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Categories True Story, Bi-sexual, Domination/submission, First Time

Published: 11 May 2005

Author: Heatround

This is a story that happened during a Halloween Party. I was between graduating High School and joining the military, living in a very small apartment complex in L.A. County. Glenn, his girlfriend Julie and I were coworkers at the local In and Out hamburger when we were invited to a cool...


Views: 89637     Rated: +8.07 (387)    Comments: 11


Categories True Story, Bi-sexual, Transsexual

Published: 08 May 2005

Author: Heatround

This is what happened to me at my 10 year high school reunion. All the names have been changed. I was at my pre-reunion dinner when I heared my name. "Will" I heared in a sweet voice. I turned around to see a set of strangly familiar, but yet lovely, blue eyes. " I'm...


Views: 80048     Rated: +7.67 (660)    Comments: 29

A Bi-night to remember!

Categories Fantasy, Bi-sexual, Blowjob, Cum Swallowing

Published: 28 April 2005

Author: G. Snave

Bi Night to Remember I was at a bar one Saturday night just watching the crowd and having a few beers. I noticed a nice looking couple on the dance floor looking at me and pointing in my direction. They caught my interest as I wondered what they were talking about. I walked to the bar near them...


Views: 98903     Rated: +8 (488)    Comments: 38

17 Year Old & Fantastic Encounter

Categories Fiction, Bi-sexual, Blowjob, Cum Swallowing

Published: 28 April 2005

Author: G. Snave

17 Year Old & Wonderful Encounter It was a pleasantly warm May afternoon. So nice, in fact, that I decided to cut my afternoon classes and spend time down at the pool like any intelligent 17 year old boy would do. Okay, so it was not my pool. My family didn’t own a pool. I was...


Views: 47222     Rated: +7.14 (209)    Comments: 14


Categories Fantasy, Anal, Bi-sexual, Group Sex

Published: 28 April 2005


ME LIKES MOO MOO COWS - Original lemon by MISTER BIG T Kids scream and dogs bark, yet I come with new lemon! GOD SAVE US ALL! This particular lemon was comissioned by (believe or not) my gf and soul mate. I hope you like the lemon, it took me longer than I expected to make. Asuka looked at...


Views: 21657     Rated: +4.19 (58)    Comments: 4

Modern Maturity part 2

Categories Fiction, Bi-sexual, Erotica, Group Sex

Published: 26 April 2005

Author: mike_3

Modern Maturity (part 2) “Who’s your best lover?” Mike was steering the pontoon up the small canal and the gentle hum of the little motor had almost put he and Jan into a trance. “Why you,” Jan didn’t hesitate with her answer,...


Views: 12450     Rated: +6.61 (31)    Comments: 3

My Hot Cousin

Categories True Story, Bi-sexual, Cheating, Drug

Published: 25 April 2005

Author: arun

My Hot Cousin Dear Friends, I am 25 year old and living at Delhi with my parents. My cousin Kamal is 5'-3", slim, 20 years old and doing MA. She is also residing at Delhi with her parents. Her house is at about a KMts. distance from my house. She is a very sexy and westernised...


Views: 54218     Rated: +5.83 (94)    Comments: 13

Summer Night Part Two

Categories Fiction, Bi-sexual, Incest, Male / Female

Published: 25 April 2005

Author: Kenidar

I was still snoring softly when my bladder woke me the next morning. Sheldon had softened while we slept sliding out of my pussy. I could feel the sticky wetness between our bodies joining us long after our passions were spent. Now however he was hard and swollen once more pressing into my belly...


Views: 53925     Rated: +7.69 (238)    Comments: 19

My Fun Family:Chap 2-Extended Family

Categories Fiction, Anal, Bi-sexual, Incest

Published: 24 April 2005

Author: Amber

Jake awoke to his mother grinding viercly into his morning wood. “Morning baby.” She moaned out. Jake now wide awake grabbed onto her breasts and squeezed with each buck of their hips. His mother moaned louder now and just as Jake was about to cum she pulled out and let his twelve...


Views: 61048     Rated: +7.76 (216)    Comments: 11

Lessons From Mom -Part #1

Categories Fiction, Bi-sexual, Blowjob, Cum Swallowing

Published: 23 April 2005

Author: G. Snave

Lessons from Mom – Part One My father, an alcoholic, left home when I was 8. I lived with my Mom and brother in an apartment until toward the end of WW II, at which time I was 15/16 years old. My brother had enlisted in the Navy, so it was just Mom and me all alone. Mom was in her late...


Views: 126677     Rated: +8.53 (608)    Comments: 16

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