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Far East Fantasy

Categories Fiction, Anal, Asian, Cum Swallowing

Published: 05 November 2005

Authror: bart

He sighed deeply, breathing in the incense heavy air. A soft pallor of smoke wafted across the small room, further shadowing the already dim lights. He laid his head back on his arms, his eyes closed and his body relaxed. This was always his most anticipated stop on his business trips to the Far...


Views: 41400     Rated: +6.34 (139)    Comments: 15

April Fools

Categories True Story, Asian, Cheating, Oral Sex

Published: 02 November 2005

Authror: jeff_2

April Fools A co-worker said to me, "Everybody's got a broken heart story!" I imagine that they do. I had a lot of trouble getting over mine. You'll never know how many times I wrote this story, reliving the moments described here. This is a true story. In the interest...


Views: 21240     Rated: +5.08 (48)    Comments: 13

my ex's dirty ass

Categories True Story, Anal, Asian, Extreme

Published: 27 October 2005

Authror: wokenup

My ex-wife wasn’t into anal sex when we first started dating. She knew that I was into it, but she had had a bad experience with a previous boyfriend…the “OOPS, I slipped…wrong hole” routine. So when I started hinting around about it, she quickly said...


Views: 90053     Rated: +6.91 (363)    Comments: 24

The poker game surprise

Categories Fantasy, Anal, Asian, Cum Swallowing

Published: 27 September 2005

Authror: Wanderer

The Poker Game Surprise I had been invited by Jack to play poker with him and some friends on Friday night. Jack invited two other guys and I from work to play at his house. He told us to be at his house at 6:00pm and bring money. He said he would have a special treat for us. I wondered...


Views: 77322     Rated: +6.45 (276)    Comments: 26

A new start...

Categories Fantasy, Anal, Asian, Gay

Published: 05 September 2005

Authror: Aliene2005

A new start… I had only just moved to London with a new job and to be honest was finding it a bit lonely. I used to go home after an evening at work, and would probably end up eating a boring microwave meal, watch some rubbish TV and end up masturbating to some boring fantasy that id...


Views: 18829     Rated: +6 (77)    Comments: 3

Stepson's revenge part 2

Categories Fiction, Asian, BDSM, Cruelty

Published: 28 August 2005

Authror: Monkeyboy

Stepson’s Revenge, part 2 Note: before the story begins allow me to say one thing, it contains scenes of graphic violence, gore, sadism, torture and death. Consider yourself duly warned. So don’t bother reading this only to bitch about how apparently psychotic or sick I am...


Views: 31447     Rated: +6.45 (58)    Comments: 6

Hotel Love

Categories Fiction, Asian, Blowjob, Female solo

Published: 29 July 2005

Authror: Magpie Amy

Hotel Love About three years ago my marriage was in deep trouble. We’d been married for nine years; with twin 7 year old daughters. I’d not long had a promotion at work and my wife was struggling to combine a full-time job with being a good mother and loving spouse. A new job...


Views: 44557     Rated: +6.72 (163)    Comments: 14

Hyori's last peformance

Categories Fantasy, Asian, Cruelty, Rape

Published: 21 July 2005

Authror: The Cannibal

am a secret multi-millionaire who lives in a huge mansion. No one knows who i am and I want to keep my indentity a secret because I make my money through illegal means, mainly through importing illegal drugs. Because of my overwhelming wealth, I can pretty much afford to buy anything I want. There...


Views: 40386     Rated: +5.96 (179)    Comments: 50

Asian Dream (part 2)

Categories Fiction, Asian, Lesbian

Published: 09 July 2005

Authror: licks69

-Continued- Part 2 Don't miss part 1 One year later I bought a condominium and asked my Chinese lover to move in with me. After living there a month, Nikki invited a good friend from college to stay with us for a few weeks. She just moved into town and was looking for an apartment. When...


Views: 20020     Rated: +5.96 (96)    Comments: 6

Shortcut to rape

Categories Fantasy, Anal, Asian, Cum Swallowing

Published: 12 June 2005

Authror: Wanderer

A Shortcut to Rape This story starts with my wife, her friend Sung Mee and her two children, Jimmy and Kim. Sung Mee was an attractive 40 year old Asian woman with short black hair and beautiful soft brown eyes. She is 5 ft. 8 in. tall and weighed about 120 pounds, with a great shape she was...


Views: 195435     Rated: +6.47 (475)    Comments: 52

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