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Categories True Story, Authoritarian, Boy, Exhibitionism

Published: 09 March 2007

Author: J. R.

[b]41 A BIT PRIVATE “Hey little man! I expected that you would come.” “Yeah, Sean. My mom caught me choking my chicken!” “Ho! Slow down. Let’s sit down, Jeff…. So your mom walked in on you masturbating.” Laughing, “No,...


Views: 18277     Rated: +2.77 (78)    Comments: 9

An Honorable Union

Categories Fiction, Authoritarian, Consensual Sex, Male / Female

Published: 04 March 2007

Author: billdj

[b] An Honorable Union by Will Buster This story is an experiment. The English Norman period is one of my favorites and I hope I’ve captured the spirit of the times. Let me know if you like my depiction of this courtly age. I have other novels that deal with this long past world. So feel...


Views: 35666     Rated: +8.3 (154)    Comments: 19

I've been waiting so long ...

Categories Fiction, Anal, Authoritarian, Blowjob

Published: 17 February 2007

Author: insatiable_1

It was just after 5pm and everyone had finally left the building. She was all alone, or so she thought. Now it was time to finish up the last of her building chores and finally go home. "Hey lady, I was hoping you'd still be here" Cole patted her ass as he walked up behind her while...


Views: 13194     Rated: +4.62 (34)    Comments: 4

My Tormentor

Categories Dark Fantasy, Authoritarian, BDSM, Discipline

Published: 16 February 2007

Author: slut4use

I'm sitting at a bar, dressed in a way that makes it obvious I'm not here for the music. My skirt is short and tight, and I'm not wearing any panties. Or a bra for that matter. My full, pert tits are practically falling out of my revealing crimson red top. It screams for attention....


Views: 23499     Rated: +8.29 (73)    Comments: 9


Categories Fantasy, Authoritarian, Young

Published: 14 February 2007

Author: teachme

Dr. appointment gets physical I'm an 18yr old senior in high school on the swim team. Every year we have to get a physical to be allowed to compete. Mom set it up with our family Doctor. I followed all the requirements like don't eat after midnight the day before, that kind of...


Views: 44799     Rated: +8.27 (112)    Comments: 12

The Doctor

Categories Fantasy, Anal, Authoritarian, BDSM

Published: 09 February 2007

Author: slut4use

I have to go see the gynecologist - it's that time of the year again. I wait anxiously in the office with a mixture of apprehension and excitement. I've decided to see a different gyno from my usual one for a change - I like the novelty of the unexpected. I flip nervously through an...


Views: 42380     Rated: +7.02 (110)    Comments: 10

No Tell Motel

Categories True Story, Anal, Authoritarian, Cheating

Published: 03 February 2007

Author: 1843

I had pulled in off the highway to a large hotel. It was a nice looking place nestled between snow capped mountains with a view of the lake below. I didn’t care much for the building or the view. After eight hours on the road, all I was looking for was a clean place to sleep. This looked...


Views: 75111     Rated: +8.85 (403)    Comments: 18

Bloody Kisses

Categories Dark Fantasy, Authoritarian, Bi-sexual, Male / Female

Published: 26 January 2007

Author: SheIsMySin

people dressed in mourning colors stood around a decrepit being in a box as they lowered it to hell. buried it in dirt and buried the loss from their minds. most faces showed dismay. sum showed just puzzlement. two others showed impatience. the few who were puzzled wondered who the impatient ones...


Views: 10817     Rated: +4.68 (62)    Comments: 7

The Plan

Categories True Story, Anal, Authoritarian, Blackmail

Published: 23 January 2007

Author: The Planner

[b]The Plan……Part 1 Melissa and I have been together for ten years, married for five. Our previous marriages of 12 yrs each yielded us 5 children. We had a very romantic courtship, as we are both hopeless romantics. We became the best of friends, everyday meeting in lust for an...


Views: 47397     Rated: +5.84 (80)    Comments: 5

Chat Doom - Part 3

Categories Fiction, Authoritarian, Cruelty, Drug

Published: 22 January 2007

Author: cooclicoo

"Please Master allow my pussy to rest," After we got to his house, Master Ivan prepared me a room in his basement, He told me it's mine to live in. One of the walls had shackles attached it to. And there were fake penises of all sizes and colors. But the weirdest of all was her...


Views: 15384     Rated: +6.51 (59)    Comments: 6

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