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The White Room

Categories Fiction, Authoritarian, Domination/submission

Published: 05 March 2019

Author: Impax

Tracy dropped her gum into the trash can on the bus as she got off, making the driver smile as he said good bye. She shrugged him off and ignored his wave as she turned her back and went into her house. He carefully took it out of the trash before he closed up the “barn” for the...


Views: 2626     Rated: +8 (15)   

From college student to slave - Part 2: The punishment

Categories Fantasy, Authoritarian, BDSM, Bestiality

Published: 04 March 2019

Author: Aurorarati

He woke up early and started preparing every thing for the day. First he untied her from the bed and put her in a dog bed that he had just put near the bed. He put a dog collar around her neck and tied it to the floor. Of course she was still naked. He then grabbed a bottle of lube and put a bit...


Views: 3099     Rated: +8.75 (24)    Comments: 2

City Girls 2

Categories Fiction, Authoritarian, Domination/submission

Published: 04 March 2019

Author: Impax

Bill and Anne both heard the sound of Johnny's truck pulling back behind the barn. She wanted to stop fucking right away and get dressed, but Bill knew that putting the truck away meant washing it first, and that was at least 20 minutes. He grinned down at his new wife and scooted up her...


Views: 786     Rated: +8.18 (11)   

Incestia --- [2]

Categories Fiction, Authoritarian, Bi-sexual, Blowjob

Published: 01 March 2019

Author: NeonChameleon

Part 2 [the last of the bi theme for awhile] _____________________________ Judge Ciro T. Nikolai was seated behind a huge desk as Avan Volka and his young nephew Caci entered the judge’s chamber. Nikolai was a gruff sort with hard eyes and a wrinkled and stern face. He motioned for Avan...


Views: 5859     Rated: +7.89 (19)   

Deb's Family Farm Training

Categories Fantasy, Authoritarian, BDSM, Bestiality

Published: 28 February 2019

Author: fred bent

"Deb's Family Farm Training" by Jake Spear Chapter 1 Deb worked as she hummed, packing for her family's summer vacation. She had started a week ago but, with 4 children and a husband to pack for, it seemed like a never ending task. "Just one more load of wash and...


Views: 575     Rated: +6 (1)   

Tom and Morgan "Growing Together" pt. 4

Categories Fiction, Authoritarian, BDSM, Bi-sexual

Published: 28 February 2019

Author: Tcs1963

Copyright 2018 by tcs1963 Revised and re-edited 2019 All rights reserved by the tcs1963. As always edited by my friend takemedown. This story is a work of fiction and contains deions of explicit sexual acts, Incest, Bdsm, Ddlg, and Lesbianism. If this type of content offends you or you are...


Views: 299     Rated: +6.67 (3)   

Controlled Lovers

Categories Fantasy, Authoritarian, Bi-sexual, Blowjob

Published: 28 February 2019

Author: Tcs1963

Copyright 2019 by tcs1963 All rights reserved by Author Edited by my friend, takemedown This story is from the imagination of tcs1963. It contains Bisexuality, light Femdom, some may even say coerced or forced Homosexuality. If this offends or doesn't interest you, please feel free to find...


Views: 2541     Rated: +6.1 (41)   

Private Practice with Coach Garren

Categories Fiction, Authoritarian, Domination/submission, Non-consensual sex

Published: 28 February 2019

Author: Salacious Deeds

Alice had been wanting to improve her time on her runs for a while. Her college track coach - Mr. Garren - was more than happy to oblige. She showed up to the indoor track in the late evening. There was no one there but the two of them, some scattered weights, forgotten hurdles, and empty...


Views: 2329     Rated: +8.8 (25)   

Performing for Aspen Sugar Daddy

Categories True Story, Anal, Authoritarian, BDSM

Published: 28 February 2019

Author: Dave Speedo Evans

I told you guys that I had a crazy weekend here in Colorado and finally I've gotten a minute to sit down and tell you guys about it. I'm still in Colorado but headed back to Australia early next week after Kip's now famous Speedo Only Party (Kip is my host and work colleague) . Keep...


Views: 1028     Rated: +7 (10)   

Tom and Morgan "Growing Together" Pt. 3

Categories Fiction, Anal, Authoritarian, BDSM

Published: 19 February 2019

Author: Tcs1963

Copyright 2018 by tcs1963 Edited and some re-writes 2019 Co-edited by takemedown... All rights reserved by the Author ((((((((((((At the end of part 2))))))))))) Re-written to be told from Morgan's perspective. Morgan has returned home from college for the summer and stumbled upon her...


Views: 1209     Rated: +8 (10)   

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