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Club Gomorrah. The Sissy Saga. Chapter 7. What Is A Fuck Pig?

Categories Fiction, Anal, Asian, BDSM

Author: NumberNinetyFour

Published: 14 January 2020

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“Belle, Belle, Belle… After everything I gave you, why did you do this?” The Master circled the chained slave scrolling through his personal tablet device. “Belle, once Billy Dee. A nobody from nowhere who by his own admission wanted the life you no… the life you once, had. Its sad really, you had such promise.” The master said with just a hint of sorrow and then sighed.

“We found it making its way home, trying to contact its old acquaintances, it was… difficult to capture.”

Belle tried to speak, the large cock shaped gag bulging in her throat as tears flowed down her cheeks. As she did Mistress Smith Pushed the gad deeper into Bells throat, and she began to struggle against her.

“Riley, come here.” The master called, his hand offering the space next to him.

I slowly made my way to his side, blushing at the attention. I knelt down beside him and slowly his had began stroking my hair. “Do you remember Riley, Belle? Just a short while ago she was so different wasn't she, ugly, unhappy, unfulfilled. but look now.”

I hadn't realised it, but I had began purring and licking the masters fingers, sucking on his thumb, he tasted good, just his hand tasted this good. What would the rest of him taste like, feel like. “This is what you threw away when you betrayed me, betrayed us. When you betrayed yourself. You know the punishment Belle, your first strike will be your last strike. Mistress Smith, I want you to make sure Riley understands exactly what happens when you break the terms of the contract.”

“I understand Master.”

Master took my throat in his hand, my eyes locked with his. “Do as Mistress Smith tells you Riley. Learn from the mistakes of those that failed before you so you might succeed.”

His cock, god it smelled so good, being this close to him, to it. It was like a drug, El kissed me softly on the cheek as she followed behind The Master. I had forgotten she was there, it had been ages since I had seen her but all I could think of was The Master, what scared me was that I didn't think it was because of the programming that I lusted for him.

“Alright Slut, enough daydreaming. We have work to do.” Mistress Smith began tapping away on her tablet and the room came to life. The machine Belle was strapped to twisted until she was in the doggy position facing me. Tears streaming down her face, not in fear of pain. No she was afraid of something far worse. As she spoke Mistress Smith began attaching wires and checking the machine.

“In Club Gomorrah, you belong to us slut, the body we own unconditionally as per the contract you signed and the investment we made perfecting you. The mind we allow you to keep, though only because it enhances the work you do and increases profits.

“And the soul mistress?”

She smiled. “Tell me, what do you know of Fuckpig’s Slut?”

“If you're more than you're worth to the club, more… if you’re a waste of money you become a Fuckpig. But that’s all I really know Mistress, I haven’t seen any Fuckpigs or spoke to any of them so I don’t know what they do.”

She laughed. “Silly Slut, of course you haven’t seen any of them. Fuckpigs are extremely rare we only have two, well three now. And If you did see one they wouldn't hold much of a conversation. The most they can drool out between having cock stuffed in their throats is. Mohh cokh phlees.” The way she sounded the words sent a shiver down my spine.

A few more taps on her tablet and Belle was moved toward the back of the room and lowered down to a workbench. As we approached I saw vile's of coloured liquids, syringes of al sizes, tubes of creams piercing equipment, they were all implements of some twisted science. None made to punish or pleasure, they were clean clinical and cold.

Mistress sat at the workbench and commanded me to get onto my knees beside her as she began ***********ing her equipment. Bell was quietly crying, looking into my eyes as if I could help her escape from whatever was about to happen.

“She knows what’s about to happen.” Mistress Smilled at Belle. “Belle is one of only three of you Sluts here that has seen this procedure performed live. Elysium and Ona being the other two. Its a… slow, process. Your transformation from pathetic disgusting Man to pathetic disgusting Slut was largely automated.” Mistress began filling syringes with various types and quantities of chemicals from the vials. “In the old days we had to do it manually like this, it was a slow and tedious science to perfect. The Fuckpig alterations are so rare The Master and I chose to keep it cost effective besides. Its not punishment if you don't remember it right Slut? You’ve eaten pussy, Slut? correct?” Mused Mistress Smith.

“Yes Mistress.” I only half remembered my ex but I was always eating pussy rather than fucking her.

“I like to have Ona service me while I work. But everyone seems so damn infatuated with you I thought I’d give you a trial. But you do nee to see whats happening too so I brought this down for you.” She attached a visor over my eyes and clipped it tight behind my head. It was connected to Mistress Smiths own glasses and allowed me to see everything that she saw, everything she did. She grabbed my head and shoved me into her already soaking pussy.

“Keep your hands behind your back Slut, and make sure you eat my cunt nice and throughly. You may get a prize.”

“First we need to get these tits nice and fat.” Grabbing Bell’s left breast and squeezing her nipple, forcing a muffled scream from Belle. After a few twists and pinches Mistress Smith began. The large syringe that had earlier been filled with chemicals was slowly, painfully inserted into her now red and sore nipple, through the centre and deep into her breast. Mistress stopped for a moment and toyed with Belle, flicking the Syringe and setting it swinging like a horror show pendulum. Belle’s breasts were already a good size, smaller than mine but still a nice handful for a client to grab onto as they fucked her. Mistress flicked the syringe a few more times before beginning work on Belles right breast, perfectly repeating every torturous action before taking a syringe in each hand and ever so slightly pushing the plungers. Belle let out a blood chilling scream, so animalistic you would have thought there was a tiger gutting a horse next to you. Mistress Smith tore the Syringes from Belle’s nipples and replaced them with a second set and then a third and fourth before Belle had passed out and only regained consciousness after the sixth and final syringe had been removed. Her breasts were heavily veined, her nipples sore and almost glowing red.

“That should do it for the first round.” Mistress Smith said squeezing her legs around my head as she let the orgasm I had been nursing with my tongue consume her. My heart sank, through the visor I could see the check list on her tablet, there were seven boxes to tick. Breast enlargement, body alteration, increasing cum production, permanent chastity, increasing sensitivity in erogenous zones, and mental obliteration. “Now then… lets start working on that clit shall we.”

I felt sorry for her. Fuckpigs don’t have souls, or minds, they don't really even have a body. All they can do is think about is cock and cum. Theirs and other peoples, they beg, they wine and they hump everything they can.

“Let this be a lesson to you all. None of you are above the rules of this house and all of you could end up like 89 there.” The master called down from the balcony overlooking us. El was next to him, her lusting eyes locked onto me, it had been a week since she got back, a week of me eating Mistress Smith’s pussy and watching her tear Belle apart piece by piece and rebuild her as this, this thing I was supposed to look after. “Riley Darling take 89 down to the pigpen and make sure its ready for its first day of service. The rest of you are dismissed.”

I slowly walked over to it, and it looked disappointedly at my cage like it always did. I took a fistful of its beautiful soft hair and yanked it hard to make it follow me.

I felt sorry for it, really I did. Sprawled out on the floor in an orgasmic daze, the way it sucked and mauled its now freakishly oversized tits, helplessly clawing at its sealed chastity cage as the cum flowed from its clit in an unceasing stream, pooling around it. The drugs would never wear off, it would never stop cumming for the rest of its life. I followed the path Mistress Smith had lead me down two days before, 89’s new home, its new life. Today it would get what it wanted, six low level Gomorrah patrons had already paid in advance to be the first to try the new piggy.

Its ass now stretched and self lubricating and its lips fat and wet with drool as it moaned and groaned its pleas for cock, for cum, for pleasure none of us were allowed to give it. I am sorry for 89 and what it is now. Number 89. Its name forbidden not a person but a thing. In the day they get placed into special booths and the less wealthy patrons of Club Gomorrah get to use them for half the price of one of us. At night they have a large plug that opens like a flower put inside their ass, it keeps them chained to the wall in their cell. Their arms are locked behind their back so they cant pleasure themselves. They moan and drool and drip the night away and in the morning we have all that cum they excrete during the night mixed into our food. I guess thats why it all tastes so good and creamy. All that cock and cum stuffed and filling them all day and still all they can think of is more, I felt sorry for it yes. But I fucking hated it too, for making me wonder. Wonder what it was like to be a Fuckpig, and for making me want to be in its place.

My chore was done, I should have left her to settle in ready for her visitors but, curiosity did kill the cat and all. The cum was already pooling on the floor under it, and I just had to know. I circled it, once then twice as I took in the view. Already mumbling pinching its nipples and grinding its cage into the floor. Honestly it was more like a cat than a pig, the way 89 was sprawled on the floor like it was. “Up pig.” I commanded, and it slowly pulled itself up onto all fours.

Stupid Idea, you idiot little Slut Riley. But I had to know. I put my hand on its ass, so soft just like its hair. I spread it apart and took a deep breath in through my nose the chemicals had made its ass more like a pussy, less resistant and moist. My finger slipped in so easily, I could feel 89’s hole pulling me in further as the hole tightened around my finger squeezing hungrily. I pulled free and as I escaped the Fuckpig let out a needy whimper. “Spread your legs Pig.”

I took my time, making sure to keep my hair away from the stream of cum as I positioned myself between its legs, wiping away the trail of cum just enough to stop it from getting all over my face. Just a little taste, just to see, just to know. I kept telling myself as I positioned the cage above and waited, mouth open, ready for the stream to begin again. The white nectar trickled down, into my waiting and hungry mouth onto my tongue. God it was good, so sweet and thick and warm. If I could have cum I think I might have just from the way it felt in my mouth and the way it slid down and coated my throat. I was ready to stop and leave before the patrons arrived when it happened.

Before I could move, cold hard plastic filled my mouth and my head was slammed into the floor. Dazed from the impact it took a second to figure out what had happened when I felt the Fuckpig’s chastity cage being thrust into my mouth like a toy cock, the continuous stream of its cum building up in my mouth lubricating it. I gripped its hips to try and overturn it but I realised that mistake all too soon as 89 pressed down with its full weight onto me the cage working deeper into my mouth and trying for my throat, my arms were trapped above my head and now completely useless to me, I had no way to escape and no way to command 89 to release me. Belle had a mediocre cock, much like mine. But the chemicals that made 89 cum in one long torturous stream had also increased her length and girth to just under six inches with the special cage it was more like six and a half, and each end every inch of that was now being thrust and ground into me. I had to swallow all of it or be drown in cum. I did everything I could, grabbing its tits only made it thrust deeper struggling made it tighten its legs around my head and trying to call for help made me choke on cum.

I don't know how long 89 had been grinding itself on me before the door opened. I was sure Mistress Smith or worse one of the other gils had come to look for me, they would use this situation to make me do anything they wanted. But the voice that commanded 89 to get off me was masculine.

“The fuck are you doing Riley?” Asked Sam as he helped me to my feet.

“I was making sure… its cage was… on nice and tight.”.

“Its a good thing I’m the one that found you Riley, If it was Smith who found you she’d weld your cage for lying to her.” He brushed a glob of 89’s cum from my cheek and began applying it to my lips with a smile. Even after all the cum I had just swallowed I couldn't help myself, as his thumb circled my panting mouth I began suckling on it. “It’ll just be our little secret then. God you are so, fucking, beautiful.” As he whispered into my ear, I blushed and looking at the reflection of Sam now holding me tightly in his arms in the mirrored wall beside us I saw the damage 89 had done.

“Shit!” The little bitch had covered me in cum, my beautiful hair was a complete disaster all damp and clumped together, and my face was covered it a cream of its mess. “That fucking cow.” I screamed as I stormed over to the Fuckpig. Twisting its head back with a fistful of hair. ”This is what I get for being nice to you is it.” its response was a feeble and gargled.

“Cohhh?” I was about to slap it when Sam grabbed my wrist.

“Hey, easy. It doesn’t know any better and bruising it before the patrons have a chance to wont do you any favours either.”

I tried to fight but Sam pulled me back, shoving me hard into the cold mirror. A shit eating grin spread across his face as I struggled under him. “Damn, no wonder Ona likes you. You better be careful Riley, spend too much time with her and Smith and you might end up more twisted than either of them.” He brought my arms behind me and lead me to the en suite bathroom. “Take a shower and get yourself cleaned up.” He commanded shoving me into the shower. “Today’s the first day of your training with me, and I want you clean and cooled off so I can ruin that pretty face myself, understand Slut?.”

“Yes Sir.”

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Club Gomorrah. The Sissy Saga. Chapter 7. What Is A Fuck Pig?

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Comments (1)
SilverSwan — 15 January 2020 02:39
Well, besides needing a good editing, this story is creatively crazy.
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