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Orc Raids & Slave Girls - A Monster Tales Series

Categories Fantasy, Cum Swallowing, Hardcore, Monster

Author: DarkFantasiesMedia

Published: 14 January 2020

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Dark Fantasies Media

Orc Raids & Slave Girls

A Monster Tales Series

Northern Europe - 2078 B.C - 1000 Years Before The Orc Extinction

Dahlia laid awake listening to her father's snores as she watched the sun's first light glimmer across a small window in her family's cabin. Rhythmic bursts of hot air hit the back of her neck emanating from her mother who was sleeping directly behind her. The breathing tickled, but she dared not move to scratch her neck. She was waiting for her father to wake up and take her mother right next to her as he did every morning. Her only choice was to lay there and pretend to be sleeping to avoid any anger from him. Thinking about her father fucking her mother reignited the fear she had lived with these last two weeks. She thought back to the conversation she had with her mother that started it all. "You better get your little pie ready girl. Because it is about cooked and your father loves pie." Her mother had said to her while sitting around the fire.

"What do you mean mummy." Dahlia replied.

"Don't be daft girl!" Her mother scolded. "You know what I mean child. Your little cunt. Your pretty little pink cunt that your father stares at every morning as he uses my ass, imagining its your pretty little hairless cunt!" Dahlia had looked at her mother in shock and horror.

"Mother!" She said breathless. "I would never do anything like that mummy!" Her mother looked at her as if she was a fool, then laughed.

"You stupid, stupid girl." Her mother said with a chuckle. "You don't have a choice girl. One of these days your father is going to wake up, and instead of bending me over, he's going to bend you over." Her mother's eyes pierced Dahlia with an intensity she had never seen. "So you better get that pretty little cunt and asshole of yours ready. Because pretty soon, your father is going to be fucking them at will." Remembering the conversation caused Dahlias heart to race just as it had that very day. She heard rustling behind her and was ripped from her daydream back into terror. She listened trying to make out who was moving, then she realized she couldn't hear her father breathing. She clenched her legs shut and prayed to the God's that today was not the day her father would bend her over. Thor, Odin's son, protect and watch over me, she repeated in her head. Suddenly her heart stopped as she heard her father clear his throat.

"Wake up woman." He spat as she heard her Father kick her mother.

"Huh?" Her mother groaned.

"Bend over." She heard her father command. Her mother gave no protest and immediately did as she was told. She heard her mother cry out in pain as she buried her head in the blankets to drown out the noise. father must be sticking it in her ass this morning if she is crying Dahlia thought. She laid there motionless thinking about what her mother was feeling. She knew she would find out soon enough, but she wanted to be ready for it somehow. The smell of shit drifted into her nostrils as her mother's crying became louder. She started to wonder if she would shit when her father took her in the ass. "Shut up whore!" Her father roared at her mother out of nowhere startling Dahlia. She heard the crack of her father's hand across her mother's face and the shriek of her mother as the pain set in. Her mother now buried her face in the blankets trying to muffle her crying as well. She heard her fathers' grunts resume and pick up pace. She looked at the wall across the room casting her parents shadow on the wall. Her father was thrusting into her mother violently now. She could hear her mother's cries increasing, signifying the increasing abuse. Louder and louder it got. Dahlia was begging for it to end, she wanted nothing more in this world than for it to just stop right now. With another scream from her mother, she heard her father climaxing.

Suddenly she felt something wet hitting her causing her to jump in fear. She looked down at her hand and saw a thick rope of white liquid laying across her knuckles as she felt another burst of hot wetness hit her cheek. She couldn't believe it. Her father had shot his come all the way over to her. Did he do it on purpose? She thought frantically. She continued staring at the cum running down her hand motionless. The cum on her cheek began its decent as well, turning cold as it slid across her lips. She knew her father would make her mother drink his cum often. Sometimes, he would stick his penis in her mouth and cum, beating her if she didn't drink it all, other times he would make her lick it up off the floor. As the thought ran through her head, Dahlia parted her lips and snuck her tongue out to taste the cum making it's way to her chin. The taste of salt erupted on her tongue as the smell of fish curled up her nose. This doesn't taste good she thought, but steadied herself and swallowed it anyway. "I"m going back to sleep woman. Wake Daliah up, I want breakfast on the table before I wake up or I'm going to bend you over it." Dahlia heard her father say at last. A sigh of relief washed over her. She always prefered the mornings he slept in.

"Yes Husband." Her mother obediently responded. "Dahlia Wake up girl!" Her mother barked at her in a whisper. She knew her mother loved her but hated the way she treated her.

"Yes mummy." Dahlia responded.

"Ungar! Where is the gold haired Human Pussy you promised! I've spent 6 weeks trampling North through the snow, fucking this same stinky brown-haired bitch. Where is the gold haired pussy!" Egmar roared as he threw the brown-haired bitch to the ground he had previously been fucking. He spit on her as she hit the snow laden dirt with a scream.

"They are here! You must trust me Egmar." Ungar replied with a growl in his voice. He was the leader of this raid. Not Egmar. "Dag has a gold haired whore with the sweetest and pinkest pussy you have ever seen." He continued annoyed he should even have to explain anything. "Dag said he traveled north with a raiding party from the black rock clan, so far north he thought he would never return. Where the land is blanketed with snow." Ungar looked around gesturing with his hands at the snow that surrounded them. "We are close Egmar. If you want to go back, no one is stopping you. But me and my son will be tasting Gold haired pussy before we go anywhere." He finished with a look that clearly cast dispersions on Egmar's honour.

"Go back?" Egmar roared in anger, disgusted that Ungar would dare to question his motives. "Oh no Ungar, I'm not going anywhere." He continued with a threat laced in every word. "You drug me on this raid with promises of the most beautiful human cunt and you are either going to find it or you will find my blade." Egmar kicked the human bitch as he spat on her and walked away before Ungar could respond. But Ungar watched him as he moved down the mountain. His eyes like daggers burying into Egmars back. Egmar was not to be trusted he thought. He might not return from this expedition if he continued like this.

"Mum, can I go back to bed?" Dahlia whispered to her mother after her chores had been finished. Her mother sat across the fire cooking breakfast.

"Are you mad girl?" Her mother spat at her, a look of disgust on her face. "You heard your father." She continued in her disgusted tone. "Now get moving or I'll let him bend you over the table, and believe me, it's going to hurt way worse than a spanking." Dahlia gulped and looked down at her lap. She now knew her time was really close. She had a suspicion that her mother would eventual just let her father start fucking her so he would leave her ass alone in the mornings. After the beating her mother got this morning, she was sure it would be soon, and now her mother was threatening her with it. She almost began tor cry at the thought of it. Tomorrow morning could very well be the morning she has dreaded for the last two weeks. Her ass puckered, and she felt a rush of liquid between her thighs as a little pee escaped from her in her fear. She looked at her mother who was staring at her with an evil smile across her face. She knew her mother knew what she was thinking, and she couldn't believe her mother would be so excited that her father would soon be taking her at will.

Her mother always seemed jealous of her. When she was younger she was daddy's little princess and could do no wrong. A few years ago her father started treating her a little differently. He started hugging her longer and rubbing his hands on her body in inappropriate ways. She remembered her mother fighting with her father over it a few times in the beginning. But any fight with her father ended with a beating. Later it grew into what her father called lap time. He would sit her in his lap and start to grind against her rubbing her chest and in between her thighs. That's when she became daddy's little sexy pink pussy girl. Her father would always tell her mother that her pussy was loose and blown out. But Dahlia's pussy is tight, beautiful and sweet he would proclaim knowing that it killed her mother to hear him say that. She looked back at her mother who had continued cooking but still wore the same knowing smile. Dahlia hated her at that moment. She thought if her father does start fucking her, she would make sure that she became the queen in this family, and she would cast her mother out.

"Egmar come!" Ungar called out. As Egmar approached he continued. "There you go. My friend. There is your gold haired pussy there." He pointed to a cabin off in the distance at the foot of the mountain.

"You don't know there is Gold Hairs in there Ungar!" Egmar roared with a laugh. Ungar cut him off before he could continue.

"There is gold haired pussy in there Egmar, I stake my life on it." Ungar said forcefully. "Now are we feasting on pink pussy tonight or are we freezing in the cold? Which one is it Egmar?!" Ungar turned now and looked back at Egmar to face him Orc to Orc. Egmar accepted the challenge and squared his shoulders facing Ungar in defiance.

"There better be Gold Hairs in there Ungar, or I will be feasting on your pink flesh tonight." Egmar said, his eyes never breaking from Ungar's. "Now get ready for the raid." Egmar said as he turned around and walked off before Ungar could respond to the threat.

"Rollock, come here boy." Ungar roared, as much for his son as Egmar. Ungar heard the crunch of snow as his son approached. He appeared from behind a tree, the human bitch being led behind him. "Stay here with the human bitch." Ungar began as the woman fell to her knees from exhaustion. "Keep her quite, if she screams, cut her throat." Ungar looked at the woman's face looking for a reaction. None came. Ungar could see she had given up and lost all hope. He knew her time would be coming to an end soon. "Keep your eyes open, if one of us is not back in 10 minutes, kill the whore and run south until you get home." Ungar finished, now looking at his son.

"Yes Father." The boy replied as Ungar walked off to retrieve his bow.

Dahlia looked at her mother sitting across from her at the fire-place. Her mother was looking at her father and her father was looking at her, as they all sat in silence. Her father's stares were tearing at Dahlia. They frightened her now, knowing that he wanted to do those bad things to her. Images of her father's throbbing penis thrusting in and out of her entered her head. She unconsciously pulled her knees-up to her chest and clenched her legs tight. She looked through the flames and saw her father's eyes plunging into her body like knives. Devouring every curve with lust in his eyes. She pulled her legs closer to her body. Suddenly the silence was broken when Loki, their mare started neighing viciously.

"Did you hear that Ghala?" Her father said turning his gaze towards the door and off of Dahlia's young budding breasts. Dahlia felt a sigh of relief when his eyes left her. "Wolves are getting at the Animals again." Her father said in an angry tone. This winter had been a hard one on everyone, including the wolves. It was not the first wolf to get into the barn since the first snow. "Stay in here and keep the door locked." He continued in a rush to his feet.

"Oh be careful Solevig!" Her mother said in a concerned voice. Dahlia wondered how her mother could have concern in her voice for the man who viciously fucked her asshole this morning. As her father opened the door the mare's screams could be heard growing louder and more urgent causing her father to run out without grabbing his bow or sword and only wearing his kilt. The animal's screams were cut off when the door shut and her mother got up quickly to secured the lock. As she sat back down by the fire-place Dahlia asked,

"Mummy, is everything going to be alright?" Her mother looked at her with more concern on her face which caused Dahlia to sink further into fear.

"I don't know, child." Her mother whispered across the fire. The horse's neighing grew louder still, growing to a fever pitch. "Go hide under the table." Her mother whispered quickly. Dahlia did as she was told making her way to the back of the cabin. She ducked under the table and held herself tight.

"Who's there?" A human male called out from in front of the cabin as Ungar hid in the bushes. Egmar was torturing the human's animal as part of the plan to get the men to come out of the cabin. Only one came, leaving Ungar to wonder if there was still more in the cabin. Ungar stood up and knocked an arrow into the bowl. This may be the easiest raid yet Ungar thought to himself. The human man could see Ungar now but the setting sun behind him hid his features. He moved quickly aiming his shot carefully. He had to shoot now or the human might retreat back into the cabin. He measured the distance and wind at record speed, lining his view right down the arrow. With an exhale of his lungs, he let the arrow fly then instinctively fell to one knee and honed in on the human to see if his arrow was true. The man stood still, not moving at all. Fuck Ungar thought, I missed. Then, just as he was readying another arrow he watched as the human crumbled to the ground. Elation ran through him. He jumped up and rushed toward the cabin giving the signal to Egmar who appeared off to his left. They reached the human man and Egmar immediately put a knife blade in the man's throat so no alarm could be raised. But the man was already dead. Egmar grabbed the man's head and lifted it off the ground.

"See Egmar, Gold Hairs!" He said triumphantly. Egmar sniffed at the man working his way down to the man's crotch.

"And I smell pussy on him too." Egmar said not acknowledging that Ungar had been right. The smell of human cunt and ass filled Ungar's nostrils as he went in for a smell. Before he could even respond Egmar was the door with an axe. Neither of them had fucked a gold haired human pussy and had only seen one briefly in their entire lives. The most prized of all the pussies on earth. No other species, not even orc women could compare to a blonde haired human pussy and one was right behind that door. Ungar joined Egmar with his ax. Both now frantically hacking away as their cocks were growing from anticipation.

"What should we do?" Dahlia called out to her mother who now was standing looking at the door in horror. Bang, bang, bang. Dahlia started crying. What is going on, Who is at the door, Dahlia frantically thought. What happened to father, she screamed in her head. Her mother began to cry which caught Dahlia's attention. She wanted to run to her mother and hug her, but she was paralyzed with fear. Her mother started stuttering something but was interrupted by the banging. Bang, bang, bang, bang! Her mother wailed out sobbing now. She turned to Dahlia and looked her directly in the eyes tears streaming from her own.

"If you can make it to a knife." She sobbed. "Slit your wrists." Dahlia felt wetness running down her leg and puddling around her feet. Another bang sent her mother whirling around with a scream as the door flew open and the blood-red of the setting sun shown in like a searing light illuminating the dark cabin. Two tall muscular figures stood in the door way and walked in cautiously closing the door behind themselves.

"There! There is a female. Grab her she's mine!" One of the ugly creatures roared pointing at her mother.

"No Egmar, she's mine first!" The other roared louder stepping up into his face. "Search the cabin while I break this bitch in." He ordered. The second creäture walked away obeying without a word of protest. Dahlia pulled herself as far back under the table as she could without losing sight of her mother who was now wailing like nothing Dahlia had ever heard before. "Come here, human whore." The monster commanded.

"No! Don't touch me! Leave me alone!" Her mother screamed in between sobs. Laughing the monster stepped forward revealing his naked body in the light. Dahlias eyes were drawn to a large thick rod sticking out from the monster bigger then her mothers arms. With horror, she realized the rod was the monster's penis. As the monster moved closer his penis became more visible in the light and Dahlia could make out the black skin and veins running along the shaft. The monster approached her mother without hesitation and grabbed her dress by the front and ripped it off of her in one motion. Her mother almost fell back in fear as she continued sobbing like a baby.

"On your knees Bitch!" The monster commanded as he grabbed her mother by the head and pushed her to the ground. Her mother was now on her knees in front of the monster's giant penis. Dahlia could see liquid dripping from the head of its penis puddling on the floor in front of her mother. The monster grabbed her hand and put it on his cock as her mother turned her head away out of fear. Dahlia could see her mother scrunching her nose and knew that the monster's penis must have smelled horrible. "This isn't your first cock bitch, you know what to do!" The monster roared, grabbing her mother by the hair pulling her face up to look at him. Dahlia watched in horror as her mother's hand started moving up and down the shaft of the monster's penis. The monster let out a moan of approval and Dahlia could see his cock twitching in enjoyment. Her mother continued the motion obediently keeping her head straight afraid to look down again. Suddenly the monster's penis twitched violently and the watery liquid that was dripping out of his penis shot out in a long strand hitting her mother in the face with force. Her Mother turned her head with a look of disgust on her face and started to dry heave. "Put it in your mouth Bitch!" The monster roared turning her mother's head back towards his cock.

"Solevig, forgive me." Dahlia heard her mother say as she watched in horror as her mothers face moved closer to the monster's penis. Again she felt warm liquid running down her legs as her mother slowly slid the head of the monster's penis into her mouth and began sucking. Her cries were reduced to a muffled sob with the monster's penis filling her mouth. Again her mother turned her head and started heaving towards the ground. This time, the monster's watery penis liquid rushed out of her mother's mouth. The monster grabbed her mother by the hair again and forced his penis into her mouth and started humping. Her mother started choking and gagging violently. Slobber, spit, throw up and monster penis liquid all running down her chin and onto her breasts as Dahlia watched her eyes go back into her head.

She saw her mother desperately pushing against the monsters stomach trying to free herself from his grasp but the monster didn't budge or stop. Dahlia was crying harder now. He's going to kill her she frantically thought. Her mother's protests stopped and her body went limp but the gagging and choking continued as she watched the monster's penis plunge in and out of her mother's throat. Eventually even the choking sounds faded and Dahlia worried her mother had died. She was about to scream out for the monster to stop when the monster pulled his penis out of her mother's throat and Dahlia saw a rush of liquid follow as her mother hit the floor gasping for air. The monster slapped her mother in the face knocking her onto her back as he growled.

"On your back bitch." He ripped her legs open and looked at her mother's pussy with admiration and hunger in his eyes. Her mother began to close her legs but the monster struck out lighting fast, landing another blow to her mother's face. Her mother's legs slowly reversed directions and began to open. The monster smiled with approval at his new obedient bitch. The monster scooted closer and pulled its muscular penis up and then released it causing it to hit her mother in the stomach with a thud before it sprang back to attention. The monster smiled and laughed again. Dahlia was in shock at the size, weight and muscle of the thing that was about to ravish her mother. It reached all the way to her mother's breasts. Dahlia watched in horror as the monster guided his penis towards her mother's pussy. Without hesitation or warning he shoved his penis in side of her with such force Dahlia could hear muscle ripping and bone cracking. Her mother screamed in pain trying desperately to pull herself away from the monster. The monster laughed at the futile effort from her mother.

The monster twitched his cock inside of her mother and Dahlia watched as her whole body was lifted off the ground for a split second. This ceased all protest from her now shocked mother. The monster pushed himself up lifting her mother with him. Dahlia couldn't believe her eyes. The monster's penis was still inside of her mother and dragging her mother along with him. Her mother's head scraped across the floor as the monster moved closer the the fire where he twitched his penis again and let her mother fall violently on her head, penis still buried deep inside her. He slowly climbed back down and got his hips in the position to thrust. He pulled and her mother screamed. More popping noises as his black cock slid out a little covered in blood. Without warning, he thrust it back in violently bringing another scream from her mother.

"Gods help me!" She screamed as the monster began his rhythmic assault. Dahlia could see her mother's stomach bulge out with every thrust from the monster. He continued, feasting upon her mother's breasts now. Red lines began to run down her mother's chest as the monster gnawed at her nipples. He abandoned her breasts and began to work his way up to her face. His long black tongue snaking along her skin as he continued. Her mother turned her head away from him but the monster bit her cheek and pulled it back up. He began licking her face and working his tong around her mouth. Slowly he started to push his tongue into her mother's protesting mouth. Once again the sounds of muffled crying, gagging and choking began to come from her mother as the monster pushed his tong in and out of her mouth. His tongue seemed as thick and as strong as his penis and able to penetrate just as deep. Dahlia watched in horror as this continued for what seemed like forever. Slowly the tearing noises in her mother's vagina ceased and were replaced with wet gurgling sounds while the gagging and crying were replaced with a constant moan.

Eventually she began to see her mother convulsing and shuddering as bursts of liquid erupted from her vagina. This seemed to trigger the monster as his thrust became more violent. With a roar, the monster seemed to release. He turned her mother over still attached to his cock, and then sat back, dragging her mother across the floor. She layed there as the monster's penis throbbed and twitched inside of her cunt as if it were pumping a liquid inside of her. The monster layed there breathing in satisfaction as her mother moaned on the ground with her ass in the air attached to the monster's penis for what seemed like an hour. Eventually her mother fell forward an inch with the escaping of a large queef. Dahlia watched as her mother slowly slid down the monster's now limping cock falling completely to the floor. A rush of bright white liquid flooded out of her mother's gaping vagina, puddling on the ground before her. "Eat that cum Bitch!" The monster growled and Dahlia watched as her mother obediently crawled to the pile and began lapping up the liquid. Just like Father, Dahlia thought. The only difference was the monster's cock and load were both ten times bigger. Dahlia watched as her mother finished cleaning up the cum on the floor, she had seen her do that before. But she was surprised when her mother then willingly crawled over to the monster's penis and began cleaning it with her tongue as well.

"The cabin's clear." The other monster said, standing a mere five feet from Dahlia.

"Alright, your turn Egmar. But make it quick, my son's going next." The monster said as her mother continued cleaning his penis.

"Calm the fuck down Ungar." The other growled. "We have all night and the bitch has three holes." The first monster got up and walked out of the cabin leaving her mother on the ground where she was. "I'm going to make you scream bitch!" The new monster said as he rushed towards her mother. Dahlia watched as her mother rolled onto her back and willingly spread her legs. Does she want it? Dahlia wondered? Why has she stopped fighting? Why has she stopped crying? The monster seemed pleased with her mother's obedience as he fell between her open legs. Straight into her vagina his throbbing cock went without warning causing another blood-curdling scream from her mother. Dahlia watched as the monster began his ruthless assault. He was right, he did make her mother scream, but Dahlia didn't know if she was screaming in pleasure, pain, or both.

"Rollock where are you boy?" Ungar growled looking for his son. He found the spot he had left him and saw the human bitch laying motionless on the ground. One of her legs ripped from her body. He heard rustling from off to his left and his son appeared out of the bushes. "What happened to the bitch boy?" Ungar asked his son.

"She wouldn't open her legs for me da, so I ripped one off." He answered with no emotion in his voice. "She stopped moving while I was fucking her cunt." He finished.

"That's fine son. Egmar will complain, but pay him no mind. Soon we will have plenty of gold haired bitches for everyone." His son's interest was peaked now, the question of a gold haired pussy on his mind. "Now Come, we have one inside." Ungar continued. His son smiled in excitement. "You are extremely lucky, son." Ungar continued as they made their way to the cabin. "I have only seen one gold haired whore in my entire life, and you get to ravish one at such a young age, feel good, son, this is a proud day for our clan."

Dahlia watched as the door opened and the other monster stepped in with a short monster. Her mother was laying on the floor covered in cum. Barley alive from the last assault. "There you go boy. Enjoy the bitch, she is all yours." The monster said with a laugh. "Get up whore, my sons cock needs servicing." Dahlia watched as her mother slowly raised up onto her elbows and looked towards the monster's son. She heard a slight moan escape from her mother's lips which made Dahlia confused. Suddenly the other monster started walking around the cabin sniffing at something. The other monster took interest. "What do you smell Egmar?" It asked.

"Virgin human pussy!" The monster replied in a fierce whisper.

"Find her!" The first monster roared. Dahlia watched as all three of the monster's cocks filled with blood and began to throb. She felt warm liquid run down her leg again when she realized the cocks were hard for her. She thought, if it, were her peeing herself, that put the smell of her virgin cunt into the air. She tucked herself as far back under the table as she could, without losing sight of her mother.

"There she is, there's the little bitch there." The monster screamed. Dahlia looked up and saw the monster pointing at her under the table.

"No, don't touch her!" Her mother screamed at the top of her lungs. Paying no mind to her mother the monster that found her began screaming at her,

"Get out here now human whore! I found her, She's mine!".

"No!" The first monster roared. "My son goes first on this one. Egmar guard the door." Dahlia leapt from under the table,

"No, please leave us alone. I'm begging you." She sobbed. The monster shot a lot of its watery precum when it saw Dahlia.

"Boy, I want you to Make this whore bleed. Now get the little bitch!" He roared as Dahlia stood there sobbing.

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Orc Raids & Slave Girls - A Monster Tales Series

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