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Categories Fantasy, BDSM, Incest

Author: bager

Published: 08 December 2006

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Part 1
Please note this is a continuation of my little Hitchhiker, but starts off slow - very slow, the first few chapters are setting the scene.
I arrived at work that Monday to uproar. People were rushing around like headless chickens! I got to my cubical and noticed that Bob's door - my door is always open! - Was firmly closed and the blinds drawn.
I looked to my co-worker, Adam, and mouthed 'What's going on?'
He looked at me, "Head office! That is what! Somebody's put a bee up their ass and now they are swarming all over the place - The Auditors are going through Bob's books looking at everything.
"Shit! Where's that going to leave us?" I asked. However, Adam just shrugged his shoulders. I spent the rest of the morning shifting through some paperwork, and thinking about Tania and Janet. With any luck, they would be on the plane back to America to carry on with their lives.
In the afternoon Bob finally appeared from his office, along with a couple of police officers and a man in a gray suit. It seems that Bob's dreams of retiring rich may have hit a snag.
Which left us all wondering who was the poor bastard who would be taking over Bob's shoes, But we carried on as per normal, although I did find myself fielding several enquiries from staff - to be honest many of which they could have worked out for themselves, but I didn't want to disappoint them.
By the end of the day I was so tired that I almost missed the announcement that we would have to attend a staff meeting on Tuesday, all I wanted to do was to go home and drop onto my bed.
The phone rang as I entered the house I answered it.
"You don't sound well daddy John!" Tania 's welcomed voice came to my ears.
"I'm sorry Tania, it's just that it's been a hectic day, but never mind that, I thought you were going back to America today." I said glad to hear her voice anyway.
"Oh mummy wanted to do some sightseeing - she took me to the London Dungeon, it was smashing, all the bodies and the chains . . . I enjoyed it so much!" I could almost picture her wanting to try some of the chains herself. "And we ate lunch at the Blood and Guts café - you should have come with us." She added.
I smiled, "I would have liked to Tania, but I don't think my bosses would have let me." I could hear her yawn it must have been a long day for her as well.
"I know daddy John, oops, here's mummy." Then a faint "It's for you . . ." as the phone was handed to Janet.
"Hello? Who's that?" Janet asked cautiously.
"Hello Janet, I take it you didn't ask Tania to phone." I said, dropping Tania into trouble immediately.
"Hello John - no I didn't. However, she did miss you today, so I suppose I should not be too angry with her. You sound tired." It was a quick change of subject . . . but then I suppose it did echo in my voice.
"Oh just some added fun and games at work, we're going through a hectic time at the moment." I said.
"Do you want to talk about it?" Janet asked sounding all concerned.
"No, it's just boring work stuff, you wouldn't be interested. So Tania liked looking around the dungeon then?" I could change the subject with the best of them.
Janet laughed, "Oh yes, she enjoyed the trial and having to travel through traitors gate, I had to stop her from looking too hard at the exhibits, just in case she started to criticize them!" She paused for a moment, as if debating with herself about something but then she finished by saying, "I'm sorry John there's a lot I've got to do, I'll see you again sometime."
"That's fine Janet, I know you've got to pack and arrange to return to America, I hope Tania doesn't wear you out too soon. Bye." I fixed myself something to eat, the remainder of the care package that Sonja had left. I did consider drowning my sorrows in whisky again, but contented myself with watching the idiot box for a couple of hours before stopping for the day.
I arrived at work, early for a change. If I were going to get the sack then I would at least go fighting.
I noticed a large car in the visitor's space. The windows were dark so I could not see if anyone was in the vehicle.
I entered the building and took the lift to the third floor, finding my desk and sitting behind it. I tried to concentrate on the work, but no sooner had I picked up my pen I was putting it down and walking with the rest of the herd to the meeting room.
"If I can have your attention pleases . . . Thank you!" That was Clive Mortimer the Chief Executive Officer of our branch of the company. "Now as you know, there's been a small problem in the development area." There was a small amount of catcalling at that, as we knew that Bob had a bit of help from higher up and Clive was the chief suspect. "We are expecting a representative from Head Office to arrive today and start interviewing for Bob's replacement, so please give him all the help you can. We'll be starting at 11 O'clock."
We ambled back to our pens feeling like sheep about to shorn of their fleece. I pitied the poor sod that inherited us. At eleven O'clock the phones started to ring, calling the sacrificial lambs to their slaughter.
Adam returned after his calling, he looked slightly shell-shocked, "My god!" He said, "She's a right one, looks so nice but then . . . pure ice-queen, she'd put the white witch to shame." Adam always had a thing about Narnia (you know The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe?).
"Who's that?" I asked him - any information about the enemy is useful.
"That person from head office, it's not a he it's a she, asks a lot of questions and she knows her stuff, but BOY! Her attitude, it stinks!" Adam said, and he was being polite!
Just then, my phone rang, I picked it up - "Mr. err . . . Archer, will you come to the meeting room." The person hung up, rather abruptly I thought but I got up and made my way to the meeting room. I knocked on the door . . . "Come!" 'Great!' I thought 'not even come in, just COME!' but I entered the room.
The person was sitting in a swivel chair; its back was towards me. I approached the table and stood there, I was willing to wait. "So Mr. Archer, why do you think you should be in charge here." The woman said, but I was beginning to recognize the voice.
"I don't know if I do want to be in charge, not if I have to report to some self-important American who thinks she can boss everyone about . . . Janet!" I said smiling as I spoke the last.
"There you are mummy! I told you it wouldn't work." Tania 's voice came from behind me; I turned, only to get hit in the stomach by the flying young girl.
Janet, for it was her, turned the chair round, she was also smiling. "It's good to see you as well John." She said. "You know I think I've found the right person for this position." She added.
I shook my head, "Who? Me No way The person to control this crowd needs 4 hands, one to hold the chair, the other to hold the machine gun and two to have whips in them, I'm not the one to do it." I told her.
She tapped the file she was holding, "This says differently. It seems that yesterday there was a minor problem with some chips, and you directed the team to the problem without even thinking about it."
"Yes, but it was an obvious fault, they just hadn't tested it through correctly that was all, and anyway they did the work, all I did was point them in the direction." I said,
"That's what we need, a coordinator who knows what he's doing. I have been going through our files, your name keeps coming up in our systems, and when you are involved, the systems have a lower failure rate. But for some reason your predecessor failed to promote you as he should have." Janet said.
"Of course he didn't, because it would have lost him money." I said emphasizing the 'him' part.
"Plus there's the other aspect of you, your ability of keeping your mouth shut, it's the thing we need from a manager." Janet said.
"We need. Do you mean the company needs? Or am I missing something?" I asked Janet who looked at Tania who giggled.
"John? You don't really know who I am, do you?" Janet asked and Tania just looked at me without giving clues.
"Not really, I mean I know you are Janet Jones and that you're quite high up in the company . . ." I began but then Tania started to giggle away. “ . . . Very high up?" I queried, and Janet nodded her head.
"Mummy's the owner of the company at home." Tania said.
"Well I'm the majority shareholder of the parent company." Janet said . . . This time I sat down in shock.
"I don't remember seeing your name on the board, and I'm certain that the parent company's address isn't that Funiculaireville place." I said
Janet smiled, "Oh daddy started the company in New York State, it's just when he met my mother while he was in Funiculaireville that he settled down there, I inherited his share of the company when he died, and I'm not mentioned on the board, except as J.A. Williams, my maiden name." I thought about it and yes, J.A. Williams was one of the senior members of the board.
"I see," I said and turned to Tania, "And why didn't you say anything when I was talking about where I worked?" I asked her.
"But daddy John! I don't know all the places that mummy owns, and anyway you were the one who told her, not me!" Tania defended herself from my accusation. However, I picked her up and placed her over my knees anyway.
"Mr. Archer do you think this is the best way to conduct yourself during an interview?" Janet said in an authoritative voice.
"Maybe not, but what a way to get fired!" I said and, flipping Tania 's skirt up to reveal her naked backside, I brought my hand down three times on her flesh. " Tania how dare . . . you come here . . . without your knickers on!" I said to the flushed-faced girl.
"I'm sorry daddy John, but how did you know?" Tania said. As I rubbed my hand over her slit,
"I've learnt about you Tania, you'd go naked to school if you thought you'd get away with it." I stopped fingering the girl and set her onto the ground on unsteady legs. I then turned to Janet, "I suppose I told you everything about Bob, and that explains about the audit check yesterday?"
She gave a sheepish nod, "I'm afraid so John, when I heard on the audio where you worked and what was happening I ordered an immediate check. I also suggested that we try to find a replacement . . . which was you." She reached out a hand to me, "Welcome to upper management John."
I looked up to the ceiling "Why me lord? What did I do wrong?" I said to the air, but I accepted her hand and shook it.
Janet just smiled at me, "Why John didn't you know? No good deed ever goes unpunished!"
Part 2
Over the next, few weeks’ life, for me, was hectic. I was shown how to running the department for real instead of just being a cog in the wheels. I wished that Janet had chosen someone else for the job, but then after a bit everything just seemed to 'click' into place, and started to run smoothly.
Then I received a letter from Social Services, it appears that on checking their databases I was on the list that showed I was a risk to children by accident, after looking in to it they have cleared me and they apologized for any inconvenience that this had caused me (!)
I was tempted to tell them exactly what it had cost me, my daughter, my life and nearly my sanity. However, how can you write that in a letter . . . without it bursting into flames?
I finally settled on a simple reply stating that I had received their letter and had passed it onto my solicitor who would be ensuring that the local police are informed; I later found out that he also applied to the Social Services for damages caused by their defamation of my name. Therefore, I was going to be fairly comfortable off.
I did hear from Tania and Janet during that time, they had returned to America . . . It was strange to hear from them during my evenings knowing they were just finishing breakfast and getting ready for work or school. One piece was memorable.
"I thought about what you said that day at your place." Tania told me one day giggling.
"What was that?" I asked . . . well we had discussed several things while she was with me.
"About going to school without clothes" Tania said still giggling, "Well we're doing historical people today . . . and I'm going as Lady Go diva!" She burst into laughter completely and then Janet came onto the line.
"Hello John, I've checked with the school and they're okay with her doing this, but she doesn't know she's going to have to stay like that all day." I could hear a gasp and then more laughter from Tania as this sunk in.
"I hope you've got a horse for her to ride?" I asked.
"Oh yes a nice little filly, well trained and suitable." Janet said also with a lilt in her voice
"Good at least one of them will be!" I said dryly which caused Janet to laugh aloud; I heard Tania asking what was so funny, after Janet told her, she gave an indignant 'humph' and must have taken hold of the phone.
"Daddy John! That is not nice! I can be good as well!"
"There's no need to get on your high horse about it, by the way how high is your horse?" I asked her my humor coming out
"It's just the right size . . . like you!" Tania said giggling, "Why don't you come over here to find out?"
" Tania!" I heard Janet saying - although she was laughing away as she said it. "Apologize to John and then hand me the phone!"
"Sorry daddy John." Said Tania, but from the lilt in her voice, I did not think she meant it.
"That's alright Miss Knickers." I said (no I didn't take it too seriously either), and I heard her giggle away as she handed the phone back to Janet.
"I don't know who's worse, you or her?" Janet said
"She is,” I said while hearing 'he is!' over the phone from Tania. That night I went to bed with a smile on my face and dreaming of being Peeping Tom.
After a month more, everything was running smoothly, we had established a routine of synchronization with America of our data as well as instituting off-site saves of our databases, so that if the building burnt down we'd be able to save up to the previous two days.
That was when the bombshell dropped on me. Actually, it dropped on my ex-wife and her husband. I was in their fallout.
The first sign I had was a local new item - 'Police have raided several local houses today, the reasons for this are not yet known, we expect more information soon' I heard that but took no notice of it.
However, the next day I was disturbed at work. "I'm sorry sir, but there's a Mrs. Atchison here who wishes to see you. She doesn't have an appointment" That was my secretary Eileen.
"What company does she represent Eileen?" I asked - I had a desk full of paper and plans, which I was working on,
"Err . . . she says she's from Social Services, and it's important." Came the reply.
I did not swear well not out loud. Therefore, they were disturbing me here now! I suppose they were going to say that they had made a mistake with the letter and I am still a menace to society! I looked at the clock; well at least I will have plenty of time to get my solicitor onto their backs when she was finished. "Alright Eileen, send her in . . . and come in as well, I may need you to take notes." Eileen was quite a fast speedwriter.
Mrs. Atchison entered the room; she was not acting haughtily but seemed almost apologetic. I allowed her to sit down and Eileen sat behind her with pen and notepad in hand.
"Mr. Archer, I'm not sure how to approach this." Mrs. Atchison started; there was an accent in her voice, a slightly familiar accent.
"Well if it to give an apology then I'm afraid that my solicitor is already taking steps against your department, I must admit I didn't expect anyone to appear in order to make me stop . . ." I was saying, but then the look on her face made me stop. "But . . . that's not why you're here, is it?" I finished by saying.
She looked back at Eileen and then shook her head. "I'm afraid I'm new to this area, I understand there is a problem between yourself and our office but I don't know what it is, I think that's why they sent me to ask you this." She said.
I looked at Eileen who was studying me, and a piece of music played itself in my head, "I keep on thinking of her day and night . . ."
"Pardon" Mrs. Atchison said I had not realized that I had spoken aloud.
"I'm sorry Mrs. Atchison, just something that came to me, I don't know why." I said.
She smiled slightly, "It sounded like a piece of ELO." She said.
"It was, anyway Mrs. Atchison what is it you want to tell me." I said without explaining.
"It concerns your daughter, err . . . Wendy." She said and paused.
"She's with her mother who took her to live with her boyfriend; I'm not allowed to see her." I said flatly.
"Yes, well there is a problem at the moment, as her only relative we need to know if you'll accept the responsibility of looking after her." I must admit that my first answer was 'huh?' Mrs. Atchison repeated herself.
"I did hear what you said but I don't understand. Why can't her mother look after her?" I said, not knowing why I was delaying, this was my daughter, the one I had taken from me. I should have been shouting 'YES, YES!' but here I was asking questions.
"Well Wendy's been taken into care after both her mother and step-father were arrested yesterday." Mrs. Atchison explained, "We've tried to find any other relatives on your ex-wife's side, but none of them wanted to accept her."
I shook my head, "No, they didn't like her either, for the first reason she marrying me, and then for leaving me." I explained her family, like her, was strange to the extreme! "But I will take Wendy; I'm surprised that your department bothered to ask me." I said.
"I must admit that the meeting was interesting." Mrs. Atchison admitted, "But the chief said that we had to ask you."
"And you were the one given the short straw." I said making her smile,
"Yes, I must admit that you don't appear to be the person I've read about in the files." She said and then colored up, "I'm sorry, I shouldn't have said that." She looked back pointedly at Eileen who was still writing away furiously.
I took the hint. "I think that's all I need Eileen, you wouldn't mind getting some tea for Mrs. Atchison and myself would you?" I asked her.
She looked up and smiled, "Certainly Mr. Archer, milk and sugar?" She asked Mrs. Atchison.
"Milk and two sweeteners please, Miss . . ."
"Call me Eileen, I'll be some minutes." Eileen said.
"Call me Martha please Eileen." Mrs. Atchison, Martha, said.
Eileen smiled and left the room, Martha turned back to me, "I have to tell you Mr. Archer that I'm an exchange operative, my previous office was in a town in America, you may have heard of it . . . it's called . . ."
" Funiculaireville?" I said smiling - yes, I knew that accent was familiar. "How's Janet?"
"You're quick. I'm sorry to say that I don't personally know Mrs. Jones, but we are aware of your . . . interaction with Tania." She was smiling as she said this and so I understood that she was okay with my actions.
"So what's the story about Wendy?" I asked her.
"There are some signs of abuse, it's mainly mental but there is a degree of physical abuse as well." She said watching me closely.
Anger flowed through me, and showed on my face, "How badly has she been abused?" I asked.
Martha shook her head, "I'm not certain, she doesn't want to talk about it, we've have medical people examine her but she's be beaten, there is evidence of anal penetration but she still has her hymen, for the life of me I don't know why." I knew I was shocked at her frankness but my heart went out to Wendy."
"Where is she at the moment?" I asked Martha.
"She's at the hospital still; we didn't have anywhere to place her for the short time. If you wish to see her I can take you there now." She told me, just then, Eileen entered the room carrying two cups, I was half tempted to drop everything and run to the hospital there and then, but I just could not . . . could I?
"Eileen, I've got to go, can you get Adam and Sam in here please." I asked my secretary she nodded and went to the outer office.
Within minutes both Adam and Samantha Hopkins had arrived, Eileen sent them straight in, "I'm sorry to do this to you both but I've got a personal problem that's just arisen, I need you both to cover for me." I said. They both agreed that they would help me without questioning. I showed them the problem I had been working on, the direction I was thinking about going, and they left discussing it.
I then dialed Clive Mortimer, "Hi Clive, I'm going to need some time off I have a family emergency to deal with."
"No way! We have got too much on our plate at the moment to let you just drop everything. You can't go." Clive said.
"I'm sorry you feel that way Clive, I had hoped that what I've done had helped the company, but now I need to . . ." But Clive interrupted me.
"Look Johnny the answer is NO. Got it N. O now how's that problem we've sent you?" he asked. I hung up the phone.
"Let's go." I said to Martha and picked up my jacket. As we left my office I called to Eileen, "If Clive calls you don't know where I am and you don't know who I'm with . . . I doubt if I'll be back." I said as I walked into the lift.
As we descended Martha spoke, "I take it you've got troubles?" She asked.
"Well it appears that I'm not allowed to have personal problems, the company comes first." I told her.
"And you are with me because . . ." She prompted.
"I'm with you because my daughter comes first. She needs me more than the company does, other people can do my job here, but only I can help my daughter." I told her.
She nodded and smiled, "That's what I was lead to believe, and do you expect any trouble when we get to reception?"
I thought for a moment. If Clive was the complete bastard that I thought he might be then I could expect our burly security people would try to stop me. I pressed the second floor button. "It could be that we'll need to use the fire escape instead of the front door, do you have a car handy." I asked her
"Yes, it's in the back parking lot." She said.
I felt like it was a television show as Martha and I broke the plastic restraining clip on the fire doors, hearing the alarm sound as we ran down the metal fire escape and then to the car park, jumping into her car and screeching off with security guards running behind us. We both laughed as we turned onto the main road.
"This is existing! Nobody told me that Social Services could be so exciting." Martha said as we turned into the Hospital parking area.
I smiled ruefully, "I think I've just resigned from my job." I said.
"Oh I don't think we can allow that, I'll see what I can do." Martha confided to me and escorted me to the pediatric wards.
We arrived at the nurse's desk and Martha introduced me as Wendy's father, the nurse looked up surprised. "I'm sorry who did you say you were?" She asked, when Martha persisted the nurse directed us to a side-room.
We entered the room to find it was empty, and then the Sister in charge of the ward entered. Martha spoke up, "What's wrong, I've identified myself and this gentleman, why haven't we been taken to Wendy?" She asked.
I spoke up, "Is there something wrong with my daughter?" The Sister looked at me as if surprised I could speak.
"Not with your daughter as such, but with her knowledge of you." She stated flatly.
"If it's the rumor that I'm some type of pervert then I have to tell you . . ." I started but the Sister stopped me there and then.
"It's not your personal life I'm on about, well in a way it is. Wendy is under the impression that you're dead!" I looked at her open mouthed.
"I can assure you that I'm perfectly healthy, now why does Wendy think this?" I asked her.
The Sister shook her head, "I don't know, but when we told her that her father was coming to pick her up she started to cry, we tried to tell her it wasn't the man that her mother was living with and all she would say is 'but daddy is dead!'" The Sister replied.
Martha took control. "I suggest you bring Wendy into this room and we'll see how she reacts." The sister looked slightly dubious about that but went away.
A nurse brought a young girl into the room and sat beside her, Martha smiled at Wendy, "Hello again Wendy, do you remember me?" She asked.
Wendy nodded and looked at me as if trying to decide who I was, she walked to me and then looked at my face, she was biting her lower lip as if trying to make up her mind.
"You look like my daddy did." She said softly.
"I am your daddy Wendy." I said, also quietly but she shook her head.
"You can't be! Mummy told me that daddy was dead a long time ago." She said in a decisive tone.
"But your mummy and I broke up several years ago."
"No, mummy told me that you didn't want to see us again, that was why you threw us out and we moved in with HIM!" There was a tone to that last piece.
"It wasn't like that Wendy, but at the moment I'm sure you wouldn't believe that." I said, not forcibly I did not want to upset her.
She shook her head a sat down on a chair, not looking at anyone. I gave a worried glance at Martha who just shook her head slightly.
"But . . . but why would mummy? But mummy said . . . dad . . . daddy?" Wendy said looking at me confused. I nodded my head.
"Yes Wendy, I am your dad, I've been waiting to see you for so long, I've missed you darling." I said - yes there were tears in my eyes.
"Why did you leave us?" Wendy asked me.
"I didn't, your mother told me that she didn't want to stay with me, she left me taking you with her." I said, "Will you come back to me?" I asked her softly.
"Do you want me to? You won't send me away again will you?" Wendy asked me through tear-laden eyes.
I got up from my seat and approached my daughter, I went down onto my knees so that my head was level with hers and I looked into her eyes. "Wendy I promise you that while I live you will not have to leave me, unless you wish to." I said to her, while crossing my heart with a finger - something I had jokingly done when she had been with me.
She watched my hand rather than my face and then she smiled, "DADDY!" she said and threw her arms around my neck. Martha, who had been watching both of us, nodded her head.
"I'm satisfied that Wendy has accepted her father and will release her into his care." She said formally, if you wouldn't mind bringing Wendy's clothes and I'll have a word with the Sister in charge." Martha said taking the nurse out of the room leaving me with my daughter.
Part 3
I sat in the room with my daughter. I was crying . . . she was crying and neither of us could speak, just holding on to each other. Finally, I felt Wendy starting to pull away from me, I could not stop her - not after all she had been through, I opened my arms.
"Why . . . why didn't you try to get me back?" Wendy asked me, "Why did you let me stay there with HIM?"
I shook my head, "I did try Wendy, but you and your mother just vanished, I tried everywhere to find you, but what happened to your hair?" She used to have blonde hair but now she was dark haired.
"Mummy washes my hair with some dark colored shampoo every couple of weeks, she done that since forever . . . I don't want that done to me ever more!" She said then she got a strange look in her face, "And I don't want to take any of that medicine again, they didn't give me any here but I didn't mind."
"What was it?" I asked - while inside I was seething 'that was why I couldn't find Wendy, she could have walked right pass me when she was younger, I was looking for my golden haired child' was running through my head, but I tried to concentrate on her answer.
"It's the medicine I have to take every night, it tastes strange and peppery. I asked the nurses here why I didn't have it but they said that since it's not on my chart I don't have to have it . . . But mummy said I had to take it every night!" Wendy was confusedly saying.
"What was it for? Do you know?" I asked her.
But she shook her head, "Mummy never said, but she always made sure I took it while they both watched . . . it's strange but HE always liked watching me take my medicine, he always laughed when I did." She said.
"Didn't the bottle have a label on it? Or did you ever see the bottle?" I asked feeling slightly edgy about the container that the 'medicine' had been in
"No . . . but it must have been kept in the bathroom, HE would bring out the medicine in its little cup, mummy would hand it to me and make me swallow it," she made a face as she said that, then she added, "I tried to look for the bottle everywhere but I couldn't find it."
Just then, Martha and the nurse entered the room, carrying a suitcase. I turned to them, "Nurse was there any note regarding Wendy's medication?" I asked her and held up my hand to stop Martha from asking any questions.
"No sir, we were puzzled as Wendy's doctor didn't know about any condition she might be suffering from, but then he hadn't seen her for about nine months." At my look she added, "I am Wendy's nurse and had to check on her medical history."
I quickly let Wendy tell Martha about the medicine she had to take and how it came to her, Martha's eyes told me she had a good idea what the medicine was as well.
I could see the nurse getting out some clothes for Wendy and so I started to leave the room so that she could dress without my invading her privacy.
"Daddy please stay hears me!" Wendy cried out to me, rushing over and pulling on my arm.
I gently pulled away from her but stayed where I was, "But I shouldn't be here while you dress," I told her, "And Martha and the nurse will help you." I added
"Please daddy!" Wendy pleaded and so I relented and sat back down on the chair. The nurse handed Wendy a pair of knickers which she put on under her nightdress, then she removed her nightdress to stand in the middle of the room, her arms were by her side, she didn't have a curving body, but there were signs of her developing womanhood. She was watching me.
"Why are you doing that Wendy?" Martha carefully asked my daughter, but she was echoing my thoughts.
"Mummy told me that I had to show . . . stand like this when I was dressing, she said that HE wanted to make sure I was properly clothed." Wendy said her eyes were starting to drip tears as she said that.
"Why that sick . . ." Martha said quietly, but then schooled herself. "Please get dressed Wendy." She said gently as the nurse started handing Wendy her clothes.
Martha sat down beside me then she spoke just loud enough for me to hear, "You know what that 'medicine' was don't you?" She asked me.
I nodded and kept my answer just as quiet, "Yes, what do you think he was playing at?"
"Well he got a kick out of it I supposed, we've tried asking Wendy about other aspects of her home life, but she's not saying anything." Martha told me, she took out a notepad and pen and started to write away.
"How are you going to get her to talk?" I asked Martha.
"Well we can't use the thumbscrews and whips, so I'm afraid we're relying on you to get her to open up. We do not know much about her home life, as I said she is still a virgin but there is some stretching of her anal tract that looks suspicious. Is it possible that you can spend time with her?" Martha asked me
I smiled, "Well after my little escapade at work I think I'll have plenty of time to spend with Wendy." I said.
"Don't worry about that, I've got some pull and I should be able to help you." Martha said smiling, and then, noticing that Wendy was now dressed she added, "Can I drop you off?"
I remembered that my car was still parked in the car-park at work, I wasn't too sure if I'd be allowed to retrieve it, "If you don't mind, but can we drive a bit slower this time, and I'll need to buy Wendy some clothes, I think she needs to be brought out of herself."
Martha looked at the slightly scared girl standing before us and nodded, "I know just the place." She said and stood up. "Now then Wendy was there anything you needed to pick up from your home before your daddy take you to his?" She asked Wendy brightly.
Wendy looked at her and then at me, "I'm not going back to mummy?" She asked hesitatingly.
"I'm afraid not Wendy, your mother has a little problem at the moment and we don't know when she'll be able to have you, that was why you were here in the first place." Martha said.
Wendy did not answer, but her expression spoke volumes. She came up to me and took my hand, "Let's go daddy." She said and pulled me to my feet; well I helped her of course.
I thanked the nurse for her attentiveness and said goodbye to the Sister, then Wendy, Martha and I stepped out of the ward and then the hospital itself.
We got to Martha's car, she unlocked the doors and opened the back door for Wendy, who held back and kept hold of my arm. Martha looked at me and I nodded. I got into the back of the car and then Wendy followed me, sitting close to my as I did up my seat belt.
I managed, with some trouble, to tighten Wendy's lap belt and then Martha started the engine. "You didn't say if you needed anything from home." Martha asked Wendy again,
"Well I'll need my school stuff, but no, there's nothing there I need." Wendy said sounding sad.
"What? No dollies or anything like that?" I asked her gently.
"No, mummy said that grown girls didn't need dollies." Wendy said looking down and sounding sad.
"Well my little girl deserves lots of dollies!" I said and watched Wendy's face light up and smile at me.
Martha drove first of all to a large house, Wendy seemed to shrink inside herself as we approached it, I held her hand reassuringly, "It's alright Wendy, and they are not there." I told her, she looked up at me and gave a weak smile.
Martha let herself in with a set of keys and Wendy took us to her bedroom, which is all it was, a room with a bed in it, dark colors, no toys were visible, there was a desk with books to one side, Martha opened a wardrobe which was empty! "Where are your clothes Wendy?" She asked, after Wendy had shown me which books she needed for school.
"In that bedroom there!" She said pointing to another room. We entered the room to find it was a bright colorful room, wardrobes line one wall with a dressing table and vanity mirror on the other, and there was a large television with video and DVD players, although where there should be tapes was an empty storage area.
Wendy pointed to a cupboard and we opened it to find children's clothes, neatly set out, with school clothing on one side, skirts and dresses on the other, in between was a fabric shelving arrangement which held her knickers, vests and socks. On the floor were her shoes.
Martha picked up a large suitcase and opened it. "Which dresses do you want to take with you Wendy?" She asked, but Wendy had already gone to the uniforms and had taken them out, she found a couple of pairs of knickers and some socks, these she also put in the suitcase, then she closed it.
"But what about . . .?" Martha started to ask but Wendy cut her off.
"Because He’s touched them, he couldn't keep his hands off them when they were on the hangers or . . . on me!" She said, "I have to have my school clothes . . . or else I'd leave them as well!" she added.
"Don't worry about that Wendy. We'll go shopping for some new clothes." I said and she looked at me and smiled.
Martha drove us into town and we parked near the shops, Wendy seemed a bit low as we entered the first shop, which catered for young and trendy girls, I asked her what was wrong? "I've never chosen my own clothes before . . . I don't know what to do." She said her face going red with shame.
I called over a sales assistant and told her that I wanted my daughter, Wendy beamed as I said that, to be dressed completely as a young girl should be. I then added, she is a young girl not a young woman yet . . . but a couple of young woman type clothes would be nice as well.
"How much did you want to spend?" The assistant, whose name badges announce that she, was Trudy, asked.
I handed her my credit card, "Just see where that takes you." I said and left them to it.
While Wendy and Trudy were going out of their way to bankrupting me, I sat watching them and talking to Martha.
"You noticed the missing tapes in the bedroom." Martha asked me.
"I saw the gaps, what was there." I said.
"Our friend the magistrate had a nice little collection of tapes, their titles were things like Schoolmaster's delight, and Bringing up Baby . . . not the 1930's film I hasten to add." Martha said her face straight and unmoving.
"Oh! That might explain why he liked to watch a young girl dress and undress I suppose." I said quietly.
Martha gave a small nod of her head, "But it also begs the question, what else might he have planned? Or if he succeeded in whatever his plans were?" She said.
"So how am I supposed to get her to tell me, she might be more scared of what I'm going to do to her if she does tell me?" I said
She nodded, "I know, all you can do is to offer her support, look I've made arrangements for Wendy to see . . . some-one, she has been successful in helping children face up to things. She the best in the area although . . ." She paused.
"Although What?" I prompted her.
"Well I would have liked her to have seen a friend of mine back home, she has . . . assistants that could coax anything out of a young girl," She smiled as if in memory, "or a young girl out of anything."
I smiled at her look, "Nice memories?" I asked her.
She looked at me, "Well their breasts were just the right . . ." Then she realized what I had said and blushed. "Oh . . . err . . . yes, very nice memories." She said.
"I won't tell if you won't." I said to her.
Wendy, in the meantime, was running from display to display picking out tops and jeans. When I went to suggest some skirts and dresses Martha stopped me, "Let her have her way this time, she trying to rebel against the way she was forced to dress, let me have a word with that assistant, Trudy." Martha said and left me to join the two.
Part 4
We left the shop with bags full of clothes including underwear and a couple of training bras which, much to Wendy's embarrassment; Trudy took great delight in showing me.
We dropped the bags into Martha's car, securely hidden in the boot, and then went to a Burger King for something to eat - Wendy's choice as all her friends would talk about burgers and Wendy never seemed to get a chance to try one.
We did buy some dolls for Wendy and a special gift, which she wanted, before getting back to Martha's car where Wendy made me sit beside her again, and she started taking an interest of where we were going.
As Martha's car arrived in my road I looked at my daughter, holding onto the small teddy bear I had given her. She had looked at it and I knew from the look on her face that she wanted it . . . and so I brought it, you would have thought I had handed her a million pounds.
Then Wendy looked out of the window of the car, she was talking under her breath, "A large dog lived there . . . and a cat, a black cat, lived there" I thought back . . . yes there had been a dog and nearby a neighbor did have a black cat, she still had that cat, I smiled, I'd like to introduce Wendy to that neighbor.
When we got nearer to my house Wendy began to get agitated, I tapped on Martha's seat to get her to stop a few doors away, Wendy looked at me puzzled, "We're not there yet daddy!" She exclaimed in an accusing tone.
I smiled at her, "No darling not just yet." I said and then Martha drove slowly forward, she was about to drive past my house when suddenly Wendy spoke again.
"Stop! Stop! You're going too far!" She said . . . and she was right!
"How did you know where we lived?" I asked her.
She looked at me, with a strange look in her eyes, "I don no, it's just that I used to dream of this house." She said softly.
Martha backed up and parked outside my house, I opened the car door and got out, I made performance of taking my daughter out of the car and up to my door - just to show her off to the Wilson's - she'd been cautioned about her actions against me.
I opened the front door, Wendy took a step inside and paused, "There are two bedrooms and a bathroom upstairs," She said, "Mine is to the left, first door?" I nodded, she ran up the stairs and entered the room, and I heard a scream and immediately dashed upstairs.
Wendy was sitting on the bed, a doll held tightly in her arms, "This was mine . . . mummy said you'd taken all my toys away and burnt them . . . that was the only time I ever hated you . . . but you . . . you . . . didn't." she said and started to cry.
I sat down beside her, "No Wendy, I couldn't destroy any of your toys, I hoped that you'd return to get them back." Now I had tears in my eyes and I held her.
Which was where Martha found us, she came to ask us for help bring in Wendy's clothes, and she smiled at us. "Well I know that the Social Services are supposed to help its clients, but do you think you could help me." She asked.
Wendy put the doll down and ran to Martha, she took a couple of bags and put them on the bed, opened them and started to pull out the clothes. "Hey, hold on, there's more downstairs." I said and was startled at her actions. She threw herself over the bed and raised her dress at the back. "What's that for?" I asked her
"I made you angry, so you've got to smack me." She said simply.
"No Wendy, darling, I wasn't angry with you, I just wanted to . . ." I stopped and picked her up, hugging her. "Wendy, you are my daughter, I don't expect you to be perfect . . . god knows I'm not, but I'd never hurt you, not in anger." I told her.
She looked at me, my heart melted, "But there isn't any other way." She said simply, and looking in her eyes, I could see that she thought that was the truth.
"That's not true." Martha's voice broke the link between us and brought our attention to her she was standing back in the doorway, "There are plenty of times when love can hurt or when you can be hurt with love, it feels painful but then you know that the person doing it, is doing it out of love for you." There was a wistful look on her face as she said that.
"Mummy never said she loved me, she always shouted at me, 'Don't do that', 'Obey your betters!', 'Always smile when you undress for daddy!'" She said and then covered her mouth in fear.
"Your mother told you that." Martha said quietly
Wendy hung her head, "I was never to say . . . mummy said I'd be taken away and locked up for years and years if I told anyone." She said quietly
I picked her up and held her, "Mummy lied, you wouldn't have been locked up, but mummy would have been. She was being bad when she told you those things." I had to keep it simple for Wendy, but inside I was angry, angry with the woman I had married so long ago now, angry with the things she had made my daughter do, and angry with myself for letting it happen.
Martha did not say anything; she went downstairs leaving us alone.
When we had pulled ourselves together we went downstairs to retrieve the rest of the clothing and toys, Wendy was acting like a child again as she played with the dollies.
Martha pointed out to me that my answer phone - yes I could afford one now - was flashing away with several messages. I clicked on the play button and listened to them, they were all from one person and the general context of the messages was.
"Listen you ungrateful pile of horse-shit, you don't just hang-up on me! When I give you an order, I expect you to do it! Well you have had your chance. I am getting Human Resources to send you your papers but I will guarantee you that you will not get a job anywhere near here! You've screwed with the wrong man!" Clive voice was rather high pitched when he reached that part.
I sat down, "Well that's that. I will never get another job. What are my chances of getting family allowance?" I asked Martha.
"I've already told you don't worry. You just concentrate on helping your daughter . . . but May I have that tape?" she pointed to the answer phone's tape. I took it out and handed it to her, "Thank you. I think your boss may find he's got some troubles coming." She added smiling.
She checked on Wendy, making sure that she was happy here and settled in before she left, after handing me a card with her number on it, "If you have any questions or problems phone me." She said before leaving.
It was an hour after Martha had left when I received a phone call. Expecting it to be Clive again I picked it up and almost snarled into the mouthpiece.
"Well I understand your feelings, I'd be like that at well!" It was Janet!
"Sorry Janet, I was expecting someone else." I said
"He's under company orders not to contact you again. We told him that you are on a month's compassionate leave. Now I suggest you get to know your daughter, I understand she's had a lot of problems in her life." I looked at Wendy who was watching me.
"Well she's just overwhelmed at the moment, I'm sure she'll be fine." I said smiling at Wendy, and then I realized something. "Janet, just what time is it there?" I asked her
"Oh, it's quite early. I'd just gone to bed when I got called." She said but her voice did not show any tiredness.
"I'm sorry I caused you all this trouble." I said - I was actually concerned about her.
"It's not just you John. I've checked back and we've lost too many good people from your area, all the indications are that there may be a vacancy in senior management . . ." Janet said.
"Not me Janet, but you might think about Adam in my section, he's really good." I said - I had too much on my plate to worry about doing Clive's job.
"Hmm! Adam Batley . . . why not, Okay thanks John enjoys your vacation." Janet said and hung up.
"What's happening daddy?" Wendy asked me.
"Well darling it seems that I've still got a job and that I'm officially on holiday, so we have plenty of time to spend together." I told Wendy who jumped with delight at this news.
Wendy would not leave my side as I stayed with her in our living room, I did not try to pry about her past life with her mother, we ate dinner and after that, I noticed that Wendy was yawning.
I looked at the clock, where had the time gone to I smiled at my daughter. "It's time for bed Wendy."
Almost immediately, she started to sob, before I could ask her what was wrong she moved into the center of the room and, keeping her head down, began to strip off. I did not know what to say but as she went to remove her dress, I told her to stop.
"Wendy, why are you undressing here, why haven't you gone to your bedroom to undress and get ready for bed?" I asked her.
"But . . . this is how . . . mummy and . . . and He . . . told me . . . to get ready for bed." She said.
"They made you undress in front of them. For how long?" I asked her.
"Since I was eight years old," Wendy started to sob. I pulled her to me; she tensed up but then relaxed as she felt me stroking her hair.
"You don't like doing that do you." I asked her, she shook her head - not daring to speak her mind. "Then you don't have to do that with me." I told her.
She pulled back at looked at me. "Do you mean that daddy?" She asked me.
"Of course Wendy, I don't want you to do anything that you don't like doing, except school! I expect you to go there regardless." I added smiling at her.
"Thank you daddy . . . but do I really have to go to school. I hate it." She said with a slight smile on her face.
"We'll cross that bridge when we get to it." I told her. Then I turned her towards the stairs. "Now go to your room and get ready for bed." I told her.
"Will you be inspecting me like He did?" she asked me, fear showing in her face again.
"Not at all Wendy, I expect you to get into bed and go to sleep. But tomorrow I'd like to hear exactly how you were supposed to behave when you were with your mother and . . . that man." I told her pushing her to the stairs.
She stopped before the first step, "But mummy said I was never to tell anyone about that!"
I nodded my head, "Because she didn't want to get into trouble. I wouldn't worry about that now Wendy - you're with me now, not them."
She smiled, "Thanks . . . daddy, goodnight."
I kept smiling until I heard her door shut and then my face dropped. Having to undress in front of both of them Inspections by him, what had they been doing to my daughter? These thoughts were going over and over in my head.
I did not know what to do whom could I talk to? I started to pace up and down with worry, and then I remembered someone who might help. I checked my wallet and removed a card. Picking up the phone, I dialed the number on it - it was rather long.
"Mrs. Jones's residence, who may I say is calling please?" The voice was a youth's but the attitude was that of a servant.
"Is Janet there its John Archer calling." I said.
"Thank you Mr. Archer, I'll just enquire." The young boy said and the phone started playing music.
"Good morning John." Janet's voice answered the phone then she paused, "Or rather good evening, it is still evening where you are, isn't it? What is wrong? Didn't we give you enough time off?" She asked with a laughing lilt in her voice.
"Hi Janet . . . I . . . I am worried about . . ." I could not even voice it.
"John. Sit down! Now take a deep breath. Okay now talk to me." She directed me and I found myself following her instructions. I told her what Wendy had told me, the way she had acted while doing so.
"John, I don't know what to suggest, I mean if you needed I'd get you here and have our people talk to her." Janet said concern sounding in her voice.
"I don't think I could afford that." I said
"John you don't need to worry, it can be part of the company's package, all you'd have to do is to give me a call and I'll arrange it." Janet was speaking seriously now, all trace of amusement gone.
"Thank you Janet, but I hope I can get through this without needing help . . ." I said.
"Bullshit John. This is something for which you need all the help you can get. Remember I am always her for you at anytime, anytime at all. Tania asked me to do what I can, and don't forget we owe you, and we always repay our debts." with that she hung up.
"Well . . . thanks Janet. I think." I said to the, now dead, phone.
I took one more look at the T.V., but it had been an eventful day and I was tired, I went upstairs and entered my bedroom but, remembering how Tania had surprised me, I wore a pair of jockey shorts as I climbed into my bed and close my eyes.
Part 5
I was dreaming.
Tania was in front of me, her eyes covered with a dark cloth. Her arms bent behind her and tied close to each other. Her legs crossed at the ankles and pulled out straight in front of her. Her forming breasts tightly bound with twine that made the flesh stand out into cone shaped points, the tips turning a dark color as the blood filled them
I was standing with a horsehair whip, was lightly flicking it over her breasts, and hearing her moan with each stroke. I pushed Tania onto her stomach, watching her dark hair as it passed across her face, and then I started to whip her backside with the horsehair.
I could hear her giggle as the blows landed and then I felt her hands on my cock, rubbing it up and down. I moved my body in reaction to her ministrations before a thought imposed on me - with her hands tied then how could she. The dream shattered. I opened my eyes, I was in my bed but a small hand was moving on me. I tried to stop her but it was too late. I came, spurting over my sheets and onto her hand.
Wendy, for who else could it have been, relaxed her hold on me and then brought her hand to her lips, tasting them. "Oh no . . . no . . . no . . . nonononono! It can't be!" She exclaimed and jumped out of the bed, she ran from my room and into the bathroom.
I was out of my bed in an instant and rushed towards the bathroom where I could hear Wendy being sick. I tried the door it was unlocked. I opened it to see Wendy bent over the toilet and retching away.
"Wendy! It's alright, there's nothing wrong." I said to her, holding her shoulders as she started to cry.
"I . . . I wanted you . . . you to be . . . be happy . . . with . . . with me." She said.
"But Wendy I was always happy with you. Why would you think I wasn't?" I asked her.
She sniffed, "I don no? But when you did that thing and I tasted that stuff . . . It was just the same as my medicine . . . I couldn't help it . . . I just felt so . . . so sick . . . please don't send me away . . . I'll get used to it." She started to beg.
"Wendy I won't make you taste that again! But what made you think about doing what you did?" I asked her.
"Mummy . . . mummy said that men liked their tummy sticks rubbed. She was going to make me rub HIS when I was older . . . I suppose she meant when I started to bleed . . . But I don't know what he meant when he said that?" Wendy said between sobs.
"When he said what?" I asked puzzled.
"Well HE said that he wouldn't have me until I started to bleed." Wendy told me.
I thought for some seconds, "Wendy, when you were at school did you have any of the sex educations lessons?" I asked her.
Wendy blushed and shook her head, "Oh no! Mummy said that it wasn't right for schools to teach that and that she'd teach me all I needed to know when I was old enough." Wendy said bowing her head, "All my friends would laugh and giggle when I asked them what they were talking about . . . they said I wouldn't understand . . . and now I find that mummy's been making me take . . . take his tummy stick stuff . . ." She started crying again. "HE knew and he was laughing at me!" She added.
I pulled her close to me, "He won't be laughing at you again!" I promised her.
"He’s a bad man!" Wendy said
"Yes, yes he is . . . look Wendy it's getting very late," (Actually it was very early in the morning!), "now why don't you return to your bed." I gently said to her.
But Wendy shook her head, "Please daddy, I'm scared. Can't I sleep with you?" She asked me.
I debated with myself, after that dream could I trust myself with Wendy in the same bed, but in the end I relented, "Alright Wendy you can, but no more playing with my penis." I said
She gave a little smile and nodded, and then she asked me, "What's a penis?"
I was slightly rocked but I managed to answer her, "That's the proper name for . . ." I had to gather my thoughts to remember her name for it, “ . . . my tummy stick. It's what men use to make women pregnant." I said before I could stop myself.
"What's pregnant?" Wendy asked.
"It's when a woman is going to have a baby." I said stepping deeper into a quagmire.
"Does that mean I'm going to have a baby" Wendy asked me panic settling into her voice.
I hugged her, "Oh no darling," I quickly told her, "you can't get pregnant by swallowing the man's sperm."
"What's sperm?" Wendy then asked . . . I decided to put it off until tomorrow.
"Look I think I'll better give you some lessons, but later, okay." I said.
She yawned and nodded, I smile at her and took her hand, taking her into my bedroom . . . and so to sleep, although it was sometime before I could fall asleep with all the thoughts that were running through my head.
Sobbing behind me awaked me; I gently rolled over and looked at Wendy. She was shaking and crying. I gently shook her, she gave a start, and then, looking up at me, she smiled.
"Oh daddy, I thought it was all a dream and that mummy was going to be waking me up!" Wendy said.
"Well she isn't but I think you'd better freshen up and get dressed." I told her. She bit her lip and then got out of the bed, she quickly took off her nightdress and then ran out of the room.
I watched her disappearing naked backside, why she had done that I had no idea. I shook my head and got out of my bed and went to start dressing, while I was putting my trousers on I could hear the toilet flush followed, a few seconds later by the sight of Wendy as she rushed into my bedroom again, she was still naked. She threw herself forward onto my bed. "I'm ready daddy." She said in a cold tone.
I was confused, "Ready? Ready for what?" I asked her.
"For you to check that I've cleaned myself properly." She said simply, I could see tears showing in her eyes. I pulled the blanket from the bed and covered her.
"I'm sorry Wendy, but that's not what daddies do!" I told her gently.
"It's because you don't love me isn't it daddy? You don't want me and so you're going to send me back, please don't send me back daddy, I'll do whatever you want only please don't send me back." She was now crying and holding tight to me.
"Wendy I'm not going to send you back, now don't worry about that." I told her.
"But . . . but I complained to mummy the other day and then I was taken away from them, I'm scared that I'll be taken away from you as well." She said in a sobbing voice.
I turned her over and held her. "No Wendy, that wasn't why they took you away from your mother and that man!" I said trying to calm her down.
She sobbed, "Yes it was! I did not do what they told me and I was taken away. It must have been my fault! I did it!" She said and pulled out from my arms to rush into her bedroom.
I followed her; she had thrown herself onto her bed and was crying away, I held onto her shoulders, aware of the touch of her flesh under my hands. "Wendy. You did nothing wrong I promise you, now get dressed and I'll make us breakfast."
She looked back at me, "You don't want to watch me dress?" She asked me.
I shook my head, "No darling, you need some privacy." I told her and went back to my bedroom to finish dressing.
I managed to get downstairs and started cooking the breakfast. "Come and get it!" I shouted upstairs . . . but was met with silence, "Wendy?" I called, worried I ran up the stairs to where Wendy was standing in the middle of her room. She had some leather straps in her hands, something I recognized from when Tania had stayed with me.
"Is this why you don't like me?" Wendy asked in a small voice.
"What are you saying Wendy? I love you are my daughter. You're my reason for living." I told her.
"No you didn't! That is why you got these, just like mummy did! You just want to hurt me! That's why you've got these ready for me!" She said throwing the cuffs to me.
I shook my head, "No Wendy, I never got them for you, I'd never treat my daughter like that . . ." I wanted to say more, but she stopped me.
"And that's why you don't like me . . . if you did you'd make sure I was doing things correctly!" She said.
I was puzzled . . . what was Wendy telling me? She wanted to be made to do things. Had she been so . . . so . . . brainwashed? She could not really want me to tie her down. I definitely needed help.
Wendy did arrive to eat her breakfast, but I was watching her, trying to make up my mind as to what to do . . . a strange, perverse, part of my mind was picturing her tied up on the bed with me whipping her. Another part of me wanted to take her away from the city, somewhere where she would be happier. In addition, one more part wanted my daughter back as I remembered her . . . but that was impossible!
"Okay Wendy, what do you want to do?" I asked her when she had finished eating; she looked at me in surprise.
"You mean even after I shouted at you, you still want me." She asked
"Of course I do! You don't stop being my daughter just because you disagree with me, oh no my darling Wendy you are stuck with me!" I said smiling at her to show I was not angry with her.
"But why did you get those leather things?" She asked me. Then I found myself talking to my daughter about Tania, how she got into my car and then a corner of my heart. I told her, nearly, everything. The part I missed out was the last few hours that Janet and I were with her.
"So these were Tania 's." Wendy said, "What was she like?" I started to describe Tania but Wendy interrupted again, "No! What type of girl was she like? Could I talk to her?"
"I . . . err, well . . ." I checked my watch it would be late there, but perhaps . . . I picked up the phone and dialed.
"Mrs. Jones's residence may I help you?" It was the same youth's voice.
"It's John Archer here . . ." I was going to say that I was sorry to phone so late but the youth did not let me.
"Yes sir, I'll pass you onto Mrs. Jones now." Then there was the burst of music in my ear.
"Hello John, still having problems?" Janet said.
"Yes and no, Wendy is here with me now, she'd like to talk to Tania, and she's found some of Tania 's things here." I said, completely forgetting my manners about the time.
Janet laughed aloud, "Ah, so she knows about Tania does she?" In addition, I heard a girlish giggle sound as well. "Very well John, here's Tania."
"Hello daddy John, how are you?" Tania said.
"I'm fine you little minx, I supposed you're naked again?" I asked her feeling, more than seeing, Wendy's eyes widen at that.
"Course I am! Who's ever heard of going to bed dressed?" Tania replied.
"People do it all the time." I said softly.
"Not the one's I know . . . you should see our slumber parties." I could swear I heard her grin.
"I'm not sure I should, I might get ideas." I said smiling but then stopped Tania 's answering by saying, "I want you to talk to my daughter." then I handed the phone to Wendy.
"H . . . hello?" Wendy said and I could hear the squeal that came from the earpiece from where I was standing.
Wendy listened to the phone for a minute and then looked at me with a strange expression on her face, "Daddy, Tania asks if you'll leave the room please." I nodded and went to the door, as I closed it I heard Wendy say, "He's gone."
I sat in the living room, trying to read a book but the occasional 'No!' or 'You're kidding!' would intrude, I never realized how infuriating or aggravating it was to hear just one side of a phone conversation.
Finally, there was the 'ping' of the phone being replaced on the hook and Wendy slowly entered the room, there was a strange look on her face.
"You tied her up. Even with her mother there you did that to her?" She accused me.
"What did I do?" I asked her.
"You . . . you put your tummy . . . penis . . . into her cunny? Why?" Wendy asked.
I tried to think of an excuse, how can I tell my 10 year old daughter that this relatively unknown girl had asked me to! In addition, that her mother gently held her as I did it "Well you see Wendy . . ." I started but she spoke again.
"Was that what mummy was going to let HIM do to me? Even if I didn't want him to?" Then another thought struck her. "What if she's going to have a baby, Will you make her have it?"
I shook my head, "No Wendy, Tania 's too young to have children, and I don't suppose she's even had a period yet." I said keeping a straight face . . . but then the thought struck me, what if Tania was.
"What's school got to do with it?" Wendy asked, "Do you have to be in school to have a baby?"
"Of course not! A period is nothing to do with schools." I said and realized that I would have to give Wendy a quick idea about reproduction at least. "Look lets sit down here and I'll explain." Then I quickly went through the basics.
"So a woman has all the eggs in her and the man has the seed, squirm, inside him? Then he pushes his tummy stick . . . penis, inside her for the squirm to find the egg. What if it hits many eggs do they all make babies?" Wendy asked.
"It's sperm Wendy, not squirm. And the mummy doesn't have all the eggs in the place at the same time, only once a month." I told her, "And the body won't let the sperm go further than it should." I explained.
"But does that egg stay there all the time? Won't it go bad like the ones at the supermarket?" Wendy asked me
I tried not to laugh at her question, it was quite a good one, "Oh no, you see after some time the body clears out the egg and the place where it stays, it gets washed away through a woman's cunny, it's red in color and that's why people think they're bleeding. But it's just the body getting rid of the unused egg." I said, simplifying the whole thing.
"Bleeding . . . so when he said 'when she bleeds' he meant when I got rid of my first egg,” Wendy said, being slightly quicker than I was "HE wanted to do that to me . . . but only when I could . . . HE wanted me to have babies!" She said anger was showing in his voice, "Daddy can I talk to somebody, I've got to tell them something." She was looking at me and I could tell there was determination in her eyes.
I looked for the card that Martha had given me - it was still early in the morning so I went to the phone and dialed her mobile number.
Martha answered on a rather crackly line, which told me she was using her mobile in the car. "It's John Argent, can you come here as soon as possible?" I asked her.
"Okay John, I'll phone in and will be with you soon." She said before hanging up. (Perversely I did wonder if she hit anything while talking to me).
"Alright Wendy, Martha will be here soon, is there anything you want to do?" I asked her.
"Just hold me daddy." Wendy said and held up her arms to me, I reached down and pulled her into my lap, she started to sob away whilst I held her.
Part 6
Martha arrived and had been brought into the living room. She sat down in an easy chair whilst I sat on the settee and Wendy sat beside me. Martha smiled at us, "Now John from your call I think this is important." She said.
I nodded, "I'm not sure what to say . . . but last night I found Wendy was masturbating me . . ." I started to explain but Wendy broke in with
"I did it, I did it. 'Cause I did not want daddy to make me leave him. I was only doing what mummy told me to do!" At Martha's look she explained, "Mummy told me that men liked girls who would rub their tummy sticks."
"I see Wendy . . . so you did that to please your daddy, just like you've been taught. How did your mummy teach you?" She asked gently while taking notes.
Wendy shrugged, "She had something . . . I think it was a model of a tummy stick . . . I mean penis." Wendy looked at me and blushed.
"I found out that Wendy knows a little about sexual matters but not enough, so I've been giving her some lessons about sex." At Martha's look I added, "Only the names of things and how woman's reproduction works, that was after she'd tasted my sperm from her hand last night . . . she was scared that she'd be having babies." I explained the last without smiling, I was too worried that Martha would disapprove and remove Wendy from me.
"And what did you find out last night, Wendy?" Martha asked.
Wendy seemed to shrink into herself and then she grabbed hold of my arm, "That . . . that medicine . . . mummy made me take . . . was the same . . . same taste . . . as my . . . daddy's squirm . . . sperm!" She amended quickly but she was gulping back tears as she spoke.
"How did you manage to taste your daddy's sperm?" Martha asked her gently.
Wendy glanced at me before speaking, I nodded encouragingly, she swallowed before speaking, "I had some of it on my hand and I sucked it to clean it off . . . that is when I . . . I" She started to sob again.
"She ran from my bedroom into the bathroom, I found her being sick into the toilet." I told Martha quietly.
Martha got up and sat beside Wendy, holding her as well. "It wasn't the taste that upset you, was it." She said gently but Wendy did not answer. Martha gently pulled Wendy onto her lap and held her close. "I know what it's like to taste a father's seed."
Wendy pulled away from her to look at me, I could not read the expression on her face, but I shook my head, "Not me she didn't!" I said.
Martha laughed, "Oh no my dear, I meant my father."
Wendy looked at her this time, "Your father made you . . ."
But Martha shook her head, "No, I snuck into his bed one morning and took him in my mouth, it was a surprise for both of us . . . me because of all the seed I had to swallow and him, well he thought it was my mother, until he started to choke me."
I could see the look on Wendy's face, almost calculating, "Err, Martha I think you should stop there . . . you're giving Wendy too much to think about." I said.
"Nonsense John, I'm trying to tell Wendy that, whatever it was that her mother and step-father were doing to her isn't something to be ashamed of, that I can understand and won't be angry with anything she says." Martha said to me in her 'let me explain to a child' tone.
Wendy gave a small smile at that but then her face clouded over again, "Daddy I am sorry but . . . do you mind if . . . I do love you but . . ." She faltered over what she was trying to say.
"Wendy I'm your father, I've seen you naked on several occasions and the last time was this morning, but you're saying that you don't want to embarrass me and would like me to stay away while you talk to Martha? Is that what you're trying to say?" I asked her gently.
She blushed but nodded her head, "please daddy?" She said quietly.
I looked at Martha who nodded her head, "Why don't you go for a walk, it's a sunny day and it might help your color." She said to me. I nodded and kissed Wendy, before getting up and leaving the two together.
++++ The following is taken from the transcript of Martha Atchison, current assignment - John and Wendy Archer! Investigate and assess for integration into Funiculaireville population - current cover British Social Services (exchange agent).
"Alright Wendy, now don't worry about the microphone, it's just to allow me to get your words down correctly later. Just to make this official this is Martha Atchison, talking to Wendy Archer, the time is 09:22 on Tuesday.”(Full date withheld) "Now Wendy you were going to tell me about your mother . . ."
"Are you sure daddy's gone?"
"I'm sure Wendy, he shut the front door and I saw him cross the road, now don't worry there's only the two of us here."
"Well, I'm not sure where to start? I mean mummy always told me that daddy threw us out and she had to move in with . . . with him."
"You mean your step-father?" - (note there is evidence of an affair between Diana Archer and Michael Thomas from before her wedding to John Archer).
"Yes . . . him. Anyway, he has always had his eyes on me, as if I was worth eating or something and he always had to touch me. Whenever I was near him he had to hold me, touch me . . . I hated him."
"Where did he touch you? On the arms, legs, face? I'm sorry Wendy I have to know exactly."
"Well, he would touch my arms to pull me closer to him, and then he'd rub my legs. I had to stand still and let him do that, when I tried to pull away from him mummy smacked me and tell me I was an ungrateful bitch. Then she would make me stand in front of him and let him touch me. He would move his hands all over my body, it made my skin crawl when he touched it."
"I'm sorry Wendy but where did he touch you, I have to know exactly."
“ . . .On my botty and around the front . . . you know the cunny. He used to push his finger into my botty as well."
"Did anything else happen while he was doing that."
"No, he just had that stupid look on his face, as if he'd done something clever."
"What else happened to you, John said something about your step-father checking you?"
"I had to wipe my botty clean every time I used the toilet, and then he would check that I had, and if it wasn't clean enough he'd push his finger into my mouth."
"Why did you let him do that?"
"I had to, before mummy used to put ropes on my wrists and then tie me to the bed. She would tie my legs as well so I could not kick them . . . once I managed to kick him but mummy held my legs while he smacked me. After some time I learnt not to move, but he still hurt me . . . mummy then started to use something to make me relax so that he could check deeper."
"Did you like letting him do that to you?"
"No! He wasn't nice he kept on saying things like 'pity she doesn't bleed yet' and 'in a year's time she'll be ready for something bigger' and 'she'll be a perfect little cunt' I don't understand what he meant but he'd start laughing." (Sounds of Wendy crying)
"That's alright Wendy, now when I went to your step-father's house I noticed that your clothes were in your mother's and your step-father's bedroom, why was this?"
"Well mummy told me that since they brought the clothes it was only right that they made sure the clothes were clean, if the clothes were clean then I had to be clean, and the only way they could make sure was if I put the clothes on after washing. And since he'd be checking then it was only proper that I dressed in their room while they watched and made sure I didn't make them dirty."
"I see, but what happened when you went to bed?"
"I would have to undress and then wash myself before putting on my nightdress . . . I was never allowed to wear pajamas."
"And this was also while they were watching?"
"Of course, they had to make sure I was nice and clean!"
"And during the night?"
"Well mummy would make sure I was tied loosely enough to sleep, but he would have to check that I wasn't wetting the bed, I used to but they kept me sleeping in the bed until I learnt not to."
"How could they keep you in a wet bed?"
"Oh mummy would hold me down while he tied me onto the bed, but I couldn't wear my night dress then or else I'd get it even wetter."
"So your mother would remove the nightdress."
"No, he had to, so I could learn that 'he was the most important person in my life' and I had to obey him." +++ note the last was recited as if learnt by heart +++
"Did you like him doing that?"
"No I didn't, it was the way his eyes would look at me, he told mummy that I was going to be a lovely little cunt - I didn't know what that means but I don't think it's a nice thing!"
"I don't think so either, did your mummy smack you often?"
"She did it every night, sometimes with her hand . . . but lately she'd been using a stick. And then he'd put his tummy stick into my botty . . . and hurt me, but mummy told me not to be a cry baby."
"Why did she tell you that?"
"He would show me how mummy let him do it, she was smiling as he pushed his tummy stick into her cunny and botty."
"Did you try to look away?"
"I was told not to, mummy would have smacked my on my cunny and that hurts"
"Has she smacked you there before?"
"Only once when I tried to scratch him when he was touching me, I don't want her to do that again!"
"I'll make sure she won't - How do you feel about your real daddy, I understand that your mummy said he was dead?"
"She told me that daddy had thrown us out, he didn't want us to stay with him anymore. Then she said that daddy wanted to do nasty stuff to me and she stopped him, and that was why he threw us out . . . she told me it was his fault . . . then when I was eight she said that daddy was dead and was in hell where he would stay . . . but then she said he might come back from hell and get me if I didn't do what she told me."
"She told you that your daddy was dead, but would punish you if you disobeyed her?"
"Or didn't do what HE told me to do!"
"And that's when it got worse?"
"Yes . . . mummy would smack me and then HE would start on me . . . HE would . . . would . . ." +++ note Wendy Archer is crying at this stage, it was decided by Miss Atchison to stop at that point + + + interview ended.
I opened the door to find Wendy crying on Martha's lap. She looked at me and ran to me wrapping her arms around my waist. "Oh daddy . . . daddy . . . I didn't believe her honest I didn't, you wouldn't do anything to me . . . I'd do anything to stay with you . . . anything!"
Martha shook her head, "It's a disturbing start . . . I think there's more to come, but she's going to need expert attention . . . it's not something we've got on this side of the world. If I can get permission would you mind traveling . . . somewhere?"
I looked at Martha, weighing up her words and the ones she said yesterday "Would that possibly be the same person you spoke about?" She nodded. "And would this have anything to do with Janet Jones suggestions?"
"No, I understand that you have been offered a chance to spend some time with Janet and Amanda, and a normal family life may help Wendy get over her past few years." I admit my eyebrows were raised when she mentioned a normal family life, but I let it pass.
"You realize that if I do go to . . . that place, I'll be out of the jurisdiction of the British Social Services." I asked her
"I'm sure that we can get Family Services to take over the care of this case, and ensure that nothing . . . inappropriate happens to Wendy while she's away." Martha said.
"But I'd have to get visas and passports, which would take time, I don't think I'd be able . . ." But I stopped when Martha smiled.
"Oh I think that you'll find there are ways and means. I'll come back this afternoon, but I think that we need to have a picture of you, young lady." Martha reached into her bag, produced a Polaroid camera, and focused on Wendy's face. "No, don't smile; you're supposed to look stupid on one of these!" She said which made Wendy laugh. "Now you've ruined that one! I'll have to let your father have this one." She was smiling as she said that so Wendy did not think she was moaning at her. "Now think of going to school and taking math." Wendy made a face, which Martha clicked the camera at, "Perfect!" she added.
"You don't like math." I asked Wendy.
"Well, its okay . . . but I prefer P.E. (Physical Education - Gymnastics)" Wendy said and went into a back arch before either of us could stop her. When she righted herself we both clapped our hands, she blushed and curtseyed to us. "Thank you." She said
"Well, you're certainly supple enough, can you bend yourself double?" Martha asked her.
"Oh that's easy!" Wendy said and placed her legs on the ground and then bent backwards and placed her hands behind her so that they were almost next to her legs.
"Hold it!" Martha said and then surprised both of us by taking out some padded cuffs and attached Wendy's left wrist and ankle together and then did the same with Wendy's right wrist and ankle.
"No, please let me go, I though you were different from mummy! Don't hurt me please!" Wendy started to cry out, but I noticed that she did not raise her voice too loud.
"Don't be so daft young lady . . . Now let's get your clothes off shall we?" Martha said while looking at me.
I looked at her asking 'what the hell are you playing at?' with my eyes she smiled at me and gestured to the doorway, I followed her out leaving my daughter bent over backwards.
"What are you doing?" I asked Martha, putting in words what I had been thinking.
"All her life she been tied down and hurt. She equates bondage with only pain! I think she needs to learn the pleasure that can be given while tied up. And you are the only person she'll trust to give her that!"
Martha took me to the kitchen and found out some scissors. She clipped then together a couple of times before nodding. "Yes, these should do!" She said triumphantly and smiled at me, "Shall we return to your victim?" She asked.
"MY VICTIM? But this is your idea." I said
"Yes, so the Social Services are giving you their approval to give your daughter pleasure where she's only found pain . . . You know you can do it. Trust me that's what she needs." Martha said as she directed me back to the living room where my daughter was struggling in her bondage.
"Daddy what are you going to do?" She asked me.
"Be quiet child, your father is going to deal with you as you should be dealt with!" Martha said but softly so as not to scare Wendy.
I looked at the window and thought for a few minutes, I could picture the Wilson's having a field day if they peered past the net-curtain that was in place there, it was possible for them to do that . . . so the living room was out of the question. No, it would have to be elsewhere.
"Wendy if you were to be attacked where would you prefer down here or somewhere upstairs?" I asked her, at first she looked shocked at my question - well I'm not surprised, I was shocked by asking it in the first place - and then she realized that this was something out of her usual punishment.
"Could you take me upstairs to your bedroom, please Daddy John." She said softly - I really had to find out what she and Tania had talked about,
So I picked up my bound daughter and held her in my arms, she managed to rest her head on my shoulder as I carried her up the stairs and into my bedroom, Martha entered first and closed the curtains, after looking out of the window first, at my questioning look she smiled at me.
"Just so that they think it you and me in here!" She winked.
I gently tickled Wendy as I landed her on my bed making her giggle as she re-assumed her position. "I think you'd better prepare yourself for the worst day of your life." I sternly said to my daughter.
"Oh John you do not mean you are going to . . ." Martha said, her voice sounding frightened.
"She deserves it! She admitted that my wife has abused her backside, it's only fair that I should work on her front!" I said sounding angry.
Wendy started to shake now, she was trying to picture what I was going to do to her, but she was soon to find out.
Part 7
I reached out and touched my daughter's chest, lightly dragging my fingernails over her skin, feeling the mounds of her forming breasts buds, causing Wendy to shudder with the strange sensations.
"Painful?" I asked her, but she shook her head, "Good! Then I'll carry on." However, I was mindful that her current position would soon get painful on her shoulders and legs. I leant over her and looked into her eyes, she looked slightly scared but had realized that this was not how she had been treated before.
I began to tickle her on her ribs, making her giggle as I progressed, then she started to laugh, finally she gasped out, "Please . . . no more . . . I'm going to wet myself!"
I stopped at that point and returned to rubbing her breasts, feeling them start to get erect under my touch. She started to moan slightly and then, "OW! My arms are hurting me." Wendy said. I glanced at Martha, who had been watching me all the time, who approached and quickly released Wendy's arms and legs.
"Don't move young lady, we'll put you into the position." Martha said gruffly as she pulled Wendy's legs out to fasten them to the bottom corners of the bed before pulling Wendy's arms to the headboard. This caused my daughter to strain again, but now in a flattened position. Martha quickly kissed Wendy on the mouth and whispered something in her ears, before moving away from the bed. She then handed me a pastry brush - you know wooden handle and long bristles - I held this up to Wendy's eyes and waggled it.
"Now which end should I use on you?" I asked her smiling as I showed her the hard end suggestively bringing it down onto her neck, rubbing it over her flesh before turning it around and bringing the brush end into play, whipping it over her, still stiff, cones of breast flesh.
Wendy had tensed up when I started, but soon the actions of the light brush on her sensitive flesh soon worked its magic on her, and she started to pant as the strange, to her, sensations began to build up inside her. I could see her skin darkening as the blood started to show itself and, just when I thought she would explode, Martha stopped me.
"NO! Please daddy, don't stop!" Wendy cried out while trying to force her body to follow me. I looked at Martha who shook her head.
"Young lady are you asking your father to torture you." Martha asked Wendy.
"Yes . . . no . . . it's not . . . daddy please, I need . . . something." Wendy called out.
"What is it you need?" Martha asked her.
"I don’t know! Mummy never did this to me! Please what do you want me to say?" Wendy cried out. However, Martha just smiled and beckoned me out of the room, leaving Wendy still tied to the bed in frustration.
We closed the door behind us, Martha was almost laughing as we did. "Why did you make me stop?" I asked her.
"She knows there's more to this than your own pleasure! Remember she's only known people using her for their fun, by stopping just before she finds her plateau it will make her crave more." Martha explained.
"And what do you suggest for the next step?" I asked.
"Well I'd suggest you used you imagination, I've got things to do . . . have fun!" Before I could say another word, she was gone. Leaving me to return to my daughter,
I returned to Wendy, who was watching the door for Martha to enter. "No, my darling daughter. It's just you and me, and with you like that I can do anything!" I gave, what I hoped was, a maniacal laugh.
"Oh please daddy, don't hurt me, I'll be a good girl I promise." Wendy said, but there was a smile on her lips and a look in her eyes the belied her words.
I ran my hand from her chest down her stomach and onto the slit between her legs, lightly tapping it with my spread fingers, at first she didn't take any real notice and then I felt her getting slightly damp and her breathing was getting faster, I looked for, and found, the small pea sized lump that was her clit and concentrated on that.
Wendy's hips began to move under my attentions, she started to really pant away, and so, remembering Martha's advice, I pulled away from her body. "NO! NO not again, please can't you keep on doing that?" Wendy cried out.
"You're telling me to carry on. Who's the one in charge?" I asked her, while thinking 'yes, just who is the one in charge here?'
"Please daddy, I need it!" Wendy said almost in tears.
"Okay then her it comes!" I said and lowered my head down to my daughter's body and licked her breast, hearing her moan with pleasure as I did so. My hands were busy as I was doing this, one I had on her other breast and the other hand was moving over her clit and slit. I decided that this time I would give her what she needed.
I moved my mouth from its perch on Wendy's breast, smiling as I heard her gasp, as I gently bit on the tip. Then she moaned as I touched her slit with my tongue, gently prizing open the folds of her flesh and licking on her from the bottom to the top of her slit before hitting her clit, which was now larger than she had ever had it before.
I nibbled on her clit until she started to go rigid with the pleasure that was coursing though her body. "Oh daddy, daddy it's so . . . so . . . daddy!" Then her body went limp, I quickly pulled away from her.
Wendy was flat out; I could tell she was breathing, as her chest was moving. I placed an ear to her heart, it was fast . . . but beating.
I ran to the bathroom and rinsed out a flannel with cold water, wringing it out and running back to my bedroom, gently bathing Wendy's forehead with it and then wiping her body off, removing the sweat that she had generated.
"Oh! What was that?" Wendy said . . . followed by "I want more!" in a low voice.
"That Wendy is what is known as an orgasm, when a woman gets excited she finds that her body will react and that is an orgasm. How did you like it?" I asked her smiling.
"Oh daddy, it was great! I never knew that was there! Why did mummy not show me this? I would have let her do anything if she had . . . But I suppose HE didn't want it!" She babbled on and then she stopped and looked up at me. "Daddy? Do you . . . I mean do men have organisms as well?" She asked.
I sat down on the bed beside her and gently stroked her body with my hand. "Yes darling, but when we cum it's a bit messier than girls." Wendy thought about it and then looked towards my lap.
"Daddy . . . last night . . . when I rubbed your tummy st . . . penis that stuff that came out? Was that your organism?"
I laughed, "It's called an orgasm, and yes, that was what happens. The act causes the pleasure sensors in the brain to trigger and so the man, or boy, feels good when it happens."
"Did Amanda feel good when you did it to her?" Wendy asked.
I was surprised by the slight change in subject. "I don't know, I think she liked it, but I did do several different things to her." I said.
"Can you do them to me?" Wendy asked in excitement, I must admit that a part of me was doing back flips and then my brain had to intervene.
"I'm not sure darling, it's not really right for a father to tie up and abuse his daughter." I said feeling a part of me having its mouth drop open.
"But what if I asked you to do it?" Wendy asked.
"It doesn't matter what you might want, the law here says that I can't touch you sexually." I said 'can't we shut him up?' several parts of my body was saying.
"But Mrs. Martha was here - doesn't that mean its okay?" Wendy reasoned.
I shook my head, "I'm not sure what Martha is doing, but I think we can trust her." I said, not noticing my hands as they moved over Wendy's body.
Wendy, however, did and moved as far as she could, she moaned - making me look at her, she was biting her lips in an effort not to say anything. Following her last (or first) orgasm, she quickly gave herself up to the sensations.
I was caught in a quandary, should I continue or stop? I was weak and carried on with my 'abuse' of Wendy, hearing her moan in ecstasy was strangely making me feel good.
Just before she came I quickly kissed her on the mouth, feeling her start to suck the breath out of me as she climaxed, she broke the kiss and smiled at me, "That was nice daddy, but it wasn't like the last one, why?" She said.
"The last time I was sucking on your clit, this time it was just your breasts, there is a difference . . . not much but its there." I told her.
"Oh dad, it doesn't really matter, as long as it's you doing it!" Wendy said and then her expression changed. "Oh dad, I need to go to the loo, real bad!" She said.
I went to release her hands but then found a problem . . . "Err, Wendy I don't have a key. If you can hold on I'll get a pan for you . . ." But stopped as Wendy started to laugh.
"It's under my pillow, Martha told me not to tell you until I had to!" She said smiling.
"Why you . . . I've a good mind to leave you like that!" I said threateningly.
"No you won't!" Wendy said mockingly.
"And why not?" I asked.
"Because it your bed I'll be wetting!" Wendy said sweetly.
"Well yes, there is that, so I suppose I'd better let you free." I said retrieving the key and fitting it into the lock of the cuffs.
I managed to undo the last one and Wendy jumped off the bed and staggered to the bathroom.
She came back a few minutes later and stood by my bed biting her lip. "Daddy, do you want to inspect me . . . Please." She said extending the please.
I could see from the look in her eyes and relented. "Alright Wendy, but this time my way . . . Stand in the center of the room, legs apart and bent over, grab your knees with your hands." I instructed her, she quickly took up the position, as I would set out.
I walked around her, noting that her head was at a particular height. I patted her cheek and then went to her derrière again I patted a cheek. "Now Wendy, you used the toilet just now?" I asked her.
"Yes daddy, and I did wipe myself." She responded.
"Now how clean are you? And don't forget if it's dirty then you'll get the taste of it in your mouth!" I said.
"I'm sure I'm clean daddy." She said but the tone of her voice was not apologetic.
I passed one hand beneath her body, touching her flat stomach and then pulling back so that I could feel her slit with my palm, this meant that her clit was within reach of my fingers and I started to agitate it with them.
My other hand then rested lightly on her backside, I could feel moistness on the hand beneath her and so I cupped it and brought it away from her, dipping my fingers in the dew that was in the hand, I oiled up my digits. I then returned to her slit with the first hand and started masturbating her; she went to move her hands.
"Remain in position Wendy, I haven't check you properly yet!" I said in a stern tone.
"Sorry daddy." Wendy said and kept still. Using the lubrication she'd provided I placed a finger on he anus, and then gently pushed it in, while with my other hand I started to agitate her clit again, I felt her relax as she tried to lose herself in the pleasure I was giving her, I pushed my finger deep into her without hearing a word from her.
I pulled my finger back slightly and then pushed it home again, "What . . . but that didn't hurt!" Wendy said as she felt me move inside her, "When HE does it, it always hurt!" She added.
I gave a few more back and forth movements before removing my finger completely. "Well you see Wendy, I made sure that you were distracted before I inspected you, that's why." I said and explained totally, what I had done.
"So why didn't HE and mummy do that? I wouldn't have minded them having me stay with them if they'd been nice." She told me
"Some people don't realize what they can achieve, and so they lose so much." I said to her, realizing that I had gained more than my ex-wife would ever know.
I asked Wendy to dress and we went out to look at the shops, it seems that Wendy hadn't been allowed to stop and look in shops, she had to follow her mother and could only dream about running around looking for herself, I indulged her in this.
She convinced me to buy a video, Peter Pan, and she smiled at me as we walked home, "I wanted to see the film at the cinema but they didn't want to go there." She said.
"Well we'll have to bring the cinema to home then!" I said.
"Oh can we?" She asked me and so I found myself buying a large bottle of coke and a lot of microwave popcorn.
We returned home and I started to heat up the popcorn while Wendy put the tape into the video player - I supposed it would have be easier with a DVD but I hadn't gotten around to getting one.
The film was cued up and just waited for the popcorn to start filling the bags. I poured out large measures of coke and put them on the table. The Microwave started to give popping sounds as the kernels started to expand.
We were seated on the settee - I was seated Wendy was lying down with her head in my lap, and the film was running. Peter had managed to grab hold of his shadow but could not get it to stick to his feet and the girl looked over her bed at him and asked why he was crying.
"What's her name?" Wendy asked me, I picked up the cover and read the back.
"It's Rachel Hurd-Wood." I told her.
"No, her name in the film?" Wendy said in an exasperated tone.
I realized what she was getting at, "I'm not sure Wendy darling, but I'll look it up for you." I said
Wendy smiled at me as she realized I'd seen through her little gag, "Are you sure you're not Captain Hook?" She asked me
"I don't think so, because he's in the film, I'm the one sitting here are you my captive?" I asked her rubbing her torso with one hand. Wendy giggled. I then held up the cover again, "Ah! Here it is Wendy darling, her name is Wendy Darling, is that what you wanted to know Wendy darling?"
Wendy giggled. I contented myself with feeding her with popcorn. It was a very nice scene, myself with my daughter, laughing at . . . nothing in particular and having fun.
We were deeply immersed in the film when the doorbell rang. I gently moved Wendy's head and got up to open the door and to admit Martha.
She smiled at me, "Start packing, you've got a plane to catch." She said.
Part 8
I do not know about you, but being inside a plane reminds me of a sardine tin, the only trouble is that we do not have the key on the outside.
The reason I am so cranky is that I have been inside this tin, sorry plane, for over six hours now and there is only so much you can do, legally, in such a thing.
It was a rush, but I managed to pack some clothing, I did try to ask Martha about this but she just shook her head. "No time to explain, just enough to get ready." Wendy remained in the living room watching the film while I did all the packing.
The company had done us proud. A car picked us up from my house and drove us directly to the Airport; we waited in the VIP lounge for the flight and traveled to the gate by an oversized golf cart.
The stewardess's, or cabin crew, welcomed us aboard and we were shown to our seats in the first class section, Wendy found that she was sitting by the window and took great delight in looking out of it.
When the plane took off, however, she was holding tightly to my hands as the seat tilted back. I must admit that I was scared as well. My feelings were not helped by the talk about emergency exits and life jackets either; I started to think about sitting with the black box - at least that was always found!
We were lucky enough that the seats had small screens in them; Wendy watched some pop music thing, while I tried to sleep. However, there were some other kids who I assumed were illegitimate as they kept shouting to the cabin crew ‘Don’t you know who our parents are’ as well as expecting service all the time.
At one point, a couple of these kids looked over the seat at Wendy, "Hey come on, we're going to wreck a toilet!" One boy said, but Wendy shook her head and held on to me, "Oh, so you're a goody two-shoes are you?" He asked her mockingly.
"No, I know I'm loved enough by my daddy that he wants me with him!" Wendy said looking at me and smiling.
Almost disgusted the leader shook his head, "Come on guys, she's no fun anyway!" then the mob in training turned away. I smiled at Wendy and kissed her head.
The brats were rounded up and placed in their seats with a couple of burly bodyguards at either end of the aisle. The rest of the trip was uneventful, noisy but that was all.
I was about the clime the wall when we landed in America, again Wendy held onto my hand again as the wheels touched down. We stayed in our seats until the plane was nearly empty, before getting out and disembarking. We thanked the flight attendant’s for their attentions and I was told that Wendy had been a lovely exception to their normal younger passengers, and from watching the brats being escorted away, I could understand their feelings.
When we entered the immigration area I saw a familiar figure standing behind one of the officers, she smiled at us and waved us over, while speaking to the officer, he looked at my passport and the one that Martha had supplied for Wendy, glanced back at Sonja - for it was her, and then passed us through to her.
"Hello Sonja, this is my daughter Wendy. Wendy this is special agent Sonja Jones . . ." I paused for a moment, "I don't suppose you're any relation to Janet Jones and Tania?" I asked her.
She smiled, "Afraid not, actually I'm an orphan, so we were just handed out names on a rotational basis."
"I'm sorry." I said not really knowing what to say about that.
"I'm not, I've felt really at home since I was accepted there, if you know what I mean." Sonja said smiling then she turned to Wendy, "How do you do Wendy, I'm pleased to meet you."
Wendy went to hold back but then smiled at Sonja, "Thank you. Are you a real FBI person, with a badge and gun and everything?" She asked.
Sonja smiled and removed a flat wallet from her pocket and opened it up for Wendy to look at, she then opened her jacket to show Wendy a holster containing a pistol. "I can't take it out to show you, too many nervous people around here. Now if you'll follow me there's a plane ready for you."
"But what about our luggage?" I asked slightly concerned.
"Don't worry about that, it's been re-directed" Sonja re-assured me but I remembered an old advert for British Airways which was - breakfast in London, Lunch in New York, Luggage in Hong Kong! (This last having been added by hand). However, I kept quiet.
We were rushed to the small jet, there was one flight attendant on the flight, the seats where spacious and there was only another family already seated. Abe Wilkinson introduced his wife Joyce and their 11-year-old son, Jonathan. "You folks moving to . . . err … to" Abe asked uncertain as to what to say.
"Oh no, just getting some relaxation, my daughter needs a change of scenery." I said smiling.
"Is she spending time at the Hotel?" Joyce asked and then carried on speaking, "We've got Jonathan into their tennis group. We hear they have a wonderful training routine." She added.
"Oh really, is he interested in tennis?" I asked just to be sociable.
"Well to tell you the truth, he's been a bit slack in his lessons, and we felt he needed the inspiration." Joyce said.
"Do you know much about the town?" Abe asked me.
"Nothing at all, it's just that a friend of mine has invited us both to visit her and we've taken her up on the offer." I said just then the flight attendant arrived with a meal for us and soft drinks (or soda's I suppose I should say) for the children.
The food was surprisingly quite good and was finished off in quick order, Wendy and Jonathan was shown a games console and started to play something I didn't recognize while Abe and Joyce sat with me and we talked.
It seems that Abe was into real estate - or a realtor, as he called himself. And Joyce was into everything that there was, church functions, PTA you name it she was part of it. The trouble was they didn't seen to have enough time for there son, and he was looked after by a succession of tutors. I think that was where his main problems stemmed from, but I was too British to tell them that!
A chime drew our attention to a light flashing and the flight attendant came out and asked us to fasten our seat belts as there was some turbulence expected. Wendy came over to me and sat beside me holding my arm. The plane gave a shudder and there was a bang. The lights went out and then I felt my stomach drop as the plane went down. Then . . .
I could not see anything, people were moving my arms and legs I could feel them but for some reason I could not speak. I heard a woman speaking,
"Well there's no problem there, he's healthy and the count is good." She was saying but then another female voice spoke up.
"Doctor, there's a change to the heartbeat . . . I think he's awake!"
"Mr. Argent? John? Don't worry there was a slight problem with the plane you were in, but everyone is fine, Wendy's perfectly alright, just asleep so you don't need to be concerned about her." Her voice started to fade away as I drifted off again, but at least I could relax, Wendy was okay. However, I did hear something. "What the hell happened how did he . . ."
When I came to, I was laying in a bed, a nurse sitting beside me smiled at me, "Hello John. Are you thirsty? I'm Mary."
"Where's Wendy?" I croaked out - for some reason my throat was sore.
Mary handed me a drink with a straw, I gratefully sucked on it and moistened my throat, and I repeated my question. Mary gave a comforting gesture, "She's in the next bed sleeping." I was told.
I raised myself up and looked in the direction indicated. There on the bed sleeping peacefully was my daughter. I fell back - 'why was I so tired?' I wondered to myself but at the moment, I could not do anything about it. Mary seemed to understand my feelings as she made me more comfortable.
"Don't worry about anything at the moment, you're recovering from lack of oxygen, it was lucky that the pilot was able to get the plane down so quickly after the plane was hit." She said.
"Hit, by what" I asked but Mary shook her head
"We haven't been told, but it was a surprise start to the Wilkinson's holiday, but they weren't as badly affected." Mary said but I started to drift off before she finished speaking.
A kiss on my cheek awoke me - sort of like sleeping beauty, I suppose - and I found Tania standing beside me. "Hello daddy John, are you feeling better?" She asked me and yes, I had to admit that I did feel fine. "Is that Wendy, she looks pretty." Tania said looking over at my daughter.
"Yes, she does." I said and went to get up, only to stop when I realized that I wasn't even wearing a hospital gown, Tania giggled at my predicament I just looked at her, "Young lady you will get me a gown to wear, preferably one that doesn't tie up at the back." I said gravely.
"Yes daddy John." Tania said and ran into another door that I had not noticed before. Coming out a few minutes later with a dressing gown, which, when I put it on, came to just above my knees - but it was better than nothing,
"Thank you." I said and put it on. I then moved my feet out of the bed and, pulling the gown around me, stepped out of the bed and moved to Wendy's bed. I reached out to her and gently stroked her hair. She sighed and turned, her eyes opening and seeing me.
"Daddy! You are all right . . . I am so glad. I didn't know what had happened but the nurse said you were okay and I was okay and . . . and I was so scared." Wendy said, before she noticed Tania standing behind me, "Hello, who are you?" She asked.
"I'm Tania, remember we spoke on the telephone. How are you feeling?" Tania asked.
Wendy jumped out of the bed, she was dressed the same way I had been, and hugged Tania, "I'm fine, but why are you here?" she asked.
Tania smiled, "Mummy said I could come over and see if daddy John was awake and ready for us." She said.
I smiled because I had noticed something, and I gave a discrete cough. " Tania, haven't you forgotten something?" I asked her
She turned to me with a small smile on her lips. "Like what daddy John?" She asked. I sat down on the bed pulling her to me and over my lap, flipping over the skirt she was wearing to reveal bare flesh beneath,
"Like . . . not . . . wearing . . . any . . . underwear?" I said, punctuating each word with a smack on her behind. I heard a squeak of alarm from Wendy who moved back into her bed.
"But Wendy's not wearing anything and you haven't told her off!" Tania said logically.
"Because Wendy was put into bed like that, she couldn't make the choice." I said. However, Wendy made a slight face, as if saying 'why should she get all the fun?' so I decided to act, "But you're right she shouldn't have got out of the bed!" I cocked my finger at Wendy to join me.
She got out of her bed and stood in front of me, "But daddy, you said yourself I had no clothes to wear so it's different." She said but I could see the smile on her face and the sparkling of her eyes.
"That's no excuse is it young lady." I said and pulled her over my legs, I gave her six smacks, so that she did not feel slighted by Tania 's punishment. "Now what do you say?" I asked her.
She rubbed her backside and then she looked at me smiling, "Thank you daddy, I'll try to behave." She said and jumped back into her bed, pulling the sheets around her.
Tania just stared at her, "You mean you don't mind him hitting you like that?" She asked Wendy.
Wendy shook her head, "Oh no, daddy loves me that's why he doesn't really like to hit me, I have to tell him its okay." She said
Tania looked at me, "I didn't hear her ask you. How did she?" She asked me.
I smiled, "That's for me to know. But I'm beginning to understand my daughter now." I said looking at Wendy who just smiled back at me.
Just then the door opened to admit a young woman wearing a pink and white costume, she seemed surprised to see me up and about. "Mr. Archer would you please return to bed." She said.
I do not know why but I smiled at her and said, "Only if you'll join me." She looked at Tania and Wendy and returned my smile.
"I don't think I'd better. The doctor's on her way and she might not like it." She said - but she did not refuse my advances! "Now if you'll hand me your dressing gown I'll hang it back up." She held out her hand to me.
I was conscious of three pairs of eyes on me as I undid the cord holding the gown close, I gave a mental shrug and took off the garment, leaving me naked in front of two pre-teenaged girls and this young lady, she licked her lips as she looked at me and smiled, "Mummy warned me of men like you." She said, "I must thank her one day!" She added with a smile.
Tania giggled at my expression and pointedly looked at my bed, I took the hint and got into the bed, the 'candy-striper' returned and tucked in the sheets, she then checked Wendy's sheets and arranged them as well.
Just in time as the door opened and a white coated woman entered the room, she looked at me and nodded. "Ah, good you're both awake. You'll be happy to hear that we can't find any serious problems after your mishap and I think we'll be able to release you soon." She looked at Wendy. "Now I found you are still a virgin, I take it you wish to remain so while you're here?"
Wendy looked at me confused and so I spoke up. "My daughter is rather naïve about such things, her mother kept her uninformed about such things."
The doctor looked slightly bemused with my answer and looked through her notes again. "Oh! I see. Well it might be better if you wear this." Then she handed Wendy a pendant.
Wendy looked at it uncertain of what to do with it, but Tania quickly went to her and placed the pendant on Wendy's neck, fastening it behind her. The doctor nodded and then turned to me, "That pendant tells everyone that Wendy cannot engage in sexual congress with anyone, it is her decision as to who can approach her. I hope you won't force her either."
"I can assure you doctor I have no intention of forcing my daughter at all." I said.
"I do understand Mr. Archer, but as you are a visitor here you should be aware that we are slightly un-inhibited about such matters, and many of our children are taught in sexual matters at an early age. All you should know is that if any of them are wearing the pendant it is a strict case of leave well alone." The doctor told me.
"I think I'd better stay here then, before I make a mistake." I said.
However, the doctor shook her head, "You won't and anyway Tania here will be able to help you as will her mother. There's nothing more I have to tell you except for one final thing, Welcome to Funiculaireville."
Part 9
It was a bright sunny day as we walked from the Hospital into the town, our clothing did not show any signs of wear and tear from the incident, in fact, I am sure they had been washed and ironed.
My next surprise was when I went to pay for the hospital treatment. "That's alright Mr. Archer, it's been paid for by the county, and after all it was their plane that had the problem." A smiling nurse told me.
I thanked the young 'candy-striper', whose name was Abigail, for her attentions to Wendy and myself, she smiled and handed me a card with her name and address on it. "Mummy's working until 6, but I'm off at 4. If you're serious give me a call." I must have had my mouth open as she said that because Tania shook my arm.
"Well say something daddy John." She said to me and I stammered out a reply, which seemed to satisfy Abigail because she blew me a kiss as she left. - I really was going to have to ask someone about this!
I must admit to being in a slight daze as we walked out of the hospital, I glanced back at it; a modest 2-story building and then I took in the rest of the area. There was a green park area in front of the hospital, which I could see a monument, which I assumed was a wartime thing, standing in front of an imposing building - I later found out that it was 'city hall' or whatever they called it. Nearby was the police station, but I did not plan on visit. At the other end of the park were shops and other building. Opposite the hospital was a modern shopping mall. I was tempted to go there and look around but Tania had other ideas.
"Not today daddy John, we've got to get you home!" She said and pulled me along, I in turn had hold of Wendy who then smiled and pulled ahead of me as well, we passed by a couple of police officers who glanced at me and started to laugh.
"Help I'm being kidnapped!" I said in appeal to them.
"If I was you sir, I'd just go along with them." One of them said and waved.
" Tania be careful with who you go with!" The other said and then the pair of them carried on walking - as if a man being dragged by two young girls was a normal thing. It was a few minutes later when I realized that both the police officers were women.
Tania pulled us to a taxi and gave instructions to the driver who nodded and drove off. Then I started to panic. " Tania I haven't got any American money!" I hissed to her - in all the rush, I had forgotten to change my cash over. I was going to pay for the hospital by my credit card (and pray that the bank accepted it) but I do not think this cabby would take plastic!
"That's okay daddy John, mummy said it's all paid for." Tania said with the confidence of a child who trusts her mother - I wish I were so trusting. However, I was surprised when the car took us to a rather large house and pulled up outside it, Tania got out and gestured to us both, “Come on Mummy's waiting for you." I tried to apologize to the woman driver but she just shook her head.
"That's okay sir, after what you've been through its just good to see you're alright." She said and waved us off. I watched the taxi disappear down the path. There was something definitely strange in this town.
I followed Tania and Wendy to the door of the house, it was opened by a man, no a youth really, of 18 "Mr. Archer sir. My mistress is waiting for you in the lounge. I allowed him to direct me to the room. As I walked into the hallway, I saw two girls standing by a door. One was of Asian appearance; the other was a young white girl. I nodded to them as I passed and they both curtseyed.
As I entered the room I realized that both Tania and Wendy were no longer with me, but I thought that Tania had taken Wendy to see her room and so I wasn't really concerned, just a slight feeling of loss - 'stupid really' I then thought. With Janet was a middle-aged woman, who somehow reminded me of my mother - it was the air that she radiated, one of calm and serenity.
Janet looked up at me. "John! How nice to see you again, I hope you're feeling better?" She said and then indicated the woman beside her, "This is Elizabeth, and she's the one I spoke to you about."
"Good afternoon John, I understand you perceive a problem with your daughter." Elizabeth said without preamble, she pointed to a comfortable chair, which I sank into.
"Yes Elizabeth, Wendy has been separated from me since she was 4 . . ." And I found myself telling this stranger my knowledge of Wendy's life, including the session that Martha had started and I continued.
At parts Elizabeth would stop me and ask questions which I would answer and then continue. When I finished she nodded, "Yes, I see - so basically she was being used by your ex-wife and her husband for their own pleasure without thinking of hers, yes that agrees with Martha's report on her." At my look, she smiled reassuringly, "I'm sorry John, but I'm a qualified psychiatrist and have been assigned by our version of the Social Services to look after Wendy, I hope you'll also be able to see me as well."
I was slightly taken aback, why should I need to be examined. However, at Janet's look I nodded my head. Elizabeth smiled, "Good, do you mind if I start now?" she asked.
Janet excused herself and left the room; Elizabeth then picked up a remote control and pressed a button, on the screen appeared Tania, naked as always with her arms behind her and ropes forming a tight bra.
"Do you recognize this John?" She asked me. I nodded my head.
"Yes that was while Tania was staying with me. She managed to talk me into tying her up." I confessed.
Elizabeth smiled, "I'm glad you were honest to start with it makes my work a lot easier." She clapped her hands and the two girls who were outside entered the room, they bowed to Elizabeth and stood their legs apart, hand folded in front of them and their heads down.
"These are my slaves, that is Su-Li and this one is called Little Cat. Su was an orphan who I decided to take and train, Little Cat was purchased from a slaver." She said and watched me closely.
I must admit that I was not sure which shocked me most; the fact that there were slavers in this country or that Elizabeth was so casual about their status. I was happy that I was sitting down. Elizabeth nodded, "You don't shout out in surprise, and you seem to accept my statement. Why, Do you know?"
"I . . . well . . . I must admit it was like being hit with a brick, if you wanted my attention why didn't you just tap my shoulder." I said which made Elizabeth laugh, "I'm not sure what to say. The fact you have come out and told me was shock enough. But you don't seem to be a person who'd lie about this type of thing so I have to accept your word." I found myself saying.
Elizabeth nodded, and made a hand movement, both girls sat down sedately on the floor, their hands folded in their laps, but always watching Elizabeth I noticed. "Yes, you take great stock in how people appear and behave, you also saw how my two act with me, they are not frightened of me nor are they cowed when I ask them to do something. In fact they are happy with their position aren't you?" She said directing the question to the two girls.
"Yes mistress." They both said and smiled. It was not a forced smile they really did love Elizabeth.
I looked at the pair "But don't you . . ." I stopped and looked to Elizabeth who nodded for me to go on. "Don't you miss your family?" I asked Little Cat.
"I did at first, but Master was nice to me and showed me that I was needed, and Mistress was so loving that she is just like a mother to me and Su is just like a sister, I am with my family." Little Cat said.
"I did not know my parents, I was living in the orphanage since I was a baby, and Mistress Elizabeth accepted me into her life and rescued me, for that I'll serve her forever." Su said smiling at Elizabeth.
"You see John; they want to be with me and will do anything I ask them, even if it was to have sex with you." Elizabeth said.
"But what if they didn't want to have sex with me, wouldn't that be tantamount to rape?" I asked.
For answer Elizabeth pressed the remote control again, this time I watched as my cock entered Tania 's slit, breaking her hymen. "Wasn't that tantamount to rape," She asked me. I had not realized that I had been filmed doing that.
I held up my hands, "No, that was rape, pure and simple! My only excuse is that she wanted me to do it and her mother agreed." I said watching Elizabeth for her reaction - I could play at the psychologist as well.
She nodded, conceding my point I suppose, "Very well, but what if Tania had said no. Then what would you have done?" She asked me.
"I would have stopped, it would be difficult but if she didn't want it then it's not for me to take away what she wanted to give to others." I said realizing that I could feel the rightness of the answer.
"Not bad, of course the proof of the pudding would be in the eating." Elizabeth said smiling. "Take your latest conquest . . . Abigail. Would you consider her out of your interest?"
"Well . . . She was . . . It was just . . ." Now I was flustered, what was my feelings about that girl? She was pretty and she seemed to like me, or was that just her work being reflected in my mind. "That started as a joke, but . . . no, I wouldn't say that I wasn't interested in her." I said, realizing the mass of double negatives there! "The only problem is how Wendy would react to my taking up with another woman." I finished lamely.
"So you are concerned about your daughter's feelings. Why didn't that stop you when you did that to Tania?" Elizabeth asked me.
I stood up, that had hit a nerve. "What do you mean? I had lost Wendy so long ago that it never occurred to me about how she would feel. To be honest I never really thought I'd see my daughter again." I said angrily.
"But you always referred to that bedroom as your daughter's; in fact you had even left it alone . . . Why?" Elizabeth pressed on.
"Because . . . deep down . . . I hoped . . . that I would find her again." I said breathing deeply trying to calm myself down, I noticed that Su had got to her feet and was standing near Elizabeth, her hands clenched slightly.
"And you did." Elizabeth said softly, "Tell me again, how did she react when she learnt about Tania?"
"She wanted to talk to her . . . Where is Wendy at the moment?" I asked as I returned to my seat - Su's eyes following me all the time, for some reason I was beginning to be frightened of this girl.
" Tania is talking to her up in her bedroom. Do you want to see them?" Elizabeth asked. I nodded and she pressed another button on the remote controller. The screen view changed.
Wendy had followed her new friend into the house while her daddy was talking to the taxi driver.
"Hi Su, Cat, is mummy in there?" Tania asked the two waiting girls as she entered the house.
"Yes Tania, she wants to see Mr. Archer as soon as he arrives, but she doesn't want you or Wendy to be there, why don't you go to your bedroom and amuse yourselves." Su said.
"'Kay." Tania said and pulled on Wendy's arms, taking her up the stairs and into a pink bedroom.
"Who were those two? Do they work here?" Wendy asked as they fell onto Tania 's four-poster bed.
"Oh no, they work for Doc Beth, she's one of the best doctors around here." Tania said watching her guest. "She's probably here for you and daddy John."
Wendy did not know why this doctor would see her in Tania 's house and was slightly frightened by this, Tania noticed and hugged her. "Hey it's no big deal you know. She just talks to you and you can tell her anything, she's good."
But Wendy wasn't so sure, she'd been told so many things in her young life that she felt that she couldn't really trust anyone . . . not even her new friend. She was worried that she had been away from her daddy for too long already.
"Shouldn't we go downstairs daddy would be wondering where I Am.”? Wendy said.
"Oh I don't think so, you see that's what Su was telling me, Elizabeth wants to talk to daddy John on his own first, when she's ready then they'll call for us." Tania said.
"Why do you call him daddy John, he's not your father is he?" Wendy asked, slightly put out that this girl might have designs on her father.
"Oh no, it was just that he made me feel so safe and comfortable that he was just what I wanted in a daddy, haven't you found that?" Tania passed the buck to Wendy.
"I don't know we've only been together for just over a day. I love him because he is my daddy, but I still don't know him." She gave a small smile, "I even had to get him to touch me." She said.
"Tell me about it, why he wouldn't even spank me until told him he had to! And then I had to convince him to tie me up . . ." Tania said.
"You let him tie you up . . . why?" Wendy asked getting a tingly feeling in her body as she did.
"Well I was feeling scared, and when mummy ties me up it makes me feel safe." Tania said her eyes misting over with the memory.
"How can being tied up make you feel safe - when my mummy tied me up I was scared that HE would be coming in to my bedroom again!" Wendy said despondently.
"What! I didn't think that daddy John would," Tania said.
"No, not daddy . . . it was the man that mummy left daddy for. He'd touch me whenever he could and punish me if I didn't clean myself correctly, I'd have to undress in front of them and dress in their bedroom 'cause HE kept all my clothes there so that HE could see I dressed properly." Wendy started to sob.
Tania was worried, "Didn't your mummy ever make you feel good when she tied you up?" She asked Wendy.
But Wendy forlornly shook her head, "No, I didn't know that could happen to me until daddy let me . . . then it was wonderful . . . so nice . . . but it only happened yesterday." She finished softly.
"What! You never came until yesterday! Where were you hiding?" Tania said in shock, "Didn't you ever try to rub yourself before? You know masturbate?" She asked.
"No! Mummy told me that I would get ill if I did that, it was only for men to do it to me! She told me that!"
"That's a load of crock! It's the nicest feeling in the world . . . I've been doing it since I was nine!" and Tania started to reach under her skirt with a hand.
"Should you do that? What if daddy or your mummy comes in,” Wendy asked fearfully.
"Well daddy John would probably smack me again, and then I'll get him to rub me instead, he's got the nicest touch I've felt in a man." Tania said with a dreamy look on her face.
"It's not fair that daddy did you first!" Wendy said but she was smiling as she said this.
"Well it's not my fault that you're mummy took you away from daddy John, was it? Anyway do you want me to make it up to you?" Tania asked and there was a strange look in her eyes that Wendy found strangely appealing. Wendy nodded her head. "Good . . . do you trust me?" She asked, again Wendy nodded her head. "Okay then undress."
Wendy thought for a moment and then started to remove her dress, there was something appealing about undressing in front of her friend, as she wanted to do this without feeling dirty or bad - as she so often did when undressing in front of her mother.
While Wendy was removing her clothes Tania was pulling out padded wristbands from under the bed and attaching one end to a concealed hook in each post. "Lie down in the middle of the bed and raise your arms above your head." She instructed in a no-nonsense voice.
Wendy did so and quickly found that Tania had fastened the bands to both her wrists. Then Wendy's legs were being gently pulled apart and fastened securely.
Tania looked at her 'victim' "Now are you ready?" She asked.
"Yes." Wendy said and received a sharp blow to her chest.
"When you are tied down you will call me Mistress." Tania said and then added softly, "And when I'm tied down I'll call you Mistress okay?" She smiled at her friend.
Wendy was shocked at first but then she nodded and said, "Yes . . . Mistress."
Tania nodded, she was going to enjoy the next few minutes. She decided.
Part 10
Wendy looked up at her new friend straddling her, for some reason she was happy to be held down like this.
Tania 's face was flushed as she surveyed the naked form of Wendy before her; she quickly pulled off her dress, leaving her just as naked as the form on the bed.
Tania mused out loud, enough for Wendy to overhear her, "Now I've got the whip, the taws, some fancy slaps or just my hand . . . which one should I use?" she said as she started to rub herself against Wendy's body, relaxing in the feeling of skin against skin.
"Oh! That feels nice." Wendy said.
Tania giggled but then brought her hand down on Wendy's pussy, "You forgot to call me mistress!" She said, hearing Wendy moan in arousal. 'She likes this . . . cool!' Tania thought to herself.
Tania reluctantly got off Wendy and went over to a wardrobe, which she opened to reveal an array of punishment tools. "I wonder?" she said to herself and picked a couple of ornate nipple clamps, she turned to look at Wendy, "Have you ever had your nipples done?" She asked.
Wendy didn't know what Tania was on about, so shook her head, "No, mistress." She said. Tania turned back and picked up a large piece of leather, it was made of kid and had several 'finger' strips on it. Tania tested it on herself, it was very supple and just enough to arouse not harm a person she decided. She returned to Wendy holding the two small pieces of metal and the leather taws.
"Ready?" Tania asked. Wendy's eyes were wide open and then she nodded her head. Tania smiled and reached out to Wendy's chest, touching the forming mounds of flesh that was there. A wicked thought came to her, "Ever heard of Janet Jackson." She said as she started to feel the mound rise under her hand.
"No . . . who's she?" Wendy asked and then gasped as Tania engulfed one of her breasts with her mouth, her tongue titillating the nipple which Tania gently nipped at until the nipple was as erect as it could be?
Tania stopped her working and then looked at Wendy, "I'm going to put these over your nipples, they'll hold your skin, but won't bite into it, they might hurt." She said asking Wendy's permission to continue.
Wendy was enjoying Tania 's ministrations so much that she nodded to her friend, "Its okay mistress. Please do it." She said breathlessly. Tania then quickly placed the clamp around the erect flesh and fastened it so that it just held onto Wendy's tit.
Tania quickly turned her attention to Wendy's other breast, treating it in the same manner; soon clamps, which were lightly holding onto her, topped both of Wendy’s breasts. Now Tania started to hit Wendy's breasts with the taws, the kid leather almost caressing the young girl's flesh with its fingers.
Wendy first felt the tightness of the clamps as the blood was constricted in her breasts, and then she gasped in shock as the first blows landed. She could feel the pain but it was not a bad pain and, for some reason, she wanted more.
Tania could tell from Wendy's body movements that she was actually getting into the role of a submissive, so she moved the taws down Wendy's body, focusing on the young girl's stomach. "Do you want me to continue?" She asked her friend.
"Yeses please mistresses." Wendy found herself answering without thinking. She had almost fallen back into person she was when her mother had treated her, but in some strange way she could see that Tania was concerned about her, not making her a display for someone else, and she found that even after a couple of hours she loved that girl and would do anything for her.
Tania licked her lips; she knew that Wendy would like the next part even if she would never felt it before. She trailed the taws onto the lips of Wendy's pussy and then, without warning, quickly brought it down twice onto the girls' labia.
After feeling the taws on her stomach Wendy knew that Tania was going, to strike her 'down there', but when it actually happened she was not prepared for the actual affects that occurred. As the blows landed they seemed to be hot wired to her sensations, a white-hot bolt of pleasure went through her. She moaned with the waves.
Tania smiled when she heard her friend's moan, it had been quicker than she had thought 'short fuse' she thought to herself and smiled. She gave Wendy a few more strokes with the taws before she stopped.
"Please Mistress . . ." Wendy pleaded to Tania but she shook her head.
"Oh no, that's all for the moment." Tania said laughing to herself as she heard Wendy moan, she positioned herself so that Wendy's pussy was level with her mouth.
Wendy was still feeling the aftershocks of her orgasm when she saw Tania drop the taws and move towards the bottom of the bed, Wendy couldn't believe it as she wanted more, she appealed to Tania but was told no. Wendy closed her eyes in frustration, and so the next touch made them open in surprise as she felt wetness on her pussy. Looking down she could see Tania 's tongue licking at her, she watched as Tania raised her head slightly so that their eyes met. She felt Tania 's tongue digging into her. As she wanted to feel, more she raised her hips to get Tania to work away.
Tania could taste Wendy's arousal as she sucked and probed at Wendy's pussy, she felt Wendy move herself up against her face. 'Well she certainly likes that!' Tania thought feeling Wendy's pussy getting wetter as a sign of her arousal.
Tania gently probed at the top of Wendy's pussy for the clit she knew she would find and then took it between her teeth. The effect on Wendy was electric, she screamed out in ecstasy as she had an orgasm. Tania started sucking away at the sweet liquid that Wendy produced.
"Did you like that?" Tania asked when she finally raised her head from Wendy's pussy.
"Oh yes mistress, it was lovely." Wendy said and smiled as Tania gradually made her way up Wendy's body to place a kiss on her lips. Wendy licked her lips following the kiss, "That is a strange taste mistress, what is it?" she asked her friend.
Tania laughed, "That's you silly! That's how your pussy tastes when you cum!" She said
"Is that how you taste mistress?" Wendy asked as she felt Tania rub her chest against Wendy's engorged, and constricted, breasts, the movement stirring her excitement again.
"Oh I don't think so." Tania panted as she started to move her hips against Wendy's, "Everybody's is different, mummy's a bit tarter, but it's still nice." She tried to explain, but since Wendy had only recently been introduced to the pleasures of sex, she did not understand.
Tania then turned her body so that she had positioned her pussy over Wendy's mouth. "You know what I did to you." She asked expecting an answer, but instead she felt Wendy's tongue as it took a few tentative licks at the smooth folds of flesh before her.
As Wendy worked away she could taste the liquid in Tania 's pussy, it was different from what she had expected, she tried to lick further inside her friend's pussy, "Try higher up . . . no the other way!" Tania said suddenly, remembering that her orientation on Wendy was reversed. Wendy moved her head down and found a small bump against her tongue. "OH YES! That is the place! Just lick and lightly bite that . . . but don't bite it off, I'm rather fond of it!" Tania instructed.
Wendy tried not to smile as she followed Tania 's instructions and feeling Tania stiffen above her was the rewarded. Then, a few minutes later, Tania repaid her by giving Wendy the second orgasm since she came into the room.
The scene on the screen showed Tania on top of my Wendy, the pair of them in a 69, and obviously enjoying them selves, I was smiling at that, but then noticed a part of me was not playing ball, which started to worry me.
"Oh my! I didn't expect Tania to be that quick." Elizabeth said, but I noticed she was not surprised.
"What did you expect with Tania? She enjoys pushing the envelope doesn't she?" I said, "But I did expect her to be the one tied down." I added after I noticing how Wendy is restrained.
Elizabeth laughed, "I asked Tania to help Wendy get over her inhibitions, hoping it would help her." She said to me, "But there's something I need to know" she added.
"What?" I said, finding the sight in the screen distracting as Tania stiffened in what seemed to be an orgasm.
"If Wendy offered herself to you . . . would you have full sex with her?" Elizabeth asked me.
"But . . . She is my . . . I mean she is too . . ." I stammered.
"Young? But she the same age as Tania, and her age didn't bother you." Elizabeth said, still watching me.
"Well yes, but that was different . . . her mother was with her, making sure she really wanted it . . . it wasn't as if she was related to me." I was getting a bit flustered and slightly angry; I got up from my seat and started to pace the floor.
"So you though why not? What was it? You were happy to rape a virgin. Could Janet have stopped you of were you like a bull in a china shop?" Elizabeth asked in a spiteful tone, which made me see red, how could she imply that . . .
I turned and took a couple of steps towards Elizabeth. In an instant Su was in front of me. "Move away young lady!" I said and went to push her out of my way. Then she had grasped my hand and twisted it, pushing on the back of my knees making me lose balance.
"You will not be permitted to hurt my mistress!" Su said in a cold voice.
Elizabeth remained seated all this time, "I'm sorry about Su, but sometimes my clients are prone to get annoyed with my questions, Su has certain . . . talents, which include self defense. Now if you can control yourself I'm sure Su will let you go!" Elizabeth said.
Su, in the meantime, had released my hand and returned to her mistress, standing beside her, ready for anything.
I sighed and nodded, I realized that this was not me, I mean the normal way I react about things but something was wrong with me and, "I am sorry but you touched a raw nerve, I didn't want to do anything with Tania, except she begged to have me tie her and to smack her, then I had her mother asking me to continue. Then I found her in my bed on a couple of occasions."
"She stayed with you for two nights didn't she?" Elizabeth asked raising an eyebrow.
The waves of shame overtook me I didn't understand what was happening, "YES, ALRIGHT! You've got me, I'm a baby raping madman . . . when are the cops going to arrest me?" I said falling back onto the floor and covering my eyes with an arm.
I heard a door closing and then silence.
The touch of lips on mine made me uncover my eyes. The young girl, the one introduced as Little Cat, was kneeling beside me and kissing me. She removed her blouse to reveal two nicely formed breasts. "Do you like them?" She asked, "I think they're a little too small." She added.
I shook my head, "Not at all Little Cat, they are perfect for you." I said to her seeing her smile at my answer.
She allowed me to rise to my arms and I glanced to the chair, Elizabeth and Su had gone. I was alone with Little Cat. She saw me looking and said, "Mistress Elizabeth was called away, she didn't think you'd be comforted with Su still here, but I do understand how you felt. My mistress was wrong to accuse you of that!" Little Cat said as she stood up revealing her naked thighs.
I shook my head sadly, "I'm sorry Little Cat, but I'm not interested in you." I said softly.
"It's because I'm too old, isn't it?" She said sobbing.
I reached to her and held her close to me, "Sh Little Cat, it's not that! You are a beautiful young woman, it is just that with everything that has happened to me today, I am still not up to much, and did not you notice my reaction to Wendy and Tania? It's almost as if I've been castrated, to tell you the truth I'm slightly worried about myself." I added confidentially.
Little Cat pulled away and studied my eyes, "You mean that? You find me attractive?" She said as if she had not heard my confession.
"Yes Little Cat, I mean it, now wipe your eyes and put your blouse back on." I said to her but before she did, she hugged me tight.
"Thank you sir," She said and then covered her self before leaving the room.
"Bravo John, that was nicely handled, and very honest of you as well." Elizabeth moved from behind a screen that I had not noticed before. "Now I know you're not a rapist and that you do care for the feeling of your daughter and Tania."
I shook my head; "It could all be an act you know, to lull you into a false sense of security." I said
She nodded, "Yes indeed, but then a real rapist wouldn't have consoled Little Cat as you did, he would have taken advantage of her even so, you didn't and you even comforted her." She said.
"Okay then, I'm a nice guy who's in a difficult situation, I've had sexual relations with my daughter as well as a strange girl who looked to me for safety. Am I trustworthy enough to look after my daughter?" I asked her.
She smiled, "John, you must know by now that this town isn't really politically correct. As long as there is no damage either mentally or physically to the child, and as long as the child agrees to such things then there is no problem. I can find no problem in your relationship to either Tania or Wendy, they both know you love them and I think you will find they both love you! The only question is what are you going to do about Abigail." She said smiling.
"I don't know all I can do is contact her and apologies, unless she wants me to eat her out. To tell you the truth, now we're alone, I'm worried." I said.
"John I have to tell you that you're suffering from a drug administered to help you recover from your trauma in the aircraft, it's a know reaction which is why your emotions are slightly out, I know you weren't going to harm me, but you needed to play the anger out, the same applies to your lack of reaction. I'll phone Abigail for you and give her your apologies." She went to reach for the phone but I stopped her.
"No Elizabeth, I was the one who started this, I'm the one to tell her." I said and she passed the phone to me, I read the number on the card Abigail had handed to me and dialed it.
"Hello? Who's there?" Abigail's voice sounded over the phone.
"Hello Abigail, it's John Archer, your patient from earlier." I said.
"John! I honestly didn't' expect to hear from you, I thought I'd embarrassed you." She said gushing away.
"Well, I did think I'd made a fool of myself, but I was ringing to apologies for my actions earlier, I didn't allow for a certain reaction - or rather non-reaction, I'm going to have to ask for a delay." I said.
"Oh, I thought you were going to cancel out meeting altogether, I'll give you a rain check, you will call when you're better won't you?" She said brightly and slightly anxiously.
"Of course Abigail, I'll call you in a few days time." I said.
"Goody, I've got a whole lot of stuff you can use on me, don't forget to call . . . bye!" and she hung up.
I put the phone down with a shaking hand . . . Let me guess, I am in the twilight zone!
Part 11
I put the phone down to be greeted by Janet's applause; she turned to Elizabeth, "You see he's magnanimous in defeat as well."
Elizabeth nodded, "Yes, he had a certain appeal, but I don't think he's going to need my help." She said.
I looked at her, "What do you mean? A few minutes ago I was about to strike you in anger, now you're just throwing praises to me." I said wondering what was going to hit me now.
"No praises as such, you were able to resist the charms of a young lady you described as beautiful, you've charmingly spoke to a girl you met at the hospital and have agreed to meet her later," Elizabeth smiled to Janet, "I'm afraid you have a rival Janet."
I just looked between Janet and Elizabeth, Janet smiled at my look, "Don't worry about it John, I'm sure you'll recover in time."
"Time? Time for what?" I asked, completely mystified.
"Oh you'll see, you'll see." Elizabeth said as she went out of the door followed by Janet, leaving me behind trying to puzzle things out, but for some reason my mind wasn't working as fast as it should have.
I went to the door just in time to hear Elizabeth say, "He'll get tired soon and should sleep for eight hours, after that he should be back to normal when he wakes. I wouldn't worry about future mood swings, we've passed that stage now, he'll just feel weak." She smiled at Janet, "I think you're right about him, just don't let him go." She left the house followed by Su and Little Cat.
Janet watched them go and then turned back to see me watching. "How do you feel John?" She asked me.
A line from 'Hitchhiker's guide to the Galaxy' came to mind and so I said it, "Like a military academy . . . bits of me keep falling out!" This was true as I could feel my eyes start to close.
"You need to go to bed John, Andrew will help you." By the time the youth had approached, I was starting to feel groggy and I do not remember what happened next.
Janet watched as Andrew took Johns arm and led him upstairs to the room that was put aside for him, she shook her head. Although John wasn't aware of this he was still pumped full of drugs from the examinations carried out at the hospital, Wendy, although she had been examined, had not been subjected to such a high level - mainly due to her age.
Janet went to her daughter's room where she found both children sleepy from their mutual actions she shook her head. "Wake up sleepy heads," She said shaking them, she could not resist the temptation to gently finger Wendy's pussy, feeling the wetness within. She wanted to break the young girl's hymen but knew that it was not hers to take, so she contented herself by touching it instead.
Wendy moaned in pleasure when she felt the intrusion, but then stopped when she realized that Tania was still on top of her, Wendy could not move either herself but managed to tip Tania from her body. She saw this strange woman touching her and went to scream.
"Sh! Wendy, it is all right. I am Janet, Tania 's mother. I'm not hurting you am I." Janet said, noticing how Wendy was reacting.
Wendy managed to contain herself and then thought, 'Well she's not pulling at me or shouting at me, and whatever she's doing feels nice in a strange way!' Therefore, she shook her head and smiled.
Janet gave a silent sigh of relief; she didn't want the first meeting between herself and Wendy to start on the wrong foot. "I hope you are enjoying yourself Wendy." She asked.
Wendy gave a smile, "Oh yes, Tania 's been so nice to me." She said.
Janet looked at the girls' body in front of her; the redness of the pubic mound where the pair had rubbed themselves together was clearly visible, as was the nipple clamps that still adorned Wendy's body. Janet gently eased them off from Wendy and started to suck each nipple to help the blood flow. She knew from experience that it could be a painful thing if left to run naturally.
"So how has my daughter been to you? I don't think you wanted to be tied up like this." Janet asked Wendy as she started to undo the cuffs holding the girl.
"It was strange, but somehow I knew that Tania wouldn't really hurt me." Wendy said, "In fact she was wonderful."
"And she was wonderful as well mummy." Tania said turning over on the bed so that she was able to see her mother. "I didn't have to tell her to lick me; she started all on her own."
Janet smiled at Wendy, "You shouldn't be so eager to please people - they might take advantage of you!" She admonished the girl.
"What do you mean? I liked doing it!" Wendy said earnestly.
"She does mummy . . . she wanted to do it. Look I'll show you." In addition, before Janet could say anything she found that Tania had managed to trip her up.
Tania managed to work her mother onto the bed; she quickly sat on Janet's shoulders and then pointed to Wendy. "I told you mummy tastes different, now's you chance to find out!"
Now Janet was much stronger than Tania, she had proven this several times over, but for some reason she allowed her daughter to keep, her pinned onto the bed. She felt her skirt being moved away from her body and then the tentative touch of a wet tongue on her pussy.
After a few seconds she heard Wendy's voice say, "You're right Tania, she does taste different from you." Tania moved from her mother's body to join Wendy. Janet was treated to the sight of the two girls taking alternate licks from her pussy.
Janet laid back and allowed the two to work there, to Wendy, newfound hobby of making her come. She shuddered through the first and second orgasm before she could call out "Enough!"
Girls both sat back on their haunches and smiled at Janet, their faces shiny with her juices. "Did you like that mummy?" Tania asked.
Janet nodded, "Yes that was very nice of you both. Now you have to freshen up for dinner." She turned to Wendy, "Your father is sleeping at the moment, don't worry about him its just a reaction to the hospital treatment." She said to reassure Wendy.
"Oh! Daddy I forgot about him! I hope he's not angry with me." Wendy said slightly panicking.
Janet reached out to her and stroked her hair. "Of course he isn't. Why should he be?" She said.
"It's just that mummy didn't like me being away from her. I always had to be with her when I was not at school. I think she didn't want me to say anything." Wendy said - her voice dropping at the last.
Janet hugged the girl to reassure her. "Well while you're here you can do whatever you want!" She told the young girl, but then noticed the look in her eyes, "After you've had a shower and have eaten dinner!" She amended her statement.
Wendy's eyes dropped slightly but then Tania whispered into her ear and Wendy started to smile again. Janet knew that smile, she had seen it on Tania 's face as well, and she knew that it did not bode well for later that night.
The girl's shower, with Janet supervising, was purely an act of washing - although Wendy did feel Tania 's hand slip along her body, tweaking parts that Wendy found responded to the touch.
Whilst at dinner Tania showed Wendy a picture, it was of a pony carrying a naked young girl. "That was your dad's fault, if he hadn't have suggested it I wouldn't have done it!" She said. Wendy studied the picture, which could now be seen to be of Tania.
"How could that be my daddy's fault, it's you in the picture!" Wendy said, logically enough.
Janet smiled listening to the two girls talk, although she had had some of Tania 's friends overnight they were always talking about what boy they would like to go with and how they would treat him. She had suggested inviting some over on this Wendy's first night, but Tania thought that it could wait until Wendy had settled down; Janet thought there was another reason behind that.
She missed Tania 's answer but knew what it was because Wendy said, "Well that wasn't daddy's fault! You decided to do it on your own. Anyway when did you change into your school clothes?"
Tania giggled and shook her head, "I didn't . . . I had to spend the whole day like that." She said
Wendy's mouth dropped open, "What did the boys say, I bet they tried to get a good look at you." She said finally.
However, Tania shook her head, almost sadly, "No, there are no boys at my school, but some of the others girls did more than look I can tell you."
Janet coughed slightly, " Tania, I think you'd better stop there for the moment, Wendy isn't used to our ways just yet and she might not understand." She said softly.
Tania looked at her mother and then back to Wendy, she raised her eyes as if to say 'Mothers!'
Janet then took over the conversation, "So Wendy, what type of school do you go to?" She asked.
"Oh you know, large building with teachers, books, boys and girls, the usual!" Wendy said being dismissive. In truth, she always tried not to make herself conspicuous at school. Just in case she accidentally let slip about how she was treated at home.
"You had boys at your school . . . were any of them nice?" Tania asked her.
Wendy blushed, there was a boy she liked the look of, but she did not dare speak to him.
Janet noticed how she was reacting and decided to divert the subject. "So Wendy do you ride . . . horses that is." She said deliberately pausing to see how she reacted.
"Oh no, mummy didn't like animals so I wasn't allowed any pets." Wendy said softly.
"You can come riding with me if you want." Tania said brightly, although Janet did notice her use of words.
"I'd like that . . . but what do I wear?" Wendy asked remembering Tania 's picture.
"I've got some spare clothes you can wear if you want." Tania said now smiling - she did want to get Wendy riding, although not on a horse.
That night the girls went to be together, Tania whispering plans to Wendy, they undressed and when Wendy went to put on a nightdress Tania stopped her. "Why are you putting that on, it's quite warm tonight." She said.
"But I always . . . I mean I do not want . . ." Wendy could not say why she was scared of being undressed, it was not as if Tania had not seen her naked before, and so had Janet. The fact of the servants had not registered on Wendy's mind. Therefore, she self-consciously left her nightdress off and climbed onto Tania 's bed.
"Do you want to be tied down, or do you want to tie me down?" Tania asked her friend.
Wendy thought about this, she liked the feeling of being held down by the shackles, but she could not see being held down all night, so she smiled to herself. "Can I tie you?" She asked.
Tania nodded, she knew that the wrist shackles could be released by just twisting in the right place and so she was not perturbed. She just sat down on her bed and then, reaching up and falling back onto the bed she waited for Wendy to start.
Wendy regarded the svelte form of Tania as she lie on the bed, her arms above her head, and felt behind the headboard for the shackles that she remembered were there, she found then fixed to a length of chain. She attached each shackle to the wrists of her new friend.
"Is that okay?" She checked Tania nodded her head.
"Now do the feet!" Tania said, wriggling her toes and making Wendy laugh as she moved to the base of the bed taking the shackles there and quickly placing them over Tania 's ankles.
"Now what?" Wendy asked looking at Tania now stretched out on the bed.
"Well . . . we could just go to sleep!" Tania said shaking her head, "Or you could show me how much you learnt this afternoon." She ended nodding her head.
Wendy gave a smile, "Okay then, goodnight!" She said and lay down beside Tania.
"Don't you dare!”? Tania almost shouted as she watched her friend pretend to snore beside her. Tania thought about opening the cuffs and attacking Wendy, but then Janet put her head around the door.
"Did you call?" She asked her daughter, hearing a giggle from the 'sleeping' Wendy.
"Not really mummy, it's just that Windy here tied me up and then just left me here!" Tania said deliberately mispronouncing Wendy's name.
"Hey that's not right!" Wendy said bouncing up at Tania 's words, "All I did was to do what Tania said! She wanted me to tie her up and then do what I wanted . . . and so I did." She added.
"And what did you want to do?" Janet asked.
"Well I've been so tired since I went to be so I wanted to sleep!" Wendy said angelically.
Janet laughed, "I wish I'd thought of that, I might have got a good night sleep sometimes . . . anyway I wondered if you'd like to sleep with me tonight?" She asked the two girls.
Tania twisted her arms and the cuffs seemed to break apart. "Yes please mummy." She said sitting up to release her legs.
"Hey . . . how did you do that?" Wendy asked in astonishment.
Tania smiled at her. "Oh . . . it's just a knack I've got." She said, not wanting to give her secrets away.
"I'll tell you later, now are you coming, I promise I won't do anything to hurt you." Janet said to Wendy.
"Okay Mrs. J . . . Janet," Wendy said, she had been asked by Janet to call her by her name instead of Mrs. Jones.
Janet smiled at her attempt and the waited as Wendy got up from the bed seemingly unaware of her nakedness as she was grabbed by Tania and pulled from the bedroom.
As they passed John's room all three of them looked in on him, he was also naked, lying on his bed. Tania pointed to his groin and laughed at the flaccid penis. Janet tapped Tania 's head and then they went into Janet's bedroom.
They were seated on the bed, Tania started to giggle again, "I can't believe that went inside me, I don't think it could now!" She said and giggled again.
Wendy looked at Tania 's pussy and remembered her father's size again, although she would felt it in her ass it did not seem small enough to enter that slit. "Didn't it hurt you when he did it?" She asked as she started to finger Tania 's pussy.
Tania shook her head. "Not really . . . I mean it did pinch when it went in, but mummy had already stretched me out a lot!" She then looked at Janet with dreamy eyes, "and then mummy kissed it better."
Wendy looked slightly forlorn and sighed, fingering the pendant that she'd been given by the doctor, "I don't think I'd mind daddy doing that to me . . . but I don't think he would, he'd be too scared of hurting me." She said.
Tania looked at her mother and whispered into her ear, Janet looked thoughtful for a few moments and then smiled, both of them then turned to Wendy and Tania hugged her friend, "He wouldn't if he knew what was happening . . ." She said mysteriously.
I felt my hands being gently pulled up and over my head, my eyes were open but I could see nothing - I had a blindfold on! "What . . .?" I began to say.
"It's only me daddy John, please let me play!" Tania plaintive voice said, I smiled and laid back letting Tania have her way with my body.
I felt her pulling on my legs and placing something over my ankles.
"You know daddy John, it's been so long since I've seen you and felt you." Tania said as I felt her small hands touch my cock, which I was pleased to feel responded as it should - I also felt calmer now for some reason.
"Is it how you remembered it?" I said as her hand grasped it a bit tighter than I thought she should.
"Oh yes daddy John, its lovely." Tania said and then I felt a soft wetness engulf my cock, and then a tongue was rubbing it.
"Is there a problem Tania? You're not being as expert as you normally are." I said feeling her mouth withdraw from me.
"Sorry daddy John, I'm just playing . . . do you mind if I climb onto you?" She asked and I felt the bed move as she got onto it. I felt her naked body against mine as she crawled up to touch and kiss my chest.
She started to move her hips on my cock, exciting herself as well as me, and then she moved away from my chest, although I could still feel her sitting on my legs.
"Mummy says I'm still a bit tight, so don't worry about anything." She warned me, taking my cock into her hand and, I assumed, positioning her self over me so that my cock head was lodged within her slit.
Then she lowered herself down onto me, she was extremely tight I could feel my cock start to bend, in fact I was beginning to fear that it would break in half.
"Hold on Tania, there's something wrong, just don't move!" I said as suddenly my cock straightened out and entered her; it was almost as if she was virginal . . .? " Tania what have you . . . Wendy!" I exclaimed feeling the unmoving form lying over me.
The blindfold was removed from my eyes and I looked at the crying form of my daughter, a gag in her mouth, although her arms were free. She started to lift herself up and then moved her hips, pushing me deeper inside her.
" Tania! Get her off me! I'm hurting her!" I protested, but Tania ignored my words, I struggled to undo the cuffs but my movements only helped in the deflowering of my daughter.
Tania did finally move, but only to undo the gag holding Wendy's mouth quiet. "Oh daddy, don't be angry at Tania . . . I was the one . . . who wanted to do this!" Wendy managed to gasp out as she moved on top of me.
I glared at Tania but then another voice spoke, "She did John, I was there when she asked, and I made sure she was prepared!" Janet told me appearing behind Wendy's form.
"Why didn't you let her ask me first?" I asked both Tania and Janet.
"I . . . was scared . . . that you'd say . . . no." Wendy said starting to tire out.
I looked at Tania, "I detect your hand in this!" I said.
She tried to look innocent. "Only to hold your cock steady, Wendy did the rest." She said and then giggled.
I looked at Janet, "You could have done something!" I accused her.
Janet nodded, "Oh I did! I helped her stretch her pussy slightly for you and I added the gel to help you enter her, the rest was up to her." Janet said.
"Don't be angry daddy; I wanted it to be you rather than anyone else." Wendy and then started to shudder and then went rigid as her orgasm hit her, she fell against me again. I went to move my hands only to hear the 'clank' of the chains. I glared at Tania who quickly ran to me and released my hand; I sat up - keeping myself still inside Wendy - and held my daughter close.
"You're not mad at me, are you daddy?" Wendy asked me softly.
"Oh no my darling Wendy, I could never be mad at you." I said and started to rock our bodies.
I heard an "Awe do I have to?" From Tania, then my legs were released and I watched as Janet took Tania out of my room.
"Daddy, did you . . . you?" Wendy began to ask.
"Cum?" I added, Wendy nodded, "No, not yet . . . do you want me to?" I asked her. She nodded; I held onto her and rolled our bodies over. I looked down at her face watching me she gave a brave smile. "Please daddy . . ." She said, and then I entered her anew.
Part 12
The sound of my door opening woke me, Adrian walked in carrying a tray; he gave a friendly smile and put the tray down on a bedside table. I went to move but found that Wendy was still sleeping on top of me. Adrian nodded ‘good morning’ and quietly left the room.
I was puzzled over what he might have thought, but then put that out of my mind, I gently shook Wendy who opened her eyes . . . there was a look in them . . . a look of fear?
“Wendy it’s alright, you just fell asleep in my bed that’s all.” I said smiling.
“You’re not mad at me are you?” Wendy asked and I could see her eyes start to water.
I shook my head at her words, “Mad at you? Why should I be? You are my Wendy Darling nothing you do will make me angry with you.” I said softly.
My words made her smile and she threw her arms around my neck and kissed me. “Oh daddy, I thought you’d be angry because I tricked you last night.” She said between kisses.
“Never darling, although I will have a few words with that . . .” My words were stopped by the target of my thoughts entering the room with her mother; both were still naked and smiling at us.
“Hello daddy John. Is Wendy feeling better today?” Tania said, “She was so sad because I had you inside me before she did.
I looked down at my daughter, “Were you really?” I asked her she nodded, “But that’s no reason to want to give me your . . . your virginity was it?” I asked softly.
“I didn’t want HIM to take it, and you’re my daddy!” Wendy said. Then she looked to the bedside table where her pendant was lying, “I suppose I can’t wear that anymore.” She said regrettably.
“Of course you can!” Janet said coming up beside us and holding onto Wendy’s shoulders, “It’s there to say to other men, hand’s off. It isn’t a badge of virginity; it can be used as an indicator of sexual orientation.” She said, but at Wendy’s look she added, “Some girls prefer to be with girls only, that pendant helps to keep men at a distance.”
“That’s true, I remember one girl who forgot to wear it . . . but I’ll tell you about her later.” Tania said and withered under Janet’s look.
“Much later I hope, now Wendy I think you have to have a word with Elizabeth later today, John I wonder if you’ll like to come to work with me while Wendy’s there?” I nodded my agreement
“What about me?” Tania said.
“Well you’re going to school soon aren’t you? So there’s no problem there.” Janet said sweetly.
“That’s not fair! I thought I’d have more time with daddy John.” Tania complained.
“Life isn’t fair, now unless you’re being Lady Go diva again you’d better get dressed.” Janet said and then turned back to Wendy and me, “I think Elizabeth’s arranging for you Wendy to be in the same class as Tania for the rest of the week.
I felt Wendy about to protest and tapped her on her head. “It would be better for you to interact with other girls.” I told her.
“And they’ll love to meet you, ‘cause we never get to meet strangers normally.” Tania said excited at the thought of Wendy joining her I supposed.
“I’m not strange!” Wendy said and then winced “But I am sore . . . you know down there.” She added.
Janet looked concerned and gently lifted Wendy from me, “Will you let me look at you, just to make sure there’s nothing seriously wrong?” She asked.
Wendy bit her lip and looked back at me, “It’s alright Wendy, and Janet’s only going to look.” I told her. She looked up at Janet and then nodded her head.
Janet moved Wendy to a sitting position on the edge of the bed and then squatted down to peer between Wendy’s open legs. “Tania will you get that doctor’s mirror and also some of that ointment from my bedside cabinet please.” She said sounding all-professional now.
Tania quickly ran from the room but returned within seconds with the items that Janet had asked for, “Here you are mummy.” She said handing them over.
“Thank you darling. Now Wendy just relax and let me touch you.” Janet said putting the band of the mirror over her head and adjusting it so that the reflected light highlighted Wendy’s pussy and the area around it.
Wendy looked towards me and so I got out of the bed and sat besides her holding her hand.
“Well that’s look’s okay, there’s some damage but that’s to be expected, I’m just going to rub this antiseptic cream it will also help with any pain.” She said and then I felt Wendy shiver as the cool of the cream touched her pussy. Janet looked up and smiled, “Better?” She asked, Wendy nodded, and went to get up. “No, not just yet.” Janet told her and then bent forward, she kissed Wendy’s pussy. “There, all better” She asked.
Wendy smiled and then said, “Thank you mummy Janet.” Before getting up and running off with Tania, leaving a shocked Janet to watch after her,
“Well! What made her call me that?” Janet said.
I shrugged, “If Tania can call me daddy John I don’t see why Wendy can’t call you mummy Janet.” I said smiling, “Coffee?” I added pointing to the tray with its two cups.
Janet smiled, “Yes please, but one of those was meant for Wendy.” She said. I handed her a cup and sipped at mine. It was nicer than I thought it would be!
Janet left the room and allowed me to get dressed, I was interrupted by Tania and Wendy entering the room, both dressed in a school uniform and both giggling. “So what’s so funny?” I asked them, as I stood before them in boxers, a tee shirt and a pair of socks.
“Nothing daddy John!” Tania said and Wendy was saying
“It is really nothing daddy!” but both girls giggled.
I pointed at Tania and gestured her over. She made a sideways turn and crept closer to me, almost tempting me to grab her. A temptation that I gave into “No daddy John, I’ve got to get to school!” Tania protested, “Wendy, help me!” She appealed to my daughter.
I looked at her and raised an eyebrow, Wendy noticed and then shook her head, “I can’t Tania, and daddy doesn’t want me to.”
I smiled at the wriggling child in my arms, “You see Tania at least one person here knows how to behave . . . now what was so funny?” I asked Tania.
“My lips are sealed, you can’t make me talk.” Tania blustered away, but I could feel how she angled her body away from me and knew what she was trying to hide from me. I pulled her onto my lap and then raised her skirt to reveal her naked backside.
“Mummy says I’m going to be late for school.” Tania warned me as I raised my hand.
“And what would they do at school if you turned up without your underwear?” I asked her.
“Get told off, probably smacked and placed on display in the class.” Tania said and I could feel her smiling.
“You like being on display.” I asked her and she nodded.
“Oh yes, everyone’s watching you and seeing how long you can stay in position.” She said, which piqued my interest
“What happens if you can’t stay in position?” I asked her.
“Three stripes and a larger butt-plug!” she said, “I managed to take a size 7 once!” She added with pride.
“Do you have a size 3?” I asked her after smacking her three times.
“Yes daddy John?” She said in an enquiring tone, “Why?” She asked.
“I want to see it, now go and bring it here along with some jelly.” I ordered her, she quickly ran off.
“Why do you want some jelly daddy? Do you have any ice-cream?” Wendy asked
I laughed and shook my head, “It’s KY jelly, and it makes things slippery. In America they have Jell-O and ice-cream, Jelly is their name for Jam.” I informed her
She frowned, “Why can’t they speak English daddy?” She wisely asked.
I smiled at her and then pulled her over my lap and raised her skirt, just as I thought she was following Tania’s lead and had left her underwear off. “Because that’s how they are darling, and while you’re with me I want you to be dressed at all times.” I said and gave her three smacks. “Now put your knickers on!” I ordered her.
She smiled at me and nodded, running off before I could enquire further – I mean why would she be happy that I smacked her, I’d have to ask someone and soon.
Both girls returned, and I noticed that Tania was also bringing in a pair of panty type underwear along with a black rubber ‘thing’ and a tube of KY jell. “Here you are daddy john.” She said sweetly handing me the thing and the tube.
It was large! I mean how could she have one of these up inside her, and then I looked at the base. A number 5 was emblazoned on the base. “This is the wrong one Tania!” I told her but she shook her head. “Alright, you may remove it at lunchtime” I said pulling her over my lap again. I put a generous amount of the lube onto the rubber bung and also anointed her anus with the glide, conscious all the time of Wendy watching the proceedings.
“Relax now Tania.” I said and positioned the plug against her sphincter, using a finger to start entry, and then quickly pulling the finger out and pushing the plug home.
“Whoa!” Exclaimed Tania as she felt the bung filling her. I then took her panties and threaded them onto her legs, pulling them up snugly onto her body. I let her stand up, helping her support herself with the extra weight in her.
I turned to Wendy who was now staring wide-eyed at her friend. “Well young lady,” I asked her.
Wendy lifted up her skirt to show that she was now wearing a similar pair of panties, “Okay daddy?” She asked.
I nodded, “Perfect Wendy darling.” In addition, I pulled her close to me and hugged her, a small cry from Tania told me she was feeling left out so I opened an arm to her and pulled her into the hug as well.
Which was how Janet found us as she was looking for Tania, “I do hope you’re ready for school, you know they said that you’d be punished if you weren’t dressed properly, and they’re going to check.”
Tania smiled back at Janet, “It’s alright mummy, daddy John’s already told me off, and is punishing me now!” She said.
At Janet’s withering look I had to smile, “It’s quite true Janet, I put Tania’s knickers on myself . . .” I could see the picture that would create and so I amended my words, “I put her panties onto Tania personally.” I said.
“And just where are her knickers?” Janet asked which made the girls laugh. I just reached behind Tania and raised her skirt; Janet inspected the flattened part and then pulled the garment away so that she could see the plug there, “A 5?” She asked Tania.
“Daddy John asked for a 3, but I didn’t think that was good enough, so I brought this for him, he didn’t really know what size it was.” She tried to defend me but I shook my head to Janet.
“That’s alright Tania, I’ll tell the school so that they can release you later.” Janet said.
“I suggested lunchtime, I do hope she has gymnastics this morning?” I said smiling.
However, Tania shook her head, “Nope, just art No hard movements in that.” She said sighing softly.
A wicked thought came to mind and I voiced it, “Well you could always volunteer to be a model for them.” I said
Tania turned to her mother and cocked her head to one side. “I’ll phone them.” Janet promised and then had to step back as Tania nearly knocked her over in glee.
“Books I’ve got to get my books!” Tania said as she ran from the room.
Janet shook her head as she watched her daughter. “I think she’s wanted to do that for some time, she never had the impetus before.” She said to Wendy and me.
“So I’m giving her ideas is that what you’re saying?” I asked Janet.
“Of course you are, you’ve no idea how much Tania looks up to you, do you!” Janet said, “All the time we’ve been away from you she’s been saying what you would do if she misbehaves.” She smiled at me, “And she’s right you know.”
“She is.” I asked slightly puzzled.
“Oh yes, you’ve treated her just as she hoped you would. And for that we both thank you.” Janet said approaching us and then kissing me. “Thank you John.”
“Mummy! I’m going to be late!” Tania said from the doorway, books in hand and tapping her foot slightly.
“I’m coming Tania, don’t forget to say goodbye to Wendy and John.” Janet said.
“Bye daddy John, bye Wendy. I’ll see you after school.” Tania said and quickly ran off.
“I’ll be back soon.” Janet said and followed her daughter.
“Were you ever this eager to go to school?” I asked Wendy.
To my surprise, she nodded and dropped her eyes. “Only because it got me away from THEM for some hours.” She said.
I hugged my daughter, “I’m sorry Wendy, and I’m going to make sure that never happens again.”
Part 13
I had to see Elizabeth first, to confess I suppose; she sat there watching me like some wise owl.
“Could you have done anything to stop either of them?” Was her first question?
I thought for a moment, “Well I could have said no to Tania and fought against her I suppose, but what if I hurt her? I couldn’t do that to her.” I said, “And once she handcuffed my wrists to the headboard the only thing left was my feet, and no - I wasn’t going to use them on a defenseless young girl!” I continued.
Elizabeth nodded, “Well then if you couldn’t stop them . . . did you enjoy what they did?” She asked. I think my mouth dropped open at that point as Elizabeth laughed aloud, “I don’t know why you’re so shocked, why did you bother to tell me?”
I admit I was stumped, “Err . . . I didn’t want . . . I mean . . . I suppose I needed reassuring, I didn’t want you to start calling the police when Wendy told you.” I said lamely.
I noticed that Elizabeth was looking at something on her desk while I was speaking because she seemed distracted, but she looked up and smiled at me, “From the way she’s acting I don’t think any real damage has been done . . . mentally that is, what treatment did she get afterwards?”
“Afterwards . . . Oh I see, sorry I must be dense. Janet checked her and rubbed something onto her.” I said finding I was starting to go numb.
Elizabeth nodded, “Good then the examination that Little Cat is giving her shouldn’t be too bad then!” She beckoned me over to behind her desk, where I could see the screen – it was a screen she was watching – properly.
Wendy was slightly worried, her dad had brought her to this house saying that Elizabeth wanted to talk to her about her mother and . . . and HIM. However, mummy had always said that she was not to tell anyone; if she did that, she would be taken away by the police, and then locked up. If she dose not want that to happen she should never spoke about her home life. She did not know what she should do, because she loved her daddy and did not want to see him taken away!
Wendy sat on a chair outside Elizabeth’s room, swinging her legs while she tried to sort out what to do, she was so wrapped up in her thought that she didn’t hear the young – or rather older – girl walk up to her.
“Why so down?” Little Cat asked Wendy, bending down to look into Wendy’s eyes.
“Because!” Wendy said quietly and then added, “I’m slightly scared.”
“Oh . . . like that is it? First time?” Little Cat persisted.
“No, I’ve been scared before!” Wendy said automatically.
“Not bad! When did you see Police Squad?” Little Cat laughingly said.
Wendy smiled slightly, “I managed to see the T.V. series, but I only saw a few of them.” She said.
Little Cat looked thoughtful and then said, “I think I’ve got some upstairs, want to come and watch?”
Wendy shook her head, “I don’t think I’d better, daddy asked me to sit here.” She said.
“Oh he’s going to be some time with my mistress, but don’t worry she’ll find you when she’s ready, come on!” In addition, Little Cat grabbed Wendy’s unresisting arm, tugging on it to drag her away.
“I should really stay you know.” Wendy tried to protest but found herself unable to stop Little Cat from pulling her upstairs
She found herself in; well it was more of an apartment than a bedroom. Little Cat gave a shy smile as she sat Wendy onto a bed; she then started to look through some videotapes. She gave a cry of success as she produced a tape, which she then loaded into a machine. She turned on the television and then joined Wendy on the bed.
The two watched the programme and then Wendy found that Little Cat’s hand was on her leg, it did not do anything, it just rested there.
“Look at his white hair, he must be very old.” Little Cat said softly into Wendy’s ear, “I wonder how big his cock is?” She added.
The question was a surprise to Wendy, she had not thought of other men before . . . well apart from HIM . . . and her dad of course.
“I suppose with age comes experience, some of the young boys I’ve looked after just start to pump away and never think of me at all, haven’t you found that?” Little Cat said conversationally.
“Err . . . not really?” Wendy said her tone making Little Cat turn to look at her.
“Have you ever had sex?” She asked in a low tone. Wendy lowered her head, she was ashamed to talk about such a subject with this girl, and she would think that she was stupid. “Hey it’s no biggie, I’ve known lots of girls who’re virgins, and it’s not a disease or anything.” She said trying to make Wendy feel better.
“I’ve . . . only . . . only . . . just once, with daddy.” Wendy managed to say softly.
“When? I mean if you don’t mind telling me.” Little Cat asked.
“Last night . . . I wanted him to but he would not and Tania said she knew how to get him to and so she did and then . . .” The words came out in a rush and Wendy only stopped when Little Cat raised her hands.
“Whoa girl, take a breath . . . now slowly and from the beginning, what happened last night?” Little Cat asked.
Wendy looked at the girl watching her and saw love in them; whatever love was for Little Cat, so she hesitatingly began her story . . .
“So your daddy didn’t even know that it was you he was doing.” Little Cat said – although the story had fired up her body.
“No, when he saw me his eyes went wide, I think he tried to get me off but it just pushed him deeper.” Wendy said her voice no longer low.
“Oh wow! Did you cum then?” Little Cat asked.
“Oh not then, but I did later when he . . .” Wendy started to say but then stopped herself.
“Yeah the second time’s always better, once they’ve spurted it take longer to recharge, so you can always get yourself off while they’re working away.” Little Cat said, her tone made Wendy giggle. “Say, isn’t it warm in here.” Little Cat added starting one of the most used lines in the world.
Wendy did feel hot, whether from the retelling of her story or the actual heat of the room – Elizabeth kept the rooms slightly warmer than normal during the day to keep the girls out of their bedrooms. This time it was helping Little Cat.
“I am a bit warm.” Wendy admitted and then found that Little Cat was removing her blouse.
“There’s no need for us to get our clothes sweaty is there?” Little Cat said as she folded Wendy’s blouse neatly. “Would you mind undoing my dress? I can’t reach the buttons.” She then asked Wendy.
Wendy found herself undoing the buttons down the back of Little Cat’s dress and then watched as Little Cat undressed herself, Wendy almost gasped out loud when she saw that Little Cat was now naked.
“What’s wrong? There’s no-one around but us.” Little Cat said tugging at Wendy’s skirt.
“But you’re . . . you’re undressed.” Wendy said, “I was told never to let people see me undressed except for mummy and . . . and . . .” She could not say the word now.
“Did they hit you? And hurt you?” Little Cat asked in a concerned voice. Wendy lowered her head ashamed to reply. Little Cat put her hand under Wendy’s chin and raised her head, “I am a slave to my mistress, I know what it’s like to be abused, trust me you have friends here who will help you, all you have to do is to let it go, just let it go!” She said softly.
Wendy decided to put her trust in to this naked girl in whose arms she was lying, she opened her mouth and spoke. “When I was eight my mummy told me that I had to thank my . . . she called him my daddy but he wasn’t, he wasn’t!”
Little Cat hugged Wendy, feeling their skin touching, she gently reached around Wendy’s body and started to undo the buttons on the skirt. “It’s okay Wendy, don’t worry, he isn’t here.” Little Cat crooned into Wendy’s ear, calming the younger girl.
“Any way I had to thank HIM for allowing us to stay with HIM. I was to undress and go to him, or else I’d be thrown out of HIS house, I was told that I’d have no where to go because my daddy . . . my REAL daddy . . . was dead in prison for what he did to me.” Wendy was crying away now.
“I didn’t want to do it, but mummy shouted at me and pulled down my knickers before taking me to HIM and then she spanked me on my botty, until I had to say yes!”
Little Cat pulled Wendy closer to her cradling the younger girl, “You couldn’t stop her, and you were too young to really understand what was happening, it wasn’t your fault.” She said.
“But it has to be, I mean why else would they take my mummy away?” Wendy sobbed.
“Didn’t you want her to stop?” Little Cat asked.
“I did, but it wasn’t really her . . . it was HIM. At first, he would smile as mummy made me turn in front of HIM. After a couple of weeks, HE was holding me as HE turned me around. HIS hands were all over me. HE seemed to like my botty and pouchy.” She shivered as she said this. “One day after mummy had given me a bath she started to push something into my botty! It hurt me, but she wouldn’t stop.”
Little Cat knew how badly a dildo could feel, except she had been prepared for it – her heart went out to Wendy as she had no warning and wouldn’t have understood exactly what was being done to her. She held the girl tighter.
“Every night when I had a bath she would push that thing into me, she told me she was preparing me for . . . HIS . . . tummy . . . stick.”
“Tummy stick?” enquired Little Cat,
“She meant his peanut . . . no his penis – that was it!” Wendy said,
Little Cat decided that she would have to push this slightly. “I see she was stretching you so that he could have your ass!” She said as she laying back on the bed pulling an unresisting Wendy with her, “Didn’t she give you any pleasure while she did that?” She asked.
Wendy shook her head, “Never, it wasn’t until daddy rubbed me that I felt something good . . . down there.” She said and the covered her mouth with her hand, “I didn’t tell you that. Don’t let them take daddy away!” She tried to move but Little Cat stopped her.
“No-one’s going to take your daddy away, not here. Relax, and let me help you.” Little Cat said and moved her hand over Wendy’s body, feeling the tenseness of the young girl.
Wendy did not know what to do as she felt Little Cat’s hand dipping under the fabric of her knickers, gently touching her pouchy . . . NO! Her pussy that sounded better to her now! Pouchy and botty were names her mother called them; she was not going to be like her mother!
Little cat sensed the difference in Wendy, a change that she also felt as Wendy turned her head and kissed Little Cat’s cheek.
“Do you want me to carry on?” Little Cat asked Wendy nodded, “Then you’re going to lose these!” Little Cat gently placed Wendy on the bed and then pulled her underwear down the girls’ legs. She then started back up Wendy’s legs, kissing the girls’ flesh every few inches.
Wendy enjoyed the sensations that Little Cat was giving her, then she arched her back when Little Cat reached her pussy, digging her tongue in deep before focusing on the young girls clitoris, licking and nibbling on it, in fact it came as a shock when Wendy went rigid with the pleasure – it happened so fast that Little Cat couldn’t believe it.
“Wow, when you cum you really cum don’t you.” Little Cat said but Wendy did not answer her, instead she remembered her lessons with Tania and was turning her body around so that she could see Little Cat’s pussy and she started to pay back the pleasure she had felt. On the television, as action played on they were not looking at the TV enemy more.
This was the view that met my eyes as watched the screen on Elizabeth’s desk, my daughter, now denuded of her clothing positioning her body so that she could suck on Little Cat’s slit.
“I hope you don’t mind, but I thought it would be easier on Wendy if I asked Little Cat to try and get her to talk, but I think she’s got her mouth full at the moment.” Elizabeth said smiling at her pun.
“I take it most of your clients receive the same treatment?” I asked remembering Martha’s words about the two girls who worked for Elizabeth.
“Nearly all, most have some sexual hang up and if they can see that there’s nothing wrong in how they feel then they’re able to relax enough to talk out their troubles.” She said smiling.
“So Relaxed? I would have thought bombed out on endorphins,” I muttered to myself mainly but Elizabeth nodded.
“Yes, that as well, you see John I’m not just a psychologist I’m also a sex therapist as well, I have to be to understand some of my patients. Now as both I can tell you that Wendy isn’t yet over the pain of her past life, there’s a lot more to come but she’s going to get help. Help from my girls and Tania, help from Janet and myself. However, she is going to need the most help from you, her father. I don’t want you suffering from guilt every time she comes onto you sexually, but remember that sometimes all that is wanted is the knowledge that she’s wanted and needed - a simple hug can achieve more that lavish attention.” She then turned serious on me, “Now this treatment isn’t cheap, you will be asked to pay for it, what can you give me?” She asked.
“Give you, for helping my daughter? Anything I have, or everything I possess I don’t care just as long as she’s okay.” I said equally as serious.
Elizabeth nodded. “Good! I will return to this conversation later. Now I think that Janet wants to meet you at her office, I’ll ensure that Wendy is looked after until you both return home, and don’t worry John, she’s in safe hands.” I looked at the monitor screen, where Wendy was now on top of Little Cat, who was apparently screaming out in pleasure. Elizabeth also looked and smiled, “Or something similar at least.” She said.
I think she must have pressed a button as the door to her office opened and Su-Li entered the room; she bowed to Elizabeth and then looked up in an attentive pose. “Mr. Archer is leaving now Su, can you ensure that there is a taxi waiting for him.” Elizabeth said.
Su nodded, “One has just arrived mistress,” and she beckoned to me. “If you’ll come with me sir.” She added.
I must admit I followed her with some trepidation, after all, she had nearly crippled me yesterday, I said goodbye to Elizabeth and left the room.
“I do hope sir that you have recovered from the effect of the drugs.” Su asked me in a friendly tone, “I do apologies for the manner in which I defended my mistress.” She added.
I sighed, “There is nothing to apologies for, I was in the wrong and you did what you had to, I’m the one who should apologies to you.” I said.
“Master, we could exchange apologies all day like this, may we start anew?” She said smiling.
I had to smile as well, “Certainly Su, I’m please to meet you.” I said holding out my hand. Su took it and shook it – I had half expected to find myself flying though the air, before releasing it.
“And I am please to meet you Mr. Archer, I do like you daughter Wendy, I hope my mistress can help her.” Su said smiling.
“I’m sure she can, that’s if Little Cat’s treatment is anything to go by.” I could feel the warmth of Su’s glow as she opened the front door for me, I went to leave but then I added, “Oh and Martha sends her regards.” I added I could see her face questioning and so I added, “Martha Atchison, I don’t know her maiden name, but she mentioned two girls that helped her.” Then comprehension appeared on Su’s face.
“Yes, I do remember her now; she works for the Family Division. Thank you Mr. Archer, I will ensure that Wendy is well cared for.” She said and watched me as I enter the taxi then driven off.
Part 14
The taxi delivered me to an industrial estate; at least that is what we would call it in England, an area given over entirely to offices and small factories. The driver pulled up outside one building, a modest 2-story place with an impressive entrance. I tried to pay the driver – Janet had lent me some Dollars I am glad to say, but she just shook her head, “I’m paid by the company, so don’t worry about it.” She said and drove off.
I walked into the ground floor entrance (okay then Americans’ the 1st floor entrance) I was surprised when they greeted me by name. “Good morning Mr. Archer, Mrs. Jones is waiting for you upstairs.” The receptionist got up from her seat and escorted me to a lift. “It’s nice to have you visit us sir.” She said with a beaming smile on her face.
“It’s John, I don’t answer too well to Mr. Archer, and what’s your name?” I asked her.
“Oh I’m Sally, I’m sorry but when we’re in public I’m supposed to use your surname, Janet is virtually inundated with problems and she wondered if you’d mind helping her.” Sally said.
“I did wonder why she wanted me to come here, and I was supposed to be on holiday . . .” I started to say but at Sally’s forlorn look I relented, “But I’ve got nothing to do at the moment and it would be nice to get my hands dirty.” I said watching Sally’s smile start again.
“That would be wonderful, you know sometimes I think Janet needs someone to help her out here and at home, she’s been so down since she broke up with Dave.” Sally was gushing away again, and the lift had just reached the first (2nd) floor.
Sally started leading the way, “Did Dave often help out here?” I asked Sally.
She shook her head, “Oh no, but he was always waiting for her at home, many the day she’d arrive with a smile on her lips,” And she giggled.
We arrived at a door marked Board Room, Sally opened the door and announced me. Janet looked up from the sheets of printout and gave a relieved smile. “John, I’m glad you could make it.” She said smiling at me, she pulled me to her and kissed me on the cheek, I did not know why she did that.
A giggling brought my attention to the other side of the table. I could see three, barely teenage girls watching us, I turned Janet around, “Err, Janet who?” I indicated the three.
“Oh yes, let me introduce you to Marcia, Jenny and Paige, they’re part of our consultation group.” At my look she added, “They’re part of Project Purple.” As if that explained everything.
“Good morning.” I said
“Good Morning Mr. Archer.” The three said in unison, smiling, and then they got serious.
“Mr. Archer we need to improve the action of the C152 interface. Microsoft have changed the performance criteria, it seems they’re worried about us!” One of the girls said.
I briefly glanced at Janet who gave an apologetic smile, but little help. So I nodded, “Can I see the blueprints, the current specs and the proposed changes”? I asked receiving the information before I would finish speaking.
The room was quiet as I read the two documents and started to scan the blueprints, I know that some people cannot make head or tails of these things but that has never bothered me. As far as I could see there was not much to do, I got a pen and outlined one area on the plans. “This isn’t needed, because it will duplicate several other processors and would even drain some of the processing power.” I then searched and highlighted two other sections. “These two could be connected together,” I began but then I one of three girls interrupted me.
“We can’t do that! If you cross-connected those, you will blow the whole chip! We’ve tried that about a week ago,” Is what they told me?
“Ah! Yes it would, but if you put a resistor here and here to reduce the flow into the sections it would work.” I informed them.
The three looked between themselves; “There’s not such thing available” Was the consensus.
I shook my head and turned to Janet. “They don’t know about the K256.” I asked her, and then it was her turn to be mystified.
“What’s K256?” She asked.
I took a deep breath, “Okay, Last year we started on a line of resistors for CPU chips, Clive had said it was an order from Head Office.” I could see blank faces watching me so I carried on. “Anyway to cut a long story short, we made it and it worked. Clive was supposed to pass the data onto Head Office, I suppose he didn’t!” I finished.
Janet shook her head, “I don’t believe he did, but John we never asked for such a thing . . .” She said and then a thought struck her, “What happened to the paperwork?” She asked.
I had to think. “Well we did keep a record of the work, as well as the schematics, on the computer. As for the hard copies I’m not sure what happened to them . . .” I said.
“Tracy!” The three girls said in unison, “She’ll be able to get the data.” One of them expanded while another picked up a mobile phone and started to give instructions.
The third girl, name is Paige, is what Janet told me, studied the schematics again. “ . . . It should work, but we’ll need a change in this area.” She pointed to a section, which I studied closely.
I nodded, “Yes . . . if we cross connect this with this.” I pointed to two points on the blueprints, “That should do it.” She still looked blank and so I quickly roughed out how the chip redesign should look like.
“Oh! I see,” Paige said, “But how did you know what should be changed? You’ve never seen these plans before and yet you’re able to give us the answers, how?” she asked me, I noticed that the other two were listening closely.
“I don’t know. It is something I have always been able to so. That why I’ve been good at my work I suppose.” I said – it is a talent I have never been able to quantify but it has been useful at times.
“Tracy’s looking into retrieving the files, but she says it’s going to take a day or so due to the slow system they’ve got over there!” The girl, Jenny, seemed to glare at me as if it was my fault.
“It was the quickest we could afford, and I wasn’t the one who installed it!” I said holding my hands up, “So don’t blame me!” I finished smiling.
“I think we’d better check on the systems over there and get them upgraded to a higher spec. In fact we should check the other sites and see what systems they’re using . . . It’s stupid for us to produce computer chips and not have the systems to use them on!” Janet decided.
“Mrs. Jones, do you know how much that will cost?” Marcia asked Janet.
“Can’t the company afford it?” Janet countered. The three girls huddled together and then looked up.
“Well some of the components have depreciated and could be written off, so the actual costs can be minimized, and it’s our considered opinion that it would benefit the company to proceed.” Marcia said.
“Then let’s get on with it!” Janet told them and pressed an intercom button. “Sophie start an inventory of all subsidiaries, we need to know the hardware and all the software on them, tell them that we are starting a renovation on all equipment, add that security would also be taking an interest in any ‘gray’ software that may be found.” Janet instructed.
“Certainly Mrs. Jones . . . What time scale do we have for this?”
“One week for the hardware and two for the software, add a note that any division unable to provide data within these times will be investigated minutely.” Janet said and there was a glint in her eyes. She turned back to the three girls, “I think that’s all we can do for the time being, let’s reconvene in two days’ time?”
“Certainly Mrs. Jones. Thank you Mr. Archer, it’s been most instructive.” Marcia said as she and the other two girls tidied up their papers and then filed out of the room.
The door closed and then I found Janet was starting to shake. I reached out to her and held her. “Yes John, please, you’ve no idea how much I hate being the tough nosed bitch. I’m always scared that I’d make a bad decision and this whole place would collapse around my ears.”
“You won’t do that Janet, you know how to run this company, its instinctive, bred into you.” I told her, reassuring her of what I felt was right.
“But what if I’m wrong?” She moaned softly.
Somehow, I knew the answer to that as well, “Then you would have to be punished.” I said simply.
She looked at me, as if seeing me for the first time. “Would you punish me?” She asked softly.
“Only if you wanted me to.” I said equally softly.
“You wouldn’t dare,” She said, but her eyes said ‘ . . .please!’
I lifted her off her feet while I sat down on the Boardroom table. The dress she was wearing was too long to pull up over her backside and so I had to make even more of an effort as I smacked her, “NEVER . . . EVER . . . DARE . . . ME!” I said punctuating each word with a strike of my hand.
“OW, No . . . please John . . . do not . . . do not . . . stop . . .” Janet protested, but I took no notice of her.
Then there was a knock at the door, “Mrs. Jones? Is everything alright in there . . . I thought I heard a noise.” Sophie’s voice sounded from outside. “Shall I come in?”
“NO! Err, no . . . there’s no problem . . . Mr. Archer was just . . . just going over a few details . . . that’s all.” Janet managed to say from her unusual position.
“Do you want me to come in and take notes?” Sophie asked.
Janet was flustered so I smile and spoke into her ear, “What do you think? Should she?”
Janet gasped and then said, “No, it’s alright Sophie, I’m sure I’ll remember . . . everything. You can go for coffee now.”
“Thank you Mrs. Jones, I’ll go now!” Sophie said.
Janet waited for a beat and then she turned to look back at me, “What would you have done if I told her to come in?”
I smiled at her, “Why not let the whole of the company listen in . . . I’m sure we could use the intercom?” I said.
I felt Janet shiver as I said that and she went limp, “Oh god . . . that’s the first time . . . since my father spanked me last!” She said and then started crying. I pulled her up and, somehow, managed to sit her on my lap. I held her while softly speaking into her ear.
Back at Elizabeth’s’ house Little Cat and Wendy were lying on Little Cat’s bed when all of a sudden Little Cat raised herself up on one elbow. “I know what about a swim?” She said brightly.
“It sounds nice, but I haven’t got a costume.” Wendy said, Little Cat giggled at that.
“What’s a costume? I normally swim like this!” Little Cat said standing up and striking a pose, “Come on it is fun, honest.” then Little Cat dragged Wendy to her feet.
Wendy found herself being dragged down the stairs, she was worried in case anyone else saw them – in fact Elizabeth was keeping a close watch on the pair of them, she had thought that Little Cat would be the best person to help Wendy adjust and could get the girl relaxed; Wendy was more relaxed than she thought!
Elizabeth went into the kitchen and made a pitcher of orange juice and then she got out four glasses. She then called Su and gave her instructions.
Wendy was enjoying her time with Little Cat; they had progressed from splashing each other to taking turns ‘bombing’ the swimming pool. A third splash made her look around as it showered both her and Little Cat. Su’s head broke the surface and she smiled at the pair of girls watching her.
“Hay now that was not fair of you Su.” Little Cat said while looking over at Wendy.
“No way!” Wendy responded, now smiling – her current lack of clothing forgotten.
“Let’s get her!” Little Cat said and started splashing Su, and then Wendy began her attack.
Su’s head vanished beneath the water. “Uh! Look out Wendy . . . she’s very trick . . .” Little Cat started to say and then she vanished under the water.
Wendy started to back peddle, looking around, searching for either Little Cat or Su. She reached the wall of the pool and then felt two pairs of hands, at first on her legs and then moving upwards, holding her thighs. She did not panic as she realized what was happening.
She extended her arms to support her on the edge of the pool and tilted her head back so that it rested on the ground. She smiled as she felt her chest. No tits - she corrected herself, as she was being kissed by Su and Little Cat then both Su and Little Cat’s heads surfaced, both were smiling and Wendy could feel their hands touching her, Her pussy and . . . and ass! Wendy felt like she could scream out the words.
She tired to sort out how this was different to the way her mother had treated her, the touch of a finger, seeking her . . . bum . . . instead of a large blunt . . . something being forced up inside her. She closed her eyes and relaxed her muscles allowing the entry of the questing digit. Then she felt the other hand touching her pussy.
“Do you mind us doing this?” Little Cat said whispering in her ear, before returning to kissing Wendy’s breasts.
“No . . . it’s lovely . . . why couldn’t . . . it have . . . been like this before? Oh!” Wendy said softly as she felt her body reacting to the effects of the two girls.
The touch of a hand on her hair made her forget the two girls, there was a woman standing there, smiling at her. “I’m sorry I was so long Wendy, I hope Little Cat has taken care of you.” Elizabeth asked.
Wendy turned over, pulling the finger out of her. However, a reassuring touch on her shoulder calmed her, “Don’t worry Wendy, mistress isn’t angry, she does really care.” Little Cat said.
Wendy blushed as she thought back to what she and Little Cat had done upstairs. Elizabeth smiled at Wendy and moved back to where a table and four chairs were standing, “I’ve got some orange juice over here, why don’t you come out and have some?” She asked.
“But . . . I do not have . . .” Wendy began to say but then saw Elizabeth removing her dress.
“I know, you don’t want anyone to see your naked body, so if I’m undressed then they’ll be looking at me, not you.” Elizabeth said as she removed the thong that she was wearing. She smiled at Wendy and held out her hands. In the water, Su and Little Cat gently held Wendy’s legs and propelled her out of the pool.
“That’s not fair!” Wendy said to the two girls as she found herself lying by the side of the pool.
“You’d never get out otherwise.” Little Cat said giggling away, then both girls climbed out of the pool and helped Wendy to her feet.
“Please Wendy, don’t be bashful, we’re all girls here.” Su gently said and let Wendy to a chair. The orange juice was cold and delicious; Wendy did not notice how quickly she had drunk it until she was asking for a second glass. She gave a hesitant smile to Elizabeth as the woman poured out the juice.
“Do you feel a little better now?” Elizabeth said, Wendy smiled and nodded, “That’s good, now how do you feel about talking about your mother?” Elizabeth asked.
Wendy thought for a few seconds, these people had been nice to her, they had done similar things to her that her mother had done but it was different, and her daddy did say she should not be scared about talking so she nodded. Elizabeth smiled, “Good. Let us get you dry and then we will have a little talk.
Part 15
Wendy was surprised when Little Cat appeared with a large fluffy towel - not the fact that she brought it out, it was that Elizabeth herself started drying Wendy with it and seemed to be examining Wendy’s body as she did so.
Which is what Elizabeth was doing, checking Wendy for signs of continued abuse at the hands of her mother, she knew that John wouldn’t have been the cause of them, apart from the newly broken hymen he hadn’t really done much to Wendy that hadn’t be forced on the girl before. She wanted to be sure that John’s story about last night was true, but from what she had seen of Wendy, the girl was a natural submissive, ready to fall into any sexual activity while seemingly not knowing what she was doing.
She shook her head, this girl would certainly fit in around here and it would be a stabilizing factor for both Tania and Janet to have John with them. However, that would be in the future and if Janet or Tania could persuade him.
Elizabeth kept the towel around Wendy and hugged the girl close to her, “Feeling better?” She asked Wendy who wordlessly nodded her head, “Good. Now come with me.” Elizabeth hooked the towel around Wendy and then took her hand, walking to Elizabeth’s office.
There was an overlarge padded armchair into which Wendy sank, somehow the size did not frighten her, the fabric was soft and warm, she felt protected. Elizabeth sat beside her on another chair, although not as soft as Wendy’s it was the way she preferred it.
“Before we start Wendy I have to ask you this, are you happy living with your father? Or would you prefer to live with someone else?” Elizabeth asked the question softly. However, Wendy started to cry, because she was scared that if she said something that the police would take her daddy away, why did she have to tell Little Cat Why, “Wendy what’s wrong? Please tell me.”
“My . . . mummy . . . told me . . . if I said anything . . . she would be taken . . . away . . . and I told . . . Little Cat . . . how daddy . . . daddy looked . . . after me . . . and you are . . . going to . . . to . . .” Wendy started to break down.
“Oh no, no Wendy, I didn’t mean like that . . . please nobody is going to take your daddy away.” Wendy looked at Elizabeth as she spoke and Elizabeth held her hands, “I promise you this. No-one will do anything against your father.”
Wendy looked at Elizabeth, “ you promised.” Elizabeth nodded her head and allowed Wendy to stop crying on her one.
“I’m sorry Wendy I didn’t mean to scare you like that, I was only asking if you wanted to stay with your father?” Elizabeth said softly.
“Yes . . . yes I want to stay with him, I feel safe with him. He’s my daddy.” Wendy said equally quietly.
“And you love him?” Elizabeth asked, Wendy nodded she did not want to say a word, just in case Elizabeth was lying to her.
“Did you enjoy last night?” The question was a bombshell to Wendy she started crying again. “Wendy . . . it’s alright your father told me about last night, how you and Tania tricked him into being restrained and that you climbed on top of him.”
“He didn’t know it was me . . . he thought it was Tania, it wasn’t his fault.” Wendy said.
“I’m not blaming your father or you - really Wendy; I just want to be sure that you’re not being forced to allow your father to do these things to you.”
“He didn’t . . . he didn’t. Honest. It was just something that I wanted to do. It was just that I didn’t want HIM to do it!” Wendy gave such an emphasis to the word him that Elizabeth knew she did not mean John Argent.
“Who is he Wendy? What is his name?” Elizabeth pushed the question.
“I wouldn’t call HIM daddy! HE was not my daddy! My daddy was a nice man HE was not! I told myself I’d never call HIM daddy!” Wendy said, rocking her body as she did so.
Elizabeth paused; this was the lynchpin for Wendy. She had to identify the source of her fears. Elizabeth made a note – I must find out Wendy’s stepfather name! It was a pity that the information was not with Wendy’s file . . . No more than a pity it was almost criminal! It was as if someone was hiding the truth, it was a hindrance and would mean more work, some of it almost detective style work.
“It’s alright Wendy, don’t worry about him . . . now just tell me about your mother, I know she probably said that you shouldn’t talk to anyone about her or what she’s done to you, but you have to, other wise it will just hurt you to hold it in.”
“But how can not speaking hurt me?” Wendy asked.
“Oh not a visible, painful thing . . . but you’ll worry about what to hide when to speak and when to keep quiet. After some time you will get so confused that you are lightly to just freeze up and be too scared to talk to anyone again. I don’t want that happening to you.” Elizabeth said earnestly to Wendy.
Wendy looked wide-eyed at Elizabeth, “Do you mean that?” She asked.
“I’m afraid I do. I don’t want you to turn out like that, so please will you tell me.” Elizabeth almost begged the girl.
Wendy considered Elizabeth’s words, she did not want to be so frightened and she felt that Elizabeth was someone she could trust so she nodded and gathered her thoughts. “Well one day mummy told me we were moving . . . she didn’t say why! Daddy was away I think he was working. Mummy had some clothes in a case, she just took my arm, and we left the house.
“I asked mummy what was happening, I’m not certain what she said except that it was something about being better off without daddy . . . we got to a house, I wasn’t sure where it was as I’d never been there before. I remember mummy kissing the man who opened the door and then he lifted me up and looked at me, he smelt of ash and something sour, I didn’t like the way his hands were touching my . . . my botty I mean my ass.” Wendy looked at Elizabeth just in case she wanted to tell her off.
“It’s okay Wendy, I’m used to many names, ass, tush, fanny, bum, botty. It doesn’t bother me.” Elizabeth said smiling “it doesn’t matter what you call it, just as long as you’re comfortable with the word.”
Wendy nodded, “his hands were over my ass and he was smiling at me, a hungry smile now I think about it but I didn’t know what it was then. He turned to mummy and said that I was going to be perfect . . . I didn’t understand what he meant then but I didn’t like it.”
“Mummy took me upstairs to a bedroom and unpacked a few of my clothes, she took the rest of them with her. At first it was alright, but then mummy told me that daddy had been bad and that was why we’d moved out . . . she also started to wash my hair with some dark stuff, she said it would make me look better . . .” Elizabeth looked closely at Wendy’s hair, there was a band of corn-gold near the roots.
“Would you prefer to return to your normal hair color?” Elizabeth asked, Wendy thought for a few seconds, she hated the smell of that stuff and her hair seemed to reek of it.
“I wouldn’t mind I hate this dark color! But I can’t remember what my color was like.”
Elizabeth smiled, “I know someone who’s an expert, we can visit her later if you want. But what happened next?”
Wendy drew in a breath and then continued, “Nothing much happened, except I was expected to be in their bedroom when they were together, I had to watch him and her as she sucked on his penis, she said he liked it. Then I watched while he pushed it into her pussy.”
“If you feel uncomfortable with the words you can use others if you want.” Elizabeth said softly.
“No . . . mummy used those words and I don’t want to be like her! I want to call a pouchy a pussy and botty an ass!” Wendy said so fiercely that Elizabeth had to hide a smile.
“There are times when childish names are better, but I do agree, you are your own person, not a clone of somebody else.” Elizabeth said calmly.
“So why do I find it so hard to say the names. Prick, cook, pussy I can’t say them out loud.” Wendy said.
“Don’t force yourself, just say the words you’re comfortable with . . . be yourself.” Elizabeth told her, “Now when did the ‘bad things’ start?” Although she had a quick report from Little Cat, she needed Wendy to talk.
“Well it was when I was eight that mummy started to talk to me about how it was my duty to make HIM happy . . . that I’d have to start to show HIM my body and to prepare myself to pleasure HIM. I knew what she wanted me to do because I had had to watch them both every night. She wanted me to use my mouth on HIS cock and then my pussy as well. For some reason HE did not want that just yet, HE kept on saying that when I started to bleed He would ‘do me’. It’s only now after what my daddy said that I know what he wanted . . . well He’ll never get that from me, not now!” She finished up with a satisfied smile on her face.
“You mean now that your father has taken it, was that the real reason why you gave him your virginity.” Elizabeth asked.
“HE always said that He’d never be caught . . . that was one night when mummy asked him if he was worried. HE was busy touching me as always. I was in their room to get my nightdress. They kept all my clothes in their bedroom then. I was supposed to undress and dress in front of them.”
“When did you first suck his penis?” Elizabeth asked gently.
“It was that night, mummy told me that HE wanted to see that I was happy to please HIM, she gave me a bath – I was never allowed to wash myself alone. Then she took me into HIS bedroom. HE was sitting on his bed, undressed and smiling . . . I did not like his smile, mummy pushed me to him and made me kneel down on the floor in front of HIM. Then I had to . . . touch HIS cock . . . and then kiss it. HE moaned because I made a face and mummy took me back into the bathroom. She started to smack me and told me I was bad, that I’d end up like my daddy, dead and alone.” Wendy started to cry with the memory.
“She told you that John, your father, was dead.” Elizabeth asked her.
Wendy nodded, “She told me that when I was younger, and kept on telling me that while I was with her. I didn’t understand why until daddy came for me at the hospital.” Wendy smiled at the memory, “I didn’t recognize him until he crossed his heart, and then I knew that mummy lied so that I wouldn’t try to run away from her. She wanted me to forget about daddy so that I’d live with her and that man!”
“So after she smacked you what did she do?” Elizabeth prompted her.
“She told me that if I didn’t please him that HE would throw me out on the street, where bad men would attack me and hurt me, she said I was ungrateful for what HE had done for me. Then she made me go back into their bedroom where HE was still waiting, his cock was stiff then and had stuff on top of it. Mummy made me kneel down again but then she got some rope and tied my legs together so that I could not get up.
“HE then put HIS hands onto my head and pulled it to his cock. I went to move my hands but mummy then grabbed them and tied them behind me. Mummy told me that all I had to do was to kiss HIS cock (she called it his tummy stick) and then to put my mouth over it. She told me that if I even thought about biting HIM she would give me such a spanking that I would not be able to sit down for a year!
“As HIS cock went into my mouth HE pushed his hands on my head so that I couldn’t back away. Mummy was telling me to show HIM how much I liked his attentions to me. Then HE started to move my head up and down until he squirted some stuff into my mouth. Mummy told me to swallow it to show HIM that I would do whatever HE wanted me to do.” Wendy said and started to cry again, Elizabeth decided to have a short break at that point.
In the boardroom, Janet started to giggle as I held her. “You’ve no idea how much I wanted something like that to happen here.” She said between laughing and giggling.
“I’m glad I could help you, but I’m not sure why I did.” I said.
“You knew I wanted to be punished and it was the only way to do it, and on the table as well, I’ll never be able to attend a meeting without thinking about it!” She said smiling, “Tell me John are you attracted to young girls? Or could you see you way to dealing with a woman?” She asked.
I shook my head in amazement, “Hold on, I’m not really attracted to girls, it’s just that Tania pestered me into doing it, and anyway you gave me your permission . . . But I must admit that I wouldn’t have said no it the situation was different. But I do find you attractive Janet.” I finished saying.
“Oh goody, I did hope you’d say that, I have to admit that I have been active with Tania, does that shock you.” Janet said watching me closely.
“If you’d asked me a year ago then I would have said yes, but after last night how could I be shocked? I’m not surprised though; there have been certain clues from Tania and your attitudes.” I said.
“You’re taking it very well I must say . . . shall we get coffee.” Janet asked I looked wistfully at the table, which she noticed and started laughing again. “I don’t think so . . . well, not yet anyway, come on.” She said and stood up walking to the door, which I noticed was slightly ajar.
We entered the cafeteria area and I met up with Sally and an equally beautiful young woman, who Sally introduced as Sophie, I glanced at Janet who confirmed that this was her secretary.
Janet introduced me to Sophie who blushed as she shook my hand, “I hope we didn’t cause you any concern earlier Sophie?” I asked her and she stammered out a reply – it is nice to cause others to stammer this time.
Sally however was watching Janet closely and smiling – obviously Sophie had been telling stories, she came up to me and whispered into my ear, “Thank you Mr. Archer, whatever you did to Mrs. Jones worked! She’s normally a silent mess after a meeting with those girls.”
This opened up the next subject for me, “Just how did those three girls become involved with the company anyway?” I asked nobody in particular.
“Oh it was something that the town council initiated. We had . . . a breakthrough in one of the classes. Somehow the girls were organized into a research team, they’ve advanced so far that they’re the main consultation group for the whole of the town.” Sally said.
“And they go under the name Project Purple?” I asked.
“Yes, it was because of the name of the teacher who was there, A Mr. Purple.” Sophie added.
“He must have been some influence on them, how many years did he stay with them?” I asked.
“One week – but not the whole week, he arrived during that Jones incident . . . Not Mrs. Jones here, but another Jones . . . it’s rather a well used name around here I’m afraid.” Sophie said apologetically, “You’ve heard of the Jones Corporation I take it.” She asked I nodded remembering the fuss a couple of years ago when there was an attempted takeover of that company and the sudden disappearance of the temporary CEO before the family took it over. “Well Janet Jones was given the task of forming the class into a consultation group and to organize all the firms here in Funiculaireville to compliment each other – it’s worked out well, we get co-operation with other firms here and this is extended through the company.”
“That’s supposed to be highly secret John; I hope you won’t pass it on outside of the company?” Janet said while looking meaning at Sophie, who had the good sense to look suitably chastised.
“I promise Janet that whatever I’m told here will never pass my lips, but it does strike me that Funiculaireville is creating some sort of monopoly, I mean with the subsidiaries around the world you could get a noose-hold onto any country’s economy.” I said
“Oh we’d never do that . . . at least not unless we had to!” Sally said mysteriously, and there was a strange tone to her voice.
“They’re so knowledgeable about things if we have a problem they always seem to be able to suggest solutions. You know since they started giving their advice we’ve improved production by over 75%” Sophie said and I could tell she was trying to change the subject, so I filed it away for future reference and allowed myself to be diverted.
“That much? It must mean that the company is expanding.” I said looking at Janet.
“We are, you’ve no idea how much pressure it’s putting on me. Some days I get home so . . . well never mind, currently I’m on reduced duties.” Janet said.
“You should delegate more, spread out the load.” I said.
“That’s something I’m looking into.” She said giving a slight smile
“How’s your daughter getting on Mr. Archer?” Sophie asked.
“Please I don’t respond well to Mr. Archer, can’t you all call me John?” I said and then added, “Wendy’s doing fine. She’s with Elizabeth at the moment.”
“Oh she’s very good. I mean there are others around but she’s one of the best, she’s in safe hands there.” Sally said, I could tell there was a graduate of Elizabeth’s class there.
“Good.” I said realizing that anything more I said might be taken wrong so I decided to look like a fool and keep my mouth shut. (Rather than open it and remove all doubt!) We finished coffee and then I looked at Sophie, “Is there anything else that Janet here needs to do?” I asked her – secretaries know more than their employers.
Sophie did not look at Janet, “Not really John, she’s already arranged the next meeting of the Purple project and most of her work can be done by the next in charge . . .”
“But I’m needed here.” Janet protested.
“Doesn’t seem like it to me, I think you should take a break!” I said, “If you can let who-ever it is know that Janet is going to be off for the next day and a half, she’s showing me around town.” I said.
“Yes Mr. Archer!” Sophie said smiling and she left the table.
“I’m not leaving here like that John!” Janet hissed to me.
I turned to face her and then rubbed my hand. “You’re really certain about that. You don’t want to dare me . . . again?” I asked her.
Janet blushed and I noticed that Sally was smiling away now – yes the story had been passed on I could tell. “Very well John. But what are we going to do?” She asked making Sally choke on her coffee.
“I was hoping you’ll be taking me on a tour of the town, I really need to get some American money! I can’t depend on the company to pay for everything.” I said.
“As long as you’re here John, the company is going to pay for you, I won’t hear another word on that!” Janet was adamant. Sally was agreeing with her, and so I had to admit defeat.
“Alright then, but I want some money for other things, so I need to visit a bank anyway. That will be our first stop!”
Therefore, the day went on with Janet showing me the sights of Funiculaireville, we also detoured to visit the hotel where we found both Abe and Joyce.
“Hey you’re alright, how’s your daughter . . . Rachael wasn’t it?” Joyce asked. I tried to correct her but she then carried on, “Jonathan’s is doing so well out there don’t you think?” I followed her pointing finger to where I could make out the naked boy, his hands holding . . . no, I looked closer. Large glove type affairs were gripping a tennis racket and he was trying to avoid and to hit tennis balls that were being fired at him, several red marks showed where he failed in both cases.
“He’s got to learn how to return the balls while his hands are encased in those training gloves, it also teaches his hands the correct grip. Oh he’s been hit again, that’s going to mean another 10 minutes in the training program, when he gets up again.” The ball had struck him . . . lets say I would not like to be hit there, and he was doubled up on the ground.
I must admit that we cut the visit short, “It’s not all like that John, they have other programs that involve the children in adventures, or other sports. They also have remedial programs for those children that are hard to control, very successful I understand.” Janet said picking up a brochure for me.
We arrived back at Janet’s house where Tania was waiting for us along with a blonde haired girl; Janet placed her hands on her hips. “Tania, you know I said no sleepovers until Wendy is used to us!” She said.
The blonde girl started to giggle, and I recognized it. “It’s me mummy Janet, Wendy!”
Part 16
Apologies to those expecting this to follow on from chapter 15, but I thought I had better explain how Wendy got her natural hair coloring back. – CG
It was lunchtime at Elizabeth’s house; the four of them were seated around the table by the swimming pool. Su and Little Cat know they should not talk directly to Wendy about her previous life.
However this did not stop Wendy from thinking about it, she picked at her food thoughtfully, “What would have happened if I did bite HIS cock off?” She suddenly asked, making Little Cat choke on her food.
While Su was hitting Little Cat on her back, Elizabeth smiled, “Well he would need immediate medical attention, but with modern techniques it would be easy to re-attach, although what use he would have in it isn’t certain.” Elizabeth said.
“Oh shit, then He’d be able to carry on!” Wendy said, “And I’d have to put up with his inspections every night.”
“Inspections? What were they?” Little Cat asked intrigued.
“Every time I pooped He’d check that I’d wiped myself properly, at first HE had me on my knees while HE pushed a finger inside my ass, if it was dirty He’d smack me and put HIS finger in my mouth to clean it off.” Wendy paused. “When I got older HE made me bend over in front of HIM and HE pushed his tummy-stick, I mean penis, into my ass – mummy had been pushing things into my ass for several months and so it was easy for him.” Tears were now trickling down Wendy’s eyes.
Elizabeth considered stopping Wendy, but realized that this might help the girl – by talking out her past life with others.
“I didn’t know what HE was putting into me when HE inspected me for the first few times, but one day I felt it spurting inside me and I knew it was HIS tummy-stick . . . penis. After that He’d make me clean it off!” Wendy made a face when she said that.
“But what was your mummy doing when he was doing that?” Little Cat asked.
“She just stood by watching him and smiling then, when she gave me my bath, she would tell me how good I’m being to HIM” Wendy said with anger in her voice. “I never realized that I was the price for our staying with HIM, but I know that now! Mummy would take me out of the bath and into their bedroom where she would dry me off with HIM watching. She would then make me bend over and she would push something inside my ass while HE would rub HIS penis.
“When mummy had finished HE would go to the wardrobe and choose my nightdress for the night, they were always short and I would never have knickers to go with them. Then after mummy put it on me they would send me to bed.”
“At least you were able to sleep then.” Su asked
But Wendy shook her head, “No, He’d come into my bedroom each night ‘just to make sure I was still clean’ He’d say. I’d have to lie face down while HE . . . inspected . . . me.”
“Was that just with his fingers or . . .” Elizabeth gently? Asked
“At first it was, but then . . . later on . . . He’d climb onto my bed and hold me down with HIS body while HE . . . inspected me with HIS penis.” This time she started to cry bringing both Little Cat and Su to her sides comforting her.
“It’s alright, he’s not here, and he can’t get to you here!” Little Cat whispered into Wendy’s ear.
“But what happens when we go back? He is going to be there and he will be waiting for me! I know HE is!” Wendy said still crying away.
“But you won’t be alone. Your daddy will be there. He’ll protect you.” Su said
“But he’ll never be able to beat HIM. You don’t know what He’s able to do!” Wendy protested.
Elizabeth shook her head, “No Wendy. HE does not know what WE are capable of doing. Remember you have friends now and we WILL help you whenever we can.” She said, hoping that she was not committing herself and Funiculaireville to a war. “Now eat your lunch and then we’ll have a spot of sunbathing before we visit my friend.” She added.
Wendy shook her head this time, “I can’t stay out too long, and I always burn. HE liked that because HE HAD to put some stuff all over my body.” Wendy said.
“What? With your hair coloring, I would have thought . . .” Su began to say.
“Wendy’s natural coloring is blonde, it’s just that her hair is dyed. I’m taking her to see Maurice and we’re getting her changed back to blonde.” Elizabeth said interrupting Su before she said anything to upset Wendy again.
After the lunch, Little Cat and Su got out some sun-loungers for the four of them to sit on and lie back on. While they were lying there, Wendy asked the question that had bothered her.
“Elizabeth why is it that you have slaves looking after you?” She asked.
Elizabeth smiled as she looked over at the two . . . yes slaves was the term for the, but she gave the answer consideration before she spoke. “Let’s see, when I was younger I employed a secretary to do my paperwork and arrange appointments. Then one day I was treating a young girl . . . she was an orphan, her parents were a psychologist and a nurse. She was, to be honest, as mess. I couldn’t leave her alone.”
Su giggled at the memory, “It’s true, in fact mistress was the first woman I ever slept with.”
Elizabeth sighed, “It was wrong of me and I reported the incident to the town council, but instead of stripping me of my doctorate and putting me in prison they suggested that Su stayed with me until she was better, and then see how she felt afterwards.” Elizabeth said.
“So you’re still being treated. Is that it Su?” Wendy asked, but was surprised to be greeted with laughter from Su.
“No, sorry Wendy. I stayed with Mistress for a month before I returned to the orphanage; it was later, when I had to be placed for training, that Mistress offered me a place with her. But she was to be in total control of my life.” She paused to gather her thoughts, “Back in history people would place themselves under the same control as indentured servants, and that is what I am. In two years time my service to Mistress Elizabeth is up, but I don’t know what I’ll do after that.” Su finished sadly.
“I’m sorry Su, I didn’t mean to upset you.” Wendy said, “But what about Little Cat? Is she like Su?”
“Little Cat is indeed my slave.” Elizabeth said, “I have paid for her to a man I was checking out for the council. I applied to his go-between for him to kidnap a girl and train her to be a slave. Therefore, in a way I am responsible for Little Cat being forced into this life. It’s something I’m ashamed of.” Elizabeth said and Wendy could see tears in her eyes as she spoke.
“But it’s alright Mistress. I prefer this life, in fact I don’t know what I’d do without you.” Little Cat said reaching out to her mistress’s hand.
“I . . . I don’t understand. Did you want to be a slave?” Wendy asked.
“Oh no, I didn’t really, but now I’ve a lot to look forward to.” Said Little Cat smiling [see – The Training of Little Cat by Turner 2 Corners]
Elizabeth nodded, “She was well trained by her kidnapper and seemed happy to be with me. In fact I was taken with her when I first met her at his house.”
“You went to a kidnapper’s house. Weren’t you scared?” Wendy asked.
“Oh yes, but I did trust him. Although I was being discretely followed and tracked, it was built into my shoes” She confided. “But he didn’t do anything and was a perfect gentleman.”
“Did you ever see him again?” Wendy asked.
“Yes, several times.” Came the surprising answer, “He got into trouble with one of his clients on the outside and call us for help. We made him a teacher in the girl’s school.” Elizabeth said, Little Cat giggled at Wendy’s look. “He was very good for the short time he was here, but it was decided to let him back outside as he would be useful to us . . . and he has been.” Elizabeth finished by smiling.
It was later in the afternoon and Elizabeth was driving, a now dressed and slightly brown, Wendy into the town. They stopped near the shopping mall and Elizabeth took her inside a discrete door.
“Elizabeth . . .how nice to see you again. And is this the darling young girl you spoke about?” The man did not walk in so much as minced in. He took Wendy’s hand and took her over to a chair; he placed a smock over her clothes and then sat her down so that her back was to a basin. “Do you mind if I look closely at your hair?” He asked and then started to peer at Wendy’s head.
“Oh! My poor thing, this is such a crime! Your hair is STARVING for food and this . . . well this crud is in the way. Now if you’ll let me start work?” The man, Wendy wondered if he was a man, said.
Wendy looked at Elizabeth for approval. “It’s okay Wendy, Maurice is one of the best hairdressers around.”
“Elizabeth! I am hurt, mortified. Me, Maurice just a hairdresser Non, I am to coiffure as Fort Knox is to gold, a mere hairdresser is nothing I am an expert par excellence!”
Elizabeth bent down to Wendy’s ear, “Not to mention a false accent!” And smiled, “but there’s nothing he doesn’t know about hair. I trust him, so what do you say?”
“O . . . okay, but it won’t hurt will it?” Wendy said.
“My dear, I wouldn’t hurt a hair on your head . . . What am I saying!” Maurice said and gave a giggle. Wendy looked again at Elizabeth who gave a reassuring nod and then went to a seat to sit down.
“Now first of all I’ve got to get rid of this atrocious color, just lean back and relax while I do all the work!” Maurice started by wetting Wendy’s hair and then looked at the water in the basin. “Hmm! Yes, this dye is from abroad, I think I have a formula to negate it, I’ll be back in a moment.” Then he walked to the back of the shop.
Maurice returned after a few minutes with a small bottle. “Now I got this from a lovely man in exchange for . . . well never mind what for, and it’s supposed to take effect quite quickly . . . let’s try it shall we?” Maurice said smiling.
He started by working on a small patch of hair, giving a satisfied cry. “Yes, yes once again Maurice is invincible, come Elizabeth see how Maurice, he achieves the impossible.” When Elizabeth looked, she could see a golden hue amongst the dark coloring of Wendy’s hair.
“Oh Wendy, your hair is a lovely color, your father isn’t going to recognize you.” Elizabeth said encouragingly and after a moment added, “And I’m sure your mother won’t either!” A thought that made Wendy smile because she new he would not recognize her either.
It was another hour before Wendy was out of the hair salon; her long hair had been restored to its original color and was styled in an easy to manage way. Elizabeth had spoken into a mobile phone and looked slightly surprised. “Well that wasn’t in the program!” She said to herself
“What’s wrong?” Wendy asked
“Nothing’s wrong Wendy, it’s just that your father has been working faster than I though, that’s all. He convinced Janet to take time off work and to show him around the town. So I suppose I’d better take you back to Janet’s house as Tania will be home soon.” Elizabeth said smiling at Wendy.
The journey back to Janet’s house was uneventful; Elizabeth walked with Wendy up to the front door and rang the bell. The young man, Andrew, who smiled at Wendy, opened the door.
“Good afternoon miss, that hairstyle does suit you.” He said which made Wendy smile at him. “Good afternoon Doctor Elizabeth, I’m afraid that my mistress is not at home yet.”
Elizabeth nodded, “I know Andrew, Wendy’s father has taken her out from work, I know that Tania should be home soon so I’d like to leave Wendy here.”
Andrew smiled, “Certainly Doctor, do you require any refreshments Miss Wendy?” he asked.
“Err no . . . thank you.” Wendy said uncertain about how to react to this person, she glanced at Elizabeth.
“That will be all thank you Andrew, I’m sure Wendy can make her way to her room.” Elizabeth said at which Andrew nodded, bowed and turned away.
“What’s wrong Wendy? You can trust Andrew; he is just like Su. Anyway, you are wearing the pendant so he will not touch you without permission. I suggest you retire to your room, Tania will be home soon and she can fill you in on what’s happening at school, I think you might like our lessons.” Elizabeth added with a smile.
Wendy nodded and said goodbye, when she got to her room she was apprehensive again, ‘School?’ she pondered ‘why couldn’t she just be on holiday?’ Tania charging in to her room disrupted her thoughts; bubbling about the fun, she would have with a friend of hers; her name is Keri shi is in my classes.
Tania kept talking that the time just flew past and until Tania took, her hand Wendy did not realize what was happening.
The pair presented themselves at the door when Andrew opened it to admit John and Janet, they seemed surprised to see the pair of girls there, Janet put her hands on her hips. “Tania, you know I said no sleepovers until Wendy is used to us!” She said.
Wendy could not contain herself; she started to giggle and then said. “It’s me mummy Janet, Wendy!” and she started to tell her father and ‘mother’ about her day with Elizabeth, somehow being able to talk so freely seemed to make thing better.
Part 17
The change in my daughter Wendy was amazing, but I could sense there was an underlying fear in her, something I could not understand. With all the happiness that there was in the house why should she be frightened.
I managed to talk to her in her bedroom, she sat on the four poster bed while I sat on the only chair, one that was too small for me really, but I didn’t want to sit on the bed I still had fond memories of last night.
“What’s wrong Wendy?” I asked her.
“Nothing really daddy, it’s just that Elizabeth said I was going to go to school with Tania tomorrow, I don’t want to be away from you for too long, that’s all.” She said her hands busy touching the bedspread.
“But you were away from me all day today; did it really cause you any pain?” I asked her.
“But that was different; I was with Elizabeth and Little Cat.” She said the last name with a smile, and then added. “Why can’t we have someone like Little Cat, it would be easy! All you need is a kidnapper and some money...” She said quickly.
“Hey hold on, you can’t just kidnap a girl like that . . . it . . . isn’t . . . right?” somehow my protestation finished as a question, I knew that it wasn’t right, but for some reason a part of me was saying why not?
“But daddy that’s what Elizabeth did with Little Cat, she was kidnapped and sold as a slave, and look how nice a life she’s having now!” I did remember the type of life she was spending as she was licking away at my daughter’s slit.
“Did you enjoy what she was doing this morning?” I asked Wendy who managed to look shocked and blushed, “That’s the downside of keeping a slave, you have to monitor them all them time.” I told her.
“Was . . . was I very naughty daddy?” She asked me in a low tone.
“I don’t know. Did you enjoy what you were doing?” I asked her, she did not answer but when she looked at me, her eyes were laughing.
“Is that what you need a slave for? To treat you sexually?” I asked her and while she was thinking about the answer I dropped the bombshell, “Wasn’t that exactly what you were being used for?” She looked at me as if only just realizing what had happened to her and then she burst into tears.
The sounds of her crying brought Tania and Janet into the bedroom - I think they had been listening near the door, “Now what have you done?” Janet accused me.
However, before I could speak Wendy shook her head, “Daddy didn’t do anything, and he made me see what they had done to me.” Janet gathered Wendy into her arms and held her. “Daddy made me know that I was a slave to mummy and HIM, not a person, they didn’t care for me! They just wanted to use me.”
Janet didn’t say anything but just started rocking Wendy in her arms, Tania was looking wide eyed between Wendy and me and looking slightly scared, I held out my arms to her and she ran to me.
“Daddy John what’s happening?” She asked me.
“It’s something that Wendy has to realize and to get out of her system, she was so taken with Little Cat that she wanted to have a slave of her own, until I told her that it was what her mother had turned her into.” I said softly.
“But being a slave isn’t that bad . . . is it?” Tania asked.
I thought for a moment before answering, “If a person is cared for and does what they’re asked to do out of love then no, it isn’t. However, if the person forced to do things that make them mistreated then it can be a living hell. Which type of slave would you prefer to be?” I asked her.
“I suppose the first type, if I had to be a slave at all.” Tania said.
“Yes it would be a nice existence, but you’d still be dependant on your owner. However, Wendy was in the second group. She did not like doing what she had to, but she endured it. In some ways she’s going to be a better person because of it.”
“So, you’re saying there’s a benefit in being the second type of slave after all.” Tania said wonderingly.
“Only if you survive, I think the chances of that are slight. Just think what might have happened if I was a nasty person, you would be dead by now!” I said wondering where my words were coming from.
“But you’re not are you, Daddy John?” Tania said looking into my eyes.
“I don’t think so, but then it’s how other judges you that you’re known by.” I said smiling.
By this time, Janet had calmed Wendy who was now standing and watching Tania and me, I held out one hand to Wendy and she ran to me. I was now sitting down with two young girls holding onto each other and me.
“Feeling better now Wendy darling?” I asked my daughter who nodded.
“Yes daddy, mummy Janet’s very nice isn’t she.” Wendy said quietly although Tania heard her and smiled.
I looked at Janet who was watching us. “Yes Wendy, she’s very nice. But I’m more worried about you at the moment.” I drew back from her and looked into her eyes, “How are you feeling?” I asked her.
“I don’t know.” She said confusion showing on her face, “Part of me wants to just hug you, but another part feels . . . hungry.” She said puzzled.
“Well we could have something to eat.” I said.
“No, not that type of hunger.” She said quickly but still unsure of what she was feeling. Tania, however, was not.
“Wendy do you want to feel your daddy cock?” Came the question unexpectedly.
Wendy thought for a moment, her mouth open as she realized what was being asked and then she looked at Tania. “How could you say that?” She asked.
“You didn’t answer the question, so was I right?” Tania said smiling.
Wendy was silent, but her face did betray her feelings.
Janet smiled and came over to our small group. “Tania, I think you’ve got some homework to do.” She said to her daughter.
“No I haven’t, I did it all at school in the library.” Tania said.
“Well then you’d better let me check it, now come on!” Janet said taking her protesting daughter by the arm and almost driving her out of Wendy’s bedroom.
I looked at my daughter, “Well Wendy was Tania right?” I asked her.
“It’s not right daddy. Is it?” She asked me looking at me with tears in her eyes.
“To want to love your father? It has been frowned upon, but the question is do you want to do it? There’s not need to do anything as I love you and always will, so you can just say no, and that’s an end to the question.” I said quietly.
“But you won’t love me again will you?” Wendy asked as the tears trickled down her face.
“Of course I’ll love you – there’s more to love than sex you know?” I said, “I mean you love ice-cream but you don’t rub it into your slit do you?” I added smiling.
Wendy gave a shiver, “No way . . . it’s too cold.” Then I saw a look on her face, “But I would if . . .” she started and then blushed. “I’m sorry daddy it was one of HIS films that they made me watch once, a girl was tied to a bed and had cream sprayed over her body and into her . . . pussy.” She looked at me as she said that, and then continued, “Then the people in the film started to lick her all over . . . I don’t think I’d mind that.” She finished.
I must admit her words did arouse some sensations in me, I admit it I was being weak again. “Well, I don’t think I can do that just yet – just think how Janet’s going to be if we get your bed dirty with sour cream?” I said smiling and then looked at Wendy in the eyes, “Do you want me to treat you as a slave who needs a lesson?” I asked her.
She dropped her eyes and then nodded, when she raised her head her eyes were sparkling again.
I smiled at Wendy and nodded, “Alright Wendy you can be my slave . . . but don’t you think you’re slightly overdressed for the part?” I asked her smiling.
Wendy suddenly had a smile of her own and she quickly undressed to her underwear, she then pointedly removed the pendant and placed it on the table before bowing before me. “Greeting daddy . . . I mean master!” She corrected herself.
“Yes indeed slave, you’ve been telling people that I’m your father in order to protect yourself haven’t you?” I said smiling.
“But master you don’t know what they would do to a lowly slave, please don’t punish me.” She begged but I knew she was not being serious from the look on her face.
“I have to punish you my slave, and you know it!” I said, “Now prepare yourself slave.” I told her in a gruff voice.
“Please master, don’t tie me to the bed.” Wendy said running to the four-poster and showing me the eyebolts in each of the posts as well as the leather ties already threaded through the lower bolts.
I smiled and picked up my unresisting slave and threw her, face up, onto the bed. She suppressed a giggle and pushed her arms to the two corner posts, I quickly fastened them with the leather ties.
“I really need some extra help here I think!” I said aloud and went to the door, I opened it to call out for Tania but she was already walking along the hall, I beckoned her over to me.
“Did you want me daddy John?” She asked when she was near enough.
“Yes please Tania, I need something to smack Wendy with and also someone to hold her legs.” I said smiling.
“I know of just the thing, there’s one in Wendy’s room.” Tania said pushing pass me and going to the bottom drawer of a chest of drawers in Wendy’s room. I looked in it to see a large amount of leather whips and restraints, along with butt-plugs and dildos.
“What are they doing there?” I asked Tania.
She gave a small smile, “You remember what I said about having a sleepover?” She asked, I nodded, “Well some of the girls have trouble sleeping.” She said simply.
“Before or after you used these on them.” I said dryly.
“Oh no daddy John, these are to help them sleep.” Tania said with such a straight face that I found myself believing her.
“You did say that I’d find your sleepovers fascinating didn’t you.” I said.
Tania did not answer but walked to the bed, she checked on my knots and shook her head, and “You know daddy John you should learn how to tie knots so that they don’t chaff.” She said and started re-tying Wendy’s wrists again.
“There daddy John, that’s how she should be restrained.” Tania said showing me the results of her tying. Then she turned her attentions to Wendy’s legs but I stopped her.
“Don’t bother tying them just yet.” I said and whispered into her ear. She smiled and reached under her skirt to remove her panties, she showed them to Wendy and then placed them on the pillow by Wendy’s head. Then she went to Wendy’s hips and grasped her panties, pulling them slowly down Wendy’s legs.
She placed Wendy’s panties on top of hers by the pillow and then smiled down at my daughter. “Daddy John says you’re not to scream out when he smacks you; I said you couldn’t stop yourself so he wants me to make sure you don’t.” Tania said and the positioned she so that Wendy’s head was covered by Tania’s skirt as she lowered her body down. A smile on Tania’s face told me that Wendy was busy.
I pulled both of Wendy’s legs up into the air and then allowed Tania to hold onto them, showing the split peach of Wendy’s ass. I picked up a leather flogger (I think it was called a Taws).
Tania raised herself up so that Wendy could hear what was being said, “Uh oh! That’s going to hurt her daddy John.” Tania said,
“Well if this slave is going to call herself my daughter she deserves to be taught not to.” I said and then brought the flogger down on my daughter’s ass.
“OW!” Wendy said as Tania quickly lowered herself down onto Wendy’s mouth.
“Not so hard daddy John, just a light flick is really all that’s needed.” Tania said, coaching me in the art of flagellation. My next stroke was not as hard but gave the same result, “Try just resting the fingers of the taws on her pussy, and then flicking them into the air.” She suggested.
I did as she said, at first Wendy bucked her body as she thought I was going to hit her slit, but then as the leather strips rose from her body she tensed up, I then brought the flogger back down on her ass, noting how some of the ‘finger’ also caressed her slit. I gave her five slaps like that before I gave her one on her slit, noting how the flogger seemed to highlight her slit. She stiffened at that and then I saw Tania’s eyes were wide as she felt Wendy screaming into her slit.
“Oh shit daddy John, I don’t know what you did then but she felt that!” Tania said. Looking at my daughter’s slit I could see that it was reddened from the blow.
“Do you have any cold cream or ointment?” I asked Tania she nodded.
“Sure, on the dressing table.” She pointed out. I quickly found it and returned to my daughter; why Tania was climbing off from her then she started to kiss Wendy’s face and lips.
“OW! Daddy that hurt me.” Wendy said, all pretence now gone in her pain.
“I know darling, I’m sorry. Let me put this on you to help you.” I said applying the ointment to my daughter’s slit.
“Oh that was nothing; you should see how some fathers treat their daughters, why some of my friends can’t do gymnastics the next day because either their pussy’s ache or their ass’s do!” Tania said and then looked at me. “You know daddy John there is another way to help Wendy.” She said.
When I just looked at her, she smiled and removed her skirt and tee shirt, leaving her naked. She then resumed the position she had taken earlier, knees either side of Wendy’s head, she said something to Wendy, which caused my daughter to raise her legs again.
“Now daddy John! You’ve made this young girl wait for you; she wants you to show her that you love her.” Tania said and looked pointedly at my trousers. I could now see exactly what she meant, and I must admit that I was in a rather rampant state. I quickly undressed and moved in front of the two girls.
Tania moved back slightly so that Wendy could see me. She nodded her head in encouragement to me and moved her legs open as Tania kept hold of her.
I went to position my cock to Wendy’s pussy but Tania stopped me for a moment while she took it into her mouth. ‘Just to get it wet’ I was told later. Then she took up her position over Wendy’s mouth.
I lodged my cock within Wendy’s pussy and then kissed Tania as I pushed in. Tania released Wendy’s legs so that she could hold my head close to hers. Wendy’s legs were now pressing against my chest.
After a few minutes, Tania shook as she came with Wendy’s tongue. She smiled languidly and then shook her head, “I’ve got to get ready for dinner, it’s in 15 minutes time, and mummy say’s to be ready and dress ‘black tie’ whatever that is. But don’t forget to finish here first.” She added and jumped off Wendy to leave me looking at my daughters’ shiny face – shiny from Wendy’s juices.
“Yes daddy, please carry on!” Wendy pleaded as she felt me move again within her.
“Does this feel bad Wendy?” I asked her.
She shook her head and then said, “Never with you daddy!” she smiled at me and then pulled on the leather straps, which seemed to magically come apart. She threaded her arms through her legs to hold onto my body as she tried to pull me closer to her, “I love you daddy.” She said as she came, a few seconds later I came inside her.
“I love you too Wendy.” I said to my daughter.
Part 18
We were in a restaurant, and as per instructions, I was dressed in a suit and tie. Wendy was wearing a corn-yellow dress – to match her hair – tied with a blue bow – to match her eyes. Tania was wearing a powder-blue dress with a yellow bow. Janet was in a little black dress. Overall, we were a picture of a wealthy family.
I cannot tell you what I had to eat; my thoughts were more about what I had done with my daughter only an hour earlier. ‘How could I have done that? What had possessed me?’
Wendy, however, was bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, giggling away with Tania as they ate, whatever it was they were eating. Janet was looking at me concerned.
“John, there’s nothing wrong in what you did, just don’t worry about it.” She had told me when we had met up with her in the living room. Which was easy for her to say, she had not just fuck my daughter after hitting her with a flogger while she was tied up?
So why did I enjoy it? That was my problem – I had enjoyed the feeling of power over my daughter, forcing her to accept me. Was I becoming just the same as my wife? This was my worry; this was what was stopping me from enjoying the meal.
Janet felt my preoccupation as we left the restaurant and walked to the cinema, they were building up to the latest release of the Harry Potter films by re-running the previous two films. Wendy looked at the advertising and turned to me.
“Daddy they’ve got the name wrong hasn’t they.” She said pointing to the hording. ‘Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s stone.’ Was displayed, “I thought it was the Philosopher’s stone, not Sorcerer’s stone?” she asked.
I had to laugh because Tania was looking at Wendy as if she was mad, “That’s what the American’s called it because they didn’t understand what the Philosophers had to do with magic, but sorcerers did.” I told her.
Therefore, we watched the film in the end with Wendy giggling at the difference in the scripts between the British release and the American. I was seated with Wendy on one side of me and Tania on the other with Janet on the other side of Tania.
I found that I was watching Emma Watson and started to think about how she would look under that robe she was wearing. I think I was losing it!
When we got back to Janet’s house she could tell I was serious phased out. She sent the girls up to their bedrooms to prepare for bed.
“John we need to talk before you blow up.” Janet said.
“I need to do something – What’s wrong with me Janet, I’m becoming some sort of pedophile or something, I’ve never had these feelings before and I don’t understand them.” I said and started to pace the floor.
Janet sighed and picked up her telephone, she dialed a number. I cannot say what she said on the phone, as her voice was low, but she was insistent. Then she hung up and rose to her feet walking to me.
“John, I want you to watch a programme on the television, it will help you.” She told me gently taking my arm and seating me before her television. She switched it on and left the room.
At first, there was the snow pattern of a null channel, I did think that she had not tuned it in properly and then the screen cleared to a rotating pattern on the screen. “Good Evening Mr. Archer.” The screen said in its best Mission Impossible impersonation. “This is a special program for you.”
The pattern changed to squares floating around on the screen. “We understand your problem and want you to know that there is nothing wrong with you just relax and follow the pattern on the screen and you will . . .”
“John? Are you feeling better now?” Janet was asking me as she handed me a cup of tea.
I looked at her and smiled, “Of course Janet, why was there something wrong?” I asked her.
She shook her head, “Nothing at all, the girls are ready for bed I was just wondering if you’d mind if Tania slept with you while I looked after Wendy?”
“Well if Wendy doesn’t mind, remember she’s going to school tomorrow, I don’t want her too tired out.” I told Janet.
“Of course not John, its just to sleep you know.” Janet smiled at me as I sipped my tea, I tried to think about the day’s events but they were just a blur, I was glad that I was able to convince Janet to spend time with me, the meal had been great and the film . . . pity we couldn’t have Hermione to spend time with us, but can’t have everything I suppose.
The door to the living room opened and my daughter and Tania walked in, they were both wearing baby-doll nightdresses, and nothing else. Wendy was slightly red from the blush she was also wearing but welcomed my kiss on her lips.
“Are you happy daddy?” She asked me
“Of course I am darling, now do you want to sleep alone tonight because Janet has offered to give you company if you want her to.” I said watching her face.
“I’d like that daddy, but what are you going to do tonight?” Wendy asked me. I smiled at her and then took Tania’s hand.
She looked at me and smiled, “I’m glad you’re feeling better daddy John.” She said – which did surprise me, but I did not say anything I just decided to play along with Tania’s game.
We all said goodnight and I walked with Tania into my bedroom. “Well Tania what do you want me to do?” I asked her
She looked at an armchair, which had large wide arms, she showed me the straps on the sides and at the bottom of the chair and then showed me another set of straps hidden by the seat cushion. I looked at her, “Are you sure?” I asked her; in reply, she dropped herself over the arm and then looked back at me.
I attached the straps to Tania’s ankles and then pulled her wrists, positioning her ass over the arm, before tying the straps so that she could not escape from them.
Going to the second wardrobe I picked up taws, paddle and table tennis bat, placing each one in sight of Tania. I also picked up a size 6 butt-plug allowing her to see the size for her self.
I went behind her and lifted up the flimsy nightdress to reveal her ass. “Where is the butt-plug I put into you this morning?” I asked her.
“I took it out at lunch time and let Keri have it.” Tania said.
“Is Keri a good friend of yours?” I asked.
“She didn’t used to be, but I think she’s learning now.” Tania said and I could hear the smile in her voice. I knew that there was a story to this but that might be for later on, for now I had work to do.
“So young Tania you’ve lost the butt-plug have you, tut-tut. I can see that you’re going to learn to keep hold of property.” I said as I rested my hand on her naked ass. “You see these things cost money.” In addition, I brought my hand down hard onto one cheek causing her to gasp in pain. “I’m sure you’re sorry for that.” I said while I struck again, on the same cheek. “And that you’ll agree that you deserve punishment.” I finished giving her yet another smack, still on the same cheek.
During all of this Tania hadn’t shouted out but looked over her shoulder at me, now she spoke up, “Yes daddy John please punish me, mummy doesn’t do it right. I need to be punished.” she looked to the paddle, which I picked up.
I tested the heft of the weapon on my hand. Damn it hurt! In addition, Tania wanted me to use it on her. I went behind her noting the color change on her ass cheeks, “I’ll have to get those evened up!” I said and swiftly brought the paddle down onto the other cheek.
“OW! Thank you daddy John!” Tania said and I could hear the pain in her voice.
“I’m sorry Tania was that too hard?” I quickly asked her.
“That’s okay daddy John; it’s supposed to hurt isn’t it?” She said “Just a couple more please!” She added extending the last word as the paddle struck again. The hue of her ass-cheeks was now matching. I put down the paddle and started to sooth her by rubbing my hand on her fiery flesh.
“Ouch! Tania that has to be hurting you.” I said whilst I enjoyed the feeling of her skin under my hands. I noticed that another part of me was also enjoying the sensation; I debated on whether to use her ass now, or to relieve myself elsewhere. I quickly undressed, undid her hands and sat down on the seat of the armchair.
Tania now had a view of my lap with its erect pillar. I placed her hands onto it and allowed her to rub me. In her position, there was only one thing she could do, and she did it, lowering her head so that her warm, moist mouth covered my flesh. I started to bob her head up and down, masturbating myself with her mouth until I spurted into it, feeling her swallow again and again until her mouth was empty. I then slowly moved her head up, feeling her tongue as she cleaned me off.
She gave my flaccid cock a kiss on its head and looked at me, “Thank you daddy John that was something my daddy would never do!” She said and then added, “Are you going to carry on now?”
“Do you want me to?” I asked her.
“Oh yes, I mean I have been very naughty indeed.” She said smiling. I got up from the chair and refastened her hands, picking up the taws. I repositioned myself behind her and then quickly brought the taws up between her legs, letting it caress her vulva and clitoris as it struck. She shook with the impact and squealed, not in pain but pleasure, as her body went stiff. I smiled, ‘she must have been on a hair-trigger.’ I thought to myself and then started to polish her ass with the taws.
I had only given her 10 swipes with the taws when I decided to change to the table-tennis paddle; the difference between this paddle and the normal one was the width of the surface. I decided to only give her four this time. I do not think I could last any longer. She did not see me change the implement and felt the difference immediately.
“OW! Ouch! PLEASE DADDY JOHN! . NO MORE!” she punctuated each blow with her screams and then I moved behind her, placing my hands onto her pussy lips and started to rub them as I pushed my cock past the sphincter muscle and into the warmth of her ass.
“OH! Daddy John, daddy John, yes . . . yes . . . oh yes!” She exclaimed as she felt me enter her. My hands seemed to have a life of their own as they brought her to a climax, the force of it rendering her unconscious.
I started to pump away inside her, the earlier blowjob she had given me had helped me now, and it took me some time before I sprayed her bowels with my seed.
I rose from Tania and started to release her, stripping her of the flimsy nightdress, and then picking her up and taking her to the en-suite shower. I started the water flowing and began washing the sweat from our bodies, after a few minutes Tania was able to take an interest in what was happening, and began to wash me as well, taking careful note of cleaning my cock completely.
I dried her off and took her into my bedroom again, picking up the butt-plug and gently pushing it into her ass, seeing her rise to her tiptoes as I pushed it inside her. “Do you want to sleep with me?” I asked her as I settled her nightdress over her body.
“Yes please daddy John, and will you hold me please?” She said looking up into my eyes.
“Of course.” I said smiling and together we went to bed.
My dreams were troubled that night, I found myself back in the plane people were around me.
“Okay let’s prep them, check out the DNA sequences and look for any strange markers.” A female voice said. I felt myself being lifted onto something and then I was watching fluorescent tubes moving pass overhead.
“How long do we have?” A male voice this time
“2 hours doctor, and then they have to be back upstairs.”
“Okay then team let’s move it – I’ll check the girl Medical report first. Hmm Nothing out the ordinary there, bring her around and let’s see how she reacts to stimulus.”
“Where am I . . . What’s wrong with daddy?” Wendy’s voice, I try to struggle but I cannot move.
“It’s alright Wendy, you’ve just had a slight reaction on the plane, now just relax and look at this light . . . that’s it . . . relax . . . it’s a nice light isn’t it . . . keep watching it. She’s under doctor, that’s a good reaction; she’s going to be perfect.”
“Good now lets get on with the bloods and fluids, and then we’ll start the orientation program on them both, has anyone checked him for purple markers?”
“Not yet doctor, but they’re rare.” It must be a nurse, but what are purple markers?
“Maybe but remember we can’t allow one of those back into Funiculaireville again, they could take us all over!” the Doctor’s voice again
“You take the council’s ruling too seriously doctor, you should lighten up.” The nurse said in a bantering tone.
“You never saw what the nurses were doing in that room, almost throwing themselves into danger in order to protect him from us. That is why all new comers are treated like this, not only to check them for diseases but also to prevent his type of people into Funiculaireville. That reminds me make sure this John Archer has the implant done, can’t have him running around uncontrollable can we . . .”
Implant, I would give them implant! In addition, why would I have to be controlled?
“Won’t that make him irritable for the first few hours doctor?” the nurse asked.
“Yes, mood swings are a side effect until it really takes hold and then he’ll sleep while it calibrates to his body, after that he’ll never know a thing.” The doctor said.
Oh yes this dream is just getting better and better, I wonder how I could think this stuff up, and I wonder if I’ll remember it when I wake up, I wonder what Janet would say about it.
“Right I’m ready for him now.” A different voice, female but certainly in command,
“Very well doctor, just get the monitors onto him.” the same nurse’s voice.
“I’m just getting a sample of blood for the white count.” The female doctor said and there was a tug at my arm. I must have blacked out for a moment as the next thing I heard was “ . . .Well there’s no problem there, he’s healthy and the count is good.”
“Doctor, there’s a change to the heartbeat . . . I think he’s awake!”
“Mr. Archer? John? Don’t worry there was a slight problem with the plane you were in, but everyone is fine, Wendy’s perfectly alright, just asleep so you don’t need to be concerned about her. What happened how did he get conscious? Get him under and wipe the last few minutes as quickly as possible.”
I awoke to the sound of Tania, not snoring exactly but certainly breathing loudly. I smiled at that, I checked my watch, half-past five. I decided that I needed some exercise and so I gently moved out of the bed in order not to disturb Tania.
I found out a tee shirt and a pair of shorts and some running shoes, I made my way out of the house and began a short warm-up run along the pavement, and then I gradually got into my stride as I running along the road.
I must have made about three circuits of the area when a police car stopped me.
“Good morning Mr. Archer, good exercise.” The female office asked me.
“Yes, just trying to get my old form back . . . does everyone know who I am?” I said in a friendly manner.
“Well you are a relative newcomer around here and people do talk, how are you settling in?” the officer asked me, but there was something about her voice that I recognized.
“Oh not bad, Janet’s a wonderful host and Tania caught my heart some time ago.” I said still smiling but thinking where had I heard her voice before?
“That’s good, Janet’s one of the main people in our town, we hate to have her unhappy . . . talking of which did you notice the time?” The officer said. I glanced at my watch seven o’clock; I had been out for nearly an hour and a half!
“Good grief, where does the time get to, I’d better find some other way of exercising.” I said and turned back for Janet’s house.
“Oh I wouldn’t worry you’re perfectly healthy from what I can see.” She said and returned to her car.
As she drove off it hit me where I had heard her voice before . . . she was the doctor in my dream!
What was going on around here?”
Part 19
I returned to Janet’s house slightly confused, how could a police officer sound like a person in a dream. I suppose it could be coincidence but it was nagging at me . . . I found myself in the kitchen, the youth, Adrian, was working on a tray; he smiled at me as I entered.
“Good morning Sir, I noticed you were out and so I haven’t prepared a tray for you, I hope you don’t mind if I return to make your breakfast in a few minutes?” He asked.
“That’s okay, I can make my own.” I said.
“I do insist Sir, it is my duty to serve Mrs. Jones and her guests. If you’ll excuse me there is some orange juice on the table for you.” Adrian said and left the kitchen.
I sat down finding that I was very thirsty, poured myself a glass of orange juice and emptied the glass before I knew it.
I gathered my thoughts, and then the events of the previous night came back to me, did I actually . . . Yes I did! Why did I not stop myself, I enjoyed striking Tania and then Sodom sing her, But that really was not me at all, was it?
I was still thinking this when Adrian returned, “Breakfast Sir?” He asked but I found I was not hungry.
“Not at the moment, do you mind if I just talked to you?” I said looking at him.
He looked slightly surprised but nodded, standing in front of me in an attentive attitude. I gestured to another chair where he reluctantly sat down.
“I shouldn’t really be doing this Sir . . . I’m supposed to remain standing when being spoken to Sir.” He protested.
“It’s my responsibility; you’re just obeying a guest’s instruction. Now what is your position here?” I said gently.
“I’m engaged to serve Mrs. Jones and her guests, my duties include preparing meals and generally tidying up the house along with the other staff.” He said brightly.
I shook my head, “That wasn’t really the question was it. Why do you serve Mrs. Jones?”
“It’s part of my contract with Funiculaireville, I’ve been a willful person and this is to teach me humility,” He looked at me, “It was either this or to be thrown out of Funiculaireville, I don’t want that to happen to me.”
“But what if your duties involve personal harm?” I asked.
“I’m allowed to refuse such duties Sir, the orphanage has invested a lot of money in me and they instruct that I can be punished for non-compliance but mutilation is not allowed.” He said with a puzzled look on his face.
“And are you expected to engage in sex acts with guests?” I asked – I was not that way inclined but needed to know.
“As long as no permanent damage is done to me then yes Sir, do you need to use me?” There was no change in his tone, as if this was a normal thing to ask.
“No, err, thank you Adrian. I take it it’s regarded as part of your normal duty here?” I asked - I was intrigued I must admit.
“On occasions, Mrs. Jones has asked me to take care of some of her guests as well as Miss Tania; I haven’t received any complaints from Mrs. Jones during my normal punishment sessions. If there had been then I would receive a more painful reminder of my duties to the household.” His voice showed a slight tone of pride, of a job well done.
“Finding out about my household are you John.” Janet entered the kitchen. Adrian quickly got to his feet and placed his hands behind his back.
I smiled at her, “Good morning Janet, I hope you didn’t keep my daughter up too late last night, and I must apologies for Adrian here, I told him to sit down.” I said to forestall any arguments that Janet may have made.
“If you told him to sit down then there’s no problem,” Janet said smiling, “But at the moment Tania is waiting for you, it seems she’s not allowed to remove a certain object without your permission, and she wants to get ready for school.”
I nodded, “Yes I did leave her with a . . . bit of a problem, I’d better see to her.” I went to my bedroom where Tania and Wendy were sitting on my bed talking. “A Good morning to you ladies. I hope you had a pleasant night sleep.” I asked them both.
“Yes thank you daddy, mummy Janet was very nice to me.” Wendy said and
“Nearly daddy John, but I need to use the toilet now.” Tania said turning around so that the butt-plug was visible.
“I don’t know, should I allow you to remove that or should you have to go to school with it in, twice in two days should be a record.” I said smiling at Tania’s expression and then relenting, “Come with me.” I said to her and let her to the bathroom.
She bent over the toilet as I eased the but-plug from her anus, I smiled as she quickly turned and sat down on the seat, not so much relieving herself than emptying herself of the stored mixture. “Thank you daddy John, that feels much better.” She said smiling at me as she did so.
I handed her the butt-plug and watched her as she washed it carefully, ensuring that all the detritus was removed and then she licked it to taste whether she had cleaned it properly. As she did not make a face, I assumed that the plug was clean enough.
“Brush your teeth now and then get dressed for school, don’t forget I’ll be checking.” I told her as I left the room to return to my bedroom.
Wendy was sitting on the bed her face showed sadness, I sat down beside her and asked her what was wrong. “You don’t love me any more, you love Tania now!” She said despondently.
I held her tight and kissed her forehead, “I do love you Wendy, you are my daughter, and I will always love you above all others.” I told her she looked at me as if checking my words and then hugged me with all her strength.
“Oh daddy, I do love you.” She said with tears in her eyes.
“I know my darling Wendy. Now you’ve got to go to school today, I want you to dress nicely and behave yourself, this time don’t do what Tania may tell you, she might try to play tricks on you.”
“Daddy John that’s mean! It’s expected to play tricks on newsiest students!” Tania said from the bathroom.
“What would happen if you arrived at school without your knickers today? Because that is what’s going to happen if you don’t promise to look after Wendy and protect her from any tricks?” I said giving Tania an evil grin.
“Daddy John! You wouldn’t, I’d have to stand in front of the school at dinner and recite some poetry.” She said but her eyes were sparkling with the thought.
“Poetry? That doesn’t sound too bad.” I said
Tania made a face, “It’s a translation of some Indian poems called Amarusataka, its all hard words.” She said and then added “After that it’s 10 from a paddle, again in front of the school. Miss Hawkins can really swing that paddle.” She finished and rubbed her ass in reflection.
“Well then that’s warning enough. Come on you two get dressed.” I told them and kissed them both. I watched them both run out of my room and into Wendy’s. I took the time to change my clothes.
While I dressed I thought about little things, like how did I know where the toys had been kept, also how did I know the names of such things, I’m sure I didn’t know them before yesterday!
Yesterday, What happened yesterday? I met Janet at the office and was introduced to the ‘Purple group’ . . . Purple, purple what was it that my dream mentioned? Purple markers Perhaps these people were just color prejudiced, purple color prejudiced!
I joined the girls and Janet downstairs in the dining room where Adrian had a cooked breakfast ready for the girls and me, Janet having already eaten.
“Did you enjoy your run this morning?” Janet asked as the girls ran for the bus, both with enough food for a battalion.
“I did, it helped to clear my mind.” I said in a cheerful voice.
“Oh . . . good!” Janet said but her tone was uncertain.
“Do you mind if I ask you a question?” I said pleasantly
“I don’t mind at all.” Janet said regarding me closely.
“Just what did happen to me during the aircraft trip, was I drugged? And was I examined for something?” I said, still keeping my voice neutral.
“I don’t understand what you’re talking about John. I know that there was a problem on the plane and that you were in hospital where you would have been examined to see what it was.” She said but there was something in the way she spoke that meant she was hiding something.
I stood up, “I’m sorry Janet, I think it would be better if I collected Wendy and we returned to England. I think I’m being manipulated and I don’t like it!” I said and went to leave the room.
“No John, please! I don’t want to lose you; Tania feels that you’re the one we need.” Janet said.
I shook my head, “I’m sorry Janet, I’m sure you wouldn’t like people interfering in your life, I certainly don’t!” I said but she grabbed hold of my arm.
“Please John, it’s not meant like that. You needed relaxing, that was all that was done.” Janet protested.
“RELAXING, It turned me into a ravaging monster. I deliberately whipped your daughter and then raped her! You call that relaxing. How did they program my knowledge into taws, the dog whips, butt-plugs, dildos, butterfly clips, clamps and me. I did not know anything about them, but here I am using them like an expert! That wasn’t relaxing, it was reprogramming.” I protested.
“Not reprogramming, just releasing information back into your mind.” Janet said.
“Right! So I’ve had this information in my brain, and then out of general interest your people decided to overcome my normal reactions and also open the doors to this data?” I asked.
“Something like that, I don’t know who’d be able to . . .” Janet began to say but the door opened and Adrian walked in, he stood slightly in front of Janet, his feet placed slightly apart but keeping him balanced. I recognized the stance; it was the same one that Su had taken before she defended Elizabeth.
I stood back away from the pair of them, Adrian looked apologetic, “I’m sorry Sir, but from the tone of your voice I believed my mistress is in danger.” He said, “I have alerted the appropriate people who will be here shortly.” He added.
“If they’re the packers then that’s good, I’m leaving Funiculaireville!” I said and, taking a circular route managed to leave the room. As I closed the door I heard Janet start to cry and “I am losing him . . . Adrian I need him, he is . . .” But the door cut off the rest of her words.
I ran upstairs and grabbed a suitcase, piling clothes into it; I wanted to leave this place! I had to leave this place! I ran into Wendy’s room and did the same there . . . Wendy! I would have to go to the school to take her out of the class.
I grappled with both suitcases and dragged them downstairs Janet was waiting there, tears in her eyes, “Please John, reconsider this. Tania needs you, the company needs you . . .” She stopped talking, unable to continue.
“I’m sorry Janet, I’m not going to be a lap dog obeying the whims of unknown people. I am going back home with my daughter, I am sorry for Tania and I feel guilty about what I did to her last night. I’ll still work for the company so there’s no loss there.” I said.
“ . . . I need you John. You showed me yesterday that you had a firm hand. It is something that I need. Daddy knew what to do and deep inside so do you. Please John reconsider what you’re doing.” Janet begged.
“No Janet, I’m sorry about you, I do like you. But I need to be myself.” I said and went outside . . . Where there was a black and white car with a blue light flashing on it. The two police officers, both female, had their guns out and pointed at me.
“MR. ARCHER, DROP THE CASES AND LIE DOWN ON THE GROUND.” The voice was amplified and had an air of authority about it although I did not see the person who spoke. The click of the guns was enough to tell me to listen to her.
I was on the floor in an instant, the two officers cautiously approached me, one kept her gun trained on me as the other placed handcuffs onto my wrists. She helped me rise to my feet and escorted me to their car.
They drove me back to the hospital, not the police station as I expected. They escorted into the lift and they pressed a button. The lift descended, which surprised me. In addition, the cuffs on my hands were taken off.
“We’re sorry about this Mr. Archer, but we have to consider the safety of Funiculaireville above everything else.” One of the officers said, as if that explained everything. Hers was another voice from my dream, so I took a chance.
“That’s okay nurse. I suppose the doctor will just wipe the past few days from my mind.” I said hearing her gasp in surprise.
The lift door opened and Elizabeth was standing there, her arms crossed. However, there was a smile on her face; at least it looked like a friendly smile. “I don’t think that’s going to be necessary John.” She said and turned to walk to a doorway, I followed her noticing that the two ‘police officers’ remained in the lift. We entered a room with a table and two chairs. Elizabeth sat in one and gestured to the other. “Now John, what do you want to ask?” She said.
“Let me get some things straightened out in my mind first.” I said and at Elizabeth’s nod, I started. “First the aero plane incident, both Wendy and I were drugged weren’t we?” I looked at Elizabeth who nodded her head. “Okay then, when the plane landed we were brought here for examination. I’m not sure what you were trying to find, but the name Purple seemed to be important, I remember a thing called the Purple gene?”
Elizabeth’s face showed concern, “I did read the report and it seemed to me that you weren’t really under while the secondary tests were done, in fact the nurse on duty did report that you were conscious at one stage.”
“Yes, the ‘police officer’ who was in the lift with me . . . I recognized her voice, I dreamed about her last night. Oh yes, was my performance alright?” I asked and at Elizabeth’s look I expanded, “After I was . . . what, reprogrammed? Programmed With the television trick yesterday, I spanked Tania, then simonized her and finally impaled her with a butt-plug. Most of which I would not normally do, I assume it was recorded for future blackmail?”
“It wasn’t programming, not as such. All we did was to suppress your normal responses. We were trying to show you that life here could be better. Tania was the main reason for your being here in the first place.” Elizabeth said and at my confused look she added, “Tania is your sponsor to remain in Funiculaireville.” As if that explained everything.
“But she’s only 12!” I said, “How can she be responsible enough? I would have thought that Janet would have been more involved.” Somehow, I managed to notice that I did not quibble about staying in Funiculaireville.
“Her age doesn’t matter, to her you have shown yourself willing to protect her against her enemies and to love her as she wants to be loved, even your spanking and other actions against her show her that. You must realize by now that we’re not a ‘normal’ town, we have a slight genetic problem.”
“You mean the Purple gene.” I asked but she shook her head.
“No, that was something found in another potential candidate, but it wouldn’t be suitable to allow him to remain in the town. No this genetic problem is different.” Elizabeth looked around as if seeking permission to continue speaking. “You see John, ever since our forefathers first came to this valley the birth rate has been abnormal. For every six girls born only one boy is born. Over the years we’ve tried to eliminate the problem, but nothing we’ve done will restore the balance.”
“Is it in the water? The soil?” I asked her.
“I mean we’ve tested everything, from the water to the sunlight, recently we tested for radiation, although that’s discounted as the children are perfectly healthy, although more precocious than worldwide norms.” She looked at me, unsmiling, “We need healthy men, in an effort to overcome this effect . . . but somehow I don’t think that would work, since all the females here would be already affected. But we never give up on this.”
She waited a moment for this to sink into me. “So you want me for what? A sperm bank?” I asked her
She shook her head again, “Not at all, I will admit that any additions to the gene pool is always welcomed. No we need you to keep Janet sane!” I think that was not what I expected because my mouth dropped open. “I mean it John, Janet required a firm guidance when she was young and without it she’s liable to break down, how was she yesterday?”
I thought back, “Like a young child anxious to please her father, and thinking she hadn’t. She almost asked me to spank her.”
Elizabeth nodded, “A request that you acted on, did you have to really think about what you were doing?” She said.
“Well . . . No, I did just what I thought she needed. I also ordered her to leave her work for others to get on with.” I added.
“Which is what we’ve been trying to do for ages, ever since David left her in fact. She looked after Tania, but could not keep away from her work. Yesterday was the first break she’s taken.” Elizabeth looked me straight in the eyes. “When we were contacted she was an emotional wreck, she’s starting to depend on you John. So I have to ask you, on behalf of the Funiculaireville Council, will you stay here to look after Janet and Tania? We can offer you protection from your wife’s former lover for both you and Wendy.”
I snorted, “It must be expert protection indeed, I mean Tania was kidnapped and taken to England, all under you noses!” I said
“He was allowed to kidnap Tania, it was a risk but she knew what to do if anything like this did happen. Our people were about to raid the room where the three of them were, but Tania managed to escape. That was the only time we lost contact with her. We would have taken her away from you just after she called us, but she told us that she was safe and had found someone who she liked.” At my quizzical look she said, “When she gave her name she said she was Tania WILLIAMS not Jones. Her mother’s maiden name.” Elizabeth smiled, “was she right? Would you do anything to help her?”
I had to think about that! Could I really leave Tania and Janet? Was I angry with them? No, not with Janet or Tania “I don’t want any interference with me again!” I said realizing that I was handing my life over to this town.
“I think that would be okay, but you realize that you may be called on by the council to act on their behalf.” Elizabeth said.
“In what? Company business or something else,” I asked her.
“It could be almost anything! It’s part of the price of staying here which is what we want you do decide to do.” Elizabeth said watching me closely.
“But I’ve got a life and job back home. Why should I want to stay here?” I countered.
“Just think about it, please John. That’s all I’m asking.” She said throwing the whole lot back at me.
“Alright then, I think about it. But please no more meddling about with my mind, I think I might just leave if that happens again.” I said admitting defeat, I did like the town, after the little bit, I’d seen of it and after everything I think Wendy was enjoying it as well . . . could I be an ogre and drag her back to England right now?
“Good. Now there are two things I want you to do. The first is go back to Janet; show her that she is not at fault in this. Believe me she needs that reassurance.” I nodded my understanding – I suppose she did not intend for me to be brainwashed by the town. Then Elizabeth dropped the other shoe. “Then this afternoon you will go to Abigail’s house as you promised her you would. I won’t tell you what to do there,” She smiled, “I’m sure you’ll already know what to do.”
She stood up, “Now John I do understand how you feel, I’d feel the same in your position. Please believe me when I say it was only to help you, and that’s why it was done.”
“To help me? But it caused more problems than it cured!” I protested.
Elizabeth shook her head, “Not really it allowed us to have this little chat.” She smiled and indicated the door, “You’ll be taken back now John, if you feel troubled again just call me, and my number is in the book.”
I returned to the lift and pressed the call button. I was thinking about what Elizabeth said to me, waiting for the lift that would talk me up to the ground floor as the doors opened. There was a woman in the lift she smiled at me.
“Did you require a lift Mr. Archer?” It was the taxi driver.
Part 20
I was sitting in the back of the cab thinking about what Elizabeth had told me, I realized that I’ve been doing a lot of thinking recently and had nothing to show for it, maybe I should consider living here? There was nothing really in England! I had Wendy here with me, what else did I want? The driver interrupted my musings.
“Deep thoughts?” She asked while keeping her attention to the road.
“You could say that.” I said distantly.
“I know! It is the council butting into your private life! They think they know it all and that they have the right! Hah! I could tell you stories of people they’ve changed.” She laughed
“And what about those people? What happened to them?” I asked intrigued.
“Oh most of them went on to great things!” She said, “Well the ones who listened did anyway.”
“And the ones who didn’t?” I had to ask.
“We don’t hear of them anymore! That David Jones, he was one of those . . . look what happened to him!” She laughed and turned the wheel to go up the driveway to Janet’s house, “Yes sire, I reckon that it pays to listen to council I suppose.” She said as she stopped the car.
I opened the door and was stopped once more, “Look after her John Argent, the town needs Janet and Amanda.”
“I suppose I’ve nothing to contribute.” I said with a wry smile on my lips.
“If you only kept them happy that would be enough, but I think you’re going to do more than that! Goodbye for now, I’ll pick you up at half Two.” I almost asked why but then remembered Elizabeth’s orders.
“Are you the only cab around here?” I asked smiling.
“Oh no, I’m just the best around here.” She said and, after waiting for me to get out of the car first, she drove off leaving me on the steps to Elizabeth’s house.
Adrian opened the door. “Welcome back sir, I’ve taken the suitcases back to your rooms, but I should tell you that my mistress is most distressed.”
“Where is Janet? I would have thought she’d be at work.” I must admit that I was concerned.
“She’s upstairs in her bedroom, she went up there just after you were taken away. She blames herself completely for your being taken away . . . she won’t answer the door.” He added softly.
I entered the house and went up to Janet’s bedroom, I tried the handle but the door locked. “Janet?” I called out but received no answer, so I tried again, “Janet, will you open this door?” I asked politely from the corner of my eye I could see some of the house staff watching me and I received no answer. “Janet I’m not going to ask again, open this door now.”
“No, go away!” Came the reply along with the sound of Janet’s sobbing.
I looked towards the stairs where Adrian was standing, watching me. I went to him, “Adrian I’m going to break down Janet’s door. When I do are you going to stop me and defend Janet?” I asked him.
He shook his head. “No sir, I understand what you’re doing, this morning you were being slightly irrational, so I had to defend my mistress.” He said looking embarrassed.
I held his shoulder, making him look at me. “You did the right thing. I was angry but it was not at Janet. Now as you said she is blaming herself, I am going to show her that she was not at fault. But I don’t want anyone to interfere with me.”
Adrian smiled, “Certainly sir, will you require luncheon later on?” He asked as if I had said I was going jogging.
“Yes please, but it better be something light, there are plans for me this afternoon.” I said and went back to Janet’s door.
“Janet will you open this door for me?” I asked.
“No. I helped hurt you. I’m useless” I heard from inside, well if she was going to be childish so could I.
“Little Pig, Little Pig, let me come in” I said.
“Then I’ll huff, I’ll puff, and I’ll blow your door in!” I said in a gruff voice.
“Don’t you dare," Janet said, but I did not hear any sound of her moving.
I drew in a deep breath and took several steps back from the door; I then charged the door - . . . in stories the hero would hit the door which would spring open, but not in this case, whoever built this house was prepared for most things, including the shoulder of a man!
“SHIT! SHIT, DAMN and BLAST!” I said as the pain hit me and I started to rub my shoulder.
I heard the door unlock and Janet was there concern on her face. “Oh John, I’ve done it again!” She said as she helped me into the bedroom, I looked back to see Adrian’s smirking face as he watched me.
Janet placed me on her bed and stood in front of me crying. “Oh John, I am sorry, so sorry” She kept on saying.
“Sorry for what? I’m the one who threw his shoulder to that door, not you.” I said trying not to flinch as she drew my shirt off.
“But I didn’t open the door when you told me to, I should have done!” She said, which was rather irrational of her I thought.
“Janet this is your house! You have as much right to lock your door as anyone else! Now why did you?” I asked her – okay I was not rational either, first telling her it was okay to lock her door and then demanding to know why she did!
She started to cry, “Well . . . I made you cross when I took Wendy from you last night. And then there was the way you walked out, I know it was my fault, I should have told Adrian not to call for help, I’ve driven you away from here.” She was not being very coherent I must say.
“No Janet! First of all, I was not annoyed at you. It was the way I allowed myself to be influenced by that little television trick last night. I knew that if I was able to be taken over like that while I was here I’d be a threat to Amanda, Wendy and you . . . I don’t want that! So the safest thing I could do is to leave.” I could see Janet was watching me and as I said the last she started to shake her head, I reached to her and held her hands. “I didn’t really want to leave either of you, but I was so angry that I had to do something. So you see it wasn’t your fault at all, it was mine.”
“But I wanted you to stay . . . I would have done anything to make you stay, it must have been my fault!” Janet protested.
“Not at all, you . . .” I started but was interrupted.
“It was! It’s always my . . .”
“Janet no! Its . . .”
“I just can’t . . .”
“JANET STOP!” I said, and quickly got to my feet and held her. “You are being too harsh on yourself,” A thought struck me, “That’s my job.”
“Do . . . do you . . . mean that?” Janet asked me suddenly going soft on me. I looked around and found a straight-backed chair, which I started moving us to,
“If you want me to, I mean it’s not your boardroom, and we haven’t got the risk of people walking in on us. But this time I can undress you first.” I said smiling.
“Oh John, you couldn’t.” She said struggling in my arms.
“You can’t say that to me.” I said as my fingers found her buttons and started undoing them.
“I’ll scream and struggle! Somebody’s bound to come and find out what’s happening.” She said in order to stop me.
“Go ahead, I’ve already told Adrian what I’m going to do and he’s prepared the rest of the staff, so go on, let’s hear your full range.” I said as I reduced her to bra and panties. You know her figure was not too bad; she had kept herself in shape.
“You know I think that after I’ve given you a few smacks I might see what toys you have around here.” I said in a gentle tone feeling her shiver against me.
“You wouldn’t dare use the floggers in the third drawer down over there.” She said indicating a chest of drawers in the corner of the room.
“I’ve told you before Janet, never dare me!” I said and sat down on the chair pulling her down with me. I was glad she could not see me smile, she had told me where to find her floggers so that I wouldn’t waste time looking for them.
“No John! That hurts . . . Please don’t,” She shouted out with each blow causing me to pause after the third strike.
“Really Janet, Amanda was much better at this than you are, now I don’t want to hear another word until these last three are finished.” I told her and then applied them, even harder than before. This time Janet was able to contain herself.
I got up from the chair and lowered Janet to the floor; she stayed on her knees rubbing her ass, which had turned red. I went to the drawer she had indicated, there was a wide number of whips, floggers, plugs and other items. I picked up a small dog-whip and a glove made of kid-leather.
I then looked at her bed, like Amanda’s and Wendy’s there were eyebolts going up each of the posts, I went through the drawer and found some strips of leather. I gave Janet a smile and then beckoned to her. “Come here Janet, you’re in need of support.” I said
She made a show of reluctantly walking to me, I held out my hands and took hers, then held both of hers in one hand. I quickly tied her hands with one of the leather straps, making sure they were tightly held. I then led her to her bed, making her stand by one of the posts.
I kissed her hands and then raised them above her head, and then I tied her wrists to the post so that her face was against the post. “But John I can’t see what you’re going to do.” She protested.
“Oh yes. That’s right, I did forget.” I said and quickly found a blindfold, which I fitted around her eyes.
“Oh! John. Now I can’t see at all!” She protested.
“That’s the idea, guess what’s going to happen now?” I asked her and quietly moved into position.
“Well I suppose you’re going to . . . OW!” I cracked the whip against her back, seeing the mark of the lash appearing in a red line.
“Were you right?” I asked her, moving around so that she could not tell where I was.
“Yes you bastard.” She said but her tone belied her words.
“Such language,” I said bringing the whip down twice on her skin, I noticed that it did not cut her but just marked her skin. “You know I should turn you around so that you’d really feel the blows.” I said into her ear, she shivered as she heard this and seemed to relax.
I gave her a few more blows, I did not really want to hurt her, and then I quietly put the whip down, I put on the glove and started to rub it over her back.
“Oh daddy that feels so good, you haven’t done that in years!” She said - obviously she was living out some fantasy in her mind, I did not speak so as not to ruin her dream.
I worked my way down her back and onto her warmed ass. Caressing her flesh with the glove, I found she was pushing her ass back towards me. “Please daddy, please.” She was saying hoarsely, I unzipped my trousers and moved behind her, bringing the glove around to her front and into her pubic hair.
I opened her pussy and then pulled her back onto me, guiding my penis inside her. She began to move her body, I did not have to do anything – just stand there while she did all the work that was not to say I did not help her. I kept on massaging her breasts with both the glove and my other, naked, hand.
Three times, she paused while she climaxed before I started to add to her pleasure by spurting deep inside her.
I pulled out of her body and left her there, hanging from her arms. I cleaned the whip and then the glove and returned them to the drawer. I gently removed the blindfold and kissed her on her lips, she returned the kiss hungrily, as if inviting me to do more . . . but I had to other plans.
There was a discrete knock at the door, I adjusted my clothing and went to the door, and opening it Adrian was standing there with a tray in his hands. “I took the liberty of having this prepared for both yourself and Mistress Janet, I hope that was alright?” He said, taking no notice of his mistress’s position or dress.
I smiled at him, “Thank you Adrian, I do feel slightly puckish and I’m sure Janet does as well.” I said.
Adrian placed the tray on a sideboard before moving a small table over to the bed; he then retrieved the tray and placed it on the table. He turned and left the bedroom, all the while taking no, overt, interest in Janet’s position.
I looked at the tray, there were two cups and some sandwiches there, and I picked up one and held it in front of Janet’s mouth. She opened her mouth and accepted the morsel I allowed her to have.
She looked at me, “Where did you learn to do this?” She asked.
I shook my head, “I don’t know, whether it’s something that was programmed into me or just natural talent, I think it’s more of the former than the latter, I’d never been able to use a whip like that before.” I said.
“Is that bad?” She asked me.
I considered this, “Hell, yes! It means that I’m easy to program, just like some dammed computer.”
“But we’re all like that John!” Janet said, “That’s all our brains are just organic computers, it’s up to us on how we use the data.” She added trying to ease the subject.
I nodded my head, it is an old concept but it seems they have been taking it to heart here. “Alright so all I have to do is access the relevant information and it’s like I’ve always known it.” I said.
Janet nodded, “Not only on bondage. How’s the company doing?” She asked.
“Not bad, the profits are high and the staff turnover is low, we should however consider closing the Detroit factory as it’s producing less chips for the outlay that’s been placed on it…” I paused as I realized that I had all the information on hand and, something that did astound me, was able to interpret it into meaningful words.
Janet smiled as if I was a child just reciting my first set of ABC’s “You see John, it’s not just having the knowledge, it’s knowing how to apply it! That is something that is beyond anybodies abilities to implant the raw material has to be there in the first place. It’s what Amanda saw in you.” She said.
“And that’s why she sponsored me to come here.” I said.
“Oh no, that wasn’t the reason.” Janet said but then stopped herself from saying anything further.
I realized that between us we had finished off the food on the tray. I helped Janet to drink the coffee that had been supplied and then I was ready for the next round. This time I undressed completely so that I was in the same state as Janet.
I untied her hands and helped her to lie on the bed, this time I fastened her legs to the posts at the foot of the bed and then her arms to the headboard, finding eyes there ready for me. Janet was now it a ‘Y’ shape
I remembered a story on how the hero had tortured his victim with . . . feathers, yes that was it, but where would I get . . . I went to Janet’s wardrobe and opened it; she had a large walk in affair. I went into it and started inspecting the clothes. I found a dress, blue with peacock feathers on it; some had broken off and were lying on the ground. I picked one up and returned to Janet.
She watched me as I approached her, she could tell that I was planning something as she tried to struggle out of her bonds. When I produced the feather, she relaxed and smiled a smile that was soon wiped off her face as I started to brush her nipples with it.
“No! No, please John! No!” she screamed out as the tickling got worse then I moved the feather lower down her stomach and to her neatly trimmed bush. She tried to kick her legs to stop me.
“Now Janet, it’s only a feather,” I start moving it over her clit, “What harm can a feather do to anyone?” I asked her as moved my free hand to open her pussy, “I mean it’s just little wisps stroking your flesh . . . what can be bad about that?” I added.
“Please John you don’t know what it’s doing to me!” Janet tried to persuade me but I was not listening to her.
“But I can see what it’s doing to you Janet. I think it’s making you aware of your body.” I could see the feather starting to get wet as Janet’s pussy started to moisten so I began moving it faster, first on her clit and then down the slit of her pussy.
I watched her face as she began to feel the effects on her body, a blush began building up from her breasts and she started to breathe faster. Just when she was going to cum I pulled away from her and let her relax . . . then I started again, building her up until I stopped again, this earned me a glare from her.
“Please John, let me . . . please let me!” She said, this time I allowed her to climax from just the effect of the feather. I then lay besides her lightly touching her breasts as I did so.
“So Janet, you’re not going to blame yourself for anything I do will you.” I said to her and then lightly kissed her breast nearest me.
“Of course not John, I mean I can’t really fire the CEO of the company can I.” Janet said softly.
I raised my head to look at her, “You’re joking aren’t you? I can’t do that job, it’s yours.” I said.
She shook her head, “Oh no John, I promised my father that I’d look after the company until I found a man who really knew how to control me. David almost was that man, but he couldn’t cope with life here . . . I know you can.” She said smiling at me. “Now show me how you’d manage a complaint!” She added.
What else could I do, I moved myself so that I was between her legs and entered her. “So what’s the problem madam?” I said thrusting myself forward.
“Well, I think my co-worker is trying to use me as a sex object.” She said managing to move herself against me.
“Do you want him to stop?” I asked
“Hell no, I want him to keep on doing it.” She said laughing.
“You know Janet I think I’ll keep you tied up like this until Amanda and Wendy comes home, and let them play with you until I get back.” I said
“Back from where?” Janet asked.
“I’m supposed to be meeting a young woman I met in the hospital. Abigail’s her name.” I said.
“Oh her! Yes I know her, I suggest you take the taws with you, she’s got a reputation you know.” Janet said smiling at some secret joke.
“What reputation?” I asked.
“You’ll see. But not just yet as I’m about to cum again.” Janet said as she started to climax. I managed to bring her through another one before I also started to cum,
After that, I went to her bathroom and brought back a towel, which I used to wipe her down, and then started to dress, she looked at me from her position. “What about me?” She asked.
“I told you, I’m leaving you like that . . . if you need to use the toilet I’ll send Adrian in to take care of you, I’ll also let him use the flogger on you on occasions if you want.” I said watching as the idea washed over her and made her shiver slightly.
“John, you wouldn’t dare.” She said and I could see the smile on her lips.
“Janet I did tell you, never say that to me.” I said and left the room whistling.
Part 21
The sound of the taxicab’s horn sounded as I opened the door. The driver smirked because of the way I looked. “Did you have a party?” She asked me, as promised it was the same driver as this morning.
“Not really, but I feel like I have.” I said suppressing a yawn.
“And how is Janet feeling now?” She asked laughing.
“Oh . . . she’s tied up at the moment, but I think when the girls get home she’ll be having more fun.” I said remembering how I’d left Janet spread-eagled on the bed, I did escort her to the toilet and then back to the bed where she let me restrain her. The look on her face when I handed Adrian the flogger was a remarkable sight.
I heard a snigger from the front of the car, “I can imagine.” She said, and then she added, “So what have you decided?”
“Sorry?” I asked, always quickly on the response.
“About staying here in Funiculaireville, Are you going to?” She asked.
“Why? Looking for a chauffeurs job,” I replied.
“Hell son, I’m enjoying this too much, but I’d like to know if I’m going to have to take you to the airfield soon.” She said.
“That’s the problem. Would I be allowed to leave, even if I wanted to?” I said but a part of me was asking me ‘did I really want to leave?’
“I’m sure you’d be able to go, they’d have to alter your memories slightly but that would mean you’d have to let them into your brain. They’d never do it without your consent any more.” She said.
There was a manner in the way she spoke that rang warning bells in my mind, how did she know so much? “You know you’re not what I expected in a taxi driver, I mean you seem to know so much about this fabled council. What exactly are you?”
“Ah, that took more time than I thought! I am the welcome wagon, son. It’s up to me whether we take you in or throw you back to the sharks . . . and believe you me there are sharks aplenty out there waiting for you.” She said and her manner altered slightly, more commanding. “But now I’m just making up my mind. So sit back and enjoy the ride.”
She turned and engaged the gears. We left Janet’s house with my mind whirling.
Abigail’s house was in, what must be called, the suburbs, but still looked better than some of the houses you would see on American television, more like Samantha’s house in Bewitched.
I approached the door, which was opened for me. Abigail was wearing a two-piece swimming costume when she angered the door. “You came! I’m so glad.” She said I did not have the heart to tell her that I had been ordered to go, she was so excited for some reason.
“I’ve got everything we need downstairs.” She told me and almost pulled me in, I looked back to see the driver smiling at me.
As I entered the house I noticed that it was tidy . . . no almost fanatically in order. Abigail noticed my look and said, “I’m sorry for the mess.” She pointed to a newspaper that was lying on the floor. “I should have picked it up before you came,” She smiled and quickly tidied up the ‘mess’, then she placed her hands behind her back, “You’re going to have to punish me for that I suppose?” She said.
I now knew that like most of the people around here she was a masochist at heart, wanting punished . . . “Of course little girl, now where shall I do this?” I asked her, she smiled slightly and beckoned to me.
“Down here, everything’s prepared.” She said and opened a door to the basement. “Mind the steps, don’t want you to hurt yourself.” She warned.
I smiled as I followed her down the steps where I found a complete dungeon had been built, but what took my eye was the fact that there was a nude young girl stretched out on the rack, her mouth covered by a large gag, she looked to be 10 or eleven years old.
“Who is this?” I asked Abigail.
“Oh that’s my sister Tanya, she didn’t think you’d be coming today, but asked to be here just in case.” Abigail smiled and leaned in closer, “She’s been listening to stories that Amanda’s been telling about you and wants to know if they’re right.”
“I’m sure I don’t know what she’s been on about.” I said but sounded smug as I said it.
“Awe. She is going to be so disappointed I even got a lash ready for her, she pointed to a wide leather belt hanging by the bound girl. “I promised her that you’d be as good a daddy would have been.”
“What happened to your father?” I asked envisioning another escapee from Funiculaireville. However, Abigail replied softly.
“He got hurt at the factory, a block of metal dropped onto him . . . I was at the hospital when he died.” I could see tears in her eyes as she remembered the time. I hugged her.
“I’m sorry Abigail, I shouldn’t have asked.” I said lamely.
“No, you needed to know why daddy wasn’t looking after us.” She said drying her eyes. “Mummy’s had to work even harder to keep us, she hasn’t got time to look after us as well!” She said. She stood away from me and dried her eyes. “I’m sorry sir, I shouldn’t burden you with my problems.”
I knew that now she was back in her self assigned role of victim. “That’s right, now where should I put you until I’m ready?” I said out loud looking around. I noticed there were several hooks in the ceiling and a set of manacles joined together with a heavy chain. These I picked up and attached to Abigail’s unresisting wrists.
I had to lift her slightly to get the hooks to hold onto the chain, for a victim Abigail was very accommodating. “Now let’s see to little sister.” I said and walked to the rack. Although Tanya was bound to the frame, she was not tautly held. I walked around the rack inspecting her.
I noticed that she was wearing a pendant and remembered the warnings I had received about it. I removed Tanya’s gag. “Well Tanya? How far do you want to go with this?” I asked her
“Please sir Abigail didn’t tell me anything, she brought me down here, I thought I was going to play, but then she went upstairs and waited for you, she told me that you were going to rape me. But I don’t want you to . . . I’m wearing the pendant . . . you can’t rape me.” She said and I could see real tears on her face.
I carefully wiped her eyes and squatted down so that she could see my face. “Tanya I will not rape you, your body is safe from that. But do you want to be tortured?” I asked her.
“If you promise you won’t poke me with that cock of yours then . . . yes please.” She said giving me a small smile. I looked around the room. I saw what seemed to be a leather thong bikini bottom, the leather was rigid and curved as if made for a girl to wear. I picked it up and drew it up Tanya’s legs, finding that the leather cupped her vulva exactly. In addition, would act as a chastity belt, the leather going through her ass cheeks.
“Thank you master. I thought you were going to . . .” She started to say but I put the gag back in her mouth.
“ I would like you to be quiet young lady!” I turned to Abigail. “Now what do you have to say for yourself?” I asked her.
“She’s such a wimp. When I was the same age as she is daddy had already shown me the joys of being held and raped. She’d been wearing that pendant for too long.” She finished.
“That is her choice isn’t it? She’s the one who should feel comfortable with sex, she shouldn’t be rushed into anything.” While I had been talking I was attaching more straps to Abigail’s feet and then tying them apart, hearing her gasp as I stretched her.
I took the lash from the rack and walked behind Abigail. “What do you say to your sister?” I asked her. “I’m not saying anything to . . . her!” Abigail said as the lash landed. I liked the way that it wrapped itself around her hips and seemed to seek out her pussy.
“I’m sorry Abigail, I didn’t quite hear you.” I said in an easy tone.
“I . . . I said I’m not . . . sorry. Fuck that hurt!” She said.
“But Abigail that’s what you wanted me to do to your sister. Just hit her a few times and then rape her wasn’t it?” I said mildly.
“No, no it wasn’t anything like that!” Abigail started to say and watched as I walked around to her front. “What . . . what are you going to do?”
“Well it’s not nice to just concentrate on one side of you, I should even things out, don’t you think?” I said and then struck out with the lash on her breasts, hearing the slap as the lash landed.
“Oh god . . .” Abigail said, but then I struck her again. “Oh shit . . . please don’t hit me again . . . I’m sorry, I’m sorry Tracy. I did not know the lash was so bad! Please don’t . . . don’t . . .”
I put the lash down, walked to Tracy, and removed her gag. “Well Tracy? Should I stop hitting her with the lash? I see you’ve got a wide assortment of things I could use instead.”
“Please sir, I’m sure Abigail didn’t mean anything.” Tracy said, but I knew she was trying to help her sister.
I shook my head, “So you wanted me to rape you did you?” I said placing my hand on her breast and squeezing it slightly.
She drew in a breath and then dropped her head. “No sir.” She said softly.
“So you were lying to me weren’t you?” I said gently.
“Yes sir.” She said.
“You have to be punished for lying, you do realize that don’t you?” I asked her placing my fingers under her chin and making her raises her head.
“Yes sir.” She quietly said.
“How old are you Tanya?” I asked her.
“Eleven, sir.” Tanya said her eyes showing fear at my mention of punishment.
“Very well Tanya, now remember I have promised not to rape you there’s no need to worry, I will hit you, but that’s all.” I said to her quietly so that Abigail would not hear me.
Tanya gave me a small smile of gratitude but was still apprehensive as I went behind her. I tested the rack and gave the wheel a turn pulling Tanya tighter on the frame, but not enough to strain her arms.
“Now Tanya, I’m going to hit you and you’re going to count each one as they land. If you stop then I’ll start again, so don’t stop until I tell you.” I said seeing her nod her understanding.
I used my bare hand on her ass, not a light strike but enough to just hurt her and to redden her ass-cheeks, alternating on each one as I did so.
“One . . . Two . . . Three . . . OW! Err Four.” She said I paused.
“That was almost a stop there wasn’t it?” I asked her
“No sir, it was just that it hurt me sir, I didn’t stop honest.” Tanya said.
“Alright I’ll let that one pass, now what number were we on?” I said
“Six sir.” She said quietly.
“No Tanya! We’ll start again then.” I said I was going to stop at eleven but I would carry on to 20.
“OW, One . . . Two . . . OW, Three . . . Four . . . Five . . . OW Six.” She counted on each strike, giving an occasional moan of pain. I completed the set of 20.
“There now Tanya, that wasn’t so bad? Was it?” I said to her.
“No . . . no, sir.” She said.
“Right, now I’m just going to see to your little tits and then I’ll return to your sister.” I said to her.
She tried to struggle but the frame held her too much. I smiled at her face and then went onto my knees so that my face was in line with her torso. “You don’t have to be frightened Tanya, sometimes what may be called punishment is really pleasure in disguise.” I said to her as I pressed my hands on her small breasts.
The problem with young girls is that their breasts, when forming, are very tender and even the lightest touch on them can be painful and I could see Tanya wincing as I press on them.
“You see how that hurts.” I said to her and she nodded, “Now for the pleasure.” I said and bent forward, taking one in my mouth, sucking it until I felt it react, becoming engorged. Then I turned my attention to the other one, doing the same.
I again rubbed her breasts seeing her face clear as the pleasure began to make it self felt. “That’s funny sir, it feels so nice . . . you’re not going to hit them are you?” She asked fearfully.
“No Tanya, I don’t want to mark such pretty little tits. I will reserve that for when I attend to your sister. Now I’m going to release you, I expect you to go upstairs to your bedroom and relax until I’ve finished down here, alright?” I said to her.
“Yes sir, what will you do afterwards,” She asked me.
“I’ll probably go home; I’ve got a daughter of my own to see to yet.” I said smiling.
“I thought you’d be doing something else to me later.” She said her face lowered so that I could not see her eyes.
“Tanya, you are wearing that pendant. You know why and I know why. If anyone tries to do anything to you then you can call blue murder and expect people to help you. Until you decide that you want to have full sex with anyone, you are untouchable. So I won’t be doing anything to you like that at all.” I said while releasing the ratchets on the rack so that her arms and legs were loosened. I helped her off the rack and steadied her on her feet. Letting her get her balance before I sent her upstairs with a quick swat on her ass,
Part 22
I turned back to Abigail. “That was a nasty thing you tried to do, wasn’t it?” I said to her.
“I . . . I don’t know what you mean.” Abigail said, but her eyes were looking around for escape.
“Yes you do! It’s just that you weren’t aware that I knew about the pendants and what they mean . . . And so you set up your sister and me to break the law.”
“But I . . . I mean . . . Tanya . . . That is . . .” Abigail tried to say but I had moved behind her and picked up a flogger, this was in the form of a hand, with wide spread fingers and a handle, which I grasped firmly.
“Abigail was still protesting her innocence when I brought the flogger down onto her ass, it gave a satisfying ‘SPLAT’ as it struck her ass causing the girl to give a slight scream with the pain.
“What’s this? So early in the game, I’ve only just begun your punishment.” I said using my newly discovered skills to warm up Abigail’s ass.
“No, please sir . . . don’t . . . it hurts, I’m sorry, I’m sorry.” She said.
“I bet you’re sorry, you’re sorry you were found out, weren’t you.” I said taking a slight breather.
“It wasn’t like that sir, honest!” Abigail said.
“Honest? I think you’d better tell me, but after I get you some jewelry.” I said smiling at her.
“Jewelry?” She stammered.
“Of course, what every girl needs . . .” I said finding two matching nipple clamps which I held up for Abigail to see. “Now hold still or they’re going to hurt . . . even more than they’ll hurt!” I added smiling at her.
“Oh no . . . daddy put them on me some years ago. It was so painful I promised him he could use my ass that night.” Abigail said fear now sounding in her voice.
“Did you have a pendant?” I asked her wondering how she could not have stopped him, but she shook her head.
“No, daddy told me I didn’t deserve one, and . . . and then he . . . he . . . took away the reason for needing a pendant.” She started to cry I was beginning to understand her, this was the reason for her actions, “I think he was going to do the same to Tanya, he was starting her on cock-sucking the same week he died . . . boy was she lucky!” there was a bitterness in her voice as she spoke about Tanya, envy perhaps?
“And so you decided that she needed to learn the same lesson?” I asked her.
She nodded, “Well, you’ve just arrived here and I . . . I thought that it was the right time to show Tanya what she should know!”
I paused in attaching the nipple clamps. Abigail deserved punishment, but only for what she tried to do to Tanya, it was only what she had been shown when she was younger that was dictating her actions. “So why do so many people know about you and your likings?” I asked her.
She swallowed and then looked at me, “Since . . . since daddy died I’ve been . . . going to places . . . where man would tie me up and whip me. I needed it so badly . . . I do not know why?” she told me.
I gave a small smile and held her face – well her cheek then, but I did not want to give anyone strange ideas – I knew why but I did not say anything about it. “So you started to hire yourself out to sadists?” I asked her she nodded.
Although I did not like doing it now, but I had to continue, I carried on putting the clamps onto her nipples – she needed it now! I tightened each one until she started to shake her head with the pain. I picked up a dog-whip and stood in front of her.
“Now Abigail I don’t mind you seeking our people to hit you, that’s between you and them. What I will not stand for is you trying to make Tanya in your image. Everyone is different remember that!” I said and struck her on both breasts before bringing the whip up between her legs.
“OH GOD! THAT HURTS!” She cried out with the pain and then she shook her head, that shake went down her torso, shaking the nipple clamps, causing her more pain. She drew in a breath and then, amazingly, she smiled at me. “Thank you master for showing me the error of my ways!”
I placed my hand on her pussy, feeling the heat of the single stroke still there, and also the moistness of her as her body reacted to the pain. I shook my head at her. “Now then I think it’s time for something different.” I went to the toy box and looked inside it.
“Well . . . look here! I didn’t know any of these existed!” I had found a metal dildo with a gap near the head; looking further, I found its controller, a simple thing with just one push button. Somehow, I knew that while the button was pressed the dildo was ‘safe’ but once released . . . well there was a lead and socket which when plugged into the mains . . .
I brought it to Abigail’s view and heard her breathe in sharply as she recognized it. “Oh no, please no daddy . . . I don’t want to, please daddy no.” Although her eyes were watching me she was not looking at me, she was back in memory. I had to steel myself to continue.
I plugged in the lead and found a nearby socket. I ‘armed’ the dildo and placed it on a table, Abigail was watching it all the time. It was known as ‘The Shocker’, because that was what it was designed to do – I did not know how I knew all this, because I also knew that they were no longer made!
I pressed the button hearing the dildo start to whine as it built up the power. “Keep watching Abigail because this is very important.” I showed her the controller, “Now soon I’ll let you hold this in your hands. But I warn you keep the button pressed in or otherwise . . . “ I released the button and the dildo started to vibrate on the table, then sparks began to bridge the gap at the top of the dildo as an electric charge flowed between the two poles. I could see Abigail’s eyes widen.
“Please daddy, please . . . I’ll be good, I’ll be better than good . . . only don’t daddy please don’t . . . I don’t want to . . . not again . . . please daddy.” Abigail was babbling away now. Should I do this to her . . .?
I pressed the button to stop the discharge and picked up the dildo from the table, while I obstructed Abigail’s view I disconnected the shocker part of the dildo leaving the vibrator active. I then pushed the dildo into the seventeen-year-old pussy. She opened her mouth in a silent scream as I pushed it home. Then I handed her the controller, taking her thumb and placing it on the button. I activated the charger hearing the dildo whine again.
“Now Abigail, I’m going to make a phone call. So I’m leaving you alone with your little toy, just remember don’t let go of the button!” It took me everything I could muster just to leave that thing inside her, hearing the whine of the charger, even though I knew it would not shock her.
I could hear her sobs as I walked up the steps, I knew that there was no way that Abigail would be able to keep the button pressed down for too long.
I found the telephone and dialed a number, one that I was becoming too familiar with, I spoke quickly to the person who answered and then hung up.
I went upstairs to where I could hear crying coming from a bedroom, I knocked on the door. After receiving no answer, I knocked again. “Com . . . come in?” Tanya said.
I opened the door, “It’s me Tanya, John Archer. Are you alright?” I asked the young girl.
She nodded but did not answer me. I sat on the bed beside her. “It’s alright Tanya, I’m not going to do anything to you, I promise.” I said giving her a smile.
Her face cleared slightly and she moved closer to me. “I don’t understand. Why did she do that to me?” She asked me.
I reached out to Tanya and held her, “It’s not really her fault Tanya, it’s something that happened to her some time ago, when she was even younger than you are now.” I said.
“Was . . . was it something that daddy did to her?” Tanya asked quietly.
I nodded, “Yes Tanya, it was . . . I’m not sure what he did to her but it . . . changed her way of thinking.” I was not sure how to explain this to Tanya; I was not the expert,
“But she will be alright . . . won’t she?” Tanya asked me.
“I don’t know Tanya . . . I just don’t know.” In addition, I held her as she started to cry again, after a few minutes she began to talk again.
“Daddy wasn’t a . . . nice man. … He’d made me suck his thingy,” She said softly, “That’s why I wear the pendant, so that I won’t have to do that anymore.” She added and sobbed a bit more, “Then . . . then today Abigail said you were coming and that I could watch you . . . when she took me downstairs she said it would . . . would be a laugh if I was . . . was undressed as well. I . . . I said no . . . but then she changed. She tied me to that thing, gagged me and then cut my clothes off. I don’t know why she didn’t take off my pendant!” She finished sobbing away.
“It’s alright Tanya, she won’t do that to you again, I promise you.” I said to her and held onto her as she cried herself to sleep. I got up from the bed and covered her body with a sheet; I gently walked out of the room and closed the door behind me.
I returned to the basement, the controller was on the floor and I could hear the vibrator buzzing away within Abigail’s stomach. She was writhing in pleasure. I picked up the controller and pressed the button stopping the vibrator.
“But daddy, it didn’t hurt this time! Why didn’t it?” She was whispering away as I removed the dildo from her.
“When your daddy used this on you he shocked you with it didn’t he?” I asked her softly.
“I wouldn’t do what he told me to do . . . so he had to teach me a lesson, he brought me down here, tied me to that rack and . . . and pushed it inside me.” She started to shake, “He kept on clicking that button . . . He hurt me and hurt me until I said I’d do it.” Now she started to cry, she raised her head. “I WAS ONLY 10! I’D JUST HAD MY BIRTHDAY PARTY . . . AND HE STILL WENT ON!” she shouted at me.
I could not help myself. I went to her and held her in my arms, hearing her cry like a small, lost child.
A chough behind me alerted me to the arrival of Elizabeth, “Thank you John, We knew there was something behind Abigail’s behavior, but she would never tell us what it was. I’ll take over from here.”
Abigail heard Elizabeth and shook her head, “It’s too late for me, what about Tanya. I scared her so much, please look after her.” She said her voice dropping.
“Tanya is fine, she’s upstairs in her bedroom sleeping. I have told her that you did not mean to hurt her and that you will not do it anymore. You’re the one who needs Elizabeth’s help, so let her help you.” I said to Abigail.
“Tanya’s alright.” Abigail asked me
I nodded, “She’s fine, she’s concerned about you, I mean you are her big sister, she does look up to you, you know.”
My words started Abigail crying again. I helped Elizabeth free Abigail from the restraint that she was in and we walked her to a chair, Elizabeth looked at me and smiled.
“Well, I don’t think you’re going to do any more here. If I were you, I would go back to Janet’s house. She bound to be waiting for you.” She said and was surprised at the smile I gave her.
“Oh yes, so she is . . . unless Tania or Wendy’s let her loose.” I said and walked up the stairs feeling Elizabeth’s eyes following me.
My taxi was outside the house waiting for me. I got in and sat down the driver was talking on a cell-phone. She hung up and then turned around to face me.
“Well, well. I see you have done it again. Found out a problem and landed it into our laps?” She said smiling.
“You were the ones ordering me to go there, you’ve only got yourselves to blame. And did you know about Tanya being there as well?” I asked her.
“Hey don’t look like that, I told you we think we know everything, not that we do know everything . . . you don’t know what an admission that is for us.” She finished and smiled at me as if sharing a joke.
“Well what about all this strange information that’s inside my head. How do I know about these things? And when will I forget about it?” I asked her.
“Dammed if I know, for some reason that’s what your sponsor wanted you to know about. She’s got a head on her that can see some problems ahead of time, but there’s one thing you’ve got that we couldn’t put inside your head.” She said still smiling.
“What’s that?” I asked.
“Compassion! It is fine knowing what to do with things. However, it’s another thing to know when not to use it. Now there’s a question I’ve got to ask you John Archer, and I want you to think carefully before you answer.” She paused; I waited for her to continue. She smiled and then said. “If you could and if we offered it to you, would you consider staying here in Funiculaireville, You’ll be working at Janet’s plant in a position senior to the one you had in England. As for accommodation, we could find you a place unless you know of one. So what’s your answer?”
“What about Wendy?” I asked her.
The woman laughed, “The deal would be for the pair of you, Wendy would get our type of education though, we’ve got a different idea on how children should be educated, she’ll learn self defense and other things that you Brit’s don’t even think of.”
“And what about the sharks?” I asked her alluding to what she had said earlier in the day.
“We’ve got the poison that will get rid of them, don’t you worry.” In addition, there was something in her eyes that told me she was deadly serious about that.
“Well I’ve got nothing really to hold me back home, my purpose in life is here with me . . . so . . . Hell YES. Why not?” I said, I did not really need to think about this, and I am sure that Wendy did not want to return to England. “There’s just one thing though.” I added.
“What’s that?” She asked.
“If Wendy says that she wants to go home then that’s it, if she doesn’t want to stay here we leave!” I said
“We could always persuade her to stay here.” I was told but I shook my head.
“No, if you or anyone tries to convince her otherwise then we’re out of here.” I said firmly, no way would we be coerced into staying!
She nodded, “Fine, we agree to that.” She held out her hand, “Welcome to Funiculaireville Mr. Archer. I hope you like living here.”
Part 23
I entered the house just as Wendy and Tania arrived home from school, they were laughing away over something or another. Wendy took a look at me and ran into my arms.
“Daddy!” She said, “I’ve had a wonderful time, Tania’s been so nice, and she’s introduced me to all her friends.” She babbled on about her day without stopping. I let her wind down and sent them both upstairs to change. I sat down in the living room where Adrian brought me a drink of orange juice.
“How is Janet?” I asked him.
“My mistress is surprisingly calm and happy sir. She would normally be at work and return . . . I think she would be like a coiled spring, always anxious and worried. When Miss Tania was taken away mistress was always walking around until she nearly collapsed with fatigue.” Adrian sat down as he was talking, “And now, today, she so different. She should be worried about work, but she is not, she relaxed, free, no responsibilities. When her office called I took the phone to her . . .” At my look he blushed, “I’m sorry sir but you gave no instructions that she couldn’t speak to anyone.” He said, “But she told them that they’d have to get on with it themselves . . . and then she smiled.” He looked at me and I was surprised to see tears in his eyes, “It’s strange to see her like that.” He said and then looked around, standing suddenly. “I’m sorry sir, I forgot myself.”
I shook my head, “That’s alright Adrian, I hope you obeyed my commands?” I asked him.
“Oh yes sir, every hour I took my mistress to the toilet and then gave her 5 strokes before tying her back up.” He paused, “Mistress thanked me for each one sir.” A scream from upstairs announced that Tania had found her mother.
“Daddy John, daddy John! Mum’s all tied up!” A breathless Tania said as she dashed into the living room.
“Well if she’s busy you shouldn’t disturb her.” I said keeping a straight face, I looked at Adrian, and “I think dinner at eight then.” He bowed and went out of the room.
“No daddy John. I mean she is really tied up, with ropes and everything. She keeps telling me not to untie her! Why would she say that?” Tania asked me.
“Well maybe she’s under some orders. Why don’t you go back and play with her?” I said.
Tania cocked her head and then added, “Play? You mean as in . . .”
“Whatever your little mind wants to do,” I said watching her face brighten up as she realized what I was telling her to do.
“Thanks daddy John.” She said before rushing out of the room calling “Wendy! You’re never going to believe this!” as she ran up the stairs.
I smiled and sat back in the chair sipping the orange juice. I could hear a telephone ringing but I ignored it, I knew somebody would answer it. There was a discrete cough and Adrian was standing there with a phone in his hands.
“Mr. Archer, Sir. Doctor Elizabeth wishes to talk to you . . . she sounds worried.” He said.
I was out of the chair and by him in an instant. “Thank you Adrian . . . Hello Elizabeth, what’s wrong is it Abigail? Did I hurt her?” I asked.
“What . . . no John, Abigail’s fines . . . its Tanya that’s the problem. When her mother got home to find me here talking to Abigail, or rather when Abigail told her what she tried to do, her mother fainted; she is on her way to the hospital. I can’t leave Tanya with Abigail as it wouldn’t be safe for her at this time, there’s nobody else around here who’s able to . . .”
“Would she be safer with me?” I quickly asked.
“Yes . . . yes she will be, Abigail told me what you did for Tanya. Nobody could have stopped you if you had done as Abigail wanted you to do, but you did not! You controlled yourself and even went on to comfort Tanya - she told me that – will you please look after her?”
I listened to the squeals of pleasure coming from upstairs as the two girls ran to Janet’s bedroom. “Elizabeth Things are slightly hectic here.” I started to say but could hear a moan of dismay in the phone, so I relented. “But I’m sure Janet won’t mind.”
“Do you mean that John? It would be so helpful, she goes to the same school as Tania, just in the year below.” Elizabeth started to say.
“Elizabeth I’ve said it’s okay . . . I may be overstepping my role as a guest, but I’m certain that Janet won’t object. I won’t hear another word about it!” I said.
“Very well John, I will be there in about 30 minutes then, thank you John.” Elizabeth said and hung up. I turned to where Adrian was waiting for the phone.
“Did I do the right thing Adrian? Committing Janet to another house guest?” I asked him, he nodded.
“Of course you did sir, I’ll have the spare room prepared for the person, if I might ask the age of the expected guest?” He said I realized that throughout the conversation with Elizabeth I had not even named her.
“I’m sorry Adrian, she’s Tanya . . . I don’t know her surname I’m afraid, she’s eleven years old and is a pendant wearer. She also slightly scared at the moment, her mother’s in hospital and her sister . . . well her sister is unable to look after her.” I did not know what to tell him and left it at that.
Adrian nodded, “That’s fine sir. I’ll have pink sheets on her bed and inform cook about the addition.”
“Thank you Adrian, now I’d better tell Janet about this, she might be interested I suppose.” I said giving a smile. As Adrian went to do his duty, I started upstairs to do mine.
“Oh no, girls please don’t . . . don’t!” Janet was shrieking away as I peeked into her room. She was still tied to the bed, with her hands over her head. Attached to her breasts were both Wendy and Tania, I could see their hands were also busy in Janet’s pussy.
“Err girls? If I could talk to the woman you’re attacking.” I said with a slight laugh in my voice.
“Oh John, please rescue me!” Janet pleaded.
“No daddy John, don’t be so mean! You can still talk to mummy, we haven’t gagged her . . . yet!” Tania said.
“Please daddy, I’m still trying to get milk from mummy Janet.” Wendy said laughing away.
“Girls, please I have to talk to Janet, we have a guest arriving soon.” I said.
“What! Who, . . . Oh come on you’ve got to release me now!” Janet said and tried to move off the bed, a move she was unable to make due to the way she was restrained.
“Oh not just yet, I think Tania needs to get to know her you better, and I’m sure Wendy wouldn’t mind either.” Janet just glared at me and I smiled at her.
“Alright . . . so who’s the guest?” Janet managed to gasp out as the girl’s busy fingers worked away at her pussy.
“It’s a girl called Tanya, she’s in the year below Tania at school, and before you ask me Janet she wears a pendant, so I will not expect her to join in any of our games, she’s just had a nasty experience.” I told her.
Tania paused to look up at me. “You don’t mean Tanya Hamilton do you? Her sister’s Abigail . . . the girl from the hospital. She wasn’t at school today.” She said.
I nodded, “Yes, she was in much the same state as your mother is now, only she didn’t want to be there!” I said.
“What happened to her?” Janet asked I could see concern was on her face.
“I sent her to bed to recover!” I told her, “Adrian’s getting her room ready at the moment.” I added.
“She’s sleeping over.” Tania asked, I nodded, “Oh goody.” She looked at Wendy, “We’re going to have some fun!” She said.
“No, you will not! Tanya has to recover, so there’s no running about tonight . . . at least not to her bedroom.” I said, shaking my head.
“What about mummy’s?” Tania asked.
“You’d better ask her!” I said smiling at Janet who just glared at me.
“Can we mummy, Please” Tania asked.
“Yes please mummy Janet, please” Wendy added her voice to the cry.
“I’ll need some persuasion!” Janet said keeping her eyes on me, I smiled at Janet and started to undress.
Tania nudged Wendy who unlatched herself from Janet’s breast and sat back on her haunches to watch me. Tania began humming a ‘bump and grind’ song.
I was finally undressed and struck a pose for the girls. I could see Tania licking her lips as she watched me.
“Now Janet, is it alright for Tanya to stay here until her mother is okay?” I asked her, but she kept silent. “I see . . .” I said and found a straight-backed chair, which I sat in, and then looked at Wendy and Tania. “Untie Janet and bring her here!” I instructed them.
“No, don’t girls. You don’t have to listen to him!” Janet said, but I am glad to say they ignored her. Wendy went to Janet’s wrists while Tania went to her mother’s legs to release her. The girls both smiled as they dragged Janet over to me, their task was made easier as Janet did not resist them.
“Janet position yourself!” I said arching my eyebrows at her.
“I don’t want to!” Janet said like a petulant child, and crossed her arms.
“Girls place Janet over my knees please.” I said, seeing the grins on their two faces widen, they pulled Janet down over my knees.
“Now Janet before I start, will you allow Tanya to stay.” I asked her, seeing the smile on her lips as she looked back at me, but she kept quiet, “Very well Janet!” In addition, I brought my hand down, slightly cupping it to make it sound worse than it was.
I looked at the two girls who jumped at the sound and smiled, I started to rub Janet’s butt and then moved my hand under her in order to probe her pussy, making her moan with pleasure. A moan that stopped as I remove my hand to strike again and again, both times with the cupped hand to make it sound bad.
Then it was back to the manual manipulation of her pussy, catching her G-spot and causing her to writhe in pleasure, “Please John . . . hit me harder, please.” She whispered to me. I moved my ‘free’ hand under he body to attack her pussy while I used my other hand to spank her, this time with the flat of my hand. I did not count the number of strokes I gave her; it was just to bring her off.
“Oh yes . . . Yes . . . OH JOHN . . . JOHN . . . Yes!” She screamed out as she came and I could feel her moisture running down my leg. I waited for her to recover before I asked her again.
“Is it alright for Tanya to stay?” I asked her but she was still quiet. “What? No answer . . . very well woman, I’ll have to persuade you another way!” I held onto Janet as I stood up and carried my victim to the bed once more.
“Girls? Hold her hands!” I ordered Wendy and Tania, both of whom practically flew onto the bed in their rush to obey me. Janet started to struggle, but I noticed not enough to escape their hold. I held her legs and then mounted her, hearing the two girls giggle as Janet began to moan in her pleasure.
“Oh dad, that looks awesome!” Wendy said, her eyes wide as she watched me pound into her adopted mother’s pussy.
“I don’t think he’s done it to me like that!” Tania said as she watched me operate on another for the first time.
“Just . . . be . . . glad . . . he . . . doesn’t . . . he’d . . . split . . . you . . . in . . . two!” Janet panted out with each stroke I gave her; I was using knowledge that I did not know I had. I paused for a moment and looked at Tania.
“You know I’ve been asked if I want to stay here.” I said to her.
“Really daddy John, what have you decided?” Tania asked excitedly
“I told them it was up to my daughter Wendy, if she wants to stay here then I’ll stay.” I said.
“Oh that’s simple then, I’ll just get Wendy to say yes!” Tania said with a look in her eyes.
I shook my head, “No Tania, if you or anyone else tried to make her say yes then we are out of here!” I looked at my daughter who was now looking between Tania and me.
“But daddy where would we stay and what about back home?” Wendy asked.
“That’s simple, you can stay here with Tania and me . . . as long as your dad keeps on doing what he should be doing!” Janet said as she bucked herself up against me.
“And all I have back home, apart from the house, is bad memories. Do you want to return home? “I asked Wendy.
“No way! I never want to go back, not if He’s going to be there!” Wendy said and we all knew who HE was.
“Well?” Janet said to me – to remind me of my duty.
“If you insist, I’ll let them know.” I said and made to rise from Janet, but found that her legs were now holding me to her.
“No way buster, get back to my conversion!” She said making Wendy and Tania laugh.
“As my lady requests.” I said and started to return to the action, making sure to keep rubbing my body against her clit, pushing her over as I inundated her pussy with my sperm. I held myself inside her and looked into her eyes, seeing something strange in them. “So what is your answer? Can Tanya stay?” I repeated the question.
Janet closed her eyes and then opened them, “Of course John, she’ll be welcomed here for as long as she needs to be, you didn’t need to ask me did you?” She said and laughed.
I kissed her on the lips, “Thank you Janet, I knew you’d be okay about this.” then we both laughed. I pulled out of her and sat down.
“Stay still daddy John, we’ll soon clean you off.” Tania said, so I did so expecting the girls to get warm cloths . . . well it was warm, but I felt my cock being engulfed by a warm mouth, I looked down to see Wendy sucking away on me, I looked to where Tania was working away at Janet’s pussy. After a few minutes, the girls switched with Tania taking me deep into her mouth.
Finally, both girls went back to their feet and announced that they had finished. “There you are daddy John, all nice and ready!” Tania said with a smile on her lips, then she leaned over to Wendy and kissed her, a deep kiss – not a sisterly peck.
I went to get up but a discrete cough from Adrian made us look towards the door. “I’m sorry to disturb you Mistress, Sir, but Doctor Elizabeth and Miss Tanya are downstairs.” He said.
Janet got up, unaffected by her nakedness. “That’s fine Adrian, is the room ready for Tanya?” She said
“Oh yes mistress, I’ve also included some toys that she might like.” He said smiling.
“Not dildo’s I hope, I did say she was a pendant wearer.” I said slightly concerned.
“No sir. Teddy bears and dolls, also some electronic games from Miss Tania’s stock of games she not played with in a long time. “Sorry Adrian, I shouldn’t have doubted you.” I said, he smiled and bowed low.
“Make them welcomed Adrian, we’ll be down in a few minutes.” Janet said she was in host mode now, Adrian left to see to our visitors. “Now everyone, we’ve got to get dressed and ready for dinner.” The two girls ran from the room to theirs. “One minute John,” Janet stopped me and then pulled me into a kiss, “Thank you John. I needed this today.” She told me and then released me so that I could pick up my clothes and then return to my room.
Part 24
We were all presentable as we entered the living room, Tanya was sitting in an armchair, tears visible on her face, Elizabeth smiled as us when we walked in. “Janet I can’t say how good it is that you’ve taken Tanya, she needs comfort and company.” She said, while Janet was replying to Elizabeth’s words I went to the young girl.
“Hello again Tanya, do you want to stay with us?” I asked her, she looked up and nodded her head, and I smiled and then said, “Well you are going to have to enjoy yourself and that is an order!” but my tone was as light as possible.
“ . . .But I miss my mummy, I wanted to see her but they had her in the ambulance before I could do anything.” Tanya said softly and I could see the tears starting to fall again.
I picked her up and hugged her, “That’s okay Tanya, we know and it’s okay to be worried about your mother and your sister, now dry your tears and have something to eat, then Tania will show you to your room, okay?”
Tanya threw her arms around me and hugged me, I held her while she did that and then put her on the floor, she wiped her eyes and walked to Janet and Elizabeth. “Thank you Mrs. Jones, I am sorry if I am putting you out and I understand if you . . .” she did not finish as Janet went down onto her knees to hug her.
“Don’t be so daft Tanya, you’re welcomed to stay here for as long as you need to, and my name is Janet so you can knock off that Mrs. Jones nonsense.” She said causing the girl to cry again.
Elizabeth looked on, “I can see that she’s in good hands, so I’ll go. You have my number if you need any help, I will leave word that you can contact me at any time, and Tanya? That goes for you as well.” With that, Elizabeth left us.
Tanya was, naturally, subdued during the dinner, Tania and Wendy tried to draw her out but she did not really respond. I played the heavy and made her eat, although there was not much I could threaten her with,
After dinner the three girls, one rather reticent and two enthusiastic, went to Tania’s room to play until bedtime. Janet handed me a cup of coffee and sat down beside me.
“Can we talk John?” She asked me
“Of course Janet, what’s up?” I said and started sipping the coffee.
“Did you mean what you said about staying here, or were you just playing around?” She was watching me closely.
“Ah! I was serious Janet, brain washing aside I do like it here.” I said smiling slightly
“Oh I bet you do! All the lovely women waiting for your attention.” Janet said with a mocking tone.
I shook my head, “Oh no Janet, I can count the number of women I’ve been with on one hand and still have finger left over. Since I have come here, I have only been intimate with you and Abigail. You because I wanted to . . . and Abigail because I was ordered to.”
“What about Tania and Tanya, not to mention Wendy?” Janet said.
“I said women, and of the three you spoke about only Tania and Wendy have received any attention from me, Tanya I spanked for not telling me the truth, and I hugged her once at her home and once here! And that was the extent of my interaction with her.” I said sounding surprisingly firm.
“Oh John I’m just kidding, I trust you. That was something I found I couldn’t do with Dave.”
“Trust me to pick up any piece of skirt that takes my fancy you mean.” I said with a touch of sourness.
Janet shook her head, “I’m sorry John, and I didn’t really mean that. We all know you are a good man. Let us get off that subject. Now where are you going to live here in Funiculaireville? Because you can stay here, there’s plenty of room you know.” She said.
I tried to change onto her subject, “I’m not sure Janet. It doesn’t feel right; I mean it would seem like you were keeping me, I’m not used to that.” I said.
“Well look on it as a perk of the job? Like . . . I don’t know . . . like a tied cottage to use one of your English terms.” She said smiling.
I looked at the surroundings, “Janet I wouldn’t call this a tied cottage, and I’m not really a farm hand – they’re the ones who had to live on the lane in cottages and houses built by the farmers.” I explained, but the image began to work on me, a farm hand taking a mare to be served, and I smiled at the simile.
Janet, however, hadn’t seen my face and continued talking, “Of course not, but it’s just part of your job, because if you are staying then I do have a job for you, one that’s suited to your abilities.” She said, but further talk was curtailed by the appearance of Tanya dressed in her pajamas and tears in her eyes, she stopped when she saw us.
“What’s wrong Tanya?” I asked her gently as she appeared so scared.
“Tania’s is telling me fibs! She says that she has sucked your cock and it was nice . . . but it is not! I know it isn’t!” I held out my arms to her, she slowly came over, and I sat her on my lap.
“Tanya honey, how do you know that.” Janet asked her just as gently.
“Because . . . Daddy . . .” Tanya started to say but then she stopped and buried her face in my chest.
“Tanya’s father made her suck him when she was younger. I’m sure she didn’t want to do it and he forced her.” I held her close to me, “That’s the main reason she doesn’t want to know about such things, it scares her.” I could feel her crying as I said that, causing me to rock her slightly in comfort.
“Oh Tanya I’m sorry, I didn’t know. That was wrong of him.” Janet said and then looked quizzically at us, “What happened to him?” She asked which made Tanya cry even more.
I answered for her, “He died some years ago, and it seems some metal fell on him in a factory.” I said softly.
Recognition showed in Janet’s eyes, “Oh yes . . . I remember that, but didn’t you mother receive the insurance money?”
Tanya pulled her head away in confusion, “What money? They said that daddy helped to make the accident and we would not get anything! We had to move from our house to that place, that’s why mummy has to work on two jobs to keep us, it’s not fair!” she said and started to cry again.
I looked at Janet who was back to her thoughtful self; I could not disturb her now. I held onto Tanya and managed to get to my feet – you try being graceful while holding a crying girl in your arms and getting up from an armchair, it is not so easy! – After I got up, I quietly took her upstairs.
I went pass Tania’s bedroom where the two girls were playing some Play station game, Tania looked over as we passed and waved before returning her attention to the game.
I found Tanya’s room, as Adrian had promised it was a girl’s bedroom, complete with toys and frilly sheets. I moved the sheets to one side and placed Tanya into the bed, covered her with the sheets and tucked her in; I kissed her on the forehead and went out of the room to let her sleep.
I returned downstairs to where Janet was at a computer screen and holding a phone to her ear, “I can see that Sophie, but just where did the money go to? I was informed that the family did not receive it and have suffered from that can you dig any further. Something about culpability, . . . Nothing Not at all . . . what about their bank account does it show . . . I see . . . Well do what you can and make a report, we’ll deal with it tomorrow . . . No I haven’t forgotten about them . . . Yes we’ll both be there . . . Alright Sophie, I’ll see you, goodbye.” She hung up and cleared the computer screen.
“Problems?” I asked her making her jump, as she had been so intent on the phone she had not heard me approach.
“Oh John, I thought you’d be longer with Tanya,” She said, “no, it’s just something that cropped up at work, talking of which I’ve had a . . . eventful day, so I think I’ll turn in. Would you mind coming into work with me tomorrow? We’ve got the Purple group to talk to don’t forget so it might be busy.” She said.
“Not at all, I need to do something or I’ll be climbing the walls . . . what’s going to happen with Tanya tomorrow?” I asked.
“Well I’m sure Elizabeth would have told the school about Tanya, so they’ll be prepared for her, so we’ll let her go as normal, as for tonight . . . I’ll ask the girls to leave you alone if you don’t mind, you’re going to need your wits about you when you meet the group in the morning, have a good night John.” Janet said and walked out of the room.
I could hear moans of disappointment from upstairs as Janet had obviously told the girls not to bother me, but then they changed to cheers for some reason, then it went quiet. I turned on the television to watch the news – it is amazing that in America they’ve got so many news channels that can’t tell you anything about home!
The two girls walking into the living room, wearing large T-shirts, disturbed me; on Tania’s was the cartoon dog droopy, although all I could see was his back as he looked through a, painted, hole in the shirt. (On the back was the slogan ‘You know what . . . I’m happy!’ but I did not see that until Tania ran back upstairs).
Wendy’s had Tweedy-Pie, or at least the body of Tweedy as his head appeared to be disappeared up the bottom of the shirt (on the back of that one was a red faced Tweedy and the slogan ‘I thought I thaw a Putty!’) I do not know where they got them from, but they both made me smile.
“Goodnight Daddy, Mummy Janet said you were too tired for games tonight, so we’re to let you sleep.” Wendy said and kissed me on my cheek.
“Yeah goodnight daddy John, we’ll see you in the morning.” Tania said and she also kissed me but on the mouth. Wendy tried to pull her away but Tania would not budge, “What’s wrong?” She asked my daughter.
“That’s my daddy you know, you should kiss him on the cheek!” Wendy said but I could see her smiling.
“Oh you kiss him where you want . . . I like kissing him like that!” Tania said, Wendy looked down at my groin and giggled before the pair of them ran from the living room.
After a few minutes I decided to go to bed, it had been a tiring day.
I was awoken in the night by crying at my door, I got out of my bed, walked to the door, and opened it, and Tanya was curled up at the entrance crying away.
“Hey, Tanya what’s up?” I asked her softly.
“I can’t sleep, this house has too many noises!” Tanya said, I must admit that I had not heard anything but it is difficult to sleep in a strange house for a young child.
“I’m not sure what I can . . .” I began to say.
“Can I sleep with you?” it was not so much a question as words fired from a machine gun.
“Do you want to? I would have thought that Janet would have been better for you.” I said.
However, Tanya shook her head, “No, she’s got Wendy and Tania with her, they’d only laugh at me.” She said and held my hand, “Please Mr. Arc . . . I mean John.” She said.
Now I do not know if I have mentioned this before, but I sleep in the nude. I was luckily in the darkness of the house so that Tanya did not have to look at me, but in the confines of a bed, she was bound to feel . . . something!
“Alright Tanya, but give me time to put on some boxers or something.” I said.
“Why?” She asked – I would like to know why we taught kids that word!
“Well, you see I don’t sleep with any night clothes and I don’t think its right that you should be dressed and I’m not.” I said trying to skirt around the problem.
“Oh! I see.” Tanya said and released her hold on my hand.
“What are you doing Tanya?” I asked her, dreading the answer.
“You’re right - can I call you Uncle John? - So I’m getting undressed.” She said simply – I knew I should not have said anything.
“There’s no need for that Tanya.” I said.
“Yes it is, mummy told me that I should follow what other people did, this is your bedroom so I should sleep like you do!” Tanya carried on saying, “and can I call you Uncle John?” She persisted.
“What, err, yes Tanya.” I said and she took the answer for both situations, finished undressing and then ran for my bed, diving under the covers and hiding her head under them.
I debated on whether to put on some boxers but shook my head, I was still tired and wanted to sleep. I gently got into the bed and turned so that my back was to Tanya. “Goodnight Tanya.” I said.
She did not reply but I could hear her sobbing, I turned around so that I was facing her, “What’s wrong Tanya?” I asked her.
“I’m scared . . . will you . . . could you . . . hold me . . . please?” She said in a quiet voice, just above a whisper.
“Of course I can.” I said to her and put my arms over her, she seemed to relax. I was aware that I was holding a naked girl in my arms, and that I was naked as well, but I tried to ignore it . . . I was alright, at least in my mind, however my body had other ideas!
I felt Tanya stiffen in fear and she tried to move away from me, “It’s sticking into me!” She said.
I could feel what ‘it’ was. “I’m sorry Tanya, it’s a normal reaction that all men have when they hold a beautiful girl in their arms, they can’t help it.” I said that I had an idea. “What about if you turn around and I put my cock between your legs?” I said.
“You won’t try to put it in me will you?” she asked sounding really scared.
“No Tanya, you just hold me between your thighs and we’ll spoon together like that alright?” I said.
She was a bit doubtful but did as I asked, soon her little butt was into my stomach and my unruly cock was held safely between her legs, she reached down to make sure I wasn’t in danger of attacking her pussy, giving a slight giggle as she felt my cock react to her touch.
I however had more access to her forming tits and I gently stroked them feeling her shiver with the pleasure, I moved a hand lower down to her pussy and gently rubbed it, she giggled again and then sucked in a breath of air, “Please sir don’t hurt me.” She said.
“I’m not going to push my finger inside you Tanya, just rubbing it over the top of your pussy, so don’t worry, I’ll be gentle with you.” I said softly and she allowed me to lightly touch the top of her sex, titivating the small bud that was there until she came with a sigh.
“That was nice, why didn’t daddy ever do that to me?” Tanya asked and then she fell asleep before I could answer.
It was not long before I joined her in sleep.
Part 25
I was dreaming. I had Janet tied up in front of me and I was pounding my cock into her pussy, feeling the tightness of her skin around the shaft as I moved it inside her. I had my hands on her small breasts, easing them out into points as I nibbled on her neck. Her young girlish voice was calling to me, she was crying uncle as I came.
“Uncle John what are you doing, please stop!” The voice woke me up and I was slightly disorientated, as I did not recognize the girl I was holding. Then I remembered. Tanya!
I released my hold on the girl, “Oh god Tanya, I’m sorry did I hurt you?” I said
Tanya shook her head, “I’m alright Uncle John, and it was just that you were holding me so tight that I couldn’t breathe.” She said. “And your cock was moving so much that I held it in my hands and now they’re all wet!” she said and looked at the sperm sticking to her hands.
“I think there are some tissues on the table over there.” I said to her but she did not seem to hear me as she examined her hands. I watched her as she hesitatingly brought one hand to her mouth and tentatively licked her fingers, she moved her tongue in her mouth as if trying to get the full taste of the substance and then she smiled and started to clean her hand by stuffing it in her mouth.
Once both hands were ‘clean’ she then found the tissues and dried them, she turned to face me, puzzlement on her face. “But . . . I don’t understand? It doesn’t taste bad . . . why not?” she asked me
I shook my head, “I don’t know Tanya, and I’ve read that sperm can taste different but I can’t tell you for sure. It could be that it’s because you wanted to taste it of your own accord, nobody forced you this time.”
She still could not fathom it, “But it’s all the same stuff, isn’t it?” Tanya asked.
“Well basically it’s just water and sperm wanting to find an egg to help make a baby. It’s the person who makes it that provides the difference I suppose.” I said to her.
“So . . . you’re saying that my dad must have been bad ‘cause he tasted bad?” Tanya asked but there was a smile showing on her face.
“It could have been the beer he drank.” I said and her face dropped slightly as she considered this.
“He did drink a lot, and I was scared when he came home from work, ‘cause he’d start to drink. Abigail made sure I went upstairs at those times.” She said and started to cry again.
“That’s alright Tanya, you’re safe here, I won’t force you to do anything at all, and if I do something to you that you don’t like then tell me, okay?” I said to her.
“Yes uncle John, I do trust you, you know” Tanya said
There is that ‘T’ word again, what was it about this place that told them to use that word? “Okay then Tanya, now lie back on the bed and relax.” I told her. She bit her lip but climbed onto the bed beside me. I smiled at her and gently rubbed her breasts, not the hard ‘pounding’ I had given her when she was tied to the rack, but a lighter touch.
I heard her react to my ministrations before I moved my body so that I was looking at her stomach; I lowered my mouth and stuck my tongue into her bellybutton causing her to jerk back at the sensation.
“Uncle John what are you doing?” She said softly.
“Just practicing Tanya, now just lie back.” I said and carried on. I moved my mouth down lower so that I was just brushing her pussy with my lips. Tanya tried to move away but this time I held onto her.
“But Uncle John, I’m scared.” She said.
“You said that you trusted me Tanya, so please, trust me.” I said and then lowered my mouth again. I could feel her tensing up and so I blew a raspberry into her stomach, making her giggle then I licked at her pussy, and then again pushing my tongue inside her slightly, all the time rubbing her little tits, trying to give her good feelings instead of the bad ones her father would have given her.
After a few minutes I started sucking on her small clit, giving it the attention it deserved, “Oh Uncle John, I . . . I feel funny.” Tanya said, I wondered if she had ever touched herself down here before but continued with my triple assault.
“Oh yes, that feels so good, so nice . . . I feel very strange Uncle John, should I feel like this? What’s happening . . . I feel . . . feel," She exclaimed as her climax hit her like a ton of bricks, and she literally poured out her essence into my mouth.
I moved myself so that I was now lying beside my young victim watching her as she tried to pull herself together; I watched that her eyes started to focus on me she smiled. “Oh Uncle John . . . Abigail told me it was a good feeling . . . but she was wrong . . . so wrong.”
I started to get worried about that, “What was so wrong about it Tanya?” I asked her.
“Nothing at all, it was better than good it was marvelous!” She said and giggled, then she lifted her body up and kissed me on my lips, she drew back from me and started to lick her own lips.
“It’s a nice taste isn’t it?” I asked her, she nodded uncertain of what it was she was enjoying, “That’s you, or rather that the taste of your cum.” I laughed at her puzzlement, “Oh yes girls cum as well as men, it’s just that yours are internalized, but just as nice.” I said.
“Oh I see,” She said and started to yawn, I looked at the time and shook my head.
“Come on my love, let snuggle up and get back to sleep.” I said to her and smiled as she rested her head on my arm I put my other arm around her and in that position, we both fell asleep.
I woke up to the sound of laughter from two girls and a pain in my arm, the two girls were Tania and Wendy, the pain was from the pressure of Tanya as she had stayed on my arm all the time and I was now feeling the pins and needles as the blood started to complain.
I gently moved Tanya onto the pillow and got out of the bed, Tania just giggled as she saw me. “Oh daddy John, and Tanya wears the pendant!” She said in a mocking tone.
I massaged my arm, trying to rid myself of the tingling pains within it. “I know Tania, and she still wears it!” I said glaring at her. She shook her head and walked out, the Tweedy bird was waving at me . . . Tweedy? I looked at my daughter; she now had the Droopy T-shirt on. “Nice shirt Wendy, did Tania let you wear it?” I said.
She nodded and then blushed as she realized what I meant, “I’m sorry daddy I didn’t mean . . .” She started to say.
I hugged her, “Did you enjoy yourself?” I asked her, she nodded her head. “Did anyone get hurt by it?” I said this time she shook her head, “Then there’s no problem is there?” She looked at me and, smiling, she shook her head. “Go on then get dressed for school, and I’ll get sleeping Tanya up.” I said.
Wendy kissed me on the cheek and then was out of the door after Tania. I put on some boxer shorts and then went back to the bed, Tanya was asleep, one leg hanging over the edge of the bed, displaying her charms for all to see.
I bent down and kissed her left tit, she smiled and turned slightly, the movement was enough to overbalance her position and she started to fall off the bed, but I managed to catch her before she stuck the ground.
She felt my hands on her and started to struggle before remembering what had happened last night, she paused and then looked up at me. “Are you alright now Tanya?” I asked her.
She nodded, “I was having a nice dream, but then I fell out of a window . . . but you caught me Uncle John.” She said smiling at last.
“Well you were falling, and it was my fault.” I said and explained what had happened.
“So you did rescue me Uncle John.” She said and then gave me a kiss. Her mood dropped when I said she had to get ready for school. However, she nodded and allowed me to take her to her bedroom.
I returned to my bedroom and quickly shaved and showered, dressing in a casual outfit and was by Tanya’s door when she decided that she was ready, I held out my arm to her and she laughingly took it.
We walked down the stairs to the dining room where Janet, Tania and Wendy were waiting. “Well Tanya, what’s this I hear about you sleeping with John last night?” Janet asked the poor girl.
While Tanya was trying to stammer out a reply I countered, “Well I do know that Tania and Wendy exchanged T-shirts last night, you wouldn’t happen to know anything about it?” I asked Janet.
“Oh well it could have been while we played last night?” Janet said watching Tanya who just looked between us as we spoke. Then Janet turned to Tanya, “And did John look after you properly last night?” She asked.
“Yes Mrs. Jones.” Tanya said quietly.
“He didn’t make you do anything did he?” Janet asked her again.
“Oh no Mrs. Jones, He didn’t make me do anything, he was very nice to me.” Tanya said looking at me and smiling.
“Yes, John’s a very nice man. Now don’t worry about anything . . . we love to tease our friends, and you are one of our friends you know . . . so call me Janet, that is my name.” Janet said and she took Tanya’s hands and led her to the table.
“Oh I couldn’t call you that . . . can I call you Aunt Janet?” Tanya countered.
Janet smiled, “Thank you Tanya, I like that. Aunt Janet it has a ring to it.” She said smiling.
The rest of the breakfast was more like a family affair, in other words noisy and hectic, but all three of the girls were ready for school by the time the bus arrived. The driver seemed ready for Tanya to board, as she did not say anything as the three got on.
Janet smiled at me after the girls had left. “Was Tanya too much of a bother last night John?” She asked me
“No, she was just tired and frightened, she just needed company. I just hope I didn’t scare her.” I said.
“From the way she was acting I think she was fine. Now we’ve got to sort out today’s meeting with the purple group.” Janet said sitting at the table.
“Okay by me, it was a surprise that you didn’t know about the cooler chip.” I said
Janet shook her head, “It’s surprised me as well! I’ve got Sophie checking the files for any orders that might have been sent out from here.”
“She’s been very busy hasn’t she” I said musing away
“Sorry?” Janet sounded puzzled.
“Sophie! She’s been busy, what with checking the back orders and now with this insurance thing . . . how much do you pay her?” I said smiling.
“So you did hear me last night, I did wonder if you had.” Janet said, “It was just that Tanya said they didn’t receive any money, but the insurance company put up everyone’s payment to cover the money paid out over that incident.” She explained.
“So you’re seeing if there’s been any jiggery-pokey with them.” I said
Janet looked puzzled for a moment but then she nodded, “Of course, and I don’t like it when one of us has been swindled.” I understood what she meant although for her us meant Funiculaireville.
“So why don’t you tell someone about it and let them get on with it?” I asked her.
She shook her head, “No way, I accepted Tanya under my roof. I am responsible for her and by extension her family. It’s not rational I know but that’s how I feel.” She said and looked at me as if trying to see any objections.
I did not have any! I felt the same as well; I went to her and kissed her on the cheek. “Okay, so what do we do now?” I asked her.
“We? You’re including yourself in this?” Janet said amazed.
“Of course! If I can’t help my niece then who can I help?” I said smiling.
Janet laughed and we then made our plans.
“Good morning Sally, I hope you’re feeling fine.” I asked the receptionist as I escorted Janet into the building.
“Yes thank you Mr. Archer. Good morning Mrs. Jones.” Sally gave us a genuine smile to us.
“Good morning Sally,” Janet paused in her entry and then looked at the girl behind the desk, “Sally how long have you worked for this company?” She asked.
“About 5 years Mrs. Jones.” Sally said, slightly mystified.
“Then I think you’ve earned the right to call me Janet!” Janet said smiling and walked towards the lift. Sally’s head followed her before she looked back at me.
“I don’t know what you did to her Mr. Archer, but that’s the calmest she’s ever been!” Sally confided to me.
“I just helped to keep her mind off work, and I think you can call me John.” I said smiling and I went to join Janet.
In the lift, I gave Janet a kiss, “What was that for?” She asked me.
“Because Sally looks up to you and you’ve given her more than she expected.” Janet still did not understand so I expanded, “You asked her to use your name, you’ve elevated her above a simple employee, she’s now a friend.” I said and then Janet smiled.
“But John, everyone who works here I see as a friend.” Janet countered.
“Yes, but that was the first time you actually admitted to it.” I said leaving her to think about my words.
Sophie met us as the lift doors opened. “Good morning Mrs. Jones, Mr. Archer. The girls are here already.” Sophie said.
“Thank you Sophie,” Janet said distractedly and followed her P.A. to the office, “Oh Sophie, John has been telling me off.” Sophie gave a puzzled look at me before returning her gaze to Janet, “I think he’s right, I’ve come to consider you a very good friend, I think it’s only right you should call me Janet.”
Sophie smiled, “Why thank you Mrs.… I mean Janet, I’d be honored.” She said as she opened the door. She smiled at me as I passed her.
In the room there were four girls, a new girl had joined Marcia, Jenny and Paige I realized she must have been Tracy, their computer expert.
Janet opened the meeting and the new girl started without preamble, “I checked the England computer, someone tried to hide their tracks, but they weren’t good enough,” Tracy sounded smug as she sat back in her chair.
“Well done Tracy, now what did you find out and have you managed to get the schematics downloaded.
Jenny produced a blueprint for us to look at, but it told me everything, “That’s the wrong one! The proper one was slightly altered; if you tried this it would blow all the circuits in the motherboard.”
“But it was the one that was almost hidden!” Tracy said disbelievingly.
I nodded, “Yes, almost completely erased, but not quite good enough. So you thought you had the right one and stopped looking.” I said seeing the truth of my words reflected in her face.
“I . . . I didn’t think about that.” She admitted and dropped her head in shame.
“Don’t worry about it, there’s many an expert who would have fallen for that and then we’d really be in the brown sticky stuff.” I said smiling, which made the four girls laugh. “Now let’s look at those plans.” Looking at them again
“But you said they’re no good and it’s going to take another couple of days before we’ll get the information, and time’s not on our side.” Marcia said.
“No, I said it was slightly altered, it’s going to be a matter of sorting out where to change the power flow and then the resistor should work as we want it to.” I scanned the blueprint and then grabbed some acetate, which I placed over the blueprint; I took a marker pen and then started drawing in. I described to the girls exactly how the circuit should be created – I was working mainly on memories, then I found something. “Oh shit, that’s wrong . . . if we did that the circuit would work for some hours before it allowed the full current onto the board . . . and then it would fry the chips for sure.”
Jenny looked puzzled, “But you said that the plans were wrong.” She said.
“Oh the one’s you retrieved were, but this is the correct plans.” I said indicating the acetate. “At least the plans that I remember passed as correct.” I amended.
“So what’s wrong with it?” Jenny persisted.
“This line here, it connects to the wrong input, from what I see it should be connected here. I’d like to see the faces of the firm who produces the chips with this.” I said and erased the line to redraw it correctly.
“Mr. Archer are you sure this will do the job?” Paige asked me.
“100% certain. If you want I’ll personally back it to work.” I said.
“Oh no you won’t John, We are going to back it!” Janet said and initialed the acetate and blueprints. She pressed a button and Sophie enters the room.
“Yes, Janet?” She asked stumbling slightly over the name, but you could tell she had been practicing.
“Sophie please send this to development, we want a prototype test ready later today, its designed to go into the new circuit board.” Janet said.
“Certainly Janet, I’ll get on to it immediately.” Sophie took the plans and walked out of the room.
“Mrs. Jones you realize that you’re taking the word of this man without full knowledge of his abilities?” Paige said.
Janet smiled at her, “But that’s just the reason why he’s going to be the next joint CEO of this company, I do trust him to bring us results . . . now we’ve got something else that requires attention and we need Tracy’s expertise.” Janet said looking at Tracy.
“I’m sorry Mrs. Jones, but following my error with the blueprints, how can you even think of using me?” Tracy said despondently, the other three girls looked at her in shock.
I looked at her, ignoring the others. “Tracy there’s nothing wrong in what happened, you followed the data as you should have done, all that happened is that the other person had seeded the trail expecting someone to try it. Don’t let this stop you from working . . .” I could see that I was not getting to her so I tried something different. “Do you ride a bike?” I asked her, she looked at me puzzled but nodded, “When you were learning to ride, how many times did you fall off?” I asked her.
“Quite a few times.” She admitted.
“Did you give up riding?” I asked.
“Of course not, I wanted to ride and nothing was going to stop me!” She said fiercely.
“Well then, think of that as your bicycle, you’ve fallen off what are you going to do now?” I asked her.
“Get back on” She said.
“Right, now we need you to help us.” I said.
Her face cleared, “Certainly Mr. Archer, what do you want?” She said.
Paige interrupted, “I’m sorry Tracy but this is not a concern of the Purple group, we’ll need to arrange terms.” She said and then looked at Janet and our selves.
“Okay then, we’ll pay a finder’s fee of 1% or $10,000 whichever is the greater.” Janet said, “Payable on completion of the project.” She added.
“We’ll have to consider this.” Paige said but was interrupted by Tracy.
“I need to work on it now, I’ll leave it up to you to consider, but I owe them this.” She said and got up to stand by us. This open rebellion was a surprise to the others but then they accepted it for the time being.
“What do you want me to do Mr. Archer?” Tracy asked.
I bit my tongue trying to avoid the obvious answer but was saved by Janet who explained about our problem. “But that’s part of our brief, to investigate anything unusual . . . now when was the accident?” She asked.
Janet gave Tracy a brief outline of the events and left the girl to her own devices, or rather our computers – yes I was saying ours as if I’d accepted Janet’s proposition to join the company.
Within seconds, she gave a yip of glee, “Found it!” We gathered around the computer where Tracy was pointing to the screen. “This was the entry of the original investigator, he says that the crane holding the metal cup suffered from ‘destructive metal fatigue’ but the letter that was sent out said that the cup was overloaded by this Walter Hamilton and that payment was withheld, but I can’t find this in the main system, in that the letter basically said that payment was enclosed and the sum was $120,000.
“However, tracing the payment routes it appears that the check wasn’t issued, although 5 payments were made to 4 members of the board and the investigator. The first four receiving $50,000 each and the investigator getting $20,000 – they tried to hide the paper route, but they weren’t good enough to fool me.” Tracy said smugly.
“Double check your work and produce a report. If you can include the payment details . . .” Janet started to say but Tracy shook her head.
“Already done, I’ve checked their bank accounts as well, they seem to get regular top ups from the company which is beyond normal practices.” She pointed to the printer, which was chugging away.
“How come there’s so much data?” I asked her.
She smiled, “Well they didn’t really try to hide their tracks too much, and yes Mr. Archer I have double checked my work first.” She told me.
“Thank you Tracy, We’ll pass the payment to the normal account.” Janet told Tracy who thanked us and then left.
Part 26
It was later in the afternoon, the pseudo chips had been created and were placed into the virtual circuit board, it was all computer generated and allowed us to ‘test’ a chip without actually having to create one first.
“We’re putting in a normal voltage on the board, the screen shows that the output from the resistor chip to the program chip is greatly reduced, but the extra power has to be going elsewhere, I just don’t know where?” The technician was puzzled.
I looked at the computer screen and pointed out the technician, “Well the chip splits the power and feeds the majority back to the USB bus instead to help give power to any peripherals.”
“So the chip is also acting as a power distributor.” He said seeing the full potential of the chip.
“That’s right, but we want to know how much power the resistor chip will take before it fails!” Paige said and then turned to Janet, “Oh and Mrs. Jones, we’ve seen Tanya’s report . . . what put you onto this insurance firm?”
“It was something a house guest said; I did recommend that she receive the bonus reward.” Janet said.
“Oh yes, this Tanya Hamilton . . . Are you sure she deserves the reward?” Paige asked.
“Of course she does!” Janet said almost outraged. “It’s the least we can do for her!” I reached out to her and held her by her shoulders.
“Tanya is our responsibility at the moment; we feel that her family has suffered due to the actions of that insurance company which is why she deserves the reward!” I said.
The three girls regarded us both and had another small conference, then Paige spoke up, “Very well, we’ll also agree to that, but you realize that the difference will come from your company?”
“Of course, I’m sure we can afford it!” Janet said, I rubbed her shoulders to calm her; just then, the screen gave a high-pitched whistle.
“System overload!” The technician reported.
“Did the chip fail?” Marcia asked quickly.
“Oh no, it was the CPU that blew, somehow an overload program was activated into the simulation.” The technician said mystified although I did see Tanya blushing slightly as I watched her
“So how much of an overload went through the chip.” I asked.
“We were showing . . . that couldn’t be right! It is showing 400% over normal! That’s what set the CPU off; although . . . it’s strange the load on the CPU was only 200% somehow we lost power?” The technician was puzzled.
I looked at the results and smiled, “No we didn’t lose it, the chip took it and tried to re-route it to safety . . . I must admit I didn’t expect that!”
Tracy now examined the results as well, “We should have foreseen this. Not only is the chip acting as a power regulator for our chip, it’s also acting for the CPU, it could monitor the overall system … Can we re-route the power through the chip first and then route it throughout the system as a whole?” She asked.
The technician looked slightly bemused at her question, “Well, umm . . . I’m not quite sure.” He said looking at Janet and me.
“Yes!” I said firmly. “Look change the circuitry on this side, let it route on these pins and then output over at these eight pins. It will mean beefing up the soldering and size of the chip on the real thing!”
Janet examined my suggestion. “It would involve minor modifications to the circuit boards, I’m not sure if it’s going to be worth the changes.” She protested slightly.
I kissed her, much to her amazement, and then held her in my arms, “And the company can do it . . . just think we can advertise that the system would be able to cope with an overload of 2 ½ times normal!” I said into her ear.
“Hey . . . it blew at 400% - 4 times normal!” She protested.
I smiled, “I know, but you should always be pessimistic with estimates.” I turned to the technician, “Look set up the circuit board as we’ve directed.”
He scratched his head, “Well . . . I do not know . . . I mean . . .” He was saying.
I shook my head, “No, I mean you will set up the board as directed and we’ll run the test again, I’ll give you . . . what? An hour?” I said smiling but when he started to shake his head, I spoke again. “Well if you can’t then, are you really doing your best? Because we need people who are committed to their work here!” I said which riled him.
“How dare you say that? I have given my life to this company! Who are you . . .?”
Janet broke in, “John is the new joint CEO, and I think you’d better do as he requests!” Then she whispered into my ear, “Within reason of course darling!” she kissed me.
“Well I suppose I could get it done,” the technician said.
“Then we’ll be back in over an hour’s time!” Janet said leading us out of the room and leaving the technician scratching his head.
“We have gone over the information supplied by yourselves and the Purple Group . . . Although it isn’t the main concern of the Funiculaireville, the council does see that they have cause hardship for our people . . . We agree that this cannot continue and will take the appropriate steps!” The voice came from a darkened screen in Janet’s office; we had been informed that the council had a message for us both.
I do not know what I was expecting, certainly not a dark screen! It seems that the real Funiculaireville council was determined to keep them selves hidden from public view.
“We do thank you for your work on this . . . Mr. Archer, we understand that you wish to remain in Funiculaireville; your actions so far show that you are the type of person we need. Arrangements will be made.” Then the screen cleared to reveal the taxi driver, “Well done John Argent, I’ll be watching you!” She smiled at us and then the screen went blank.
Janet just stared at me, “Well that’s a first, now she’ll have to be cautious in her dealings.” She said.
I smiled “Why should she darling? I’m not going to talk about her, are you?” I asked her seriously
She considered this and then shook her head, “I don’t think so. The council is one of the main controlling groups of Funiculaireville; they give the town direction and guidance. It never pays to cross any of them!” She said.
I had to agree with her and so I kissed her, “Now about this fantasy of yours!” I said to Janet.
“What fantasy?” She asked confused about my change of subject.
“The one where I’m a joint CEO of this company!” I said.
“That’s no fantasy John! Did you not notice the way you took control back there? Daddy told me that I’d find the person to take charge, and here you are!” She said.
I thought back to the day’s events, but I had only followed the scheme we had worked out earlier. “I think you’re wrong Janet, I don’t have the experience to be CEO, it might not work!” I told her.
“Now you’re being pessimistic John. Yes, we made the plans but you were the visible force, I was just backing you up!” She said smiling.
“You mean setting me up!” I said.
“That as well?” She giggled.
“So you’re manipulating me! And you know I don’t like that!” I said flexing my hand.
“I’m sorry John, but you must be aware that I do consider you the best person for this job, we need a firm hand at the helm!” Janet said backing away from me, but I could see a twinkle in her eyes.
“I know another place for a firm hand.” I said sitting down in a chair and pointing to her.
“That’s not fair!” She said and slowly walked to me. I twirled my finger in the air and she began to turn on her feet. When she was facing me, again I reached out to her and pulled her over my knees. “Why me? What have I done?”
“You’ve taken me for granted . . . Told people that I was something that I wasn’t . . .” I had raised her skirt, lucky for me she was wearing a short one today, and thong type panties, which left the cheeks of her ass bear.
“I didn’t, you are the joint CEO, and I’ve got the entire paperwork ready . . . OW!” she said as my hand descended on her ass.
“So you . . .” (my hand came down again) “were making . . .” (and again) “plans for me?” (And once again) I said to Janet.
“Oh you beast! How could you do this to me?” Janet said, but I could hear the laugher in her voice, so the next three smacks were harder making her yelp!
“Me? All I’m doing is teaching you that I do not jump through hoops at a moment notice!” I said rubbing her ass and hearing her moan in pleasure as my soothing hand passed over her heated buns. “And now I think you should thank me for doing this.” Where had these words come from? Was I still programmed? Or just running on automatic
“Thank you for,” Janet started to say indignantly but I cut her off.
“Oh no not like that, you’ve got me excited and I think you’d better cool me off.” I said pushing her down onto my ‘problem’. I allowed her to rise and then opened my legs to allow her to stand between them.
She looked at me as if not understanding what I was asking, but I could still see the twinkle in her eyes. “But not here in my office, what if someone comes in?” She protested weakly as I indicated that she should kneel.
“Well then you’d better be quick.” I said, “Or should I take this out on your daughter, my pretty?” I said twiddling with an imaginary moustache.
“Oh sir, how hard you are to me!” She said in a staged voice, like the poor woman about to be thrown out of her house by the property owner.
“You mean how hard I am to suck. Don’t you” I said. “Yes I can picture your Tania, down on her knees where you are now, protesting as I push the gland in her face and make her kiss it . . . yes just like that . . .” Janet was following my words with the appropriate actions, “then she would open her mouth and try to take a little into her mouth, keeping her hands on the shaft in an effort to prevent me entering her too far.”
Janet looked up at me, “But sir she’s just a little girl!” She protested still in the same voice but with a ‘Southern Belle’ accent.
“So? Even a little girl has to grow up, she’ll learn to like it my pretty one won’t she . . . just think each time her head comes down she’ll lose her grip and the shaft will enter deeper . . . and deeper . . . until it hits the back of her throat . . . she’ll try to pull back but then you’ll be holding her in place.” I told her feeling her shudder as she pictured the scene, her hot mouth sucking away at my rampant cock. Suddenly I could not hold back and sprayed her mouth with my seed.
Finally Janet pulled back from me and licked her lips, she smiled at me. “You have a filthy imagination haven’t you?” She said.
“Me? All I did was talk . . . you were the one with the pictures in her head.” I said jokingly. She hit me on my leg, put my cock away and zipped my trousers up.
“Just remember that when we get home tonight.” She said and turned her head away so that I would not see her face.
“I don’t think we can do anything, not with Tanya there as well.” I said.
“You might be surprised!” Janet said mysteriously.
My response was stilled by the sound of the phone ringing, Janet picked it up and listened for a few minutes, and she hung up and then turned to me. “That was the research area, the simulation is fully programmed.” She said.
I got up from the chair and joined her as we left the room.
“You understand that this is something that we’ve never tried before . . . I mean that I can’t guarantee what might happen.” The technician said looking flustered.
“That’s why we’re doing this way, so that we don’t damage any equipment.” Janet said. The four girls from the Purple group were back in attendance and I walked to where Tracy was standing.
“I don’t think you need to start that overload program this time.” I said to her quietly, she turned to face me, her face blushing slightly.
“I don’t know what you mean.” She said equally quietly.
“You most probably were acting under orders so I won’t blame you, but this time I’m ensuring that the program is locked out, so that it runs on its own.” I said and returned to stand beside Janet.
Janet looked at me but I shook my head, it was not worthwhile making a fuss at this point. She gave a signal to the technician who started the program.
We watched as the power started to flow, “CPU power nominal, peripherals power nominal, Motherboard power nominal . . . increasing to 125% normal . . . all outputs showing as normal!” The technician sounded slightly surprised. “150% normal . . . 200% normal . . . 250% . . . I don’t understand this, the output is normal! Where’s the power going?” He said.
I examined the screen and then highlighted the chip and checked the reading on it . . . “There’s the answer . . . the chip is heating up! The power is being changed into heat, we’ll have to have a cooling system around it, and even a basic heat sink might do it.” I said.
Janet nodded, “Okay then we’ve attained the level that John has said, now let’s see how much more we can give it, carry on.” She said to the technician.
He looked doubtful but did as she said, “300% . . . 325% . . . 350%. I think we should stop now.” He asked but both Janet and myself shook our heads.
“No this is a destruction test now! Let’s see how far we can overload that circuit before it blows!” I said.
He shook his head but continued, the chip expired at 575%, not from power overload but purely heat, and we might have been able to heat a small room with it! However, we were all happy with the result. The next step – making the chips and circuit board to take it – was initiated.
Janet looked at me smiling, “You know we should call that chip The Archer! We could use it to celebrate you’re promotion.”
I shook my head, “No way, that chip was developed by our British company, we should call it after them. How about the Reading chip?” I countered.
Janet thought for a moment and then she nodded her head. “Okay then, we’ll call it The Reading Chip . . .” She paused for a moment and then said, “It will go well with the Archer system that we’re going to produce.” She poked her tongue out at me and smiled at my face.
I did not make a fuss - after all, it is better to allow Janet a few victories!
Part 27
We arrived home to find that the girls had beaten us by a couple of hours – I had not realized where the time had gone. Both Tania and Wendy ran to us and threw their arms around us. Tracy held back, uncertain about what to do. Both Janet and I smiled at her and gestured her over to us.
She came into the group hug but did not seem to know what to do.
“Tanya honey, just relax and enjoy it.” I said smiling at her, she relaxed and started to giggle as Janet and I kissed her.
After a few minutes we broke the hug and all sat down in the living room, Adrian brought out some orange juice to help quench our thirst, I made the mistake of asking Wendy what had happened in school today and learnt that she was now learning self defense along with marksmanship, at first this caused me some consternation, my daughter handling a gun! As everyone else seemed to take it in stride, I kept quiet.
“She was very good with it, her first shots missed the target altogether, but she was soon scoring 4’s and 5’s” Tania said.
“Miss Deveroux says that I need to practice more and seemed surprised when I said I’d never touched a gun before.” Wendy said.
“Boy was she surprised, she was about to tell Wendy off for lying when her PDA started to buzz. After she read the message she was completely different!” Tania commented, which told me that someone was watching over Wendy, which in a way was comforting.
I then asked Tracy how school went for her, she seemed surprised but started to talk, it seems that she was having the same teachers that Tania had the previous year and the two girls were soon talking away, comparing notes I suppose.
Janet allowed them to talk away while I listened to Wendy telling me how much she was enjoying the school and how she liked the teachers. She then hesitated and I prompted her to tell me what was troubling her.
“Well . . . you see daddy, the one lesson I’m dreading is the sex education lessons tomorrow.” She said.
“Why? What’s wrong with that?” I said gently.
“You see daddy, they might ask me what I know about sex . . . and I don’t know what to tell them.” She said.
“When you’re asked, tell them the truth.” I said simply “But how can I tell them about that?” She said sounding slightly ashamed.
“Wendy you’ve seen that things are slightly different around here, people here understand about sex and they won’t hold this against you.” I smiled, “They might even give you a few pointers.” I added and kissed her.
“Okay daddy if you say so . . . I do love you daddy.” She finished and wrapped her arms around my neck to hug me.
After dinner, Janet took the girls upstairs for ‘a little girl talk’ as she put it and I was told to relax after the strenuous day I had spent.
I did not understand what she meant but sat back in the chair, listening to the laughter from upstairs, which was then followed by silence.
After a while footsteps approached me, I looked to see Tanya, wearing only her pendant, walking to me, a small smile was on her face. She stopped some feet away from me and then went down onto her knees; she looked me right in the eyes and then bent forward so that her forehead touched the floor.
“Master, my mistress asks that you join her upstairs in 10 minutes, I’m here to divert you until then.” Tanya said.
“Oh? And how are you meant to divert me?” I asked her
She raised her body and smiled at me; she then stood up and walked to me, displaying her naked charms as she did so. “I don’t know master, can you think of anything.” She said her smile broadening as she did so.
I reached out to her and pulled her into my knees, I began digging my fingers into her ribs, making her squirm and giggle. I started to move my hands lower down to her waist and then onto her hips. She looked at me slightly afraid but I smiled and nodded to her reassuringly so she allowed me to find her pussy lips and then I gently rubbed the labia lips causing her to gasp and bite her lips.
“You are a very beautiful young girl, did you know that?” I said, “When you’re older boys are going to throw themselves to your feet.” I added my fingers working away at her pussy all the time.
“And . . . what will . . . you be . . . doing then . . . uncle John?” Tanya whispered.
I smiled, “Wishing I was one of them I suppose.” I said and then brought her to a shuddering climax. She rested her head on my shoulder and closed her eyes until she had recovered.
“Thank you Uncle John that feels so nice, nicer than when does Abigail . . .” She stopped and colored slightly.
“She’s a nice sister to you is she?” I asked her softly.
“Yes . . . she was, I do not understand why she tried to . . . I mean I did not ask her to . . .” She faltered and started to cry on my shoulder.
“That’s okay Tanya, she still loves you, and she wanted you to become a woman.” I said while holding her.
“But I’m told it hurts when it’s done!” She said.
“And you’re scared of the pain?” I asked her, she nodded. “I understand. You can have an operation to remove your hymen, all done very painlessly.” I said trying to placate her but she shook her head.
“No . . . I’m scared of hospitals too!” She said smiling slightly, “But Tania told me how you . . .” She paused again, “took care of her and she said it didn’t really hurt her at all, but I don’t understand how?”
I smiled at her, “Because she was excited as I entered her, she was already overwhelmed just as you were a few moments ago.” I explained. She sighed and remained in my arms, I quickly dipped my fingers into her cum and brought them to her lips, she unquestioningly opened her mouth and sucked them, smiling at the taste. “Is that yours?” She asked me
“No Tanya, that’s yours, that is how you taste.” She thought for a moment and then said
“That’s so different from Abigail, she doesn’t taste so sweet.”
“Because she’s older, but don’t worry little one, you’ll still enjoy tasting her.” I said and kissed her on the forehead.
A gong noise from upstairs stirred us from this peaceful scene. Tanya, remembering her instructions, quickly got to her feet.
“Master. The mistress requests that you follow me to her chamber, she has a problem that only the lord of the manor can deal with.” I knew she was setting the scene for me and that I was supposed to get into character for events ahead.
I smiled at Tanya and then nodded, “Very well slave, lead the way.” And then added in a low voice, “and slaves do not giggle!”
Tanya led me into Janet’s bedroom where a strange sight met my eyes; on the bed were the two forms of Tania and Wendy. Their arms were down by their sides (fixed to their sides I found out later), their legs bent at the knees and tied like that so that the soles of their feet were flat on the bed.
With Wendy on the left and Tania on the right they had their touching legs bound together with Wendy’s left leg being restrained by a rope leading to the side of the bed, the same thing happening with Tania’s right leg. On looking closer, I could see that the rope going under the bed was the same that held the other’s leg; so pulling on one would pull the other.
Janet smiled at us and then bowed low to me, “Master, these two slaves have been misbehaving and deserves punishment!” She said.
I just looked at them, “Why didn’t you send them to the overseer’s office, for him to deal with them?” I asked her
“He says he’s too busy, but anyway master they are your slaves.” Janet said arching her eyebrows.
“Yes, yes I see, since I’m paying for them I should get more involved in their behavior.” I said seeing Janet’s laughing face.
“But master, you can’t punish them dressed like that!” Janet said and then turned to Tanya, “You slave, undress your master!” She ordered the girl.
Tanya pulled a chair over and stood on it to undo the buttons on my shirt, I helped her by turning slightly so that she could slip the garment off my shoulders. She gave me a small smile as she bared my chest. Then she leaned forward and kissed it.
“SLAVE!” Janet said, but she was smiling as she spoke.
“Sorry mistress, I just had to do that.” Tanya said that she dismounted from the chair, she then placed herself over the seat of the chair with her ass uppermost; Janet gave her three sharp smacks.
“You didn’t ask your master’s permission young slave! Next time remember that!” Janet said.
“Yes mistress, sorry mistress, master.” Tanya said and picked herself up from the chair. She then bent down and untied my shoes, gently lifting each foot to remove the shoes and socks. Then she stood before me and started undoing the belt on my trousers, before pulling the zip on the flies down.
She unclipped the trousers and opened them, pulling them down as she did so. I stepped out of them and she neatly folded them up and placed them to one side. I was now standing wearing only my boxers.
Tanya looked up at me and smiled, then placing her hands on either side of my hips slowly brought my last remaining garment down my legs and then allowed me to step out of them; she then turned to look at Janet.
“Mistress, do you mind if I . . .?” She asked and looked back at me.
Janet sighed, “Very well then if you must, only don’t enjoy yourself!” She said as if annoyed with the young girl.
Tanya smiled and knelt down in front of me, “Pardon me master.” She said and reached out to touch my penis, she rubbed it a couple of times and then moved her head forward, and I looked at Janet who just nodded her head. Tanya then licked my cock head, as if testing the taste of it. She then kissed it and opening her mouth, she took the shaft inside.
I restrained myself from thrusting forward as Tanya wasn’t too sure about this, I noticed it in her eyes, and so I left her to move back and forth, which she started to do – someone had been giving her lessons I supposed.
Janet allowed her to do that for a minute before she stopped the young girl, “That’s enough young lady, the master has more work to do!” She said softly and placed a hand on Tanya’s shoulders.
Tanya reluctantly pulled back and looked up at me, “Thank you master.” She said.
“Oh no young slave, thank you!” I said and for a bit of devilment I added, “I expect you to be better when we’re in bed tonight.” She blushed and then looked down. I then moved away from her and approached the bed.
I regarded the two girls who were watching the proceedings through their legs; they had smiles on their faces. “Now then I don’t think there’s anything to smile about, do you?” I said to them sternly.
“I don’t know. I mean she did look rather silly kneeing there with your cock in her mouth.” Tania said.
“I didn’t ask that question for you to answer slave!” I told her, but she just stuck out her tongue at me. I looked at Janet and shrugged my shoulders, “You’re right they do need attention don’t they.” I said.
I turned back to the two girls. “Now do you have anything to say before I start to punish you both?” I asked them.
Tania just stuck her tongue out again, but Wendy played her part. “I’m sorry master, I didn’t mean to do it but I was lead astray.” She tried looked at Tania who ignored her.
“I see, so you were forced to misbehave due to this . . . this un-repentant slave beside you.” I asked my daughter.
“Oh yes master, I’m sure I would be better if she didn’t make me do these things.” Wendy said.
“I see, Woman of the house fetch the feathers!” I said to Janet who smiled broadly as she understood what I wanted.
“Feathers you think you’re going to punish us with feathers?” Tania said as Janet produced some flight feathers of a pigeon – these were tapered at the end to help the birds maintain their fast flight – “you see they’re nothing, you can’t hurt anyone with . . .” I brushed the feather along her pussy “Oh mi god what was that?” She asked.
“That was nothing! Just see what happens when I do . . . this.” I twisted the feather so that it penetrated her pussy.
“OH! Oh no, please do not . . . it feels so . . . so . . .” Tania tried to pull away from me causing Wendy’s legs to be pulled as well.
“What’s happening? What’s he doing?” Wendy said to Tania.
“I’m only using a feather on your friend, and soon I’ll use it on you!” I said, and carried on pushing the feather in and out of Tania’s pussy hearing the girl hiccup with the sensations that it was producing.
I noticed Janet and Tanya coming closer to see what I was doing to Tania, and so I went to one side and allowed them to see exactly what was happening. I gestured to Janet and she came to me, I pulled the feather out of Tania hearing her yip as it brushed over her clit.
I held up the feather to show that it was saturated with Tania’s juices. Then I moved the moisten feather up to Tania’s breasts and started to move it in a figure of eight over and around them, making her arch her back in order to keep in contact with her breasts.
I directed Janet to continue with the titillation of Tania while I picked up a new feather and stepped sideways so that Wendy was now before me.
“Now, oh follower-on. Here is your reward.” I said and lowered the feather onto her pussy. With Tania’s thrashing around Wendy had problems keeping her legs open to allow me access to her pussy.
I will not describe what I did to Wendy; it was practically the same as I had done to Tania. After a few minutes I went on to use the dampened feather on Wendy’s breasts, causing her to squirm and moan in pleasure.
Then at the same time, Janet and I removed the feathers and left the two girls panting as they tried to recover their senses.
“Now unworthy slaves, do you think you’ve been punished enough?” I asked the two girls.
“Yes master, it was too much for me.” Wendy said but Tania was still unfazed.
“Call that punishment, I didn’t think it was anything!” Tania said smiling at me. I decided to keep her for later.
I went to the girls’ heads and looked down at their upturned faces. “Now I think there was some laughter over that young slave’s reaction to my cock?” I said to them
“Oh no master, we’d never do that!” Tania said, but I could see a smile on her lips.
“Do you doubt my words?” I said
“Oh no master.” Both girls said, almost together.
“Open up!” I said to my daughter and when she did, I pushed my cock into her mouth. I looked at Tanya, “Well little slave? How does this look?” I asked her.
She smiled, “Awesome master!” She said.
I nodded, “That is the answer I expected!” I said to her and smiled, I looked down at the two girls, and “Did you hear her?” I asked them.
“Yes master.” Tania answered in a small voice and I felt Wendy’s tongue move under my cock.
Janet gave Wendy a small slap on her stomach, “Don’t talk with your mouth full!” she admonished my daughter, which made Tania laugh out loud and I could feel Wendy’s mouth move as she struggled not to laugh.
“Tanya get some more feathers and deal with Tania, let the mistress guide you.” I told her. Tanya looked even eager to help with the torture of the two girls, as she picked up a handful of feathers and approached Amanda.
Janet directed the young girl to work on Tania’s pussy while I gave Wendy a few thrusts with my hips. After a few minutes I withdrew and knelt down by Wendy’s head, “How are you really Wendy?” I whispered to her, anxious that I had not hurt her with all this.
“I’m fine daddy, this is fun!” She reassured me.
“Well, I’m about to work on Tania, you don’t mind do you. I’ll have Janet see to you.” I said smiling at her.
“Okay daddy, but it feels so . . . strange, it’s almost likeable, but it can get too much!” She said.
“Well lie back and think of school tomorrow, and what you’d have to say to them.” I said and kissed her on her lips.
I shifted over to where Tania was wriggling away as Tanya was fully inserting a feather into her pussy. “Having fun?” I asked her.
“Oh daddy John, please make her stop . . . or let me cum, it’s unbearable!” She moaned.
“But it’s supposed to be! Now open up . . . and don’t bite!” I said to her.
“I will try . . . but I cannot promise anything . . . ump” Tania said while I pushed my cock into her mouth and, knowing her previous experience, I managed to enter her throat.
Janet in the meantime had moved to Wendy and, instead of using a feather, she lowered her mouth to Wendy’s pussy. Bringing her hands up to massage Wendy’s breasts. Tanya looked at Janet and went to follow her example – to do this she had to remove the feather from Tania’s pussy, while doing this the feather came into contact with Tania’s clit throwing sensations along that and up into the girl’s body.
This made her gasp and, even though my cock was still thrusting into her mouth, she began to close her mouth. When I felt her teeth scraping my cock, I tapped her on the head. She opened her eyes and realized what was wrong.
She opened her mouth and let me out of her. “I’m sorry daddy John! I did not know I was doing that. You can still use it. Can’t you?” She said apologetically.
I checked my cock over and found that although there may be depressions in the skin, it was not really damaged. “I’m not sure; it’s going to need attention.” I said.
“Let me Uncle John!” Tanya said rushing around to where I was standing, but was stopped when Tania said.
“No way! I did it to daddy John so I should be the one to check it and to be punished.” I looked at her – arms tied to her sides, legs bent double. She was held down and fully exposed and she was the one talking about needing punished? However, Tanya had other ideas.
“I should be the one to help check out the master!” Tanya complained and looked at me. So now I had two girls vying for my attentions, how could I choose between them?
Luckily for me, Janet surfaced and took notice of my predicament. She smiled at me, “Don’t worry John . . . I have an idea.” She said.
Part 28
I was surveying the scene in front of me; the two girls – my daughter Wendy and Tania - had been released from their bonds. Wendy was now kneeling in front of me, showing Tanya how to give a blowjob, while Janet was dealing with her daughter.
Tania was now tied to the bedposts so that she was in a St. Andrew’s cross shape. Janet was behind her using a flogger on her ass. “This . . . Will . . . Teach . . . You . . . Not . . . To . . . Bite . . . Master!” She was saying with each strike.
Tanya, who was also looking at the sight, said, “At school they’d give us lines to do!” in a dry tone, I pulled away from Wendy who just looked up at me and gave me a dirty look.
“Daddy! I hadn’t finished!” She said.
I patted her head, “I know darling, but I need to be ready for Tania. I’ll let you suck it afterwards.” I told her. I walked to the bed and looked into Tania’s eyes, “Well now slave, do you think you’ve been punished enough?” I asked her.
She just glared back at me and did not speak. I looked at Janet questioningly; she gave a reassuring nod and then said, “Master I think she deserves something more filling.” I wondered what she meant.
Janet gestured to Tanya who went to her. Janet whispered into her ear and sent her off, and then she spoke again, “You see what she needs is to constrict the virginal passage with something so that she really feels your entry.” She said.
I didn’t understand, “You mean have something in her pussy while I’m trying to penetrate her . . . I don’t know, I mean my cock may get damaged and I wouldn’t like that!” I said trying to picture what Janet was planning.
“No John, I don’t want Tania’s pussy stretched like that!” Janet said laughing, “No, it involves a partial blocking by inserting an object into her ass while you’re attending to her pussy . . . the only question is should it be real or false?” When she finished speaking, I say Tanya re-enter the room, with Adrian in tow.
“Hold on . . . Time out!” I said. “Let’s stop this master and slave thing, I need to know from everybody . . . Tania do you want this?” I was not giving Janet a chance to direct events if the girls were against this.
Tania took a deep breath before she spoke. “Daddy John this was planned last night while you were asleep, mummy asked me if I wanted two at the same time, just like we did to her,” I noticed that Wendy blushed at this, “I said it sounded so hot, and it’s been so since Adrian’s been involved . . .” This did surprise me as I’d forgotten that Adrian had been involved in Tania’s sexual upbringing.
“I’m sorry; I had forgotten . . . Adrian were you aware of this fun and games?” I asked the youth.
He was taken aback by my question; he looked at Janet who gave a small smile and a nod of her head. “My mistress had not informed me of your activities tonight until Miss Hamilton came to me just now.”
I nodded; I could see Janet watching me as I deliberated. I then turned to Tania again, spread out between the posts I walked to her again. “What if I said I didn’t want your pussy, but would like your ass, how would you react?” I asked her and then whispered, “He’s never entered your pussy has he?”
She thought for a moment and then smiled, “Do you mean that daddy John? I’ve always wanted to know what he looks like when he’s cumming in me.”
I turned to Janet, “Well Janet? You have the final say in this. I must admit I hadn’t considered Adrian in our actions, and I realize that I’ve been depriving him of certain sexual activities for which I apologies.”
Janet shook her head, “John you haven’t been depriving anyone, while we are away Adrian is working at the Hotel, and it’s only while we are here that he’s in attendance, but I must admit that he does deserve some reward.” I could see that Janet was smiling as she said this.
“Okay then, Adrian undress and let these two girls see what you have, I’m sure Amanda’s been talking to Wendy about you . . .” I said and overheard Wendy murmur.
“Boy did she ever . . .” And she blushed as she realized she had spoken aloud.
Again, Adrian looked at Janet before he started to undress, “I’m sorry Janet, I’m giving orders to your people, and I’m not acting as a guest should.” I said.
Janet really smiled as she shook her head, “No you’re not John, but I like the way you’re planning and also that you were thinking of the girls as well as Adrian, so I’m happy for you to carry on.”
Finally, I turned again to Adrian, “If you feel uncomfortable with this just say so, I don’t think anyone would hold it against you.” I said smiling.
“No please Mr. Archer, I’m happy to perform this duty to Miss Tania.” He said smiling.
In the meantime Wendy and Tanya were both watching Adrian undress, when he removed his underwear I heard a gulp from Wendy as she saw his cock, it was the third one she’d seen I supposed but even so the size was impressive, especially to a young girl.
“And Tania’s been used to that? Why did she like my dad’s then?” She asked Janet.
“It’s not just the size that’s important, it’s how it’s used,” Janet said which helped to comfort me. “It’s also why Adrian is in demand at the Hotel.”
Tanya started to inspect Adrian as well then she turned to me, “Don’t worry Uncle John, I think yours is a nice size. I’d be too scared of that one.”
I kissed her on the cheek, “Thank you Tanya, its nice not to be scary you know.” I said.
“Oh Uncle John, you’re never scary!” She said which, although comforting as it was, slightly deflated the scene we were trying to play.
“Tania’s ready for you.” Janet said, “But I think you two need some encouragement.” She added looking at Adrian and me.
“I’ll take Uncle John!” Said Tanya and knelt down in front of me, taking my cock in her mouth.
“Oh well, I suppose I’ll look after Adrian, that’s if you don’t mind?” Wendy said looking up at the youth.
“That would be most gratifying Miss Archer.” Adrian said – how he could sound so correct with all this naked flesh around I had no idea.
I looked at Janet who was just smirking, “Adrian, since you are getting to know my daughter so well why do you not call her Wendy? And you might as well call me John” I said to him but he shook his head.
“Oh no sir, I’m afraid that would not be right, and some girls get a kick out of being addressed in this manner, so if you don’t mind . . .?” He said.
I understood, I think, and so I nodded, “Very well Adrian, I suppose I have interfered too much already.” I said and allowed myself to notice Tracy’s attempts at copying Wendy.
After a few minutes I felt that I was ready and I could see Adrian was as well, I got onto the bed behind Tania and knelt down on the bed, I noticed that Janet had already prepared Tania for the assault that she was about to receive.
Adrian stood in front of Tania, “Ready Tania?” He asked her.
She nodded her head, “Yes Abigail!” she said as I began to push against her ass, feeling her tense up.
“Relax Tania, remember the other times, and don’t tense as it will hurt.” Adrian said to her, I could see he was looking straight into her eyes, calming her down, she pushed back onto me as I pushed in, feeling her sphincter resist for a moment and then opening to admit me.
I held still for a moment and then brought my hands around her front to grab, gently, hold of her breasts. I whispered into her ears, “How are you feeling Tania? Do you want us to stop?”
“No, please daddy John, it feels nice . . . don’t stop please.” She said back to me, I could see Adrian lining up his cock to feed into her pussy and so I reached down and separated her labia lips to allow him a clear passage.
I felt, rather than heard, Tania hiss as he penetrated her – now I don’t want people thinking that Adrian had a massive cock, it was longer, this was true, but mine is slightly fatter so although it hadn’t the length it was fine in the width. – I felt him as he pushed against me inside her body. This time he paused and looked at me, I then started to push further inside the girl until her buttocks were flush against my groin.
I nodded to Adrian who, still keeping his eyes on Tania, began pushing in again – the sensation of Adrian’s cock rubbing against mine while separated by a membrane of flesh was something I’d never felt before, words can’t describe it.
However Tania was now feeling it, “Oh wow . . . I feel so . . . so full!” She said. Adrian smiled
“Now Tania you’re going to feel something you’ve never felt before!” he said and looked at me. “Pull out and then push all the way back in!” he told me, I followed his instructions, while pulling out I could feel the tightness of our combined cocks in her small frame holding me in her. Just as I was almost out of her I began the journey back in, at the same time I felt Adrian withdrawing from Tania’s pussy. I understood what he was trying to do and so as I felt him inserting himself once again, I began pulling out of Tania’s pussy.
We started to get faster with our strokes, then Adrian looked at me, mouthed ‘together’ I waited for him to withdraw again, and then we both pressed home. “Oh my god!” Tania said as our three bodies seemed to meld together and she came.
Adrian mouthed ‘again!’ and so we started the slow piston out and in again, this time we repeated the procedure and then returned to the alternate pounding that we had started with All the time Tania was moaning with pleasure as she was plummeted both fore and aft.
Finally, I felt myself close to the edge, and I felt that Adrian was as well, he looked at me and cocked his head, I nodded and he then mouthed ‘together’ and we both pushed into the girl together.
“Oh yes, yes!” Tania screamed out as she felt us squirting inside her, it pushed her over into another climax; she fainted and hung limply in her bonds.
It was only a few minutes later. Adrian and I were standing while Wendy sucked Amanda’s juices from Adrian’s cock. Tanya, however, was carefully cleaning my cock off, as she did not like the idea of sucking me clean.
“You realize Tanya, if we were still playing the role of masters and slaves, you’d be forced to clean John’s cock, no matter where it had been.” Janet said.
Tanya looked at me as if she wondered if Janet had been joking, “It’s true Tanya. The slave has to obey the commands, no matter what it is.”
“But . . . what about all the . . . the . . .” Tanya’s voice petered out.
“You would have to clean it off Miss Hamilton, believe me it’s something that although isn’t nice it can be done!” Adrian said, and for some reason I did believe him.
Janet had untied Tania and was gently bathing her pussy and ass with a warm cloth, carefully soothing the slightly swollen flesh. Wendy moved back from Adrian and inspected her work. “It’s all clean now.” She declared and licked her lips.
Janet looked up and then beckoned her over, “If you want you can start again on Tania’s pussy.” She said but Tanya spoke up.
“Can’t I do that? Please” she said.
Wendy looked at Tanya and then nodded her head, “That’s okay mummy Janet, I’ve already tasted Amanda on Adrian’s cock, it’s only fair that Tanya tastes Adrian in Tania . . . I’ll just get to grips with daddy!” She finished saying.
I smiled while listening to these two girls almost arguing over who was going to suck their friend’s pussy; I had never believed this could happen. Tanya quickly ran to the bed, started her assault on Tania while Wendy came to me, and opened her mouth, quickly sucking me inside her.
Adrian looked around finding himself, relatively, alone for the first time since he came into the room. “With your permission Mistress?” He said.
Janet looked at him, “Yes, thank you Adrian, it was very well done. Wasn’t it John?” She said.
“ Yes, yes very well done, thank you Adrian, you know what you’re doing with young girls.” I said.
Adrian gave a small sad smile, “That’s what brought me here.” He said as he left.
I looked at his retreating back and then looked back at Janet, “What did he mean by that?” I asked her.
“He was found guilty of raping his sister . . . she was 10 at the time, but wore a pendant, her parents didn’t want her to enjoy sex but he didn’t see their point, when she was 12, and pregnant, their parents found out and disowned him, turning him over to the police as they did so.” Janet explained, “The judge sentenced him to 10 years learning his place, which is why he’s here.”
I thought about this, to learn that Adrian was a rapist was a surprise, to know that Janet allowed him to have sex with her daughter was even more . . . then I realize just who it was that was sucking me off and I realized that I was being a hypocrite, In England Adrian would have been locked up, probably with the key thrown away, here he was being part of the social structure, teaching as well as serving a sentence.
“I see, so he’s really being punished here.” I said ironically.
“Nearly every day . . . As I said if he’s not here then he’s at the hotel, helping them out with some of their young guests.” Janet said and then yawned, looking around at us all, “Oh, I’m so tired . . . John do you mind if I go to bed?” She asked.
I looked at my watch, how did it get so late. I suppose when you are enjoying yourself so much time just flies. “No, I think I’ll go to bed as well.” I cocked my head. “Do you want company?” I asked her.
She thought for a moment and then looked at Tania sighing away as Tracy licked and sucked on her pussy, “Not tonight, I think my bed’s pretty full at the moment.” She said.
I looked at Wendy, still sucking on my cock, “I know what you mean. Well I’m going to bed then, goodnight girls.” I said placing Janet in their company. I reached down and grabbed hold of Wendy’s sides, started to turn her until she was upside down, but still sucking on my cock. I held her close and walked, well waddled like a duck, out of Janet’s bedroom.
Tanya looked up at me and laughed aloud, “Hey don’t leave me, there’s still more to get!” Tania said to her pulling Tanya’s head back down to her pussy.
I managed to fall sideways onto my bed, but Wendy was like a leech, sucking as if to draw me out through my cock. I pumped a few times and then erupted into her mouth.
“That does taste nice daddy, it’s better than Adrian’s was, and he also had some of Amanda on him so it was different.” Wendy said.
I could not even smile, after all the work I had done, I was, I am sorry to put it like this, fucked out. I pulled Wendy up beside me, kissed her head and fell asleep . . .
I was in the taxi, how I got there I don’t know – it was daylight and the car was traveling in my home town, did I say I didn’t know how I got here? - The driver, it was the same woman driver from the council, turned around and started speaking.
“So John Archer, you’re now firmly ensconced in Funiculaireville, you have your daughter, a new woman and her daughter under your control . . . where now?”
I could not think, “I don’t know . . . where are you driving me?” I asked her.
She laughed, “Hell, son. I don’t even know where you think we are, this is just a dream . . . for you that is, I’m some distance away, don’t ask me how it’s done they don’t tell me.” She smiled at that.
“But you’re one of those in charge?” I said.
“I’m on the council that’s true, but . . . no, I’m not allowed to say anymore, just that there are wheels within wheels.” She paused for a moment and seemed to fade slightly before brightening again. “And that was almost too much for somebody. Now - John Archer formally of England, now of Funiculaireville What are your intentions.”
“Honorable I hope.” I said that before I really thought about what I was saying.
The Taxi driver laughed again, “Never heard that before, most of those who join us do so for their own reasons. Alright then your intentions are honorable, are you going to marry the woman then?” She asked me.
I thought for a moment. Do I want to marry the woman? Janet? A small voice started asking ‘why not?’ which was taken up by a louder voice, ‘Yes, why not?’ “I hadn’t thought of it.” I said aloud.
“That’s why I’m asking you.” She said “It will make your staying in America easier; we’ll be able to make you a citizen with less fuss.”
“I don’t want to marry Janet just to gain American citizenship.” I said angrily which made her smile.
“Good! If you had done then I would have doubted you. Tell you what; I will let you sleep on it. But I’ll see you in the morning.” She said and turned again to the steering wheel I watched as she turned the wheel to direct us off the side of a bridge.
“Look out!” I said sitting up in the bed.
“Daddy, daddy what’s wrong?” Wendy said coming instantly awake.
I shook my head, “Sorry darling, just had a bad dream.” I said smiling to show that I was all right.
“Oh I know about them!” Wendy said despondently “I used to have them when I lived with mummy and him! But I had a lovely dream just now . . . I dreamt that you and mummy Janet were getting married and Tania and I were the bridesmaids . . . I was so nice.” She said dreamily.
“So you wouldn’t mind if I married Janet.” I asked her casually.
Wendy jumped up on the bed to face me, “Are you daddy? ‘Cause that would be magic!” She said glee showing on her face.
“We’ll see.” I said and pulled her back down to me, she snuggled to me and in that way, and we both fell asleep, in my case to a dreamless sleep.
A vacuum sucking on my cock waked me in the morning; I went to tell Wendy to give up when I saw her standing with Tania and Janet by the bed. I did not have to add anything to realize who the remaining person was. I looked down the bed to see Tanya looking up at me, my cock in her mouth.
“Good morning John, and how are you feeling today?” Janet asked.
“Horny if you must know, and you young lady, what do you think you’re doing.” I asked Tanya.
“I’m sorry Uncle John, wasn’t I doing it right? Tania and Wendy have been coaching me, they thought it was okay.” Tanya managed to say before going back to my cock.
I laid my head back on the pillow, arched my hips, and groaned! “Tanya, you’re doing so well that you’re about to receive a mouthful!” I told her and almost immediately felt the sensation throbbing through my cock and filling her mouth.
Tanya waited for me to finish before carefully pulling her mouth away from me and then going to where the other two girls were standing, she kissed them both and I could see her tongue moving - transferring my sperm into Tania’s and then Wendy’s mouth.
I looked at Janet, “You put them up to that didn’t you?” I accused her.
She was the picture of innocence. “Me? Why John how could you say that” She said. I just looked at her, “Well . . . I could have made a few comments on how nice it was to share.”
“And how do you feel about sharing?” I asked her.
She looked puzzled for a moment, “I wouldn’t mind sharing either, and just what is it you want me to share?” I beckoned her over to me and told her of my dream, if it was a dream that is. She thought for a moment and then said, “It could be your subconscious, suggesting things?”
“Like marriage? I think my subconscious is on the blink.” I said without thinking.
Janet laughed, “Thank you John!” She said slightly sarcastically.
I blinked, and then shook my head. “I’m sorry Janet; I didn’t mean that in the way it sounded. It’s just that my last marriage wasn’t one of the best things that happen to me, apart from Wendy that is.” I said looking at my daughter.
“I’m sorry too John . . .” Janet said, “But one bad marriage doesn’t mean that all marriages will be mistakes, I married David and look at that one. I’m willing to risk it if you are.” She smiled at me and her look promised everything.
I have to finish this, so I will have to round up what happened.
I did marry Janet. Well with everything that had happened what else could I have done?
Tania, Wendy and Tanya were my bridesmaids and Little-Cat was the Maid of honor.
Abigail is still in treatment, but with the insurance money (plus interest owed), she is getting the best that her family can afford, her mother is now able to stay at home, but Tanya still lives with us, with her mother’s permission.
The Archer system has been a great success, outshining it’s nearest competitor – especially after a few electrical problems that they don’t seem able to fix even with their new chip. I hear that Adam is again unemployed, such a pity!
Adrian . . . yes Adrian what can I say about him. We have an occasional threesome, and I have seen both Tania and Wendy go to his room at odd hours. His ‘sentence’ has a couple of years to go but somehow he is happy with his position in the household.
Me Well I am now The CEO of William Computers (U.S.) with Janet as V.P., I am happily married with our two children and a third on the way, the scan shows that it is twins, a girl and a boy! In some circles I hear there are celebrations being planned but I am not supposed to know about that – it came to me in a dream.
My ex-wife and her husband have gone downhill, it seemed that somehow he thought that I was returning to England with Wendy, mistaken identity with another John Archer and, dark haired, daughter. The FBI had tipped off their British counterparts and when some robbers tried to ambush this person, they were the ones hit. From their evidence it seems an ex-magistrate was arrested for attempted murder and kidnapping, his friends couldn’t help him . . . Strange to relate the other John Archer returned to America and vanished!
I have to stop now, young Tanya is waiting for me, and she has discussed this with her mother, Elizabeth and Janet. When she returned here she was not wearing her pendant!
I reflect on how much has happened since I first picked up my hitchhiker, and I still listen to ELO, and why not? I have my own four little diamonds.

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Comments (5)
Anonymous reader — 14 March 2016 04:32
Fucking loved this whole story. I laughed, cried, and Cumberland so much. Great job and thank you.
Anonymous reader — 25 October 2015 11:53
Needed a confrontation between john and his ex wife. Either just to hurt her or get her side.
anonymous reader — 17 February 2013 08:26
I see, the names changed because you forgot to change all of them. This was a Ropeville story by Corner Ghost on a different site years ago, it's on Mr. Double's pay site. This was first written in 2005. That is why the name of the town seems so silly, or how everyone's name, including John's last name, keeps changing.

And now you want to do a re-write of a stolen story? Why not just copy/paste the story over for others.
anonymous reader — 18 November 2012 13:13
I just read this and I agree that in the rewrite you need to change the names and watch things like switching names. John's last name changes, Is Tanya and Tracy two separate people?
anonymous reader — 11 November 2012 18:09
I loved this story, I hope that one day you do continue the storyline.
anonymous reader — 18 February 2012 17:08
please why did you not write a follow up to the little hitchiker and my daughter wendy? both these stories were excellent and left me with wanting to know what happened next
anonymous reader — 14 March 2011 13:36
I found myself getting a little annoyed at the fact that his daughter started out as everything to him, but then his attentions started getting pulled more and more away from her. I do love your stories though...
bluntman6996 — 23 July 2010 21:56
that was a really good story i like it
Anonymous reader — 04 June 2010 07:40
ditto on the last comment. it was frustrating trying to picture who i was reading about as the names kept flipping out. great story otherwise, just please stop masturbating as you write or rather stop writing as you masturbate just cum already and do a proper rewrite please hehe
Anonymous reader — 07 April 2010 23:30
first of all you keep calling tania amanda.. second you called abifail's sister tanya then tracy
.. third you have called john archer mr.argent.. fourth when tania was about to be 2 timed by
john and adrian tania called adrian abigail
but over all pretty good scratch that last part it wasent pretty good it was one of the longest
and best storys i have evey read i give you a 20/10 a side of the mistakes listed above it was amazing
Kilgour — 03 January 2009 22:59
I must say, that was a great story. So great in fact, That I never masturbated to it once. I was completely in the thralls of your writing, so far in fact that i couldn't even THINK of doing it. I, Sir, give you a ten. In the future, though, Master is Always(!) capitolized. It is a written forn of respect and submission :D
Earl John — 29 December 2008 02:50
Should you continue the storyline, it would be good to find out what causes the birth rate disparity. Perhaps John, with his instinctive sense of what is wrong, can point the purple team in the right direction?
Anonymous reader — 06 December 2008 10:57
really good. who was amanda(tania?) and tracy(tanya)
richard601 — 02 November 2008 10:00
Do we get to see what happens lwhen the twins are born or is this the end.
Anonymous reader — 25 May 2008 07:51
great story please lets have some more very soon
READER — 04 March 2008 07:26
the name changes were accidently plese get off of it and also great story loved it and the first.
READER — 04 March 2008 07:13
the name changes were accidental stop giving him crap for it, also a very good story i loved it and the first one.
READER — 08 February 2008 14:24
Too long... bull shit, you have a very good story and there wasn't a lot of wasted lines. Keep up the good work.
READER — 29 January 2008 22:33
To damn long I lost it several times and just gave up Reall very bad
READER — 31 December 2007 09:31
very good story, well written, good story line, a few errors with names, good plot, keep writing. fantastic. Have read all 15 chapters and Wendy, twice and may again. Hopefully, you will write more with Wendy, Tanya and Tania and their new lives.
READER — 27 December 2007 19:15
very l o n g, but a great story. I know from start to finish, the story is over, but we can hope for more adventures with Wendy, Tania and family. Very good.
READER — 17 May 2007 20:28
Story was very long, but, except for the name mix-ups and order of events crurved out of order. A very good story.

Is there going to be more, hopefully ?
READER — 19 December 2006 00:01
I agree that all the name changing without character developement is quite confusing. It took me a while to figure out that Tanya and Tania were two different people, I had been thinking it was a spelling error since there are other spelling and grammatical errors.
READER — 16 December 2006 04:20
well done.. if you rad it names that just dont belong show up you might want to check that our it toke me 4 days because i kept getting interputed but i loved the first sereis and i loved this. keep up the good work but next time when you write a long story like this make sure the names stay the same and not change from one to another because it can get very confusing

READER — 15 December 2006 22:02
Should be written as a specialist novel - though check the names - Amanda keeps coming into it and I can't find who that is from earlier episodes. Apart from a few grammatical errors well written for a story of this genre. Well done
READER — 15 December 2006 15:38
A wonderful syory. You write very well.
READER — 15 December 2006 14:41
What a long bunch of crap I dried to hang in there but it all did not make sensce a -- zero
READER — 14 December 2006 19:12
hey what happen to the story
READER — 14 December 2006 09:48
READER — 14 December 2006 09:27
holy shit...its been 2 days and im only on part 15^^...veeerryyy long story but im enjoying it
READER — 14 December 2006 04:24
Must you really stop?
READER — 13 December 2006 21:49
Imaginative and sensitive of an alternative culture, loved it.
READER — 13 December 2006 14:07
I immensly enjoyed the whole series. Will there be a continuation at some point?
READER — 13 December 2006 11:29
nice read i have no complaints.....good job
READER — 13 December 2006 09:38
I havent looked at it all yet but if all your stories are as good then keep them comeing m8
READER — 13 December 2006 07:17
enjoyed the end of the story
anonymous reader — 16 November 2012 03:11
It's a long story, but worth the read. It's not quick into the sex, but a gradual build up
anonymous reader — 10 November 2012 11:56
2012-11-10 02:24:21
This is the first chapter of a sequel story to a story that had plenty of eroticism in it. I would have thought that was obvious, or were you too blinded by your own need to get off that you didn't even bother reading the description?
anonymous reader — 10 November 2012 02:24
Hmm, an entire story without sex, on a sex site. I understand a story line is being built and progressed, but you can't count a moment of fingering as compensation. Perhaps you could just remove the minimal amount of erotica and post it on a non-sex site.
anonymous reader — 09 November 2012 20:05
I read this several months ago ?????
anonymous reader — 09 November 2012 16:47
We some paragraphing would be nice. Too hard to read without breaks.
Negative rating just for that
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