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Categories Fantasy, BDSM, Incest

Author: bager

Published: 02 December 2006

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Part 13
I could not move! I was frozen in my bed; beside me, the naked form of Tania was stirring. In my mind, I was hearing the howling as they arrived to castrate me and then rip my body to pieces. I literally went cold as I watched this Valkyrie approach me. Her face a mask of fury.
I felt movement on the bed and then “MUMMY!” as Tania sprung from behind me, “You’re here! Daddy John’s been so good to me!” She wrapped her arms around Janet’s waist.
Janet’s mask cracked and she hugged her daughter. “Oh Tania I have missed you.” She held her daughter at arms length, “Let me look at you.” She turned her daughter and critically checked the young girl’s body, and then she looked at me and smiled. “I’m sorry John, when I saw Tania sleeping so peacefully next to you I just couldn’t help it. I do thank you John, for taking care of my daughter, I don’t think she could have found anyone better.” She shook her head, “You can breath you know.” She added laughing.
I exhaled and then looked around the room, “Are you sure it’s safe?” I asked, making my voice tremble. I could see, now, that Janet was not angry, but I was not going to take any chances.
Tania jumped up onto the bed. “Oh come on daddy John! Mummy’s only fooling with you, she knows you’re okay or she wouldn’t have let me stay here.” She took my hand and started to pull me from the bed.
“But I’m naked under here Tania.” I hissed to her.
“So? Do you think mummy’s never seen a naked man before?” Tania asked me with a grin on her face.
“She’s never seen me before!” I stated defensively.
“Oh! Are you different from other men?” Janet asked while arching her eyebrows at me.
My reply was cut short as Tania pulled the bedclothes off from me, leaving me lying on the bed nude.
Janet just shook her head, “All that fuss over such a little thing!” She said smiling.
“Well it might be little to you, but it means a lot to me.” I said which made her laugh aloud. “Do you watch the Carry-On films?” I asked her, I had recognized the line she had given.
“I’ve seen quite a few.” She confided, “But if you’re feeling uncomfortable . . .” She said and before I could say anything she began to undress. Tania sat on the bed with me watching.
Janet stood before me and posed for me, I was just sitting with my mouth open; Tania was sitting with me but giggling.
Janet shook her head at me, “So you’re practicing to be a fly catcher?” She asked me and then looked down at my crotch, “Well at least part of you is please to see me.”
“I can’t help it, I’m sitting her with two lovely ladies . . . and I dare not touch either of you as I want to.” I said
Janet sat beside me slowly shaking her head, “John you don’t understand us do you?” She nodded to her daughter and then said, “Tania why haven’t you satisfied John as you would do with your father?”
Tania shook her head. “He didn’t ask me to mother, and anyway he’s still waiting for his own daughter to be happy first. It wouldn’t have been right for me to do anything, it’s all I can do to sleep with him, I have to wait until he’s nice and drowsy before I can get into the bed . . . and then he never notices me until the morning.”
This was not my morning! I was back in fly-catching mode! Janet took pity on me, “Tania was quite young, just over seven, when she handed me her pendant – it’s a declaration that she felt that she was ready for sex. But I only allowed her to use her mouth on pre-teenagers.”
I shook my head, “Janet I don’t understand why you’re telling me all that, it’s illegal for children to be involved in sex!” My mind was spinning here Janet was talking about things that I’d be accused of, Janet noticed a certain motion and took Tania’s hand.
“I see, you’ve found one darling. And you’re right we are going to have to help him.” She said softly to her daughter. Mother and daughter got off the bed and went to the door, Janet picking up her clothes as she went, “John, I’ll see you downstairs in 15 minutes for breakfast . . . We have a church service to attend.”
She exited the room with Tania following her, I just sat there not moving, the past few minutes were going through my head . . . and then I looked up at the door. Church service? I would had not been to church since my wedding, and look how that turned out!
I arrived downstairs, having shaved and washed and dressed – in Jeans and tee shirt. Janet looked and me and shook her head. “No John, Sunday best dress. There is a reason for this.” She added.
Therefore, I came back down a few minutes later, wearing dark trouser and a jacket; Tania looked at me and nodded, “Much better!” She said. I looked at her and she was wearing a dark suit like dress, while I was watching she quickly raised up the skirt and revealed . . . no underwear, she smiled at me and placed a finger to her lips and nodded to her mother.
I smiled back at her and presented myself to Janet how nodded her approval, “Much better, now I don’t know if you like pancakes for breakfast but I’ve done some anyway, and Tania’s cooked the bacon and sausage for us.” I looked at Tania who smiled.
“You didn’t ask if I could help in the meals, but mummy always made sure I was able to cook.” She said softly.
“Why?” I asked her, trying to sort out things in my mind.
“You mean why did I learn to cook? Well it’s always better to be able to cook.” Tania said not understanding my question.
“No, I mean why were you prepared to offer sex? To a person you didn’t know?” There I had managed to say it without sounding like a prude!
“Oh that! Well several girls at school said how nice it was; although Rachael said it hurt her when she tried it. So I talked it over with mummy.” Tania said simply.
“John you must understand that in our society we allow our children to experiment with sexual things, we never force them to do anything – in fact we have rather strict rules about such things, all children have a pendant that they wear, it indicates that they are not to be touched. It is their decision when they want to remove it, but they do have to discuss this with their family.” Janet told me while putting the plates on the table.
“Except daddy wasn’t at home anymore, he’d left when mummy had said I wanted to talk.” Tania said sadly.
Janet hugged her daughter and then looked at me, “David didn’t really understand us, I mean the town. He was raised in Salt Lake City and, although the Mormons were more towards Polygamy and taking wives at a young age, it appears the practice of allowing children to engage in sexual activities.” She looked at me, “he said, ‘Children should be better controlled than that!’ as if it would change anything!” She added with a snort.
“So you think that children know when they want to take part in sex?” I asked her casually, spearing a pancake with my fork.
Janet nodded her head, “Well I know I did, but I allowed my parents to decide who should be my first . . . I always did have a thing for older men.” She finished with a small smile of remembrance on her lips.
I did not pursue the matter but concentrated on the breakfast, it was unusual to have pancakes with bacon and sausage meat, but Janet and Tania seemed to thrive on it.
After breakfast was completed, Janet looked at her daughter, “I hope you did dress correctly this time! Remember how Father Taylor almost choked when you attended lessons and flashed him?”
Tania giggled and nodded her head, but Janet did not take her word for it and suddenly grabbed hold of her daughter and pushed her hand up the skirt. “But mummy who’s going to look there?” Tania protested.
“That doesn’t matter, you were told to dress properly, you have disobeyed me, and you do realize what that means?” Janet asked her daughter.
Tania dropped her head, “Yes mummy.” She said softly, but I could see her eyes were sparkling when she raised her head.
“Well we’ll see to that when we get back.” Janet said, putting the dishes to soak. She looked at the clock and then gestured to us both. “Well we’d better be going; Sonja’s driving us to the church.”
We left the house, which I was careful to lock up, I saw the curtain twitch in a couple of the houses, but ignored them.
We got into the waiting car, Janet sat in the front with Tania and myself in the back, “Good morning Sonja, I see you put my key to good use.” I said to the driver.
“Mrs. Jones asked if I could get one for her, I didn’t think you’d needed to know why.” She said flatly.
“I suppose not, I mean Tania was your concern, not me.” I said smiling to show that I did not really mind.
She gave a brief smile, “I’m glad you understand, it amazing how many people don’t.”
Janet gave a cough to remind Sonja why we were there. Sonja started the car and drove away.
We went to the other side of town, I knew there were churches closer but for some reason Janet did not want to go to them. We pulled up away from the church. “I don’t want to be obvious!” Janet said as she got out of the car, I also disembarked and went round to open Tania’s door.
Tania giggled as she turned to get out of the car, and I saw a flash of flesh as her legs parted to show that she still had left her underwear off.
Tania held onto my hand and reached to Janet for hers positioning herself between myself and her mother, she started to swing – as any nine year-old would do – and then settled for skipping along with us.
Once we were inside the church Janet sat in a pew at the back of the church – there was plenty of room nearer the front but she did not move any further, Tania and I sat with her.
The church, as I said was sparsely attended, and after a few minutes of the sermon I could understand why, but then Janet began to speak softly.
“Isn’t it amazing the people who attend church nowadays, I mean look at that couple with the young girl in the front. I think they are there just out of appearance sake; they don’t want to be here either.”
I looked towards where she was pointing, an older man with graying hair was looking at the vicar in the pulpit with such a hawk like stare that I think the poor vicar was scared of him, beside him was . . . Diana! I looked again, yes it was! How could she have even set foot in this church without alarms ringing I do not know. But if Diana was there then the young girl could only be . . . Wendy!
She had changed, of course she had! It had been so long ago that I had seen her. I went to get up but Janet was ready for me. “No, now is not the time!” She said, I must admit I did not know what she meant by that.
For the rest of the service I kept my eyes on my daughter, then when the service ended I watched as my wife and her partner rose from their seat, Wendy slowly got up as well. My wife took Wendy’s hand and started to walk towards the exit, I notice that Wendy tried to keep away from that man, almost as if she did not want him to touch her.
Janet waited until everyone else had left before she rose, “Wasn’t that interesting.” She said and led us out where the vicar was standing saying goodbye to his parishioners.
“That was a lovely sermon Reverend. I do hope you don’t mind a visiting American being in your church.” Janet said gushingly.
“Oh not at all madam, we welcome everyone in the church.” The vicar said smiling; he patted Tania on the head and shook my hand, “Are you staying in England long?” He asked.
“I’m afraid not, but I wanted my husband to attend at least one service while we’re here.” Janet said smiling sweetly at me. My thoughts were slightly darker.
Part 14
I sat back in the car, Tania hung onto my arm, and she did not say anything as Sonja drove us in the car. Janet, however, was busy.
“Donald . . . I know what you’ve been told about him, now forget it! I have met the man; he is a victim of negative PR. . . . Well find the source of that and investigate it! I want a report tomorrow!” She listened for a few seconds, “So? It’s what I’m paying for, now get on with it!” She closed the clam-type phone and placed it in her handbag.
She glanced back at Tania and myself and smiled, “How did I get a reputation for being a bitch? I just don’t know.” Tania giggled.
“Mummy said she couldn’t be a boss without making people annoyed at her.” She told me quietly.
“And I’m afraid that’s the persona that I’ve given the world. It makes it hard to relax.” She added, then she looked at me, “We need to discuss things, I thought it would be better after lunch.”
Sonja nodded her head and turned the wheel. We stopped at a restaurant and ordered meals, Tania was slightly put out when she had to order from the children’s menu, and so I allowed her to add to her meal from my plate. Janet allowed me to do that and then spoke, “Your daughter is very pretty John, it must have been a wrench to leave her.”
“I didn’t! Her mother took her away from me . . . I tried to get her back but that’s when her mother started to make up her lies about me, with no way to prove my innocence they believed her, and so I not only lost my child, I was also branded as some kind of pervert!” I said starting to get angry with myself.
“Didn’t you try to clear your name?” Janet asked me.
“I almost went bankrupt doing so, nearly lost my job and then ended up arrested for loitering near a school.” I told her.
“That was some time later, wasn’t it?” Janet asked.
I nodded, “Yes, I waited until she would have been six and then I tried checking all the infant schools for her, I think I almost found her when I was arrested and taken to the police station. While I was there I was served with a restraining order, stay away from my former wife and daughter. I haven’t seen either of them until today.” I said starting to feel miserable.
“I don’t think Wendy’s happy.” Tania said.
Janet and I both put down our forks, Janet looked at her daughter, “What makes you say that honey?” She asked.
“I don no, it was the way she looked as she walked with them two . . . and I didn’t like the way he was looking at her!” Tania said simply and then returned her attention to her meal.
“I’ve got to do something!” I said to Janet.
“No John, you’ve done everything that you can do. I owe you for helping Tania, I must admit that I’m not too happy with . . .” She broke off as if uncertain of what she could say.
“Go on.” I prompted her.
She shook her head and then smiled at me. “Oh . . . I’m not happy with the way Tania has decided to dress, or rather not dressed, today.” She said brightly, “I wonder if you’ll allow me to direct her punishment later, before we have to go.”
Tania looked up at that, “Oh mummy, can’t we stay with daddy John for another day? I’ll be good, honest!” She said gazing at her mother.
Janet regarded her daughter, “I’m sorry Tania, but John has to go back to work tomorrow, and I have a mess of paperwork for the state department just to get you back home.”
“But muuuuummmmy, do I have to stay with you?” Tania whined, “I get so bored while you’re not with me.”
Janet shook her head. “I’m sorry darling but you have to be with me, how else can the Embassy prove you’re with me?” At which logic Tania grew silent again.
I was still thinking back to Wendy in the church, “Tania’s right, Wendy isn’t happy . . . but why?” I said aloud.
“You’ll have to ask her that if you see her again!” Janet said softly, and then looked down, “I’m sorry I can’t get out of that cold-hearted bitch mode. But time will tell . . . it always has!”
After the meal we went back to my home, Janet and Tania accompanied me and we went into the living room. I found a suitcase was also in the room.
“Oh goody, you brought them!” Tania said springing to the case.
“Not so fast young lady! Haven’t you forgotten something?” Janet said.
“What mummy?” Tania said looking at Janet.
“A little matter of your clothing? I told you to dress, and what did you do?” Janet asked.
“Well, nobody could see!” Tania said defensively.
“I did! When you got out of the car at the church, and I’m sure you flashed that vicar while you were at the church.” I accused her.
“I didn’t!” She exclaimed and then gave a small smile, “Well he might have.” She admitted.
Janet put her arms on her hips and shook her head, she pointed to the door, “Tania prepare yourself, I will be up in a few minutes to attend to you, and then when I call John will come up and start your punishment.”
Tania smiled at Janet and myself and licked her lips, and then she practically ran from the room. Janet looked at me seriously.
“John, do you trust me?” She asked.
I shook my head and smiled at her look, “I’m sorry Janet, but I’ve only just met you, how can I build up a picture of trust from just a few hours?” I asked her.
She nodded her head in understanding, “Alright John. Can you at least pretend to trust me?” she said.
“Well, it would be an effort, but I think I can do that.” I said closing my eyes in what I hoped was an expression of concentration. For which I received a blow on my shoulder. “Ow! How could you do that to me! I trusted you!” I said.
“Okay then, now listen to me. All her life Tania has wanted her father to take care of her, as she would have liked him to. David was unable to do that and it made her so sad. Did you notice when you punished her how she would call you Daddy . . . not daddy John?” I nodded, I had heard her but it didn’t really take my notice, Janet continued, “Well it’s because she wanted her father to do that to her, when you did it she just imagined that her dreams were coming true.”
“Well that’s all well and good, but what does it have to do with me now?” I asked her.
Janet did not smile but was still serious. “Her greatest dream is that her father would treat her as a woman after her punishment . . . do you know what this means?” She asked me as she opened the suitcase; she looked up at me and my shocked face. “She knows what it means! Why do you think she was so happy to get ready for you? I’m just going upstairs to prepare her for you.” She pulled out a plastic bag and tubing, some Vaseline and clothing of some description.
“What’s that for?” I asked her, I suppose I was being dense.
“Just preparing the way!” Janet said and left the room
I sat still, in shock I suppose. As I tried to organize my thoughts. I noticed that a certain part of me was anticipating the event ahead, I looked down at my trousers, and “So what are you all happy about?” I asked it . . . but received no reply.
It was half an hour later that I was called upstairs.
I entered Wendy’s bedroom, where I found Tania ‘dressed’ in her slave girl uniform, that is wrists and ankle cuffs, collar and loin-cloth. She was kneeling on one knee with her head bowed down by her other knee. Standing beside her was her mother, also wearing a loincloth but with a halter-top.
Janet kept her eyes down as she spoke, “Master, this unworthy one,” She indicated Tania, “Willfully disobeyed your command, she deserves your attention.”
I stood in front of the pair of them and put my hand under Tania’s chin, raising her head up. “And what do you have to say slave?” I asked her.
“Master, I’m sorry but I found the clothes were too tight.” Tania said finally looking up at me.
“But Slave, you know I like you in tight clothing?” I said fully into the part.
“Yes Master,” Tania said quietly, “I’m ready for my punishment Master.” She added.
I looked at Janet, “And what is the proscribed punishment?” I asked her.
“Master, an ass warming then strict bondage . . . trust me and follow my words.” Janet had bent forward and whispered the last to me.
I then bent down and quietly spoke into Tania’s ear, “Do you know what you’re mother’s planned?” She nodded, “Do you want it?” I had to know.
“Yes please daddy.” She lisped like a very young girl, I looked at Janet and tilted my head.
“She need you to do this John, she’s been waiting for this for a long time.” Janet told me quietly.
I picked up a chair and placed it before the two of them, when I sat down Janet was shaking her head, I looked at her enquiringly, and she glanced down at my trousers, mouthing ‘lose them’
I stood up again and undid my trousers, removing them and sitting down in my boxer shorts, shirt and tie – it did seem incongruous I admit but Janet was nodding her head.
“Now unworthy one approach your master!” Janet directed her daughter.
Tania got to her feet and walked to me, she moved her hands to the loincloth and removed it showing that she was naked beneath it. She raised her eyes to me and I could see . . . pleading? , Within them. I gestured for her to lie across my lap. Janet clucked her tongue and repositioned Tania so that her backside was inline with my right leg.
I took a deep breath; I could feel her skin on my leg, the warmth of her body, and the softness of her. I looked at Janet who nodded her head. I raised my hand.
‘Thwack!’ I felt the blow land on her, she gasped with the blow but then she said, “Thank you master.” I rubbed her backside with my hand to sooth her. ‘Thwack – thwack!’ followed by soothing motions, each blow being answered with a ‘thank you daddy’ – I had heard correctly DADDY not Master. I glanced at Janet who was smiling and nodding at me.
I smacked her for another 4 times, giving her seven in all – I didn’t realize it at the time, she was seven when she wanted her father to . . . to, you know (– damn I couldn’t even say the words in my mind). I made the last strike and then rubbed Tania’s backside, almost marveling at the heat that had been generated, but now my hand followed the path of her ass-crack to her front, feeling the wetness that was drenching my flesh, she had liked it! I then continued moving my hand up along her slit, feeling the small wisps of hair just lightly covering her mound, so fine that they couldn’t been seen.
But I could feel her clit, peeking out from its home, my fingers brushed against it causing her to coo in pleasure and feeling her move her hips to prolong the sensation, she began to hump to my fingers trying to achieve her orgasm, which I was inclined to allow her to do.
Janet was the one who interfered with Tania’s pleasure; she roughly removed my hand and dragged her daughter to her feet. “You know it is not your time for this, you have to help your master!” She admonished her daughter. Tania turned to me, her cheeks red with excitement, “I’m sorry Master, I forgot myself.” She said.
I told her that was ok and then Tania then got on her knees and took my cock out of my jockey-shorts them put it in her mouth and got me as hard as a rock in less then 5 min. I all most shot my load down her throat but I was able to keep my self from that and she keep on sucking my cock for about 15 min. more and I tolled her I was about to cum and she just keep on sucking me and I felt my ball tinted and them I shot my down her throat I keep on cumming for what seamed like 5 min. before I was done.
Janet smiled at her daughter and then produced a coil of rope, “Now for part two.” She said.
Part 15

Tania was lying on the bed, her arms outstretched and tied to the headboard, Janet stayed by Tania’s head, talking softly to her daughter. “Are you sure? I know you’ve been preparing yourself for it, now it’s your choice?”
Tania looked at her mother and nodded, and then she allowed her mother to pull her legs over her head and, using the hooks and eyes on the leather cuffs, attached her ankles to her wrists.
Janet then turned to me, “Master, the sacrifice is ready for you, if you will prepare yourself . . .” She looked at me suggestively; I swallowed and regarded the picture that was in front of me.
Tania, folded over double, her eyes open and looking at me, her soft lips, parted with her tongue licking her lips. Her chest, with its small mounds of immature breasts, moving up and down with her breathing, along with the backs of her thighs, both of which led to her small slit.
Janet had placed a pillow under the girl’s hips raising the target for me. I removed my tie and shirt before pulling down my jockey-shorts. I looked at Janet for a moment in mute appeal but then I heard Tania speaking again.
“Please daddy, don’t run away again, please help me become a woman, please daddy.” I looked at Tania and her eyes were closed tightly shut, in fact, they were screwed up. Janet was pointing to her daughter and encouraging me to approach the girl.
I tentatively reached out and touched Tania’s little slit, feeling the slickness of the Vaseline there, I started to massage Tania’s slit and passage to prepare her for me but found that she was trying to force her body up against my finger, I added another and felt her hymen. I pulled away from that fragile barricade; I thought she deserved the real thing instead of my fingers. Talking of which I found myself at full erection aging at the thought of being the first to enter Tania.
I positioned myself, making sure that I did not touch her but supported myself just above the bound child.
Janet, however, had other thoughts. “Master! That is not the way to treat a woman, she needs to know that you are there and be prepared to support you in all things.” And indeed Janet was pushing on my body as if trying to establish contact between her daughter and myself.
I turned to look at Janet, “Slave if you persist in telling me how to deflower a woman, I will show you the ropes and restrain you in a similar position!” I told her in an even voice.
Janet’s eyes sparkled, not with anger as I expected, but with excitement. “Of course Master, I won’t interfere again Master.” She said and bowed to me.
I lowered my body so that my cock was positioned at Tania slit and just knocking at the portal. I could see Tania biting her lip so that she would not cry out, so I held still and spoke to her. “Tania, I could stop now if you want.” I asked her.
She shook her head, “No please daddy, I don’t want you to stop, please make me a woman as you promised mummy.” She said so quietly I almost missed it.
I looked at Janet in confusion but she shook her head and indicated that I should continue, I placed my hands behind Tania’s buttocks and squeezed them. Tania gave a gasp and looked at me, I raised her up and slowly entered her body.
I allowed her time to accept the intrusion into her most private of places, and I stopped just short of her hymen. Then I started to shallowly move inside her. I was able to use one hand on her ass, which freed the other one. That one I used to touch her breasts, to give her another source of distraction, or of pleasure.
I moved my hand down to where our bodies met, finding its way between our bodies to touch her little clit where it was trying to keep contact with my cock as I pushed back and forth in Tania’s slit. I started to rub her clit, forcing her to feel the excitement as her body came to its first climax with a cock inside it.
I was waiting for this – there are two thoughts about the deflowering of virgins, The first one is to forcing your cock into the unwilling body of the victim and hearing her scream with the pain of a blunt battering ram ripping through the hymen. The second and, in my opinion, the better way is to allow the girl to climax just as you take her virginity away from her, in this case there may be pain, but the pleasure of the climax overwhelms the feeling. I must admit I am no expert in this but that is how I feel.
So as Tania started to go rigid with the pleasure of her climax I gave a mighty push forward, feeling her hymen tear and part to allow my cock to fully enter her body. She gave a brief cry of pain. I waited for her to come back down from whereever she had placed herself. She looked at me, her forehead plastered with sweat and smiled at me.
“Thank you daddy.” She said and moved her face forward to kiss me. I pushed my face to hers and sought out her lips, slipping my tongue into her mouth as we met. As I did this, I pulled my hips back slightly, feeling her wince as my flesh rubbed the ragged remains of her hymen. Then I slid back into her.
“Do you want to feel what it should really be like?” I asked her
Tania’s eyes opened in wonderment and she nodded her head. And so I started to pulled almost completely out of her body, only to push myself back into her, she tried to move back at first as I passed over the remnants of her hymen, but soon she discovered that by pushing back at me as I entered her caused me to touch places that she didn’t know about, soon she was an active partner in our lovemaking and shuddering again and then once more before I came inside her.
I had not noticed that Janet had disconnected her daughter’s bonds, until I found that Tania’s legs were trying to wrap themselves around my neck. I unwound them and got up from the young girl, seeing the pink emission trickling from her wounded slit.
“One moment master.” Janet said and wiped her daughter’s slit of the liquid, and then attended to my cock with a white cloth, carefully removing all the blood and fluids that had accumulated there. She looked at me and smiled, “Normally master I would have cleaned you with my mouth, but for this first offering of my daughter’s I need to keep a memento of her achievement.”
I must admit my cock gave a lurch at the thought of Janet’s mouth wrapped around it but then I was brought back to my senses. “Master, your unworthy slave deserves a tighter bondage does she not?”
I looked for a moment at Janet, remembering my words to her earlier but she was nodding towards Tania, I turned and looked down at my victim, she was smiling in post orgasmic bliss. “Your words are true, and now she’s been opened there is an area that may need attention do you not think?” I said in a ‘Lord and Master’ tone.
Janet gave a wicked smile and quickly left the room, I untied Tania’s arms from the headboard and managed to coax her into a kneeling position.
Using the leather cuffs I connected her arms together at the back and roughly tied then to her body using the ropes, I debated whether to use them as crotch ties when Janet returned with a medium sized dildo, well she told me it was medium sized when I asked her later, I watched as she carefully inserted it inside her daughter, and then she flicked a switch on the base of the unit. I do not know what it was doing but it made Tania moan with pleasure.
To my surprise, Janet then produced a pair of knickers; well they were bikini-briefs, which she pulled onto her daughter, “That’s to hold the dildo in place!” She told me. Then she directed me to tie Tania’s legs tight together, attached at the thigh and calves.
Using another piece of rope, I tied her ankles together and then attached it to her arms, bringing her backwards as if in a modified hog-tie. I then threaded a piece of rope into the eyes on her collar and then down over her chest, between her legs and then back up to her collar. Janet looked on with approval and smiled.
I rubbed my hand on Tania’s breasts and debated whether to add a rope bra to her mounds but Janet pulled on my hand, “I think that’s enough for the moment, she’s too weak from the exertions earlier. Let’s go downstairs for a few minutes.”
“You will stay on your knees until we return, understand?” I told Tania who nodded and then gasped as the movement made the crotch rope rub her.
We returned to the living room where Janet sat opposite me, she smiled at me.
“Thank you John, that was exactly how it should have been done, I’m glad that Tania found someone who knows how to treat a young girl.” She said.
I shook my head, “No I’m not, I enjoyed doing that . . . I think I’m exactly what my wife called me . . . A pervert!” I said hanging my head.
Janet moved so that she was sitting next to me, “No you’re not John! You were a caring man; you asked Tania if she really wanted to go through with this, even though I had already told you she did. You did not go charging through for your own gratification you made sure that Tania was already cumming before you penetrated her properly. I have seen many girls put off sex all because the boy could not wait to get his rocks off. However, you made sure that she came several times before you did. That was the sign of a caring lover, not a heartless pervert!” She told me.
I shook my head, “That’s easy for you to say, but what about Tania? She wanted a father figure to take her, not just anyone.” I said
Again Janet shook her head, “No John, you forget I was watching when you tired her up in the last few days, when you were away from the room, Tania would talk to me. She knew what the camera was and that I would always be at the other end watching her, anyway she told me about how you talked and behaved, just after the first day she told me that she wanted you to be the one, she wanted to be Wendy just for you but she also wanted you to be the father she should have had, one who wasn’t afraid to pick her virginity from her.”
I remembered her words, “He ran out of the room didn’t he? She was waiting for him and he left her alone.”
Janet nodded her head, “That was the day he left home, I tried to talk him out of it but he said it was an abomination and shouldn’t be allowed in a modern home.” She sighed, “It seems his upbringing was more than he could withstand.”
“So he tried to rescue Tania from her life as she knew it?” I said, “Much as my wife did with Wendy.”
“Not as such, Tania was happy with me, she wouldn’t have liked the life David would have given her. And you saw Wendy was she happy with her life now?” Janet asked me.
I just sat there thinking, and finding tears flowing down my cheeks, I heard Janet saying something, but I’m not sure what although I thought I heard, “. Won’t be for much longer anyway . . .” But I could not be sure.
When I came to my senses I was being held by Janet, I pulled back, “I’m sorry, it’s the English who’re supposed to have the stiff upper lips.” I said smiling. “And I’m making your leather wet.” I added looking at her halter-top, “You’d better take care it doesn’t shrink.”
Janet looked down at it and then smiled, “Well I could always take it off, but I don’t think we have time for that now.”
We both laughed and then Janet went serious again, “John, thank you. I was so worried when the guards reported that Tania had vanished, we did trace her to England but then lost her when they changed her clothing. I was almost at my wits end until her message came through. And then when she told us that she was safe with you and what the police had on record . . . I’m just glad the stories are wrong.”
“Yes how did Tania tell you that she was safe with me, how did you find out who I was so quickly? And why wasn’t she looked after properly in the first place?” I asked her.
“It was a code phrase, remember when she spoke on the phone she gave a number?” Janet said, I thought back ‘60’ was the number and nodded my head. “That a code to tell us that she is safe and there’s no need to rescue her. If she had said 50 our agents would have stormed the house and removed her immediately, How we found your name so quickly, we have the best computers in the world, I’m not boasting by the way, and they traced your number, from that we were able to pull off your name and check your country’s police files. As to how she was taken, that was our fault, we knew that she was in danger and so allowed her to be taken – she wasn’t in any real harm as we had her bugged, but as I said they changed her clothes at London, so that’s where our agents had go to, when Tania phoned in they came straight here and have been watching the house ever since.”
“Sonja and the other one?” I asked Janet nodded.
“Yes, I got them to buy the supplies for you as we didn’t think you’d have anything suitable for Tania, and you couldn’t just take her shopping with you, could you?” I had to shake my head at that, “And we also sent in the special camera so that we could monitor your actions when tying Tania up, I must say we were impressed you know.”
Janet looked at her watch and then stood up. “I must start to pack. John I want you to know that things will improve, I promise you, only it will take time . . . how long I’m not sure. But we owe you for looking after Tania and . . . everything.” She looked very serious now, “And we always, I mean always, repay a debt.”
She took a dress from the case; a blue dress with a white pinafore on it, white socks and blue shoes, and a white ribbon. “All I’ve got to do now is to get Tania to wear this.” She said smiling at me.
We went upstairs to Wendy’s room, Tania was lying on her side on the bed, her head moving back and forth and her eyes closed as she worked herself to another climax. Janet put her hand to Tania’s head causing the girl to stop.
“Oh mummy I was just enjoying that.” She complained.
“So I could see.” Janet said simply. “Now we’ve got to go, you will dress in these and then we’ll be off.”
“I want to stay here!” Tania complained.
“Not now! You will do as I tell you!” Janet said in her best ‘Mother Knows Best’ tone.
I was untying Tania’s bonds at that point, I went to remove her knickers but was stopped by Janet, “They can stay on, she’ll enjoy that.” I was told. Therefore, I unclipped her arms and untied her legs, rubbing them to get the circulation going properly while Janet looked on approvingly.
Tania allowed us to put her dress on and then bent down to put on her shoes, only to stop and hold her stomach, “Oh, I can’t do that!” She giggled and sat down instead.
Janet had gone to the bathroom and returned dressed in her normal clothes, she helped putting on Tania’s socks and shoes; she tied Tania’s hair up with the white ribbon.
“Now Tania, thank John for looking after you . . . We will see you again John, don’t you fret about that.” Janet added to me.
Tania looked at me with tears in her eyes, “Thank you for having me daddy John, I’ll never forget you.” She said and threw her arms around my neck and kissed me.
“Good bye Tania, if you ever need me you know where I am.” I said to her and I found that her tears were catching.
I carried the suitcase to the waiting car and put it in the boot, Sonja smiled at me as she closed the lid. “Thank you Mr. Archer, I’m sure that something will turn up.” She said and went to the driver’s door.
My last view of Tania was of her face looking at me through the back window as she waved to me, and I said goodbye to my little hitchhiker.

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Comments (4)
READER — 29 February 2008 00:33
looks like no follow up
READER — 09 December 2006 08:48
that story was good, more sex would have been nice.

you should definitely start writing 'my daughter wendy' that would be awesome!!!
READER — 07 December 2006 11:15
is it over...i've been waiting for the next parts for 2-3 days the last weeks...it just cant be over...what am i goin to do
READER — 07 December 2006 10:51
wow that was good I hope you write an ending to this where he gets hi daughter back and ends up with tania and her mum in america and enojoy all the fun in the world
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