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Categories Fiction, Rape

Author: Deelightful

Published: 05 February 2004

  • Font:

One of the things I loved about Al was his love of nature. Little did I
know that it would be the basis for one of the most dangerous rendezvous
I would ever encounter.

Al was 28 years old, about 6 foot 2 inches tall, with wavy black hair, blue
eyes, and a killer smile. He worked as a mechanic and always wore a black
leather jacket, jeans and boots. There was a charm about him that
encouraged anyone around him to believe that whatever he said or did was
okay, regardless if it went against society or the morals most people were
brought up to observe. I was 18 years old, 4 foot 11 inches tall, long
brown hair and a petite, curvaceous body. I had just graduated from high s
chool and had my first "real" job. Most of my money went for clothing since
I still lived at home. I invested quite a bit in matching bra, panties, and
whatever other lingerieI could match. This was "before pantyhose", so I
also had a collection of matching garters to hold up the silk thigh-high
stockings I wore to work every day.

My green "cat" eyes lit up when I saw Al's truck outside in the parking
lot. He picked me up at 4:30 after work and as we headed the opposite way
from my house, I began to wonder what he had up his sleeve.

"Where are we going?" I asked

"For a ride. I want to show you a special place." He responded.

"Is it far?"

"Nope, about five miles out of town. It's a really pretty spot. I think
you'll like it."

"Okay. I can't stay out too late, though. My parents are expecting me home
for dinner." I reminded him.

"It'll be fine, I promise." he assured me.

As we headed out of town, I looked for landmarks so I'd recognize where we
were going. I was only 18 years old and Al was only the third guy I had
ever dated. We had been going steady for about six months and I had managed
to maintain my virginity. I wanted to keep it that way. I had never had to
defend myself, but I was always careful whenever I went someplace I'd never
been before - just in case.

Al pulled off the main road and made a couple of turns down some country
roads, then took a gravel road which led to a thick grove of trees. It was
starting to get dark by then so I was a little worried.

"Are we there yet?" I inquired.

"Just through these trees, baby. Hold on." He answered. We pulled to a
clearing on the other side of the grove and he parked the car and turned
off the engine.

"Well, here we are! Check out this neat quarry." He suggested.

"Quarry?" I asked, worried.

"Yeah. A friend of mine told me about it. It's real private. Nobody will
bother us out here. Come on, let's take a walk." He opened his car door and
got out,, walked around and opened my car door, offering his hand to help
me out. I took it and he pulled me close and kissed me deeply.

"Mmmm..You always taste so sweet. My sweet little Dee. I brought some beer.
Let's drink a couple and enjoy the sunset, shall we?"

"Okay, but just one. I simply have GOT to be home by dinnertime, Al,

"I promise." He assured me as he pulled tab off of the beer and handed it
to me. He reached into the back seat and pulled out a blanket.

"What's that for?" I asked.

"The ground is cold and dirty. I don't want you to be uncomfortable, baby."

"Oh...okay." I thought that seemed sensible enough. He took my hand and led
me to the edge of the quarry. Next he spread out the blanket on the ground
and took his shoes off and suggested I do the same. My feet were killing me
so he had no problem talking me into removing my aching heels. Al sat down
on the blanket and offered his hand to help me sit next to him so I
wouldn't lose my balance. As I looked over the quarry, I noticed that the
blanket was only about three feet from the edge of a 50 foot drop . As I
was checking out the drop, Al pulled me back to him.

"Come here, baby. I want to make out." He said as he pulled me down on the
blanket and started kissing me. "Oh, Al. You're so silly! Be careful! We're
close to the edge. If we get too involved we're liable to drop over the
side and both be killed!" I cautioned him.

"Don't worry. I'll take care of you." he answered, sliding his hands up my
skirt and unfastening my garters.

He pushed me back and began to pull down my panties while he ran his
hands up and down my thighs creeping closer and closer to my most
private of parts. We had made out pretty heavily in the past but I had
managed to "hold him off" and maintain my virginity.

"Let me eat you, baby." He coaxed.

"You know I love that. Go ahead, be my guest." I offered him as he slid my
panties down to my feet and pulled them off. With one fling, they went over
the edge of the cliff and Al positioned himself with his face between my
thighs to give me oral pleasure.

He placed his fingers between my labia and spread them apart so he could
have better access to my clitoris. He began to nibble and suck on my
clitoris, making me wiggle and squirm in delight. I felt one of his fingers
go inside my anus and I began to buck and spasm immediately in orgasm.

He knew how to drive me crazy. Of that there was no doubt. Good old Al. He
was smooth. So smooth that I didn't notice when he reached down and
unzipped his jeans and pulled out his erection.

When I collapsed after reaching orgasm Al began to climb upward kissing
my body as he worked up to my throat then my mouth. He was a terrific
kisser. He had big soft lips and a wonderful long tongue. I could taste
myself on his lips and tongue and I became even more excited.

He held me closely and started to rub his erection up and down on my
tummy. It felt so good! I was incredibly excited and Al saw his chance,
with one deft move he was pushing his member into me. Realizing what was
happening, I tried to push him away.

"Al! Please stop! I don't want to do that!" I pleaded.

"Oh yes you do, trust me. I can tell." He answered, pushing even harder.

I tried to push him away and struggled to free my legs to kick at him, but
he had me held down tightly. He was too strong for me.

"Please stop!" I begged.

"Nope. I'm going to bust your cherry. Then you'll belong to me!" He
answered, confident that I was in his power.

I squirmed and bucked and screamed, but there was nobody to hear me and I
wasn't strong enough to push him off of me.

"That's it! Oohhh, you're so tight! Wow!" He yelled, oblivious to the world
around us.

He pumped in and out of me harder and faster as I bucked and squirmed
beneath him, only exciting him more. He pulled up my sweater and yanked my
bra aside so he could suck and squeeze my B-Cup breasts, ignoring my
efforts to get him away from me.

As he sucked my breasts and continued pounding away inside me, I felt
myself succumbing to his advances. I began to relax. The damage was done. I
may as well enjoy it. He sensed my relaxation and kissed me again, plunging
his tongue into my mouth as he plunged his weapon into my womb. I gave into
his advances and went along with his rhythm. We became one being, one unit,
striving to reach the pinnacle of ecstasy together, aching for the
culmination of our union.

After a few minutes, Al began to stiffen and I knew he was going to spill
his seed into me. He pulled away quickly and his semen ejaculated onto my
leg, smearing it with the milky liquid. He dove between my legs and lapped
my love juices from my labia, savoring the taste of my virgin secretions.

"Now you're mine forever." He told me as he sat up on his knees.

"I don't think so." I responded, pushing him over the side of the cliff.

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Comments (43)
Anonymous reader — 22 June 2014 09:23
good story
kitty_wolf — 24 June 2008 07:55
man... i love the part in the end ROCK ON!!
READER — 01 January 2008 20:27
pushed him off the cliff...hehe
READER — 01 February 2007 21:05
how did she get home?
READER — 05 May 2006 07:59
Cool ending! I think it all could have been a bit more detailed though. It got me going, then it was over, its like WTF was that?!
READER — 07 April 2006 02:54
not the endin ppl would expect lol well done i liked it it was actually quite funny i thought lol write more please !!!!!!
READER — 05 February 2006 00:42
why push him off the cliff??? you could have made great sequels!!!
READER — 04 November 2005 22:21
Obe 1 is a turd
READER — 29 August 2005 15:30
LOL she killed him
READER — 08 May 2005 16:36
what happened to the rest of the beer!?
READER — 18 April 2005 23:40
my nipples got hard on this one:) i just love rape stories but ive read better 8/10
READER — 01 April 2005 02:08
Haha great story, you get a 10. Next time make it a bit longer. :)
READER — 16 March 2005 22:33
he should not have been so close to the edge
READER — 13 January 2005 20:10
i actually liked it a little but it should have been under murder also i think
READER — 19 December 2004 23:41
Good. Great Fuckin Ending
READER — 10 November 2004 17:50
I liked the end of the story.
READER — 29 October 2004 16:04
so, did she get her panties back? I'd hate to think her matching bra was simply wasted!
READER — 22 September 2004 18:10
READER — 20 August 2004 16:03
Rubbish? who the fuck uses that word anymore?
READER — 10 August 2004 02:10
This story was very good i've been raped myself and i wish i could have done that to my assaliant.
READER — 05 August 2004 16:56
the story was written with a good plot. the ending while expected was also unexpected. if you don't know what i mean you can't enjoy a real good story.
READER — 04 August 2004 13:10
didn t expect that ending pretty good story i thought the rest of you can all eat shit
READER — 29 July 2004 10:17
well it not really that good
READER — 22 July 2004 15:45
real shitt
READER — 20 June 2004 05:57
my retarded cousin could write a better story
READER — 02 June 2004 02:44
iam alive to fuck her again,again,.....
READER — 01 June 2004 23:38
Total rubbish was it written by a ten year old
READER — 31 May 2004 03:02
meh not bad
READER — 23 May 2004 17:52
rubbish the lot of it
READER — 17 May 2004 08:02
How could you not expect that ending?? after she said they were so close to the edge??
READER — 22 April 2004 23:04
nice combination of female fantasy and revenge, fantasy = rape, revenge = denial, most females have a hidden fantasy to be ravished but once the fantasy is over they require a form of denial and what better way than to kill or punish the perpetrater.
READER — 05 April 2004 23:22
A crude imitation of feminist sabatoge - but funny nevertheless. Given a suspension of disbelief, it's not a sex fantasy - it's satire, which is better.
READER — 04 April 2004 10:22
Well...Let's think of the title. " Dangerous", yes it turned out to be. Unnecessarily so, after all she said she enjoyed herself and besides where are the keys? And what did "Love" have to do with it? Seemed more like an angry thought than a story.
READER — 02 April 2004 15:36
What bullshit story it that.
READER — 23 March 2004 16:53
Sure i'll go to a sucluded spot in the woods. Sure i'll let you lick my clit. Sure I'll let you get me drunk then not tell my parents where I'll be. What the hell, didn't she say at the beggining that she was careful? Trust me, if a guy has a naked girl miles away from his house in a place that noone goes to he doesn't want to just talk. And what's up with the "I might as well enjoy it" line. Hey just because you can't stop the bastard, doesn't mean you have to enjoy it.
READER — 23 March 2004 15:42
yeah, i agree the ending kinda sucked. and personally i like when the girl struggles until the end.
READER — 19 March 2004 01:14
what the hell...so did the girl get off or not? and whats up with the pushing the guy off the edge..was she not enjoying herself after the initial shock of losing her virginity?
READER — 20 February 2004 14:40
the ending kinda catches the reader off guard and ruins the moment where u add up the whole story for a lasting affect but the story over all wasn't that bad
READER — 15 February 2004 00:01
that is not a real rape story. yes technicaly it was rape. she said no, he did not stop. BUT.... if you wanted it to be more of a rape story she needed to fight more scream. he needed to threaten her, get a little violent or SOMETHING. that would have made it more exciting.
READER — 14 February 2004 18:06
great ending, i agree with lillyrose
READER — 13 February 2004 00:55
I think other people are being kinda mean tonight. I thought the story was great in its way. I love they way u pop out. The reasoning behind it sounding not so great to other people, I think, is the realisn. Its not real at all. Except for the ending. I know plenty of people who murder their rapists. I don't know, I had something to smoke and am making no sense.
READER — 11 February 2004 18:17
haha hilarious.. not too good of a story though
READER — 11 February 2004 18:01
Stupidest story I've ever read...
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