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Intro by gay gangbang in Tokyo

Categories True Story, Asian, Bestiality, Blowjob

Published: 16 September 2006

Author: sumemasensei

One of your "true stories," is actually about me - and not the writer. My experience was let out of the bag by one of the participants and has become a small urban myth in Tokyo. This is to set the record straight I had known a smallest 20 something guy in Japan. He had come to my...


Views: 51026     Rated: +7.17 (132)    Comments: 8

My sweet secret made servant

Categories True Story, Asian, Blowjob, Body modification

Published: 14 September 2006

Author: pussyhunter

My sweet secret made servant author : male 35 Hay friend . this is my first true secret sex stories with my little made servant . but it is not all of my secret sex . my secret sex store is full of sex experience. i promises i will tell this time to time. now my stories is starting. my name is...


Views: 80393     Rated: +3.72 (250)    Comments: 47

my virgin sexy aunt saba

Categories True Story, Anal, Asian, Cum Swallowing

Published: 17 August 2006

Author: sheri742

Hi this is my first experience of the perfectly joyful world of sex. This happened about a year ago. First a little about me, I am a normal Asian (Pakistan, Karachi) boy of 19 years old with a normal built (slightly muscular) and height 6.1feet, with 8 inches long penis with wrist thickness. I am...


Views: 43170     Rated: +7.64 (100)    Comments: 10

my love

Categories Diary, Asian

Published: 15 August 2006

Author: mithu

--So how are you feeling? -- +Nervous. I can hardly sleep at night+ --Have you seen a dress yet? -- +Funny, you should mention that. Picked it up this morning+ --Tell us! Tell us! What is it like? -- +Well its white…+ --Most wedding dresses are, silly. Go on what else...


Views: 13795     Rated: +5.21 (29)    Comments: 1

it was again i had fun with my teacher...

Categories Diary, Asian

Published: 15 August 2006

Author: mithu

BODY: ?hello friends i loved all the comments i recieved from you and decided to post the second part of this story. that day after making love for long hours i returned back late in the afternoon. my parents knew it but still mom asked me that what i did there during all the time. i...


Views: 19158     Rated: +4.06 (36)    Comments: 3

with my bro

Categories Diary, Asian

Published: 15 August 2006

Author: mithu

When I was 10 my brother, he was 14 and I started playing doctor, actually he started it but I willingly went along. One day when we were home alone, He came to my room and after a bit of stuttering along he asked if he could watch me pee. He said girl’s pee different than boys and he had...


Views: 18915     Rated: +6.58 (64)    Comments: 4

Forbidden Desires Part 8

Categories Fiction, Anal, Asian, Coercion

Published: 15 August 2006

Author: Kimiko

FORBIDDEN DESIRES – PART 8 Ted Merriam had arrived at Miss Hashitani’s house about a half-hour after Susan Ramsey’s arrival, and had entered through the open door the girl had left unlocked. Rather than reveal himself right away, he had decided to watch the proceedings for...


Views: 46035     Rated: +6.95 (275)    Comments: 20


Categories Fiction, Anal, Asian, Blowjob

Published: 21 July 2006

Author: Kimiko

Kimiko strode through the front door of the plush gym, and showed the desk clerk the membership card she had been sent through the mail. The clerk glanced up, and told her she had better hurry, because the gym would be closing in a half an hour. Kimi thanked her and said that would be fine. The...


Views: 22822     Rated: +6.5 (112)    Comments: 10

Forbidden Desires Part 5

Categories Fiction, Asian, Coercion, Cum Swallowing

Published: 21 July 2006

Author: Kimiko

Kimiko Hashitani finished her history lesson as the bell rang, and put down her chalk with a sigh. Her long day was over at last. All day the young middle-school teacher had fought to keep her focus on her work, stifling her daydreams about her illicit sexual tryst with twelve-year-old David Drake...


Views: 37967     Rated: +6.78 (229)    Comments: 10

Call Girl Chronicles Part 10 -- Night Shift

Categories Fiction, Anal, Asian, Bi-sexual

Published: 21 July 2006

Author: Kimiko

Kimiko emerged from the elevator in her pink seersucker candy striper uniform, and took a long look up and down the corridor. It was late at night, almost 3 a.m., and she knew there wouldn’t be many people on duty. She also knew that she’d be busted immediately if any of the staff saw...


Views: 30728     Rated: +6.53 (125)    Comments: 14

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