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Futa's Wild Passion 20: Futa's Busty Teacher Joins the Fun

Categories Fiction, Anal, Ass to mouth, Blowjob

Author: mypenname3000

Published: 14 January 2020

  • Font:

Futa's Wild Passion

Chapter Twenty: Futa's Busty Teacher Joins the Fun

By mypenname3000

Copyright 2019

Note: Thanks to FallenAngelX00 for beta reading this!

It was the following Thursday after my date with Wendy. Things were going great. Ivana continued to treat my mother right. They could play their BDSM games at work, and I had shown up already for a surprise inspection.

Ivana was very eager to please me.

Wendy and I were still friends (and sex-friends) though we were officially broken up. She already had a date lined up this Friday with Victoria. Wendy hadn't come out to her family as a lesbian yet, but baby steps. That was what was important.

The Saturday “tea” with Pita and her mother had been hot. Of course, it was an orgy of incest. Two sexy mothers, a pair of twins, my little sister Allie, naughty Pita, and my big futa-dick. We had a blast. It was definitely going to be a mainstay at the Riter household for the foreseeable future. We might even invite other mothers and their daughters.

I had one in mind right now. She walked beside me.

Mrs. Greene patted at her short, black hair as she strode down the hall with me, her heels clicking. She was a busty MILF, still lactating since she had her second child. A late one considering her first was eighteen. I had enjoyed a few romps with her this week, private study sessions.

“I still can't believe there's a secret lesbian club at the college,” the professor said. She then blushed as a group of students appeared around the corner, talking with eagerness as they headed to the cafeteria.

“Hey, Jenny,” a guy said, giving me a supportive smile. A lot of the guys were supportive of me because the girls were. I think they were all trying to get laid. I hoped they did. Sex was awesome.

“Hey,” I said back.

“Stay strong!” he said, raising his fist.

I tried not to burst into laughter as I raised up my own fist and said, “Rock on!”

Rock on? Well, what was I supposed to say to that? I was proud of who I was. I didn't have any reason to be weak or timid. My futa-cock was amazing. The girls loved it. My little sister loved it, and that was the most important thing of all.

Once they were out of earshot, I said to Mrs. Greene, “You're going to love the meeting. Hot professors and nubile schoolgirls. What's not to love about it?”

“Still,” she said. “Dean Washington arranged this? We could all lose our jobs.”

“None of the girls are going to talk,” I said. “They all love it. Trust me. It's already started, and you're going to have a blast. So, don't think about your hubby and just enjoy yourself. I know you like eating my pussy.”

Mrs. Greene blushed. That had been a first for her, devouring my twat, but she'd loved it.

We reached the administration office. The college's secretary desk had an “Out for Lunch” sign on it. She was enjoying fish tacos today. The secretary was one of the members along with Coach Clarkson and a few professors I didn't have. There were plenty of girls in it, including a few new ones I'd recruited for today's meeting.

“You ready,” I said as we headed down the hall. “They're in the conference room.” With my new additions, there just wasn't room in Dean Washington's office any longer. We passed the provost's office and then one marked, “Conference Room.”

The sounds of lesbian passion bled through the door. Mrs. Greene shivered then she gasped as I pulled off my t-shirt and then reached behind me to unhook my bra. I dropped both to the floor without a concern. She bit her lip then attacked the buttons of her blouse.

“That's the spirit,” I cooed, my futa-dick on fire. I wanted to slide it into some hot and juicy pussy. It would be so incredible to do that. My hips wiggled back and forth, my shaft throbbing in my panties.

I dropped my skirt. I wore a pair of cheekies that hugged the top half of my rump and left the bottom bare, my cock tucked into the expanded space in the front. Designed for transwomen, they were perfect for girls suffering from the super-rare Futanari Syndrome.

I shoved down my panties next, my round breasts swaying before me. My red hair tumbled passed my cheeks. My cock popped out. Mrs. Greene groaned at the sight of it. Women just loved my dick. They could never get enough of my throbbing passion. The moment they learned I was a futa, it seemed to short-circuit their brains.

“Come on, hurry up,” I said, the moans through the door sounding so exciting. “Get naked so we can get in there.”

“You sound like your little sister,” Mrs. Greene moaned. “I've had her romping through my house enough times.”

I smiled. Allie was good friends with Kathy, Mrs. Greene's slutty daughter. Since Kathy now knew about the incest, she and Allie had become sex-friends, too. We'd had a threesome after college on Tuesday, and I knew this weekend Kathy planned on seducing her father.

She was dying to get her whole family involved in the fun.

Finally, Mrs. Greene stood naked, her large breasts quivering. She had dew gleaming on her thick, black bush. I smiled at the professor and took her hand. She had such a pale face, but I knew she would love this.

I opened the door onto the lesbian orgy.

I smiled at what I saw. Wendy was having her tits getting sucked on by Pita and Briana, another one of my friends who'd been in the Lesbian Club before me, while Victoria had her face planted in Wendy's pussy, licking the blonde with eagerness. Besides them, my twin sisters each fucked each other with a double-headed dildo while they ate out a different professor's pussy.

Dean Washington lounged on a chair, the cheerleader, Heather, between her thighs and licking away with hunger. Coach Clarkson drove a dildo into Mrs. Johnson's twat, fucking the married professor hard from behind while she had her face planted in Shannon's twat. She was a senior girl whom I didn't know that well. She also shuddered in delight.

And right before us sat my lover and little sister. Allie had her legs spread wide, her strawberry-blonde curls spilling about her face. In between her thighs and eating her pussy was Kathy Greene. Her black hair spilled over my sister's thighs, hiding the licking delight, but the pleasure on Allie's face was unmistakable.

“Mrs. Greene!” gasped Allie as I closed the door. “Oh, Mrs. Greene, I'm going to cum on your daughter's mouth!”

“Y-your sister is here,” gasped Mrs. Greene.

I grabbed her plump rump. “Mmm, all my sisters are here. We love fucking each other and other women.”

“Yes, yes, yes,” Allie moaned. “Ooh, your daughter's got her tongue so deep in my cunny, Mrs. Greene! She's so good at licking pussy! I'm going to cum.”

“M-my daughter!” Mrs. Greene stared down at the naked rump of her slutty daughter wiggling back and forth. Kathy had a great tush and a tight slit with no hair between her thighs. She shaved her snatch, of course.

“Hey, Mom!” Kathy moaned. “Just a sec. Allie's about to cum!”

“Yes!” my little sister gasped. Then her strawberry-blonde hair danced around her head. Her little titties jiggled. She gasped and moaned, her blue eyes wide with delight. They gleamed with such passion as she trembled through her orgasmic bliss. “Your daughter is such a great pussy licker, Mrs. Greene! I hope you're proud of her!”

“Um, well, I guess,” the MILF said, dazed by what she found here.

Allie shuddered for one more moment, then my sister-lover bounded to her feet and lunged at Mrs. Greene. She grabbed her hand and pulled the MILF down to the floor. Kathy whirled around, her black hair flying. A mischievous face smeared in pussy cream appeared.

“Mom!” she gushed and darted to join my sister.

The two pulled down the sexy professor like a pair of hungry wolves. Mrs. Greene stretched out on her back as the pair knelt beside her and went straight for her lactating breasts. Allie cupped Mrs. Greene's right boob in both hands and squeezed, her mouth open.

A jet of white milk fired up and splashed into her open mouth.

“Mmm, I've wanted to do this for so long, Mom!” groaned Kathy. Then her head darted down and she latched onto her mother's left nipple. She sucked hard.

Mrs. Greene's moans joined the other women gasping, panting, and moaning in bliss. The professor had her first taste of incest, and it was such a beautiful sight to see. I definitely knew Kathy would succeed in seducing her father this weekend.

Mommy dearest would help her.

I fell to my knees between the MILF's spread thighs, eager to slide into her married pussy and plunge my cock to the hilt in her. The two eighteen-year-old cuties had their rumps all but pointed at me as they nursed, wiggling them while I pressed my futa-dick into Mrs. Greene's drenched bush.

“Oh, my god,” the woman gasped. “My daughter's nursing at my nipple. And your sister...” Allie latched on and suckled. “Jenny! What have you done to my daughter?”

“Oh, she was a whore who wanted to do this to you before I came along,” I said. “You should hear the things she's done.”

Allie giggled around the MILF-professor's nipple.

My cock found the wet and juicy entrance to Mrs. Greene's snatch. I pressed in slowly, watching as her thick lips, half-hidden by her black curls, spread to engulf my cock. Such silky delight spread over the crown of my dick. I groaned, my own twat clenching from the stimulation racing up my futa-shaft.

It was amazing.

I shuddered and panted, my breasts rising and falling as I went deeper and deeper into the married woman. I reached and reached to the depths of her married sheath. I savored the delight of her engulfing me. Her snatch squeezed tight, the pleasure rippling up my cock. It felt incredible.

I bucked on my back. I squirmed, my snatch drinking in the wonderful delight flooding up my cock as I bottomed out in her. Then I drew back my dick, sliding my shaft through her. She gasped, trembling as my sister and her daughter nursed from her bountiful breasts.

“You like your daughter's mouth on your breast, don't you?” I cooed, placing a hand on each of the freshman girls' rumps.

“I... I do,” Mrs. Greene groaned. “It feels so much wickeder than when she did it as a baby.”

“Well, she's such a cute and sexy thing now,” I said, my fingers caressing over both girls' peachy rumps. I went down and down, following the cracks of their ass.

“Yes, she is,” Mrs. Greene gasped. “What have you done to me, Jenny?”

“Shown you all the delights there are in this world,” I said, smiling at her. Reveling in the room around us. It was a beautiful thing. The old me, before I gained a cock, would have thought this disgusting.

It wasn't.

Though it was messy.

As I pumped my futa-dick in and out of Mrs. Greene's tight twat, my fingers found the naughty girls' pussies. I rubbed through the sparse bush adorning Allie's hot flesh and the shaved folds of Kathy's juicy twat. They both moaned, suckling harder, cheeks hollowing as they nursed with such passion on the MILF's tits.

It was such a wicked thing to see. It had my heart pounding in my chest.

“Oh, they're driving me wild,” groaned Mrs. Greene. Her eyes flashed to mine, her simmering with passion. “And your dick... Oh, god, Jenny, your dick is stirring me up. You know that? You know what you're doing to me?”

I grinned at her and nodded, my fingers sliding up and down the two girls' slick vulvas.

“You're such a wicked futa!” Mrs. Greene moaned, adding her passion to the other schoolgirls and professors in the room.

I licked my lips, loving every moment of sharing this MILF with her daughter and my sister. I rubbed my digits up and down Allie's furred muff and Kathy's bald twat. Their juices coated me with their warmth.

Mrs. Greene's cunt soaked my dick in her passion.

I thrust hard and fast into her, my round tits heaving every time I plunged into the MILF. Pleasure coursed up my cock. My pussy drank it in, growing hotter and hotter. My ovaries brimmed with cum that I would fire from my dick.

My fingers found the entrances to both girls' eighteen-year-old cunnies. I grinned at Mrs. Greene and thrust a pair into the girls' hot twats. My digits sank into two silky sheaths. Both girls moaned, wiggling their hips as they suckled at the MILF's bountiful tits.

“Oh, Jenny, yes!” Mrs. Greene moaned. “Oh, my god, this is incredible. I'm going to cum!”

“Good,” I cooed, pumping away hard and fast. “Just let your bliss wash over you.”

“Yes, yes, yes!” she moaned, her snatch squeezing about me.

I thrust my fingers into the two girls' cunts as fast as I fucked the MILF's pussy. My digits and futa-cock plunged forward and pulled back. Three hot, silky sheaths stroked my body. I shuddered, dizzy with the lust.

“God, that's so hot!” moaned behind me. The throaty words of Dean Washington.

“Yes, yes, do that to me, Dean Washington!” gasped Wendy. “Pump that vibrator in and out of my twat. Oh, Victoria, we have to get one of these for our date on Friday.”

“Yes!” Victoria moaned. “Ooh, Pita, work that tongue into my snatch. That's so good.”

“I'll tell you what, Wendy, you can have this one!” the principal purred. “Mmm, just eat my pussy!”


I was so happy she was fitting in. My delight surged over me as I thrust into Mrs. Greene's pussy. My orgasm suddenly rushed to the front. I gasped and then I erupted so suddenly. I flooded her cunt with my cum while my fingers plunged in and out of the two girls' twats.

“Jenny!” Mrs. Greene gasped, her face contorting in bliss. “Oh, my god, Jenny! That's... That's... Yes!”

Her married pussy convulsed around my dick. Her hot flesh rippled and writhed, spasming with such intensity. I savored the writhing delight. She sucked at me, working out the cum flooding out of my ovaries. Pussy juices gushed down my thighs.

My head threw back, fiery hair dancing. My tits heaved as I pumped spurt after spurt of jizz into Mrs. Greene's twat. The pleasure was a heady rush. I swayed from side to side, my breasts jiggling. I hit the peak of my delight, fingers burying into my sister's and Kathy's cunts.

“Mom!” Kathy moaned, her pussy writhing around my digits. Juices flooded out around my fingers. “Oh, Mom, I'm going to lick your pussy clean!”

“Yes, yes, yes!” Allie moaned, her head snapping up. She looked back at me, milk on her lips. “Jenny!”

My fingers buried into her cunt. Her twat joined the others in writhing around my appendages. I savored it. Three women—a sexy MILF, my nubile sister, and a naughty daughter—all climaxing because of me.

I loved sharing my passion.

I pulled my futa-cock out of Mrs. Greene's pussy. My cum dribbled out. Allie threw herself at me. She kissed me with her creamy lips. Her enthusiasm knocked me onto my back. I shuddered as her tongue thrust into my mouth. She danced it around inside of me.

“Kathy!” Mrs. Greene gasped.

I pushed Allie off of me and sat up. Kathy had settled between her mother's thighs and was eagerly licking out my cum from the MILF professor's pussy. The sight of the incestuous loving was such a delight to witness. My futa-cock throbbed, soaked in the mother's pussy.

“Mmm, here's your chance to compare them one after the other,” Allie cooed, grabbing my cock. “Go for it. Fuck Kathy hard.”

“You know you're the best little sister a futa can have,” I told her.

Allie beamed at me, planted a quick kiss on my mouth, and then smacked my rump. “Go get her, tiger!”

“Tiger?” I asked.

Allie clawed at the air with her right hand and growled, “Raawwrrrr!”

“You are so adorable. I love you.”

She kissed me again and then pushed me towards her friend in the process of eating her mother's pussy. My futa-dick throbbed in my little sister's delicious hand. She knew just how to touch my cock to get me throbbing and eager to erupt. I would have such a delicious time fucking Kathy after plundering her mother's cunt.

I groaned as Allie rubbed my cock into Kathy's hot twat. I loved the feel of her shaved pussy lips on me. So different from her mother's. A tight slit instead of thick pussy lips, and no bush to tickle my crown. I shuddered as I pressed into her pink depths.

The girl moaned into her mother's pussy as I penetrated deeper into her. She was definitely tighter, too. I groaned as I slid into her snatch. Allie squeezed and kneaded my rump as I pushed further and further into her friend's twat.

“Oh, Jenny!” Mrs. Greene moaned. “You're fucking my daughter now?”

“Yep!” I gasped. “Your pussy cream is on my dick sliding into her twat. Isn't that hot?”

“Oh, you are such a wicked creature. You've so thoroughly corrupted me.”

“She had help, Mom!” Kathy moaned. “I corrupted Allie with all my naughty stories, and that made her so hot and bothered to do wicked things with Jenny and her cock.”

“Yep!” Allie agreed. Her tongue licked between my shoulder blades. I gasped at it, my dick throbbing in Kathy's pussy. “I used all those things you taught me on Jenny. And she <em>loved</em> them. Didn't you?”

“God, yes!” I moaned, loving the feel of my little sister's kneading hands. “She helped me accept who I am. I love her so much. If I could, I'd marry her.”

“Jenny!” squealed Allie. She threw her arms around me, hugging me from behind. She humped her silky bush against my ass and pressed her small titties into my back. Her nipples rubbed hard on me while she squeezed my boobies. “You're just the best. I love you! I'd marry you, too! And I'd have so many of your babies! I hope I'm pregnant. God, I soooooo hope I'm preggers.”

“Allie,” I panted, her fingers digging into my tits while Kathy stirred her pussy around my cock. Then she rocked forward, sliding her twat an inch or two up my pussy before she slid back down, smacking her butt-cheeks into my crotch. “I hope you're preggers, too!”

Allie squeezed my tits. She dug her fingers into my breasts as I undulated my hips, meeting Kathy's rocking rump. Flesh smacked flesh. I could only drawback a few inches with Allie draped over my back and humping my butt, but with Kathy rocking forward and back, it was more than enough stimulation at my tip.

The girl's tight pussy felt incredible. Different from her mother's. Not better. It was like trying to decide which flavor of chocolate ice cream was the best when they were all amazing. Pussies felt so good on my cock. I wanted to try so many of them.

And share them with my sister.

Allie kissed at my shoulders, her silky bush rubbing across my rump as I plunged into her friend's twat over and over again. Mrs. Greene shuddered, her tits heaving, adding her moans to the rest of the classroom around us.

Pita fisted Coach Clarkson, my Hispanic friend gasping in delight at stuffing her entire hand in the PE teacher's cunt. Dean Washington rode Wendy's face and fucked that vibrator in and out of her cunt. The twins were now feeding their cunts to the cheerleaders while Mrs. Johnson and the blonde professor ate their assholes. Briana and Victoria had found themselves in a sixty-nine, feasting on each other while the college's secretary used the senior girl tongue as her personal sex toy.

It was so hot to have all this sapphic passion around us as I fucked the daughter enjoying her mother's pussy. Kathy feasted with hunger on Mrs. Greene's twat, licking out all the cum I'd fired into that MILF's delicious depths.

The pleasure surged through me. I groaned, fucking hard and fast into the girl's cunt while Allie's fingers found my nipples. She pinched them. Pleasure shot down to my juicy pussy. Then it raced up to the tip of my futa-dick plundering hot twat.

“Yes, yes, yes!” I gasped. “Allie! Oh, Allie, you wonderful minx!”

“I know!” she cooed, twerking my nubs. Sparks burst and showered my cunt. “You love it! You're going to dump so much cum into Kathy, aren't you? Her mother is going to lick it all out of her.”

“I am?” Mrs. Greene asked.

“You are!” I moaned as Kathy said, “I'm feeding you my cum-filled cunt, Mom! You're going to be licking so much jizz out of me. Jenny's jizz. My boyfriend's! Dad's! Ooh, I'll feed you so many creampies.”

“Your dad's?” Mrs. Greene gasped glancing at her left hand. “Oh, god, what have you done to me, Jenny!”

“That's all your pervy daughter's doing!” I panted, thrusting away hard and fast into Kathy's cunt, loving her rocking to meet my strokes.

“Mmm, it'll be so much fun, Mom!” the wicked girl cooed.

Mrs. Greene gasped. She bucked in orgasmic delight, cumming on her daughter's face. I shuddered, the pressure building and building at my own cock's tip at the incestuous sight. Kathy's head moved, licking, lapping, no doubt enjoying every drop of her mother's cunt cream.

I know I loved my Mommy-slut's pussy.

Allie humped harder against me, rubbing her juices onto my rump. She nuzzled into my neck. Kissing. Licking. Smooching. Sucking. The trembles raced through me. My pussy clenched as I drove my cock deep and hard into Kathy's Greene's cunt.

“Oh, Kathy, honey!” Mrs. Greene moaned. “Oh, that's... You're... Oh, my, that's incredible. Oh, yes, yes, that's amazing!”

She bucked and trembled. Her face scrunched up. She shuddered on the floor, squirming and gasping as her daughter kept licking her through her orgasm. Kathy's pussy squeezed hot around my thrusting cock.

She rocked back hard but then didn't go forward. Her pussy clenched around my futa-dick. Then her cunt spasmed around my dick. I groaned as I drew back, the hot flesh sucking at my tip. The pleasure surged to my limits.

“Oh, god,” I groaned.

“Cum in her!” Allie moaned. She licked up to my ear as I thrust back into her friend's convulsing depths. “Fire all that cum into her pussy. Give her mother a wonderful creampie to eat, Tiger. Rrraawwr!”

“Yes!” I howled and erupted.

It was a rush to cum in the daughter's pussy after so thoroughly enjoying the mother. My body bucked and heaved. The pleasure rushed through me. It spurted out of me again and again. I groaned, stars bursting across my vision.

Kathy's writhing pussy milked my cock. She wanted as much of my futa-cum brimming inside of her to feed to her mother. Allie nibbled on my ear through my orgasm, sending tingles racing through me. Her fingers twisted my nipples. She tweaked them, sending such rapture flooding through my body.

“Yes, yes, yes!” I gasped as I fired out so much cum.

“Mom!” Kathy moaned, her head snapping up. “I have so much futa-jizz for you to eat!”

The naughty girl crawled off my cock and up her mother's body. In moments, she had her pussy planted on her mother's face. Mrs. Greene gasped. Her hands grabbed her daughter's ass. She squeezed tight on her, holding her in place while she feasted on that cum-filled twat.

Allie grabbed my cock. “This feels lubed enough for my butt!”

“Yes, it is,” I groaned. “Is that where you want my cock. I can't breed your butt.”

“But I just know I'm preggers!” she said. “You'll see. I'm the first girl you've knocked up. I'm having your first baby, Jenny!”

I hoped so. I wanted that so much.

“Now, I want to do some riding,” she said. “Tiger, get that cutie patootie on the ground so I can tame that cock with my booty!” She spun around and smacked both her hands onto both her butt-cheeks. “Look at the keister! That's the ass that can tame a tiger's futa-dick!”

“Raawwrrr!” I said and playfully clawed at her rump.

Giggling, Allie spun around while I sank down to my back. I stretched out on the carpet, my feet rubbing into Mrs. Greene's. Hers twitched and shifted as she devoured her daughter's pussy. Tasting incest for the first time.

What a magical moment for every mother to enjoy. If I had bred Allie, she'd have a girl or a futa. One day, I just knew I'd get to find out. I licked my lips, hungering for that day. It would be incredible. My toes curled. My futa-dick bobbed.

Allie fell on me like a strawberry-blonde comet, her tail flaring behind her. She planted her pussy right on my wet dick. Then she slid up it, grinding on me. I groaned, watching the pleasure crossing her face as she worked her pussy up and down my clit-dick.

“I thought you were going to tame my futa-cock with your ass.” I arched an eyebrow. “Or is my dick too mighty for your keister?”

“Nothing is too mighty for my ass!” she declared. “Especially not the biggest, thickest, and hottest dick in the world!”

She rose up on her thighs, her tits jiggling. She grabbed my cock and lifted it up. She leaned back, almost thrusting her pussy at me. I wish I could reach it with my tongue because I would eat that twat. But then I wouldn't get the delight of her butt-cheeks engulfing my dick's tip. Followed by her sphincter nuzzling up against my crown.

I savored that puckered ring. It felt so incredible against me. I grinned up at my sister. I savored the look on her face. The way her eyes sparkled with delight. She undulated her hips from side to side, a big grin on her face.

“Behold the mighty Allie, tamer of futa-cocks!” She pressed her asshole down my dick.

“Fuck!” I gasped as her sphincter swallowed my futa-cock in record time.

In a heartbeat, half of my dick had vanished into my little sister's asshole. She sank more and more of her bowels down my shaft, engulfing me in such wonderful and delicious rapture. In a second, she had bottomed out on me. Her pussy clenched, juices beading on the outside.

“Oh, my god, that's incredible!” I gasped as her asshole squeezed around me. That wonderful and delicious and amazing anal sheath. “That just might tame my cock!”

“I know!” she moaned and then rose up my dick.

I shuddered at the wonderful glide of her anal sheath as she climbed and climbed up my girl-dick. She held it with such a silky embrace. The pleasure flowed through me. It left me dizzy with delight. A wicked daze that could only come from my sexy little sister.

Allie slammed her velvety bowels back down my cock. She swallowed my dick with a hunger. Her hair danced around her shoulders. Her smile spread from ear to ear. She leaned forward and grabbed my breasts. She squeezed and kneaded them as she worked that hot asshole up and down my futa-dick.

“Take that!” she moaned and slammed her bowels down my cock again, taking every inch of my shaft in her velvety heaven. “Oooh, that'll tame you!”

“Oh, god, I'm a slave to this yummy asshole riding up and down my dick!” I moaned, my twitching feet rubbing into Mrs. Greene's.

“That's right!” Allie gasped, digging her fingers into my tits. “No futa can resist my tight asshole. You're going to dump your cum into me.”

“I'll empty my ovaries!” I shuddered. “I'll do anything, just keep sliding that tight asshole up and down my cock!”

“Yes!” she moaned in her triumph. “You're going to give me every last drop of your spunk. I want it all!”

Such joy shot through me at the smile on her face. Her hair danced around her shoulders. Her eyes sparkled with a gleam that could only be described as effervescent. It was amazing to see. To stare at. I could be lost in those eyes forever.

She was such a sexy thing. So excitable. So amazing. She worked her bowels up and down my cock with such enthusiasm. My little sister did everything with such zest for life. It was so inspiring to me.

“Tame me!” I howled.

“Yes, yes, yes!” she moaned, undulating her hips now. She stirred those tight bowels around my cock.

My futa-dick throbbed and ached. The pleasure surged through my body. I groaned, my cock drinking in the velvety delight of her anal sheath. My sister rode up and down me, gasping and moaning as she did.

Her little boobies jiggled every time she bottomed out on my big clit-dick. They looked so cute. I watched them as she rose up my cock. They had a little quiver as she reached the pinnacle. Then she slammed back down my asshole.

That jiggle made me squeal.

“What?” gasped Allie.

“You're just so cute and sexy!” I moaned. “I'm going to cum so hard! I'm going to flood you, Allie! You know that? Just fire all my jizz into your bowels. How does that sound?”

“Amazing!” she moaned. “Oh, my god, that sounds just the best. Do it! Pump your futa-cum into my butt! Yes, yes, surrender all that cum to me!”

“I'm getting there!” I panted. “I just need something a little more.”


I grinned and then I shot my hand to her pussy. She gasped, squeezing her bowels down around my cock as I stroked my fingers up and down her pussy folds. Her head shook from side to side. Her hair danced around her shoulders. She whimpered and moaned.

I thrust a pair of fingers into her cunt. I plunged them into her depths. I sank into her juicy and silky sheath. She gasped, her head throwing back. Her little boobies jiggled. She slammed her bowels down my cock.


“Tame me!” I howled.

“Yes!” she gasped, her pussy clenching around my fingers as she slid her tight and amazing bowels up my cock.

I whimpered, hovering on the verge of my own explosion.

Allie broke first. She slammed that velvety asshole down my cock, engulfing every inch of it. Her pussy clamped down on my fingers and then her twat spasmed. Her bowels writhed and rippled around my clit-dick.

I ripped my digits out of her pussy and attacked her clit as she came. Juices were already spilling out. My sister gasped, her asshole convulsing even harder around my cock as I strummed her pearl hard, massaging that bud with my fingertips.

“Holy fucking shit! Jenny!” Allie's head threw back.

Her pussy squirted.

Not just a flood of juices but a torrent. They splashed across my breasts, soaking me in her feminine passion. Her entire body bucked, her bowels going wild around my futa-cock, milking me. My little sister howled in rapture.

Squirted again.

I bathed in her fresh and hot juices. They soaked across my breasts and stomach. Pussy cream pooled between my tits. I shuddered in utter delight, my own cunt clenching. Spasming. Then I came, my passion flooding out of my snatch.

My cum erupted into her asshole.

“Oh, my god, yes!” I gasped as I pumped spurt after spurt of spunk flooding into my little sister's bowels.

Her entire body quivered and quaked, bucking her convulsing asshole up and down my erupting clit-dick. Her hair danced around her head. She whimpered and moaned as she milked me. The dual pleasures hammered into my body. They slammed into my mind. They were incredible. I trembled beneath her, my toes curling.

Stars exploded across my vision. My pussy-cream-coated tits bounced and heaved. The pleasure burned through my entire body. It was incredible. A delight to enjoy. A rapturous passion to experience rippling through my body. I loved every moment of this. I was so lucky to have this.

To be one in hundreds of millions of women to gain a futa-cock.

“I tamed the tiger!” whooped Allie. She ripped her asshole off my cock and bounced to her feet. Her strawberry-blonde hair danced around her shoulders. She wiggled her hips from side to side. “Booyah! I did it! I tamed her. Isn't that awesome?”

“Yeah, it is!” cheered one of the twins. “Why don't you come here and let me lick you clean!”

“Sure, Tara!” Allie gasped and darted away, leaving me panting and drenched in pussy cream, my dick dirty from my excitable little sister's asshole.

“Oh, my god, she drenched you,” my friend Pita said. She fell down beside me. “Just like Coach Clarkson drenched my arm. Look! You can see how far I fisted her!” She held up her right hand, pussy cream gleaming past her wrist. “It was so hot to be in her. Want me to try and fist you.”

“No,” I groaned. “God, I don't want that in me. Your fist's thicker than my cock.”

“Not by much, and you slam that bad girl home in our bodies day and night.”

“Yes, you do,” Wendy said. She fell down behind Pita and just dived her head down.

Pita's eyes widened. “Holy shit, she just went for my asshole. <em>Mierda</em>, Wendy, you have changed. I love it! Rim me! Ooh, rim me while I suck Jenny's cock clean.”

Pita shifted her head down and sucked my dirty dick into her mouth. I groaned at the feel of my friend's lips sliding over the crown of my cock. She sucked it into her hungry mouth with relish. My cunt clenched. The heat surged through my body. I panted, my heart racing as she sucked with hunger on my dick.

Then she bobbed her head. She worked her mouth up and down my dick, teasing me as she buffed Allie's sour musk off of it. I groaned, my pussy-soaked tits jiggling as I luxuriated in her mouth working up and down my cock. It felt incredible to me to enjoy. My toes curled and relaxed, my pussy clenching.

“My, oh, my, your little sister drenched you,” Dean Washington cooed. The Black woman sank down on her knees beside me. The gold cross she wore dangled between her large, ebony breasts. She leaned down, breathing in deeply. “I have to eat your sister's pussy out sometime.”

“You'll love her,” I said, savoring Pita's mouth sucking at my dick. I could hear Wendy rimming our Hispanic friend's asshole with relish. “If you want a preview...” I wiggled my shoulders and jiggled my breasts.


Dean Washington ducked her head down and licked at the side of my breast. I groaned at the wonderful delight of her tongue caressing across my tit. She licked at the cream my sister soaked me in. I sighed in delight, Pita's mouth sending heat rippling through me while the 's tongue climbed higher and higher.

She reached my nipple. Sucked.

I gasped as the electricity jolted down to my pussy. It slammed into the bliss brimming inside of me. I groaned and squirmed on the ground, rubbing my hips from side to side. It felt absolutely amazing to experience her doing that to me. My eyes fluttered. My heart beat with a wild passion.

The pressure swelled at the tip of my dick.

“Mmm, Allie's pussy cream,” cooed Sara. My older sister fell to her knees, her large tits bouncing. She had her nipples pierced, the easiest way for those outside the family to tell her apart from Tara. The other being she parted her blonde hair on the right side and not the left.

“I got a tit free,” I said, grinning at her.

Sara smiled. She had Greene eyes like me. Like our dad while Allie had Mom's baby blues. The four of us were all a mix of our parents, coming out in such different ways. It was so amazing. I couldn't wait to see how the children I had with Allie came out.

Or with my twin sisters. Or Mom.

Sara bathed my left tit with her tongue, licking up our little sister's cream. I groaned, savoring the way she licked and lapped at me. The incestuous pleasure swept through my body. I groaned at the bliss that surged through me. The wild passion that would consume my body. I groaned, my cunt clenching as her tongue added such a delight to Pita's blowjob and Dean Washington's nursing on my other tit.

I trembled on the ground. I whimpered and groaned, my hips wiggling from side to side. The carpet rubbed at my rump. The pleasure surged through my body as my orgasm built and built. Pita sucked so hard. Dean Washington nursed with hunger on my nipple.

Sara reached my other nub.

“Yes!” I gasped, the three delights all building and building in my pussy. “That's incredible.”

“Mmm, I bet it is,” groaned Wendy, her face still buried between Pita's asshole. “Ooh, and so is this!”

Pita moaned around my cock.

I trembled there, coming closer and closer to spilling my cum into Pita's mouth as she polished my cock. My sister and Dean Washington suckled and nibbled on my nubs. My pussy clenched as I gasped out in rapture.

“I love this club!”

My orgasm erupted through me. I fired my cum into Pita's hungry mouth. Spurt after spurt of my jizz pumped into her mouth. She groaned, sucking hard and gulping down my cum. She wiggled her hips from side to side, moaning as she drank my cum.

“Pita! Sara! Oh, Dean Washington, yes!” I gasped, bucking through the rapture.

Moans echoed through the air. My little sister had her face buried into Coach Clarkson's pussy, licking at her while Tara kept feasting on her asshole. Briana rode the secretary's face while Victoria and the two cheerleaders were in a sixty-nine. Kelly Greene wielded a dildo on and thrust it into her mother's cunt, fucking her bent over the table while she feasted on the senior girl's pussy.

It was all so amazing. So deliciously awesome. I gasped and trembled through my pleasure, loving every moment of it. I savored every last bit of the bliss from my cum firing into Pita's mouth. She sucked it all out, her cheeks bulging by the end.

Then she grabbed my older sister, pulled her from my nipple, and kissed her hard on the mouth. Pita thrust her tongue deep into Sara's mouth and the pair swapped my jizz back and forth, moaning and groaning and enjoying themselves.

Dean Washington pulled me onto her. I fucked the Black woman hard, her big tits bouncing beneath me. I pressed my paler tits into hers, grinning as they rubbed together. The heat surged through my body. My excitement built and built with every moment I drilled into her.

It was so heady.

Wendy licked at my pussy and Dean Washington's before we finished. When I left my load in her, my friend was more than happy to lick the Black woman clean of all my seed. Something Dean Washington greatly enjoyed.

Tara found me and sucked my cock clean of the principal's pussy juices. Then I gave my older sister a big old load of cum for her to enjoy. She had such a huge grin on her face as she savored it, her Greene eyes twinkling.

“God, I'm glad you became a futa,” Tara said. “This is so hot.”

“Me, too. I can't wait until I get the entire family bred.”

“Sara and I have college!” she gasped. “You can't do that to us. We're going to get into the best college!”

“But then you'll go far away,” I told her, a big grin on my face. “If I knock you up, then you'll stay home where I can love you.”

She gave me a suspicious look. “Allie's rubbing off on you. I'll have you know, Sara and I have been on the pill for a year.”

“You're lesbians,” I said, shaking my head.

She shrugged. “We don't like taking chances. So you're not breeding us. You can pump all the babies you want into Allie.”

“She's going to keep me barefoot and preggers!” Allie declared, rushing up and hugging me.

Tara snorted. “I bet she will, and I bet you'll love it.”

“Because it means I'm getting her futa-D left and right!” Allie grabbed my cock and gave me a kiss that tasted of pussy.

I savored it.

The orgy broke up right after that. It was the end of the lunch hour. We all dressed, Mrs. Greene and I in the hallway, and all had to wash our hands and faces. I mean, we had a lot of fun, but we reeked of a lesbian bordello.

A wonderful scent.

I was glad that I got to introduce my friends—especially Wendy—Mrs. Greene, and my little sister to the lesbian club. Things were going to be so much fun at college. Thursday, for an hour, we'd all writhe and shudder and embrace naughty things in life. It was amazing. I held my little sister's hand, glad we could be open around these friends about our desires.

Maybe one day we could be open to the world.

Wendy and Victoria had their date on Friday. They hit it off, though her parents had no idea. That lesbian romance movie was still playing. Wendy just had to see it again, and Victoria, or so I heard, loved the things Wendy did to her in the dark theater. They were both smiling come Monday morning.

Kathy was bright-eyed that morning, too. She had slept with her father and fed the cum to her mother over the weekend. Her dad was more than a little shocked, but how could he say no to eighteen-year-old pussy being offered to him by his wife?

I know I couldn't have.

Ivana was still treating my mom right, something I'd have to keep my eye on. Girls were still giving me looks as I strode through the halls of my college, but for now, I had more than enough lovers. My social calendar was full between “study dates” at Pita's and surprise inspections of my mother's work and Allie wanting to be bred.

I just didn't have any time left for others.

It as a shame. There were some cuties at our college. It was a wild time. I didn't know if my life would always be like this. I hoped it would because it was a lot of fun. School was something I looked forward to with Mrs. Greene and the lesbian club.

I had a great life.


Two weeks later, Allie missed her period.

I sent my Mommy-slave to the grocery store right away. Sunday morning church could wait. We had to find out if I'd knocked up my little sister or not. The twins, Mom, and I all waited in the living room. I had Mom on her knees sucking my cock to try and calm me down. I was so excited. I wanted to know if it was true. I wanted to know that I had bred my sister.

A squeal of excitement echoed through the house.

Allie burst out of the bathroom, brandishing the pregnancy test. She rushed to me, strawberry-blonde hair swaying behind her. I gasped in utter shock at what I saw as she stopped right behind Mom dutifully blowing me.

“Holy shit,” I whispered in awe.

To be continued...

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Futa's Wild Passion 20: Futa's Busty Teacher Joins the Fun

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