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  1. Sister finally finds love
  2. Sister finally finds love pt2
  3. Sister finally finds love pt 3
  4. Sister Finally Finds Love part 4
  5. Sister Finally Finds Love pt5
  6. Sister Finally Finds Love pt 6

Sister finally finds love pt2

Categories Fiction, Consensual Sex, Cum Swallowing, Incest

Author: Bpc22

Published: 21 November 2019

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Kari awoke a few hours later and smiled knowing she was in her brother's arms. The morning sun was starting to break as she carefully got up to use the restroom, and when she returned to bed, noticed that Chris had rolled onto his back. While she didn't enjoy sucking dick, he did eat her last night, and she wanted him to do that again.

She crawled under the blanket and between his legs. She grabbed him and felt a tingle in her pussy as the anticipation of his rod in her jumped into her mind. She licked her lips, and slowly stuck out her tongue to lick the tip of his glorious cock. He had yet to respond but she was determined to wake him up with a treat.

His cock slipped into her mouth and she was able to taste both sex juices on him as she pushed him deeper into her mouth. As his cock hit the back of her throat, Kari started to cough and gag, her throat desperate to remove the foreign intruder. Chris had a small moan escape his lips, as Kari started to bob up and down. Her idle hands grew impatient, and as the fire in her snatch grew, she instinctively began to rub her clit, as the other fondled his balls.

His eyes fluttered open, and a groan escaped him as he realized that his sister blew him awake. He lay motionless for a moment, desperately enjoying the noise and sensation of her mouth and tongue sliding up and down his now well lubricated shaft.

"Morning baby!" he said as he ran his had through her hair. He started to raise his hips to meet her face, and was impressed when he felt her throat open to accept him.

She stopped for a brief second to respond, "Good morning my love!" before slamming her mouth back down. Her fingers were a blur rubbing her swollen clit, and when she slipped a finger inside her, she came.

This was not lost on Chris. Her blow job was one of the best he had ever had. But the sound of her cumming drove him crazy.

"Spin around and get that pussy up her! I want to eat you while you suck my cock!"

She obliged and without removing his throbbing member, spun around and planted her love canal on his eagerly awaiting face. For the second time in minutes she came, as his tongue brushed her sensitive clit and his hand gave her ass a playful slap. He slid a finger between her ass cheeks and circled anus. She momentarily stopped sucking him, hopeful that he wouldn't violate the sanctity of her last virgin hole.

A slap to her ass pulled her out of her trance, and she now worked harder to get the nectar out of his balls. His hand reached down to her breast, and began to play with her nipples. Chris was in pure ecstacy and got the sense that Kari was ready to cum once again. He slid a finger into her, and at the same moment gently bit down on her love button. Kari sat straight up, grinding her pussy on his face while a torrid of words that made the devil himself blush was released from her lips.

The sweat was now pouring off her. She was shaking uncontrollably, her eyes lost in the back of her head and then had the most powerful orgasm she had ever had. She trembled and tried to get her toes to stop curling. But even so, she still had to get him to finish. She returned her mouth to his meat, and with the help of her hand he announced the he was cumming. She was caught off guard by the taste, and she struggled to swallow the massive amount of seed that was flowing from his cock.

She swallowed it all, except for the last shot. She turned to him and in the early morning light showed him her her prize and then it was gone. She slid to the side of him expecting to cuddle and fall asleep, but Chris had other plans.

He pushed her gently onto her back, and when he rolled over on top of her, spread her legs, ready for his cock to enter her again. He kissed her, their respective juices meeting again on their incestuous tongues. He was still hard and her swollen, glistening pussy lips were aching for his manhood to make a deposit.

She wrapped her legs around him, and whisper into his his ear that she wanted him inside her. Chris obliged and after teasing her tip with his, slid back into her inviting hole. Their pubic bones met, as their tongues continued the dance. He sat still for a moment, before pulling almost all the way out and slamming all the way back in.

"God your cock feels so fantastic inside me. Please fuck me baby! Fuck me and cum in me baby!" Kari was lost in this blissful moment, angry at herself for being around him so much growing up, and never trying this before now.

Chris was more than happy to pound her. The rhythmic smacking of skin being silenced only by the moans of the incestuous lovers. Her well lubricated pussy hungrily pulled his erect cock into her. She orgasmed again, had laughed to herself while thinking she needed a counter to keep track. Noone had ever made her cum like this before. Neither in amount or pure level of power that he got out of her.

As she came, he pulled out of her and rolled her over onto all fours. His head teased her asshole for a second, before slamming back into her with one swift, powerful thrust. It was almost enough for him to lose his load, but held off just enough to grab her hips and begin to pound her. Her hand slid through her trimmed pussy hair and found her magic button.

"I'm going to cum! Please cum with me Chris. Oh my god, FUCK CUM WITH ME!!! His cock erupted again, flooding her womb and feeling her convulsing on his cock as her orgasm again hit. He stayed inside her and fell to her side.

"You are amazing. Thank you babe! I have never had sex like that before!" Chris told her as his hand found her nipple.

"It has only just begun baby!" She said as they drifted off to sleep...

He awoke a short time later to the doorbell and someone pounding on the door. He carefully got up as not to disturb Kari and rushed to see what the hell was going on.

It was Eric. "What the fuck is wrong with you?" Chris was pissed.

"I need to talk to Kari. I messed up pretty bad last night and don't know"....

Chris cut him off. "Well dip shit, you fucked up. And she does not want to see you. So unless you want it to get worse, I suggest you take the last of my good will, get off my property and lose my sister's number. You don't deserve her, and quite frankly never did. LEAVE NOW!!" With that Chris slammed and locked the door. He peered out the front window and watched him sulk into his car and drive away.

Although he was pissed at Eric, he quickly realized that even if just for one night, it worked out in his favor. His cock began to swell as he relived the past few hours. He went to check on Kari and seeing she was still asleep, decided to make some breakfast.

Kari awoke to to a full spread of food and a bouquet of flowers in bed. She smiled and as she wiped the sleep from her eyes as she sat up. Chris looked at her as the comforter fell exposing her breasts to him. Instead of pouncing on her, he slid beside her and they both enjoyed breakfast.

"What do you have planned for today?" she asked him inquisitively.

"Lawn need mowed and the pool needs to be cleaned. Other than that not much. By the way, Eric stopped here. I told him to leave."

"Good. I really don't want to see that prick right now. I think while you are busy I will go shopping. I do not want to go back over there for any of my stuff."

They kissed and set off to do their thing. The warm sun had dried the lawn and he was able to work on his tan while mowing. She watched him while washing the dishes and the sight of him made her wet. She stopped what she was doing and started to rub her nipples. The thought of his prick sliding into her love hole was more that she could bear. Her hand slid down of her breast, circled her pierced navel and through her trimmed bush to find her sensitive clit. A naughty thought crossed her mind and she grabbed her phone. A few pics of her tits and a few with her fingers spreading her pussy open and sent then to Chris.

He stopped for a moment when his phone went off and seeing the pictures come through made his cock leap to full mast. He looked at the kitchen window and tried to see if he could see her, but the sun was at the right angle and he couldn't. His phone went off again, and he read the text. "I'm being naughty, I need a spanking!" A picture of her dynamite ass came next and he decided that if he couldn't see her, he would let her see him. His property was secluded, and he turned the mower off and took off his shorts releasing the monster.

Kari gasped when she was this and her fingers disappeared into the folds of her wetness. Chris returned to mowing with one hand slowly stroking his dick, hoping that Kari was still there watching. Unbeknownst to him, she was and an orgasm ripped through her. Her knees buckled, her thighs were drenched, and she whimpered and fell to the ground. As Chris got close to the house, he decided to go inside. He got upstairs and found Kari on the floor, fingers still working her womanhood on the floor, ready for him to enter. He grabbed her hair and pulled her up. A couple of hard smacks to her firm ass made her snap out of her bliss. She readied herself for him to enter him and as he was about to, the door bell rang...

More to cum? Let me know...

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Sister finally finds love pt2

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Comments (2)
nightowlns — 20 November 2019 10:59
Wow that was amazing. Another chapter or three please
Darkone82 — 22 November 2019 01:48
Oh please continue just add some story line to it like it’s life long affair or they get caught or she get pregnant add to it great wish I could have nails my sisters
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