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Birthday Initiation

Categories Dark Fantasy, BDSM, Domination/submission

Published: 02 March 2004

Author: LadySulas

Looking around the room, Rick surveyed the 5 couples already present,seated in the two rows of small love seats placed strategically facing him. His tall frame of 6 foot 5 inches and broad muscular build lent him an air of foreboding that he found useful in dealing with both female slaves and...


Views: 47134     Rated: +4.83 (206)    Comments: 15

Her Male Ponies

Categories Fiction, BDSM, Domination/submission, Oral Sex

Published: 21 February 2004

Author: Lilly

She walked around him once. Then twice. He looked good and his training showed as well. He stood straight, his eyes facing forward, not following her as they used to tend to do. When she had first started training him he was wild and unbroken. He hadn't wanted to be used by her, instead he...


Views: 31603     Rated: +5.04 (153)    Comments: 7

The Darker Side of Love

Categories Poem, BDSM, Domination/submission, Humiliation

Published: 15 February 2004

Author: Lilly

My hands are streatched above my head tied to the posts with strong chain My humiliation is complete I feel so alone, until he comes in. My heart rate increases (with fear?) My body tenses (trepidation?) My breathing is harsh, torn from my lungs and I try to shrink back alone. He comes...


Views: 28197     Rated: +4.77 (181)    Comments: 12

Our Story

Categories True Story, BDSM

Published: 13 February 2004

Author: Marilee

My husband and I have a very active sex life, but it wasn't always that way. We needed to learn each other's desires and needs. I was sexual abused during my childhood and that left a deep scar on me. My mother told me that sex wasn't something a female enjoys. You just need to put...


Views: 22898     Rated: +5.1 (98)    Comments: 4

Ten thousand for a thief: part 5

Categories Fiction, BDSM

Published: 13 February 2004

Author: Misty Angel

The morning had proved to be one of perfection. Darren had done all his task as instructed. He was blasting the boom box and doing his exercise when Kim appeared in the doorway. How long she had been there he wasn't sure. A stream of sweat poured down his tan young body, the light reflecting...


Views: 18466     Rated: +5.54 (56)   

Ten thousand for a thief: part 1

Categories Fiction, BDSM

Published: 13 February 2004

Author: Misty Angel

It had all started as a game. No one was to get hurt, no regrets. A college prank gotten out of hand, one beer to many. Darren was the class dare devil, his pride would be his downfall yet he was to nieve to know it. The dare, go into the house of Dread, the reward, all the cash that was piled on...


Views: 20530     Rated: +4.98 (65)    Comments: 1

Ten thousand for a thief: part 2

Categories Fiction, BDSM

Published: 13 February 2004

Author: Misty Angel

Still, in a state of shock, Darren made his way to his room. There leaning against the mirror were the rules as promised. 1: No clothing except when instructed. 2: No masturbation without permission 3: Use of a phone with permission only 4: a journal is to be written and waiting at...


Views: 16942     Rated: +5.15 (40)   

Ten thousand for a thief: part 3

Categories Fiction, BDSM

Published: 13 February 2004

Author: Misty Angel

As soon as his feet hit the floor he stood proudly in front of the mirror and recited the words as instructed. As the words rolled off his tongue a strange feeling encompassed him. A feeling of belonging, though it felt strange, at the same time it felt good and gave him a sense of peace he had...


Views: 15598     Rated: +4.66 (41)   

Ten thousand for a thief: part 4

Categories Fiction, BDSM

Published: 13 February 2004

Author: Misty Angel

The usual morning activities were done, breakfast was finished and Darren had returned to his room to shave and bathe. Winston entered the bathroom. His three piece suit and patten leather shoes looked a bit out of proportion. "Hot date Winston?" Darren said teasingly. "Yes...


Views: 16077     Rated: +4.91 (34)   

Ten thousand for a thief: part 6

Categories Fiction, BDSM

Published: 13 February 2004

Author: Misty Angel

Peeling one sleepy eye open, Darren glanced over at the clock. Upon realizing the time he shot straight up from bed, it was almost dinner time. Neither his journal nor his exercise had been done and he'd missed breakfast. Mistress wasn't going to be at all happy with him. His feet had...


Views: 15397     Rated: +4.62 (45)    Comments: 1

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