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  1. kareenaa
  2. kareena 2nd

kareena 2nd

Categories Fantasy, Asian, Blackmail, Blowjob

Author: Unknown user

Published: 15 November 2006

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had them crawl all the way into the bedroom. There I sat back on the foot of the bed and had them stand before me. On my signal Mahima came over and started taking off my shoes while I ordered Karishma and Kareena.

"Spread your legs, girls." They did.

"Wider", they obeyed, spreading their legs about 2 and a half feet wide. Kareena gasped as she felt the cold air of the room caress her bare pussy in that micro-dress.

"Hands behind your head", again silent, unhesitating compliance. Even Kareena was obeying without any objection. Less for fulfilling her promise and more from the animal fires burning between her legs, I thought.

After the shoes and socks I let Mahima take off my pants and stood up to closely inspect my newly acquired slaves. Moving around Kareena in a tight, close circle I could sense her heavy breathing, her heaving breasts and her racing heart. Her body was on fire and she was shifting her weight nervously, needing desperately to be touched and fucked. From behind her I put my hand on her bare ass cheek under the skimpy, short dress. Even as I started to slowly caress her soft firm ass she gasped and moaned like a tortured animal.

Softly I ran a finger in her tight ass crack, she stepped wider pushing her ass back, wanting more. I smiled to myself as I saw the good girl, the proud and prudish princess turn into a wanton slut before my eyes. I touched her hot tight ass hole with my fingertip and far from voicing an objection she pushed back, trying to get in more of my finger into her most private hole. I slowly started playing with her hot ass hole, pushing my fingertip into her virgin hole just a little bit.

She uttered a guttural moan "unnnnnnhhh, More...Please!"

Isn't that a Chinese curse, "May you get what you wish for!"

She realized why it's a curse when my invading finger rammed in deep into her small and tight ass hole, making every pore of her body scream with pain. "Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah"

I got hard when I heard that animal scream from her young angelic lips. I ran my left hand down her soft back as I let her get used to the thick probing finger deep in her most intimate hole. My left hand moves to her front, softly caressing her bare chest, touching her neck a bit, then crossing in front of her I took hold of her soft, silky hair on the other side. Pulling it a little roughly I made her turn her face towards me with a jerk.

I pressed my hot demanding lips on her soft luscious lips, kissing her with a rough, wanton passion that made her even more horny and she gave in to it by opening her mouth to let my tongue enter. Mmmmmmmm, her soft wet mouth was so sweet and hot. But what was sweeter was her submission. I sucked her deep, massaging her sweet tongue with mine, exploring deep in her mouth. She kissed me back, sucking my tongue, and moving her ass on my finger at the same time. When I broke the kiss, her face looked flushed, like she was on the verge of an explosion.

"Where is my finger, Kareena?"

"In..in my ass, sir!"

"And are you liking it?" I asked with a sly smile.

Only then did she realize that she'd been pushing her ass up and down on my finger, slowly but effectively fucking her own ass with my finger. Oh, how I love that look on the face of a young girl when she realizes she has become a slut. She looked down as she said, "Yes, sir!"

Suddenly I pulled out my finger completely and left her saying, "Hands on your knees and spread your legs wider!" and stepped towards Karishma. Kareena obeyed instantly, her mind just needing release and not able to focus on any alien concept like self-respect, dignity or pride. She was just a slut needing to be fucked and I was the guy who could give it to her the fastest. She was mine to take anyway I wanted.

Stepping behind Karishma, I rubbed her soft bare back, playing with the thin straps of her tight, small top. She moaned as my thumbs moved down, pressing on her bare spine all the way down to her waist. Then I grabbed her firm ass cheeks through the thin see-through dress and pulled them apart, kneading and squeezing while my tongue played with her straps. Taking the soft mound of flesh under her shaved armpit in my mouth I bit and sucked hard. She moaned uncontrollably loud. I moved my thumbs in her ass crack, rubbing the soft, thin fabric of her dress in her tight little ass crack, opening her wide. I could see the dress sticking to her thighs where her juices were making it wet.

Slowly I undid the straps of her top and pulled it off of her gorgeous tits which were standing out like twin peaks. I took hold of those gorgeous tits of hers and humped her ass with a hard thrust, my thick rod pushing her tight buttocks apart. "Unh!" she grunted as her body was pressed forward by the hard thrust. And then I gave her another.

"Oh God! Fuck me please!!" She begged. Suddenly I left her and went to get my digital camera from the drawer. I took a shot of Karishma from the front, with her legs open wide and bared as they pushed out of the dress slits, her tits bare and hard, her face all flushed with lust. "Put your hand on your pussy" I instructed and she instantly followed. Click.

"Rub it, rub the dress on your bare pussy baby."

"Yes, sir!" she said and moaned with her head tilted back. Click.

"Pinch your nipples." Click.

"Squeeze your tits, knead them hard." Soft tits bare and kneaded hard by her hands, her face full of lust and animal hunger. Click.

Then I moved to stand before Kareena. She was waiting with her hands on her knees, her tits peaking from the low-cut, tight dress, her pussy juices flowing down her thighs. I took a shot from the front and one from the back.

"Put your hands on the foot of the bed and keep those legs spread." Even I was surprised how readily she did that, knowing well her young wet pussy and her tight ass were fully exposed in that position. I took a picture of that.

"Karishma take off your dress", I snapped while I guided Kareena with my fingers gripping her hair to a kneeling position on the bed with knees open wide. This way half of her pussy was visible and half hidden under the dress...mmmmmmmmm...sensational. Click.

Then I made Kareena go on all fours and took shots from all angles, especially behind her. She was soaking wet now.

I took Karishma's thin, transparent black dupatta and tied it around her waist like a micro sarong, her wet pussy visible through the thin sheen. I took more pictures of her in that, front with the pussy visible, then the dupatta stuck to the wet pussy, then back with the thin rag trying to cover only a fraction of her tight ass crack. She was like putty in my hands, doing anything I asked, posing anyway I said, no matter how exposing, obscene or embarrassing.

Then I had Kareena take off her dress and also took off Karishma's little rag. I had them bend over with their hands on the foot of the bed and their legs open and their private parts staring into the camera. Oh, the twin asses and pussies looked so arousing.

Then more shots on the bed, with the girls behaving like lesbians touching and licking. For the final shot I had them push one finger into each other's pussy. But as Karishma's finger entered Kareena's tight pussy she exploded and came all over Karishma's hand. Karishma was not far behind, with one thrust of Kareena's long finger she convulsed and started pushing wave after wave of cum on to her hand.

Now, this was too much for me. Shedding my shorts I got on the bed and had them put their hands on the headboard with their asses towards me. God, what a sight! Without wasting one moment, I got behind Kareena and pushed my hard, aching cock deep into her tight, dripping cunt. She grunted as he body rocked forward by the impact of my hard stroke. Another hard thrust, going deeper into her soft, burning hot cunt and she moaned, "Oh yes, fuck me. Please. Fuck me hard."

"Why should I fuck you, bitch? What are you to me?"

"I am your slut, your fucktoy. Please use me. Fuck me."

Her young, small body was throbbing in tune with my thick hard cock and I make her rock again and again with hot hard strokes that impaled her wet tight cunt so deep. Karishma was too horny to just watch, she came closer and started licking and sucking my neck, then my chin and cheeks. When she kissed my lips I kissed her back intensely, putting one hand on her bare back. We sucked and licked, our tongued battling hard, sometimes in a mouth sometimes in the air.

I never stopped fucking Kareena, opening her tight cunt wide with my huge thick cock, making her grunt and scream like a bitch in heat. Presently she started to cum again, "oh god...I am cumming...fuck me please...don't stop!", she begged like a whore. I pounded her tight cunt hard and deep as my right hand slipped lower, on Karishma's ass rubbing her cunt and ass crack. Suddenly my hot rod exploded in Kareena's cunt, filling her hot, young pussy with my load of cum. She pushed back, matching stroke for stroke, trying to get more and more of my throbbing hot cock into her hungry little cunt. Finally, she collapsed on the bed, exhausted and sated with a relaxed look on her young pretty face.

But Karishma was all ready to go. Even without any order she was licking and cleaning my cum-soaked cock.

* * * * *

Karishma's warm, soft tongue got my semi-hard cock to fully hard and erect again in no time. Placing one hand on her chest I pushed her back on the bed, she opened her legs immediately offering me the tresures of her girlhood fully wet and ready to be used. I took hold of her sexy legs just below the knees and spread them really wide while I put them on my shoulders. This way she was totally spread, her pussy lips open and her pink pussy lips visible. She guided my long hard rod to the tight little opening of her cunt and I pushed in without any ceremony, just plunging deep into her soft little cunt so hard that she yelped like a puppy, "Ow!"

Mahima started to lick Kareena's cum soaked pussy and thigh eliciting hot moans from the young slut.

Pulling my cock out until only the head was in Karishma's cunt, I gave her another hard, really deep stroke that pushed her body forward on the bedsheet and hurt her tight little cunt from the inside forcing her to scream louder this time, "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh goddddddddddd!"

Her head was thrashing about and she was biting her lip expecting anther similar assault on her soft little cunt. And she was right. When I had slowly pulled my cock out to the point where the head was just keeping her pussy hole open, I paused for a second and then rammed it back home, with my force and power, hitting the deep end in her tight little cunt as the long thick monster had no deeper to go. And...the unbearable pain in the most private and delicate part of her body made Karishma explode like a bomb.

She let go with a huge load of cum on my cock buried deep in her cunt and when I pulled out and rammed in with another hard thrust she spurted another load, her whole body vibrating like jelly in an earthquake, her breathing all out of control but her words were, "Oh fuck me! Use me, I am just a dirty whore, fuck the hell out of me..."

Using one hand to grip her hair and the other one on her ass I bent her over the headboard again. By now, Kareena had recovered from the hardest orgasm of her life and was watching interestedly. Her eyes and mouth opened wide when she saw me open Karishma's legs wide and place my raging hard cock on her tight little ass hole.

The first few strokes I was gentle with Karishma's ass, pushing in and out with just a centimeter of my cockhead then a little deeper and deeper until she started enjoying it and actually started to buck her hips to take it deeper in her hot tight tunnel. That's when I gave it to her. One hard ramming stroke and the whole thick rod was deep in her tight ass causing her head to jerk upright and an ear-piercing scream filled the room, "Aaaaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!!"

I left it buried deep in her tight ass while my hands roamed all over her naked body, touching her boobs, squeezing them, caressing her chest moving softly on her belly. I bit the soft flesh on her side and under her arm while I gently moved the hot thick cock back and forth in her ass.

When I pulled it back further out, she became nervous, her body all tense and her back arched anticipating another brutal thrust like the last one. I didn't disappoint her. With one forceful deep thrust I penetrated her tight ass deeper than last time.


Her scream was as passionate to match the stroke! With that she came again, erupting a hot flow of cum which wetted the sheets between her legs.

Kareena was watching the whole scene with interest, her own body tense and nervous to her sister's ass being fucked like that; when Karishma came Kareena's body shook all over from the sheer intensity of watching but when she saw that I didn't stop when Karishma came but started pounding her ass in hard long strokes of my thick, hard, throbbing cock her eyes got wider and then suddenly she started convulsing, spraying Mahima's face with her hot cum as she was still licking Kareena's delicious wet pussy.

The sight of Kareena's cute, scared face and her hot little body in the throes of a slutty orgasm pushed me over the edge and I shot a huge load of hot cum into Karishma's ass. With each deep hard stroke, I sprayed the walls of her ass with a fresh shot of cum. Karishma's body shook all over and she spurted out some more cum on the bed and then collapsed with her face in the sheets and her legs obscenely spread open.

I looked into Kareena's eyes and patted the headboard, inviting her to take her place. She swallowed hard, knowing it was inevitable but scared to the bone. If I had used her young, tight cunt that rough, what would I do to her ultra-tight, young, virgin ass! But there was that morbid fascination which pulled her to me. Slowly she got up, like a goat going to slaughter, and put her hands on the headboard, spreading her legs.

I got behind her and roughly spread her legs even wider, until she yelped with her tight pussy being pulled apart so badly. Placing the length of my thick cock on her pussy slit I started rubbing it back and forth on her soppy pussy slit slick with juices and cum. With one hand I pulled Mahima's hair positioning her between Kareena's legs from the belly side, just under my cock.

Like an obedient little girl, she started licked my hot rod. I pushed one finger into Kareena's, her gasp was so sexy as she felt my thick finger move deeper into her ultra-tight hole, each digit opening her small hole wider until the whole long finger was buried in her ass to the hilt. I fingered her ass slowly in and out in tune with Mahima's ministrations on my pecker. Sandwiched between Kareena's soft, young pussy and Mahima's greedy hot tongue my cock soon grew hard again.

Slowly, with deliberation I inserted the long rod into her tight ass, pushing it in a little at a time. With every little thrust she whimpered like a kitten, feeling the throbbing hot beast open her tightest of ass and penetrate deeper and deeper.

I could only get 3 inches of the hot meatrod into her ass before I had to stop. Then I pulled out an inch and pushed in harder, to go in 2 inches, it worked but caused Kareena to scream like a banshee. I did the same thing again, building a rhythm, pushing my hot cock deeper into her tight ass with every thrust. Kareena gripped the headboard tightly until her knuckles were white. With every thrust into her ass her head jerked up in time with her scream.

The friction in her hot tight little hole was incredible and it was turning me harder which was making it tough to go in faster or deeper. Then I just pulled out my cock almost all the way in with just one inch of the hot cockhead keeping her tight hole open.

Slowly I rubbed my hands up on her bare waist towards her back, touching her bare spine, loving the feeling of having this young, gorgeous starlet totally nude under me with my cock in her most private of holes. My big hands caressed her soft round shoulders and gripped tight, just then I rammed my hard cock into her tight ass, so deep and hard it impaled her ass painfully deep. Her head jerked up, her back arched, her whole body behaving like a shot doe and her scream totally setting her whole body shaking and vibrating, "aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiii aaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnhhhhh!"

My cock was almost all the way in now, I let it stay there, throbbing wildly while I rubbed down Kareena's back, softly, gently. Even with all this painful fucking her pussy was dripping like mad and Mahima was licking and sucking it all. Presently the pain subsided and Kareena got used to having the huge thick cock in her tight ass. I slowly pulled out a few inches and moved in again, fucking her deliciously hot ass with my stiff cock.

Slowly she got used to the thick rod fucking her tight little hole in and out and her screams turned to moaning. She even started to buck her hips in tune with my thrusts, impaling herself on my cock. I gripped her shoulders and caressed and touched her soft cheeks, her soft neck and behind her neck. Just as she started enjoying the hot ass fucking I increased the pace and her moans turned back to screams,

"aaaa, aaannh,..ungghhh...aaaaaa!" One stroke, one scream,


My thrusts got so hard, ripping her tight little ass open as my balls slapped her pussy, and it got too much for her. With her next scream she came hard spurting cum all over Mahima face.

At just that moment I pulled out my cock all but the head and rammed it home all the way deep into her ass and started pounding her tight ass deep and hard in forceful, merciless strokes that made her feel used like a slut and her pussy exploded in wave after wave of hot cum which Mahima sucked and swallowed greedily. And then it was my turn. My hot cock exploded in her ass and started pumping loads of hot cum into her tight ass.

I kept pounding her hot ass with my wet, hot cock in really deep hard thrusts as my hot cum flooded her ass hole. She screamed with each thrust and her pussy responded with more flowy white liquid. Mahima lapped it all up, my juices and Kareena's swallowing every drop.

Finally, we slept. About 3 in the night, I had to get up for a nature call. When I came back Kareena was sleeping on her right side, totally naked, her left leg on the upper side, bent a little while her right was straight. Her ass looked so tight and firm that way, inviting me to use her hot little body.

I slapped her hard on the bare ass and she woke up with a jerk. Grabbing her hair roughly, I positioned her on her knees with her head on the bed and spread her legs. Then I proceeded to fuck her tight little ass which was already sore from the earlier fucking. Her screams woke Mahima and karishma and they got some action too. Mahima finally getting a thick ramming cock in her holes tonight.

All in all, it was a good night. The day, of course, is another story!

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kareena 2nd

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anonymous reader — 16 January 2012 03:34
this is not so exciting
anonymous reader — 18 March 2011 10:35
kareena and karishma want to fuck u,will u like to suck my cock
anonymous reader — 31 August 2010 07:57
hi kareena i love u
Anonymous reader — 10 May 2010 21:51
a good story but you need to share your girls with your friends.
Anonymous reader — 31 August 2009 14:29
good story hope i really get to fuck kareena
pankaj — 14 July 2009 00:31
you are false
Anonymous reader — 10 June 2009 01:11
The First part was better
Anonymous reader — 15 April 2009 10:54
READER — 09 March 2007 16:06
i didnt like it
READER — 19 November 2006 11:00
that was a beatiful fuck story
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