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Chocolate Loving

Categories Fiction, Black, Interracial

Author: Black Meat

Published: 07 February 2004

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Bill sat at the security desk and passed the evening watching the customer service representatives leave for the day. Of the 200 women that worked there, few had escaped his sex fantasies. At 7:30 everyone was gone. He read the newspaper until 8:15 when the phone rang.
"Security, Bill speaking."
"It's Mae, Sugar," she said with a faint southern accent. "Everyone else is gone. Why don't you be sure to lock the front door, then come on back here to escort me to my car."
"Where are you?" he asked. Her big sexy voice was really what got him hot. Mae was a big black woman with a big ass, big tits, a big smile and a big laugh. She was always throwing little sexual innuendoes in as she made small talk, but nothing had ever come of it. Bill got hard just hearing her voice on the phone. He fantasized about her thick juicy lips on his, her warm, electric hands caressing his body. He knew that he was oozing pre-cum already
"I'm in the executive conference room all the way at the back."
"Be there in a few." He got right up from his desk and checked the door to make sure that it was locked. He walked quickly to the south end of the building to the customer service area and through the rows of cubes. Finally he reached the conference room. From the outside the room took up half the wall. The wall separating it from the customer service reps was glass, but inside a heavy curtain was drawn shut. From the doorway came a dim light. Bill entered.
Amidst the large leather armchairs and the dark wood sideboards and matching table was Mae. She sat on the edge of the conference table, her shoes off, her feet on a chair. She flashed Bill a sultry smile, and summoned him with her index finger.
He stood before her, unassuming, letting her take the lead.
"I have to admit, Billy, that I haven't gotten much done in the past few hours."
"Why's that?"
"Because I've been thinking, wondering what your pasty white cock looks like and what it will taste like when I suck it, how it's going to feel when I fuck it."
Bill shivered. His underwear hurt it was so tight on his cock. There was something completely irresistibly sexual about Mae. It was all attitude. Of the two hundred women that worked there, lots were better looking, but Mae had it. "That's funny," he said. Because I can't tell you how many times I've jerked off thinking about getting my face into your big black crotch sucking on your pink pussy."
Mae let out a heavy sigh. "Good thing that we're thinking alike on this."
"Yeah," said Bill.
Mae reached out, grabbed him by the belt buckle, and pulled him forward. She put her arms around his neck, pulled his face to hers, and gave him a long, deep, passionate kiss.
Bill felt as if electricity were flowing through his blood. Her tongue gently explored his mouth, while her hands began to undress him. As they kissed his pants fell to the floor, then his shorts. His cock stood at attention as she played with his balls then began unbuttoning his shirt.
Bill shrugged off his shirt and went for her zipper. Gently he tugged from her nape to the small of her back. Moments later her dress was around her waist.
"Sugar, just a minute." Mae stood up and carefully removed her dress. Bill's cock ached from hardness as he saw Mae reveal her black one-piece slip girdle with attached stockings. The bra-straps were wide and padded; the six stocking straps were equally wide. The bodice and bra cups looked bulletproof; Mae looked like a Sears' catalogue lingerie model.
Bill almost fell down getting his shoes off and stepping out of his pants.
Mae sat on the table in her underwear; Bill stood before her in his socks. He reached out, slipped the bra-straps from her shoulders, and freed her massive tits. They were like twin, monster jugs of chocolate ice cream topped with fist-sized globs of hot fudge. Bill leaned forward and began sucking her nipple feverishly.
Mae let out a long, low moan. She entwined her fingers in his hair and pulled his face closer, silently urging him for more. "Yeah Sugar, oh, that's it."
While not exactly sure what she wanted, Bill took a guess. He planted one hand on the breast he wasn't sucking and tweaked her nipple. He slipped the other hand between her soft thighs. She wore no panties; and pussy was wet and smoothly shaven. Bill moistened his middle finger on her juices and slowly slipped it between her love folds. He felt Mae tremble and knew that was going in the right direction. With his thumb he rubbed her clit as wiggled his middle finger in her cunt.
Mae's ass started bouncing on the table. "Oh Sugar, that's so good. I want you to fuck me, please. She gently disconnected him from her tits and pussy before climbing on the table and turning around. She was on her hands and knees, her feet hanging off the table, and her pussy exposed for the taking.
"Lick me Sugar, will you? I want your tongue on my pussy."
"Yeah, you want a licking huh."
Mae wagged her ass. "Oh baby, yeah. I want you to lick my pussy before you fuck me. You lick me, and I can promise you'll never regret it as long as you work here."
"Yeah? That sounds good. How about you lick me at the same time?"
"Oh yeah! I haven't sixty-nined anyone in a long time. Come on up!"
Bill got up on the conference table and after some maneuvering and shifting they were both comfortable. Her broad, black butt eclipsed the overhead light. He put her arms around her expansive ass and pulled her cheeks apart. Slowly he coaxed her, so that her warm belly was on his chest and her soft, fleshy pussy was planted on his mouth. He licked her hot wet cunt, sliding his tongue deep between her pussy lips and running it to her clit. He heard her moan loudly as she grabbed his cock and sucked it into her warm velvety mouth.
Mae played with his balls as she rimmed the head of his cock. She kept her tongue floating over the slit, around the underside of the head. She stroked him with perfect pressure at the base and ran her fingers up the underside of cock.
He felt her body quiver and her thighs closed around his head. Mae licked him harder and faster. It was clear that she was going to cum and didn't care if she made him cum too. Bill went with it and licked her faster too. He used his nails and gently scratched the inside of her ass cheeks as he licked her clit and nuzzled her sopping pussy with his whole face. Mae's body shook then stiffened. With his cock still in her mouth, she continued to suck, but the rest of her was still. Bill licked her clit five more times.
Finally Mae screamed, "OH YEAH!"
Bill kept giving her small sporadic licks on the clit, each one causing her to shiver.
Mae popped his cockhead into her mouth and sucked on the tip as she massaged shaft and balls with both hands. He knew right there that she was going to lick him until he had an orgasm. He relaxed and continued to caress her ass with his hands and nails. She slowly rotated her hips and pushed her ass into his hands to let him know that she liked it.
Bill felt the heat build in his balls. As she licked his cockhead, every tongue stroke sent a jolt of please through his body. Mae fingered his balls then sucked on the tip as if his cum was the ice cream at the bottom of a milkshake. Suddenly, he felt the tremble; his body stiffened and Mae sucked him hard. He quivered with orgasm as she pulled it out of him. When he was done, he licked her clit, giving her another shiver of her own.
Mae got up so that Bill could get out from under him. He sat up and they kissed passionately. She licked her own juice from his lips; he could taste his cum on her tongue.
"Sugar, that was some good foreplay. Are you ready for the nasty?"
"You bet," Bill replied.
Mae got on her hands and knees again, her feet hanging off the edge of the conference room table. Bill walked in from behind. He rubbed her pussy with his hand then wet his cock on it. He heard Mae take a sharp breath. Slowly he eased his plump cockhead into her tight pussy. He stood there for just a moment, and then he began small pumping motions. He couldn't believe how incredibly tight she was.
Mae moaned. The more Bill pumped his cock in and out, the louder she was. It felt so good to have a man inside. "Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah," was all she could say.
Bill grabbed her fleshy hips and started pulling her as he pumped. He would let go with one hand and give her wide black ass a smack. He knew she was worked up, but didn't know how close until her tight pussy got tighter. He thrust deeper so that his balls were wet from smacking her clit. He couldn't hold back much longer. "I'm gonna cum," he said.
"Oh yeah, oh yeah, Sugar, me too, uh, uh, uh!"
"Uh!" Bill grunted as he came deep inside her. He rocked his hips letting her tight pussy pull his cum out. Afterwards, they embraced and kissed. Her warm massive breasts pushed against his chest as he stood naked and she in her one-piece.
As Bill walked Mae to her car she said, "Wait until I tell the sisters."
"Tell them? About what?" Bill asked, horrified.
"That the old wives' tale about white boys being willing," Mae kissed him passionately on the lips, "and very able to lick pussy is true. You'll have the sisters lining up every night for some of that."
"Please don't tell anyone," Bill pleaded.
"Sugar, it's beyond my control. Just think of it as a perk of the job. I know I will."

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Chocolate Loving

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Comments (16)
Lustdemon — 23 March 2009 17:29
More funny than erotic. But still an enjoyable story.
Angie — 17 January 2009 01:34
Really Good Story about Black Pussy, I welcome him to lick and suck my black pussy I fingered myself to 4 orgasms. I will be looking for a white dude in the future.
reader — 13 December 2008 23:49
im wet who want me
READER — 04 July 2007 16:22
READER — 16 August 2005 20:10
Very good story. I am a white man who loves sexy black women ;-)
Horny black stu.....e-mail me.
READER — 27 February 2005 17:59
I want to be fucked by a white guy
READER — 06 October 2004 00:51
READER — 11 September 2004 16:50
READER — 15 August 2004 00:09
I was cumming after the first paragraph!!!!!Great story
READER — 29 June 2004 11:02
great story should have had Mae gasp when she saw his Huge 16 inch monster cock and then she gets so frustrated because they can't fit the fucking thing in her ass.Now she tells all the sistas this .Now every woman in the office tries to tease and seduce him.Woman even bring in their13 yr.old daughters to help with the seduction
READER — 15 June 2004 07:44
black sluts are soo horny and their pussies and asses always in flame i like to eat hot red pussy this is the best plesure for me
READER — 09 June 2004 14:46
Black sluts are the best .
READER — 02 April 2004 19:41
This story rocks. I love black sluts. I will copy this page and put it on my wall.
READER — 21 March 2004 06:11
i want her so bad!!!! GAH! im jealous.......
READER — 19 February 2004 16:46
JOHN; what fuckin storie did you read?
READER — 15 February 2004 12:27
I would like that big black cock.
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