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Passport Control

Categories True Story, Anal, Cuckold, Domination/submission

Author: HapyCuck

Published: 04 December 2019

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We are a British couple in our mid-fifties. During our 30+ years of marriage we have travelled to most European countries so when we were planning our latest trip my wife, Valerie, suggested that we try somewhere more exotic. After looking at lots of options she finally made up her mind on Central America. We decided to take stay for a week in each of three small countries (I won't say which ones as we may want to go back there).

The trip started with us spending 3 nights in Florida before flying to the first stopover. We were told that it was better to take US Dollars rather than use the local currency.

The flight was a bit scary as it was only a small plane but we finally landed in the Capital. While we were in the line for Passport Control we got chatting to the American couple in front of us. They explained that everything down here works on bribes. They said that we should put some money in our passport before handing it to the official. I said, “just to lubricate things”. The husband said, “ in that case just put in 5 dollars” and for some reason his wife just giggled.

When it got to their turn the Americans handed over their passports the official removed something from it and said, “Muchos gracias, senor”. He then just let them through.

I handed him our passports and when he saw the 5 dollar bill his expression changed. He said we should follow him. He took us into a small room that had a table and a few chairs. There was a female customs official seated at desk. The male officer said that if we said anything or didn't do exactly are we were told we would be thrown in jail for six months for trying to bribe an government official.

He said to me, “Sit on that chair and don't say a word”. I quickly sat down. He then told my wife to bend over the table. She looked angry but was more afraid of going to jail so she did as she was told.

The young lady got up from her desk and carefully lifted my wife's dress up over her waist and then pulled her knickers down below her knees. I know that I should have been outraged but something about my bossy wife having her backside exposed for all to see sent a tingle through my balls.

The female official then turned to a trolley that was against one wall. When she turned back she was wearing a pair of latex gloves. The right hand one was covered in lubrication gel. She went up to Valerie and very carefully slipped two fingers into her pussy followed by a third and then a forth. She then put her thumb in as well until only her wrist was visible. Val let out a little squeak but the man shouted at her to shut up or go to prison. The women pulled her hand out slightly leaving just four fingers in my wife's cunt. She then slipped her thumb into Valerie’s bum hole. She moved it around slowly removed it and replaced it with two fingers. When my wife's private part were all lubricated the young woman pulled off her gloves and threw them into a bin. She then returned to her place at the desk.

The male officer stepped up behind my wife and dropped his trousers to reveal his fully erect penises. It was about average size (well about the same size as mine anyway). To my surprise he gently push just the knob into Valerie's ass. He stood perfectly still for around a minute. In all our married life I never had the courage to ask my wife what she thought about anal sex but I guessed I was about to find out. The man then very slowly eased his cock into Val. When he couldn't go in any further he began to thrust back and forth very gently. My wife just let out a low moaning sound. After only ten strokes or so he clutched her hips and pulled her against him as his knees began to shake. I guessed that Valerie has was having her first experience of cum in the bum. My dick twitched in my shorts.

The customs man pulled his trousers up and walked over to the telephone that was on the desk. When it was answered he said something in Spanish that sounded a bit like , "Captitan, there is something here that needs your attention ". Within a few minutes the door opened and an older man with a lot of gold braid on his epilates walked in. He stepped up behind my wife and dropped his trousers. There must have been something about my wife's round white butt that he liked because his prick was already semi erect. It was much bigger than the other man's even in this state. He stroked in several time and it grew to it's full size. I thought to myself that if he puts that up her bum it was it is really going to hurt her. Fortunately, he made straight for my wife's cunt . There was nothing gentle about this fuck. As he slammed it into her, he grunted and snorted like a wild animal. Val was making whimpering noises in time with his trusts. My cock was straining in my shorts and I had to try very hard not to ask if I could take a turn in her bum hole. The man lasted a little longer than the last man but he soon began shake and his eyes started to roll. He stepped backwards and allowed his prick to roll out of Val's pussy flopping with a sloppy squelching sound. The woman official stood up from her desk and handed him some baby wipes. He wiped penis off, pulled up his trousers and marched out of the room.

The woman then took one of the wipes and gently cleaned the dried spunk from Val's bum hole. She then used another one to carefully wipe out my wife's pussy. Finally, she spent several minutes thoroughly cleaning her clitoris; Val must have appreciated this gesture because her knees started to tremble and she had to grip the table. The woman pulled up my wife's knickers and gently smoothed down her dress.

The male officer said that we were free to enter the country. He said that we should know that throughout Latin America, if no money is offered when presenting a passport then all luggage will be searched and some items confiscated. He told us that any thing less than ten dollars is considered a grave insults and that payment would be taken in some other way; as we now had seen.

As we left the room I asked my wife if they had hurt her. She said,"No, and we will never ever speak about this again". We found our bags and got a taxi to our hotel.

The rest of the week went OK and we even made love a couple of times (something we hadn't done for a long time). By the way we went at it the experience at the airport was still in both our minds. On our last day our flight to our next destination was not scheduled until the early evening so Valerie said she wanted to do some last minute shopping. I was more or less ordered me to watch the local football match that was being shown on TV in the hotel bar.

When I returned to the room Val was just coming out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped round her. Her short hair was brush back to dry naturally. I said that I would take a long shower after all the heat in the bar room. When I eventually came back towards the bedroom I peeped around the door to see Valerie sitting at the dressing table. It was obvious that she didn't know I standing there. She had on a white see-through half cup bra that barely covered her nipples. In the mirror I could clearly see the two half moons of her areolars peeking over the cups. Also, she was wearing a matching suspender belt and tan nylon stockings (the old fashioned kind with seams up the back). I could see absolutely no sign of any knickers. Stepping back into the bathroom, I pretended to clean my teeth very noisily for about 5 minutes.

By the time I walked into the room again Valerie had slipped on a flimsy summer dress and some strappy high heeled shoes. She told me to get a move on as she wanted to allow plenty of time to get through Passport Control.

At the airport, we joined the waiting line. As we got near the front my wife said, "only put five dollars in the passport". From the tone of her voice I took it as an order not a request. While was slipping the money into the passport I thought to myself, "Now we know what pushes her Ladyship's buttons". I also wondered what would happen if when we got to our next destination I 'accidentally ' put a one dollar bill in the passport.

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Passport Control

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