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A Brilliant Student

Categories Fiction, Asian, Teen, Virginity

Author: hakojangyeon

Published: 22 November 2019

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Jiyeon Won was a brilliant chemistry and biology student, who had come to UC Berkeley from Korea after graduating summa cum laude for her Bachelors, which she had finished in two years after already starting with university at age 16. She spent most of her free time working on all types of concoctions and she had already published numerous papers in peer-reviewed journals based on this research.

Berkeley had even granted her her own personal lab (which she had partially funded herself) and offered her a special program that allowed her enough time for her research projects during her Masters. The lab was something to behold. Whiteboards filled with chemical formulas, Lewis structures and skeletal diagrams. Hundreds of containers and thousands of vials with all kinds of chemicals inside. Dozens of fridges and ovens and various specialized fume hoods, some even equipped with robotic arms. In the center was a glass cube that housed her computer and desk. The lab was also divided into multiple parts, all with different danger levels.

But Jiyeon wasn’t your typical student who just wanted to save the world. No, Jiyeon didn’t research life-saving pharmaceuticals, that was much too boring for her. Instead, she focused her research on enhancing the human body, on getting rid of daily annoyances, polishing the way it looked and worked.

This focus wasn’t a coincidence, because Jiyeon was obsessed with perfection. She couldn’t handle the smallest imperfections. So each day, she spent hours perfecting the way she looked. She had trained day and night before coming to the US to perfect her English. And each day, after finishing her mandatory daily study work in no time, she spent her time in the lab further perfecting the human body.

Her first success, which she achieved while still in Korea, had been in cosmetics. She had invented lipstick that remained permanent for the rest of the day but didn’t leave any marks and had no taste. She sold the patent for $7 million to a Korean cosmetics company, making her an instant millionaire. Since then, she had eight more such successes, some of which she had decided to commercialize herself.

Of course, much of her research she also used on herself. Now that she had more than enough money, she even kept many discoveries a secret so she could use them exclusively. She had also partnered with a local plastic surgeon, helping the surgeon perfect her technique and inventing numerous revolutionary innovations, some of which again she claimed exclusively for her own personal use.

And indeed, Jiyeon looked breathtaking. She was the pinnacle of Asian beauty. She stood an imposing 5’10” and had long, very slender legs. The rest of her frame was also very slender. Her breasts were small, but not nonexistent.

Of course, most attention was usually given to her face. Her cheekbones were high and her face was somewhat long, but curved nicely into a moderately pointed chin. Her hair was long and straight and of a very dark black. She usually had it tied up in a simple ponytail. But most special were her eyes, which were of a beautiful phoenix shape and a deep brown color. Her face had not a single flaw.

But recently, Jiyeon had become bored with just slightly improving her appearance. She was beginning to experience diminishing returns on her work. No, what she wanted was pleasure. Physical pleasure. She had, until that time, remained a virgin. Not for any particular reason. She had just been occupied with other things.

Of course, she did masturbate frequently, nearly every night in fact and she had already developed things to make this more pleasurable, namely special lube that made her pussy many times more sensitive and also a special chemical that lengthened her orgasms. She had also, not directly related to masturbation, developed drugs that significantly increased her stamina and allowed her to keep going for hours on end.

So Jiyeon went to work. Every free minute she had she spent on perfecting a series of drugs that were supposed to allow her to lose her virginity in perfect fashion. Within a month she had a series of prototypes ready. But she missed one important thing. A test subject.

So she placed an ad in the student newspaper, requesting a test subject to help with “sexual drugs”. Of course, Jiyeon was quite famous on campus and everyone knew about her. Within days she had hundreds of applications. She knew she could easily perfect nearly any candidate, so she invited twenty at random.

This is where I enter the picture, a first-years Masters student in Mathematics. There was not much special about me, other than the fact that I was quite tall, around 6’2”. My hair was dark brown and I also had brown eyes. I had a relatively athletic body, as I played soccer frequently and liked running, but again, no six-pack or anything special. I also wasn’t exactly brilliant at studying. I did get a scholarship, but only a partial one and I had to work my ass off if I wanted a good grade, which I only managed to do roughly half the time.

Simply put, not exactly a match for the brilliant and perfect Jiyeon. But I had signed up anyway and to my surprise, I was one of the twenty ***********ed to meet with Jiyeon.

I had expected some humiliating exercise in which we would all be forced to show everything we had (Jiyeon had a certain reputation), but we were simply lined up and didn’t have to take off any clothes.

Jiyeon then simply examined us one by one, walking past us and looking but not touching. To my even greater surprise, she stopped when she reached me. She studied me, letting her eyes scan my body. Just looking at her already made me horny and it was hard to stop myself from getting a boner right there.

“Mmhm,” she said. “I think you’ll do.”

“Me?” I said, astonished, especially considering the extremely muscular jocks that I had also seen were present.

She nodded, somewhat disinterested. “Didn’t you hear what I said?” she said to the others. “I found a good subject, you can all go.”

They looked at me, many of them frowning at Jiyeon’s choice. However, as none of them werelooking to make Jiyeon angry (her temper was also well-known throughout the campus), they soon left.

Jiyeon studied me one more time. “What’s your name?” she eventually asked.

As I was still quite bewildered, it took a while before I opened my mouth. But when I did, she made a dismissive hand gesture and said:

“Never mind, I don’t care. Just follow me.”

So I did, I followed her to her lab, which had dozens of warning stickers adorning the heavy door. As a Mathematics student, I had no idea what exactly they all meant, but it didn’t look good.

Jiyeon was already wearing her lab coat, but she also put on some gloves. She saw me staring at the warning stickers and said: “Don’t worry, the lab is divided into multiple parts. You won’t have to go into the dangerous areas.”

“Oh, good.” Dangerous areas.

Jiyeon seemed to be waiting for something, while she kept looking at me.

“Uhm, is there something?” I asked.

“When were you planning on taking your clothes of?” she said, impatiently, as if it was obvious what I had to do.

“Oh, of course,” I answered and began stripping. When I was only standing in my underwear, she still seemed to be waiting. “Everything?” I asked.

Now I had pissed her off. “Uhm… I’m sorry, of course you have to take everything off! What were you expecting, I placed an ad for test subjects for sexual drugs. Sexual. Usually, things involving sex are done naked, as far as I’m aware.”

I nodded. “Yes, yes, makes sense. Sorry,” and I also took off my underwear.

I had shaven my pubic hair a few days ago. I liked doing that, made masturbation more comfortable. My cock was of slightly above average length, just over six inches, nothing special. Like the rest of me, really.

Jiyeon walked towards me and was about to touch me when she realized something. “Oh, apologies, I need you to sign this form for me.” She turned around and entered the lab, leaving me naked in the small room in front of the entrance. She soon returned, carrying a stack of papers. She handed it to me and gave me a pen.

“Can you sign this, please? It’s to get your consent, so I can touch you and everything.”

“I assume I have to if I want to participate,” I asked, combing through the twenty-plus pages.


I didn’t read very carefully, assuming it would all be in order. Jiyeon was a perfectionist, I assumed she followed the law. I quickly signed the papers and gave it back.

“Excellent,” she said, smiling for the first time since I had seen her. “Please follow me into the lab.”

She opened the door and I followed her. I was immediately amazed by all the equipment. I could clearly see how it was divided into separate parts. In the part we had entered stood a large bed. Next to it there was a table with a variety of vials and injection needles, as well as equipment for administering through blood, it seemed like.

“Please sit on the bed,” she said and I did as she asked.

“Alright,” she said as she walked to the table with equipment and began studying the labels and preparing a needle. “Everything has been tested on mice, of course. I am also certain that individually, each drug will work perfectly as intended. I did my theoretical work perfectly, I am sure of that. However, the ways drugs interact is very hard to predict.”

“Ah,” I said, mostly occupied staring into her beautiful eyes. She didn’t seem to mind.

“So that’s where you come on in. The combinations also work on mice and no real nasty effects have shown up, so I’m pretty sure it’s safe. The question is what the strength of the effects will be. Maybe the drugs strengthen each other, but they could also weaken each other. I’m not sure yet. Anyway, let’s get to it, please sit still.”

I nodded as she grabbed my arm and took a needle. “Ow!” I said as she injected it with significant force into my upper arm. A tube was connected to the needle and after she pressed a button, a blue fluid began traveling through it.

“Uhm, so what are the effects supposed to be?” I asked.

“Well, I’ll be administering a number of drugs. This one is designed to increase your metabolism and stamina and also increase the effectivity of the others.”

“That sounds nice,” I said.

She suddenly smiled, almost in an evil way. “It will also give you a permanent erection, as long as the drug lasts.”

“What!?” I exclaimed. “And how long does it last?”

“Uhm, that’s what we’re testing. But don’t worry, we have plenty of time and I’ll be here. Oh, and most likely you’ll fall asleep first as your body gets used-” but suddenly my vision had already begun disappearing and within seconds I was unconscious.

When I woke up, I indeed had a massive erection. I was hooked up to a heart meter, which produced the characteristic hospital beeping sound. I was also hooked up to many other things that made all kinds of other noises.

The blue liquid was still entering my veins, although it seemed like she had switched it for a much thinner tube, so hopefully the dosage was also lower. I gasped when I looked at my chest and stomach as I had suddenly developed a full six-pack and massive pecs. My biceps was also huge. What the fuck?

I looked around for Jiyeon. I saw she was in another part of the lab, behind a glass wall, seemingly mixing chemicals within a fume hood. “Jiyeon?” I called.

Thankfully, she heard me and quickly entered this part of the lab. After removing her special protective gear, she approached.

“You’re awake,” she said, smiling. “It seems everything is working fine. You’re responding well to the drug. I think it’s time for the next stage.”

“Next stage? And what does that include? Also, how did I get these muscles!?”

Jiyeon chuckled. “You don’t like them? I can get rid of them, if you want.”

“No, no! I… think they’re great… but how?” I asked. But the moment I said that I wished I hadn’t, as she began throwing all kinds of jargon at me, speaking at a rapid pace, naming a dozen chemicals I had never heard of and explaining all kinds of complex processes.

“But what it comes down to… it makes your muscles contract and expand constantly, training it by itself. If you look, you can maybe see it moving.”

When I did, I again wish I hadn’t, as it looked really freaky. “Ah! Oh my god, that looks disgusting now I see it.”

“It should wear off soon, it was another drug I gave you after you were out. Anyway, as I said, let’s begin with the next stage.”

I wanted to sit up straight, but I collapsed back into the bed after discovering my muscles felt incredibly weak.

“Don’t worry, just stay there,” Jiyeon said. “Your muscles are really tired, but they’ll recover soon enough.” She stepped close to me and I could smell her scent, almost taste it. It was breathtaking. It smelled like a perfume, but also natural at the same time. I felt my mouth water. She put her hand on my chin and held a vial to my mouth.

“Drink up,” she said. “Don’t worry, this doesn’t taste bad.”

Indeed it didn’t. It felt and tasted like honey. Her hand on my chin, the first time I had actually felt her touching me, sent a wave of electricity through me. I shivered, of pleasure. Of course, I couldn’t get any harder than I already was.

“So what does that do?” I asked.

“A few things. But primarily it should significantly increase your semen production and make your skin produce a natural lubricant.”

I nodded and immediately she grabbed another vial, although this time she used it to load up a syringe. She injected it into my arm. Then, she took another syringe and loaded up with a different chemical. I was surprised to see she injected it in herself.

“Uh, and that?”

She stared at me, and then at my cock. “You’ll see. You’re looking great, already.”

“Thank you,” I said, but she laughed in response.

“Don’t thank yourself, it was all me.” As she said that, she walked away to the other part of the lab.

I sank back into the bed. I tried to touch my cock, but my arms were still too weak. Soon, I fell asleep again.

When I woke up, my mouth fell open. Jiyeon was standing in front of me, naked. She was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen. While she was wearing her lab coat, her curves were hard to discern. But the woman in front of me most definitely had them.

Her hips were wide, curving towards an absolutely magnificent ass. She stood at an angle, clearly showing how far it extended. She even had a thigh gap. She seemed to be sweating and was also panting slightly. But when I looked closer, I saw it wasn’t sweat, but more of an oil.

I looked at myself and noticed I had the same kind of lubricant on my skin. Most likely what she had described earlier. I was completely shocked by how I had transformed in such a short time. Thankfully, all the tubes and cables were also removed.

And then I saw my cock.

It was not the cock I had jerked off so many times over the years. No, now it was an absolute monster. It was more than twice as thick as before, and almost twice as long. Thankfully, the strength in my muscles had returned and I was able to sit upright and touch it. I felt myself panting as well. I looked again at Jiyeon and what I saw was an extremely horny young woman.

“Magnificent, isn’t it?” she said as she approached me and climbed on the bed. She was drooling.

“Yes,” I said and suddenly I realized the power I had. Jiyeon had made herself extremely horny and turned me into a sex machine. This wasn’t about research, this was about pleasure.

Well, I would give it to her.

“Take it into your mouth,” I said. Immediately she grabbed it with both hands, as one hand wasn’t nearly enough, sending waves of pleasure through me. It seemed like I was also much more sensitive.

Jiyeon placed her wet lips around the head of my cock. She had to push it in, that was how big it was. But she managed, making gurgling sounds as she pushed it deeper into her throat. The amazing wet sensation made me moan loudly, the walls of her mouth and throat stretched around her cock.

It seemed like she had somehow managed to ignore her gag reflex as she pushed it in deeper and deeper, visibly distending her throat. “Oh my god,” I said as I moaned again. I then bent forward and grabbed her hips, easily rotating her body with her mouth around my cock so we were in 69 position.

Slowly I could feel her beginning to bob up and down my cock, the tip going in and out of her throat. She couldn’t manage to take in the whole length, but she came pretty far.

I brought my tongue towards her beautiful slit, which looked absolutely magnificent. She was fully shaven. Her clit looked like it wanted attention so I took it into my mouth and sucked on it, eliciting a gurgling sound from Jiyeon as she moaned.

Jiyeon increased her tempo, making me moan even louder. “Fuck!” I exclaimed, “fuck, fuck, I’ve never felt anything like that!”

She still held on to my cock with both hands, massaging and squeezing it as she went up and down on her cock. I was even able to lift up my hips and thrust upward, forcing it even deeper into her throat. Soon, I was able to match her rhythm.

I then again focused on licking her pussy. It seemed like my tongue was also more flexible than before and I pushed it deep inside her wet opening. I could feel her body convulse and wriggle as she attempted to produce sound while my cock filled up her throat.

Suddenly Jiyeon removed my cock from her mouth, which escaped her lips with a loud plop. She turned around, looked me in the eyes. I could see the begging look on her face and before she was able to talk, as her mouth obviously still hurt from the recent ordeal, I said: “You want me to fuck you?”

Jiyeon nodded heavily and said, in the most sexy begging voice I’d ever heard: “Please, fuck me, fuck me now I can’t wait any longer!”

I didn’t wait as I grabbed her body and smacked her down on the bed. She spread her legs immediately and raised her lower body so I could easily angle my cock towards her pussy, which was not that easy due to its length.

But I quickly had the tip nestled at her entrance and just as I was orienting my body so I would be able to push in easily, she grabbed my hips and pushed her body onto my cock, forcing it deep inside her.

We both let out loud moans of ecstasy.

“Yes!” she screamed. “Fuck, yes! Fuck me, push it deep inside me, make me cum!”

I immediately pushed her back down on the bed and forced my cock in even deeper. I felt some resistance at first, but it lasted less than a second and I soon pulled back for another trust.

Soon, I was wildly thrusting in and out of her. She was moaning loudly, while I grunted each time I hilted deep inside her. It felt like nothing I had ever experienced before. Our bodies were slick with the natural lubricant and I laid down on top of her. I wasn’t fully used to my new weight and was afraid to crush her, but she could easily handle it.

I grabbed her arms and used them as support while I rammed my enormous cock inside her again and again.

Her high-pitched voice no longer produced any audible words, but instead became a nearly continuous animal moan that became louder when I pushed in and softer when I pulled out.

I could feel her pussy was completely stretched around my cock. It was tighter than seemed possible and with every thrust I could feel it constraining around me, almost milking my cock. I noticed I was producing a copious amount of precum, to the point that her pussy had already become creamy and begun leaking it.

The natural lube allowed me to move nearly frictionless on top of her as I reached an inhuman speed each time I thrust into her. Each thrust was so wild our bodies moved many inches forwards and backwards each time I bottomed out.

I moved my hands from her arms to her boobs, which, while small, were perfectly round and perky and were adorned with beautiful nipples. Each time I squeezed them, Jiyeon’s voice would reach an even higher pitch as she moaned.

Even though we were seemingly going on forever and I was panting heavily, my muscles did not yet become tired. But I did feel a pressure building in my, also enlarged, balls. I grunted as I again thrusted in as deep as I could and said: “I’m going to cum soon.”

“Yes! Yes,” Jiyeon exclaimed. “Please cum inside me, fill me up with your seed. Fuck, fill me up!”

“Oh yeah?” I said. “Does the brilliant, pompous, arrogant Jiyeon want me to fill her up?”

Her eyes went wide and she let out another scream of pleasure. “YES, please, I’ll do anything for you to cum in me!”

“You’re nothing more than a slut, a whore!” I shouted as I kept pumping my cock in and out of her incredibly tight pussy. I squeezed her tits as hard as I could and pinched her nipples, making her shriek again.

“Yes, I’m a slut, I’m a fucking slut, a whore. Fill me up with your seed. I’m going to cuu-uuuUM!!” she exclaimed as her body began shaking and her pussy practically strangled my cock. I could feel the waves of pleasure traveling through both our bodies as Jiyeon orgasmed.

I felt it becoming even wetter and I saw Jiyeon was furiously rubbing her clit as she also squirted heavily. “Cum, cum, cum in me, please!” she begged me.

Her shaking body, her convulsing pussy walls and her begging cry were enough to send me over the edge. I made one final thrust as deep as I could and my balls slapped against her ass, making her shriek due to the force.

I grunted as I felt my cock expanding as an enormous load travelled from my balls to my cock.

But while I had stopped thrusting, Jiyeon had not stopped orgasming and she continued to rub her clit and began pushing herself off and on to my cock, matching my former rhythm. Her body continued to shake and her pussy continued to constantly convulse around my cock.

“Don’t stop,” she shouted as the continued, never-ending pleasure made me also begin to thrust again, even as wave after wave of cum shot from my cock, deep into her womb. I lost count after ten, but I saw the cum was overflowing and forcing its way out, soon covering much of the bed.

Indeed not wanting this to end but knowing I had to stop our orgasms, I removed my cock from her pussy, which caused an even larger load of cum to gush out, covering much of her and my legs with cum. I even heard it beginning to drip on the ground.

But we didn’t care and I turned her around so she was lying down on her stomach. I then raised up her ass and soon she was on all fours, with her beautiful ass pointing up towards me, inviting.

“Fuck me from behind!” Jiyeon begged as I thrust my cock into her pussy from behind in a single movement.

Thankfully, our orgasms had subsided, but we were obviously still ready for more action. So I immediately upped my tempo. Each time I slammed into her from behind, she was thrown forward a bit. She eventually braced herself using the bed’s headboard, but continued to scream each time I pushed my cock deep within her pussy, which was still drenching with cum.

“Fuck, fuck!” she screamed. “Keep going, I don’t want this to end!”

“Me neither,” I was able to answer in between my grunts as I rammed inside her once again. I had no idea how she managed to take this so easily. I grabbed her as tight as I could and did everything to make her feel me in every inch of her body.

After what again felt like hours, pressure began to build again. But this time I wouldn’t unload inside her. I pulled out and basically pushed her on the ground, on to her knees. “I’m going to cum on your face, you slut,” I said as I began pumping my cock with both hands.

Within seconds, I felt my body being rocked by the orgasm and it took all my new strength to remain standing. I exploded over her face with numerous ropes of cum hitting every inch of her body. When I was done, her body was more cum than skin.

I crashed down on the bed, even my new stamina not able to keep going after that. I expected it be over, but within a minute I saw Jiyeon emerging. She had seemingly licked most the cum of her body and climbed on the bed.

“Now it’s my turn to ride,” she said as she stood above my cock and lowered herself down, letting out another incredibly loud moan of pleasure.

Yes, she got the pleasure she sought.

To be continued.

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A Brilliant Student

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