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Lets Dance

Categories True Story, BDSM, Cheating, Exhibitionism

Published: 07 February 2005

Author: Shadow Lynn parker

My girlfriend Myra and I were sitting in a booth at the local bar and grill. Over a ham and swiss on rye and a tall pitcher of Long Island iced teas we were actually talking about things happening in our lives. Long Island Iced Tea was a power drink all right. It was a tall pitcher filled with...


Views: 38318     Rated: +7.5 (96)    Comments: 5

The Indian Maidens

Categories Dark Fantasy, BDSM, Bi-sexual, Female solo

Published: 04 February 2005

Author: Andrew Troy Keller

It was in the year 1892 that a small group of indans were still doing their usual daily chores and becoming unaware that they were about to have some unexpected and unwelcome company,for without any warning,a band of rough-riding cowboys had strongly rode their horses into the indian village and...


Views: 39860     Rated: +3.37 (103)    Comments: 11

All Women's Club

Categories Dark Fantasy, BDSM, Female Domination, Lactation

Published: 01 February 2005

Author: sagetoad

All Woman’s Club Tina spotted the black purse from almost 100 feet away. She glanced around quickly. The tail of a plane moving past the window held her eye for a moment. She started moving closer to the purse, eyeing the crowd as she did. She stopped, waiting breathlessly,...


Views: 120492     Rated: +7.84 (578)    Comments: 43

Hunger Part One

Categories Fiction, BDSM, Bi-sexual, Domination/submission

Published: 31 January 2005

Author: Mistress Anumora

Maki closed the door of his hotel room and headed down the stairs to the street. The temperatures of the fall night were rather brisk and with the light rain misting down, the air picked up a distinctive chill. He pulled his head in closer to his body, trying to keep as much warmth as possible...


Views: 27695     Rated: +6.12 (50)    Comments: 3

Special Chamber

Categories Fiction, BDSM, Bi-sexual, Blowjob

Published: 29 January 2005

Author: Andrew Troy Keller

It was on the Twenty-Nineth day of January that a young dockworker named David Winkler had walked into a book store know as The Book Rack,stepped into the adult secton ad started looking around the various magazines that pictues of hot naked babes in them. And then,after he had picked the October...


Views: 22957     Rated: +5.65 (63)    Comments: 3

Unintentional Desires

Categories True Story, Anal, Blowjob, BDSM

Published: 29 January 2005

Author: Shadow Lynn parker

My sister Shadow Lynn Parker died just six months ago today. I coped with the fact that she is gone and now reading her work once again. I hope you enjoy this one. Dont forget look for her new book released just before her untimely death. "The Unleashing of Sara Miller"...


Views: 24806     Rated: +7.6 (93)    Comments: 7

Complete Submission

Categories Poem, BDSM, Erotica

Published: 21 January 2005

Author: MystressAssail

COMPLETE SUBMISSION You have my complete and total devotion To serve you and to love you is my compulsion I can't bare to think of a life without your shackles I'd rather have my ribs chewed on by jackals Your stern commands make me feel as if you care Your stripes of...


Views: 17011     Rated: +5.42 (111)    Comments: 5

Little Boy

Categories Poem, BDSM, Erotica, Extreme

Published: 21 January 2005

Author: MystressAssail

LITTLE BOY I snap the whip and I hear you cry Your moans and tears make me high I demand that you thank me and love me Like a good little boy, you show your loyalty You call me your goddess But that doesn't make me abuse you any less Not until I see you bruised do I see your...


Views: 33246     Rated: +5.17 (131)    Comments: 6


Categories Poem, BDSM, Discipline, Domination/submission

Published: 21 January 2005

Author: MystressAssail

SUBMITTING The riding crop The cat-o-nine tails The pexi-glass flogger I deserve to be punished By any means You deem Needed The shame The guilt The torment I must make myself feel this way For ever being happy before You entered my Life The collar The...


Views: 19764     Rated: +4.85 (84)    Comments: 6

Our weekend

Categories Fiction, Anal, BDSM, Bestiality

Published: 15 January 2005

Author: Renata

My boyfriend used to be a pretty normal guy with a pretty normal sex life. I turned him into a pervert though. I am proud of it, we’ve done things together people haven’t even heard of. Take last weekend for example: we where house/dog sitting for my mom. She had gone out of town and...


Views: 69669     Rated: +6.79 (264)    Comments: 13

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