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  1. The Girl - Book 1 - Chapter 01
  2. The Girl - Book 1 - Chapter 02
  3. The girl - Book 1 - Chapter 3 - 1/3
  4. The girl - Book 1 - Chapter 3 - 2/3
  5. The Girl - Book 1 - Chapter 3 - 3/3
  6. The Girl - Book 1 - Chapter 4

The Girl - Book 1 - Chapter 02

Categories Fiction, Authoritarian, BDSM, Cruelty

Author: boardpin123

Published: 25 March 2020

  • Font:

--- "Are you searching for something little one?" --- She heard a voice

--- "Yeah. I lost a phone somewhere in this alley" --- She said

--- "You lost a phone? Is that right?" --- The man said, and she realized it's the voice of one of the men. Hank. --- "And what were you doing in this alley?" --- He said approaching from the shadows --- "It's a dangerous neighbourhood."

--- "I was ..." --- She started to say but fear just blocked her throat. She could not say a word.

She started to back up from the man, only to be caught by the other man. She span back to see who was behind her.

--- "Hi, Lilly" --- said Sam with a evil grin.

At the same time Hank grabbed her, catching her whole torso and arms with one hand and covering her mouth with the other. He lifted her off the ground with ease, as she tried to fight and kicked forcefully. Sam pulled a knife and placed it just in front of her eyes.

--- "Stop fighting, or I will open you up like a can of sardines." --- He said. She stopped.

Hank pulled her to the side of the alley, where there were some old looking door. All three of them entered what looked like a back of an car workshop and closed the door behind them. Hank then threw Lilly to the ground.

--- "Stupid bitch. You should have not come back here." --- he said.

--- "Yeah, girl. We will mess you up real good this time" --- said Sam.

--- "Please." --- She started to beg --- "Please no. Please let me go."

Hank approached her, lifted her face with his hand in a compassionate motion, as she looked into his eyes. And then he slapped her hard across the face, making her land again on the hard concrete. He then grabbed a fist full of her hair and dragged her across the room saying:

--- "You are a worthless piece of meat. You don't have the right to beg."

As he pulled her, she tried her best to move on her hands and knees to not being dragged on the harsh concrete. Finally he thrown her back onto the floor. He then took a bottom part of a old car seat, and thrown in to the ground beside her.

--- "Lay on it."

She softly sobbed on the ground, but didn't move. The man was clearly angry. He took some pliers from the bench. He walked up to her, sat on her belly, lain his huge hand on her torso, and with ease held her in place. He then placed the pliers on her nipple. She tried to fight him, but he was way too strong. Even when she hit his hand it didn't move an inch.

--- "Please! No!" --- She cried --- "I will do whatever you want. I will get on the thing." --- she begged --- "Please don't hurt me! I'll obey!"

--- "Oh, yes you will!" --- he shouted into her face, crashing her nipple in the pliers.

She screamed like hell. The pain was intense.

--- "Will you be a good girl?" --- he asked when she calmed down.

--- "Yes! Yes, sir." --- She said, afraid he will hurt her again. --- "I will be a good girl, sir."

Hank released her nipple and stood up.

--- "Good" --- he said --- "Now, get on the seat."

She did as she as told this time. She crawled to the cushion and laid herself over it, with her head on the ground, and her ass sticking up in the air.

--- "No." --- she heard --- "On your back."

She turned herself, and laid on her back. Only her body was supported by the seat, and her ass was hanging from one side, and her head from the other. She placed her legs on the floor, modestly keeping her knees together. She strained her head to keep it up to look at the two men. They were standing there looking at her body with hunger in their eyes. Both of them slipped off the top of their working overalls. One had a shirt underneath, and the other had a white wife-beater. Both men looked the age of her parents. Or maybe older. It was hard to say, because her parents were intellectuals, office workers, and these guys were strong, hard working, car mechanics. She never felt so small with anybody. Each of their hands was the size of her scull. They had grease stains on their hands, and cloths, Sam had thick leather belt with some tools, and both of them had heavy black shoes. She remembered these shoes quite well from their last encounter.

--- "Spread 'em" --- Sam barked at her.

It was humiliating, but she obeyed. She spread her legs. In this position, she was fully exposed, apart from her pink thin panties. Sam thought exactly that, as he approached her with some scissors and cut the nice panties off of her. Now they could see her hairless crotch.

--- "Nice. Now, lift your dress."

She lifted her one-piece dress all the way above her chest. She was so humiliated by the fact she was exposing herself to these men in this lewd manner, she hanged her head backwards, not to look into their eyes. Hank used this opportunity and knelt in front of her face. He unzipped his working trousers, and took out his huge dick.

--- "Missed having your jaw dislocated?" --- He said with a smile. --- "Open up, sweetie."

She hesitated for a second, and he pinched her nipples. Immediately she opened her mouth, and he directed his penis with his hand into the hot orifice. She placed a lot of things in her mouth, but nothing even comparable to that cock. She didn't gag, and relaxed her throat, but every time this monster of a dick went deep, it was cutting off all the air. She tried to push on his legs with both hands, but to no avail. The man was too strong and heavy, and she felt like her hands are just pushing at a wall.

As she concentrated on breathing through her nose whenever she could, she heard Sam unbuckle his wide belt. He knelt between her legs, and took out his dick. He parted her pussy lips with one hand and placed his cock at the her entrance and pushed at it.

--- "The slut's wet"

That was true. Her pussy was covered in thick slime. The truth was, she wasn't searching for her phone in the alley. She was masturbating there, when they startled her. But her hole was too small, and his dick was dry, so he could not get it in. She gasped a couple of times, as he slipped and his dick went over her clit and onto her public mound. She placed her hands between her legs and spread her legs and her pussy lips even further. But that also didn't help. Sam was frustrated, but at the same time, he was close to an orgasm, as the head of his cock was constantly irritated. Lilly placed her hands back on Hunk thighs, lifted her legs, and placed her knees together, keeping her feet far apart on either side of Sam. She was very flexible and had strong legs, as she was on the swim team. When Sam's cock slipped again, and landed between her legs, she squeezed her thighs on it. The man pushed himself with full weight, moving his dick back and forth over her crotch and between her legs. If she wouldn't be preoccupied with a another dick fucking her throat she could see the head of Sam's cock popping up between her clenched legs with every thrust.

Finally he came, and he came a lot. It landed on her belly, gathering in her belly button, and some of it even spilled to her sides. She waited for him to empty his balls and then relaxed her clenched legs, and heard Sam sit down from exhaustion.

It was safe to say that the site turned Hank on, as she grabbed her head with both hands, and fucked her skull with new force. As the times between strokes dropped, she had problems with breathing, and started to panic, hitting and pushing him with her hands. Again, to no avail. With her head in his huge hands she felt like her head was a melon, in which somebody made a hole and was fucking himself with. He wasn't even that much pushing his dick in her, but rather impaling her head on it. Finally, he strained her head even further, pushed his dick all the way, dislocating her jaw again (as he promised), and landing his balls on her nose. And he held. He held her like that, despite her fighting with all her strength. She could not catch her breath and her face turned red. After what felt like eternity, she felt under her tongue the torrents of cum passing through his dick, directly into her belly. Only after that he pulled out. Some of the cum went into her mouth and as she sucked air, in went the wrong way. She immediately got up on one hand and started to cough, causing the cum to get out through her nose.

She massaged her dislocated jaw and wiped her face with her arm. It was soaked in tears, cum and gallons of her own saliva.

--- "Would you mind helping Lilly with her jaw, Sam?" --- Hank said.

--- "With pleasure" --- Said Sam. He grabbed her by the hair, and smacked her with an open palm on the side of her face, getting her jaw back in place.

Lilly massaged her aching face, and mumbled something under her nose.

--- "What did you say?" --- Hank asked. --- "We can't hear you."

--- "Thank you, sir, for fixing my jaw." --- She said to Sam. Then she turned to Hank and said --- "And thank you, sir, for dislocating it."

--- "No problem sweetie. Always happy to help." - said Hank

--- "You are a real trooper, Hank." --- said Sam, and they both laughed.

--- "Can I go now, sir?" --- she said, thinking she proved herself to them. --- "Please. My parent will worry."

They only laughed.

--- "Maybe after I'll fuck your cunt, we will let you go." --- Said Hank --- "Don't worry. As you kindly sucked me off, I will last longer, and I sure we'll manage to get my dick in." --- he smiled, kneeling between her legs.

--- "Please, no! I never had anything there. It will not fit." --- she begged --- "You're huge."

--- "Why, thank you. I appreciate it." --- said Hank, smiling to his buddy. He then took her cut panties, squeezed them into a ball and forced them into her mouth. --- "And now: Shush, little baby."

Sam took a small piece of tape and placed it over her mouth to keep the panties in. Hank took his already hard cock and placed it at the entrance of her tiny pussy. Both of them were dry by that time, and his pushes were quite painful. The dick was huge, and without any lubrication, it would never fit. Lilly held to the seat, while he forcefully pushed at her slit, to no effect.

Finally, Lilly smeared her hand in Sam's cum, which was on her belly, and reached between her legs. She rubbed it on her pussy lips, and on her entrance. She then gathered some more cum from her belly button and covered Hank's dick in it. She then, spread her legs wide, held to the seat with both hands, and leaned her head back. Hank also grabbed the sides of the seat firmly and pushed at her hole forcefully. His dick bent a little bit, but it didn't slip off it's target. Suddenly, with a wet sound, it passed through the entrance and went deep into her. She strained and screamed into her gag. It stretched her beyond belief. She felt like she was being ripped.

But Hank didn't care. He loved the feeling and just started to ram her hole with full strength. After just 3 strokes he was up to his hilt, and every time he reached the bottom, she felt an incredible pain in her guts.

--- "Look, Hank. You gave her a belly." --- said Sam.

That was true. And knew it even without looking. She felt it. She was so thin and small, you could see the shape of his dick rising her belly every time he went in. She felt like she was a hollow rubber toy, which was grotesquely impaled on a post. She even felt her hip bones being moved apart. She hoped her femur heads would not slip out of their sockets. Every time he pulled out she felt like he would pull her insides with him, and every time he pushed to the hilt, she felt like he's pushing a knife somewhere in her belly.

Despite the pain, she soon got used to the rhythm. And after some time, she even started to push her body back on him.

Finally he came. And when he did, she felt an incredible warmth of his sperm deep inside of her. When he pulled out, she felt suddenly so empty. Her muscles were overstretched, and her pussy was gaping open, unable to close. Cum leak out of it onto her ass. Sam took some old rag and stuffed her open pussy with it.

They turned her on her back, and tied her hands to her feet, in a hog-tie. Hank then lifted her with one hand, holding by the ropes, and carried her to a car. Sam opened the trunk and they threw her in. When they closed it, she was in a complete darkness. She could not see anything. She heard and felt the engine start, and they started to ride. While they rode she felt the soreness of her body and the pain come to her realization. She was violated. She was aching with every bone.

After some time she felt the car stop and the engine stop. It was quiet, they had to be outside of the city center. When they opened the trunk, it was a dark evening. Hank pulled her out. They were in some bushes, beside the river. She realized they came here to dispose of her body.

Sam pulled a knife, with the intention to gut her there and then.

--- "No." --- Said Hank --- "Too bloody. Too much evidence." --- he explained --- "Let's just drown her. It's more plausible as an accident," --- Then he smiled at Sam and said --- "and much more fun."

--- "Yeah. But I wanted to get some revenge for the last time the little minx threw the filth on us."

--- "Feel free to mess her up." --- said Hank, cutting the rope between her legs and hands and straightening her up --- "It's rare for people to fall in a river without a couple of bruises."

Before Lilly could do anything, Sam punched her full force on the stomach. She curled up and ended on her knees. He then took a stick from the ground and started to hit her. On her arms, legs, stomach and tits. She could not defend herself, as her hands were tied. He stopped only when she was covered in welts, sobbing in her gag. Hank only watched with a clear hard-on in his pants.

Then Hank pulled her by the hair, and pulled her to the bank of the river. Then went with her knees deep into the cold water. He looked into her eyes, and said:

--- "It was nice to meet you, Lilly."

She shook her head "NO", and begged with her eyes, but he just smiled and pushed her head under water. She fought frantically, but his hand was way too strong. Just when she thought she'll not be able to keep her breath any more, he pulled her up.

--- "You didn't think we'll let you go without a bit of fun," --- he said --- "did you?" --- And he forced her head back under water.

This went for some time. Lilly nearly drowned. She had water into her nose and ears, and was in a constant state of panic. Hank took off her gag, and continued. She was barely conscious, when she heard:

--- "Hey! What is going on down there?" --- Said a voice from the road, behind the trees.

--- "Shit, it's the police." --- Said Sam.

They stood up, and before they could do anything, two policemen came out of the bushes. They saw two men, with soaking wet girl, in a night, clearly distressed. They pulled their guns.

--- "Get away from the girl."

Sam and Hank raised their hands, and took a step back.

--- "What the fuck is going on here" --- said the officer.

--- "We ..." --- Hank started to think what to say.

--- "Please ..." --- said the girl with a weak voice.

--- "Don't worry little one," --- said the officer --- "we've go you."

--- "No, please ..." --- she started to say --- "these men ..." --- There was a silent pause, as everybody was waiting to hear what she will say --- "they saved me."

--- "What?" --- said the officer, clearly surprised.

--- "I nearly drowned." --- she said --- "I nearly drowned and they pulled me out."

--- "Oh." --- said the policeman lowering his gun. --- "Why were you drowning?"

--- "I did a stupid thing." --- she said, moving slowly towards Sam --- "I played on the tree, over the water." --- she stood now directly in front of Sam, and pushed her hand at him --- "And I slipped. It was deeper then I thought and I can't swim." --- Sam first didn't know what she was doing and just looked at her hands. Then he realized she was still tied up. --- "The current took me off. I could not do anything."

Sam discretely took out his knife and cut her bonds.

--- "OK." --- said the officer --- "Come out of the water. John, bring a blanket from the car."

All three started to walk out of the water to the sandy bank. Hank and Sam looked at each other with a surprise in their eyes.

When they were on the bank, she was shivering and the policeman covered her with a blanket and rubbed her back. She turned to Hank and Sam and said:

--- "Thank you. Thank you so much. I'm in good hands now. You can leave me. You did enough for tonight." --- she said --- "You'll be my heroes for ever." --- she smiled.

They got the suggestion and went to their car.

--- "Stop!" --- shouted the officer, and they stopped in their tracks.

They turned back, afraid what will come next.

--- "At least tell the girl your names."

--- "Mm..."

--- "Hank and Sam. From the Road Hog's Motors. It's on their badges" --- said the other policeman.

--- "Yeah. I'm Hank, and this is Sam." --- said Hank --- "Sorry, we are a bit shaken."

--- "Yes. I can understand." --- said the officer --- "Thank you again for helping this young lady."

--- "No problem." --- said Sam.

--- "It was nice to meet you, sir!" --- she shouted as they got into the car and drove off.

Lilly went to the police car, and sat in the open door of the back seat.

--- "Sir. Can you not tell my mom?"

--- "Why?"

--- "I won't do it again. I promise. It was stupid and I have learned my lesson." --- she said. --- "I don't want her to worry."

She looked at him with her wide, trusting eyes, and said

--- "Please, I'll do anything" --- leaving her mouth slightly open, and placing her finger by her lips.

The officer looked at his colleague, who was busy on the other side of the car, and the turned back to her saying:

--- "Anything?"

She spread her legs a bit further, dropping the folds of the blanked to the sides, and said

--- "Anything."

--- "John. You said you'll be late for your wife's dinner."

--- "Man. Don't bring it up. You were right we checked what happened here. My wife will understand."

--- "No. I just meant that if you want, I can drop you off at you place, and take her to her parents on my own."

--- "Really?" --- Said John --- "But the paperwork ..."

--- "I don't think the paperwork is necessary in this case." --- said the officer --- "She went through enough today."

--- "You're probably right, David."


After they dropped John off, at his house, David asked Lilly where she lives. She gave him the address and asked if he can stop a couple of blocks further by a park, so that her mom will not be alarmed. She also asked if she could sit in front, as it was kind of frightening to sit in the back of a police car.

The whole road the policeman was telling her that he would feel bad if he didn't inform her parent, and she was suggesting that maybe she could do something to make him feel better. After some teasing, she placed his free hand on her leg, and at the same time, discretely pulled the rug from her pussy. His hand caressed her thigh and soon slowly found it's way up her skirt and onto her crotch. His fingers parted her lips and slipped over her slit.

--- "You are soaking wet." --- he said, and she flushed.

--- "Sorry." --- she said quietly --- "I was just always fond of policemen."

--- "Where you." --- he said, rubbing her harder.

--- "Yes" --- She gasped. --- "The uniform ..." --- She started to rub herself on his fingers --- "the gun ..." --- She moaned --- "The handcuffs ..." --- One finger slipped into her --- "A baton ..." --- She pushed his hand against her crotch with both of her hands, and rubbed like crazy --- "A taser ..." --- She came, straining her body and moaning.

--- "Hell. You are one horny little minx." --- he said --- "But you are leaking, and you'll stain the seat."

--- "Sorry." --- she said, getting off the seat onto the floor in front of it.

She then licked what leaked out of her from the leather seat. Only she knew it was mostly her rapist cum, not her juices.

--- "Either way, floor is a better place for a bitch in a car, isn't it?" --- she said, looking into his eyes, and trailing her hand over the bump on in his pants.

--- "Yes. I agree. Dogs should not seat on furniture like humans." --- he said, turning his attention back to the road.

--- "I think a bitch like me, just need a bit more training." --- she said, jacking him off through the material of his trousers. At the same time, she stuffed herself back with the rug.

--- "Yeah. Your owners have to teach you some manners."

--- "Oh, I hope they will." --- she said, unbuckling his pants and unzipping them.

--- "But I think nothing gets to a dog, like a good bone." --- he smiled, as she took out his penis.

--- "I think some dogs also need a beating sometimes, to learn." --- she said dreamily, while moving her hand up and down his shaft. --- "Especially bitches."

--- "You don't say?"

--- "Yes. They are just too stupid for rewards." --- she explained --- "Sometimes you just need to take your belt and teach them a lesson."

She was more into her own world, but clearly turned him on, and soon he was ready to come. She leaned on her knees, and hovered over the head of his dick.

--- "Sometimes you just have to show who's the boss. Otherwise, they will never learn." --- She said, placing his free hand on the back of her head.

He got the suggestion, and pushed her mouth over his dick. The feeling of her warm mouth, took him over the edge, and he came in her mouth. She sucked and drank all the cum out of him.

After that, he suddenly changed. He turned on the sidewalk and stopped. He zipped his pants up.

--- "Why are we stopping?"

He didn't answer her. He leaned over her and opened the door on her side.

--- "Get out"

--- "But it's still a long way."

--- "Get out, you whore." --- He looked at her with disgust. --- "And I sure hope you didn't stain the floor with your leaking slutty cunt."

She climbed out of the car, making sure not to touch the seat with her legs. She stood on the pavement, when the officer closed the door and rode off without a word. She was hurt, and felt discarded like a piece of trash. A piece of toilet paper somebody masturbated into.

She straightened her dress and started to walk home. Thankfully it was a warm evening, and she dried mostly in the car. When she came home, her mom was upstairs and she could easily slip into her room.

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The Girl - Book 1 - Chapter 02

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