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The Mini-Pony Pleasure Plan

Categories Fiction, Bestiality, Blackmail, Coercion

Published: 07 November 2006

Author: Fanfiction

Deep inside the cities oldest showground and racecourse complex stood a large red barn. Sometimes it held animals which were later exhibited in best of breed shows and the like, periodically held at the showground throughout the year. However, mostly it was used by the live-in groundskeeper, Mr...


Views: 625550     Rated: +8.66 (2399)    Comments: 178

Julie and the horse

Categories Fiction, Bestiality, Teen

Published: 01 November 2006

Author: Orphanedland

Hi, this is my very first story. All your comments will be appreciated, if you like I’ll write some more. I can also write “personnalized” stuff if you tell me what you like. Julie was sixteen. She was living in a small midwestern town. Julie was not the most beautiful girl,...


Views: 163036     Rated: +8.14 (830)    Comments: 32

An evening with horses

Categories Fiction, Bestiality, Voyeurism

Published: 01 November 2006

Author: Orphanedland

I’m a 24-year old boy, and two years ago, I graduated and found a job. Time has passed very quick, as I was very hard working for my company who expected the best from its employees. I was very tired and didn’t had a very good way of living: working all day long, part of the night,...


Views: 86721     Rated: +8.32 (336)    Comments: 17

Betty The School Teacher 2

Categories Fiction, Bestiality, Blowjob, Hardcore

Published: 26 October 2006

Author: Shaggybob5

Doggy Story 2 I called Betty the teacher at school and told her I was in town. She said it was Friday and invited me over for dinner and said pick up a bottle of wine and then let me take your mind off things. She said she had bought a house in the hills and gave me the new address. The house...


Views: 80755     Rated: +8.36 (384)    Comments: 7

Betty The School Teacher

Categories Fiction, Bestiality, Cum Swallowing, Oral Sex

Published: 26 October 2006

Author: Shaggybob5

The School Teacher I met Betty a school gym teacher when I was a senior in high school. In my senior year I was getting extra credit working in the library after school. One late afternoon I was delivering some books to the girl’s gym. I entered the office but no one was there so I...


Views: 168247     Rated: +8.69 (676)    Comments: 18

Betty the School Teacher 3

Categories Fiction, Anal, Bestiality, Lesbian

Published: 26 October 2006

Author: Shaggybob5

Betty’s letter I had not heard from Betty the school teacher since she sent me a letter about eight years ago telling me that that she had gotten married and moved to San Diego. Dear Jason, Just to let you know what has been happening. We bought a Kennel situated on about five acres....


Views: 94511     Rated: +8.98 (465)    Comments: 12

My family 5

Categories Fiction, Bestiality, Cum Swallowing, Female solo

Published: 25 October 2006

Author: Shaggybob5

My Family 5 I couldn’t get the picture of Shep fucking her out of my mind. Finally I said I’ve got to see you fuck Blackie too. “If you want, but I have to get some of Peters old socks so he won’t scratch me like Shep just did. I looked and could see several scratch...


Views: 112620     Rated: +8.76 (443)    Comments: 20

My Family 4

Categories Fiction, Anal, Bestiality, Female solo

Published: 23 October 2006

Author: Shaggybob5

My Family 4 For the rest of the week I continued to fuck Mom’s velvet pussy every chance I could. I really wanted to have Mom learn it was me she was fucking and not dad, but my respect for my dad and what it might do to both my parents kept me silent. I kept taking my shirt off in front...


Views: 113088     Rated: +8.76 (499)    Comments: 13

Different Kind Of Riding

Categories Fiction, Bestiality

Published: 10 October 2006

Author: Finger-Licking-Good

Hi there my name is Louise. Since I was 4 years old I begged my parents to let me go horse riding, within long I was able to walk, trot, canter and jump the plod of the stable yard. I soon learnt how to ride the more advanced horses and when I turned 16 my parents bought me my first ever...


Views: 109595     Rated: +8.19 (433)    Comments: 25

Captains travels

Categories Fantasy, Bestiality, Consensual Sex, Rape

Published: 30 September 2006

Author: shane36

Captain sitting next to his master, looked intently from one man to the other. To an observer it would appear that the old dog knew that his future was being discussed. Although Captain was a clever dog, he wasn't that clever. Ross leaned back in his chair. He felt sorry for the old negro....


Views: 77854     Rated: +8.23 (177)    Comments: 14

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