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Yes, Nudists do have sex!

Categories Fantasy, First Time, Teen, Virginity

Author: firstimewonder

Published: 19 July 2008

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I woke and quickly glanced out the window. Damn! It was a bright sunny morning and looked like it would be a beautiful day. That meant that we would be leaving right after breakfast for “Bare River Bend,” the nudist resort where our family had been members since before I was born. It wasn’t that I was bothered by being nude, my philosophy was that I was born naked and that must be how god intended for me to spend my time, it was only narrow minded prudish people that demanded we wear clothes. Up to a few months after my twelfth birthday, I couldn’t wait to get to the resort and get rid of my clothes, staying naked from the moment we arrived inside the gate until Mom would insist that I simply couldn’t ride home in the car while naked.

So, what was different now that made me dread going to the resort? It was pretty simple, last year I would run around the camp, playing with all the other kids, boys and girls alike, and my cock behaved itself like a perfect little gentleman. Toward the end of the season, I began to notice that some of the girls that I had played with since we were babies were starting to develop breasts. I knew they would, after all, all the adult women had breasts, so it wasn’t any revelation that the girls would start to grow them at some point. I was interested, but it wasn’t really a big deal. The girls didn’t say anything about it, although I did overhear Nancy and Kerrie talking one evening, saying that it wasn’t fair that Kellie already had really good sized breasts while they were still just starting to get enlarged nipples.

It was then that I decided to take closer notice at how big Kellie’s tits were as compared with Nancy and Kerrie’s. (Even though we were taught the proper body part names, I thought “Tits and Cock” sounded easier and more descriptive.) As I stood gazing intently at Kellie, I suddenly became aware that my little cock was moving on its own, getting stiff and standing straight out. This had happened before a few times, mostly early in the morning when I woke up having to pee, and it went right down as soon as I finished in the bathroom. However; this time, I didn’t need to pee, and it was still growing. At that time, I still didn’t have any pubic hair, and I probably wasn’t more than about three to four inches at the most. As if that weren’t bad enough, Sandy, one of the older teen-age girls came by and saw what was happening.

“Hi Ronnie, it looks like Kellie is having quite an affect on you!” she said with a teasing grin as she motioned to my straining cock.

For the first time in my life, I was embarrassed at being seen naked by a girl. Up to now, it was so natural that I never gave it a thought, but now standing there with my little cock trying to point to the sky, having a stunningly beautiful teen-age girl laughing at me while Kellie stared with her mouth open, transformed me into a shy and horribly embarrassed kid. I spun around and ran to the river, diving into the water and swimming away from the bank as fast as I could go. I swam across the river, and crawled out on the opposite bank, then sneaked back to the trailer we kept at the resort.

About thirty minutes later Dad came to the trailer and saw me sitting on my bunk reading a book. He didn’t say anything for a few minutes; just went about fixing himself a cup of coffee and went outside to the table where we ate our meals while at the resort. Finally he called for me to grab a coke and come outside with him.

“Hey Ronnie, Kellie told me that she thinks she hurt your feelings and wants you to come back so she can say she is sorry.” I shook my head, and turned away from dad. “Come on Ron, she likes you, and I can tell that you really like her too. She also said that if you wouldn’t come back, she would come here, so it looks like you are going to have to talk to her one way or the other, come on, let’s go, it isn’t that bad, you didn’t do anything wrong.”

“Yes it is,” I replied, noting that my voice did this funny thing it had been doing for the past few weeks, changing from its normal high pitch to a deeper sound. “They were laughing at me for something that just happened, I didn’t do it on purpose and now Sandy is going to tease me, you know how she is.”

Dad smiled at me, and then softly said, “Well, Ron, I don’t think Sandy is going to tease you, and you can be pretty certain of that.

“She already has,” I replied, “and I know she will do it again, that’s just the way she is.”

“I don’t think she will,” commented Dad with a smile, “you can rest assured that she will never mention your erection again, not ever. And besides, this is the last weekend of the season, the camp closes tomorrow and we won’t be back until next spring, so come on, let’s go see Kellie before she comes looking for you.”

I reluctantly followed him back to the swimming area, and just before we stepped out of the trail, Kellie, Kerrie and Nancy joined us. Kellie grabbed my arm and pulled me away from Dad and off to where the kids usually hung out. Since it was late in the season, most of the families had already departed, leaving just the four of us. Even though we had played together for twelve years, I never really looked at them as “Girls,” just kids who were built differently than I was, so it was no big deal.

As we sat down on our towels, Kellie looked intently at me and said, “Hey Ron, I’m sorry about the way I looked at you, Sandy just surprised me with her stupid comment, please don’t stop being my friend, I will be very sad if you stop liking me.” I could see tears in her eyes, so kind of shrugged and said that I still liked her and she would always be my friend. Then she did something that none of the girls had ever done before, she leaned over against me and kissed me on the cheek.

It was as if someone lit a fire in my face, I could feel the heat rising and knew my face was bright red. AND, my cock sprang into life again! Shit, that is what started the mess in the first place. I tried to pull my towel over it, but Kellie put her hand on mine.

“Ron, you don’t have to hide it, it is nothing to be ashamed of. Mom says it is normal and warned me that it would happen and not to make a big deal about it,” said Kellie with a reassuring smile.

“Yes,” joined Nancy, “see, we are growing breasts, it is just part of growing up. I think it is exciting.”

“Me too,” commented Kerrie, “so come on let’s not waste our last day at camp!”

I let the towel drop and relaxed a little, but did notice that all three girls were stealing little glances at my cock, so I just leaned back a bit and tried to relax.

“I’ll bet Sandy isn’t going to forget it,” I said in a whisper as I glanced around to be sure she wasn’t watching.

“Oh yes she will,” said Kellie with a big laugh.

“What makes you so sure?” I asked.

The three girls glanced at each other giggling, and then Kerrie spoke up. “Well, when we told your mom what happened and that you were embarrassed, she caught up with Sandy. I don’t think she knew we were behind her, but she grabbed Sandy by the arm and jerked her close and told her that if she ever did anything like that again, the entire resort would know about her fucking herself with a cucumber.”

We sat talking for a while, mostly talking about how we were changing, but promising that we would still be friends for life, no matter what changes we experienced. Later that afternoon, I helped Dad close up the trailer for the winter and we went home. I said goodbye to the girls, feeling sad that I wouldn’t see them until next spring. After Nancy and Kerrie left, Kellie and I were alone. I turned to her, and then glanced around to see if anyone else could see us. I was especially nervous, because like most nudist camps, there was a strict rule that nothing sexual, not even hugging was to take place in public. I was aware that most people think it is a continual make out place, but mostly it is just people who enjoy being naked.

We stood facing each other, and once again my cock began rising. Kellie followed my glance down and smiled, stepping closer to me. Taking another quick look around, I took her in my arms and pulled her against me, feeling my cock squeezed between our naked bodies. For a moment I didn’t know just what to do, I knew what I wanted to do, but still hesitated. Just then, Kellie tilted her face down just a bit, looking deep into my eyes. I squeezed her just a little tighter, and then kissed her gently on the lips, more like a little peck. Kellie sucked in her breath and quickly initiated another kiss, keeping her lips pressed to mine as her hand slipped around behind my head pulling me even tighter against her lips.

Suddenly I felt like my cock was about to burst, I had never felt it this hard! I relaxed my hips just a bit hoping to let it straighten out. It sprang upright, between our little flat bellies, so I pulled Kellie tighter against me again. After feeling like I was soaring into heaven itself, Kellie relaxed her grip in the back of my head and stepped back. I could see her flushed face and excited look.

“WOW,” she exclaimed.

“WOW,” I replied.

“I could feel your thing pushing into my tummy,” she giggled. “It feels nice.”

Kellie took my hand and we slipped back to a place where we often hid out while playing games.

I took her in my arms again, and kissed her as hard as I knew how, putting my entire twelve years into it. Kellie responded, wiggling her tummy against my cock and pressing her naked hips against mine. I could feel her tits pressing against my chest, and suddenly knew that I had to touch them. As we broke and eased apart, I looked deep into her eyes and carefully touched her right nipple, while watching for a reaction. I didn’t have to wait long; she didn’t change her expression, but gently grasped my cock with her hand and gave it a little squeeze.

“Let’s sit down,” she whispered.

It didn’t take any convincing, and in an instant we were sitting cross legged facing each other. I reached out to explore her titties with both hands, while Kellie began sliding her hand up and down my sensitive little shaft. A moment later, she gently cradled my balls with her other hand, exploring, massaging, generally exploring my newly discovered “Manhood.” I felt a funny kind of stirring in my abdomen, and for some reason felt as if I needed to pump my cock back and forth in her hand. I had just started to move my hips back and forth when I heard Dad yell for me.

We both jumped up like we had been shot. I looked to see what Kellie would do. She jerked her head to the left indicating she would go that way, and pointed for me to go the other way. I slipped out of our hiding place and down to the river, plunging into the cold water. That proved to be a good move, because in a few seconds, my cock began to return to normal size. Just as I was climbing up on the shore, Dad caught up to me and said we needed to get going.

Over the eight months before the resort would open in the spring, several things happened. First, I had my thirteenth birthday. Secondly, I grew six inches, having to buy all new clothes and shoes a couple of times in the process. The next two things, I now realize, were all tied into the first two things. My voice went from soprano to a rich baritone, and my cock decided to catch up to the rest of my body. Before long, I had a significant amount of hair around the base of my cock, and it had grown to over six inches long while erect. In addition, it seemed as if it was erect most of the time.

The other thing that happened was better than all the rest of the events put together. I knew where my cock was supposed to go and why it went there, but hadn’t had an ejaculation. However; shortly after my rapid growth spurt, I found myself waking up every morning with a huge erection. Inevitably, I began to stroke it, and one glorious Saturday morning, I decided to just stay in bed and keep pumping. After some time I could feel a tickling sensation in the soles of me feet, and at the same time I felt a fantastic stirring in my belly. At the same time, a perfect vision of Kellies titties flashed into my mind and it was as if she was sitting right in front of me. All the while, the sensations increased in intensity, moving up my legs and down my belly until the met at my cock. Suddenly my cock began to convulse, pumping, jerking and twitching as gobs of cum shot into the air and splattered back onto my belly.

After my heart returned to normal beating, I realized two things. First I wanted to do this again! Secondly, I needed to be better prepared in the future, or I would have to explain all the spots on the sheets. I quickly gathered the sheets from the bed and piled them by the door. Then I walked down the hall toward the bathroom for a shower. At that moment, Mom came around the corner, seeing me in all my naked glory, still sporting my cock at about three-quarter mast. I wasn’t really bothered by Mom seeing me naked, since we were nudists, we never bothered very much about getting dressed or wearing a robe between our rooms and the bathrooms, it just wasn’t a big deal. However; this morning was a bit different, I was waving my erection in her face, or at least that’s how it seemed to me.

Mom just smiled and said, “Hi Ron, don’t worry, it’s normal, have a nice shower.”

I kind of turned to the side and hurried to get in the shower. I was sure that she could see the still wet shiny cum on my belly, as I hadn’t cleaned it off since I was going to the shower anyway. I stepped into the bathroom just in time to see my sixteen year old sister Julie, drying herself.

“I’m almost finished,” she said as she gestured to the shower. “I just got to finish drying my feet and toes.” She sat on the little bench we used while dressing and bent to the task. She wasn’t concerned with being naked in front of me, we saw each other naked from the time we were babies and taking baths together. But, this time was different, I saw her really nice breasts hanging free as she bent to dry her feet, and my cock instantly responded by going to full mast. Before I could turn away, Julie saw what had happened, and got a startled look on her face. For a moment I stood as if rooted to the spot, trying to decide what to do.

“Mom and Dad said they couldn’t keep up with your clothes,” she said with a big smile, “But that is really something, way to go little brother, or should I say BIG brother from now on?”

Again, my face was burning hot and I guess Julie saw that she had embarrassed me.

“Hey Ronnie, no big deal, Well, it is a big deal, I mean really big for someone your age, but hey, it’s not the first one I’ve seen,” she said with a grin. “In fact, if you need advice any time, I may be able to give you some tips.”

“Thanks,” I grunted as I stepped into the shower and closed the door. I noticed that Julie lingered longer than normal, and I could see that she was watching me through the clear shower glass. Dad said that cloudy glass was for people who were ashamed of their bodies, but he saw no sense in spending extra money for opaque glass when we all saw each other naked so often anyway.

So, now it was spring and Dad said we would go to the resort today if the sun was shining and it was. I could only dream of the disaster that faced me in the next couple of hours. By now, my cock definitely had a mind of its own. I only had to catch a glimpse of a cute girl, or think of Kellie’s tits and up it came. I realized that once we got to the resort and I took my clothes off, I would have to stay under water until next fall!

When we arrived at the resort, Mom and Dad went to check us in for the season and visit with friends, while Julie and I walked over to our trailer to see how it looked. About half way there, Julie pulled me aside.

“Look, Ronnie, I know that you are not excited about being here, and that is a big first for you. I also know why you are not excited,” she added. “By now, you usually are bare naked looking for Kellie, Nancy and Kerrie, but instead you are plodding along with your sister.”

“Yeh, but you just don’t understand,” I replied bitterly.

“Oh I don’t!” she exclaimed, “and just what makes you think I don’t understand?”

“Because, you are a girl and you don’t have a cock that sticks up in the air every time I think about a girl, which is all the time,” I shouted.

“OK, that’s true, but maybe you don’t remember two years ago when Terry and I both turned fourteen. We were so in love that we couldn’t keep our eyes off each other, but he left after the first day at camp. I cried for two week,” she muttered.

“Yes! I do remember,” I replied, I couldn’t figure out what was wrong with you. What happened anyway?”

“Well, Terry took one look at me and got a huge erection. He was so embarrassed that he jumped in the river and stayed there until his skin got wrinkled. Then he wrapped his towel around himself and snuck back to their cabin and wouldn’t come out. I decided he had another girl friend and was dumping me.”

“But didn’t he come back a few weeks later?” I asked.

“He sure did,” replied Julie, “he told me he loved me but couldn’t go around all day with his cock looking like a flagpole, so he just had to stay away.”

“Wait a minute, he stayed the rest of the summer,” I exclaimed, “and I never saw him with an erection.

Julie smiled, then said, “That’s because we figured out a way to deal with the problem.”

“OK, so tell me,” I demanded.

“I was afraid you would never ask,” she giggled.

“So, you going to tell me or not?” I asked again.

“Come on, let’s get the trailer opened up and then I will tell you,” she smiled.

We got to the trailer and opened the door. It was in perfect condition, only taking a few minutes of dusting the few pieces of furniture and removing the covers from the beds. Once they were folded and put in the storage locker outside, Julie stripped out of her “Textiles” and urged me to do the same.

“Aw come on Julie, you know what will happen, in fact it has already happened, one look at you naked and junior down there takes over my brain.”

“Of course, now get your clothes off so I can show you how Terry and I handled the situation and why he could stay the rest of the summer.”

I shrugged out of my clothes, pulling my shorts out a long way to clear my now six and one half inch cock, which was almost purple. Julie pushed me back onto the bed and knelt between my knees. Before I know what was happening, she slid her tongue up the bottom of my cock and in an instant took the entire tip into her mouth, moving her lips and tongue in a way that made me absolutely certain she had done this before. Seconds later, I shot my cum into the back of her throat and felt her cheeks working as she swallowed two or three times to get it all down.

“Julie, what the hell do you think you are doing?” I exclaimed.

“Hey little stud, what do you think, looks like your mind is back in your head instead of in your cock already,” she said as she gestured to my now shrinking cock.

“But – but—but, Julie, you’re my sister, I’m your brother, we can’t do this, it just isn’t right.”

“OK, so now we got to find someone else who isn’t your sister to take care of your needs, either that or you will have to stay in the river all summer, or dig a hole in the sand and lay on your belly. By the way, that works too, don’t forget it.”

“Yeah, Right,” I sulked, “What do I do, put up a sign saying ‘blow job volunteers sign up here’?”

“Ron, go to your special hiding place where you and Kellie explored each other the day we left last fall, and I will see what I can work out to get things rolling.”

“You saw us!” I exclaimed.

Julie just smiled and replied, “Do you think you kids are the first ones to find that special place? Terry and I put our mark on it long before you discovered it. We also did some strategic trimming of foliage so no one could slip up on us without us seeing them first and going out our secret back way. Remember, when I said yours wasn’t the first erect cock I had seen?”

“OH,” was all I could think of to say.

I hurried to the secret place that wasn’t a secret and leaned back against the mossy tree trunk that occupied the center of the clearing. I began thinking about what Kellie would look like now, if she had grown very much, and if her tits had gotten any bigger. I should have known better, but no sooner than I visualized her tits, my cock began to rise to attention. Before I could make a move to deal with it, Kellie slipped into the clearing and took a couple of quick steps toward me. I jumped to my feet and we met in a fierce bear hug.

“Wow,” exclaimed Kellie, “I used to look down at you, now you are way taller than me.” She tilted her head up and our lips met in a passionate kiss. I held her tight and rocked back and forth, feeling my cock squeezed tightly between our bellies. I could also feel her tits smashing themselves against my chest. After a few moments we each took a step back. I couldn’t believe how beautiful Kellie had grown over the winter. She had put on a few pounds in exactly the right places, and her braces were gone. Just a touch of makeup and the most beautiful girl I had ever seen was standing before me.

Simultaneously, Kellie was looking me over from head to toe. She took in my additional height, rubbed my sparse but up and coming facial hair and felt my arms. Then, she stepped in for another kiss and snuggled together. This time, she shifted my cock slightly to one side and pressed her hips into me as hard as she could. Then she gently began to sway her hips in a circular motion, holding the pressure against me and pressing her lips to mine. I realized that I was going to shoot my load if we didn’t stop that very instant. I tried to push Kellie away, but she squeezed harder and pulled me even closer and speeded up her movements. Suddenly I erupted, blasting my cum between us, making us slick and warm.

“OH, Kellie, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean for that to happen,” I apologized.

“I did,” she giggled back. “Your sister told me exactly what to do. Now, we need to hit the river for a quick swim and then we can find Nancy and Kerrie.”

We slipped out the back way and into the river. It was still a bit cold, but we stayed in until we were all cleaned off and let ourselves drift downstream to the main part of the campground. Once there, we got out and dried off, then lay on the towels letting the sun warm our backs for a few minutes.

“OK, let’s find Nancy and Kerrie,” said Kellie pulling me to my feet. “They are waiting in our special place.”

“You mean they know what we did?” I asked with disbelief.

“They sure do,” replied Kellie, “Julie got us together and explained what was happening to you and that if you couldn’t get comfortable with us right away, you might go back home and we just couldn’t let that happen.”

About that time, we arrived at the clearing and there I saw two beautiful girls. For an instant I wondered who they were and what they were doing in our special place. At the same time, I could see that they were experiencing the same situation, wondering who this guy was. We all realized what had happened at about the same time.

Kerrie spoke first saying, “Wow Ronnie, or I guess I better call you Ron from now on, you have changed from a boy to a real man!”

Nancy continued with similar observations while I looked them over. Last fall, they both had nothing much more than protruding nipples, but now Kerrie had a full blown set of tits. Not huge, just exactly the right size for her petite body. She also had fairly well developed pubic hair and a real curvy set of hips to go with it. Nancy’s tits were a little bigger and actually bounced a little when she moved around. Her dark brunette hair made it look as if she had a lot more hair on her pussy, but on closer observation, it was only the color that made it appear that way. Her waist was still a bit thicker and didn’t show off her hips as well, but never-the-less, she was still quite attractive. Three naked girls admiring my body began to have an affect, and my cock began to rise to the occasion.

“Look,” pointed Kerrie, “Just like Julie said it would happen, his cock is growing. She said we should take that as a compliment. She also said it was up to us to help you keep it in control so you wouldn’t go home,” she continued.

With that, she stepped closer to me and reached for my cock. I pulled back, but she just moved with me and grabbed my cock in a clumsy sort of grip. It was obvious she had never had a hold of an erect cock before because her movements were awkward and jerky, but it still had the effect of starting my blood to race to my ears and my cock grew even harder. In about two minutes, my cum came blasting out for the third time in four hours. I sank to the ground feeling totally spent and at peace. This summer may not be too bad after all, I thought.

For the next couple of days, Kellie and Kerrie would help me keep things in control. Sometimes we just pressed together and moved until I came, other times they would simply pump my cock until it would shoot off. Once I spurted out just as Kellie bent down to take a closer look, and my cum splashed onto her face and chin. Before she realized what had happened, she touched it with her tongue, and then sucked a bit into her mouth. She got a strange expression on her face before turning away to wipe it off. Later I overheard the three girls whispering, and snuck up closer to hear what was being said.

Kellie was whispering, “Julie told me that sucking on his cock was a big turn on, but I thought it would be simply awful, but it really didn’t taste bad at all.”

“I’m not sure about that,” whispered Kerrie in response, “But then you are in love with him, and I just like him,” she giggled. “I guess when you love someone, most anything would taste good.”

A couple of days later, Kellie came into our special place alone instead of all three of them together as usual.

“Where are Kerrie and Nancy,” I asked.

“Oh, they had something to do,” said Kellie. “Looks like you still have only one thing on your mind though.”

I smiled at her and gave her a tender kiss. Kellie kissed me gently on the lips, but this time instead of snuggling close and trapping my cock between us, she started to slide down, kissing my neck, then nibbling on my little nipples. Still she continued to slide lower until she was running her tongue around my navel. By now my cock was standing straight up, almost reaching my navel itself. In fact, I could feel it bumping Kellie’s chin. Did I dare think she would do it?

Before I had time to wonder, she pulled back, grasped my cock in one hand and began to lick the bottom side like an all day sucker. Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better, she glanced into my eyes on one of her upward strokes, then rocked her head forward and took my cock into her mouth, running her tongue around the rim of the head. I felt my knees get week and I began to sink down. Kellie followed me until I was laying flat on my back with her between my legs. I could see my cock being enveloped in her mouth and saw her cheeks puff up and suck in as she alternately sucked and blew. Since I hadn’t ejaculated for almost eighteen hours I blew my cum into her mouth long before I wanted it to come to an end.

Kellie let me cock slip out of her mouth, and wiped the excess that she wasn’t able to swallow in the first few major blasts. I sat there looking at her adoringly then bent forward to kiss her. I got a big surprise when I tasted my cum, I hadn’t thought about some of it still being in her mouth. At that moment, I loved Kellie more than I could imagine. And, I decided that I wanted to make love to her, the sooner the better as far as I was concerned.

“Nice show,” commented Kerrie as she walked into the clearing. Nancy remained silent, but had this funny little look on her face.

“Hey, do you watch everything we do,” I grumbled.

“Sure do if I get half a chance,” giggled Kerrie, “never know when that kind of knowledge will come in handy.”

“How would you like it if I watched you and a boy doing this?” I commented.

“I guess if I had a chance to do it with a really nice boy I wouldn’t mind,” said Kerrie wistfully.

Kellie giggled and commented, “Well, it may just take more than one of us to keep up with Ron, I am beginning to think that his cock is more than one girl could possibly keep satisfied.”

I saw a kind of knowing smile pass between the three girls then Kellie kind of shrugged and continued, “I guess I am willing for you two to help, just as long as you remember that I love Ron and you guys just like him!”

For once, my cock behaved itself and didn’t stand up more than about half way, so we decided to join some of the younger kids playing Volley Ball at the main court. Later we went for a swim in the big pool. By now, the frequent ministrations by Kellie were keeping my cock mostly in control while we were playing hard and had other things to think about. However; when we were alone, it seemed to take over control of my mind and almost instantly would be standing to attention.

The next couple of weeks went along in a similar routine; I would get up and go for a swim in the cold river, meet Kellie for a quick “cock and tittie exploration,” which would put my cock in control for the morning, then back to the trailer for breakfast. A couple of times Mom commented about my flushed face, but I just said I had been swimming really hard. Julie coughed a couple of times and winked at me, causing my face to get even redder.

One morning after breakfast, Julie joined me as we walked toward the common grounds. We walked side by side for a bit then she reached up and squeezed my arm muscles and nodded as if in approval. After a few more steps, she pushed in front of me and turned to face me.

“Ron, you know where this is going don’t you?” she said with a quizzical look.

“Uh, what do you mean,” I stammered, turning red in the face again.

“Come on Ronnie, you know as well as I do that just having Kellie and Kerrie jerk you off with a few blow jobs from time to time isn’t going to be the end of it, sooner or later you are going to have sex with Kellie, and I don’t think you are really prepared to deal with everything just yet,” she said with concern.

I kind of shook my head and looked at the ground, and then I heard myself say, “Have you done it with Terry?”

Julie looked at me for a second then nodded her head. “We started doing it when he came back after the time he first got an erection in front of me. We were going just like you and Kellie, except we didn’t have any other close friends to kind of keep us in control. I know that just having Kerrie and Nancy around is keeping the lid on things, but you and Kellie will find a way to make love sooner than later if I am not mistaken, and I am sure I am not!”

“OK, so you have done it and you are OK, what’s the big deal if I do make love to Kellie, how would that be different than you doing it with Terry?” I challenged.

“Well for starters, what will you do about birth control? Or do you think you will just be lucky and she won’t get pregnant. And, what if it hurts Kellie, and there is a good chance when you pop her cherry she will have some pain and anywhere from some bleeding to a lot. How you going to deal with that? Finally, where will you do it, just take her virginity out here on the grass and hope no one comes along?”

I though for a few moments before saying, “I didn’t think Kellie was old enough to get pregnant, and besides girls can’t get pregnant for the first few times anyway, so after we do it a few times, we can figure out what to do.”

Julie began to chuckle. “Ronnie, I can see that you really aren’t ready for this. Let me clue you in on a few things. Firstly, a girl certainly can get pregnant the first time and I know some who have! Secondly, Kellie is old enough to get pregnant, she started having periods last year and if a girl has periods, she can get pregnant, so don’t depend on any of those things. You have to get up to speed about sex and how to take the proper precautions BEFORE you go any further than just having the girls jerk you off. And, come to think of it, what are you doing for them? So far all I have seen or heard about is what they do for you, what do they get in return? Or do you just plan to let them be satisfied to let you have all the fun?

“Well, Julie, what can a guy do for girls other than uh, well, uh, you know, fuck them.” I ended, not knowing what else to say.

“Ronnie, fuck isn’t a word I would use early on, for most girls it sounds really crude. I think you would be better off saying you want to make love to her, or perhaps show her how much you love her.”

“And how do I show her how much I love her?” I whispered.

“For right now, I would be sure that when they have helped you out, you should start returning the favor. You could give them a nice massage, rub sun tan oil on them, tell them they look pretty, and sometimes you could even do some things that would make them feel like you do when you have your ejaculation.”

I looked at Julie with a stunned expression. “You mean, girls can cum too!”

“Just as I said, you got a lot to learn. Of course we cum, as you put it. We have orgasms, which is technically what you are having when you ejaculate. The big difference is that most girls don’t show the same outward sign that you do, but we have the same kind of sexual tension release as you do. And yes, we get horny like you do; the big difference is that we don’t have a cock to come to attention that tells the world you are ready.”

“So, how do I know when a girl wants to get fuc --- I mean wants to make love?” I asked in awe.

“That’s just something you will have to pick up on your own, but generally, she will let you know by how she is looking at you, how close she sits, how she responds when you kiss her, and if she doesn’t move your hands away when you try to feel her breasts or touch her clitoris.?

“Touch her what?” I asked puzzled.

“Oh boy, I was afraid it would come to this. Come on, let’s go back to the trailer and see if I can teach you the basics of what you will need to know.”

With that, Julie took my arm and pulled me back down the path to our camp site. As we walked along, she commented on how tall I had grown, and how handsome I was. Then, she kind of tripped and grabbed me to steady herself. When she got her balance, she hugged me and said that I was a really nice brother to help her. I was puzzled, as Julie was very athletic and never ever stumbled. What happened next puzzled me even more. Julie slipped her arm around my waist and pulled me closer to her side and slowed our walking pace. Then, slowly her hand began to drift down until it was resting right on my ass cheek. She gave it a few little squeezes as she turned such that her tit was pressing into my arm.

All of a sudden it struck me what Julie was doing; she was trying to demonstrate how a girl might let you know she was interested so I decided to play the game with her. I slipped my arm around her shoulder, and let my hand come to rest on the side of her breast. Slowly I began to press into the side, feeling the softness. Julie sighed and snuggled a bit closer, and at the same time pulled her arm against my hand, moving it further onto her breast. I assumed that the demonstration was about at an end and started to pull back, but Julie just pulled her arm tighter, sending the signal that I shouldn’t move away. Finally, my fingers were stroking the nipple of my sister. Julie caught her breath and looked up at me.

“Good technique, don’t stop, keep it up.”

“But Julie, you’re my sister,” I exclaimed.

“Not this morning, I am your teacher, now pay attention and see what you can learn.”

By that time, we had arrived at the trailer, noting that we were alone. Dad was in the city at work until Friday afternoon, and Mom always stayed in the common area with the other ladies. As we sat on Julie’s bed, she turned to me with an inviting look. I took her in my arms and started to hug her, stroking her back and working my hands down to her cute little ass cheeks. I was amazed at how nice they felt!

“Kiss my ear and whisper nice things to me,” Julie commanded. I kissed her ears, but felt silly and pulled away. Julie put her hand on my cheek and pressed it back. “Pretend I am Kellie,” she instructed, “and tell me how pretty I am and how much you like cuddling with me.”

I began to picture Kellie’s tits, and suddenly my cock began to rise to the occasion. As it did, my inhibitions fled and I really got into the project. I hugged her tight and closed my eyes as I started to kiss her ear and whisper that she was the most beautiful girl I had ever seen. Julie, but in my mind Kellie, sighed and snuggled closer. Slowly I worked down and began kissing her neck, pressing her back onto the bed as my hands moved to her tits where I massaged her nipples. By now Kellie (as I was now thinking totally) began to make funny moaning sounds. I kissed my way down to where I was kissing then sucking on her nipple. She went rigid, pressing her breast into my mouth. I let one of my hands wander to her inner thighs and gently stroked my way up to her pubic hair. At that moment, Julie went absolutely rigid, breathing heavily.

Gently probing, I could feel the wetness of her soaked lips and began to slide my finger up and down her slit, feeling her hips bucking against me. All at once she stopped her bucking and held my hand still.

“Right there, right there, do it right there,” she urged.

I felt her wetness increase even more, and sensed more than felt a hard little button that seemed to be very sensitive. By now, she was breathing in short gasps and bucking her hips in a rhythmic motion. With all her bucking, I couldn’t keep my finger in exactly the right spot, and in my attempt to locate it, my finger slid right into her hot warm pussy.

“In hard, in and out, hard, hard,” urged Julie, or was it Kellie?

I began pumping my finger in and out, joining the one finger with another as well. Suddenly, she went absolutely rigid, holding my hand tightly against her pussy and let out a long drawn out deep moan then went limp.

“Oh Ronnie, wow, you really bought me off!” she exclaimed.

“Did you like it Kellie,” I murmured in her ear.

“Oh Yes, yes, I liked it, I really liked it,” she sighed.

I rolled over and climbed between her legs and began thrusting my cock where I thought it should go. My cock slid right up onto her belly and at the same instant, I shot my load all over her tummy.

“Ron, stop, stop, it’s me, Julie.”

My eyes flew open and the reality of what I almost did flooded over me.

“Oh shit, shit, Julie, what have I done!”

“It’s OK, it’s OK, nothing really happened, you just got carried away, just like you will one of these times with Kellie. You need to realize what can happen and be ready when it does.”

The combination of shooting my load all over Julie, and the shock of almost fucking my sister caused my cock to shrink to almost nothing. As it did, my normal brain began to function. I apologized again to Julie then got a wash cloth and wiped my cum off her tummy, apologizing all the while.

“Ron, stop apologizing, that is why I bought you here, so you could see that you got some things to learn before you and Kellie go much further and end up hurting her or getting her pregnant. You can’t believe what Terry and I went through the first few times until we finally learned.”

“So, are you going to tell me some more?” I asked as my heart slowed to a normal pace.

“Well, I’m not going to go into all the little details, but I will tell you that the first time Terry made love to me sure wasn’t much fun. It hurt like hell and we got my blood all over both of us, and he didn’t have a condom, it was only by luck that I didn’t end up pregnant. But, the worst part was that while we were doing it, I didn’t care if I got pregnant or not, I loved Terry so much that I didn’t think it mattered. Then an hour or so later it hit me what could happen and I thought I would die. I didn’t want to be pregnant at fourteen, but we hadn’t used anything to keep from it. So, I have bought you a few things.”

With that, Julie pulled a box from under her bed and told me to open it. I took out a tube of KY Jelly, a box of condoms, and another box of “Norforms.” Julie told me to read the labels then we would talk about how to use them. I read every word of every label then turned to Julie.

“OK, she said, here we go. Let’s start with the easy stuff first. KY Jelly is simply a water based lube. Don’t ever use anything but this on the condom or it will probably break, then you are in trouble. And don’t be afraid to use a lot of it, especially the first few times, because Kellie is likely to be nervous and dry, and that will make it more likely to hurt.”

“What about the Norforms?” I asked. “Why do I need them if I am using a condom, doesn’t seem like we would need both.”

“What if the condom breaks?” asked Julie. “Condoms are about 98% effective, if one breaks or leaks, Kellie could get pregnant. The Norforms have a chemical that will kill your sperm in case you get some inside her.”

Wow, so much more to all this than I could have ever imagined. I thought that since I had seen girls naked since before I could remember that I knew everything there was to know. I began to realize how much I had to learn and how much Julie was helping me.

“Uh, Julie, how many condoms and Norforms are here?” I asked.

Julie giggled and said, “You afraid you will run out? I got plenty, and if you run low, we can always get more, but this should last you for at least the first week.” Julie giggled again and jabbed me in the side, noting that my cock was starting to rise again.

“Oh good, now we can learn how to properly put on a condom,” Julie commented casually, as if this was something she did every day. “Here, open the package, but don’t try to put it on or unroll it until I show you how to handle it.”

I tore open the package with shaking hands, and pulled the slippery rubbery ring out. Julie had opened the KY tube, and instructed me to turn the condom with the inside facing upwards. She squeezed a dab of KY into the ring then showed me how to place the end very loosely over my cock. She gently rolled the ring part way down then had me roll it the rest of the way. After having me touch the end, she demonstrated that the KY on the inside made it much more sensitive than if it were just dry. Then Julie had me open the Norforms and tear open the little foil pack. She lay back on the bed and told me to slip it into her vagina. I looked at her with a big question mark on my face, but she said it was OK, I had to learn and no better way than to actually do it. I fumbled around a bit, but finally succeeded in pushing it in as far as my finger could reach. Julie said we should always wait at least five minutes to be sure it dissolved before trying to make love.

We chatted a bit more, then Julie tugged me between her legs. “OK my man, let’s have you get some real practice.”

I stared at her in disbelief. “You don’t mean it!” I exclaimed.

“I sure do,” replied Julie, “you don’t want to act like an idiot the first time you and Kellie do it. She is a virgin and won’t have a clue, other than some things she has heard, so you need to be ready to guide her and assure he so she enjoys it enough to do it again. The first time Terry and I did it, we fumbled around, and he shot his cum all over me just like you did a little while ago. I was really mad because I wanted him inside me, so we kept trying and finally he got hard enough to stick it in. A few seconds later I was hurting like hell but he just kept pushing in until it felt like someone had stabbed me with a knife. He came inside me and then collapsed on top of me. I just wanted him off and all he wanted to do was lay there. We almost broke up because of it. Then to make matters worse, about an hour later I realized that I could get pregnant and almost threw up. It was awful.”

“But you like it now?” I asked.

“Sure do,” giggled Julie, we do it every chance we get, but we learned how to do it and how to keep from getting pregnant. I also insisted that Terry take care of me, both before and after he came, that is what I am going to teach you, now pay attention.”

Julie told me to start playing with her breasts, kissing her all over and generally doing things to make her really excited. Before long I felt like my cock was going to burst, and finally Julie said she was ready. I knelt between her legs and tried to push my cock into her waiting pussy. First I was too high, and then I slipped to one side. Finally, Julie took my cock and guided it to the right place. Then, she told me that this is probably what would happen if we tried it with me on top the first time.

With that, she pushed me off. I was reluctant, but she was insistent, so I rolled away. Julie flipped me onto my back and then straddled me. She took my cock and guided it into her pussy and then slowly, very slowly lowered herself onto me. Then she stopped, telling me this is about the point where Kellie would feel my cock hitting her cherry. With her on top, she could decide how much pressure to put on and when to go for it. Suddenly, Julie just let herself go and sank down so that I was all the way inside her, our pubic bones bumping together and our hair mingling. Just as suddenly, Julie pulled herself up and off my cock. I grabbed for her ass, trying to pull her back on my cock, but she was firm.

“Look Ronnie, I am willing to show you how to do it, but I don’t really want to go so far as to have you cum inside me. You can save that for Kellie. Now, do you have any more questions?”

“Yeh, what does it feel like to actually cum inside a girl!” I almost screamed.

Julie smiled and said, “Well, let me know when you find out.” With that, she put everything into a little fanny pack that many people wore while naked to keep some money, sun screen, and other things they needed but didn’t have pockets.

“I would guess that you should keep this handy,” she said with a smile. “Now, don’t forget, practice makes perfect. Why don’t you hang around her for a little while so that I can get back to the common and be settled before you come out.”

I had just opened the fanny pack and removed the items, intending to read everything once again when I heard a sound and looked up to see Kellie coming down the path toward our trailer. I tried to quickly stuff everything back, but she came stepping through the door before I could finish. To make matters worse, I dropped the package of condoms on the floor. Kellie stooped down and retrieved them, then stopped short.

“Ron, what is this?” she asked with a puzzled look. “Condoms! you have condoms,” she exclaimed, now what in the world do you need with condoms? What else do you have in your little package,” she said teasingly as she grabbed for it.

I started to pull back, but Kellie’s smile told me she knew exactly what I had, so I just handed it to her.

“Let’s see, KY, and Norforms, and just what are Norforms used for?” she continued.

“Well, it seems to me that you already know what they are for,” I replied with a smile.

“Uh, well, I guess I do,” she replied. “Actually Julie has been talking to me about it. She told me to wait until she left the trailer, and pretend that I just happened to come along.”

By now Kellie was blushing and looking away. After a few moments, she kind of shyly glanced toward me, catching sight of my cock rising to attention. She stood as if transfixed for a moment, and then as I stepped toward her, she met me in a warm embrace. Warm was the right word, because without the interference of clothes, our naked bodies pressed together with nothing to inhibit the transfer of our rising body heat. I gently held Kellie in my arms as I decided how to proceed.

“I love how your breasts feel against my chest Kellie and I love how beautiful you look.” I began kissing her all over her face and neck. As she snuggled against me I kissed her ear lobe and gently sucked it into my mouth. As she shuddered and wiggled against my raging hard cock I began kissing down her neck and at the same time let my hands slide down her back and pull her cute little ass harder into my cock.

Kellie melted against me and offered no resistance as I pushed her back toward my bed. As the backs of her knees hit the mattress, she kind of melted down onto the bed and lay back with me right with her. Soon we were lying full length on the bed with her slightly turned onto her back. I began stroking her breasts as gently as I could as I saw her breathing speed up. As I lowered my mouth to her nearest nipple, I saw her thrust it toward me, obviously inviting my lips to engulf her hardening tittie. As I began to suck and swirl my tongue around and around her little hard button she let out a long contented sigh.

Thus emboldened, I began playing with her thigh, tickling, rubbing, stroking upward, ever upward until I encountered her downy soft hair. At this point, she had her legs together, not squeezing, just lying comfortably, so I gently spread my fingers apart and was rewarded by her opening her legs wide enough to allow access to her most feminine parts. With this little encouragement, I began sliding my finger up and down her wet slit until it was so slick that it almost felt as if there was nothing there but an open hot wet cavity. By now, Kellie was starting to raise her ass to meet my gentle probing, and at the same time began making little moaning sounds.

I was trying to remember everything that Julie said, when I recalled that she had said what ever a girl did for me, I must be willing to do the same for her. Did I dare? Encouraged by her obvious pleasure, I maneuvered down so my face was between her legs, while still stroking her breast with one hand and parting her pussy lips with the other. I was amazed at how intricate it really was. Up to now, it simply looked like a slit, but there were puffy mounds where her downy soft hair was, but here was another set of little lips, almost like rose petals beginning to blossom. I looked for her Clitoris, but didn’t really know what I was looking for, or exactly where it was anyway. Should I touch it with my tongue?

Well, Julie said I should do everything that Kellie had done, so I carefully touched her inner lips with my tongue, expecting some awful taste, but was surprised to discover that it didn’t taste bad at all, just really slick with a slightly sticky bland taste. However; as I touched the tip of my tongue to her labia, Kellie jerked her hips to my face and grabbed my hair in her hands, pulling me full into her sweet smelling pussy. That was all I needed, I began probing with my tongue, flicking it in and out as I explored up and down. After a few exploratory probes, I chanced to move up a bit more. Suddenly, Kellie gripped my head with her thighs and pushed her pussy even harder into my mouth.

“Oh Ron, Oh Ron, Oh that feels soooooooo gooooooooood, keep it up, keep it up, oh, oh, it feels so good, more, more, oh, oh, oooooooohhhhhhhh.” I felt her shudder and shake and then go completely limp, her legs falling flat on the bed.

“Oh Ron, that’s the most incredible feeling I have ever had, WOW, that was sooo good!” she exclaimed in a breathless and shaky voice.

“Kellie, I want to make love to you,” I whispered, “Can we make love, I really love you and I want show you how much.”

Kellie smiled at me as she nodded but said we had to use all the stuff Julie had given us. I sprang to my feet and retrieved the items we needed.

“Can I put this thing in you?” I asked, showing her the Norforms.

Kellie nodded, spreading her legs allowing me access. I opened the packet and began sliding the triangular shaped insert in. I pressed it forward, having some trouble keeping it in position due to the slickness of both her love juice and my saliva. I tired trapping it between two fingers and was able to make better progress. As I pressed it in it seemed to go ok until my fingers felt some resistance. Kellie stiffened and wiggled her bottom as the insert slid on in. One finger followed, but the other seemed to hit a barrier. I didn’t try to force it any further, and carefully withdrew.

Kellie had opened a condom and was exploring it, then motioned that she wanted to put it on. I asked if she knew how, and was met with an assuring smile and the explanation that Julie had shown her how to do it. In a few moments, the condom was properly in place, and once again I grabbed Kellie in a fierce hug. I began humping my cock against her leg while kissing her lips, ears, titties, massaging her ass cheeks, anything I could think of to increase her pleasure. Finally, Kellie pulled back.

“Are you ready to try it?” she asked.

I nodded and got between her legs.

“Wait,” she whispered, “Julie said it would be better if I was on top.”

I rolled onto my back as Kellie positioned herself above me. I reached for her titties, feeling the delightful rubbery pliability and the firm donut type of tissue under the surface. Kellie took my cock and positioned it at the entrance, wiggling her bottom around to accommodate my size. Seconds later, she withdrew and reached for the KY, spreading a generous amount on my cock and rubbing some on her lips then repositioned herself. I felt the tip slide smoothly in for a ways then she stiffened and stopped. I continued to play with her titties and tell her how beautiful she was, and how much I wanted to make love to her.

“It kind of hurts,” she whimpered. “Maybe you are too big for me.”

I remained still like Julie had told me, and whispered, “It’s OK Kellie, I love you; I want to make love to you so much, go as slow as you want.” However; my instincts were screaming at me to fuck this girl, fuck her hard and now. I thought about slamming my cock into her, but resisted, not wanting to spoil it for other times. Julie had been very explicit about not hurting Kellie any more than was absolutely necessary.

I sensed Kellie relaxing just a bit and slipping a tiny bit further onto my cock. I could see her biting her bottom lip, and her eyes opened bigger than I had ever seen them. Then, she raised up a little, lowered herself again and kind of wiggled in a circle. Suddenly, she raised up and just let herself fall on me and before I realized what was happening, my cock was completely buried in her pussy. Kellie’s eyes were open even wider and her mouth was in the form of a huge “O.!”

“Does it hurt?” I asked.

“Only a little bit,” she said as a little tear slipped from the corners of her eyes. I lay perfectly still just like Julie suggested until Kellie started to move a little. It felt very awkward, but after a few movements, she began rocking her pussy back and forth while I thrust my cock up to meet her thrusts. I was glad that I had shot my cum all over Julie within the past hour, or I knew I would have not lasted long enough to even get it inside Kellie. Even so, it wasn’t long before I knew I was going to cum, and an instant later I felt my love juice shooting up my cock and blasting inside my first girl ever, even if it was caught by a condom.

Kellie leaned forward and lay on me for several minutes then we rolled carefully so that we were facing each other laying on our sides. I grabbed her ass cheeks to hold her on my cock and told her how much I loved her and how happy I was that we were able to make love. We must have drifted off to sleep, because when we were jerked awake by a sound, my cock had slid out of her pussy and I was completely limp.

“What was that?” I whispered to Kellie.

“I didn’t hear anything,” she replied looking up. “What time is it, maybe your mom is coming,” she said in alarm.

At that instant, the screen door opened and in walked Kerrie and Nancy. I tried to grab for a sheet, but we were so tangled up that it was impossible. However in the process, I saw some blood on the sheet, and also on the condom that now hung limply off my shriveled cock.

“So!” exclaimed Kerrie, “You did it, good for you! Was it nice? Did it hurt? Are you going to do it again? It looked like it was really fun.”

“What the hell do you mean, it looked like fun!” I demanded. “Were you guys watching?”

“Of course we were watching, you guys can’t just disappear and not expect us to check up on you. When we got here, we could see Kellie putting the rubber on, so naturally we stayed for the show. Now, was it fun?”

Kellie spoke first, “Yes, it was fun, yes it hurt a little, but then it felt really nice, and yes I want to do it again when we get a chance. Now, does that satisfy you?”

“Not really,” replied Kerrie instantly, I want to do it too!”

“What do you mean, you want to do it too?” demanded Kellie.

“I mean, I want to have sex with Ronnie, we have done everything together for thirteen years and I don’t want to be left out on this,” replied Kerrie with a pouting little smile. “I didn’t say I wanted to make love to him, that’s just for you, I just want to have sex with someone who will be as nice as he is to you.”

“Well, you can’t do it, he’s my boy friend,” replied Kellie dismissively.

“OK, then I’m telling what I saw and you will get barred from the resort for having sex, you know the rules,” replied Kerrie in her pouty voice.

Even though Kerrie had grown a lot in the past nine months, I readily saw that she hadn’t really matured very much, and was still able to play the get my way games we had remembered.

Kellie looked at me with a question mark on her face and shrugged her shoulders then looked at Nancy. “What about you, I suppose you want to fuck my boyfriend too,” she grumbled.

Nancy kind of shrugged then responded, “I’m not sure, it kind of looked like fun, but I’m just not sure if I want to do it or not. I think I will wait awhile.”

Kellie looked back at me, looking for some kind of indication of what I thought.

“Well, it doesn’t really matter what you want to do Kerrie, I can’t have sex with anybody right now,” I reasoned nodding to my totally limp cock.

Kerrie didn’t even blink an eye, she just leaned in and grabbed my cock and started pumping. Moments later, I was starting to get hard, and before long was back at full mast. With the growth of my cock, my brain also took leave of my head and I reached for a condom.

Kerrie jumped onto the bed and lay on her back with legs spread wide. When Kellie said it might be better if she got on top, Kerrie replied that she didn’t want to take her own virginity; she wanted me to just put it in so she didn’t have to think about hurting herself. By then, I wasn’t thinking about anything except popping my second cherry of the day and having my cock in the third pussy of the day.

“You ready?” I asked as I got between her legs.

Kerrie nodded her eyes wide with excitement. Carefully I slid into position, but Kellie interrupted, reminding us that we didn’t have any lube and it might hurt worse. I grabbed the KY and spread a big glob on my cock and moved into position. Once I found the place, I just thrust right in with one swift plunge. Kerrie let out a high pitched little scream and tear flooded her eyes.

“Take it out, take it out now!” she demanded. I hesitated for a few seconds, holding it in tight as I wiped the tears from her face.

“You knew it might hurt,” I said, “But you wanted it in hard and fast, so I did, now lay still for a minute, maybe it will feel better.”

After a bit, Kerrie shifted her quivering little ass a bit, so I began to take a few tentative little strokes. When she didn’t object, I started to pump with longer and harder strokes. For her part, Kerrie just lay there making little whimpering sounds but not trying to stop me. I thought I might last longer than I did, but after a couple of minutes, I felt my cum rocket down the launching tube into the condom, and a few seconds later my cock shriveled up like a busted balloon, so I rolled off.

“Well, how did you like it? Asked Kellie.

“Not very much, it looked like you had a lot more fun; I didn’t know it would hurt so bad.”

That’s because Ron loves me and helped me get ready, you just wanted to fuck him,” Kellie snapped.

“Well, you can have him all to yourself from now on,” whimpered Kerrie.

Kellie spun on Nancy with a questioning look on her face. Nancy just waved her hands dismissively and backed out, leaving us to get cleaned up. We took showers and cleaned up my bed, making sure everything was carefully stored away so Mom wouldn’t see it. Julie already knew, so that wasn’t a problem. After Kerrie finished her shower first, Kellie asked her how she felt. Kerrie said she was glad she did it, but wasn’t sure if she liked it or not and quickly slipped outside to join Nancy.

Kellie and I took a shower together, but while we were carefully soaping each other off, she splashed a bit of water on her pussy and immediately winced. Carefully she bathed herself then dried off. However; when she sat down, I could see the pain on her face.

“Oh Ronnie, my bottom is really sore,” she complained.

I got some ointment that Julie had left and let her apply it to the torn and sore parts.

We tried to go about the rest of the day as normal, but we could see that we were trying too hard to act natural. The next day, I met Kellie at the secret place for my morning relief. She just grabbed my cock and jerked it off, saying she wanted to get it over quick before I wanted to do it again. She hurt too bad to try it for a while, so I didn’t press the idea of doing it again that day.

Kerrie said she was only a little sore, and managed to appear quite normal. Nancy was pretty quiet relative to sex or anything relating to the subject. Except for my cock straining at the ready most of the time, and having to jerk off by myself a few times, the next few days passed with relative normalcy.

On the fourth day, Kellie arrived at our special place carrying an extra towel and her fanny pack. As soon as we sat down on the towel, she pulled out Norforms and a condom and handed them to me. I was ready in a heart-beat. This time, Kellie said she wanted to be on the bottom, so I snuggled up beside her and began to play with her titties and work my fingers in her pussy. Before long she was wet and said she was ready. I gently got on top and she guided my cock home. It slid smoothly home, and I immediately began to pump in and out. I knew I couldn’t last very long, but tired to hold off as long as I could by relaxing the way I sometimes did when I jerked off, which would intensify the feelings considerably. Never-the-less, sooner than I wanted, and before Kellie had an orgasm, I shot my cum and collapsed in a heap.

I could tell that Kellie was disappointed, so I used my finger to stroke her pussy and tried to find her clitoris. After a few minutes she said she was satisfied, but I knew she hadn’t had a really good orgasm, and felt bad that I hadn’t satisfied her.

The next few days went about the same, and I started to feel really bad about not making Kellie have an orgasm. Julie said not to worry too much, that it sometimes took a while for a girl to get comfortable enough to have orgasms very often.

The following day, I was amazed when Kerrie showed up instead of Kellie.

“What’s up? I asked. Kerrie kind of shrugged and said that Kellie wasn’t really feeling like making love for a couple of days, but that she wanted to try it again if I was willing. I wasn’t too sure about it, but when Kerrie started rolling the condom on my rigid cock; all at once it seemed like a good idea. Kerrie had put a Norforms in and had lots of lube on her pussy. Her face was somewhat flushed, and she said that after she got used to the idea of sex, she was really quite ready to try again.

I slid my throbbing cock into her waiting pussy and began pumping. Kerrie wrapped her legs around my waist and began meeting my thrusts. But, once again I came too quickly and had to stop before my partner was satisfied. Kerrie said it was OK, that she just wanted to see how it felt without the pain of ripping her hymen apart.

“So, did you like it?” I asked.

“Yes, it was kind of nice,” she commented with a smile. Then she scampered away, leaving me alone.

I must have dozed off, because I didn’t hear Kellie until she was sitting beside me wiping my cock with a wash cloth. Then she rolled on a fresh condom and slid a Norforms into her vagina. I began to play with her breasts and rubbing her tummy before slipping a finger along her wet pussy lips. After several minutes, she began to breathe more quickly then said she was ready to have me inside her.

I rolled on top and slid gently in, by now knowing how to guide myself into her waiting pussy. Hey, I thought, this is going to be better; I could feel that I was going to be able to hold off for quite a while longer. By now I had gotten used to the feeling of having my cock inside a hot pussy, and that combined with jerking off at least twice a day in addition to the sex I was getting, helped dull the urgency. We rocked together for what seemed like an eternity, actually probably about five minutes. I could feel Kellie increasing the speed of her meeting thrusts and saw her eyes starting to get glassy. Suddenly, she wrapped her legs around my waist and started to kick my ass with her heels, jerking violently to meet my thrusts. Finally, she went limp and lay back just as my cum spurted into her tummy. I too, collapsed and we rolled onto our sides, clinging together in exhaustion.

“Wow, that was fantastic,” exclaimed Kellie, “I can’t wait to have it feel that good again.”

“Me too,” I grunted. “Maybe you should send Kerrie down ahead of you every time.”

“That’s what Julie suggested,” replied Kellie.

“You mean you have been talking about how we do it with Julie?” I asked.

“Well, yes, we do talk about it, but she has watched a couple of times to see how we are getting along,” smiled Kellie. “In fact, there she is right over there,” she said pointing.

Julie stepped out with a big smile and said, “Hey, looks like you guys are getting the hang of it. Let me know if I can be of anymore help.”

We did talk to her a few times, and a few weeks later she convinced Nancy that she should let me pop her cherry before someone hurt her in the process. She finally agreed, and I gently took my third hymen in two months. It was to be the most memorable summer of my life!

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Comments (68)
Anonymous reader — 14 December 2016 02:24
That was awesome. The whole time I actually thought about my crush, Laurlie. It was super hot and I just thought that that was amazing. Who ever made this should make way more. I'm sending this to Laurie. Thanks!
Anonymous reader — 17 March 2016 20:11
very good
Anonymous reader — 05 March 2014 10:26
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anonymous reader — 15 September 2013 12:09
Unquestionably believe wvateher you stated. Your favored justification were at the net the simplest factor to take into consideration of. I tell you, I definitely get frustrated while other folks think about problems that they just do not recognise about. You were able to hit the nail upon the superior as smartly outlined out the whole lot with simply no need side-effects, people could take a signal. Will be again to get more. Thank an individual
anonymous reader — 06 February 2013 07:11
Realy great story make more
anonymous reader — 21 January 2013 23:17
jimisolo123 — 18 September 2012 16:06
Should be required reading for kids ( or whatever ). I loved it it and the love it promoted. I felt like I was being reminded of a rather long life and all the fun I am still having, and I just entered my 8th decade on the planet. So take good care of urselves and remember - make love, not that other stuff.
anonymous reader — 05 July 2011 16:08
You didn't explain the sex well, I'm not turned on by it.
anonymous reader — 11 August 2010 18:35
Sign me up that place. xD
Anonymous reader — 09 June 2010 00:03
Pretty good story!! I'd give it a 9/10. the end was kinda boring but the story was good but I took me 3 days 2 read!! Lol
Anonymous reader — 31 October 2009 15:42
Why on EARTH would you choose such similar names (Kerrie, Kellie) for two of the main characters? It's hard to keep them straight. And, there's almost no attention paid to feminine pleasure here. GROW UP.
shotgun82 — 26 October 2009 19:00
GREAT work keep going with the stories
Anonymous reader — 12 September 2009 17:07
great story, ending could of been better. but a great story none the less
Anonymous reader — 31 August 2009 19:08
Anonymous reader — 19 August 2009 09:26
Thanks!! After Reading this my girlfreind decided it wuz are time
LOL gr8 story hope their is annother 1
Anonymous reader — 19 February 2009 11:02
Great one! Best on the site!
Short Stroke — 07 December 2008 02:16
Great story and well done.
Anonymous reader — 30 November 2008 20:39
this story is kick ass this steven hawking i finally cummed for the first time ever!!!!!
Anonymous reader — 08 November 2008 12:58
My pussy is like throbbing right now , my boyfriend needs to fuck me now .
Anonymous reader — 02 November 2008 10:37
Anonymous reader — 30 August 2008 23:36
I got wet to.my pussy needs to find a nude resort
horny ass — 20 August 2008 17:12
well you got me wet!!!!
Reader — 19 August 2008 14:50
Great story! A 10/10!!!
Anonymous reader — 19 August 2008 02:52
Nice all but the sister part....
Anonymous reader — 18 August 2008 01:34
wow, i came twice. cheers mate
Anonymous reader — 16 August 2008 01:08
verry good nudist sex story
reader — 15 August 2008 13:39
got me wet
Anonymous reader — 15 August 2008 05:11
good story. well done. next time try to spice the story more. make the guy last a bit more longer. rest was all really very good. keep writing stories. all the best.
Anonymous reader — 12 August 2008 13:28
Very hot and erotic. Please write more.
Anonymous reader — 10 August 2008 00:25
Anonymous reader — 09 August 2008 03:24
I love it! Its d best iv read so far.
Anonymous reader — 05 August 2008 01:08
that was completely awesome, seriously :D
my boyfriend and i both enjoyed the entire thing
Anonymous reader — 02 August 2008 00:05
Anonymous reader — 01 August 2008 03:02
Your story was great and very educational to someone who is new in the art of pleasuring a woman. You should really think about writing a short book for teens who are just experiencing puberty and get some fast cash off your adventures.
Anonymous reader — 01 August 2008 00:58
OMG that was soo good!!! you should sooo totaly write another!!!
Anonymous reader — 31 July 2008 17:37
Nice story ... Quite Informative as well.
Anonymous reader — 31 July 2008 17:36
Nice story ... Quite Informative as well.
rudharddick — 31 July 2008 10:33
Wow!!! an excellent story. should be required reading for anyone entering puberty, sexually titilating, and very well written, What a lucky man you are, to have such a loving sister, and friends. What fun, and what a way to learn,

loved the story. w/ the old rating system, you'd h'v got a 10/10

Anonymous reader — 30 July 2008 07:19
good work
000 Storyteller — 30 July 2008 06:14
You really should write a book. Your story telling is great. Perhaps you could make more chapters!
Anonymous reader — 29 July 2008 23:25
I like them long good work
Anonymous reader — 29 July 2008 15:41
Amazing story, but do the world a favor and keep it between the kids...

This site doesn't need more crap stories about incest.
Anonymous reader — 29 July 2008 08:43
anonymously — 28 July 2008 22:33
it was good
Anonymous reader — 28 July 2008 15:56
wow, that was soo descriptive! Its like it was real!
Anonymous reader — 28 July 2008 07:07
Nice story, loved to read it!
fanboy — 28 July 2008 04:03
Great story, very well written and informative,
storydude — 27 July 2008 03:54
Yo just write a fucking book and get it over. These are supposed to be short stories, not frigging long ass stories
Anonymous reader — 26 July 2008 21:19
is that a real story cause it was awesome

man that was a great story
Anonymous reader — 25 July 2008 17:15
This story has suspence, information and is entertaining. I wish I had a sister like Julie when I was growing up. this is the best I have read.
Anonymous reader — 24 July 2008 06:06
it was the best story ever
Anonymous reader — 24 July 2008 01:25
loved it ..
Anonymous reader — 23 July 2008 13:33
That's why it is listed as FANTASY!
Larry — 23 July 2008 04:14
A marvelous story to read and pant over, but a bit difficult to swallow. It is not common for a guy to be tutored by his sister by having sex with her and then having her watch while he does it with 2 other girls after being wanked, and or blown. That takes a lot of stamina even at a tender age. I remember that age quite well and can say that if anybody, let alone my sister had watched, I would have been done for. I disliked even having my pals watch, and ditto fof the girls all of whom wanted privacy.
Anonymous reader — 23 July 2008 02:02
fucking sweet
Anonymous reader — 22 July 2008 22:47
This combination of the nudist lifestyle, which is about relating openly with nature, without barriers of textiles (clothes) and for the normal child and adult is not about sex at all with the evolution of sexual activities that we all experience in our teenage years was extreemly well done.
reader — 22 July 2008 19:43
Sequoia — 22 July 2008 14:14
Great story. Keep fucking all three of the girls, your sister included. Get them pregnant, and then start wooing your mom and fuck her too and get her pregnant.
oldguy1944y — 22 July 2008 03:23
It is a shame That All boys or should I say young men don't have a loving person to inlighten them on there first love making, I know for me it was ackword for a while and I was 20 yrs old.
You have writen a very good story I would Give it a 100.
Anonymous reader — 22 July 2008 01:52
i wish i was ronnie. period.
all freaking summer long... at a nudist resort!!!!!!
Luvtheoyster — 22 July 2008 00:30
Very enjoyable. Nice to read something that is more realistic than fantasy. Keep it up. Looking forward to more.
Anonymous reader — 21 July 2008 21:20
good story 999999999/5 fo shizzle
Anonymous reader — 21 July 2008 17:17
lol i love your comment happy reader
Anonymous reader — 21 July 2008 16:58
great story! it was long, but kept my attention, and definitely a turn on type of story! keep up the good work!
Anonymous reader — 21 July 2008 16:30
i was very impressed with this story, very well done...you might want to iclude a lesbian encounter in the next chapter
Kaze — 21 July 2008 16:13
Not bad if you write a sequel include anal and some more oral and get the other 2 girls out and maybe add in the sister or the mother but i it's a nicely written story with few spelling mistakes.
Happy Reader — 21 July 2008 15:36
Nicely done. I was suprised to be the first one to make a comment. Held my interest while I held something else.Continnue with more stories in the future.
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