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Categories True Story, Anal, Bi-sexual, Black

Published: 09 September 2006


Sooby and I had set a plan in motion to seduce her younger sister Tooby into having oral sex and if our plan worked having intercourse or the first time with me. Sooby was a lady I have been seeing for a few years on and off. She was a beautiful, young 25 year old, medium dark woman from the...


Views: 32347     Rated: +6.87 (55)    Comments: 5


Categories Dark Fantasy, Anal, Black, Blowjob

Published: 09 September 2006


My wife and I have never dated any other race than ours and we never thought about it. My wife actually cannot stand black men. She thinks they are rude and disgusting pretty much the same way I think. However, when I am watching porn on satellite and I come across some black guy boning some...


Views: 70158     Rated: +7.75 (289)    Comments: 12

The Cosby Show- chapter 1

Categories Fiction, Anal, Black, Cum Swallowing

Published: 05 September 2006

Author: JGreene

It was a regular morning in the Huxtible household. Claire Huxtible called for the kids to come and eat before they had to leave for school. But they were all upstairs getting dressed. Heathcliff thought this was the best opportunity to do something he always wanted to do, get a blowjob from...


Views: 45495     Rated: +8.27 (350)    Comments: 25

Geek Loving

Categories True Story, Black, Blowjob, Job/Place-of-work

Published: 22 August 2006

Author: GeekSquad Latin

I had been working at the college for about six months and I was finally ready to be left alone. I had learned how to fix virtually anything that had to do with computers, so my supervisor took the day off. It was a normal day, helping the students log in and helping them find what printer to...


Views: 21030     Rated: +6.87 (47)    Comments: 6

fucking my student

Categories Fiction, Black, Consensual Sex, Male / Female

Published: 20 August 2006

Author: kronic

Ok well my name is Mike Snider im 27 i work at oak grove school.Im about 6'1 180 pounds brown hair blue eyes but thats not what your here to read about so lets get on with the story. It was about 11:30 am i was teaching my first period class and today i gave out progress reports.I...


Views: 60467     Rated: +5.06 (170)    Comments: 21

Sexxxy Love

Categories Fiction, Black, Consensual Sex, First Time

Published: 07 August 2006

Author: Sexxi_Mami

My name is Shareefa and I am 13 years old. I'm 5'5, 120 lb, and im black but light-skinned. At the moment, I was dazed because I was staring at my brother's GORGEOUS friend. His name is Javion and he is dominican and black. He has light skin, hazel eyes, and dark hair that he always...


Views: 22221     Rated: +6.35 (75)    Comments: 9

the mailman and Friends

Categories True Story, Bestiality, Black, Exhibitionism

Published: 01 August 2006

Author: bearclaw1

The next morning, I couldnt hardly wait for the mail to run. My pussy was wet all morning, just thinking about several guys watching me fuck a dog, then gang bang my hot sweet cunt. I had a nice big walker hound already picked out. My cunt was ready right now. At 2 pm the mailman pulled into...


Views: 218372     Rated: +8.39 (871)    Comments: 75

The Portrait, Part 4

Categories Fiction, Anal, Black, Cheating

Published: 31 July 2006

Author: Kimiko

This is another one of those long extravaganzas, sort of a grand finale. Sometimes, once you get into them, the temptation is to really push it to the limit, and it's hard to know when to stop. Enjoy! THE PORTRAIT PART 4 -- THE PARTY On the afternoon of the art show/party, Esperanza...


Views: 49126     Rated: +8.11 (210)    Comments: 17

The Portrait Part 3

Categories Fiction, Black, Cheating, Interracial

Published: 28 July 2006

Author: Kimiko

Holly Denton frowned as she walked slowly toward the high school auditorium, thinking about her loud argument with Michael last night, the latest in a long series of conflicts with her volatile husband. She knew, deep down, that she was losing him, but she had no idea what to do about it....


Views: 28092     Rated: +7.99 (127)    Comments: 9

I will do anything to belong iv

Categories Dark Fantasy, Anal, Black, Blackmail

Published: 26 July 2006

Author: chuppagal

Ned decided it was best I went home at some stage so my parents wouldn’t send the FBI to look for me – not that they would notice I was gone – but it made sense to keep things as low key as possible. Heather’s parents were worse than mine so it would be ages before they...


Views: 70954     Rated: +8.29 (157)    Comments: 15

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