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bus trip

Categories Fantasy, Anal, Black, Blowjob

Author: Unknown user

Published: 15 November 2006

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Hi there, my name is Carlie Lee. I live in Red Jacket, West Virginia just a stones throw from Kentucky and Virginia. I've lived here all my life. It's a small town, just under 800 people. So everyone knows everyone else.

I'm 21 years old and I'm on a bus for Ohio for the first time in my life. It's real excitin', this trip. I'm goin' to be my big sister's bride's maid. I'm really lookin' to wear that pretty dress she told me I was gonna wear.

I got on this bus and a lotta men told me I could sit beside them. They're real nice too. All my life I've had men sitting next ta me. They like to talk to me while they rub my arm or leg.

All the boys in school use to chase me and kiss me. My uncles and cousins liked kissing me too. I really like boys.

A really nice young man gave me the window seat.

I look really cute in my tight sweater. My boobies are large and press against his arm. He told me they were really pretty and asked if they were real.

I took his hand and put it on the bulge of my chest. "What do ya think, do they feel real to you?" I asked him.

He smiled then licked his lips. "Oh yeah, they feel real nice, Carlie Lee," he whispered in my ear. "You know I'd love to suckle that hard nipple you have there."

I blushed and giggled then he said, "It's dark in here and most people are asleep, please just let me suckle them for a few minutes.

I'm really proud of my tits and I love when they are admired by men. I slipped down a little in my seat an pulled my sweater down a little lower so that my nipples popped out of the sweater.

Carmine, that was his name, quickly covered the hard nipple with his mouth and suckled me until they became really hard.

"Oh, you're making me really hot," I whispered in his ear.

"Has anyone else ever sucked you pretty breast?" he asked me.

"Oh, a lot of men like my titties," I told him.

Then he ran his hand up my skirt and felt that my panties were a little wet. "Did you go in your panties?" he whispered in my ear.

"No! I don't do that. You suckin' my tits made me get wet down there," I explained. Well, I think I had better lick it clean, don't you think, Carlie Lee?" he said.

"How are you gonna do that?" I asked him and he said "Just spread your legs apart and I'll get on the floor in front of you and stick my head under your skirt; no one will ever know I'm there," he explained.

So I spread my legs apart and Carmine slipped to the floor and his head went under my skirt.

I felt his fingers go under the elastic of my panties and then I felt his wet tongue slip between the lips of my private. It felt really strange but also very exciting. Before long, I felt this really warm feeling down there and my legs started to tremble.

I pushed him off me. I was so scared that I thought I might pee on him. When he sat beside me again, he pulled my face to his and kissed me on the mouth and stuck his tongue into my mouth. He tasted salty.

"I like your taste," he whispered in my ear.

The bus stopped and he kissed me again. "I've got to go, Carlie, this is my stop. I hope you make another man as happy as you made me. Think of me when you're lonely, okay?"

I promised to think of him and he waved as he passed my window. Before the bus drove off, a woman and two kids ran up to him. The kids called him daddy.

I lay back on the seat and closed my eyes.

"Mind if I sit here, miss?" A deep voice came from the aisle.

I opened my eyes and a man that looked like Elvis stood lookin' down on me. I smiled at him and said, "Sure, I like company. This is my first bus ride."

He sat down and his hand touched my arm as he sat in the seat. "Do you mind if we put this arm rest up?" he asked. "It'll give us both a little more room," he explained.

"No, I don't mind at all," I told him and he lifted it out of the way.

"If you get tired while we travel, you're welcome to lay you head on my lap," he smiled.

"Oh, thank you," I smiled back. "I appreciate your kindness; I am getting a little tried. Are you sure you don't mind?"

"Not at all, little missy go right ahead and lay down. You can stroke my dick while you're there if you want. I haven't had the gentle touch of a woman in a long time." he explained to me as he unzipped is jeans. Out popped a long red dick. Its head was large and there was fluid oozing out of it.

"You can just lick away that salty liquid. It won't hurt you," he nodded at his long penis.

Tentatively, stuck out my tongue and touched the tip of it to the red dick. It tasted salty and it sort of jerked as my tongue touched it.

"Go ahead, do it some more, suck it into your mouth. Lay your face in my lap and I'll cover you up so no one sees," he directed me.

I leaned over him again, and sort of sucked him into my mouth. I liked the way it felt in my mouth; it filled it full and even went into my throat. I gagged a little because I haven't ever had anything that big in my mouth before.

Once, my brother made me lick his little dong, but it was like a sucker stick it was so small. This man was really big and made me gag. But he seemed so relaxed when I sucked it and then he spilled salty liquid into my throat. I almost choked.

He pulled me off his lap and kissed me hard after that and his tongue went into my throat too, only it felt real good.

I felt his fingers slip under my panties and he pinched that place that feels real good. You know, the one that when you accidentally touch it makes your toes curl!

Well he pinched it and not only did my toes curl but also my knees came up and my legs flew wide open.

The man slipped off his seat and kneeled between my legs. He put his fingers in the wet sticky stuff there and then stuck them in his mouth.

"Open your legs wide, baby, I'll make you feel as good as you did me," he whispered lowly so no one would hear.

I did as he said. I wanted to feel good. I had a burning desire in my belly or maybe a little lower.

I spread my legs as wide as the chair and he put his head under my skirt. When his tongue touched that sensitive place my legs tingled and my nipples grew hard. I wrapped my legs around his neck and he grabbed my butt cheeks in both hands as he covered my hairy area with his mouth and his tongue seemed to go in and out of that hole where I pee.

But it felt so good. He pinched something that made heat run down my legs and my toes curled. I could barely breath.

Men always wanted to do those kinds of things with me. I don't know why. I'm not all that pretty like the girls that go into the woods with their boyfriends then come out with babies a few months later.

I never even had a real boyfriend. Even though I tried to look pretty enough to get one. I always wear tight sweaters and short skirts. I'm sure that's why these men wanted to sit beside me. They like to see a little skin and I love teasing them with it. But I've never done anything to get prego. Not like my girlfriends.

The next stop was the guy's stop. He kissed me good buy and gave me twenty dollars. "Thanks for the good time. Maybe I'll see you again sometime," he smiled and kissed me on the forehead.

A black man got on the bus and came to sit in the seat next to me. I hadn't seen too many black people in my life. There's only a few in Red Jacket. Two work at the restaurant, cookin' and cleanin' tables.

This man wasn't too dark though, not like Rodney and Jasper. They were my friends too. Not many people liked them, but I did. They made me laugh. Sometimes the three of us snuck into the woods and talked and once I even kissed Jasper. His big tongue slipped down my throat. But no one knows about that, so don't tell anybody, okay?

"Do ya mind if I sits here next ta ya missy?" the black man asked.

"Yes, you can sit here if 'n you want," I told him. "I have black friends at home."

He smiled and nodded then sat next to me. His hand fell on my bare leg as he sat. "You sure have smooth skin, missy."

"Thank ya mister, some other man tol' me the same thing not long ago."

"Where you gone all-alone, little girl?" he asked me.

"I"m gonna go be in my sister's weddin' in Ohio," I told him proudly.

"Wow! That should be fun. Is this your first weddin'?" he asked.

"Yes sir, it sure is," I smiled at him.

He touched my knees and his long fingers stretched under my skirt. "You's has smooth skin young missy. Somumping this ole man likes. Can I touch it some more I ain't been close to smooth sking in a long time."

I held out my arm and he ran his finger up and down it the he touched my huge tits with one finger. "Pretty, soft, white," he licked his lips. "Is it possible you let me lick one of those nice mounds you has on your chest, missy?" "I don't know, I never even let Rodney or Jasper touch me there. But they's not as old as you. Maybe you will never get to touch such nice knockers at yor age. Sure, go ahead, you can touch 'em and even lick 'em if ya want.

"The nipples get hard when they're sucked," I warned him.

He smiled. My name's Johnson and thank you missy. He held out his black hand and lay it on my snow white tit. The he licked his lips. His fingers slipped under the fabric of my dress and pinched the nipple. I felt a sharp pang of pleasure between my legs.

I slipped down in my seat and pulled up my skirt. "Wow, that made me really feel good. Put your hand in my panties and see what ya did."

The old man looked around. Most of the other passengers were asleep. "You sure its all right for me to do that?" he asked lookin' around.

"Sure it is, I gave you permission," I told him.

So, slowly, he looked around to see if anyone was watchin' then he kneeled on the floor in front of me and pushed my dress up to my waist. His fingers played with the elastic on my panties and soon slipped under the cloth, landing in a pool of liquid.

"Ohhhhh," he sighed and his dick shot up making a tent in his pants.

I slid out of my panties and spread my legs wide open. Johnson pulled on his long dick and the head became covered with clear fluid. "Can I put it in you now, missy?" he asked with his eyes looking at the floor of the bus.

"Oh yes, you can do it now!" I whispered softly and spread my legs wide for him.

He pushed hard, trying to force his big cock into my tight little cunt. "Help me here, little girl, I'm not use to someone as tight as you. Try 'n hold it as open as you can." He licked the palm of his hand with his tongue and rubbed the spit all over the tip of his dick. It glistened in the dim light of the bus.

He bent over me and licked my pussy and ran a finger between the lips there. Then he ran his tongue over the little thing that was standing up. A chill ran through me and I caught my breath.

"I can get it now," he whispered and he pushed hard on the hole there and I felt it rip as the black cock broke into my cunt. It burned and I felt some kind of fluid slipping down my butt.

I saw tears drip out of Johnson's eyes as his body teetered in and out and his big dick filled the tight little hole in my body.

Soon, he began to shake and I felt a rush of warm fluids fill my hole and run down my legs. My body shook happily and it hurt too.

Johnson, crawled back into his seat and turned my face to his. He kissed me deep with his tongue.

"Name him Kendell, will you little girl?"

I wasn't sure what he was talkin' about but I said, "Sure, I like that name."

I got off in Ohio; Johnson was on his way to Chicago.

The wedding was wonderful. I had a really good time.

My sister, Julie was so happy. The wedding was wonderful and I stayed with her for two months after the wedding to help her get her new house put together.

About a month after the wedding, I started feeling sick in the mornings. I threw up a lot and I ate really strange dishes like fish and peanut butter, together. And I started putting on a lot of weight.

"Carlie, have you been havin' sex with men?" she asked me.

"No, I only let them touch me down there, I never have sex with'em. And besides, I've been here for two months."

I ain't seen a boy since I've been here."

The following month, I went home. Mama asked how I put on so much weight. I told her that I ate a lot at Julie's but that I felt really bad.

She took me to the doctor's.

"You're three months pregnant, Carlie, who's baby is it, girl? Do you even know?" the doctor asked me.

"No, I 'm not pregnant, I can't be!" I protested. "I haven't been with a boy in a long long time."

"Well, you weren't a virgin so it isn't from Immaculate Conception that's for sure," the doctor said.

"What's that mean?" I asked.

"It means some man had to have sex with you in the last six months!" he explained.

"The only people I was with in that time, were the people on the bus," I told him.

"And did you have sex with any of them?" he scowled at me.

"No, but I let them touch me just like my daddy and uncles always have," I explained.

He just shook his head. "Get dressed Carlie. I'm gonna give you some pills to take so you will be healthy while you carry this baby. When it's born we'll put it up for adoption, okay?"

I looked at my momma and she shook her head up and down. I looked at the doctor and said, "Yes."

For the next five months everything went good. I got sick a lot and I didn't like the foods I use to like very much anymore.

The baby grew and so did my belly. The one night I woke up screaming. Something wet was between my legs and when I turned on the lights I saw blood everywhere. I thought the baby had died.

I cried out for mama and she came running. She called the doctor and run me to the hospital.

Four hours later Jasper was born.

My momma cried, "It's a black baby! How did you get a black baby?"

"Johnson musta given him to me; he told me to name him Kendell," I explained.

I told them the story of the men on the bus and that I let them touch me because all of the men here touched me all of the time. "I thought that's what I was suppose to do."

Mama cried.

The doctor said, "There's no way anyone in this town is going to adopt a mixed black baby. You're gonna have to raise it yourself."

I took Kendell in my arms; he was a beautiful baby, his skin was light brown, like he had a good tan. He had blue eyes, just like mine, and his hair was real wavy. He cooed and giggled and was so sweet. I loved him with all of my heart.

Mama was really mad at me for not telling her how the men in town like to touch me.

"Why didn't you tell me before about those men who touched you when you were growing up?" she yelled.

"Cause they tol' me not to tell anyone," I explained.

"Well, now you have a baby because you didn't tell anyone and you're only 21 years old. Yer never gonna find a husband and father for a half blood baby!" my mama tol' me. "So yous gonna have ta raise him on your own!"

I went to work for the restaurant where Rodney and Jasper worked. They liked little Kendell, they played with him and kept him quiet when they had free time.

I was really busy cooking dinners for people but he was a good baby and even though he was different, people seemed to love him anyway. He was a very happy baby. And seemed to make other people happy too.

No on that came into the dinner could resist talkin' to him and holdin' him They didn't seem to mind that his daddy was a black man who I didn't even know. They jus said, "Look how happy that pretty baby boy is!" an they'd smile and tip me good.

Kendell is now sixteen years old. He has a paper route and he and I live in a nice little house we were able to by on the edge of town. We laugh a lot and he has lots of friends.

Our neighbors drop by often and they sit and chat with him about thing they believe. They seem to trust him and his judgment.

He is the captain of the basketball team and runs track. And even the white girls chase after him.

My mom still hasn't accepted him and that makes both him and I sad, but we've talked about it and he says she'll come around someday.

I met a nice man, he's even white and he loves Kendell. They talk a lot and we are thinking about becoming a family.

I'm not a bus tramp anymore, I'm a mama and next month I'll be a wife with a respectable husband. George Nolan, the head of the newspaper asked us to marry him last month.

Kendell told me that I needed to get married so he wouldn't be a bastard anymore. Then he laughed and told me that George was a good man and that I should say yes. So I did.

We will be a family soon... and none of us cares about what my mama thinks

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bus trip

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Comments (6)
anonymous reader — 29 August 2013 01:45
where is the interacial in this story
anonymous reader — 10 September 2010 20:09
Wish it had been stretched out a bit more, although because the bus situation would have to be a quickie short descriptions are almost okay.
Anonymous reader — 03 July 2009 19:25
sounds like you are young and just learning things. try to make it in a more desirable setting next time because a bus is NOT romantic
READER — 10 January 2007 16:15
that good not many peple would do what you did
READER — 02 December 2006 21:10
came pretty hard on that one
READER — 18 November 2006 09:47
What a whore... nice!
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