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My Step-Daughter #2

Categories Fantasy, Blowjob, Incest, Male / Female

Author: BabyGirl01

Published: 03 December 2019

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I stood shocked in the doorway for what felt like hours , watching her slip 2 fingers in and out , rubbing her clit with the other hand . “ oh i'm uh ... sorry “ I eventually said , reluctantly turning around to leave when she stopped me “ wait , can you help ? “ I was shocked and didn’t think I was hearing her right , so asked her to repeat herself . “ can you help me “ she repeated …

she really did just say what I thought . “ what do you mean “ I questioned , there was a range of things she could mean but the explanation that come out her mouth was ;

” I can’t make myself cum “ she looked upset and clearly frustrated .

“Ava , I really shouldn't “

“ shouldn’t doesn’t mean can’t “ she was right but it didn’t mean I could just throw my morals away .

“ Please Ava , Your not making this easy for me “ She noticed me struggling to my eyes off her petite body and could probably strongly smell spirits on me “ Please daddy , I’m getting so frustrated , you got me so horny earlier ... I need someone to help me “ She stood up the bed and sachet towards me

“ Ava we can- “ she stopped me shushing with a finger on my lips

“ No one has to know “ She sounded so seductive , I couldn’t believe what was happening

“ Just you and me “ . She jumped up her hands around my neck and began deeply kissing me in a loving way , I was too drunk to fight my inner most urges . I slowly walked over to the bed savoring every moment , till I laid her on her back . She looked so innocent beneath me , watching my every move with a great excitement building in her eyes the lower I got .

I wrapped my arms around the outside of her thighs holding the insides and began teasing her clit with my tongue , altering techniques , gradually easing two fingers trying to hit her G-Spot . and judging by the sounds she was making I was doing exactly what I wanted . She was grabbing her perky tits and pinching her nipples hard arching her back , she looked so small ...

was I taking advantage of her and her situation ?

I thought about stopping but I had got her so frustrated the first time I couldn’t do it again , I wanted to please and make my little girl happy . It was so hard to say no to her after everything .

I have got to admit I was loving it , being able to make her feel so good ... after all I had 5 years to make up for .

She was scrunching her nose trying to stay quiet but failing miserably , and I’m glad she was , I thought the moans she was making could bring me to climax faster than she did but I just got harder than I ever thought I could . “ You want me to make you cum ? “

“ ughh please daddy I’m begging you , I’ll do anything “ these words sent shivers down my spine and built my excitement on making her reach climax . She began shakily moaning so loud you could describe it as screaming , and her body shaking as she squirted hard in my mouth .

It was sweet .

The release in her face was perfect but I was even more delighted to know that she could squirt , I continued working on my little girl slowly until she finished quivering and laid back tiredly panting .

“ maybe you’ll sleep better tonight “ I kissed her forehead and went back to my room back to my bed looking at the tent throbbing in my joggers . I stripped them off and laid back in bed rubbing my cock to what I had just witnessed , I knew it was wrong but I couldn’t stop . I tried thinking of other women and putting porn on but all I could imagine was ava , when within minutes of starting she burst through the door a rye smile on her face and a sudden burst of energy .

I tried to cover up with the duvet but she pushed it back “ I gotta sort out what I caused , it's the least I can do . '' She took my cock in her mouth tasting my precum working me deeper and deeper until she had taken all 8 inches down her throat . She saw the pleasure in my face and just used her hand to rub my cock while working her tongue down my balls and taking one in my mouth , gently sucking , switching between using them perfect amount of pressure making a popping noise as she released them , tracing up my shaft to the tip and inching deeper taking me all the way down her throat coming up to tease the tip .

I came quicker than I ever had before , I dent ask how she got so gd … I released what felt like gallons down her throat as she continued slowly sucking the head slowly waiting for me to finish . She opened her mouth so full with my cum , swallowed and stuck her tongue out a small bit spurting on her chin ,

“ You taste soo fucking good daddy “ . In that moment I was so in love , I grabbed her chin and pulled her up into a deep kiss placing a hand on the back of her neck “ Don’t swear young lady “ I said trying to sound stern but sexual

“ Or what “ she started teasing herself with my cock grinding against me , completely nakid .

How Was I Still Hard

Suddenly I snapped out of my lust driven state when she slid down onto the tip ..

I pulled away “ I‘m sorry Ava , we can’t “ I loved her with all my heart but I couldn’t do this , I couldn’t take advantage of her . She looked disappointed but snuggled into me like a love struck puppy “ Okay daddy “

‘Daddy’ Every Time those words passed her glossy lips I was filled with mixed emotions , It sent chills down my back all the way down to my balls and now growing erection . But it also made me feel dirty and wrong I didn’t sleep most that night ... What do I do from here ? My step daughter lay sleeping next to me nakid with a cheeky smile on her face , sobering up and looking at her my guilt continued to grow , This had gone way too far already .


When I woke Ava was gone but I could smell the most delicious scent filling the house . I washed my face , trying to make my eyes less red , and followed my nose to the kitchen where my eyes met Ava flipping a pancake onto a plate . “ Morning James “ , she was wearing a thin white t-shirt , the thong I liked with high sports socks , She was such a little minx .

“ Morning “ I say walking to the table as she brought the plates over “ how’d you sleep ? “

“ erm… I slept well daddy , better than I have in a long time . felt nice having you next to me keeping me warm “ She shot me a cheeky smile as we ate , then enquired “ what are you doing today “

“ I have a couple hours of work to do from my office “ I could see the disappointment in her face as I said this “ but don’t worry sweetheart I have fun plans for us tonight and before you say it no, its not a sex swing “ . She giggled . I loved seeing her laugh took me back , the way she scrunched her cute button nose was adorable , I couldn’t get enough of it . “ so what are we doing ? “ she questioned snapping me out of my gaze ,

“ Now that babygirl , is for you to find out later “ We continued chatting as she pestered me to know what I had planned but at least this was one thing I was stubborn enough to keep it to myself . I got up to work and Ava said she’d clean up and let me get started , I went into my office which to my surprise was in a pristine , I sat down but felt something on the chair beneath me .

I reached down to find a vibrater , flavoured lube and her ipad . I tucked her … toys in her bag and turned her ipad on . I know I shouldn’t have snooped but I wanted to know what she was into or got off to , which was a horrible excuse , worse than just silence . I swiped it on and oddly she had no password making it way too easy . the title read

Step daddy

I should have guessed , but I couldn’t have guessed what came next . Pictures of me and her as a kid but herself cropped out , Is this what Ava had got off to ? ME ! . I was so flattered and turned on but I switched it to home and slipped it into her bag . Pushing that very attractive but confusing image to the back of my mind I opened my laptop and first of all checked my email . I did free-lance interior design , so work was pretty flexible making it easy to care for Ava . Of Course I had deadlines but I could take on as much or as little work as I wanted .

I got about an hour done before Ava came in holding two cocoas “ Daddy can we talk ? “

“ Of course baby girl , what's up “ I turned my chair to face the bed and patted for her to sit down “ what;s gonna happen to me “ she looked so sad

“ Baby , what brought this around “ I said concerned

“ My dad messaged me , he said he won’t have me back and that if I try to … “ she began crying , I pulled her into a tight hug as she sobbed on my shoulder “ Oh Ava , darling I’m so sorry “

“ Where am I gonna live ? am I gonna have to buy a home or worse - “ I cut her off .

“ Ava stop , you can stay with me , I would be more than happy . My world lit up the last few days , finding you , spending time and getting to know you , feeling like a have a reason or something to get me out of bed “

“ you really mean that ? “ she wiped a tear from her eye , appearing to churp up a little .

“ YES ! Ava no one knows this . 5 years ago my heart broke a little , I lost you . It was like one day you were there and the next you were gone . I tried dating and I was with a woman for a few months , I knew she had a kid but when I met her daughter it became real . I kept calling her Ava and thinking of you so I had to break things off . I’ve been…. With women since but I haven't been in a relationship , Been Living the lonely bachelor life “ I grabbed her by the Chin and stroked it “ These last few days have been the happiest that Iever have “ .

She looked content , and before I knew it she had leaned in and kissed me .

How Do Things Keep Going Like This !

She tasted like sweet chocolate as her tongue sought mine out and then she pulled away


I thought I was going to have to shut it down but after that conversation it couldn’t have been worse timing . “ I love you daddy “ she said planting a final kiss on my cheek “ Thank you , I’ll leave you to your work for tonight “

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My Step-Daughter #2

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Comments (2)
darkside7 — 03 December 2019 01:23
where is part one?
achimvw — 02 December 2019 19:02
Is there a #1?
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