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Surprize for brother 3

Categories True Story, Bi-sexual, Cheating, Cum Swallowing

Published: 14 November 2006

Author: lickable_chick

The knock at the door startled both of us. More her than I. This being the first time she had ever done anything like this, she was so afraid that her husband would find out. We both jumped up and I put my panties and shirt back on. She grabbed her pants and her shirt and ran (like I have never...


Views: 48454     Rated: +8.15 (254)    Comments: 13

The Seducer's Diary: A Taste of Sin

Categories Dark Fantasy, Bi-sexual, Female solo, Mind Control

Published: 12 November 2006

Author: Ambrosia

It’s her birthday…she gets a diary; she’s bratty and smart, and she believes she’s the shit. EROTIC TALES The Seducer’s Diary: The Taste of Sin June 14th 1986 Dear Diary, Today I have discovered a power I didn’t know I possessed. It has come as a...


Views: 78476     Rated: +8.34 (276)    Comments: 14

How I Became A Whore

Categories Fantasy, Bi-sexual, Interracial, Prostitution

Published: 04 November 2006

Author: ncsubcd6997

11:39 PM. Friday night. I gathered my breath really nervously as I tried to gather my courage and...oh, yeah. Where's my manners? Let me fill you in on some of the small details and background leading up to the situation that was going on. So , uh, where to start? First, my name is Brad....


Views: 113661     Rated: +8.65 (248)    Comments: 17

My Addiction to Oral Sex

Categories Fiction, Bi-sexual, Gay, Boy

Published: 04 November 2006

Author: I Do

My Addiction to Oral Sex By Draggonfly For as long as I can remember I have thought about oral sex, when I was 4 or 5 years old I started sucking my little brothers cock. It was exciting, of course it was just a kid thing. My best friend caught me sucking my brother under our house one...


Views: 64815     Rated: +8.32 (259)    Comments: 26

The Prego Club Pt.14

Categories Fantasy, Bi-sexual, Consensual Sex, Lesbian

Published: 16 October 2006

Author: Unknown user

I woke early went to the bathroom, then to the truck and got the pregnancy test kits I bought yesterday and then back to the kitchen to prepare some breakfast for Nancy and myself before the girls arrived for THE CHECK UP DAY. Amy had what appeared to be morning sickness yesterday, so we want to...


Views: 35075     Rated: +8.22 (133)    Comments: 8

The Prego Club Pt.15

Categories Fantasy, Bi-sexual, Consensual Sex, Male / Female

Published: 16 October 2006

Author: Unknown user

I had just filled Joanne’s hot little pussy with my cum, when in walked Glenda. “Damn it Joanne I want him” “Sorry I got here first” I moved out of Joanne our mixture coating my still hard cock and looked at Glenda standing looking sexy as hell and...


Views: 23153     Rated: +7.94 (101)    Comments: 22

A little surprise from Deborah and Nikki

Categories Fiction, Bi-sexual, Male / Female, Threesome

Published: 12 October 2006

Author: Conundrum

The party was over, but even though I didn't know it yet, our night was just getting started. We'd just got back from a party to give one of our work friends a send-off; he'd landed a new job as Executive Operations Manager at a firm in London, so we'd all been out drinking to...


Views: 48891     Rated: +7.86 (219)    Comments: 13

A swinging lifestyle, chapter 3

Categories True Story, Anal, Bi-sexual, Cum Swallowing

Published: 29 September 2006

Author: pauldondero

Since I was now operating as a single guy, I decided to answer some ads in a swingers magazine. I tried to look for couples who wanted something unusual, and I mentioned in every reply that I was willing to try anything that wasn't dangerous or painful. None of the ads I answered had...


Views: 29647     Rated: +8.07 (121)    Comments: 9

twin sisters together forever

Categories Dark Fantasy, Bi-sexual, Blowjob, Cum Swallowing

Published: 24 September 2006

Author: xelksel

This is my first story so tell me where I go wrong please I know my spelling is bad and my grammar is non-existent but tell me if the story line is realistic or not It was late summer 1989 school was starting in a week and the weather man had just forested a heat wave. So 10 year old twins...


Views: 29420     Rated: +6.57 (63)    Comments: 16


Categories Fiction, Anal, Bi-sexual, Consensual Sex

Published: 23 September 2006

Author: Chagrin

I've given myself personal challenges before, and one of them was to see how many quickies I could have in the space of a day. But the day I made my current record, I wasn't even trying; everything just fell into place. This is the story of my current record of ten quickies in one...


Views: 68168     Rated: +7.83 (205)    Comments: 34

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