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My weekend home alone Pt. 2

Categories True Story, Bestiality, Lesbian, Oral Sex

Published: 18 April 2006

Author: Misty

10 minutes had passed, and my doorbell rang. Racing to the door, I fixed up my hair real quick and let Candy in. "Hey, girl! You look nice.." she greeted. Replying with a soft smile, I gave her a hug, making it my business to rub my erect nipples against her chest. I released and...


Views: 106684     Rated: +8.51 (342)    Comments: 33

Whores for the Fatherland-Part 1

Categories Dark Fantasy, Authoritarian, Bestiality, Domination/submission

Published: 17 April 2006

Author: shane36

Sister Klara Wiese,was no pushover and she stood her ground firmly. The Obersturmbannfuhrer was growing weary of the nun.....''Dear Sister,you seem incapable of understanding that you have no choice in the matter.There orders come from as high up as Reichsfuhrer Himmler himself.For the...


Views: 80849     Rated: +8.52 (189)    Comments: 19


Categories Fantasy, Bestiality, Domination/submission, Gothic

Published: 15 April 2006

Author: Cleo

I hear his howl from all over the forest i sigh softy knowing that he is alright and he will soon be back at our den. It wasent always this way this love that bursts through my viens evertime i hear him howl evertime he licks my face. There was a time befor my wolf time that he scared me that he...


Views: 61940     Rated: +7.58 (178)    Comments: 30

My Weekend Home Alone

Categories True Story, Bestiality, Female solo, Masturbation

Published: 12 April 2006

Author: Misty

"Don't worry, mom, I'll be fine home alone!" It was Friday night, and my parents were going out to Wyoming for the weekend to a funeral. My uncle had recently died, and I couldn't go because I had tons of reports due for school. "Fine, honey, but be sure not to have...


Views: 123567     Rated: +8.28 (422)    Comments: 26


Categories True Story, Anal, Bestiality, Blowjob

Published: 28 March 2006

Author: Shaggybob5

MOM & I WERE RAPED I believe a little back ground is in order before I tell my story. My Dad works at the Livermore Lab. He is doing some kind of work for the Japanese Government and spends a lot of time in Japan. Mom whose name is Fern works at the school I attend and is an administration...


Views: 101487     Rated: +8.86 (237)    Comments: 22

Zoo Trip

Categories Fiction, Bestiality, Group Sex, Incest

Published: 26 March 2006

Author: yorkie37

Myself,Ash and my husband Josh together with my sister Molly and also with Steph (A large breasted shemale) come round to my friend Helen's to pick up her and her hubby Brad for a special trip. We pick them up from their place and all Helen is wearing today is a body concealing Kaftan and...


Views: 97113     Rated: +5.07 (202)    Comments: 26

Within Clarissa

Categories Fiction, BDSM, Bestiality, BDSM

Published: 24 March 2006

Author: Urs

It was a bad year. I hate when people say that. It sounds pretentious, it sounds knowitall. Most people I know can't even remember so far back. But they still say shit like that. They always do. That way they sound wise and like they actually have a perspective on life and time and their...


Views: 44229     Rated: +5.79 (42)    Comments: 12

The Gymnast, My Mom & sister 4

Categories Fantasy, Anal, Bestiality, Incest

Published: 24 March 2006

Author: Shaggybob5

The Gymnast, My Mom & sister 4 I heard Mom come down the hall and tried to open my door. When it didn’t open she knocked and said Bobby let me in, I need to talk to you. “Go away, I don’t want to talk to you or see you.” Please Bobby we have to talk. I can’t...


Views: 227641     Rated: +8.66 (1017)    Comments: 64

My Degenerate Family 2

Categories Fantastic, Bestiality, Incest, Teen

Published: 05 March 2006

Author: Shaggybob5

My Degenerate family 2 I was beginning to worry after the twins were born as to the kind of life I was living; and what did I and the twins have to look forward to. As much as I loved sex I was beginning to feel like I was just a piece of meat to be fucked anytime anyone wanted too. The twins...


Views: 104468     Rated: +8.4 (341)    Comments: 18

when i was alone

Categories Fiction, Bestiality, Masturbation

Published: 05 March 2006

Author: mr.G

Ok let me tell you a story that happened to me about 4 months ago. It was a Saturday and I was at home with my mother. My dad was at one of his friend’s house to watch the game that just had started. My mother was in the kitchen cleaning and I was in my room straightening up my room. As I...


Views: 77281     Rated: +8.03 (337)    Comments: 20

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