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Categories Dark Fantasy, Gay, Cum Swallowing, Gay

Author: Boobrat

Published: 27 May 2008

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My name is Chris, i'm 18. One day, I went over to my friend Alex's place, because his dad was out and he was feeling bored. Alex is a small guy with curly blond hair, and he loves to play playstation more than anything. So I knocked on the door and it was quickly answered by Alex. He was standing there in a plain white t-shirt and jeans. "Hey man", "hey Chris" he replied, "come" he beckoned for me to come inside with him, so we went inside and I stood in the middle of his living room while he jumped straight on the couch to his paused playstation game of tekken. He looked up at me, expecting me to sit down beside him, so I took off my jandals and walked around and sat beside him. "You wanna play 2-player?" he asked, "sure", i replied. So we began playing tekken, him in his little white shirt and me in my blue shirt. I was also wearing my black, knee-long board shorts which always rub against my cock, giving me huge erections when I don't want them. So after 10 minutes of playing, I had started losing concentration of the game, and thinking about Alex, I had always secretly wanted to fuck Alex, his small naked body rubbing close to mine while i suck and lick his juicy cock. It was a deep desire, I tried to hide it, but the more I thought about him and I fucking, the bigger my cock grew. It became trapped in my pants, I started thinking of the times in maths a few years ago, when he would always tell me that he would suck off my knob in the toilets after school, I got the hugest boners just thinking about it. I pretended we were just joking about it, but deep down i wanted to fuck him. My cock was fully grown inside my shorts by now, pushing against the material. I tried pushing it down subtly with my elbow, but that just made it stand up more. I looked over at him, he was fixated on the TV, trying to win the game, I then looked down at the small bulge in his shorts, he kept glancing over at me and his eyes dropped down to my pants. I saw his lips twitch into a smile. He turned back to the TV and paused the game. He then shuffled closer to me on the couch. He then said quietly, "You look so hot in those shorts, I'd like to suck you long and hard until your dick is throbbing and red". By this point I didn't know if he was kidding as usual, or being serious. Either way, I was becoming rock hard as my massive boner pushed at the material of my shorts. He bit his lip in a really erotic way and looked down at my boner and then back up at my face, he reached over slowly with his hand until it was just hovering over my bulge. I wanted him to touch it, rub it, lick it. But he had never done it before, even the times when I thought he would. I spread my legs apart a little bit more, and then what he did next came as a shock. He reached down and grabbed it! I thought to myself "Oh my god, he's actually serious". I began to moan as he rubbed my huge bulge, massaging it with some force. My cock was huge now, it was extremely tender and I moaned gently as he stroked my dick. He then started to reach down my pants and into my underwear, my whole body twitched as I felt him grab my bare cock in his small hand. "Oh, Alex, we shouldn't be doing this..." I managed to moan as he started to jack me off beneath my shorts. He just smiled. Then he took his hand out and furiously pulled off all of his clothes, leaving him standing there completely naked with his hard cock pointing upwards at my face. I was frozen to the spot, unsure whether to tell him to stop or to fuck him, so I sat there waiting to see what would happen next. He then knelt by my feet and pulled my pants down just enough so he could get my cock out, I took the weight off my ass so I could help him pull my shorts off, then, I pulled my shirt off as he took my giant prick in his hands. He rubbed it up and down for a while and then put it in his mouth, It felt so good, I could hardly believe what was happening. I had only ever kissed a girl before, and now here I was getting sucked off by one of my mates. He sucked long and hard as I was writhing on the couch, I put my hands behind his head to help his mouth take in my rock hard cock. "Please... Stop..." I said feebly to him, secretly hoping he would carry on. He took no notice of what I said and began to suck even harder, "No, please... we shouldn't be doing this...". He kept on licking and sucking my cock until it felt like it was ready to explode, so then I pulled his head off my crotch and pushed him backwards onto the soft carpet. He lay there, knees pointing up, dick hard and ready, and his tongue licking his lips. I could stand it no longer! I leaped onto him like an animal and put his dick in my mouth. In, out, in out, I kept going like a machine, sucking like i had never sucked before. His slimy cock in my mouth felt so good as I worked my cock with my other free hand. When he was just about to cum, I turned around and put my ass on his dick, he grabbed my hips and worked his cock into my ass. He pushed his hips into it while I came down onto it, feeling it penetrate my hole. It felt tight inside me, we were pushing and pulling his cock in and out of me for a few minutes until I got used to it, then I moved my ass quicker up and down, up and down, vigorously pumping his cock in my ass. It felt so good, I never wanted it to end. Soon, he moaned up at me "Oh man, I think I'm going to cum!". I didn't want him to cum inside me, so I pulled his cock out and turned back around, his thick cock was throbbing wildly and looked so juicy I could almost eat it. I didn't care that it had just been up my ass, I just grabbed it and shoved it back in my mouth, I worked it in and out, sucking it like a vacuum cleaner, licking up the precum coming from his tip. He began to moan loudly and was pushing his hips up and down in time with my mouth taking in his cock. "Aaaaaaarrgghh!!!" he moaned as a hot, sticky load of juice got pumped into the back of my throat. I quickly swallowed it and resumed sucking his juicy stick. I wanted to get every last drop out of it. A few sucks later, he lay back panting while I lay on top of him grinning, feeling his whole sweaty, smooth, wet body with my fingers, letting my cock rub up against his. I felt another urge coming on... I grabbed his body and turned him over so he was propped up on his hands and knees in the doggy position. The urge was unbearable, my penis was throbbing violently while I positioned myself ready to take him. I didn't hold back, I shoved my cock deep inside his hole while he cried out in pain and pleasure, I shoved it in and out, humping him like a horny dog, fucking him how I always imagined, and it felt so good! I pumped my cock into his tight little virgin hole so that we were both gasping for breath, sweating on each other, rubbing and fucking like I had never thought possible. All of a sudden, I needed to cum, I fucked harder and harder to make a good explosion, I pumped like a jackhammer, letting my balls slap against his as I thrust deep inside him. Oh the ecstasy! I could feel my balls tighten as a huge load worked up inside my cock, all of a sudden I could control it no longer! I let it loose and squirted my cum like a hose inside his ass, we pumped harder to get all the juice out until we both collapsed on the floor on top of each other in a pile of sweat and cocks. I have to say, I need to play playstation more often!

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Comments (30)
Anonymous reader — 05 November 2015 12:32
Holy f u c k. That is how it happened with me. So hotttt
Anonymous reader — 02 May 2015 01:42
More details take ur time and no need to rush
Anonymous reader — 08 July 2014 09:18
I always cum so hard to your stories. Make more please
anonymous reader — 16 February 2013 14:05
It does need paragraphs and it was rather rushed indeed but it was still good :) i come sooo hard from your stories. Please continue the Chris and Alex series!! Also to the 'im not gay but im hard from this' comments..... Right, not gay at all. *rolls eyes*
-<3 & 8====D 16year old girl~ ;3
anonymous reader — 27 March 2012 22:01
I love this story along with your others. It was amazing and I would love to read more continue the chris and Alex seires. I have never been much fr boy on boy but I have got to say you have made a reader out of me. My best friend got me interested in this and it's wonderful
anonymous reader — 01 March 2011 22:07
Not ur best but Plz write more
anonymous reader — 17 January 2011 16:51
needs more detail..........other than that its awsome
anonymous reader — 17 January 2011 16:51
needs more detail..........other than that its awsome
anonymous reader — 07 December 2010 03:31
me and my friend both came in eachothers mouths when we read it!
anonymous reader — 07 December 2010 03:31
me and my friend both came in eachothers mouths when we read it!
anonymous reader — 03 October 2010 07:46
Too rushed, need more descriptions, and need paragraphs. Great story, but you could make it so much better. Thanks though! I did enjoy.
Anonymous reader — 30 December 2008 17:44
I just cam everywere
Reader — 20 September 2008 06:05
Boring! You rushed it and it felt like i was watching a porno on fast-foward. Slow it down and describe the sex in more detail.
chickthatwantsdick — 16 September 2008 11:06
needs paragraphs other then that very good
Anonymous reader — 09 August 2008 01:43
oh my god, that story was amazing. Very good descriptions, felt like I was there. God, now what to do with this big boner I have....
Anonymous reader — 07 August 2008 23:11
that was awesome
Anonymous reader — 07 August 2008 19:37
I want to do it to my mate now
Anonymous reader — 04 August 2008 01:22
this story was retarded had no plot and didn't make any sense the way it happened
Anonymous reader — 25 July 2008 03:47
paragraphs please
Anonymous reader — 24 July 2008 00:04
I ain't gay, but that was so hot. My dick is as hard as a rock
Anonymous reader — 18 July 2008 17:51
I need to suck some cock NOW!
Anonymous reader — 10 June 2008 02:59
Keep writing, but slower and more descriptive and in paragraphs or double spaced to make it easier to read.
Anonymous reader — 06 June 2008 00:40
Paragraphs please and a little more detailed but dman that was good!
Anonymous reader — 04 June 2008 02:22
paragraph's and more description, looking forward to seeing more of your stories up. +rating
Anonymous reader — 01 June 2008 01:41
very very hot
sexy dick — 31 May 2008 14:34
Anonymous reader — 30 May 2008 15:09
holy shit im not gay but my dick is throbing
Anonymous reader — 30 May 2008 07:14
For a first try, at least i think so, it's excellent. Keep it up! It would be better to arrange your text in paragraphs, that would make it more readable. Try to detail te hottest scenes a little more. Expecting more very very hot episodes. Sure you can make it!
Kristen Whitehead — 30 May 2008 01:33
Yeah, good story, just needed Paragraphs and to slow down and maybe detail the sex scenes more.

+ rating.
Anonymous reader — 29 May 2008 11:09
paragraphs would be nice...
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