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Categories Fiction, Mature

Author: Lady Old Whore

Published: 07 February 2004

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Karen Stokes lifted her heavy breast to her lips and sucked it roughly while she frigged her sopping wet pussy with her other hand. Little moans of pleasure quickly turned into loud groans as her pussy was quickly whipped into an absolute sexual frenzy. I had been going on like this for several years now. Ever since the death of her husband of thirty five years Karen had gone without a partner and was forced to relieve her built up tension through masturbation alone. While she easily achieved tummy wrenching orgasms by manipulating her overly engorged clitoris, she desperately longed for the warm interpersonal contact of another human being. As the fire in her loins slowly burned out, she reluctantly got out of bed and readied herself for the coming day. “What’ll it be, ma’am?” the young man asked with a smile. “Fill it up with high test,” she replied while getting out of her automobile. “And can you please direct me to the ladies room?” “It’s inside,” he replied over his shoulder while removing the gas cap, “it’s unlocked.” “Thanks,” she answered with a smile. He shoved the nozzle into the filler hose and watched the older lady’s ass as she made her way inside the station. His cock stiffened slightly as he tried to picture the womanly delights hidden under that dress, but as she disappeared inside the door his thoughts quickly returned to task at hand. Once inside the restroom, Karen plopped down on the john and let a hot stream of pee gush from her bulging pussy. She moaned softly to herself as her mind focused on he young gas jockey, and just when the last vestiges of piss dripped from her labia, she buried three fingers inside of her steaming pussy, which resulted in another stunning climax of massive proportions! She was just about to reach for the toilet paper when she was jarred back to reality by a slightly hoarse masculine voice, “It’s all filled up and ready to go, your car that is!” “But I can see that you’re not!”

“W-what are you doing in here?!?” she sputtered while trying to cover herself. With an almost repulsive insolence he shoved down his jeans and under shorts before smirking a reply, “I’m here to fill’er up!” She shuddered uncontrollably while staring at the young man’s rapidly expanding cock, and without so much as uttering another word, she stood up and lifted her dress to expose her bare bulging pussy. “You got a fat cunt, bitch,” he growled while fisting his eight inches of bone. “And I’m just the one to fuck it!” Her whole body shivered as he quickly grabbed her by the arm and spun her around. “Okay, lady,” he ordered evenly, “bend over an spread’em for Tommy.” “Oh god!” she gasped as his hands caressed her fat ass. “What are you going to do to me!?!” “I’m gonna fuck you like a dog, that’s what,” he intoned gruffly. Her mind was quickly cart wheeling out control as she eagerly anticipated his rear assault. Just like a bitch in heat her pussy drenched itself while awaiting his thick favor. “When’s the last time you got some?” he asked while letting a lonesome finger trace the bulge of her vulva. “Oh myyyyy!” she moaned at his touch. “Uh, uh, a long time,” she mewled. “P-please, hurrry!!!”

“Just like I thought,” he laughed. “A cock hound all the way!” “Beg for it, bitch, tell me how much you want it!” “Just fuck me!” she answered fiercely. “Not until you tell me what a cock hungry bitch you really are,” the mouthy nineteen year old replied insolently. “O-okay!” she panted. “I’m a cock hound!” “Does that satisfy you?!?” she demanded expectantly. “Maybe,” he said a little doubtfully. “But first I gotta know one more thing.” “What!?!” she nearly shrieked. “What else to you need to know?!?” “Don’t get excited,” he said calmly while cupping her heavy bottom. “What I want to know is if after I’m done fucking you, you’ll let me cum in your mouth?” “I really need to know, because if you won’t, I don’t think I can fuck you.” “Ohhhhhhhh!” she gasped while picturing his thick cock in her mouth. “Yesssssss, I’ll let you cum in my mouth, now please, hurry up and fuck me!” “I don’t know……..” he said doubtfully. “Are you sure you’ll suck me off?” Now practically on the verge of a breakdown, Karen lost all pretense of decorum as she spun around and dropped to her knees. Without so much as a word of warning, the hot mouthed matron opened her mouth and inhaled Tommy’s pecker with frightening alacrity! “Sweet jesus……….,” he groaned. “Y-you’re a cock sucking whore!” It had been so long since she had partaken of a hard pecker in her avid mouth, so she greedily she devoured his manhood as he grabbed a hold of the sink to keep from crashing to the floor. With the skill that can only come with years of practice, Karen quickly brought the young cock to a fever pitch, and when she was sure he was ready, twirled her tongue around his head until it blew a gusher of cum into her more than eager throat.

Now it was her turn to take control of the situation as she pushed the shocked young man out of the way and leaned over the sink with her legs spread wide apart. “You better not leave me hanging,” she said while looking over her shoulder at the shell shocked young buck. “I kept my end of the bargain, now get that thing back up and stick it in me!” Tommy’s eyes automatically gravitated to Karen’s incredibly engorged cunt which was drooling pussy juice like a leaky faucet. “Jesus, lady,” he moaned while fisting his cock back to its full tumescence, “you’re hotter than a fire cracker.” “Stop talking and start fucking!” she demanded while flexing her over inflated labia. Her pussy was like a magnet to his now fully erect pecker, and with his mind still in cock suck induced haze, he stumbled over behind her. He ran his hands all over her plump bottom, and then just to prime her pump, leaned over to give her pussy a nice long French kiss. Her legs buckled slightly and long low groan escaped her lips as she ground her cunt back into his open mouth. Now it was his turn to take control of the situation as he pulled his face out of her ass before running the head of his cock up and down her soppy crack.

Now grabbing an ass cheek in each hand, Tommy lined up his pecker and offered almost harshly, “Okay, bitch, you wanted it, now you’re gonna get it!!!” It had been oh so long since her last fuck, but nothing in her past could have prepared her for the rear assault that Tommy perpetrated on her helpless pussy. As his thick organ drove itself balls deep inside of her, she involuntarily let out shriek as her entire body became engulfed by his invasion. “God, please help me,” she panted as he powered in and out of her with almost vicious alacrity. He laughed at her mewlings before asking evenly, “You want me to pull it out, cunt?” “N-nooooo!” she gasped. “Just fuck me, just keep fucking me!” “Just like figured,” he chuckled under his breath, “a real fucking cock hound.” For the next two minutes Karen stood there with her legs spread side apart while the eighteen year old wonder fuck plowed her like a farmer plows a field! Orgasm after orgasm erupted in her hungry pussy with almost each and every stroke. But it was only when he threw his hips into over drive that her pussy began to pin wheel totally out of her control. His own actions were now being controlled by the head of his cock, and he had no more to say about the outcome than she did! “I-I’m gonna cum!” he stammered while watching his cock slamming into her fat pussy. “I’m really close!” She threw her head back and sensed her pussy contracting more intensely with each plunge of his dick. And then, before she could reply, he roared like a 747 taking off as he emptied his nut sack deep inside of her. That was all it took to induce her pussy to spasm frantically around his thickness while her body was shaken to the core by her last and most satisfying climax!

After he was totally spent he stumbled back and plopped down on the john while she just collapsed on the sink, still too shocked to move a muscle. When she finally regained her senses, she stood up and was surprised to find herself alone. She quickly cleaned herself up, and after adjusting her dress, exited the restroom and headed back to her car. A nonchalant Tommy leaned against the side of her auto and offered easily, “That’ll be twenty two fifty for the fill.” She gave him a knowing smile and handed him two twenties and replied while getting behind the wheel, “Thanks for the personalized the service, and keep the change!” He took the cash and gave her nod before answering, “Thank you ma’am, come back soon.” She started her car, and before pulling out of the lot she replied sweetly, “You can be sure that I will, you can be sure that I will!”


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Comments (5)
READER — 26 October 2007 07:57
Great story!!! I'll be reading more of your work. Keep it up, the writing that is.....
READER — 17 June 2005 12:42
Awesome...... does she cummm back?
READER — 15 January 2005 21:04
Great story love the fucking and sucking but that older lady needed more respect from that gas pumping jack ass jocky....fuck you like a dog he needs fucking like a dog....story got to my mental state of mind I love older women and moms and they need respect even if they are a litle cock crazy....
READER — 04 October 2004 15:01
Good story. Old ladies still like to fuck and have their pussys sucked.
READER — 07 September 2004 05:40
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