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Jason's Diary-Chapter 2

Categories Diary, BDSM, Black, Gay

Published: 25 September 2005

Authror: Jack

So bored so wearied, that was Jason’s feelings. He (Jason) worked in a farm in Texas, he spent most of his time with the horses and cows, there were no more Gay’s adventure, no more sex, just working and farming… And when he thought of having sex, he could find nothing but...


Views: 22262     Rated: +5.93 (58)    Comments: 8

Little Black Crack Whore

Categories Dark Fantasy, Anal, Black, Interracial

Published: 10 September 2005

Authror: Geo

I used to live in the Ghetto. Well, it's not the worst part of town but it's not too great. Plenty of unemployed drug dealers sitting on porches waiting for someone to drive up. Plenty of hookers walking the street just two blocks down. Generally I kept to myself and managed to stay out...


Views: 97843     Rated: +8.05 (458)    Comments: 44

The making of a slut for black dick

Categories True Story, Anal, Bi-sexual, Black

Published: 06 July 2005

Authror: Sammy

I first met Emma at my oldest friend Jerrys birthday party the previous Friday, See http://stories.xnxx.com/sex_stories_may_2005/making_an_old_man_very_happy.php for the story of that meeting and consider it part 1 to this adventure. Now it's Monday and a public holiday, I'd invited...


Views: 513977     Rated: +8.31 (2555)    Comments: 93

My Best Friend, Max

Categories True Story, Bestiality, Black, Cheating

Published: 30 June 2005

Authror: Unknown user

I was sitting at home, alone, watching MTV like I always do. The house felt empty. No kids, no boyfriend. My only company was Max, my Doberman-Rotweiller mix. He is pretty much a happy-go-lucky dog, the kind that would rather lick a person to death than bite them. Max is about 90 pounds, which...


Views: 187957     Rated: +7.62 (1009)    Comments: 79

Wild Hot n Black

Categories True Story, Black, Erotica, Hardcore

Published: 04 June 2005

Authror: jose

I was still 15 my parents knew i was old enough to last a week spring vacation on my own at our house and they decided to leave me home while they vacationed i didnt wanna go camping anyway. i had the house to myself fully stocked with junkfood i decided to invite a friend over a girl friend not...


Views: 36299     Rated: +6.26 (102)    Comments: 7

Blackmail! - Part1

Categories Fiction, Black, Blackmail, Cum Swallowing

Published: 13 May 2005

Authror: Unknown user

This story involves some of the most ebarrassing, and at the same time, most enjoyable experiences of my life. My ex and I had undergone a lengthy separation involving custody of our son in which I lost. As with any custody situation, there were a lot of allegations thrown back and forth. Like I...


Views: 84983     Rated: +7.4 (176)    Comments: 7

Naomi-the Show

Categories Fiction, Anal, Black, Domination/submission

Published: 05 May 2005

Authror: Uncle Nasty

"You want your ass fucked, don't you?" The womans voice was strong, her question was punctuated by a hard slap on the naked ass of the second woman who was bent over a table. Her pale skin immediately reddened with the blow. "Answer me you worthless little whore." She...


Views: 42357     Rated: +7.37 (143)    Comments: 8

Math Teacher in School

Categories Fiction, Black, Blowjob, Male / Female

Published: 27 April 2005

Authror: Geo

"Do you want to go to the bench, Jeffrey?" Ms. Bordon asked sternly. "No" I muttered. The bench, or rather "Da bench" as she actually pronounced it, was the bench in front of the principal's office. It was where Ms. Bordon sent kids who were acting up to sit...


Views: 143785     Rated: +7.5 (606)    Comments: 48

The Rave Party

Categories Fiction, Black, Cheating, Cum Swallowing

Published: 13 April 2005

Authror: Cici

It was a great night to go to a rave, my first rave actually. My boyfriend of 5 years was taking me to what he said would be the best party ever. My name is Sarah and I am 17, a virgin with big blue eyes, red hair that is down to my mid back, 36dd tits, and an ass that never ends, I have...


Views: 42143     Rated: +6.52 (100)    Comments: 11

Call Girl Chronicles 7 - Coffee, Tea or Me

Categories Fiction, Anal, Black, Blowjob

Published: 04 April 2005

Authror: Kimiko

Kimi slipped her shoes off and settled back in her first-class seat on the Boeing 777 as the flight attendants busied themselves preparing for takeoff. She was in an aisle seat, with a window seat to her right. It was late afternoon at Dulles – most of the flight would be at night, and they...


Views: 26055     Rated: +5.2 (296)    Comments: 10

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