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Pretty Bitch for Brian

Categories Dark Fantasy, Anal, Black, Cruelty

Published: 09 July 2017

Authror: wolf_dreamer

Brian pulled his ten year old Honda Civic around the building, parked it and got out. With his round, doughy face, thick glasses and oval shaped, chubby build; Brian was every bit as unremarkable as his car. In truth, his entire existence was patently unremarkable. He was a thirty four year...


Views: 5431     Rated: +7.07 (41)   

Red Light

Categories True Story, Black, First Time, Romance

Published: 07 July 2017

Authror: ItsTheFreakInMe

Red Light  It started off as a silly gesture. We locked eye contact at a red light and that was all she wrote. A head nod, a wink and a smile was so simple. I didn't want to bring to much attention to myself. I was trying to be a gentleman and not knowing her situation or status I...


Views: 2376     Rated: +7.89 (19)   

Mr. Black and Ivory Ch. 3 "Pillow Talk"

Categories Fantasy, Anal, Black, Blowjob

Published: 03 July 2017

Authror: Ivorycd

Mr. Black and Ivory Ch. 3 "Pillow Talk" Mr. Black and I had fallen back asleep for several hours, spooning with my butt placed perfectly in his lap and his arms wrapping around my upper body. When we finally woke up from our deep, satisfying slumber we were both starving! He had...


Views: 1559     Rated: +8.18 (11)   


Categories Fiction, Black, Group Sex, Male / Female

Published: 03 July 2017

Authror: James Dylan Dean

DOOR(S) 8: With the settlement of Irma and Gloria into the household on a pretty much of a permanent basis, things got even more organized. The family unit was now established as Will, Irma and Gloria. Ashley was no longer a pertinent factor, but the three girls of his intimate acquaintance...


Views: 1890     Rated: +8.61 (36)   

A Novel of Things to CUM- Part1

Categories Dark Fantasy, Black, Body modification, Coercion

Published: 28 June 2017

Authror: lasher7

It was a bright sunny noon day as I approached the door of 6019 Hilside Rd. Birds singing, trees gently swaying in the wind and me smiling in anticipation of what was to come. Reaching the door I stood there contemplating my future actions and their implications. For the second time,...


Views: 1173     Rated: +8 (5)   

A Blacked Family

Categories Fiction, Black, Cheating, Coercion

Published: 28 June 2017

Authror: xauthorjohn

Per my usual, the first thing I did when I got home was to hop onto my laptop and log into my Twitter account, so I could catch up on my wife’s latest tweets on her ‘secret’ Twitter account. I discovered her secret account not long after I first suspected my wife, Liz, was...


Views: 3145     Rated: +6.31 (38)    Comments: 2

My Naughty Mother part 1

Categories Fiction, Black, Cheating, Job/Place-of-work

Published: 28 June 2017

Authror: pdocker5000

My Naughty Mother Part 1 By Docker5000 Introductory. Marion is a happy married house-wife living in a small town in 1950’s America. She has one 18 year old son. However Marion finds that her sex drive is running out of control and her husband is unable to keep up with her. So...


Views: 17268     Rated: +8.99 (129)    Comments: 1

Mr. Black And Ivory

Categories Fantasy, Bi-sexual, Black, Gay

Published: 22 June 2017

Authror: Ivorycd

Mr. Black & Ivory : Intro This is the story of a young whiteboi and his older black daddy. A story of love, friendship and a deep dark lust. A little about me: Ever since i was younger I had loved both the male and female body. Beautiful faces, lickable tits, sexy hips, dicks and...


Views: 1505     Rated: +6.2 (8)   

Mr. Black and Ivory Ch. 2 "The Morning After"

Categories Fantasy, Anal, Ass to mouth, Black

Published: 22 June 2017

Authror: Ivorycd

Mr. Black and Ivory Ch. 2 "The Morning After" I awoke late the next morning in Mr. Blacks bed. I woke up naked, sore and to the warm embrace of Mr. Black running his hand from my back to my butt. Half asleep I dizzily turned myself, and gave a smile, kiss and a,"Good...


Views: 2445     Rated: +8.89 (27)   

Wife Gets Blacked

Categories Dark Fantasy, Black, Group Sex, Rape

Published: 21 June 2017

Authror: CaptainCooker

My wife is 55 years old, I married her when she was 36. She was 5’5” a 150 lbs. Reddish brown hair. She is a nurse in a prison infirmary. Now she is almost 300 lbs. My wife has always been very conservative. Her first marriage ended because he beat her, and basically would ass fuck her...


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