect is."

Jordan nodded, leaning forward a little bit more.

"I...I was scared shitless last night, Jordan. Not by Steve, he can fuck off, but by my own helplessness. After I left, I felt...empty. Like now that I had made a push for my freedom and succeeded, like...what was I going to do now? I had no plan for if I had succeeded. I expected that I was going to fail, and that Steve was going to hurt me, mentally or physically, real bad."

Her eyes were tearing up, and her lip was quivering. Jordan wordlessly passed her a napkin that he had snagged from the counter.

"But you know what?" she said, carefully dabbing tears from her eyes, "I realised this morning that the decision I made was me deciding that the consequences of calling him out were less bad than continuing to give him that power over me. I chose myself over him."

She raised her chin proudly, and grinned at him, with a sunshine smile, her eyes ringed with a tinge of red.

"And you're the one that gave me the words to speak that truth."

Jordan felt a rush of blood to his face, as her words sunk in. He looked at the unabridged gratefulness in her expression and looked away, blushing.

He barely noticed the clipping of her heels as she rose from her seat and walked over to him. The scent of strawberries wafted into his nostrils as she leaned down and entwined her hand in his dark brown locks, the other lightly caressing his neck as she tilted his chin to face her.

He could feel the warmth of her digits transferring into him as she lowered her face to his. Her lips were soft, and he tasted faint traces of mint as she kissed him. He could feel his heart beginning to pound with anticipation as her tongue lightly flicked along the partition of his lips, causing him to instinctually open his mouth. Her tongue slipped into him, gracefully massaging his tongue for a moment, as his reservations melted. This was not the kiss of someone looking to fill a void in their heart, it was a gift from someone who genuinely wanted to please him.

As she finally broke the kiss, he looked into her eyes, and reflected back were the embers of a potent and definite choice. She smiled at him - again, that sparkling grin that he could not get enough of - and bit her lip as she studied his face.

Jordan's hand shot out and grabbed the back of her neck, pulling her in for another kiss. This time, she was ready for it, as she quickly knelt down onto his lap, facing him and grabbed his face in both hands, returning his fervour in a very brazen manner that he would never have anticipated.

She pressed herself against him, and he felt her impressive rack pushing against his chest, the thin cotton failing to disguise the perverted way her breasts pressed against him. He could feel her breathing heavily, planting kiss after kiss on him as she immersed herself in his embrace.

He felt her slim, gorgeous thighs scoot forward, pulling her skirt tight against the curves of her ass, as he felt her grinding her pelvis against him. He tugged on her hair to disengage her lips from his, pulling her face up to reveal her tender-looking neck. He planted kisses one after the other on the sides of her neck, and nipped at her flesh. She gasped audibly at the way his teeth grazed upon her.

"Jordan, wait!" Bunny panted, placing one hand on his cheek and rotating his head so that he could see behind her.

He saw Caleb and another lady, a beautifully tall, flame-haired goddess of a woman behind the bar - she must have been at least 5 foot 11, Jordan guessed. He could smell fresh coffee and bacon coming from the plates of food resting on the counter nearby.

Caleb had one tree trunk of an arm around the lady's waist and was eagerly fondling one of her firm, well-proportioned breasts, the white apron she was wearing not disguising the hardness of her nipple as he gripped, hard, their attention both on the scene that they had been watching. She was smiling a savage, almost predatory smile as she raised one hand and waved.

Jordan and Bunny both looked at her, as he carefully released the fistful of bunnies hair that he had grabbed. They looked at each other, then back at the utopia staff, and then in unison, they both started laughing.

"You have...some very unflappable friends, Jordan. Though I don't suppose I should be surprised. I'm guessing they're..polyamorous too?" Bunny inquired softly to him, giggling all the while.

"Caleb is...certainly non-monogamous, and...well, regrettably I haven't actually met the redhead before." he replied, raising an eyebrow at Caleb.

"Oh, yes, of course! This is Erica, our newest addition to the utopia family…" Caleb replied, still continuing fondling the breast he was holding. Erica smiled sinfully, and then her eyes widened as she gasped a surprisingly girlish squeal as the muscular man tweaked her nipple.

"Fockin' hell, Caleb, why you gotta be makin me moan loike a banshee in front o' the customers? You're ruinin' my first impression, yah twatwaffle!" Erica muttered, her very Irish drawl earning a smile from Jordan as she batted his hand away.

"Not sorry, love." Caleb retorted, a shit-eatingly smug grin on his face.

She threw up her hands, and turned tail, stalking back into the kitchen, muttering about it being "too early fo this shite, yah blasted leprechaun focker". Neither of their guests failed to notice the tight-fitting leather pants that hugged the curves of her generous ass that she wore like a second skin, and the tight-fitted vest that hugged a smooth, athletic waist.

Bunny bit her lip as she watched her swagger off.

"Jordan, that woman is beautiful. The way she was looking at us made it seem like she wanted to jump on us and rip us limb from limb, and…" she trailed off, her entire face red as she looked at the floor.

She felt a strong, persistent hand reaching around her back to cup her breast, and let out a little sigh as Jordan expertly worked the pleasure point of her areola.

"And what, Bunny?" he asked, smiling tolerantly at her. Bunny bit her bottom lip as she reached up and unfastened the top buttons of her blouse, her fingers shaking as she slipped Jordan's hand inside her top. He felt the soft laciness of her bra and the smooth, flawless skin of her breast in his hand. He inhaled sharply.

"I would have let her do anything she fucking wanted to me, Jordan. As long as you did the same…" she proposed quietly, hunching her shoulders, lowering her head, and staring up at him with her big brown eyes.

Jordan's dick twitched, as he felt himself rising to the bait. Hearing Bunny swear like that was so out of character, so...forbidden-seeming, coming from such an innocent looking face. She shifted a little, her pubis rubbing directly over Jordan's crotch.

Jordan's eyes dilated. Wordlessly, he tugged up her blouse, and she lifted her arms as he stripped the tight-fitting cotton off her, revealing her soft, beautiful hills, barely confined by the lace of her bra.

Jordan closed his eyes for a moment, and pulled together all of the willpower he could muster.

"Bunny, I'm going to lose my poise if you keep this up. Are you prepared for what comes next?" Jordan asked directly, studying her face for a reaction.

Bunny's lips curved into a crooked smile. She took Jordan's hand in hers, and lowered it down her soft, slim side, over her waist, (fuck, the way the curves of her hips seemed to fit the concave of his palms perfectly was fucking incredible - he could see her reacting to his touch, with goosebumps appearing on her skin) and guided his hand under her tiny skirt, into her panties.

She was incredibly wet.

"I don't know, Jordan, you tell me…" she whispered. She reached behind her, and her bra popped off, causing her breasts to spring out of their confines in all of their glory.

Jordan looked down at her. She looked up at him, her eyes sparkling, and undulated her hips, further stimulating his cock, which was already straining for release.

Jordan grabbed both of her ass cheeks and stood up, lifting her slight frame with ease. She gasped, not expecting that sudden movement, and threw her arms around his neck to steady herself.

Still standing up, Jordan lowered his face into her chest, biting, sucking, and licking her breasts, nipples, anything he could reach. He slammed her bodily onto the table, the sturdy wood not even creaking slightly as the (previously) shy girl's full weight slammed onto it, shifting his hands from her soft asscheek and hooking his thumbs into her now soaked panties, sliding them quickly down her supple legs.

Bunny slapped her hands onto the table to support herself as she began to rise from her position, and felt a strong hand wind itself around her throat.

Jordan gripped Bunny's soft, tender neck and slammed her back down onto the table, making her tits jiggle like puppies as he unzipped his black business pants. His thick six inches of manhood immediately forced itself out, and he growled with unfettered lust as he impaled her, one hand on her throat, the other grabbing a handful of breast, kneading and squeezing.

Fuck, she was tight. The walls of her tunnel gripped him like a vise. He jutted his hips back, withdrawing almost completely, and then slammed back into her.

Bunny was gasping for breath. It felt like Jordan's dick was splitting her apart, his ample girth pulling out almost entirely then slamming back inside her. She was flowing like a river, her wetness unlike anything that Steve had ever drawn out of her. The pressure of his hand around her neck keeping her in place was his signal to her that he was in control, and that her body was his to use as he pleased. The grip of his other hand on her breast was both painful and intoxicatingly arousing, as he alternated between the pain of squeezing and pleasure of teasing her nipples, the two sensations melting seamlessly into one long stream of passion as she cried out wordlessly, submitting fully to the beast she had unleashed.

Theough the haze of arousal, she vaguely registered the sound of a plate smashing nearby. Her eyes flicked to the kitchen, and saw that Erica and Caleb were also in the throes of passion. Caleb was on his back on the counter, the rippling muscles of his stomach and shoulders in full view, as Erica sat astride him, one long, athletic leg on each side. The Irish girl's leather pants lay discarded nearby and a pair of blue lacy panties had been pulled to one side, as she undulated her hips, grinding Caleb's manhood into her own rapidly moistening opening. Her apron had been stripped off and her top was been drawn up to her collarbone, revealing a pair of firm, modest breasts and a well-proportioned set of abs.

Erica caught Bunny's gaze for a moment and licked her lips, as she watched the shy exhibitionist girl's face contorting with a mixture of pleasure, pain and embarrassment as Jordan pumped, her firm young ass slapping against the table as her cries got louder and more desperate. She heard Erica laugh with delight, as Caleb's grunts began to intensify...and then she felt the hand around her neck tighten, cutting off part of her oxygen, and everything except jordan quickly faded from her mind.

Jordan tightened his grip on her throat as he increased the tempo of his thrusts, watching bunny as he slowly constricted her air flow, the girl's beautiful mountains shuddering as she gasped for breath. Her pussy began to twitch, as she felt herself spasming, and she frantically reached out and gripped his shirt in both hands

"Jordan, I...I'm close…" she choked out.

"So am I, Bunny. Are...you...safe?" he asked, gasping with exertion as he felt himself sliding toward the brink. His grip on her throat momentarily relaxed, as she hungrily gulped air.

"N...no, but you can come on my breasts, Jordan!" she cried, screaming in ecstacy as the first of a massive cascade of thunderous pleasure rumbled through her.

As he felt her constricting and twitching around him, Jordan almost came there and then. He pulled out and wrenched Bunny to the side, using her neck as a handhold, until her achingly shapely breasts lay below his twitching dick.

And not a moment too soon, as he shot thick wads of cum over and over onto her body, until he felt like he had expended all the protein in his body.

Bunny looked down at the small river of ejaculate on her. Dipping a finger in, she sampled his wares. Salty, but also slightly fruity? Delicious.

He collapsed back onto his chair, panting for breath.

For the first time in what felt like a while, he thought of Kayla, and what she had in mind for today. Mm, today was going to be a very interesting day indeed.

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Dead end job gets interesting, part 4

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