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Michael and His Sister

Categories Fiction, Blowjob, Cum Swallowing, Incest

Author: michaell

Published: 04 December 2019

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Michael and His Sister Part 1

This is a work of fantasy. The author is not condoning incest or sex with the young, but is writing this as entertainment only.

Incest, brother/sister, father/daughter, young, blow job, cum swallowing, masturbation

Note - This is a work of fiction. You must be 18 or over to read this story. In real life, incestuous relationships, particularly when an under-aged person is involved with a parent or adult, often causes deep psychological damage. This story is provided for entertainment purposes only. The author does not condone any sexual activity with persons under 18 in real life.

It has been decades since all that I’m about to relate happened. I am now seventy five and I have had sexual relations with three of my sisters (two older, one younger). The two older sisters gave me the best memories.

Kathy is two years older than me. She taught me to French kiss, she was the first girl who let me suck her tits and lick her pussy. She was the first girl to jack me and suck me off. Kathy taught me the words; fuck, cock sucker, cunt and cock. We were teens. As great as all that was (and still is in my memory), it was Nancy – five years older than me – who gave me the most satisfaction, and our experiences were only two.

The first: I was in high school and Nancy, already married and soon to be pregnant, was visiting mom. I was sleeping in late and Nancy came into my bedroom to wake me up. I was already awake but pretended to still be asleep. She grabbed the sheet that covered me and yanked it away, exposing my nude body to her. I turned onto my back and was ready to yell at her when I noticed that her eyes were glued to my cock. I didn’t even try to cover up. Nancy just smiled, kept her eyes on my stiff prick, and said “I guess I can’t call you my little brother any more” then she laughed a little and left my bedroom.

Maybe that is why Nancy was always the sister I wanted to fuck…because I had exposed myself to her and it didn’t freak her out. She was my jack off fantasy for years after that.

Move ahead. I am now thirty three, living in Los Angeles and getting a few small parts as an actor, primarily on stage. I had the opportunity to do an important play with a very famous actor and Nancy decided to fly out to see the last show. I picked her up at the airport that afternoon and we dropped her bag at my small, one bedroom apartment in North Hollywood, then straight on to the play.

A word about Nancy at this point. She was 38, about 5’7”, 115 pounds, the tits of a woman with two children (full and beginning to feel the effects of gravity), waist maybe 26” and her ass about 36 or 37”. From the time of the earlier incident mentioned above, Nancy was always the image I jacked off to so I would say she had the mouth of a cock sucker and the face of a 100 dollar whore. Because Nancy had once said…and confirmed by another older sister…she had been wild in high school, I always fantasized wild things about her; being gang banged, fucking dogs, seducing young boys and girls, licking cunt, etc. Like I said, Nancy was my go to image to jack off to.

We got back to my apartment just after midnight. Nancy had finished a long plane ride and a long play, so I showed her my bedroom and told her I would sleep on the couch. She looked at my bed, a small double bed, and said that it looked big enough for two and that the couch looked way too small for me (which it really was). Just the thought of sharing the bed with Nancy gave me a growing hard on, so of course I said okay.

While my sister went into the bathroom to shower and get ready for bed, I stripped out of my clothes and got into bed, beneath the sheet. There was no hiding the tent my cock was making with the sheet and I knew I was taking a chance being naked like this, but I learned at an early age that I tend to think with my prick. Not long after I heard the shower being turned off, Nancy came out of the bedroom. She was wearing a satin nighty with spaghetti straps and I could tell she wasn’t wearing a bra. The nighty came down about two inches below her pussy and ass so I couldn’t tell if she was wearing panties or not. As she slipped into bed she lifted the sheet and saw my hard on.

“I see you still sleep the same way you did in high school” she said with a smile.

“I guess I can put something on if you want” I said.

“No need. I’ve seen plenty of hard cocks in my time.” With that she leaned over and kissed me on the lips…a good four second, soft lips kiss. Then Nancy turned off the light on the stand beside the bed and said goodnight.

That was an excruciating night and it took me a long time to get to sleep. I realized that Nancy was really tired from the day’s activities, but it took me over an hour to finally get to sleep.

I woke the next morning to find my sister kissing my bare stomach. “Good morning, little brother” she said when she noticed my eyes were open. Nancy kissed my lips again, this time a bit longer. “I hope you slept well. Did this guy ever get to sleep?” she asked as she softly stroked my sheet covered cock.

“What would Jerry think if he saw you doing that?” I asked.

“Your brother in law has seen me petting cock before.”

“Really? He’s watched you?”

Nancy smiled and moved to get out of bed. “I’ve told you before…I was really wild in high school. Anyway, time to get up. Don’t bother getting dressed, this is a come as you are kind of day.” With that she walked out of the room, flipping her nighty up in the back to show she wasn’t wearing panties.

Morning wood almost always goes away after a good piss…this morning it didn’t. My prick led the way as I walked into the kitchen, where Nancy had put out two bowls, the box of cereal and the milk. She looked at my cock as I entered and sat at the table across from her. One of the straps on her nighty had slipped off her shoulder, revealing her tit almost to the nipple.

“I’m happy to see that I can still get that kind of response out of a guy.”

“I’ll bet you got that kind of response from a lot of guys over the years.”

“More than my fair share, I would have to say. I’ve always enjoyed giving boys a hard on.”

“I’ve gotten a hard on more than once, thinking about you.”

“You really enjoyed showing me your cock that day when I came in to wake you up…didn’t you?”

“Almost as much as I’m enjoying showing you my stiff prick right now.”

“You know, mom had me describe you in detail that day. She had me tell her how big your prick was and how hard it was and…in her .own words…did it look tasty.


“You didn’t know mom was cheating on dad? She was sucking off salesmen, particularly that little German guy who sold costume jewelry.”

“How do you know that?”

“Because, when I was in high school she had me suck him off too. He once offered mom a necklace if he could watch her and me sixty nine each other.”


“Mom got the necklace.”

“So why didn’t you two ever invite me to play? God knows I jacked off often enough thinking about fucking you.”

Nancy smiled. “I wanted to. I told mom that you would probably enjoy fucking us, but let’s face it, incest is some heavy duty stuff and mom wasn’t so sure you could handle it. We didn’t want you to hate us later…or get fucked up in some way, so we left you out of the games.”

I stood and crossed to my sister, bent down and planted a deep, soft kiss on her lips. Our tongues explored each other and I moved her other strap from her shoulder, allowing her nighty to slip off her tits completely.

“But you came out here prepared to fuck me.”

“Yes and no. Not at first…I really just wanted to watch you in the play, but then Kathy told mom and me what you did with her when you were teens…then I decided I was going to fuck you.”

I moved in toward her, my prick just inches from her face. “Why don’t you go ahead and suck my cock then. I think I want to cum in my big sister’s mouth.”

“With pleasure, little brother.” Nancy leaned forward and opened her mouth. I watched as she wrapped her lips around my prick and began to suck. I could now plainly see her beautiful tits…just enough sag to make them interesting…her dark, rosy areolas about the size of a half dollar…her nipples pert and stiff. My sister played carefully with my balls as she sucked me….her fingers teased as they found my ass, then I felt her as she slowly worked one finger up my asshole.

“Nancy…eat my cum you fucking whore!” I had both hands on her head now and I was fucking her face as she finger fucked my ass. This moment was the most sexually exciting moment I had ever felt. It was almost a religious experience.

My prick exploded in my sister’s mouth as she worked her finger in and out of my asshole. “Oh yes” I almost yelled. “I love incest…I love my sister…I’m fucking my sister’s cock sucking mouth.”

I watched Nancy’s face as she swallowed my cum, then she pulled my face to hers and kissed me, transferring a mouthful of my cum into my own mouth. I rolled her nipples in my hand as we kissed as lovers.

“Now it’s your turn” she said. “Time for little brother to dip his tongue into his sister’s wet cunt.” She stood and dropped her nighty to the floor, then led me back into the bedroom. I was already hard as a rock again, seeing my older sister’s ass and cunt…her tits gently swaying as she walked. Nancy’s pussy was trimmed but not shaved. As soon as she lay back in bed I clamped my mouth to her pussy and began licking.

“Mmmm…I can’t wait to tell mom what a good cunt licker you are. I’ll bet you’d like to lick mommy’s pussy and fuck her, wouldn’t you?” All I could do was to grunt my assent as I tongued Nancy’s cunt. I licked my sister from asshole to clit and back again, all the time looking up at her face. I was in love with her. I moved up and pressed my cock against the lips of her pussy and pushed as I locked lips with her. I fucked my sister as we kissed with passion, both of us so turned on we were moaning.

I fucked Nancy and she fucked me back…bucking her hips to meet my prick. “Cum in my cunt, little brother. Fill your sister’s pussy with cum and get me pregnant.”

“Oh god yes, Nancy. I love you. I’m in love with you.” With that I flooded my sister’s pussy with cum. We laid there together for quite awhile, both of us spent. We kissed and held each other for almost a half hour.

We got out of bed and Nancy went to the phone and called her husband Jerry. She held the phone between us so I could hear everything.

Nancy: “Hi honey…guess who filled my mouth and pussy with cum this morning.”

Jerry: “Was it as tasty as you thought it would be?”

In the background we could hear Terri…their daughter. “Was what tasty?”

Jerry: “Your uncle Mike’s cum.”

Terri: “cool! So mom sucked him off already? That didn’t take long.”

Jerry: “well, you know your mother when she sees a dick.”

As we listened, Nancy had her lips pressed firmly to mine, her tongue against mine.

Terri: “Like mother like daughter…eh dad?”

Jerry: “Does my daughter need a mouthful of cum”

Terri: “Your daughter needs a mouth full of that hard sweet cock of yours, daddy.”

Jerry came back on the line. “I’d better go, Nancy. Our little daughter needs her daddy’s attention.

Nancy: “Our daughter doesn’t need your attention, (laughing), she just needs to suck her daddy’s prick. Put the phone beside you so we can hear the little slut do it, and at the same time I’ll suck off my little brother again. Incest across America!”

Jerry: “You up for that Mike? You have another load of cum for your big sister to suck down?”

Me: “I’ve been ready to fuck Nancy’s mouth for years…I love my cock sucking whore sister….I love fucking my whore sister and cumming in her fuck pig mouth.”

Jerry: “Well this will make you feel even better…all of your sisters are fucking whores…oh yes Terri…keep licking daddy’s asshole.”

Me: “Oh shit…Jerry, your wife is sucking my cock so good…have you fucked my sisters?...”

Jerry: “Oh yes, Terri…turn just a little so I can play with your sweet teenage tits while you suck me…that’s it….yes Michael…Sharleen has the best tits but Kathy is best at taking it up the ass…Lauren and Kristi both love eating cum and getting facials…and your mother…what a sweet piece of ass Gladys is.”

Between Nancy’s mouth sucking on my cock and Jerry’s de***********ions of my mother and sisters, I blew my load quickly into Nancy’s mouth. At the same time I could hear Jerry getting his rocks off in his daughter’s mouth.

“Oh that’s it Terri…I’m cumming you fucking little whore…daddy’s cumming in your slut mouth you cock sucking little tramp.”

I reached for the phone as Nancy swallowed the last drops of my cum and licked at my balls. “Oh shit, Jerry” I said to my brother in law. “This fucking cunt sister of mine is going to kill me before she’s done.”

Jerry laughed. “Yeah, I know what you mean. Our daughter is one hungry little cum slut too. I’ve had a few girls in my time, but Terri, at fourteen, is the best. Her mother taught her well.”

I was starting to drift off, but heard Jerry say, “Don’t let Nancy just suck you off while she’s there. We want you to get her pregnant. Nancy and Terri are both ovulating right now and I’ve been pounding Terri’s pussy at least three times a day. We’re hoping that, by the end of the week, we’ll have two incest babies started.”

“I’ll do my best. I always dreamed about fucking my sisters and mom, but never thought I’d get to do it…least I can do is knock Nancy up.”


Nancy hung the phone up and kissed me, deeply and passionately. I liked the taste of my cum in her mouth. “For the next few days I’m your whore, little brother” she said. “I’ll suck off anyone you tell me to, but only you get to fuck my pussy.”

With that, we drifted off to sleep, Nancy laying in my arms.

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Michael and His Sister

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Comments (2)
tlknrdy2me — 04 December 2019 03:06
Loved it! Hope there’s more!
Dirty Samone — 03 December 2019 21:08
Tell me about the ass fuckin. I love to read about ass fuckin. Please.
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