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Lustful Science: Acquisition & Trapping A Trap

Categories Fantastic, Asian, Bi-sexual, Blowjob

Published: 22 July 2016

Authror: AzraelInfinite

????????? I stood in front of my flat screen TV, my eyes glued to sights before me. I saw a family of four, sitting down and eating dinner. A mother and her three children, enjoying the company of each other before going their separate ways. The mother was of Irish and Japanese descent; her...


Views: 12054     Rated: +5.34 (58)    Comments: 7

The Trip

Categories Fiction, Asian, Ass to mouth, Bi-sexual

Published: 20 July 2016

Authror: Cumrideme

This part of my ongoing fun with Jenn is our trip south for some Caribbean fun. The trip is with us two and Jenn's friend I'll call Cindy. I met Cindy one day a couple of weeks before the trip. Cindy stopped into Jenn's place and they both then came over here to my place. A...


Views: 7611     Rated: +8.95 (19)   

Lazy Sunday

Categories Fiction, Anal, Asian, Blowjob

Published: 20 July 2016

Authror: DmanGrey

I wake up with the sun already bright out forcing me to rub my eyes. i feel the bed next to me noticing there isn't another body there. I decide to investigate further and slip on my black and grey sweat pants and plain white tank top and head to the bathroom. After finishing my business i...


Views: 3703     Rated: +6.25 (16)    Comments: 1

Owned by Jigisha - 1

Categories Dark Fantasy, Asian, Ass to mouth, BDSM

Published: 20 July 2016

Authror: Renato420

Introduction: First of all let me introduce myself, I am Jigisha oh yeah the name does sounds lengthy but Gujarati tradition names are always unique in its own manner.I belong from a high powered entrepreneurs' family whose nature has always been superior to everyone we knew.I am 29 years...


Views: 3974     Rated: +5.33 (15)   

A Summer threesome in the spring.

Categories Fiction, Asian, Ass to mouth, Bi-sexual

Published: 20 July 2016

Authror: Cumrideme

This part of my story is about a young store clerk named Summer. She is a young woman that Jenn and I met in the Bikini Hut that she works at. She caught Jenn giving me a BJ in a change room of the store. For those that haven't read "Can you help me", "Can you take me...


Views: 10781     Rated: +9.19 (37)   

Owned by Jigisha - 3

Categories Dark Fantasy, Asian, Ass to mouth, BDSM

Published: 20 July 2016

Authror: Renato420

Chapter 5 I was up early in the morning to have my workout, meanwhile Tushar was still asleep with her legs stretched following the beating he experienced last night. I went close to him to check her ass and balls, his ass had red line all over it while his balls were quite swollen and blueish...


Views: 5190     Rated: +2.69 (26)    Comments: 1

Secrets in the Family Part 1: The Awakening

Categories Dark Fantasy, Asian, Consensual Sex, Death

Published: 20 July 2016

Authror: twistedmaster

Julius Tang took a glance at the clock hanging on the front wall of the classroom, he had five minutes to finish his final exam and he had no clue how to start the conclusion to the essay question. He knew that he was moments away from finishing junior high, and the only obstacle in his way was...


Views: 7411     Rated: +8.11 (37)    Comments: 2

Can you take me shopping?

Categories True Story, Asian, Blowjob, Consensual Sex

Published: 29 June 2016

Authror: Cumrideme

For those of you that have read "Can you help me" I've got a sex only relationship going on with a neighbour. For those that haven't I refer to as Jenn. She a married woman with a workaholic husband. At the time that this all started she was 37 and I was 50. Jenn is of Asian...


Views: 40077     Rated: +9.26 (190)    Comments: 3

A Family Betrayal Chapter 41

Categories Fiction, Asian, Bi-sexual, Black

Published: 24 June 2016

Authror: Hawkrider

It was a silent moment while all my wives and loves came over. They each looked Kendra up and down almost as if they were sizing her up. I felt Kendra grab my hand while looking back at them, but the only difference was she was standing with a proud expression. I just turned my head back to see...


Views: 9168     Rated: +9.15 (47)    Comments: 7

Can you help me?

Categories True Story, Asian, Blowjob, Cheating

Published: 31 May 2016

Authror: Cumrideme

This is about a computer repair that turned into more. It started on a Saturday in September of 2014. I'm in the computer networking business and everyone around here knows that. I was on a site something like F**kbook and a hot chat with pictures got me a bit hard to say the least. There was...


Views: 36440     Rated: +9.1 (290)    Comments: 6

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