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Wife's Night Out - Part 3

Categories Fiction, Asian, Black, Cheating

Published: 30 March 2005

Authror: Kimiko

Eric heard the doorbell chime and looked around for his wife. “You gonna get that?” he shouted. Hearing the shower running, he reluctantly muted the remote and got up to answer the door. There were two people standing in the hallway. One was a tall, well-dressed black man in his late...


Views: 70814     Rated: +5.5 (435)    Comments: 27

Wife's Night Out - Part 2

Categories Fiction, Anal, Asian, Black

Published: 29 March 2005

Authror: Kimiko

Kimiko strolled along the sidewalk, her size two, form-fitting red minidress hugging her curves. It was her second foray as a hooker, and already she felt more at ease, having learned at least a few essential tricks of the trade, as it were. She swayed her hips saucily from side to side as she...


Views: 55428     Rated: +5.92 (331)    Comments: 15

nine inches and counting part 2

Categories Fantastic, Anal, Black, Consensual Sex

Published: 25 March 2005

Authror: estaban

I'd spent several days thinking about sex. Several years ago I was involved in a threesome with my x-wife and another man. The other guy was definitely hetero and interested in fucking my beautiful wife. But he was someone I could experiment with. A tall well built athletic black man with a...


Views: 83297     Rated: +7.31 (502)    Comments: 17

Valentines Day

Categories True Story, Anal, Black, Extreme

Published: 26 February 2005

Authror: Sammy

Paul, My lover was working on Valentines Day 2005 and was unable to see me so he arranged to take me out for a celebration dinner the following Thursday, that was an evening that I will remember for ever. He took me to an exclusive country restaurant, the type of place with excellent service and...


Views: 270693     Rated: +8.39 (2763)    Comments: 88

Tom the PaperBoy

Categories Fiction, Bi-sexual, Black, Blowjob

Published: 23 February 2005

Authror: G. Snave

TOM the PAPERBOY As I was driving home from work, I wondered if my “for sale” notice would be in the newspaper. I was anxious to get ride of my boat and trailer since we had not had the boat in the water for the last three seasons. When I pulled into the garage and headed toward the...


Views: 53503     Rated: +7.99 (205)    Comments: 23

The Frat Party pt. 2

Categories Diary, Anal, Bi-sexual, Black

Published: 08 February 2005

Authror: Roe

The Frat Party Part 2 When I got back down to the ground floor I caught a few looks from some of the people near the DJ. Some were looks like I just saw outside the bathroom and some not as lustful. I went back to the bar and killed a tequila shot and chased it with a lime. The party was...


Views: 51665     Rated: +7.19 (247)    Comments: 12

The Teacher's Submission

Categories Fiction, Anal, Black, Blowjob

Published: 25 January 2005

Authror: anonymous

// I did not write this. I am reproducing it exactly as I found it. All // credit for this story is due to the original author, apparently TOD. The Teacher's Submission by TOD Chapter 1 Let me take a brief moment to introduce myself..... and tell you of my shame. My name is...


Views: 172449     Rated: +8.05 (576)    Comments: 49

Pressed for Time

Categories True Story, Black, First Time, Oral Sex

Published: 16 January 2005

Authror: Casanova22

Well, my girlfriend Monique and I had been going out for about a month and things were looking good. She was pleased with how I spit my game and kept her laughing. To everybody else we were a really cute “couple”. I was 16 and besides a little innocent touching and kissing in the...


Views: 45046     Rated: +7.32 (117)    Comments: 25

Me and My Hot Black Surfer Friend Part One

Categories Fiction, Black, Blowjob, Gay

Published: 03 January 2005

Authror: ji

We came back through Johnos'door after surfing all morning. Johno put his bodyboard up against the kitchen bench,leaning towards my board in my hand he says 'Want me to take your board Jed?', Stunned by the whites of his eyes contrasted by his caramel skin I took a few moments to...


Views: 32616     Rated: +6.96 (135)    Comments: 10

The Wild One

Categories True Story, Black, Consensual Sex, Drug

Published: 28 December 2004

Authror: Benwa

The Wild One Like most college guys, I was constantly horny, and my sex drive was enormous. College girls were fair game, especially at the fraternity house, but I was on the lookout when I visited home as well. Back in my old hometown was the usual group of guys who had sort of bombed out...


Views: 41152     Rated: +7.49 (134)    Comments: 13

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