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Childhood friend and far far beyond .... Part 2

Categories Fiction, Exhibitionism, Humiliation, Male Domination

Author: Give_Me _Cookies

Published: 07 December 2019

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Rachel :

It was night-time. I had my dinner and sitting in the room , checking something on my PC. I was feeling very horny , after a busy day . I was wearing my blue pajamas which were partly displaced showing my privates and revealing by pert breast. I opened my usual site and started browsing for porn sitting on a chair. It has been a week after the incidence , and I was searching for some relief , any relief. I tried to masturbate , but the orgasm was insignificant compared to the one I had on the train. Just remembering , it made me blush. I tried watching porn , tried to fantasize , but all in vain. I tried to distract myself by work , by hanging with my girlfriends. But nothing seem to work. It almost felt like I was missing a limb. It almost felt like a color was taken away from my life.

As a last resort , I closed my eyes and tried to recall that day . And started to masturbate , pinching my nipple. And slowly teasing my pussy. I can still remember how fast my heart was beating at thought of getting fingered in front of so many people. I can't believe how he violated me in front of so many people. I tried to forget that molester was Ben.I increased the stimulation my inserting 2 fingers inside my slit as I neared my orgasm. At last , an orgasm . But it sunk before I could even realize it.

Still , it is not enough. I need more than this .... I can't take this anymore. I must do something about this. But how ? I had seen in one of the comics , where the girl goes outside naked at night. But no , that would be too risky. It was getting too late.

Next day , I was called at my aunts for brunch. I was bored , as they are really religious nuts. And though my mother is really religious , they are even further. Anyway , I endured through it. Luckily , I had an excuse to leave early. I left for the work early , saying that there was a new book getting launched and my boss needed me early. I reached there early. And I started walking towards the godown , it was in the backstreet. It is bit dark and only has a small window and yet is quite big in the back. I opened , the godown and started unpacking , the boxes. That is when an idea struck me . Harold told me he was busy and he left . He would not come for a long time and I had the spare key of the godown.

I hesitated, but then I wanted to get it over with quick. I locked the hastily door from inside , and started unbuttoning my jeans with one hand , removed my sweater , slid the pant off. What if I was caught ? The feeling and the big size of the room , just made it better . I could feel the air in the room over her bare skin. Suddenly warmth oozed from my core. I could feel butterfly in my stomach. I continued by removing my top , bra and finally the panties slowly , to make it even more exciting. I walked around in the room , imagining anytime someone will come out of that door and catch me in the action . But I knew that was not true . But I was really going to do it. I was going to do it during my work, Oh god . I found a plastic chair and sat upon it , spread my legs wide , facing the door . I started playing with my self. A soft moan escaped my mouth . I could feel the texture of the uncomfortable chair on my butt, it was a little awkward, but it didn't matter. I started playing with my now very erect nipple, cold and arousal making all giving me goosebumps. I could feel the orgasm approaching . I closed my eyes and started imaging that someone would come inside and catch me in action.

Suddenly everything , disappeared in darkness , there was just , my beating heart . And then suddenly , there was small sound , of like some vehicle from outside. I continued moaning. Then I heard , " Hey , Rachel did you sort the .... " , I suddenly came to my senses , still very aroused , she opened her eyes . And there was ben standing , at the door . I bent down to cover my breast and tried to cover her crotch with my hand .He was saw everything , even my mother has never seen her like this! He was still standing their as if he was expecting invitation . "LEAVE, NOW" I shouted at him. He shouted "I'll come later ". then I heard a bang . I closed my eyes shut , while leaning forward to hide my shame.

And when I opened my eyes he was still there ! I couldn't believe his audacity. He was still in the room facing the door . I was waiting for him to leave , but he was just standing there.

" Can you please leave, now"

" I can't "

"What the Hell "

" I don't have keys , door's locked"

Oh god , I could not get up in this situation . I started looking around for the key. It was under my clothes near the chair.

"It ... the key are over there "

He turned around to look for the keys , still his eyes on the ground. I could not look into his eyes. I closed eyes and leaned. He could still see her cleavage, there is no way , her two hands could cover everything . Its better to close eyes rather than waiting. But , i could still hear rustle of his feet as he moved , towards me. He wouldn't try to look at her ? Would he ? He obviously will , he is a man after all. My thought started becoming dirtier with his each step .The butterflies in my stomach returned with full intensity. I wanted to stop him. I have been caught anyway , what can go wrong. There is no way we can stay normal after this incidence. Are we in a normal relation anyway ?

"Stop " I said in a low voice , I opened my eyes , hoping he has not heard it. But , he did.

I looked at him , Our eyes met . I can see the desire in his eyes. I can see the restlessness in them . I couldn't find my words. My lips dried. I wet them with my tongue. And tried to form a sentence.

"You ... can help me ... "

But I can't find anymore words. I lowered the hand covering my breasts. Giving him , the unhindered view of breasts. He looked surprised .

"yes , I will get the key"

No idiot , I couldn't believe it.

"Wait -"

I looked towards him , without blinking , now other hand on my crotch . And started to play with my flower. He just stared at me . While I was still looking in his eyes . . He stood there still for some time, then he slowly started to move towards me. And then he stood near me. Just watching me play with myself . It must have been awkward for him . But I was far beyond limits of rationality.

I broke the awkwardness , by grabbing his hand and guided it slowly towards by breasts. He took the clue and started feeling my breasts. He knelt , and started groping my breasts from my front. With one hand on my breast and other hand on the back-rest of the chair. I closed my eyes again , feeling touch of his hand. And he slowly pinched my nipples , and a soft moan escaped mouth. He stopped for a second and then again continued his teasing, moving from one breast to another. Then he started to travel downward , slowly feeling the curve of my body. From chest , to stomach . I moved away my hand from my pussy and gripped the seat of the chair . And he moved his hand , down from stomach , now , caressing my pubic hair. He stayed there for a while and then moved towards my pussy . I shifted on my seat because of the sudden contact of his hand. He outlined my pussy lips which were very swollen by now with his fingers , and then inserted a finger inside me. And started to move his finger. My orgasm was already building up . He inserted another finger and started massaging the ceiling of my vagina. I have never felt so stimulated before. Waves of pleasure started flowing through my body from my crotch. I moved forward to make my pussy more accessible , this made me feel like a whore. But , that was least of my concerns then. I started to shake , my toes clenching . And then there was the long silence of pleasure with nothing to disturb but my racing heart.

Then , suddenly everything was dull again , but there was a smile on my face .

" you can stop now." a little louder than before. And suddenly I was aware of my nudity. I stood up , picked up my clothes and tossed the key towards Ben. Which , he dropped. I started dressing while Ben was still distracted .

"Harold told me , he won't be coming back , so shop will be closed."

"Great , lets leave"

We closed the godown and left started towards subway.

"What did we just do , Rachel ?"

That was the question I was trying to evade. I did not want to start dating a guy who molested me once. On other hand , he has been nice ever since that day . Even taking extra care not to come in her sight , even doing some work which was meant for her. Also it would be awkward to be someone who knew you from childhood.

"You were taking responsibility for what you started."

"And what did I start ?"


Ben :

I could not believe what had happened, today. I was sitting in my bedroom . Making plan of what to do tomorrow . One week of the holidays had already passed , and I hadn't made much out of . Most of it was spent on managing the house and working. But , with this new development , I was happy. I did not have any experience when it came to women. Does this mean I am with Rachel ? Or was that just one time thing ? As far as I knew Rachel , she would not let just anyone touch her. Would she ? But who know ? Rachel I knew would not masturbate in a godown with door open . And what did she mean by "you started it ?". Obviously , I was going to masturbate to that. She left be blue balled though. That's unfair . Then I masturbated and went to sleep.

Next day , I was back to normal . I went for grocery shopping with mom. And then I don't know. She also noted I was grinning today for no reason. But nothing changed really. It was just happy overall. As if the sexual tension has been reduced . My mother was trying to spoil me , becuase these might be our last few days together in the same home before I go to college. So , we went for a movie after that.

As usual , when I was working at the book shop. When , my phone buzzed. It was a message from Rachel that said :

Meet me after work. I am wearing skirt , nothing beneath it .

Now , I am dumb at times. But I am not that dumb. I knew what that means . I was a little freaked at the pace things were going. But hey , i don't complain.

I was waiting afterwards for Rachel. She was wearing her usual clothes.

"so whats the plan ? "

"Nothing , just going home ... together ."

That was strange.

We boarded on the train and she held my hand and pulled me towards a corner. Woah , we never even kissed properly and she is trying to do this on a train. I followed her . Then she looked at me and gave a smile. And then she turned away from me. That is too cheeky to be Rachel . Okay , I can have some fun .

As the train started to move , moved one of my hand beneath her skirt .and started to feel her inner thigh. And she reacted to it. I teased her slowly , for a while and moved my other hand slowly beneath her sweater and her top. Slowly moving towards her breasts. I expected there to be a bra . But there was nothing. I could feel her soft bosom. I could easily sense that her body tensed and now her underside was getting warmer. I moved up , now teasing her lips. I held her very erect nipples between by thumb and index finger. Then I inserted my one finger inside her . As I continued playing , I can feel her moving her body as much as she can without getting noticed.

And then I stopped moving my hands , And slowly moved my finger out of her. Just resting my hand over her thighs. After some times I again started to stimulate her and now I could feel her shaking and I was afraid people might notice us. But when she was again about to cum I stopped. She moved one of her hand towards her crotch. But , I went forward and cupped her slit before she could reach there. She tried to move away my hand. But a more movement would just attract attention. In the end she surrendered. It was almost our station anyway. I removed my hands from her. And then we reached our destination .

I shouldn't have done that. But , I couldn't stop myself . I have never seen her this forward . Hope , this doesn't end in a quarrel. That would suck. As we got off the train . I looked at her . Her face was almost reddish. She was blushing . Seemed like either she was about to cry or burst with anger. But she did none of those. She just brushed her face with her sleeves and followed me out of the station.

It was almost night, in the way home she pulled me towards the park. It was almost empty . Except the occasional runner here and there.

"Ben let's go to the park "

We found a secluded bench , away from the running track. And as soon as we reached there she sat down on the bench , I leaned into kiss her , hoping on to her lap . That was not my first kiss , but it was definitely my first mature kiss. It was a short kiss , then we parted and then again started kissing. This time it was a long kiss. Our bodies were so close that I could feel her warmth . I inserted the tip of my tongue in her mouth , and she did not resist and welcomed my tongue. Our tongue danced together till one of us ran out of breath . I Bit her lower lip , and she made a moaning sound. This continued for what seemed a while. I can feel my now very penis rubbing against her stomach.

She must have realized it. She went ahead and removed the sweater. I sat on the bench and she knelt in front of me. I spread my legs . She opened my zip with somewhat difficulty . And I can clearly sense she was hesitating in going further. But then she put her hand inside my pants and freed my penis.

" I have never done this before "

" Its okay I will help "

She gripped , gripped my rock hard dick. And started moving her hand up and down.

"just grip it loosely "

This was first time for me as well. It was much much better than doing it myself. Her hands felt like magic. It almost felt ethereal . My legs tensed as orgasm was building up .

" Rachel "

She was so engrossed , she did not realize what I was trying to say. And I sprayed my semen over her chin and shirt. She did not react to it. I was expecting her to be repulsed .

I decided to be cheeky . Some pay back for the blue balls . I closed my zip. And proceeded to get up. And started walking towards exit. But she stood there. Looking daggers at me. But I was also looking back as if I was expecting her to come with me.

"Wait , it's not over yet "

"What's not over ?"

I can sense her eyes getting wet , as she looked at me with expectation.

"I am not over yet "

"why don't you say what you want then ?"

She understood what I wanted . But I think I was pushing her boundaries too far. She was almost about give up.

" just say it Rachel "

She looked at me confused .

"I want you to make me feel good "

"And how am I supposed to do that ? "

Rachel was not someone who used dirty words so easily.

"can you please , finger my pussy "

"see , that was easy "

I lead her to the bench . She sat relaxed on bench with her legs spread and I moved my mouth towards her crotch and lifted her skirt slowly. I have never seen a pussy this close. At least not in the real life.

" Don't do that ben , its sweaty"

It smelt like sweat mixed with wine. I just wanted to make her moan to reward her for the humiliation.

"I don't mind"

I started licking her nub , which was already pretty swollen. And she gyrated her hips to meet the movement. Applying pressure on it . She was playing with her nipples though her shirt. I could feel her breath quickening . So , i increased the speed . And inserted on of my finger in her vagina . A moan escaped her mouth , luckily there was no one around . And I felt a hand on back of my head pushing me gently inside as i continued caressing her clit and massaging her insides as they continued to grip on my fingers. And suddenly the gentle push became harder as she gripped my hair and her legs locked on my back. Her back arched . Continued my business till she stopped gyrating. She loosened her grip and I cleaned my mouth with a handkerchief.

I brought my moist fingers near her lips . She did not understand at first , but then parted her lips to accommodate my fingers. I could feel the shock in her eyes. But then she sucked them clean.

I pulled her towards me and gave her a long kiss.

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Childhood friend and far far beyond .... Part 2

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Comments (1)
Impax — 06 December 2019 20:33
Turn her into a dirty girl. He can make her do anything; including using her mouth. Where people can see her nudity and her enjoyment; that's what she really fears.
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