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  1. The pizza slut
  2. The Path to Manhood.
  3. The Pizza Slut Pt 2

The Path to Manhood.

Categories Fiction, Blowjob, Boy, Consensual Sex

Author: lone_randomnumbers

Published: 29 November 2019

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Dude come on. This is a fantastic update! New outfits! Some are pretty skimpy too

I was at a solid 36%. God damn it. My computer seemed to be crawling at a snail’s pace today like it knew something important was happing. I shoot back, telling PussySlayer69 that It was updating now. I felt lucky, the developers released such a good update on my birthday. I must admit, a few years ago if you asked me how I would be spending my sweet 18, I wouldn’t necessarily have said “playing a borderline porn MMORPG with a guy I met online” but eh, whatever.

I heard my father's truck from down the street. Real men drive loud tough trucks kid. Remember that. At least he wasn’t a hypocrite. It was early for him to be home from work. Way early. Damn it, must have been a half-day or some shit. Mabey I wasn’t as lucky as I was thought. Dad always wanted me to be a football playing, pussy chasing jock like him. Well, I guess I’ve never him seen chase a lady, thankfully, curtsey of mom. Just another thing to thank her for, you know, along with giving me literal life.

He pulled into the driveway, the whole house felt like it was shaking. I glanced at my screen. 39%. Shit, this was really taking its time. The truck door slammed. 10 seconds passed before the front door was opened and closed. I quickly closed my door and put on my headphones. I pulled up some old school assessment on my computer. I stared it intently like it could somehow prevent dad from coming into my room. I waited for the T.V to turn on. Once that happens I knew I would be safe to do whatever I wanted, at least for a few hours. Instead, I heard him dial someone on the house phone. That was rather odd, probably just calling mom to let her know he was home early. I pushed my ear to the door, grasping for any sliver of the conversation I can pick up.

“ya….. thanks…….each or……both of………. His first…..think.”

Hmm, I wonder who he was talking too. Oh well, it doesn’t concern me. The update was at 44% now. Awesome, it would be done by tomorrow. I heard my father clamber up the stairs, shit. Mabey he just wants to use the upstairs toilet? I could hope. That hope was quickly dashed as he knocked on my door. It wasn’t a can I come in? kind of knock. No it was more of a I’m coming in right now, but I don’t want you to be pissy that I didn’t knock, so I’m going to knock once as I’m already opening the door kind of knock.

“Hey, you are home, what are you doing?”

“School” I replayed.

“ Is it important?”

I told him it wasn’t. I normally did all my work on the bus home so I could sit down and start my game as soon as I walked into the door.

“Ok cool. Get your shoes, we are going on a trip.”

Umm, ok. This was getting strange. Shit, a thought entered my mind. Was he kicking me out? I was 18 now. But no, mom would take his head if he tried. Some kind of birthday present? Probably nothing I wanted, but still, I did as he asked. I grabbed my shoes and a light sweater. Dad beckoned me to his truck. I climbed into the passenger seat. And yes, climbed is the right word, it was easily 3 feet of the ground. He turned the key and backed out of the driveway. An awkward silence filled the cab immediately.

“Soo where are we going?” I probed.

He took a deep breath like he was about to tell me some dark ancient secret, known only to the chosen few.

“ I know you’re not an active kid. And that’s ok, I would rather you play ball rather than hold up in your room all day, but I guess each to their own.” I could almost see the pain in his face as he said those words. “And well, I think you need a taste of what being a man is like. Something to kick start you in the right direction.”

Shit, they were going to go shoot big guns in the desert. Or drive monster trucks or do some other “manly” activity. With my luck my game was fully updated by now, open, just waiting for me to log in and lose myself. Oh well, I was stuck here for now. That signature silence that can only be had between a father and son found its back into the cab. Dad turned on the radio.

“County top 10 hits, right to you and yours! One hour nonstop with NO ads”

I guess it was better than nothing. Barely.

We drove all the way out of town, out into the desert. I couldn’t come up with a reason why we needed to go out this far. We drove on the little one-lane highway for 10 more minutes before I saw something. A building. The first I had seen since we got out of town, not only that, but it looked nice. Like really nice, like it was some kind of 5-star hotel out in the middle of nowhere. Dad pulled into an empty space in the parking lot. There were a few other cars, but most of the spots where unoccupied.

Getting out I took a good look at the building. There was no signage anywhere indicating what it was, but it was definitely occupied. The flora was well kept and looked after. Dad walked up to the intricate iron gate surrounding the property.

“Appointment for two under Becker. Thanks”

With a click, the gates opened. We walked up the ornate paved path to a pair of swinging doors. Walking into a lobby of sorts I saw an older lady under a think guise of makeup. She told us to sit and that she would be with us in a moment. We complied. The room was completely nonde***********, it held no clues as to where I was. Nor did dad offer any.

“Ok, appointment for 2 under Becker right?” the lady asked. Dad nodded.

“Ok, do you need a lineup, or do you men know what you’re looking for”

I watched as Dad leaned over the counter and whispered something, pointing back at me. I awkwardly smiled.

“Ah ok. Got it. In that case, right this way “

She hit a button behind her desk, unlocking a door leading into a long hallway. Dad and I followed her.

“This is you're stop Mr. Becker.” She said to my dad. He turned to look at me.

“Ok Mark, you get an hour. I should be done by then. I'll be waiting in the truck. If I’m not done, just wait for me in the truck. I'll be there soon. Have fun.”

And just like that he was gone, down some side door into some other unknown. Or at least unknown to me. I continued to follow the lady until we were at a small blue side door. She opened it and beckoned me in.

I walked in, and I never expected to see what I saw. There was a tall, beautiful redhead, wearing incredibly thin lingerie. She was sitting on a heart-shaped bed. Oh shit, all the pieces clicked in my head. Why we had to drive out of county lines, and why everything was so nonde***********.

“Hi, you must be Mark. How are you?”

“Um, fine. You?” she giggled as she stood up.

“I’m good. You're going to a lot better than fine soon.”

She put her arms around me, was I supposed to kiss her? Luckily she felt my confusion and took action. She fell to her knees, her hands glided down my legs, before catching on my pants. She pulled them down. My blood wasn’t in my head anymore, it was powering much more important appendages. Her cold hand grasped my member, pulling it out. Holy shit this was really happing. She licked the tip before splitting her gorgeous lips on my shaft. She pumped her head up and down, and I was in heaven. A moan escaped my lips as she went deeper and deeper. My hands were at my side. Should I do something with them? I brushed her hair as she was sucking me off. She pulled her head away. stood up and giggled.

“Frist time?” It was less of a question and more of a statement.

“We’ll fix that. Lay down”

I did as instructed. She slipped her bra over her should and I was confronted with the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. Well, the 2 most beautiful things.

“Like them? Mabey you can finish on them”

I didn’t think I could get any harder, but damn was I wrong. She turned around and dropped her panties. Bending over as she did. I saw her other lips, and they were just as perfect. She took a step back. Shit, it was happing. She used her hand to guide me into her. A moan of pure ecstasy expelled its self from my lips. She went slow at first, sitting on my cock than standing up. But that didn’t last long, soon she was bouncing herself up and down.

“Grab my ass,” she said between shaky breaths.

I did as she asked, both of my hands grabbed her plump ass.

“Push your hips up.”

Oh, that felt… fantastic. We were bouncing in an orgasmic rhythm now. She slowly pulled her self off of my cock and turned around. I was basking in her breasts when she sat back down. I watched my self enter her hole. The way the lips folded in as she sat down, then unfolded when she bounced up.

“Hands on my tits.”

They were so soft. Softer than her ass, they were probably the softest things I had ever touched. I rolled her nipple in between my fingers. she moaned slightly. That was the first time she had done that. I went with it, squeezing her nippers harder and faster. She grimaced.

“No, slow, soft. Not so hard.”

I did as she asked and was rewarded with more moans. She bounced up and down on my cock as I groped her breasts. With the years of experience behind her, she knew I was close and started to go faster. I erupted in pure orgasmic bliss. She got off. My still hard cock sliding out of her as she rolled to the side.

“ 7 mins. Not bad for you first time. we've got 53 left. I’ll give you time to recover.”

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The Path to Manhood.

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Comments (5)
sexytimedoll? — 02 December 2019 04:28
i am dumb. got it. thanks!!!
lone_randomnumbers02 December 2019 04:25
Oh sorry, remove the space between the two t's. only way I can send a link
sexytimedoll? — 02 December 2019 04:24
thats not a link?
lone_randomnumbers02 December 2019 04:24
Thank you. means a lot.
I don't believe I can send you a link, rules and such. here, this is my Discord, I can PM you anything you wish on there.
ht tps://discord.gg/3enJYFy
sexytimedoll? — 02 December 2019 04:21
Holy shit this was hot... I lost my V card in much the same way. Any way I can get part 2?
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