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Categories Fiction, Interracial

Author: Black Meat

Published: 07 February 2004

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“Tommy, are you seeing that little Asian girl again tonight?” Doris Evans asked her eighteen year old son. “Yup,” he replied while combing his hair, “I think we’ll hit a movie and stop off for some burgers after the show.” Doris leaned against the bathroom door jam while admiring the build on her only son. Solid as a rock without and ounce of fat and handsome to boot! “Don’t you think it’s time you brought her around to meet me?” she asked casually. “Not yet, mom,” he replied softly. “Maybe in a couple of weeks or so.” Doris was quiet for a few moments before replying, “Son, I’m not asking you, I’m telling you, bring her before the movie, understand?!?” “Okay, mom,” he answered softly, “but I’m not sure she’s ready for you yet.” “Don’t you worry about me,” Doris replied evenly, “you just make sure you get her here.” Tommy took a deep breath and kissed his mother on the cheek before taking off to pick up his date, while she smiled to herself while anticipating the exciting evening she had set up for herself. “Mom, this Amika, Amika, this is my mother.” “It’s so nice to meet you Mrs. Evans,” the pretty little Japanese girl replied. “Why thank you, Amika,” Doris replied with a smile, “it’s so nice to meet a girl with manners.” A little red flashed in the embarrassed girl’s cheeks as she sat down beside Tommy on the long sofa that dominated the Evans’ den. Doris took a seat in the easy chair facing them, and after giving everyone a chance to get settled in she shocked the poor unsuspecting young girl when she asked casually, “So, dear, do you like fucking my son?” Amika’s mouth dropped open in total shock as she stammered, “I-I certainly don’t know what you’re talking about!” “You know, child,” Doris said evenly, “the thing that really makes me mad is when people lie to me.” “Tommy has given me a thorough run down on all of your activities, so let’s cut the crap and get down to cases!” Looking desperately to Tommy for help, Amika nearly blanched when she realized what Doris Evans had said was true!” Tommy really had told her everything! She was jolted back to reality when Doris’ voice cracked like the sound of a gun shot! “Don’t sit there like a bump on a log, answer me!!!”

“Uh, I’m sorry,” she replied softly, “yes, I love having sex with Tommy.” “He has a nice big cock, doesn’t he!” Doris asked with a little smile. “Y-yes, he does,” Amika replied shame faced. “And of course you’re a hot little Asian cocksucker,” from what my son has told me.” With her eyes cast down with shame the little Japanese girl began sobbing softly to herself while waiting to see what these evil mouthed woman had in store for her. “Look at me, dear” Doris commanded. Amika lifted her eyes only to be stunned when she was faced with the hairy naked pussy of Tommy’s mother! “I think you know what to do with it!” Doris said gently. “Now crawl over here and give mama some relief!” “Please take me home!” Amika begged to Tommy. “I don’t wanna stay here any more!” “I’m sorry, honey,” he replied after kissing her on the cheek, “the only way you get to leave is after you’ve taken care of mommy’s pussy.” Tommy stood up and guided the shell shocked young woman over to his mother’s chair whereupon he gently pushed her to the floor and between his Doris’s heavy plump thighs! “Okay,” the older woman sighed, “be a good girl and suck mama’s hot wet cunt!!!”

The poor girl’s eyes were so filled with tears she could hardly see what she was doing! Doris grabbed her by the hair and almost roughly jammed her mouth into her gaping crack! “God!” she gasped. “I just love being sucked by your girl friends, Tom, they have such talented mouths!” Even though this was her first go around at cunt lapping, Amika was taking to it like a duck to water! Her tongue instinctively sought out Doris’ huge clit, and with little or no prodding began flicking the tip of her tongue over its protruding little head! “Oh yesssssss!” Doris hissed. “Fuck her from the back, Tom!” Let me see you fuck her cute little Asian pussy!” By now Tommy was hard as the proverbial rock and needed no more encouragement to do what he was told! He pulled up Amika’s skirt, after which he grabbed a handful of panties and literally ripped them from her smooth plump bottom! “Oh mother!” he sighed. “She has the cutest little ass and pussy you’ve ever seen!” “Fuck her, son!” she ordered. “Give her exactly what she wants!” Only too happy to oblige his loving mother, Tommy dropped his pants and pressed his already hard cock against her by now gaping labia. “You want his fat prick, don’t you?!?” Doris asked the hot mouthed little cunt lapper. “Y-yessssss,” she gasped, “he fucks me so well.” Tommy grabbed a hold of Amika’s bottom for extra leverage, and then without even a word of warning slammed his hips forward in a vicious assault on the pretty little Asian’s needy pussy! “Ohmigod!” she screamed as the thick piece of pecker meat drove in unabated. “I’m cumming already!”

Doris’s eyes began to glaze over as she watched her son pounding his cock in and out of the helpless little pussy! She instinctively shoved her hairy crotch forward in an attempt to create even more friction between her oversized clit and Amika’s warm slippery tongue! All three of them were on automatic pilot as they drove each other to the very brink of orgasm! Little Amika’s pussy had long since given up trying to grip Tommy’s thick cock, so instead it just allowed itself to be fucked into complete and utter submission! “She’s a good little whore!” Doris moaned as she danced on the edge of her climax. “She has such a talented mouth!” Amika was now in a state of total sexual delirium, and hearing Doris referring to her as “cunt lapper” and “good little whore” only stoked the fire burning in her belly even hotter! Doris grabbed the little Asian by the back to the neck and forced her cunt harder into her mouth while asking, “Tell me, little slut!” “Do you let my son cum in your pretty little mouth?!?” “Do you let him put his big fat dick down your cock hungry throat?!?” That did it!!! Poor little Amika’s pussy convulsed wildly around Tommy’s pecker inducing it to erupt like a volcano deep in her over heated snatch! Both youngsters screamed in ecstasy as their teenage sex organs blended together in what was a truly stunning climax!

That was the signal for Doris’ clit follow suit as her entire body shook as her climax radiated from the tip of her very erect clit to the tips of her toes to the top of her head! Doris locked the youngster’s mouth against her pussy until the last vestiges of her climax were slowly ebbing from her shaking body! “Jesus christ in heaven,” the older woman sighed, “you sure know how to pick them, sonny.” “T-thanks, mom,” he offered while slipping to the floor in a heap. “I try to do my best.” Amika shyly lifted her pussy juice covered face from Doris Evans’ groin and whispered, “Thank you, Mrs. Evans.” Doris cupped the young girl’s cheek and replied, “I think you’d better start calling me Doris, after all, we’re going to be pretty close friends!”


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Comments (4)
anonymous reader — 09 December 2011 03:00
The paragon of understanding these isuses is right here!
READER — 30 March 2004 16:56
Some pictures of an asian next to an older woman would be nice or have the mom fuck her with a monster dildo and the little asian begs ' Please don't put that in me' You'll rip my poor little cunt apart
READER — 28 February 2004 18:32
this was great...very descriptive...i cummed myself while reading it!
READER — 11 February 2004 10:00
very nicely described; enjoyed. do a sequel, where
the little bitch gets nicely knocked up.
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