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Breakfast can wait

Categories Fiction, Male / Female, Virginity, Young

Author: abroadsword

Published: 22 January 2020

  • Font:

Breakfast can wait

The new maid was quite ordinary really. Ordinary height, ordinary width around the waist, adequate breasts, mousey hair, brown eyes wearing a freshly laundered maid’s smock. Very ordinary really.

She seemed strangely calm as she walked in to my study for the first time.

“Hop up on the sideboard my dear I wish to see your cunt” I invited her by way of an introduction.

“You what?” she replied.

“You what My Lord!” I corrected her, “Up on the sideboard, spread your legs and let me inspect your cunt.”

“Why?” she asked.

“To make sure you are pure and not diseased before I ram my meat deep in your innards of course!” I countered.

“What you’re going to fuck me without even a by your leave?” she queried.

“That is my intention,” I admitted, “Do you want this job? If not I can have your entire family dismissed and cast out of their homes, I do have my reputation as an evil and ruthless individual to protect you understand. One sign of humanity and everyone will be taking liberties.”

“You’re not serious?” she queried. She looked me in the eye, “You are ‘ent you?”

“Absolutely,” I agreed, “Now up on the sideboard, spread your legs and spread your cunt lips.”

She glared at me and then hopped daintily onto the sideboard.

“Spread you legs and sit on the edge of the sideboard so I may get at you,” I requested.

“What like this?” she asked as she slid forward and opened her legs wide while lifting her short smock to reveal herself.

Her lips were smooth and unblemished, the down on her belly was soft and the faintest trace of moisture showed she was excited at the prospect of conjoining.

“Are you pure?” I asked.

“No I had a candle up me,” she said, “I gets urges.”

“Ah, then let us conjoin forthwith!” I declared as I loosened my breeches and under things allowing my member to spring free.

“Oh, is that it?” she asked in a disappointed tone, “Our Bessie said as you was hung like a stallion.”

“Compared to other men not to an actual male horse,” I replied in exasperation, “Now be quiet, spread your cunt lips and think of England as I intend to take you.”

I explored her with my thumb to confirm she was ready and then gently inserted the tip of my member into her softness. She welcomed me into her warm wet cavern with just enough resistance to drive my cock head mad with desire.

In no time I was ball deep inside her. I felt her wrap her legs around me.

“Fuck me, take me to heaven,” she whispered.

I began to hump against her.

“Kiss me,” she said and she wriggled out of her smock and began caressing her own breasts.

I continued to hump her. She grabbed my cheeks and kissed me passionately upon the mouth, her tongue darted around my teeth and in that moment I was lost and my member exploded.

It seemed to go on for ever as what seemed like gallons of seed gushed forth from my balls to flood her parts.

“Ohhhh that’s soooo good!” she cooed, “You’re the best.”

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“Better than all the rest,” she said, “Better than old Dan and they down the Dog and Duck, better than the Football team.”

“You said you were pure!” I protested.

“I said I had a candle up, I never said I never had a bloke did I?” she replied.

“But I only fuck virgins,” I protested feebly.

“That’s where you go wrong,” she said, “I should have a little rest if I was you and we can have another go before Tea.”

She smoothed her smock down, hopped off the sideboard and grinned at me, “I’ll see if cook want’s a hand.” she said as she walked out of the door.

I wiped myself on a kerchief and pulled my breeches up. I ***********ed a book from my bookcase and sat in my favoutite armed chair and tried to read. I felt drained yet elated, yet at the same time anxious that she was not pure.

I tried to read my book but my thoughts constantly wandered.

She came back an hour or so later, “I had a word with cook,” she said.

“Look, you only speak when spoken to, do you understand?” I demanded.

“Don’t be daft,” she replied, “Anyway you will like this, Cook says you don’t like belly hair so I shaved mine off, look!”

She raised her smock, her belly was as smooth as a babies.

“I didn’t ask you to, it will itch as it grows back!” I explained.

“Ah, that’s why I came, I got this itch see and I wants it scratched,” she explained, “Deep inside of me where fingers can’t reach.”

“So?” I queried.

“So itch it with your big cock,” she said, “Its your fault I got it, seems to me its up to you to fix it.”

“You impertinent little slut,” I snapped.

She lofted her smock over head, “My titties need some attention,” she explained, “You never even kissed them earlier, they needs a good suck to get me wet and then we can fuck and sort out me itch.”

“I was not set upon this earth to minister to your needs,” I blustered.

“Well you spends most of your time idling and the rest sleeping or fucking so its no hardship is it?” she expounded, “Come on suck me titties and drop your breeches and we can both go to heaven again can’t we?”

“I suppose so,” I agreed, “You might need to suckle my member to rouse him.”

“Not if you suck my titties, I reckon he will be stiff as a starched shirt collar by the time I gets wet,” she replied.

She was correct, her nipples stiffened at the first touch of my lips and my member stirred shortly afterwards. She thrust her hand down my breeches and stroked my member to full arousal and then she loosened my breeches and pushed them down.

Before I knew she was upon me. Her legs around me yet raised so as I sat in my arm chair she oh so firmly impaled herself upon my member. “See its nice and you hit the spot straight away.” she observed.

“I suppose so,” I agreed.

“So fuck me, take me to heaven like you promised,” she cooed.

“I think I will sit quietly while you do all the work,” I countered.

“Oh very well then,” she replied and she started to move herself up and down massaging my member with the firm grip of her slippery moist innermost musculature.

It was exquisite, I had not had a maid for several days prior and my balls primed by the earlier gallop were now ready for some serious activity.

I watched her titties wobbling up and down as she pleasured herself and then she stopped abruptly, grabbed my cheeks and kissed me on the lips. It was as tender as it was unexpected and at once my balls released such a torrent of seed such as I had seldom emitted.

“Ooooh that’s so lovely,” she whispered, “Thank you!”

“Thank you my dear that was very pleasant,” I agreed.

She climbed off me, threw her smock back on and disappeared towards the kitchen.

I wiped myself, pulled my breeches up and sat back contentedly.

I was supposed to attend a function that evening but sent my apologies, I could not be bothered, I just wanted a quiet evening by the fireside, a book and an early night to recoup my strength.

I ate my dinner. The maid seemed unable to take her eyes from me. I read my book and then I went to bed.

She came with an oil lamp in one hand and a cup of warm milk in the other.

“Cook sent summat to warm you up,” she said. She put the lamp on the bedside cupboard and the milk beside it. She smiled at me and lofted her smock over her head. She kicked off her shoes and wrenching aside the bed clothes slid into bed beside me.

“Er I think Cook meant the milk,” I ventured.

“Ah well me cunt is lonely without your cock,” she said hopefully, “Go on, stick it in me you know you want to.”

“I desire no such thing,” I insisted.

“Then why’s t sticking up like a broom handle?” she demanded.

“That is my business,” I insisted.

“If you say so,” she said, “So you won’t mind if I sort of sink down on it and pleases me self will you?”

“No,” I insisted. She misunderstood, deliberately I assume and threw the bedclothes wide and straddled me. “No,” I repeated as she sank down gripping my member, one knee each side of me and sank her warm wet cunt down the length of my rigid shaft.

“See it nice innit,” she cooed, “You might at least say thanks or summat.”

“I expect more respect from my staff,” I reminded her.

“Your staff’s doing a good job,” she said, “Nice and thick and long.”

“Not that staff, my employees,” I countered.

“Oh sir you are a caution!” she laughed, “Now just shut up and squirt. This is hard work.”

All at once my balls responded and my member started to convulse shooting pints of creamy silvery aristocratic cum deep inside her common womb.

She gasped and then reached down to kiss my lips, “That’s nice.” she cooed.

The torrent ceased and after a moment she climbed off me. She gulped down the milk, snuffed out the oil lamp and lay down beside me pulling the bed clothes over her.

“Night Night,” she said, “I’ll clean up in the morning.”

“You will not!” I insisted.

“Oh give over I need me beauty sleep,” she insisted, “Give us a kick if you want’s to to it again, Night Night.”

The poor girl was exhausted and very soon she was fast asleep. I must have followed soon after.

It was full daylight when I woke. She was still sleeping. I eased the bedclothes back and woke her by pinching her left nipple between forefinger and thumb.

“Ugh don’t be so rough,” she said sleepily.

“Break Fast!” I ordered.

“I don’t want none,” she replied.

“My Break Fast!” I ordered.

“Look you knackers me out with you needs so give us a break and get your own.” she replied sleepily, and then she jumped bolt upright, “Bloody hell what’s the time.”

“Seven of the Clock,” I advised, “Dawn came hours ago.”

“And the cock crew?” she demanded

“Yes the cock crowed,” I confirmed.

“Then us be common law wed!” she declaimed.

“Oh excellent that means I don’t have to pay you!” I declared sarcastically.

“But I gives it to me mum or will when I gets owt,” she replied awkwardly.

“You really should have thought of that,” I replied, “But for now my cock head wishes to renew his acquaintance with the neck of your womb so on your back wench, legs apart and think of England.”

“Why should I think on England when its you as is pleasuring me?” she asked coyly.

“My dear it is you whom should be providing the pleasure,” I corrected her.

She came back at me immediately, “Just shut up and stick your thing in me. Me cunt’s all wet and juicy from just thinking about it.”

No maid had ever told me to shut up before, It made her somehow even more desirable, as the idea a maid would relish my attentions was frankly something I had never even considered.

“You know I shall cast you aside when you fall for a child don’t you?” I enquired.

“Course,” she agreed, “I don’t expect a cold hearted bastard like you to care a fig about the likes of I,” she admitted, “So lets have some fun while us can.”

“Capital idea,” I agreed, I grasped her around the waist, turned her over and with a knee between her thighs I spread her legs to admit me to her parts. Again I slid easily within her but this time I let my chest rub against her mounds and nipples rousing her to new heights of ecstasy until finally as she reached her peak I once again let fly.

“Cor sir you’re certainly getting the hang of it and that’s a fact,” she admitted as I withdrew, “How’s about Break Fast in bed?”

“Yes go and get me some,” I suggested.

“No me lover, why don’t you get I some,” she asked cheekily.

“May I remind you I am the master here and you are the servant?” I ventured.

“We’re common law wed now,” she laughed.

“Right, so I better start fucking your ass so you don’t get caught in that case,” I suggested.

“No you bloody don’t,” she snapped, “All right you win, I’ll get you your food.”

“I’m getting hard again,” I admitted, “Come back to bed, Break Fast can wait.”

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Breakfast can wait

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