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  1. Rescued from the Rain
  2. Rescued from the Rain - Later
  3. Rescued from the Rain - Part III
  4. Rescued from the Rain - Part IV
  5. Rescued for the Rain

Rescued from the Rain - Part IV

Categories True Story, Cum Swallowing, Male / Female, Virginity

Author: Katie Werner

Published: 20 December 2019

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Rescued from the Rain - Part IV

Katie and Aimee had moved to the kitchen and were watching the videos they had taken of their mom and me. It was hot to know they were watching it at their ages. Amy had slipped on her panties, shorts and top again and I had pulled on my shorts and t-shirt. We sat on the sofa and had a beer in relative silence. I thought that the weekend might be coming to an end; that Amy had satisfied whatever urge she had when we met and was going to be leaving. For me, I knew I had many more urges to satisfy. I had to find a way to keep the mood alive.

“My friend would, will, never believe this.” I said breaking the silence.

“Oh, are you going to tell someone?” Amy replied.

“Well, maybe the stuff about you, but I should leave your daughters out of it. Given their ages and all.”

“Don’t you have any understanding friends?” Amy asked.

Her question threw me. I hadn’t expected her to have any wiggle room for me mentioning her daughters. “Well,” I stammered. “I just figured it wasn’t something you’d want me talking about.”

“It’s not like they’d know who we are or anything, even if they met us.” Amy said giving me the chance to explore her limits more.

“Well, I do have one buddy that would go nuts to meet you and your daughters.” I replied with high hopes.

“Is he as much fun as you are?” Amy asked.

“That depends on if you are extending the same gratitude to him you have to me.”

“I don’t need to. I promised we’d do anything you asked.” Amy reminded me. “So if you wanted us to show our gratitude to you, with him. Well, we’d have to.” Now my mind was boiling with dirty thoughts again. Fuck it, I thought. I trusted my friend Roger to be discrete. We’d had many ‘wrong’ conversations about girls, some very very wrong ones. I looked at Amy and then Aimee and Katie.

“Aimee, Katie. Get over here.” I called out. They walked over both back in their panties, shorts, and tank tops. I took out my phone and took a picture of them standing and smiling at me. Then I had them slip off their shorts so they were down to only panties and tank tops. I had them turn around, bend over, and look back at me with their legs spread so you could see how their panties hugged their young pussies from behind. I took another pic. I looked at Amy and texted the pics to Roger saying, “Get over to my house fast, if you want the impossible.”

A few moments later Roger texted back and we went back and forth until he was on his way over, but not believing me. Roger is about my height and weight and packs a similarly sized cock. I looked at the girls and said. “Fun is on they way.” “But before we are ready we need to adjust your tops.” I then looked to Amy and said “Go clean up while i work on their tops.” Amy smiled and when to clean up.

About 30 mins later, Roger was knocking at my door. I had Aimee answer it wearing only her panties and her new cropped tank top. My heart was racing watching her. Fuck, I said to myself as I enjoyed my handy work, having cropped her top to just under her perky a-cups and just under Katie’s b-cups.

The door opened and I saw Roger’s reaction. His eyes almost popped out. Aimee said “You can come in.” Roger stepped in, the whole time looking at Aimee. She blushed.

Once inside, I said, “I wasn’t lying.” Roger looked and saw Katie smiling. He then looked to Amy, who was now in short shorts and a tied up blouse so her stomach was showing.

I introduced them to Roger as he stared at each dumbfounded. I looked to Amy and said, “Tell him.”

Amy smiled and said very directly, much more so then she had with me. “You can do anything you want with us. And I mean anything sexual too. Just say what you want.”

Roger looked at me shocked, still disbelieving. I want to share the experience with Roger, but I had to have something before he did, so before he could respond I interjected. “Let me prove it to you.”

“Amy go kiss Katie, make out with her.”

Roger stood silently as Amy walked to her daughter then began kissing her passionately. I looked to Roger who stared in awe. I then looked to Aimee and said “Aimee come here.” she walked to me. “Undo my pants and pull them down as you kneel down.” Roger looked to me and Aimee. Aimee undid my pants, grabbed them and pulled them down as she knelt, exposing my hard cock. It popped out right in front of her young face.

“Oh fuck.” Roger muttered.

I looked to Roger, smiled, then looked down at Aimee and said, “Lick my cock.” Aimee did. I moaned. Then I said, “Take my cock in your mouth.” Aimee opened wide and took my cock. I moaned again and said, “Yes, suck my cock little girl.” Aimee bobbed on it as sucked as I looked down at her. Oh I enjoyed seeing her suck my cock almost as much as how it felt.

But I needed something else, something I wanted since I saw them, and I was going to get it. I looked to Amy and Katie, who had stopped kissing to watch me. I reached down and pulled Aimee up gently by her hair. I directed her to the kitchen table and lifted her up on to it. I pulled off her top. exposing her perky a-cups. “Lay back.” I told her. She did. I pulled her to the edge of the table then grabbed her panties and pulled them down and off. I looked at her smooth, bald pussy, and moaned, “Oh fuck yes.” I don’t think I have every seen a better sight then Aimees young smooth pussy.

I pushed her legs wide, exposing her pussy for all to see. I looked back at Amy and said, “You said anything. Well, I want to fuck your little girl.” I looked back to Aimee. Her eyes wide, a nervous look on her face. I grabbed her hips and pushed the tip of my precum dripping cock against her smooth pussy. I moved my dripping tip around and parted her young lips. I was now lined up not on her young little pussy. I stared at her pussy as I pushed my cock forward. Aimee groaned and gripped the edge of the table. She was so fucking tight. I pushed and forced the tip inside. “Oh fuck.” I moaned. Just then she flinched, and I knew her hyman was broken. I looked up to her. “You’re gonna fuck now.” I pushed in and forced my cock into her all the way.

Aimee groaned loud and clinched they table and tensed up. She lifted her back off the table a bit as she tensed up. The look on her face was priceless and amazing. I was seeing the look on her face the first time a cock had filled her pussy. I held her hips tight and pushed in deep. I could feel the tip of my cock pressing against her cervix. I was totally filling her little pussy. She was so fucking tight I moaned, “Oh fuck you’ve got a tight little cunt!” I looked back to her bald pussy and my cock buried in it. An amazing sight. I pulled back half way out and pushed back in all they way. She groaned and stayed tensed up. Then again and again and again i pulled back and pushed back into her tight pussy.

I was close to cumming, but i wanted to hold on until I heard something in her. After the next push I did. I heard her groan change to a moan. I looked and saw the change on her face from discomfort to pleasure. I smiled and pulled back and pushed in again. Her mouth popped open and she moaned in distinct pleasure. I was close and there was no stopping what was building in me. Her little pussy was like a hand gripping my cock. I started to fuck her little pussy faster, but not harder as I loved the pleasure whimpers she was making with each thrust and I didn’t want to ruin it with a hard painful thrust. Her pussy was perfectly tight and I didn’t need to pound her to love every moment.

Then it was overwhelming. I felt it, I couldn’t stop. I thrust in her faster and faster. Her moans of pleasure increasingly loud. I looked at her and said, “I’m going to cum in you now.” Then I exploded with the next thrust. I pushed in deep and felt the tip pressing against her cervix as I cam. I trembled as my cock erupted in pleasure pulsations insider Aimee’s tight little pussy. I looked from her smooth pussy to her face fast as I cam in her, taking in the look on her face as she was letting her first cock cum inside her. I moaned with each stream of cum I was pumping into her. I moaned as I looked at her “I’m cumming in you.” “Oh fuck yes I’m cumming in your little cunt.”

I stayed deep in her little pussy as I finished cumming. I took the entire moment in. I couldn’t help but look at her bald little pussy with my cock in it. I relaxed and looked at her young face and smiled. I pulled out and staggered back and leaned against my kitchen counter top. My cock dripping still. I looked at Amy. Amy was looking at her daughter on my kitchen table, her legs still spread, my cum dripping out of her.

Roger muttered, “Oh fuck dude.” He looked at me and asked, “Anything I want? Does that include saying what I want to them?” I nodded. He looked at Amy. Amy looked to Roger. Roger then looked to Katie and said “Take off you top so i can see your tits.” Katie looked briefly to her mom then to Roger. She was blushing as she pull off her top and exposed her perky young b-cups. Roger motioned her to come to him. She did. Roger started undoing his pants as she stood in front of him. Once he had them undone, he pulled off his shirt then he pushed his pants and boxers down and off and was naked in front of Katie. Rogers cock was hard as a rock.

Roger looked at Katie up and down as she was just in her panties now. Her young teen body perfect. Roger looked down at he panties, stared at how they hugged her. “This is so wrong.” He muttered then sank to his knees. He looked directly at Katie’s stomach and panties, then reached out and grabbed her panties and slowly pulled them down. He moaned as he exposed her young bald pussy. “Oh Jesus” he moaned.

Katie stepped out of her panties and was now naked. Roger ran his hand up her young legs to her pussy and let his fingers trace over her smoothness. Then he let a finger slip a bit inside her, feeling her tightness. “Oh fuck your tight baby” He said and looked up at her. “Are you a virgin?” He asked.. Katie nodded.

Roger leaned in and licked Katie’s pussy. Then he buried his face into her as she stood. He looked up as he licked and parted her with his tongue, tasting her young pussy. It wasn’t long before Katie began to moan and breath heavy with pleasure. Once Roger heard that he stopped and said, “Oh you’re ready now.” Roger pulled her down and laid her back on he soft carpet as he got over her straddling her. His cock over her young tits. He looked down at her taking in the sight of her young naked teen body.

After a moment he moved back and spread her young legs so he could kneel between them. He looked at her smooth teen pussy and told her to “spread as wide as you can.” She did. I stared and recorded everything in my mind. Seeing Katie under him spread wide, ready to be taken, was a hot sight. Roger moaned quietly as he looked at her under him. Then he said “Lift your hips up as high as you can. I didn’t think it could get any better but seeing her do that, lifting her young hips up so her pussy was even with Rogers hard cock was better. That was an amazing sight to behold.

Roger grabbed her hips and held her up. He ran his cock back and forth on top of her pussy letting his precum drip onto her stomach before letting the tip slip down into position on her young opening. I saw her tense up the moment she felt the tip of of his cock slightly part her young pussy lips. He looked at her face as he pushed the tip into her. He wanted to see the look on her face as she took her first cock. She too, as Aimee had, clenched her teeth and groaned as a cock stretched her young pussy for the first time.

“OH fuck your pussy is tight.” Roger said to her as he just got the tip in. He pushed in more and moaned at the same time Katie groaned in discomfort. “You’ll like it soon enough.” Roger told her as he looked down to her pussy and his cock 1/3 of the way in her.

Katie looked to her mom, her eyes wide and nervous. Her mom just smiled back. Roger then warned Katie, “Ready?” Katie looked back to him and nodded nervously. Roger the pushed the rest of his cock into her. His mouth popped open as if he were going to moan but he didn’t for a moment then, he exclaimed “OH fuck she’s too fuck tight . oh god oh god It’s too much I can’t stop. OH FUCK.” he pulled back an inch then thrust into her and trembled and announced the obvious “OH FUCK IM CUMMING.” Roger arched, his whole body tensed up and he pushed his hips forward as he pulled Katie into him forcing as much of his cock into Katie as he could. He moaned “Oh fuck her cunts too tight oh fuck she making me cum to fast.” Roger trembled as he held Katie up and cum in her hard. Amy was watching from behind Roger and I am sure could see his taint pulsating as he cam in her teen daughter. With each pulse of his taint she’d know a stream of his cum was pouring into her daughter’s pussy.

Roger finished cumming and looked back to Katie. “OH baby it’s not over.” Even though he had cum, Roger was still rock hard inside Katie and needed to fuck her right before he got soft. He let her hips down and started thrusting his cock in and out of her cum filled pussy. Katie moaned and she looked to her mom as Roger fucked her.

Amy said, “Baby let yourself self cum.”

Katie looked at Roger as he looked down at her. He pistoned his cock in and out of her tight teen pussy as he stared into her eyes. Her body responded. She pushed her hips up into his thrusts and a moment later she moaned a guttural moan as her body tensed up under him. Roger responded and said “That’s it baby cum on my cock.” Katie snapped her head from side to sided and gripped at the carpet as her young body cascaded with orgasmic pleasure. Roger pushed in deep and watched Katie orgasm. Katie moaned long and loud.

After a moment, and after both Katie and Roger relaxed, he pulled out of her pussy and sat back on his knees. He looked at me and asked, “How long does this arrangement last?”

“Till tomorrow night.” I answered.


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Rescued from the Rain - Part IV

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Comments (3)
avidreader122511 — 21 December 2019 13:52
I love this. I have been dying for this to happen since part 1. I know it's silly but I would check twice a week for updates to this line lol. Thank you for great stories
emberson — 23 December 2019 04:49
loved this story again, keep it going,maybe bring other young girl in to the story.
wildwohl — 24 December 2019 21:12
Great read. Enjoy your work
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