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I was caught

Categories True Story, Blowjob, Consensual Sex, Cum Swallowing

Author: bob144333

Published: 07 December 2019

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Jamie had been a good friend of ours for years and I always thought she was hot.She was 15 years younger than us,a tall brunette with blue eyes and a thin figure. She always wore dresses that accented her body well ,usually low cut .Some times I would catch a glimpse of her small breasts and hard nipples when she would bend over.

I became attracted to Jamie since the first time I found her sitting on our sofa talking to my wife.She was always fun to listen too telling us stories about how screwed up her life has been . She has been married three times and has 5 daughters .I have heard through the grapevine she was quite promiscuous.

Our boys and her girls got along well being one of the reasons she spent a lot of time at our home.They also lived next door which was another reason I didn't care if she spent time at our home.

For the last twenty years she has been close, often confiding to us about her recent dead beat boy friends.Many times she would come by, even if my wife wasn't home and cry on my shoulder.There were many times I had jerked off thinking about Jamie even when I was having sex with my wife.

As years went by my wife became less passionate and Jamie seemed more flirtatious .Her hugs were tighter when she came over and her kisses longer when she left. There were many times I had to hide my erections when she would catch me looking at her .She would stare long into my eyes then look to my lap, never saying a thing.

Many,many times when she was between boy friends she would ask me to come over to help her. I was always happy too because she would be dressed more sexier giving me tit shots knowing I would get hard.She would hold me tighter when saying thanks and if I didn't turn my cheeks no doubt they would have been on my lips.

So this is how this story begins

Hello Jamie now I know now that you read my stories. I was shocked and even a bit embarrassed when you told me that you did.You said you were pleased when you figured out they were my stories .You said that you even more pleased when I used your name when referring to my wife. When I wrote about what my wife and I did in our sexual adventures you said you were fantasizing about doing them with me.Well Jamie you caught me so this story is to tell my readers how we finally lived out our fantasies last night when I came over.

So Jamie the hard cock I have now while writing this story is from thinking of you will be playing with your pretty pussy when reading it.The memory of how you nibbled on my neck last night while your hand was on my lap telling me you wanted me. How our lips finally met after all the years I yearned for your kiss was better than I ever imagined.

When you took my hand moving it under your shirt to feel how hard your nipples were I almost came in my jeans.You told me you have seen the out line of my cock in my pants many times .You told me how you also masturbated thinking about it while unbuttoning my pants .

I have to tell you Jamie when you looked into my eyes and smiled finally freeing my cock was better than any fore play I have ever had. Your hand felt so nice when you rubbed my cock softly, tickling my balls all while your tongue explored my mouth.You were right when you said my wife told you I was long lasting because I can be.But that is because she isn't as sensual as you were being last night.

You were not rushing to get me off ,you were showing me how much you were enjoying being with me.I knew you were getting turned on just as much as I when I moved my hand down between your thighs.Your warm breaths and your low moans also gave it away ,not to mention how damp your jeans were getting.

In a way I wanted you to stand up and rip your clothes off but in another way I didn't. I was afraid that I was going to cum too soon seeing your naked body for the first time .You were helping me up but stopped letting me suck on each nipple. They grew quite hard and I loved the way your breasts felt in my hands when I cupped them.

I loved the way you kissed my chest when lifting my shirt off over my head , then running your hands down to drop my pants.Since we are the same height we stared into each others eyes before we kissed with our arms holding on to each other. You smiled spreading your legs enough to allow my cock to slip between them, then closed on to it.

I could feel your cum seeping down your lips onto my shaft as you moved slightly back and forth.I was having all I could do not to cum, being glad you didn't let it enter your wet pussy.You were whispering to me that my wife told you how big I was .You told me years ago my wife told you to bed me but you were unsure she really meant it.

We were still standing holding each other basking in the sensation of the warmth between us, when you took a deep breath saying you wished you had. I felt a warm rush of cum drip from your pussy when you had your first orgasm.When you moved your arms up around my neck I almost shot my load as well.

I felt the unsteadiness in your legs as you turned me around and sat down on the sofa. I kissed you feeling your hard nipples raking down my front as I slowly lowered you down.I kissed you again hoping in a way you weren't going to want to suck my cock. But when you reached for my hard cock I knew i wasn't going to stop you.

Your hand softly held onto it , rubbing your finger in the pre-cum that was coating the head knowing that I was close. I had my hand on your head trying to keep your open mouth away and told you I was pretty close.I knew there was no stopping you when you said "dont worry I swallow".

Jamie I have to tell you the way you took me slowly in your mouth was better that any one ever had.I dont know why I didn't erupt then when you had my cock deep in your throat.Your mouth felt so warm and the manner you worked it slowly in and out showed me how much you loved doing it.

Jamie I held off cumming because I focused on the view of your curly haired head moving slowly on my cock. I love the way it felt in my fingers when I was running my hands through it. I could see in the mirror your thin body against me ,your long hair reaching. almost to your tiny butt

We have been in a passionate embrace now for almost an hour now with neither of us wanting it to end,But Jamie when you looked up at me with that beautiful face and told me to cum I couldn't hold out any longer. You squeezed my cock when you felt the first shot enter your mouth. I could feel your tongue licking the head that you held firmly in your mouth . I could hear your moans as you continued to swallow my cum .You started milking it trying to extract the last of it before letting go of my cock.

When you sat back smiling and rubbing your belly you seemed very pleased as I was my self'.I wanted to thank you and when you spread your legs I knew you wanted me to show you my thanks.When I dropped to my knees in front of you , you were giving that look of confidence .Jamie I want to tell you how delicious your pussy looked your thin lips inviting me to get closer.

When I slid my hands up the inside of your thighs I heard you say yes in your soft sexy voice.You placed your legs over my shoulders as you drew me closer with your hands on my head.The way they rubbed the sides of my head gently assured me that was what you wanted.I loved the way your juices tasted on my tongue as I licked up and down the folds.I loved the way your blue eyes stared into my eyes each time I looked up.

You were telling me in your how you often dreamed of me doing that to you.You were instructing me to lick deeper and when to suck on the nub, gasping when I did.I liked the way you pushed your hips up against my mouth and held my head tight taking short breaths.You would let out a loud cry each time I sucked harder pulling the warm juices from with in side your soft pussy.

Jamie you tasted so much better than my wife and with your reaction from eating you was more pleasurable.I picked my head up looking at your chest , seeing your nipples poking straight up and hard.You started thrashing your head from side to side when I slid two fingers in side your wet pussy and started finger fucking you.

When your legs moved off my shoulders I started kissing my way up to suck on your nipples keeping my fingers wiggling in side you.I wished my wife would get this wet, I wished she would react to my kissing the way you were.You were not trying to stop me or rush me to fuck you and be finished like she does .

We have been in the heat of passion now for almost two hours with both of us not showing any signs of tire-ring .I moved up to kiss you when your hand grabbed my cock again telling me how hard and thick It was.You guided me in side your pussy staring into my eyes and taking a deep breath. I knew I was far from cumming even though it was in one of the finest pussy it has ever been in.I could feel the heat around my shaft as your muscles were gripping it tight.

The way your hands rubbed my back then clamped tight around my neck,faster you whispered as you bucked your hips up to meet my thrusts.You were encouraging me to fuck you harder and deeper telling me to make you cum.I was enjoying how much different you were expressing your pleasure than my wife, The way you were moaning and sucking hard on my neck when you came again.

I had stopped fucking you when you said stop I was enjoying the feeling of your pussy pulsating in your juices around my cock. You said suddenly that we needed to go to your bed room because your daughter may come home.You told me how weak your legs were as we picked up our clothes and walked to your room.Jamie you have a beautiful ass and I like the nice spread between your thighs.

When you stopped beside your bed I move into you from behind I couldn't resist dropping to my knees and lick you from behind.I knew you liked it by the way you spread your legs a little farther and ran a hand under your self.Seeing your long fingers slide beside the lips and rubbing your nub was awesome.A sight I hand never seen my wife do to her self then your hand cupped my chin pulling it closer.

My tongue lick at the drops of cum as it dripped slowly down into my mouth until you told me to stop. I was worried I had done some thing wrong and stood up,your smile assured me that I didn't.

Thank you Jamie for telling me how well I was doing and how wet I made you.The way you hugged me and rested your head on my shoulder made me sure you wanted more from me.When my hand went back to fingering you you squeezed me tighter and started sucking on my neck.I wondered then if my wife told you how sensitive my neck was to sucking on.

The way I didn't have to guess what I should do gave me confidence by the way you were talking to me softly as I explored your body.Your body language guided me into the various positions you wanted to be in. I knew it wasn't going to be just missionary like it usually was with my wife.

You climbed up on the bed first ,on your knees you laid me down on my back and stroked my cock.You stared at my cock as your hand squeezed and slapped it on my belly.You then smiled at me before lowering your head onto my cock.I watched your long hair drape over my body as your head began to bob up and down.

I reached under you feeling your small breasts hanging there swinging as you moved.When I softly pinched your nipple you took your mouth off my cock and moaned.I was surprised when you then moved and straddled my head with your pretty pussy above me.

You kept it above me teasing me even after I placed my hands on your hips trying to draw you closer. I heard you giggle as you lowered your pussy then lifted it away drawing my attention away from your mouth on my cock. You knew what you were doing keeping me from cumming too soon in your warm mouth.

I loved the way you would suddenly sit back face fucking me,rotating you pussy on my face, then back off. Each time I could see your pussy muscles opening and closing your tiny hole,sending strands of cum dripping down.I knew when you orgasm ed by the way you stopped sucking and the strands of cum became thicker.I could hear you moan when you sat still with your pussy firmly on my face letting me suck the juices from with in you.

You never let go of my cock even when you spun around and lined it up and sat down quickly on my cock.You kept direct eye contact as you sat motionless with my cock deep inside you. You were telling me how full I made you feel and how you couldn't believe my wife didn't enjoy sex.

You continued to stare into my eyes as you pulled your small breasts up sucking on your nipples.It was turning me on the way you started rotating your hips on my groin. How you eyes seemed to beg me to fuck you harder.When I placed my hands on your hips you laid down kissing me riding my cock harder

I wished my wife would ride me the way you were as our bodies began slapping harder against each other. i could feel your hard nipples on my chest as you begged me to cum continuing to fuck me hard.We fucked hard and fast for the next few minutes until we both started to cum ,it was the most intense orgasm I have had in years.

You laid still breathing heavily as I was sending shot after shot deep inside your pulsating pussy.You didn't move to pull away from me and laid there keeping me inside you . You were kissing me between telling me how great it felt, and how you could feel our hearts beating.

I wish you could be here right now as I am writing this story Jamie I know where your fingers will be when you read it.I have to put an end to this because thinking about how we fucked again and again that night makes me want to jerk off right now.

I was happy when I finally told you I needed to go you told me my wife knew we were in bed together. You said you discussed fucking me earlier with her and she reassured you that she didn't mind.

The feeling of your leg over mine dripping of cum as we went to sleep was awe some. When you woke me up several times gently stroking my cock is some thing I hope you will do again. How you took my morning wood and sucked me off before sending me home was the best way to wake up.

Thank you Jamie for making me feel wanted again I sure hope you will want to relive last night with me over and over.

Your the best


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I was caught

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Comments (1)
Cypriano — 06 December 2019 19:33
First part of story was good. But the transition as to the affair is awkward. You go to first person telling how it happened . Doesn't week, Poor punctuation,
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