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Categories Fantasy, BDSM, Incest

Author: bager

Published: 18 November 2006

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Part 2

“Don’t cry Daddy John.” I realized that Tania was back in my lap and had her arms around my neck and was hugging me. I wiped the tears from my face and tried to smile at her.
“I’m sorry Tania, it’s just that I miss my daughter so much.” I managed to say after I had pulled myself together.
She rested her head down on my chest, “I know daddy John, I miss mummy so much.” She said.
We sat in silence for a few minutes when I heard a noise from her stomach, she giggled. “Sorry!” she said.
“When did you last eat anything?” I asked her, but she just shook her head. “Okay then I’ll start cooking something and I think you’d better wash yourself.
I gave her directions to my bathroom, (upstairs, third door on the left), and looked in the fridge for food. Found some rashers of bacon, sausages and eggs. Therefore, I started to fry the mess in my only frying pan.
A scream from upstairs made me drop the pan and start running up to where Tania was running from the bathroom, she was completely soaked in water.
“What happened?” I asked her.
I turned on the faucet and it sprayed me with cold water!” She said sobbing.
I held onto her, I did not really understand what she meant so I gently took her back to the bathroom and asked her to show me; she pointed to the cold tap and went to turn it on. I stopped her.
“Okay I see now, look you’d better take those clothes off and I’ll get them dry.” She nodded and started to unzip her skirt, dropping it to the floor before I could stop her. “Err, Tania, don’t you think I’d better leave while you’re doing that?” I asked her.
“But you’re my daddy at the moment, so there’s nothing wrong!” She said and started to undo her blouse, shrugging it off revealing a vest beneath it, also wet. I could not understand how she could have got so damp . . . then I saw the shower was dripping away. Then I notice the wet shoe prints leading from the shower to the door.
I did not say anything at that time, she wanted something from me . . . I did not know what, but it was important for her, or so it seemed. Therefore, I kept quiet.
At this time, she was down to her panties and socks, the shoes already being removed and put to one side.
She watched me as she put her thumbs on ether side of her panties and bent down to remove them. Awkwardly lifting one leg up before doing the same with the other to remove the damp garment from her. Then she sat down on the toilet to remove her socks.
I will not say the view was entrancing, I did not even look – honest – I just picked up the discarded clothing and took the pair of socks from her. I then handed her a towel to wrap around her body and then carried the clothing downstairs to the kitchen where my washing machine and tumble dryer were.
I followed the wash codes and put the skirt, blouse and panties into the washing machine – selected quick wash and started it off; I did not wash the socks as I thought they would stain the other clothes. I have learnt one thing about washing clothes!
I returned my attention to the food, the eggs were starting to overcook and the sausages had split from their skins, but it was not too disastrous.
I managed to pull the eggs out and placed them under the hotplate to keep warm while I cooked another two, they would be for Tania I promised myself. The rashers I was cooking under the grill and they were sizzling away merrily.
The kitchen door opened to reveal Tania, with the towel tied around her waist, a smile on her face, as she smelt the food cooking. She looked around for something, “What are you after Tania?” I asked her.
“Where do you keep the plates and cutlery?” she asked me.
I pointed out the cupboard and drawer and she went to them and picked out two plates and two sets of knives and forks. Taking them to the table and placing them there. I finished cooking her eggs and checked the rashers were ready to eat, and then taking the plates from the table, I dished up the meal, placing the food back onto the table.
“Can I have some milk please?” Tania asked.
I took out the plastic 2-pint container and grabbed a glass, poured the contents of one into the other; I was going to need some more milk soon – along with more food!
Tania quickly cleared her plate and was reaching for the glass when she tipped it over, spilling the milk over the table.
“Oh no!” She exclaimed and started to pull her towel off to start mopping up the milk. I quickly got some kitchen paper and was using that to surround and herd the liquid as it absorbed the milk. I looked at Tania closely.
“I think you’re being clumsy on purpose young lady!” I said questioningly.
She looked up at me a faint smile on her face, “Why do you say that daddy John?” She asked me.
I looked at her standing there naked in front of me, this time I took the whole of her body in my glance, her face with a mass of small freckles surrounded by light brown hair, a slender neck leading to her chest with the small breast-buds pointing towards me. I gazed down to her hips noting the hairless slit between her legs.
“Let’s see . . . you use the shower to soak yourself, so that you’d have to get naked. Now you have tipped over the milk, just so you can use the towel to wipe up the mess, which means you are naked again. So, young lady, just what are you trying to do to me?” I said.
“Daddy John! That’s a horrid thing to say!” Tania said . . . but she did not say I was wrong!
“Yes it is, isn’t it? But that is what happened wasn’t it?” I persisted
She hung her head and nodded . . . then she raised her head slightly so that she could watch me slyly. “So what should I do with you?” I asked her.
“Well . . . mummy would spank me if I was too naughty . . . that was after she’d tied me up of course.” She said quietly.
“Your mother would tie you up? But why?” I was surprised at her words.
“Oh I liked it, it was a game we’d play, mummy would tie me up and if I could get free then she wouldn’t spank me, if I couldn’t then she’d tell me I wasn’t trying and I’d get more spanks.” She was looking at me now and her eyes were sparkling.
I had an idea, “You liked being spanked didn’t you?” I asked her – she nodded, “And sometimes you would stay tied up just to be spanked, and other things?” I asked her.
She smiled dreamily, “Yes, mummy would spank me and then rub me, I liked being rubbed.” She said.
I reached out to her and pulled to me. “Why do you want me to spank you?” I asked her.
“Because I was naughty, and I like you! Mummy said that I should trust my feelings and myself. You are not like daddy, he did not understand what I liked, but you do. And you miss your daughter so much! If she was naughty what would you do to her?” Tania was watching my face as she said this last.
Yes, what would I have done if Wendy had been naughty? I smiled slightly as I pulled Tania over my lap and gave her three smacks with my hand, not hard ones, but enough to let her know she had been hit.
Then, I could not help it, I rubbed her smooth skin, feeling the softness of her body, and she squirmed beneath my hand and said, “No, not there!” I suddenly stopped scared that I was frightening her but then she said, “turn me over and then rub me!”
“Do you know what you’re asking me to do?” I said, slightly scared – whether at the fact that she did or that I wanted to, I do not know.
“Please daddy John, I want to feel you!” She said, while trying to turn her body. I relented and allowed her to adjust herself so that I was now resting my hand on her tummy. “Please daddy John.” She said sweetly, I moved my hand up and touched her breasts; rubbing them and feeling them start to harden under my touch.
Realization struck me and I pulled my hand away as if it had been burnt. “I’m sorry Tania, I shouldn’t have done that.” I put her on her feet in front of me. “It’s wrong of me to do that.”
“But daddy John! I wanted you to touch me. It wasn’t wrong.” She protested.
I held her lightly; “It’s illegal, and its child abuse, even when you ask me to do it.” I told her.
She cocked her head, “Well that’s daft! It’s not like that at home, at least there we know we’re loved and safe!”
“Even when you’re being punished?” I must admit this was interesting me.
“Of course! How else can we know that we’re loved!” She said in a matter of fact tone.
“Do you enjoy being tied up?” I asked her
“Oh yes, mummy would tie me up and then rub me until I felt really good” She folded her arms behind her and looked at me coyly again, “Would you do that for me daddy John?” She asked me.
I was in a quandary, part of me wanted to do it, but then another – more rational part – was saying ‘don’t do it!’ However, I was looking into Tania’s eyes and could see the pleading that was in them.
“Stay here!” I said firmly and went into the garage . . . I knew I had some . . . somewhere . . . found it! A long coil of washing line, not the plastic zed stuff, so it was really about 200 ft of rope.
I returned to Tania and showed her the rope, she checked it over and pronounced it as okay to use. She then instructed me in cutting the rope into lengths – which left a very long piece left over. The noise of the washing spinning made me wait so that I could move her damp clothes into the tumble dryer to dry off.
“Where would you like to be tied?” I asked her.
“How about your bedroom?” Tania said smiling at me, happy that she had won.
I took her hand and we walked upstairs. I opened my bedroom door. “Shish! It’s a trash heap in here!” She said wrinkling up her nose.
“Well . . . I live alone, so there’s no need for me to waste time cleaning up after myself. I take it that madam doesn’t agree with her choice,” Tania shook her head, “Well there’s always room number two!” I said in my best game show host voice.
Now I had not been in this room for years. To be honest I did not want to enter it now, but somehow with Tania I had the courage to enter Wendy’s room.
It was dusty, and there were cobwebs, not as bad as I’d expected, the bedclothes, however, were another matter, six years of . . . well no use I suppose, meant that as I moved the bedspread it ripped in my hands.
“Whose room is this?” Tania asked, taking in the dolls sitting on the dressing table and the overall pinkness of the room.
“Wendy’s, I’ve never been in here since she was taken from me by her mother.” I said sadly.
“You loved her didn’t you? Did she want to leave you?” Tania asked me . . . I could still see the tearful face of Wendy as my wife dragged her away to the car, hear her voice as she screamed to stay with her daddy, and the voice of that bitch of a woman saying ‘come on you brat, let’s leave the worthless thing behind!’
I was brought back to the present by the touch of Tania’s hand on mine, “Don’t be sad daddy John!” She said to me as if sensing my mood.
I smiled at her sadly, “It’s alright Wendy, Tania” I quickly corrected myself, “It was just a memory” She hugged my waist, but did not say anything more.
We spent a few minutes removing the cobwebs and the ruined sheet from the bed. “Leave the mattress, it’ll be better like that!” She said as she placed herself face down on the mattress with her hand folded behind her.
I took some of the rope and lashed her wrists together, somehow she managed to bring her elbows close to each other and said, “Them too!”
“I should have gagged you first!” I said as I quickly followed her lead, hearing her squeal in pain I stopped and looked at her face.
She smiled, “Gotcha!” She said and kicked her feet.
“Why you . . .” I said in my best Homer Simpson impression as I crossed her ankles and then tied them up. I then reached her knees, which I tickled unmercifully just to hear her laugh, and then I tied her legs closed.
Taking a longer piece of rope I which I tied to the piece holding her ankles and then wrapped it around the one attached to her wrists, making a hogtie of it.
Finally, I took the longest piece of rope and wrapped it around her chest, brought an end down between her legs and then behind her back and tied it tight, so that any movement she made would pull the rope tight along her body. I did remember a television programme about erotic knot tying, making a brassier from rope, but to be honest there was not that much to surround on Tania.
I had just finished tying it off when there was a ring on the front door bell; I looked out of the window to the ground below. I could see the top of a white car with large black numbers on it along with a blue light.
I turned to Tania. “It’s the police!” I said.

Part 3

I started to panic, what could I do? Here I was in my daughter’s bedroom with a naked, bound 10-year-old girl on the bed!
What could I do? I glanced around in fear.
“Lift me up!” Said Tania, I looked at her in shock; she nodded her head at the door where there was a hook. I could see what she was aiming at, and quickly wrapped more of the rope around her body and then lifted her up to the door so that she hung from the hook. I then covered her with the remnants of the bedspread, checked that she was okay and left the room to go downstairs.
A thought struck me and I quickly went to the bathroom and flushed the toilet, then I went downstairs and opened the front door.
“You John Archer?” The officer asked me severely, I agreed that I was, “You took your time answering the door!” He stated.
“It’s not my fault you rang while I was sitting on the loo, was it?” I countered, “Anyway I’m here now, so what can I do for you?”
“Can we come in, I’m sure you don’t want us standing out here in front of your neighbors do you?” The second officer asked — he had obviously had the good cop role.
“Well . . . I suppose so, but what’s this all about?” I said as I stood away from the door to allow them in,
“Where were you at 17:45 today?” The nice one asked.
“Driving home of course, do you have any idea what the traffic is like at that time?” I said with a straight face.
“Did you happen to notice a young girl running through the traffic at that time?” He asked me.
“No, to tell you the truth I was more concerned about not hitting the car in front to worry about other things!” – this was true and when I noticed that Tania was there it was too late, she was already in my car and not running outside.
“Listen we had a report of a girl getting into a car, we searched out files for creeps who’d take advantage of kids and your name came up!” The first officer said.
I went to a cupboard and took out a tape recorder, put a new tape into in and started it recording. “Would you care to repeat your last statement officer . . . your number is 355 isn’t it.”
“Can I ask you why you’ve brought out that recorder sir?” The second officer asked me.
“Well if I’m going to face verbal abuse from a police officer I’d prefer it on tape so that my solicitor can take the correct legal action. I do understand that my name is erroneously on your database thanks to my divorced wife’s husband’s accusations and as such should any child go missing I’m one of the first people you will check on. However I am taking legal steps to clear this up, but I will be dammed if I am going to allow cheap cracks at my expense. Now what questions do you have to ask me officers.”
“I’m sure my colleague didn’t mean anything by his remark sir, it’s just that a girl has been reported missing and following normal routine we have to check that you haven’t seen her, I’m sure you understand sir.” The second cop was doing his best to sound nice for the tape.
“No officer I haven’t, but I’m sure you don’t want to take my word for that.” I said sounding tired.
“Well if we could just have a look around?” He asked me smiling as if he was a good old buddy of mine – he wasn’t!
“I’m not sure, I’m certain that my solicitor would insist on receipt of a search warrant first,” I said before being cut off by the first officer again,
“Why? You haven’t anything to hide have you . . . Sir?” he asked
“Of course not, we’ll got together shall we officers, I wouldn’t want to be able to say that evidence was planted against me.” I said with a bland face, “Where do you want to search first the garage, or the kitchen?”
“Do you mind if we check upstairs first sir?” The second officer asked me.
“If you have to officers, this way.” I took them up the stairs and then to my bedroom. “If she’s in here I’m not sure where she’ll be.” I said as they took in the mess of my room.
The officers took turns looking in the door way at the room, the second one shook his head, “I thought my daughter’s room was bad enough, at least you can see the floor there!”
“Don’t you want to search it then?” I asked them but they shook their heads.
I took my heart into my hands as I opened the door to my daughter’s room, the officers looked inside at the dressing table with its dolls and the denuded bed and mattress.
“That was my daughter’s bedroom until my wife decided I wasn’t earning enough money and went to live with some magistrate, he decided that I couldn’t see my daughter and so made up a cock-and-bull story that I was molesting her. That is why my solicitor is fighting the case.
The officers decided that I was not hiding anyone in the room and then checked the bathroom and the airing cupboard.
Then the first one decided to check the attic. “Fine, I’ll just get the ladder from the garage, I’ll have to bring it through the front door as it won’t fit around the corners from the kitchen to here.” I said and started to walk downstairs.
“Err, that’s okay sir, there’s too much paint around the door anyway, if it had been opened recently there would be a mark there.” The second one said, we all walked downstairs to the living room.
“Are you sure you don’t want to check out the kitchen, I’ve still got my breakfast and supper plates in there yet to be washed.” I said to them the first one shuddered.
“No thanks, if it’s anything like your bedroom . . .” and then silenced him self as he realized the tape was still recording.
“No, that’s fine sir, I’m sorry we disturbed you, but we have to go through these procedures, I’m sure you understand.” The second one said.
“I hope you find her, I know what it’s like to have your child taken away, and who did she run away from.” I asked as a concerned member of the public.
“Her dad, he reported her missing from his hotel room.” The second officer said.
“Hotel room, why weren’t they at home, I mean this isn’t the place to have a holiday? Maybe she is missing her mother, although if it was anything like my old missus I wouldn’t stay with her. Then she has legal custody. I take it her father still lives with her mother?” I asked them sounding morose
“I don’t know sir, but it’s something I’m sure they’re looking into.” They left the house and entered their car; the second officer looked thoughtfully at me and then spoke into his radio, the car pulled away.
I watched them as they drove away, then I causally re-entered my house and made a show of sitting down in my living room, after turning off the tape recorder, switching on the television and sitting down to watch it. I do not know what was on, some inane soap opera I think, but I sat there for at least half an hour. Then I went into the kitchen and put the plates into the sink, checked the tumble dryer to make sure the clothes were dry and took them out, I would have ironed them . . . but I’d probably burn holes in them if I tried. Hey, I wear easy care clothes, means I do not have to try to iron them!
I was glad that the two officers didn’t look in the kitchen, they would have asked some awkward questions, like why did I have girl’s clothes in my tumble dryer and why were the two plates still warm if one was from breakfast, but normally if you try to drag people’s attention to something it’s normally the last place they’d look, as the magicians say, ‘miss-direction is the key.’
I returned upstairs to release Tania from her position, she was smiling dreamily away as she hung from the door hook, I could see her squirming in her bonds. When I touched her, she opened up her eyes in shock and then relaxed.
“Oh it’s you daddy John, I was scared that the copper’s had taken you away.” She said as I lifted her off the hook.
“What would you have done if they had?” I asked her.
“Oh just hung around until my folks came for me, it would only be a few more hours!” She said.
“But they said that they couldn’t get her for a couple of days!” I exclaimed in surprise, “How are they going to get here so soon?”
“I asked them to stay away and find daddy, he’s not going to leave the town until he’s found me, and so they’ve got days to search for him. They already know where I am!” She said sweetly.
I almost dropped her, “So you could have been rescued and away from her by now, why did you take the chance to stay with me?” I asked her, starting to untie the ropes.
“I wasn’t taking any risk at all, I knew you wouldn’t hurt me, but they will be phoning soon to make sure I’m okay, so there’s no problem.” She said
I was looking at the way the rope had been pulled into her slit; the area of skin around it was red and raw. “I’m sorry Tania, I didn’t mean to leave you up there so long.” I told her as I gently eased the rope out of her.
“Oh that was nothing, one night mummy kept me tied up until it was morning, she had to massage my legs to get them working, but the butterfly she’d attached to my clit had kept me awake more that the ropes did.” She smiled and giggled in her memory.
This really struck me as strange, I knew that some children had weird ideas about fun, but this masochistic view was not what I’d considered normal, I think Tania realized this.
“She wasn’t being mean to me, honest daddy John, it’s just the way we’ve been brought up, daddy didn’t understand some of it and he was away from home so much anyway. Therefore, it was just mummy and me. One day, when I was in bed, daddy came home and he started to argue with mummy. I could hear words like ‘not right’ and ‘abominable’ and ‘nasty’ he called mummy a ‘whore’ and ‘Jezebel’ he told her he found someone else who would be better for him and for me. Mum phoned the police and had him thrown out of the house and that was the last we heard from him.”
“But he came back for you?” I said to her softly.
“It wasn’t him, it was a man I didn’t know before, he drove up to me when I was walking to school, he asked me if I was Tania. I did not answer him as mummy said I was not to talk to strangers. Then he stopped his car and pulled me into it. I tried to defend myself like they taught me at school, but I could only get a few kicks in before he used a needle on me . . . I don’t remember much after that, I know I was on a plane, but before I could say anything that man would prick me again.” She paused for a moment before she carried on.
“When I woke up I was in a room, I think it was a hotel room, daddy was there with that man. They were talking about deprogramming me or something like that. I got out of the bed and quickly ran for the door before they could stop me. I was so frightened when I got onto the sidewalk, the cars and people I just ran, until I saw your car, I opened the door and quickly got in. I was so scared!” She finished.
“YOU WERE SCARED, how do you think I felt? I’m stuck in slow moving traffic when all of a sudden my door is opened . . . I was expecting some burly, thick necked guy with a knife or gun, trying to rob me or even kill me! You very nearly gave me a heart attack, young lady.” I said but found she was just smiling at me, “What’s so funny.” I asked her.
“Nothing, I’m just enjoying what you’re doing to me.” She looked down to where my hand was gently rubbing her skin at the join of her thighs. She moved her body to allow me more access to her.
I pulled my hand away from her as if she had burnt me. “No please, don’t stop.” She said, although I heard it as ‘No. Please. Do not. Stop!’
“I’m sorry Tania. It’s wrong of me to do that.” However, a part of me was screaming in my ear to continue!
* * *
I removed all the pieces of rope from the girl and looked at the marks that had been produced by the tightness of the bonds. I was surprised that she was not aching more than she admitted to.
I went into the bathroom and started to run a bath for her, I did not have any of the kid’s type of bubble bath, but I had some Radox, which I poured into the flow of the hot tap.
I returned to the bedroom, to find that Tania was no longer in it. Where could she have gone? A noise from my bedroom told me the answer; I found her picking up items of clothing and placing them in piles on the floor.
“You know daddy John, you really need someone to look after you!” She said.
“They wouldn’t put up with me. I’m a boring old sod.” I said.
She paused and smiled at me, “You’re not old . . . but I don’t know about the sod part.” She added.
“Right young lady, for that . . .” I chased after her, falling over a couple of piles of clothing as I did so, before catching her and throwing her over my shoulder, she was giggling as I walked into the bathroom and then, almost, throwing her into the warm bath.
I turned to leave the room but she called out to me. “Daddy John, can you wash me? Pleeaaassee.” She said.
I turned around and found myself looking into those eyes again, I don’t know what it was about them, but I found myself walking back to the bath and picking up the soap, she held her hair away from her back as I rubbed the soap into her skin, bringing up a lather that covered her, I then rinsed the suds off with a flannel, she then turned around so that her front was within easy reach, my hand was shaking as I performed the same duty, making her giggle as I ran circles around her stomach, and gasp slightly when I touched her forming breasts, she leant back with her eyes closed and smiled at my touch, the flannel touching her skin made her frown slightly. “With your hand please.” She whispered to me.
I found some shampoo and, after wetting her hair with the shower spray (warm this time and close to her head), I liberally covered her head with the shampoo, massaging it into her scalp and along the length of her hair. She kept her eyes tightly closed during this time and allowed me to pass a soapy flannel over her face to ensure it was clean.
I used the shower spray to rinse out her hair, making sure all the shampoo was washed out. Then she stood up, I almost lifted her out of the bath but she protested. “You’ve got to do my legs as well you know!” Therefore, I got out the soap again and started on her legs, from mid thigh to the level of the water.
“No, no, daddy John, all of my legs and above!” She told me. I sighed, and began the arduous task of soaping up the flannel and was about to apply to her body again when she said, “With your hand please, daddy John.”
So I transferred the soap to my hands and built up a lather with them before I touched her skin, one hand in front of her and the other behind her, she sighed again as I passed over her small slit and clit. She moved her hips to ensure full contact; I smacked her sharply on her ass with my hand – spraying lather all over me as I did so.
“You’re being very naughty making me do this to you!” I told her in a low voice, the fact was I was the one being naughty in taking advantage of this young girl.
I felt her hand on my shoulder, as if seeking support. “That’s nice daddy John, I always wanted my daddy to do that to me, but he wouldn’t.” Now she was the one sounded sad.
I pulled her close to me, resting my head on her stomach. “Don’t cry Tania. Remember he did not really understand how you felt. He was conditioned just as I am.”
“But you’re not like him. He would not wash me like this! He would not even come into my bedroom! Why didn’t he love me?” She asked me as I rinsed off her body and legs, lifting her up out of the bath and surrounding her with a towel. I gently rubbed her dry as I thought of an answer.
“It’s difficult to say Tania, in his way he did love you, to him he was rescuing you from what he sees as an awful life . . .” Tania tried to protest but I carried on speaking, “He was seeing you as he wanted to. You are his daughter being made into someone else!”
“But that’s stupid! I’m me, I’ve always been me!” She protested as I was rubbing her dry.
“Well yes and no! As you grow you gradually change, you gain more knowledge and mannerisms, he could not face up to this, and he most probably wants to keep you as if you were six again, but you cannot do that! You have to change. You will always change until you are comfortable with how you are.”
I finished drying herself off while I took clean sheets and a bedspread into Wendy’s room. However, I still had a problem, what could she wear for the night? I did not think that a blouse and skirt would be the right attire.
I looked into my bedroom, it was a bit tidier than I had known it, I found a large tee shirt in a drawer, I returned to the bathroom where Tania was still drying her hair.
“Here you are, they’re one of my favorites,” I said holding up the garment, she inspected it closely
“Who’s ELO?” She asked.
“Oh fame, you are so fickle!” I said as I gather Tania’s hair into a bun so that her head would go through the open neck of the tee shirt.
From below, I heard the phone start to ring.

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READER — 24 November 2006 03:30
when is the next part coming out....8/10
READER — 22 November 2006 09:26
very good read, i really enjoy it, taking it slowly is a nice change of pace, cantt wait for more
READER — 22 November 2006 07:29
not a lot of action but still very exciting...keep it up
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